Beware! This is an offshore broker! Your investment may be at risk.


Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Open trading accounts with at least two brokers. appears to offer an interesting investment alternative. However there are certain issues with this “entity”. First of all there is no legal entity mentioned as the potential investors’ counterpart. This automatically excludes the possibility of financial regulation. As you may know government agencies like SEC in the US, FCA in the United Kingdom regulate participants in financial markets. These regulators enforce certain rules, whose aim is to protect investors. IIInvestments is not registered with any such agency.

Who is behind it?

The website states, it is owned by the aptly named “III Global Group” ( A quick inquiry tells us the company was incorporated in September of 2016 which begs the obvious question: “who was operating it before that, since the track record goes back 2014?”. The inception capital is 1 GBP. This seems like a company, serving only to operate the website, which is not the legal counterpart for a potential investment.

IIInvestments’ board of directors appears to be full of unknown people and that is saying a lot in the digital age. With the self-proclaimed 27M EUR Assets Under Management, the company’s PR activities could have been a bit more effective. This is especially so if they are to fulfill their goal of increasing that amount to 100M EUR.

How it works?

The website also does not make it entirely clear how the investment scheme works. For example: what is the holding/redemption period of the investment (assuming it operates like a hedge fund)? On the other hand there are some hints of it being a PAMM scheme. There are slight traces of both in the description, but no precise definitions are given. This is a major issue, as it is obviously better to present the investment opportunity with the greatest amount of detail, especially if you are to attract high net worth individuals (who are more sophisticated investors).

That being said the fees are allegedly charged on a per trade basis. This can lead to potentially colossal fees, given the number of trades an automated system can perform. The entire page which should introduce their strategy looks like a basic description of how trading financial markets works. The only specific information is that they trade currencies and commodities. The combination of these factors leads us to believe the company might be running a PAMM system, in which they effectively mark-up every trade.

The Results

The fund’s returns are absolutely amazing. This is probably the most fishy part about the entire firm. A cumulative 600% per anum, for three consecutive years is unheard of. Legitimate hedge funds which consistently have double-digit percentage returns are often over-subscribed (Look at The Medallion Fund by Renaissance Technologies for instance – here is a Bloomberg article on them). Most traders and investors would be satisfied making 20% per year. If IIInvestments could consistently achieve the results they claim, they would have became legends in the world of finance by now.


The entire site feels like a marketing operation aimed at unsophisticated investors. The advertised offer seems appealing, until you take a close look at the details – no distinct legal entity, no regulation and astronomically high returns. We are afraid this is just another case where the old saying “If it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is.” should apply. review – are they good or scam? appears to offer an interesting investment alternative. However there are certain issues with this “entity”. First of all there is no

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The entire site feels like a marketing operation aimed at unsophisticated investors. The advertised offer seems appealing, until you take a close look at the details – no distinct legal entity, no regulation and astronomically high returns. We are afraid this is just another case where the old saying “If it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is.” should apply
Possibly Scam
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  1. Dear Publisher,
    I am responding to your review about this company.
    For full disclosure I am a client and an affiliate of this company. I have even built a company around their service. See my website at
    Does their website need improvement? Answer is definitely yes. I have challenged them on that and they are working on releasing a new version in Q4 2017.

    A few points you raised I will like to give you my first hand experience:
    1. Charging client per trade: No they don’t neither do they say so. They charge performance fee of 10 or 15% profit depending on your account size. The website clearly explained this. I am surprised you completely missed this. I encourage you to review this and update your article as a fair journalist.
    600% return: I did not experience this, neither do I agree. The 600% is based on compounding your return every month. I have not been with them for 3 years but based on what I experienced 600% is doubtful. This will only be possible if you compound every month. They may have done that compounding in the past but looks like they are now more measured and don’t compound aggressively- I am challenging them to modify or clarify this on the website.
    Monthly return: the returns are correct. However it is based on same amount monthly. Here is what I mean. If you invest 25K in Jan 2017 and we are now April 2017. Those monthly returns are based on same 25k – that is it is not compounding. So why I for example now have 31k in one of my client fund opened in Feb, the returns quoted on their site is as if I am reset to 25k starting every month. Is this a great return – yes. It also means effect of DD is minimal. I have challenged them to declare more of their compounding policy since they said they are changing it to minimize risk. They promised to do that in their next software update. I also challenged them to give customers more control over compounding- they are looking into that.

    I read your article on Bloomberg about the guys making crazy more. I2 is outperforming those guys.
    My father and I are forex traders and we run Forex as a family business. Our own trading performance is better than those Bloomberg guys you reference.
    What I2 and my father do not have is a marketing guru who can properly promote what they do. That is the gap am trying to fill. Of course they also don’t have those huge size of fund under mgt.
    I am happy to corespondent with you on what more you like to see and will work with the company to improve.
    I am now going to challenge you: can you come with your lawyer and make a contract with me? Invest 10k. I will refund you plus a 3% monthly top up (not commutative) if you do not make consistent return that averages more than 5% monthly flat return in 4 months.
    As a reciprocal- when you make this return and then successfully pull out your funds, you will tell all your subscribers. You will also document progressively your experience.
    How do I ensure you can get your money – I will make my credit card chargeable to you after a writeup and signed contract with your lawyer.
    Will you take the challenge?
    If you want to modify the way to do the contract, go ahead and make me a proposal.
    To take up this challenge (and I challenge another 10 subscribers of your website also but with 3k euros) – leave me a message at about your taking up this offer and we take it from there.
    Why am I challenging you: some people star wonderful opportunities but they do not do things in line with our expectations, we should help them improve. I have decided to help i2 investments improve rather than labeling them a scam.
    I know I did not answer all your reasons for labeling them as possible scam – but I have now challenged you and your readers. When we start progressing this challenge- we will document more of our experience.
    Let’s go am waiting.
    1. i2 investment does not provide service to US citizens and residents, because they are not licensed there, therefore, note this if you are taking up the challenge.
    2. You must go through to take up this challenge – that is my guarantee
    3. I am not the first to make crazy challenge like this before, a reporter once challenged a real estate trainer to go to a city with little or no money and buy real estate based on his system.
    I am expecting you and your subscribers to take the challenge.

  2. Unfortunately guys, this website is indeed a scam, a big one. They are unlicensed and hold no business license.

    Here’s his latest reply:

    [QUOTE][B]We told our RCMP contact to hold the case as you’re obviously someone who is mentally ill. I will resume it if you continue this childish behavior.

    As I’ve said repeatedly, we have zero complaints and relationships with strong brokers for over three years. Not one client complaint.

    You continue to call us a scam because of a bunch of forum threads etc from design agencies you’ve found to be “illegal” for some reason.

    We are an Offshore IBC operating completely legally. We do NOT accept clients from Canada, the US, France, India, and several other countries that prohibit overseas currency investments. We follow all laws. Your previous registrations today were declined by the system immediately for this reason. We even post on our website that we don’t accept Canadians since the new law this year prohibiting non Canadian registered entities.

    We do nothing wrong. You have a sick obsession with our company and continue to lie that you are not Ali, then you claim to be Ali again, it’s honestly just creepy.
    It reminds me of the “Split” cinema feature I saw featuring a delusional man. [url][/url]

    I honestly hope you get the help that you need. I am not interested in playing your strange games. This is the final time I will allow you to behave like this Ali.

    I am not joking. Think long and hard about what you have done. We have documented all your activity.

    Have a nice weekend,

    This guy claims he has RCMP contacts…. RCMP supporting a scam located OFFSHORE with no legal status.

    Beware of this ponzi scheme.

    Weird, they used to accept American and Canadian clients, not anymore after I exposed his nasty crap LOL.

    Whoever is interested, please send me a PM and I will send you the pictures/identity of people he sent me… He’s selling people’s identity sadly.

  3. Thanks for this review. This company looks very dodgy, though they claim to be using regulated brokers. Seems a bit like another one of those mlm type PAMM accounts that I’ve been introduced to.

    I’m still very wary.

  4. It is closed on aug/31, bankrupt

  5. I lost over 81,000 euros in one trade with I². The trade was SELL BTCUSD this loss represented about 95% of my total capital. When I joined they said they limited single trade loss to 2% using stop loss techniques and at all times 2 traders monotored each trade – what were they doing? BTCUSD moved about 2% in the period they claim. They said the problem was that the movement is high (in absolute terms) with BTC – but they have traded it very recently and managed to limit losses. What were the traders doing the movement was not that quick. Trading Forex is inherently risky sure but too loose nearly all capital in one trade in less than a day how can that be. All the technical analysis in the world and fundementals and daily news bulitins are no use if you dont have a mechanism to limit your loss. Even if someone was watching it they could have got out of the trade maybe they would not limit it to 2% but could have managed a lot better than 95%. I can understand why people think this looks like a scam since if the trade was never made they can keep the capital. I am not sure but I think they were criminally negligent with their investor’s money. Unfortunately for me I joined the fund late and did not take any profit as I believed they were good at what they did and would of course be prepared for some monthy losses and if it got too bad could always pull out. But you get no chance when the loss is that quick I didnt even see it in the open positions as it was in the nightime. If it is a genuine loss it was so avaic-dable it is staggereing.

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