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Beware! This is an offshore broker! Your investment may be at risk.



Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Open trading accounts with at least two brokers. is a st. Vincent and Grenadines-based CFD brokerage owned and operated by Brokerz ltd. Potential clients have at their disposal a leverage of 1:100,the MT4 trading platform and a diverse range of trading products. The spread of 3 pips on EUR/USD is twice the industry average and higher than what we would call acceptable. The minim deposit is the standard $250.


Brokerz regulation & safety of funds

Brokerz does not state any sort of regulatory status on its website and this isn’t surprising, having in mind that Financial Services Authority of Saint Vincent and Grenadines does not regulate forex. This makes the country an attractive locaton for would-be scammers. All this seriously hurts the brokers legitimacy and opens up potential clients to a number of risks.

Prestigious regulatory agencies, such as the UK’s FCA and CySec, require compliance with a number of strict rules that give significant assurance for the security of the clients funds.

The segregation of accounts is among the rules which are especially important in the trading world, because it drastically lowers the risk of possible commingling.

Another is the participation in a compensatory scheme by which the client’s losses will be covered in the unlikely case the broker goes bankrupt or attempts to swindle traders.


Brokerz deposit/withdrawal methods and fees

Potential clients of the brokerage may deposit or withdraw through Barclays, Visa, HSBC, Mastercard, Citibank. Much preferred by traders options such as PayPall and Skrill are missing. We read that there is a dormant fee in the Terms and Conditions. Inactive for more than 45 days trading accounts will be charged a monthly fee of $100.

How does the scam work?

One of the reasons regulation is so valued in the trading world is because scamming, unfortunately, happens quite often and the regulatory status of a brokerage acts as a sort of guarantee that traders may feel secure about investing. Nevertheless, well-informed traders should know how a typical scam works:

Almost certainly you have had pop-up ads waving “quick money” at your face while browsing the internet many times. One day, out of curiosity you decide to follow it up, and a nice-looking website shows up asking you to register. After sharing your personal information, a call from a broker will undoubtedly come, a broker with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for you. After a few minutes of him gabbing about it , you decide to deposit some $200-250. And just like that – the scammer snatches a nice $50 commission from the initial deposit.

However, brokers are surely aware they can get more out of you. They redirect you to the “retention” where next in line scammers begin working you into putting even more. After making the mistake of investing even further, you’ll begin wanting to get out of this and withdraw what is left of your account.

However, now comes the “recovery” part of the scam. After stating that you wish to withdraw your money, the scammer will begin pleading with you to wait it out, six months at the most. The angle here is simple – remove the last cover you may have – filing a chargeback with your bank. If six months expire, that option is closed and your money is gone for good.

What to do if scammed?

We wish no trader has to consider such circumstances, however, in the dire case you are scammed – it is much better knowing what available options you have in front of you:

You may contact your bank or credit card provider and file a chargeback, but only within six months of the initial deposit, as was noted above.

If, however, you have provided the broker with your credit card details, immediately cancel your credit card.

If you have given information regarding your online banking pass – you should switch it asap!

Beware of potential calls from self-described “recovery agencies”! They prey on scammed and vulnerable traders who are desperate and ready at anything to somehow recover their losses. They will say that in exchange for an up-front payment, you will get your money back, but no such thing will occur!

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  1. Have been scammed for these 250Euro, I just added to an account to see what it was about, they called me immediately before I had made the payment throw Visa. He was so fast, explained everything very friendly and very quick so I had no time to make any searches, and the side looked professional. I was only interested to take a look and have not bought anything, the other account manager called me in 15 minutes, send an email link and i no time he was in my computer throw this programmed link. And tryied to convince me to make a 5000 euro transaction for him, I didnt so he said he can take from his account 22500 and I can just make the transaction up to 5000euro so he can work on as trader for me. I just backed off and now I have asking them to pay my 250Euro back, they dont answer. And the point was, they were the whole time saying that It is as my own bank accoung, I can manage my money there however I want to. But there is no possibilites to get those money to my own VISA. And the support doesnt answer. All in 24 hours. Dont know what I should do?

    1. You may contact your bank or credit card provider and file a chargeback, but only within six months of the initial deposit, as was noted above.

    2. I am experiencing this same problem and its so frustrating. I’m still waiting on my $250

  2. Non depositate su sono dei truffatori non restituiscono il deposito e ti fanno perdere tutto…Ladri spero che vi attestino tutti bastardi

    Translated from Italian

    Not deposited on are scammers do not return the deposit and make you lose everything … Thieves hope that all bastards will attest

  3. bei ist alles nur Betrug, sie sehen ihr Geld nie wieder, ich habe auch alles verloren, lesen sie in anderen Foren, jeder wurde betrogen und verlor sein ganzes Geld, halten sie sich von fern
    Translated from German
    At, it’s all cheating, they never see their money again, I’ve lost everything, read them in other forums, everyone was cheated and lost all their money, keeping them away from

  4. I have been scammed,, I deposited the minimum £250 to see what trading was about, the web site tells you withdrawals are easy and actioned within 24 hours!! Rubbish do NOT deposit any money, YOU WILL NOT GET ANYTHING BACK!!. I tried to make a withdrawal which has never happened, so i decided to close my account, they said i would have to pay a small fee to close.The small fee is £120!!! I have not go any of my money back. are a 20th centry ROBIN HOOD!!!. The web site should be removed as its a pack of lies. PLEASE DO NOT USE THEM YOU WILL LOOSE EVERYTHING.

  5. Translated from Italian:

    On the Brokerz website I applied for a withdrawal and after about 10 days it was still pending, I canceled withdrawal request and asked for a bank transfer, more than 10 days have passed and it is still pending, I look at the balance and without making any movement the 250.00 euro I had became 150.00 only god knows how it could have happened. I have no words to define you, but I have to do something, you can not get away with it, as soon as I can do a review against you (LEGALIZED LADRI) that no one else has to be fooled as happened to me!
    The money goes to get them to those who have them not to those who earn them honestly working for years to get some extra money!
    Shame on you, I hope that the money you take from citizens will spend them on medicines ……………

    Original text

    Sul sito Brokerz Ho fatto richiesta di un prelievo e dopo 10 giorni circa era ancora in sospeso, ho cancellato richiesta prelievo e ho chiesto un bonifico, sono passati più di 10 giorni ed è ancora in sospeso, guardo il saldo e senza aver fatto nessun movimento i 250,00 euro che avevo sono diventati 150,00 solo dio sa come può essere accaduto. Non ho parole per definirvi, ma qualcosa devo fare, non potete cavarvela così, appena mi è possibile farò una recensione contro di voi (LADRI LEGALIZZATI) che nessun’altro deve più farsi fregare come è successo a me!!!
    I soldi andate a prenderli a chi li ha non a chi li guadagna onestamente lavorando anni per avere qualche soldo in piu’!
    Vergognatevi,spero che quei soldi che prendete ai cittadini li spendiate in medicine……………

  6. I couldnt close my account nor get rid from annoy phone calls from UK phone numbers. Contacted support and asked nicely to “F*** off” from my personal life and delete account with all its credentials. Month silence and spamm calls started once again…
    How to report or close such annoy company once and for all ? Report to Interpol or what ?

  7. mmabasotho monnawapula

    I was scammed by brokerz scam scam scams

  8. yes people these people are thieves. no one should ever deposit one penny because anything you deposit
    you will loose. I have lost quiet a tidy sum and i tried to get it back I could not get it then they deposited the same sum as was into my account. then they placed money onto 11 markets and my sum dwindled from £4500 to nothing in less than 2 weeks. now it is nothing. Funny there money is still there but not active. I wonder if I could claim back , I doubt that it would work. well hope brokers rats suffer from heart burn every time they eat.
    yours sincerely gerard

  9. Definite scammers!!!

  10. Marc Odriscoll

    Called today by 07921 927069. I questioned why the FCA have advised not to deal with them as they are not authorised and they had no response to my questions. Highly suspicious, unprofessional and clearly a scam

    1. What was the name of the person who rang you?

      1. Of of them is called Charlie. People from brokerz speak like polish.

        1. i got the call from same person pushing me to put money

  11. I have also been scammed by these people. I was rushed into signing up before I had even had the chance to research them, thinking I would have a cooling off period and also because they had stated on the website that it was backed by Dragon’s Den I foolishly signed up, so the man on the phone would leave me alone! The next day I asked for my money to be returned but they have refused to give this to me. They just keep asking me why. I have now noticed a clause on their website about dormant accounts over 45 days get charged $100 per month, another con! which means you won’t get any money back as they will keep taking it. Stay away from this company, the people are horrible to you, they lie about everything in order to get you to sign up.

  12. Does anyone have any idea where to locate the customer service office?

  13. If my money (the full $250) isn’t back in my account within the next 7 working, their lives are not going to be worth living!!!

  14. I have deposited thousands what should I do?!

    1. speak to the charge back people ASAP

  15. I was stupid enough to deposit 250 Euros wiith them. I will never see any of it again.
    They are SCAMERS. Beware and don’t get involved.

  16. EC3A 5AW, 1-4 Bury Street, Holland House.

  17. The so called receptionist gave me this address. At the moment I am working with action fraud. They will be brought to justice!!!

  18. I was scammed by brokerz. Please be aware you will lose your money !!!

  19. I was just scammed by, I tried reaching them on phone with no success. I sent an email requesting my money back which didn’t go through. My hard earned $250.00 shouldn’t just go like that. The thieves asked me to take photos of my credit/debit cards, front and back, and upload it for identification which I declined. Please someone should help

  20. Hi, I just signed up on and it seems very fishy and then I searched online and found out that it is a scam. I haven’t deposited money into the account yet, nor have I filled in and bank or card details, but I’m worried that they can still get my money somehow so I really want to close my account. However there is no option for closing the account. The operator was very nice at first explaining things to me and then she asked me to deposit funds. I said I need to sort out some things regarding me bank account and asked her to ring me back in 5-10 minutes. She rang me back in 5 minutes, and when I told her that I can’t deposit money yet she said bye and hung up on me quickly. Then I searched online and found out it is a scam and wanted to close the account but there is no option for it. I rang back the number that rang me and it said that the number is not in service. I really want to delete this account. Can anyone help?

    1. This is happening to me now. I just signed up to check out the website and I cannot delete the account. I am so scared. I have not given them my money or bank details but I’m still scared they will somehow take my money or hack me or whatever those scammers do. Someone please help!! I am a broke student, I cannot afford this.

      1. If you have not given them bank or credit card details, then it is very unlikely they can get or take any money. Simply do not visit their site again, and ignore any emails or contacts, and you should be fine.

  21. This is very sophisticated scum funded by our money. I got fished on facebook post about “Julian Assange’s and his real reason why he was arrested”. They have website with 3 brokers you can deposit money with, one of them is other are and So you think you are using automated bot that trades for you but in fact this is website is connected to via websocket, which makes calls to website passing rates back and forth opening and closing the trades. It all looks legit. But I suspect these are not real trades. If you loose you think you lost, so they can take your money. I’m not sure if this very website is also legit too.

    On 24Option they use the same tactics. But deposit is higher. “Manager” of your account is calling you with an indian acent. Asking same questions you already answered on website.

    The bad thing is they collecting personal data and I think that anyone who fell into their trap should report it the police.

    I have now same problems now with withdrawal. Same lame excuses like:
    “We are a serious company sir and we have sent your request to the relevant department and they will take care of it.

    We are a serious company and we will follow up with the procedures by the time, you need to patiently wait

    Also you will be contacted within 24 hours for any update in your case.”

    But I am going to report fraud to Police. I’m not going to let it go.

    And Finally if any of you scammers are reading that now remember one thing: Karma is a bitch.

    1. Hi George,
      I am trying to get my money back as well as they have to pay for what they are doing. I swear I will track them down, one by one, if you wish to help me, let me know.
      I’ve opened a report with Action Fraud Police, an investment scam with the Financial Conduct Authority and with Trading Standards as well as I asked Barclaycard to investigate on the payments in which the services have not been delivered and contacted the Financial Services Authority – St. Vincent & the Grenadines on [email protected] as well as to the ombudsman in the Uk and the ombudsman in the Republic of Cyprus, because they are using a Cysec regulated platform and all the brokers there are not yet regulated. PLus, I am making sure I know all the names of the ‘account managers’ to add them in the files I am writing to the relevant organisations. Interpol has been contacted as well and other organisations including EU ESMA.
      Please people join me in finding them and we can get all our money back. WE have to help each other.

      1. I am with. has been scammed at € 125,000. I will track these devils. I’ll have my money back. how can i get hold of you shall we set up a plan?

      2. I am with. has been scammed at € 125,000. I will track these devils. I’ll have my money back. how can i get hold of you shall we set up a plan?

        1. Hello Ioannis are you Greek?im Greek.As im also a victim of these scammers i have to set you up a plan i used against them.But first of all you have to came in touch with your banks and tell them exactly what happened and they have to cancell relative wires ref.your case.Ater that you have to contact our fraud Police in Athens for internet crime and tell them exactly what happened as you are talking about a huge amount.Believe me there are many Greek investors scammed by these thieves.for further info dont hesitate to contact me here

          1. Hi Panos,Konstantina,Kostas,Gianis and all other Greek persons that have the same proeblem with this comapny. I’m Takis and I’m recently have fraud with this company too and with a Greek guy called Maltezos Costas, supposedly a CEO MANAGER of this company. Would you like to give you my whatsapp or my home number to talk about this problem and what we can do for this?

          2. Καλησπέρα παιδιά έχω χάσει πολλά χρήματα σαν εσάς. Περίπου 100000 ευρώ. Ήμουν ένας από τους πρώτους πελάτες. Πώς μπορώ να έρθω σε επικοινωνία μαζί σας. Πρέπει να οργανωθούμε.
            Good afternoon guys I’ve lost a lot of money like you. About 100,000 euros. I was one of the first customers. How can I get in touch with you. We need to get organized.

          3. Hello guys i am Greek like you. I have been scammed from the sam company. What do you suggest me?

  22. I have been with BROKERZ from November of 2018 untill now. I have deposit some thousands euros to them, it’s a big story. Every day briefing with account manager of my nationallity (Greek) 5 different managers in total. Everytime they come with a new story and restrictions when you apply a withdraw request, i am sure now that i will never get anything back, not profits but even my investment. I have reached total balance in my account 35.000 euros and they manage to eliminate it with trades opened or closed by them anytime they want. They gave me the bait of credit bonus to my balance and they use this by terms and conditions how they like. They remove it when they manage to zero your balance and if you save some money and claim it back by applying a withdraw request then they put back a new credit and the story goes on. I will try with lawyer to find out what i can do, but for sure i must make an indictment to the electronic crime department of the police for international crimes. I will come back with more details in order to make this FRAUD company BROKERZ known for it’s practices globally.

    1. Πάνο είμαι και εγώ Έλληνας και εχω εξαπατηθεί απο τους brokerz. πήγα στη Δίωξη Ηλεκτρονικού Εγκλήματος κ τωρσ Σκέφτομαι να πάω σε δικηγόρο Εσύ έχεις κάνει κάτι Και αν ναι τι αποτελέσματα ειχε?
      Panos I am also a Greek and I have been deceived by the brokerz. I went to the Prosecution of Electronic Crime and now I’m thinking of going to a lawyer You’ve done something And if so what were the results?

      1. Κώστα, πήγα σε δικηγόρο μπορώ ενδεχομένως να αποδείξω πράγματα αλλά χρειάζεται μια περιουσία. Το έχουν στήσει καλά το σύστημα, ακόμα έχω επικοινωνία μαζί τους και προσπαθώ να εξαντλήσω όλες τις νόμιμες ενέργειες δουλεύοντας στην πλατφόρμα. Δεν ξέρω που θα με βγάλει αλλά από ότι αντιλαμβάνομαι ίσως είναι ο μόνος δρόμος να μείνω ζωντανός. Τι σου είπαν στην δίωξη; Έχω να τους πω πολλά, αλλά θα πρέπει και αυτοί να δουλέψουν επάνω σε αυτό για να μπορέσουν να αντιληφθούν πως το έχουνε στήσει το σύστημα. Θα σε ενημερώσω όταν έχω νέα εδώ.
        Kostas, I went to a lawyer, I can possibly prove things but need a fortune. They have the system installed well, I still have communication with them and I try to exhaust all the legitimate actions by working on the platform. I do not know where to get me out but from what I understand maybe it’s the only way to stay alive. What did they tell you in the prosecution? I have to say a lot to them, but they also have to work on it to be able to see how the system has set it up. I will let you know when I have news here.

        1. Γιαννης

          Παιδιά γεια.
          Πριν δυο μηνες ακριβως εχασα 3300 δολαρια που ειχα βαλει…Καποια στιγμη θα τους τσακωσουν αλλα το θεμα ειναι οτι δε θα παρουμε ευρω. Πηρα την τραπεζα μου τηλεφωνο(Τσεχια) και τους ειπα οτι επεσα θυμα χακερ και μου μπλοκαρανε και την πιστωτικη για παν ενδρχομενο. Απο τα 3300 μου εκαναν refund (η τραπεζα) 2000 δολαρια και μου ειπαν οτι θα το ψαξουν και αν λεω ψεμματα θα μου ξαναπαρουν πισω τα 2000ρικα..αυτα
          Children hello.
          Two months ago, I just lost $ 3300 I had put in … Some time I will fight them but the point is that we will not present euro. I took my phone to the bank (Czechia) and told them that it was a hacker and blocked me and the credit card for everything. From 3300 I was refunded (the bank) 2000 dollars and they told me they would look for it and if I say lies I will be back again 2000 years ago … these

      2. Hi. we need to make this fraudulent company disappear. What we can do?

    2. Paypal helped me and retrieved my deposit. My bank advised me to do this. They said that paypal were very good and did not like scammers. They also advised to cancel my credit card. I did this. I received an email from Brokerz saying they had charge-back my deposit. I haven’t received it yet but paypal say it will take some days. I was first suspect after the request for a second deposit and went to them to telephone for an explanation. Of course the phone number was non-existent. The email did not answer and the chat did not respond. I first became involved with bitcoin at bitcoin code and they were the ones who took the deposit and then I was transferred to Brokerz without my being first informed by Bitcoin Code. The name of the organization is Intelligent Financial Markets Pty Limited

  23. Hi Guys
    Another one here who has been scammed by After many email and phone calls they have said they will give me my 250euro by wire transfer and are asking me to provide the following information:
    Bank name :
    Swift Code :
    Bank Address :
    Bank Iban :
    Full name of account holder :
    Account holder address :
    City :
    Zip code :
    Client phone :
    Client email:

    This is very tempting and they are saying its the only way to get the money back. They already have my verification docs as well so I am very worried. I’m keeping an eye on clearview credit score website to ensure no new cards or accounts are opened up.

  24. These people are complete fuckers i can only hope karma will get them back nobody that is this ruthless can expect to get away unscaved. I urge everyone to do whatever we can to get these bastards back and blacklisted from trading anywherr possible. I wish Mr Leo Davis and his accomplices nothing but ill health they are the scum of the earth.
    Spread the word as far wide as you can and together we can do this we may have been ripped off but let us turn this into a positive lets get the bastards.

  25. We can start by bombarding their email address with comments

  26. i lost my money in my account manager calling him self frank ginsberg a made up name , i invested with them he talk me into that . i never got any money back ,,, not one penny ,dont invest with them ,,

  27. frank ginsberg always rings me .. he not refund my money ..£1950

    1. Anyone know where is the location of this company I just want to visit them

  28. anybody tell me how do i get my £1950 back again i need it now ,, frank ginsberg rang me ,, a scam ..

  29. Mmabasotho Monnawapula

    scam scam company they took my money and still calls me after I send them everything they needed in order to give me back my money never heard from them until this year.They are telling me I didn’t close the account and now is other way around I owe them since the account wasn’t closed scam ….scam company please run away from them

  30. After being blatantly lied to by these future criminals, I decided to do some research (should have done it prior, I know) it turns out that their Bulgarian address is no more than a dilapidated residential apartment building.

    My gut instinct tells me that this devious organisation are trading NOTHING, all they are doing is collecting as many units of 250 pounds, dollars, euros, as possible before they get shut down and open up an address in another territory.

    They are amongst the worst kind of bloodsucking charlatans still breathing air. Do yourselves a favour and avoid this phoney brokerage firm like the plague, otherwise it’s GUARANTEED you will lose everything!

    1. Just another thing for people who have recently been scammed by these pretend traders, cancel your bank account/credit card immediately and order new ones, if you have paid these fraudsters through PayPal inform them right away, as I’ve already heard that they are sympathetic towards these kind of cases and detest scammers. Also, as many people as possible should report them and expose them to as vast a quantity of people/media outlets/relevant organisations as they can.

      Lets try and hunt them down (metaphorically speaking of course), publicly shame them and gain some satisfaction in the process, somebody needs to take them off the streets before they cause any more collateral damage … the exact antithesis of what they ‘claim’ to do!!!

  31. This is the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth: are making money for no-one except themselves, they broker precisely nothing. That too is a diabolical lie, check out their address in Bulgaria, it’s a scruffy insalubrious dump.

    No, not buying it, any of it, these people need to be hunted down like dogs, publicly exposed, charged, prosecuted and throne in prison, anything less is far too good for this human detritus.

    Do not, whatever you do, hand over money or any personal details to this criminal scum as you will NEVER receive a single cent in return, as no-one, absolutely no-one, has ever made a single dime out of these wretched shysters.

    It’s a pure, unadulterated SCAM, caveat emptore …

  32. Norbert Tilde Fraud of the worst kind.

    Today I asked the company Herfurter to reclaim my money. 6 hours effort .. I will post the result here. Such a mess. Where is the bank supervision? The trickery that lasts so long is hard to believe. Since 2018, these scammers are doing business. I can not even close my open positions with my account anymore. When trying to close the positions it says “this feature has been disabled”. Is not that incredible. My Account Manager called “Dr. Andreas Ulf “. has caused this. Man introduce yourself. Pays 15000 euros and the account will be blocked for no further deposits.

  33. It’s interesting how many fake brokerage companies including are listed at Griffith Corporate Centre, suite 315. One big scam with the same crooks behind it all. CLEARLY! They are NOT traders or brokers, they are the most wicked type of scammers, thieves and common CRIMINALS alive. It’s going to be hard to find them, but not impossible, as the fools have already left giant holes and made glaringly amateurish mistakes. Can’t wait to nail the shysters as*es to their own festering crumbling wall. These people are not stupid, but like all criminals, they’re nowhere near as smart as they like to think they are…

  34. Showed interest in bitcoin via bitcoin code after seeing an article how people are making a profit on a browser news homepage,right away ended up at website front door and prompted to make a deposit. $350AU deposited to try bitcoin trading out of interest. No signing up welcome emails followed or any documentation at all. Soon bombarded with phone calls non stop from people wanting me to go to other trading website and create another account to begin trading.Had no idea how all this worked but was expecting someone to be assigned as the account manager to explain and guide you into trading bitcoin. Started to become a little suspicious as it did not feel right. I mean one guy wanted me to hook him up in my PC so he could control my mouse rather than give verbal directions over the phone. Told him no way I would let just anyone do that!! I researched reviews and voila got the shock of my life with what I read.I blocked all stranger phone calls and right away sought to try cancel my account and demand a refund with brokerz. But like every one else leaving these comments it’s just not happening. I have CANCELLED CREDIT CARD because I know they will not close my account and they will not refund me, I suspect they will syphon the balance of my account with the $100 per month fee for not trading as they state on their website, until my balance is $0.I tried to file a chargeback/fraud through my bank like many in these comments suggest but my bank cannot help me because I don’t have valid documentation evidence of my dealings with I tried telling my bank do not send any documentation. My bank said they could only do so much, and perhaps it’s better to seek help through consumer affairs. A lesson learned from this experience. WARNING STAY WELL CLEAR FROM BROKERZ.COM YOU Will LOOSE YOUR MONEY!!!!

    1. Ambra Garofolo

      Hi Jake,
      I am trying to get my money back as well as they have to pay for what they are doing. I sear I will track them down, one by one, if you wish to help me, let me know.
      I’ve opened a report with Action Fraud Police, an investment scam with the Financial Conduct Authority and with Trading Standards as well as I asked Barclaycard to investigate on the payments in which the services have not been delivered and contacted the Financial Services Authority – St. Vincent & the Grenadines on [email protected] as well as to the ombudsman in the Uk and the ombudsman in the Republic of Cyprus because they are using a Cysec regulated platform and all the brokers there are regulated.
      They will pay for their actions, I will make sure they will.
      Please people join me in finding them and we can get all our money back.

  35. Im really wondering what europol and interpol are doing.They have to put in gail these thiefs scammers.They are everywhere as i read in Holland,Russia,Bulgary,Caraibian sea.OCTAPUS GLOBAL SCAMMERS.I wish them the worst.

    1. Hello Konstantina. I am Greek like you. I want to communicate with you.

      1. hello Sotos im not happy to find another Greek person here are you also a victim of this company? im here for all Greeks.

  36. I’ve just discovered that after nearly three solid weeks of researching, moaning and complaining, my credit card has been refunded $250.00. The amount taken by means of deception on the 12th July this year. As yet, the bank can’t tell me for sure who’s refunded my account, but they think it’s them. This doesn’t change my opinion about what the pretend brokers are doing though, and it’s important to note that there are at least 32 of these scam brokerage companies registered at the Griffith Corporate Centre, suite 315, Beachmont, Kingstown, SVG. Buyer beware! If you’ve been ripped off already – report, report, report!!! And keep on fighting as there’s no proof they are trading bitcoin or anything else on behalf of the consumer for that matter. In fact, there’s nothing to suggest they are doing anything but depositing YOUR money into their own bank accounts and creating fake data and imaginative fairy tales as to why your ‘account’ that is fake anyway, somehow, mysteriously, ends up at zero! Please do not give up and fight for what’s rightfully yours, this is not about making bad trades, what these lunatics have done to many, and are still doing, is pure unadulterated fraud. No refund, after what they do to people on a daily basis, can ever change that indisputably salient fact.

    Keep on fighting and good luck to all …

  37. I have been scammed by these scammers as well for $426.Put in a withdraw on the 17 june this year and the withdraw still says pending.I have contacted them and they say someone will contact me when its authorized it also says on there website 5-7 days for withdraw. Logged into my account today they have taken $100 for inactivity on my account.Do not use this company as they will steal your money just don,t do it.

    1. Marcus, please follow up reporting them. On my post below there are the organisations you can report them to.

  38. Hi all,
    I’ve been scammed as well. They are adopting all possible options to scare me over the phone using authoritative voice, trying to make me desist and inventing lies about the contract I signed. This time they don’t fool me. I prepared files with all their emails and repsonses, recorded when they calle4d me, called them every day 5-6 times a day, sent them over 100 emails since the 24/7/2019 and I am in touch with a lawyer firm.
    What I have done so far is that I have reported them to different organisations and I am inviting you to do the same. This people must be stopped.

    So far I’ve opened a report with Action Fraud Police, an investment scam with the Financial Conduct Authority, and with Trading Standards, as well as I my bank, I have contacted the Financial Services Authority – St. Vincent & the Grenadines on [email protected], I have submitted a claim to the UK financial ombudsman and then to the Financial Ombudsman in Cyprus as these ‘brokers’ are not fully registered with the Cysec trading platform :
    Report them to all these organisations guys, we all have to do it if we want this to stop.

  39. Hi all of you who happened to have been scammed like me by those criminals I tell you what they are doing and how to get your money back by reporting them to the organisations. Please read through.
    1. They pretend to trade as their platform is not actually linked to any real trade. THEY AREN’T TRADING FOR REAL! IT’S A FACADE!! They only keep people money letting you believe they have lost all of it but the thing is they cannot purchase/sell anything as their platform is fake!!! I have checked their platform and it doesn’t have the right set up to do it. The ‘account’ is a FACADE. Most of the times you make people think they are in loss but they actually haven’t been trading whatsoever. They put your moey in their bank account!!!

    2. You have to get your money back asking your bank to CHARGEBACK the amount you gave to them and asking for an investigation on fraud and scam. Your bank will follow this up.

    3. They are inventing non-existing terms/conditions on the contract to scare you, they call you with authoritative voice to scare you and to make you desist to ask for your money.

    4.To get your money back you have to email several times a day, call them at least 10 times a day, speak to their ‘support’ on live chat every day (I spent minumun of 7 hours on the live chat)

    4. What you can do? REPORT THEM TO:
    – Financial Conduct Authority of your country
    – Submit scam/fraud claim to the Ombudsman of your country
    – YOU MUST CONTACT the Financial Services Authority – St. Vincent & the Grenadines on [email protected] where these people are trading registered.
    – Submit a claim to the Financial Ombudsman in Cyprus as these ‘brokers’ are not fully registered with the Cysec trading platform.
    – Submit a claim to the Interpol on their online form (
    – If you are part of the EU countries, submit a fraud and scam report to ESMA.EU [email protected]
    – the Canadian Service Administrators: [email protected] and to
    [email protected]
    – Ontario Security Commission [email protected]


    1. Hi Ambra, at first my bank said they could not help me with a chargeback. However I tried a second time and it was then filed as they could see I wasn’t going to give up on it. I had also emailed many times and opened a new tickets of enquiry/requests often to the finance dept. The chargeback was successful in the end and I got all my deposit back from Its important to keep evidence of communications such as emails and screen shots of online messages etc… to help with your chargeback. I have closed my credit card and now have a new one. I also for now have the services of a credit watch/insurance against fraudulent activity.
      Ambra I really feel for you, as I can sense through the many comments and efforts you seem to have made, mentioned in your posts, that this must have affected you quite a lot. As you requested to everyone,I also emailed the Financial Services Authority – St. Vincent & the Grenadines on [email protected] for you and all the others who lost their money through May they be shut down soon and pay for their crimes, so no one else becomes their victim. I wish you all the success in your fight and a brighter and happier near future. All the best.

      Kind Regards

      1. Thank you Jake, I have done everything and I got all my money back. But it is not thank to them. IT is my bank opened investigation on fraud and got all the money.
        I am keep pursuing to report them.
        I have a massive file full of the emails, live chats, voice recordings.

        They have tried to fool around the wrong person.
        I won’t stop reporting them.

      2. Hi Jake
        unfortunately I was scammed by Brokerz. I have made a formal claim towards the bank asking for a chargeback and just received a reply of sorry I cant help. So I have sent another email again saying I wasn’t happy with the outcome. What evidence do I need to help me with my chargeback claim? I have emailed Brokerz several of times and they keep sending me the same reply.

        Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

        kind regards

  40. STAY AWAY!!!!
    They called me and made me an offer of a free manager by depositing 250€ that is usually offered with big accounts over 25.000€. When I told them that I hear many complains from people trying to get their money back , they replied that this is happening because they lost their money or because they want to withdraw the bonus of start up offered by the company. I insisted to explain me if there where any restrictions with bonus and if i could withdraw any of my earning or my funds and close the account any time i wanted and , of coursce , they replied yes. “The restrictions are not for Greek citizens and we want a big Greek market , that’s why we make you this big offer” .

    In 19/4/2019 I opened an account of 250€ by credit card and they offered me a bonus 150€.
    After that i was communicating every day with the consulting manager of the company named K.Maltezos ( I am sure this is not his real name ) by phone.
    Of course every day he did not forget to remind me that if i had more money i could invest more safely with more earnings.One month later he told me that he could not continue with me because he had to manage bigger accounts , I complained that this was not in the agreement made with the company and he replied that the company will continue with assistance with a secretary.
    I continued by my own and i reached my account to 586.58€ , that is 150€ bonus + 336,58€ my own funds. I closed all my open trades and tried to withdraw 50€ . They rejected my withdraw with an email message that i was not able due to bonus restrictions. I complained and after a week they called me to make me a new offer. ‘ I you invest more than 8.000€ i will make you big profits “ said to me a new consultant account manager. Of course i complained about the money i could not withdraw and his i telling me to invest more. He assured me that there nothing to worry and my money are safe and belong to me and this happening because i asked for a small amount of withdraw, if i wanted i could withdraw all my money but i had to close my account. I sayed that this is a good idea and then i can come back with a new account . I quess he realized that he could not persuade me and just hanged up the phone to me.

    I tried to withdraw 335€ and my fears came true. The same email come back to me about bonus restrictions.

    1. Hi George,
      They are scamming you. They are scammers. On my post above I explain how to report them to the competent authorities. Please follow this up so we can help cyber police finding them and stopping them. I want them prosecuted.
      Plus, I explain as well that the profit you see, its fake, they CANNOT TRADE! they only collect money from people and make you believe they are trading on your behalf or that you can trade yourself but their platform is not set up to sell/buy anything on the trading market. IT IS FAKE. Please report them

      1. Hello mr Ambra. I am Taki from Greece and i have the same exactly story with George. I am less of 2 weeks that registr with them and mr Maltezos say to me after i fight with him that he will withdraw my money if i send him an email that to say sorry to him and the reason that want to leave . I have not make any trade yet neither i have use the bonus that give me as i dont ask it. So they have not reason to not withdraw my money.Can you tell me what can i do to take my money? You write about police. What is the step that i must do to take my money back?
        Thank you

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