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StrattonMarkets is a brand of F1Markets Limited – a Cy SEC regulated company, which also operates WiseTrader and 24CM. The forex and CFD broker is offering a wide variety of currency pairs, as well as CFDs on commodities, precious metals, stocks and indices with four different account types on a proprietary web-based trading platform.

On the negative side we should note that the StrattonMarkets trading platform lacks some basic features, like the option to run automated trading sessions, standard with classic platforms like the MetaTrader4.

At StrattonMarkets staring spreads are fixed at 1,5 pips, which we consider competitive. Leverage on the other hand is caped at 1:30, which is in line with the new regulations, enforced by the European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA) from August 1st. The minimum deposit requirement to open a trading account with StrattonMarkets is 100 USD.

We should also note that we have come across an unregulated broker with a very similar name – StrattonFX. Keep in mind, however, that StrattonFX is not connected with StrattonMarkets in any way and that most probably StrattonFX is created as a clone of the CySEC regulated StrattonMarkets with a clear intention to mislead customers.

StrattonMarkets regulation & safety of funds

As we have already noted StrattonMarkets is owned and operated by F1Markets Limited, which holds a license by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC), which along with the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in the UK and the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) is one of the three regulatory destinations, preferred by most legit forex and CFD brokers.

Keep in mind that proper regulation is the single most important factor for the safety of any investment.

The CySEC regulatory regime for example provides both security to traders and flexibility to brokers to expand and develop their businesses.

All brokers under Cy SEC regulation should maintain a minimum operational capital of at least 730 000 EUR, while keeping all traders money in a segregated, protected form creditors, trust account. That last measure also guarantees that trading capital will not be used by the broker to cover operational expenses.

On top of that respected financial authorities such as CySEC and FCA in the UK force all supervised brokers to participate in client’s money protection schemes.

Thus, in the unlikely case the broker goes insolvent, traders investing with CySEC brokers are entitled to a compensation of up to 20 000 EUR.

Similarly traders with FCA brokers are guaranteed to receive back up to 50 000 GBP of their trading capital in the event that something with the broker goes wrong.

All that said we strongly advise traders to invest only with brokers, regulated by trusted financial authorities in Europe, Australia or the USA, as any investment with unregulated websites, with shady ownership comes with a significant risk of loosing your money to scammers.

StrattonMarkets deposit/withdrawal methods and fees

You can fund your account with StrattonMarkets markets, using all major credit or debit cards like VISA and MasterCard, bank wire and popular e-wallets like Neteller and Skrill. At the same time you can choose to open your account in Euro, US dollars or British Pounds.

There is also a daily and monthly limit on the amount you can deposit with the broker. On a daily basis this amount is caped at 5000 currency units with a credit card, 10 000 currency units with a wire transfer and 40 000 currency units, if you are depositing with an e-wallet like Neteller or Skrill.

On a monthly basis the maximum amount you can deposit is 40 000 currency units with a credit card or via e-wallets and 400 000 currency units with a bank transfer.

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  1. I didn’t want to have to do this but we are being forced to take action. We all know about scammers in the forex industry and we know about ‘fake traders’ but we don’t often cover brokers that a running a SCAM SYSTEM. We wouldn’t expect these companies that you trust with your hard earned money to scam you, but they do. have yet again scammed someone out of their money. Unfortunately Stratton are refusing to pay me $7,700 that they OWE ME.
    I didn’t want to have to post this but after weeks of being told we will be paid but having nothing and being completely ignored by the account managers at Stratton, I am left with no choice but to share this information so no one else has to loose their hard earned money!
    Another one of their scamming team is Hugo (IG: hugo_evans_am) please make sure NO ONE has to be stung like me and make sure no one does any business with him and Stratton.
    If you are in the forex industry, please share this post, like I have, so none of your mates, clients, followers etc get screwed by this immoral scam.



  2. Stratton markets have my money and have not returned it,a scam I shouldn’t have fallen not invest in this company ever .I’m going out to Cyprus later this year so shall be giving them a visit?

  3. Stratton markets have also cancelled/rejected my requests for withdrawals on two occasions with no explanation.

    Scam Company do not use for trading! You have been warned!

  4. Don’t used them. It’s a scammed company. I’ve lost £20.000. They keep calling you and pretend to give you some information that they are on your sight. Firstly as unexperienced trader I shouldn’t agree to leverage 1:400. George K. That I was working with promise me big return on NFP that we will work on the phone. And whats happened…? I couldn’t login…. was uupps….something went wrong… I have raised this with them and they told me it was problem only with me…. bull s***… then he told me to open position on eur/usd… ok I gain 2.000 in one day only to get my trust… when I closed position he keeps calling me to reopen that position as there will be even higher profits in couple days… I said I’m happy with what I’ve got… and George said that common…we will make sure you will earn 5 grand a month… he chase to open even bigger position… and stupidly I have done it… I regret so much… when it was in lost 10.000 he told me to stay with that position as this is temporary… he told me to wait… wait for what… they are after your money pretending beeing on your side…. Avoid them at all cost…scamming c**ts

  5. It is a big scam company. They ask you to invest as much as money and make you lose everything. If by chance you earn any money they will ask you to invest big and make sure you lose everything. Dont believe on their phone conversations.
    They dont even have customer care so you have no way to recover money once you lose. Its a fraud.

  6. Just don’t use them!! I started with the classic £250 and was soon persuaded to invest £5000. Classic as I now read that this is how scams start. With their ‘expert advice’ I was very soon in trouble but was persuaded to keep adding money so that I didn’t lose my investment. You end up being in between a rock and a hard place and the money keeps adding up. The first ‘senior advisor’ Iulian or George then disappeared – he just didn’t get in touch and I was passed to Ali – another ‘senior advisor’ – who persuaded me that if I kept investing with him he could help me. £28,000 later I had to give up. All my savings gone. I had a small amount of money from closing everything down that I could withdraw and to add insult, they didn’t return it all and since then (over a month ago) they are not returning any emails, chats or anything. I can’t link to any information to find out what their charges are incase that would account for the sum. I feel sick with the loss which was my own stupidity believing they were regulated and I could trust the investment advice which would be cautious and not overstretch what I could afford. This started before the cover crisis so they can’t blame that. Just don’t touch them unless you know a lot about trading and don’t need advice, Or have big pockets for them to lose your money for you. That isn’t me and I’ve lost all my savings.

  7. Huge scam, they offer extremely uncompetitive rates comparing to other similar brokers ad claim they will reduce them if you invest more, their only aim is for you to invest as much as possible and then lose it. I didn’t lose it but they simply confiscated the money without warning on some inactivity bs.

  8. I TO HAVE INVESTED WITH THIS COMPANY. HAS TAKEN 4 WEEKS TO GAIN £100 and now I can not withdraw it . Have sent numerous MAILS with no response from them . They keep sending MAILS to try and get you to invest more. I just want to get my money I am due.Keep clear of this company.

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