Beware! Britcoin System is most probably a scam system! Your investment may be at risk.

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Open trading accounts with at least two brokers.


Britcoin System is website promising you to generate a fortune in Bitcoins by simply becoming a member of their platform. We have a video presentation that starts with a compelling, up-beat review of the crypto market – how investors from all walks of life are ecstatic to join the movement towards a decentralized banking system and a “new democratized monetary system”. And this is where Britcoin System comes in. They say they are offering a “a game-changing software, putting earning power directly into the hands of regular people”, granting “limitless opportunities to those ready to join the Bitcoin revolution”. There are also testimonials of people, who have allegedly made tens of thousands of dollars in a few weeks and now enjoy a completely debt free life with luxurious estates, fancy cars, and trips to exotic locales just around the corner.

No name, no address, no number

Britcoin System claims they are a technology services company, but we remain sceptical as they offer no contact details whatsoever – no company address and registration details, not even a phone number. So basically Britcoin System is just an anonymous website – the latest of a series of internet entities, offering you to exploit the potential of the crypto currency market in the aftermath of the crypto boom in the fall of 2017.

No verified track record

Britcoin System also claims that with their software you can easily make large gains without any previous trading experience. They say their powerful algorithm, allows you to trade ahead of the market and reap all the benefits essentially risk free. However, Britcoin System does not offer us any proven track record of the historical performance of their algorithm – a standard practice with all popular and legit social trading platforms, such as Zulu trade, where clients have the opportunity to follow signals of professional traders for automatic control of their accounts.

Naturally we remain quite sceptical to the “demonstration” of how Britcoin System algorithm made 5000 USD in 24 hours with just 250 USD initial investment. Here we should note that there could be no assurance about future investment results even with the most conservative and legit financial companies.

No regulatory supervision

There is not a single word on Britcoin System website or in their video presentation about a license or regulation. Have in mind that all companies providing or facilitating financial services in the UK, where Britcoin System is trying to attract customers, should be registered with the local Financial Conduct Authority. After checking the FCA registers, we were not able to find a company by the name of Britcoin System there.

Keep in mind that trading with regulated companies is the only way to avoid falling victim to scammers.

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