CapitalXP Review – 5 things you should know about

CapitalXP Review – 5 things you should know about

Beware! This is an offshore broker! Your investment may be at risk.

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Open trading accounts with at least two brokers.


CapitalXP is a forex and CFD broker, offering some 60 currency pairs and CFDs on stocks, commodities, spot metals and indices on the MetaTrader4 platform. The broker also says to be offering crypto CFDs with Bitcoin, Ripple, Ethereum and Litecoin, but those were not available, when we opened a demo account.

The benchmark EURUSD spread fluctuated between 0,9 pips and 1,1 pips, which is in line with what traders would expect with a standard account. Maximum leverage allowed is up to 1:100.

CapitalXP regulation & safety of funds

CapitalXP is owned and operated by Quattro Holding Group LTD, which is registered on St Vincent and the Grenadines. However, neither the broker, not the company behind it are regulated by an official financial regulator and that is our main concern about CapitalXP credibility.

Keep in mind that regulation is the single most important factor for the security of any investment. Well respected financial authorities like the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in the UK, the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) or the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC) are effectively enforcing strict financial and ethical rules on all overseen brokers. Among those we should point out the requirement to maintain a certain minimum operational capital and the obligation to keep all clients money is a segregated, protected form creditors, trust account.

FCA and CySEC regulated brokers are even obliged to insure traders money. Under a CySEC backed compensation scheme, for example, traders can receive back up to 20 000 EUR of their capital in case their broker is insolvent. Under a similar FCA backed scheme, traders can receive back up to 50 000 GBP.

CapitalXP deposit/withdrawal methods and fees

With CapitalXP you may choose to fund your account with credit cards like VISA and MasterCard, bank wire, as well as e-wallets like QIWI and Yandex. Here, however, we miss other popular e-wallets like Neteller and Skrill.

How does the scam work?

The most popular scenario goes like this. You will happen to watch a nicely edited video, that will make you believe you can make big, easy money (a passive income as they call it) by simply registering with an innovative trading app. All you have to do is to fill the small registration form, leaving your e-mail and phone.

And next you will be transferred to the web page of an unregulated, offshore, scam broker, like Bitcoinoie or BBM Trade, where you will be asked to make a small deposit – 250 USD and start making money right away. And your first trades will go smoothly and soon the money in your account will double. Have in mind, however, that this will not be real results. The scammers will simply manipulate your account.

Next a “senior” account manager will call and will basically tell you, that if you want to make some really big money, you will simply have to invest more – 10 000 USD for a start. Well, chances are you will make that deposit as well and everything will seem fine, until the day you decide to withdraw some of your funds.

It will turn out this is not possible. There will be some clauses in the Terms and Conditions, you have agreed with, linking the right to withdraw with some minimum trading volume requirement. It could be anything, but the bottom line is, you will not be able to withdraw.

Be aware that at some point the scammers will ask you to send them copies of your ID and a proof of address (your last electricity bill for instance). They will say they need those documents, because of the anti-money laundering regulations. The truth, however, is that if you send them your personal information voluntarily, they will have a much stronger case, when you file for a charge back with your credit card company.

Also, be aware that some scammers might try to trick you to install Team Viewer on the pretext to help you with the installation of a trading software or with the funding of your account. If you agree, scammers will have direct access to your PC and all your banking details and will surely try to steal money from your bank account.

What to do if scammed?

Immediately file for a chargeback with your credit card provider. Unfortunately, you will be able to do that within a 6 month period only.

If you have told scammers your credit card number or online banking password or if you have agreed to install Team Viewer, immediately cancel your credit card, delete Team Viewer and change the password for your online banking service.

And if you have lost money to scammers, do not make the mistake to seek the services of the so called “recovery agencies”. You will be asked to make an upfront payment and basically that is how the story will end.

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  1. I got the same experience as mentioned in CapitalXP reviews feel cheated

  2. Well they scammed my mom about 3 weeks ago.. Found out when it was too late. Been trying to recoup the funds to no avail. 0
    So the best thing to do is spread the word as far/quick as possible to warn others about these satan-spawn descends.

    Got some PI’s on their tracks as well.

    1. Hallo ik ben ook op gelicht door dit gespuis heb € 250 moeten storten en ik zou de volgende dag al meer als honderdduizenden gaan verdienen,maar ik laat het er niet bij zitten,en als er meer gegadigden zijn worden we samen sterk en kunnen b.v. hun een hak zetten,ik ben er nu al mee bezig,door dit gespuis de nek om te draaien,en er voor zorgen dat ze geen poot meer aan land zetten.
      En als ik voor de zoveelste maal hun probeer te bereiken/antwoorden,dan krijg je te lezen:Delivery Status Notification Failure,en dan ben je uit gepraat,maar ik niet nogmaals ik ga strijden al moet ik het alleen doen voor al die anderen mensen die ook de dupe zijn geworden van deze oplichters bende!
      Hello I was also scammed by this scum and had to deposit € 250 and I would earn more than hundreds of thousands the next day, but I will not let it go, and if there are more candidates we can become strong together and can e.g. to give them a heel, I’m already working on it, by turning this scum around their neck, and making sure that they don’t put a leg on land anymore.
      And when I try to reach / answer them for the umpteenth time, you get to read: Delivery Status Notification Failure, and then you are out, but I am not going to fight again, although I have to do it for all those other people who also became the victims of this scam gang!

    2. They are using and Trustpilot are letting Them carry on. Trustpilot are promoting this scam Company. Lets spread the word

  3. This is a scam, based in Kiev

  4. I’ve been scammed $250 damn I hate this people

    1. These vile nasty people had my friend for £5000. They are lying con artists. Sweet talking as*holes. Promised to get back to my friend and never did. They have ignored all his calls and emails. He’s an elderly man who believed all their lies. DO NOT GO NEAR THEM EVER

  5. I can’t stipulate enough that these people are con artists, they don’t even use their real names. Posh talking rip off merchants. DO NOT GO NEAR THEM YOU WILL LOSE EVERYTHING

  6. Ive been trying to get my deposit back from these people for Weeks now. Credit card wont do a charge back. How else can I get my money back?

    1. I am going through the same thing at the moment. I phoned Action Fraud and they are on their case. I also reported it to my bank and they are going to try and get my money back for me.

  7. I was so lucky last night 17.10.18 at 10pm… cust service immidiately call me and willing to help me to open an acc in capitalFX.. i felt annoyying at the beginning when she told me not to put down the phone if only my account has been created.. then she kept helping me over the phone and asked me to deposit usd250 without giving me even an hour to think about it.. so i felt so weired then i just simply pressed my handphone off.. pls guys if you go thru the same situations do not entertain them at all.. dont let people push u to make any deposit to any broker without giving you plenty of times… its scammer…watchout..

  8. I have lost all my money, after Paul Ray and Joe Robinson pressured me to invest, Theifs and scammers of the worst kind

  9. T tried depositing and withdrawing you dont get to see your pending withdrawal. When you ask the support team they say thank you for contacting us.
    What kind of broker is that. Your withdrawal can’t be processed for the whole month even though the paperwork is on point.
    Trust me i’ve been there.and everytime you request a withdrawal they will tell you to make some trades. The account managers are so mean like top level of mean.
    They’re super rude.
    I told them i wanted to cancel my account they told me i cant they’re refusing.
    Last week monday/tuesday i made a withdrawal and and it hasn’t been processed since today.
    Everytime i request for the account manager to call they dont call this morning i was very angry and requested a immediate call they started calling and the main reason for their call was for me to place trades so a withdrawal can be made, and the woman said i can only withdraw profit and she was so rude.
    And the funny thing is account managers change quickly without them notefying you.the service is so poor the woman told me she handles $100k accounts and i said but you’re failing to process a withdrawal of 250euro wich is currently R4080 where i’m from.
    My advice to anyone who is trying to invest with capitalXP, don’t it a waste of time and money you’ll never get back the word to summurise their company
    Untill i receive my money back maybe i’ll change my review but ryt now dont deposit please i beg you not to lose your money like i did plz may god protect you’ll from scammers.

    1. Niculae Marius Costel

      did you accept any bonus from them? By the way, what were the website where you traded with them?…… or

  10. Yooh thanks guys, I was about make a deposit. Thanks a lot. Also that guy was busy calling me to make a deposits

  11. Well I was also cheated. After I made the deposit immediately the link to their website was unavailable. I am still waiting for the new link. Go figure. I’m contacting my bank later but I guess I know what they’re answer is going to be. I don’t understand how these people live with themselves while I just feel so stupid right now.

  12. How do i delete the account from CapitalXP or unsubscribe? I have been getting annoying junk calls from various trading sites

  13. Hi…. Be aware… Was unable to withdraw my money and did not get any support from their support staff to do so. So I decided to just leave it for now. After not trading for 3 weeks, all my remaining balance was taken as I had to pay an ‘inactivity’ fee….. Lost all my money. Apparently a clause in the T’s and C’s. Be aware people, they are scammers!!!!!

  14. When I showed my interest on facebook I received a long call from their representative. They claimed that they will trade on my behalf than I will get profit. They persuaded me about the minimum deposit of 250 USD . Account manager Jason shared the screen and he tried that I will invest more. I told him later but I went to vacations and now I asked them to close my account I checked only 77 dollars left and account manager and chat agent Vivian told that account will be charged for dormant account. It’s the worst scam

  15. Capitalxp are big scammers they do not trade on your behalf what they do they take our money and transfer it to blockchain and they made you think that they trading for you its all a big lie the account that you think its real its not all of that you see its fake account your money was gone the minute you made your first deposit they still money from people by saying they will trade for you my so called account manager Adam Williams took all my kids money but its not over cause I have put my complain to FTC and actionfraud.police.UK they will hep you and the more we put complaints the stronger our case let us fight these scammers

    1. Hi

      Adam Williams also “helped” us. We lost almost R300 000.They go on and on and on.
      As soon as you want to withdraw they are full of excuses. They say no you still have open trades. He even gave us a signed ‘Surety” when he made us believe were investing in bitcoin,
      When I asked him about the so called surety he said it already expired. And that they are not a orphanage giving everyone money. At first they are full of surprises and you make money on you trading account.

      Be careful who you trust..
      Their all are lying.

  16. CapitalXP is definitely a scam, I am from South Africa and have also lost more than R300 000. If you have paid them a deposit, just stop. Do not pay anymore as you will loose your money. You can test them and tell them you want all your money back and you will never get it back. I have done this with Forextime and they did paid back what I put in.

    Not sure what they do, but I think the opened a Demo acc for me and just called it a real account and when you pay any money to them, they just pay it into a separate account and they then start dealing with you on the “REAL” account and they are organised so they make you money in this demo account and keep on asking you for more deposits so you can get to VIP status.”Then you will make lots of money”.

    They even lost 1000 usd on my account once and quickly paid it back after I had to sign a form, so I even trusted them more – Big mistake!!!!.

    Then they start taking bigger risks with your account and first make more money for you and then they will loose everything very quickly with reckless trading on this REAL acc. But all the time your money was transferred into there account in the first place and they have not lost a cent of your money, they just stole your hard earned money.

    I felt stupid that I trusted the Broker so much. How can you trust someone with so much money if you have only talk to him over the phone, it was very stupid of me.

    If you have paid them, just ask for all your money back and see what happen. As mentioned, I have done this with FXTM and they paid me back.

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