Ontega Review – 5 things you should know about ontega.com

Ontega Review – 5 things you should know about ontega.com

Beware! This is an offshore broker! Your investment may be at risk.


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Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Open trading accounts with at least two brokers.


Ontega is a forex and CFD broker, offering a variety of trading instruments, including precious metals and commodities on a web based platform. The broker offers four account types – Beginner, Trader, Advanced and VIP with quite accessible minimum deposit requirements – just 5 USD for the starting account, 50 USD for the Trader Account, 200 USD for an Advanced Account and 1000 USD for a VIP Account.

Unfortunately there is no demo account available, and as the broker does not specify its trading conditions in the presentation on its website, we can not comment the spreads. However, here we will review a significantly more important aspect of the broker – its regulatory status.

Ontega regulation & safety of funds

Ontega website is owned by Green Pole Ltd, based in Vanuatu, and is operated by Rehoboth Ltd – a Cyprus based company. And although Green Pole Ltd. holds a license by the Vanuatu Financial Services Commission (VFSC), the regulatory status of Ontega remains quite shady, as the regulation, provided VFSC, is not reliable. Our point is, the institution, based on the small South Pacific atoll simply lacks the capacity to oversee internationally operating brokers. That is why we will review Ontega as an unregulated, offshore broker with rather limited credibility.

Have in mind that trading with properly regulated brokers is key for the security of any investment. That is why we strongly advice all traders to deal only with brokers, licensed by respected financial authorities, such as the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in the UK, the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC) or the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC).

In addition to the strict and transparent regulatory regimes, provided by the above mentioned financial watchdogs, traders with FCA and CySEC regulated brokers are even entitled to a compensation in the event their broker goes insolvent.

Traders with FCA brokers for example can receive back up to 50 000 GBP of their capital, while anyone trading with a CySEC broker can expect a compensation of up to 20 000 EUR.

Ontega deposit/withdrawal methods and fees

As with most other brokers you can deposit or withdraw funds at Ontega, using major credit or debit cards like VISA, MasterCard and American Express, as well as a bank wire.

However, have in mind that Ontega reserves the right to set minimum withdrawal amounts at their sole discretion, which in our view is quite unusual. The clause can be found in the Terms and Conditions section of the website.

How does the scam work?

Surfing on the internet you may stumble upon a robo – scam website like Bitcoin Revolution or Bitcoin Method. There you will watch a video, aimed to convince you, you can make some easy money by simply investing with an innovative trading app. All you have to do is register by filling a simple form, leaving your e-mail and phone.

Then you will be transferred to the web site of an unregulated, offshore broker, where you will be urged to invest just 250 USD and start making money right away. Besides, your first trades will probably go great and the money in your account will soon double. That however will happen, because your account will be manipulated, so that you may get hooked and agree to invest more. Probably you will be contacted by phone as well. A “senior account adviser” will suggest that if you want to win really big, you simply have to invest more – 10 000 USD.

And after you invest those money as well, at first everything will seem fine, until the day you decide to withdraw some of your funds. Take a note that if the sum is relatively small, it might be payed, but if you want to withdraw a more substantial sum, the request will simply be discarded.

The scammers will cite some obscure clause in the terms and conditions, according which all withdraws are linked to some minimum trading volume requirement. The bottom line is you will not be able to withdraw your money.

Have in mind that at some point scammers will ask you to send them a copy of your ID and a proof of address (your latest electricity bill for example). And they will cite the anti-money laundering legislation. However the truth is they will have a much stronger case, when you file for a charge back with your credit card provider, if you have given them personal information voluntarily.

Some scammers may even try to fool you to install Team Viewer, in order to get access to your PC. If you agree, they will get to your credit card number and banking details and will surely try to steal money form your account directly.

What to do if scammed?

Immediately file for a charge back with your credit card provider. Note, that you can do that within a six month period only.

If you have agreed to install Team Viewer or have given away your credit card number or the password for your online banking, block your credit card immediately, delete Team Viewer and change the password for your online banking.

If scammers have managed to trick you to give them your money, do not waste even more time and money with the so called recovery agencies. They will simply take an upfront payment and will leave you with even less cash.

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  1. Does a beginner with a $5 starting account entitled to earning money online with ontega platform…

    1. Ontega sigue estafando en Mexico. ¿Alguien sabe donde se puede demandar?
      Ontega continues to scam in Mexico. Does anyone know where to sue?

      1. Yo estoy en el proceso del Charge back con MyChargeBack. Hasta ahora hemos avanzado con 2 bancos (de 5) y hemos metido las solicitudes. Aún no tengo respuesta, pero creo que estos cuates de vdd saben como manejarlo. Ojalá logre resolver algo.

  2. I foolishly invested a large amount of money with WMOptions approximately January 2017, who have now changed their name to PrimeCFDS.

    My account manger Ethan Stark assured me that I would easily be able to make a withdrawal. Not long after informing my account manger I would be making a withdrawal soon, he refused to answer my calls. After contacting their support number, i was told the reason was that i now have a new account manger Mark Spencer. Mark informed me that my account set up with a bonus, prevents me from making a withdrawal until a massive trading volume is achieved.

    Mark offered 3 different options to consider where they would reduce the credit, and the wager against it, if I put in some money that would reduce the so called Bonus, or credit as they now call it. If i took one of these options they would allow me to withdraw a sum each month as required. He was very pushy about this, and now that i have decided to stay with the current setup he has gone sulky and says i am now on my own, despite being told that they would be on call to help when required. i am forever gratefull to my inlaw who introduced me to [email protected] who helped me recover my lost funds

  3. Estimados, les comento que hace un mes invertí 200 dolares con estos señores y solicite un retiro del total de mi dinero con mis ganancias y al final no me han devuelto nada, son unos verdaderos sinverguenzas y estafadores, el problema es que están estafando a muchas personas a nivel mundial, por favor tienen que hacer algo para parar a esta mafia.
    Dear, I tell you that a month ago I invested 200 dollars with these gentlemen and requested a withdrawal of all my money with my earnings and in the end they have not returned anything, they are true scoundrels and scammers, the problem is that they are scamming many people worldwide, please have to do something to stop this mafia.

    1. me estan invitando a invertir que recominedan, invierto?
      Are you inviting me to invest? What do you recommend, invest?

      1. Estimado te recomiendo que no inviertas, no es un broker regulado, te lo digo por experiencia propia que inverti 200 dolares hice como 500 en ganancias y cuando solicite el retiro de mi dinero nada hasta la fecha no me responden he enviado 20 correos y nada, asi que esta de mas decir que me han estafado.
        Dear I recommend that you do not invest, it is not a regulated broker, I tell you from my own experience that I invested 200 dollars I made about 500 in profits and when I requested the withdrawal of my money nothing to date they do not respond to me I have sent 20 emails and nothing, So it goes without saying that I have been scammed.

        1. Judith Sánchez Alvarez

          Estoy muy preocupada, a donde podemos recurrir para recuperar nuestra inversión
          I am very concerned, where can we go to recover our investment

          1. A mí me acaban de estafar también. Y se están promocionando en todas las páginas de inversiones.
            I just got ripped off too. And they are being promoted on all investment pages.

  4. Este Broker Ontega se promociona por Facebook y otras redes sociales, fijate no solo en mi comentario si no en los comentarios de todas las personas que hasta ahorita no le devuelven su dinero, no he sido el unico estafado.
    This Broker Ontega is promoted by Facebook and other social networks, look not only at my comment but also at the comments of all the people who until now have not returned their money, I have not been the only scam.

  5. Buenas señor Marco entonces no es recomendable firmar el disque contrato para retirar los fondos? Saludos
    Good Mr. Marco, then, is it not advisable to sign the contract disque to withdraw the funds? Cheers

  6. Creo que también a mí m han estafado. Invertí 400 dólares, luego el “analista” me dijo que debía invertir ¡4,000 dólares! Cuando le dije que no tenía ese dinero, se molestó y nunca más me llamó. Ahora he solicitado el retiro de mi capital y me enviaron un correo diciendo que y a estaba procesado correctamente. Fui a ver mi cuenta de banco y no hay nada. Escribo al chat y siempre me dicen lo mismo, que alguien se comunicara conmigo. Lo más seguro es que me han estafado también.
    I think they’ve scammed me too. I invested $ 400, then the “analyst” told me that I should invest $ 4,000! When I told him I didn’t have that money, he got upset and never called me again. Now I have requested the withdrawal of my capital and they sent me an email saying that it was already processed correctly. I went to see my bank account and there is nothing. I write to chat and they always tell me the same thing, that someone will contact me. Most likely, I have been scammed as well.

  7. hola soy de peru, invertí con ONTEGA al principio xq pensé y vi que tenia muy buenos comentario a medida de que seguía investigando compensaron a salir malos comentarios sobre todo por el retiro, yo no opere con ellos, no me gusto su contrato, ademas de eso te envían el contrato luego de depositar, no responden a tus dudas, y se tardan demasiado tiempo en contestar, una cosa que me dio mucha curiosidad fue que cuando solicitas en numero de operación o el numero con que se identifica la transferencia de fondos siempre que preguntaba me decían que ese numero me lo daba el banco que una vez que se descuenta de la plataforma de ontega el dinero el banco es el responsable, pero al comunicarme con el banco ellos me dicen que debo de tener un numero con el cual puedan identificar la transferencia, me alarme, xq ellos insistían en que eso no era verdad y entonces como se supone que verifico la transferencia? 3 semanas entera solicitando el numero de operación, hasta que otra persona de atención al cliente me dice que ese numero me lo da el asesor, el asesor me dice que eso no es de su jurisdicción que hable con atención al cliente, me dieron vuelta y vueltas, hasta que por fin alguien me comenta que ese numero de operación para identificar esa transferencia realizada por ellos es CONFIDENCIAL y no me la pueden dar…. me enoje muchísimo y lo que me pareció FULL EXTRAÑO fue que todo el proceso de atención al cliente fue por whatsapp personal y luego de la nada aparece con whatsapp empresarial, luego me atienden nuevamente y tuve que explicar todo desde un principio y al día siguiente me depositaron!!! SI ME DEVOLVIERON EL DINERO solo un día después de que el whatsapp cambiara a empresarial me parece raro pero esa fue mi experiencia, yo no realice ninguna operación con ellos, es decir, deposite se comunicaron conmigo rechace al asesor que el me comento algo muy preocupante y gracias a dios grave mi conversación por seguridad donde ese asesor me decía que no podía solicitar un retiro si no realizaba al menos 15 operaciones con el (el contrato no dice nada de eso) y al final después de 3 o tal vez fueron 3 semanas me depositaron y me bloquearon del whatsapp (por cierto fueron 3 whatsapp diferentes y los tres eran personales, el único que cambio a empresarial fue el que era de atención al cliente) no se como funcione eso pero así fue todo el lio.

    no tengo ninguna opinion mala o buena.

    Pero no mi consejo NO INVIERTAN sin no están seguros!!! hay gente que ha invertido en ontega y no les devuelven el dinero, por alguna razon yo lo pude lograr..
    Hello, I’m from Peru, I invested with ONTEGA at the beginning because I thought and saw that I had very good comments as I continued investigating, they compensated for leaving bad comments, especially for the retirement, I did not operate with them, I did not like their contract, in addition to That will send you the contract after depositing, they do not answer your questions, and they take too long to answer, one thing that made me very curious was that when you request the operation number or the number with which the transfer of funds is identified, who asked, they told me that this number was given to me by the bank, that once the money is deducted from the ontega platform, the bank is responsible, but when communicating with the bank they tell me that I must have a number with which they can identify the transfer, I was alarmed, because they insisted that this was not true and so how am I supposed to verify the transfer? 3 whole weeks requesting the operation number, until another customer service person tells me that the number is given by the advisor, the advisor tells me that it is not their jurisdiction to speak with customer service, they turned me around and turns, until finally someone tells me that this operation number to identify that transfer made by them is CONFIDENTIAL and they cannot give it to me…. I was very angry and what I found FULL STRANGE was that the entire customer service process was by personal whatsapp and then out of nowhere it appears with business whatsapp, then they attend to me again and I had to explain everything from the beginning and the next day I deposited !!! IF THE MONEY WAS RETURNED to me only a day after the whatsapp changed to business, it seems strange to me, but that was my experience, I did not carry out any operation with them, that is, they deposited, they contacted me, I rejected the advisor, who told me something very worrying and thank goodness my conversation for security where that advisor told me that he could not request a withdrawal if he did not carry out at least 15 operations with him (the contract does not say anything like that) and in the end after 3 or maybe 3 weeks They deposited and blocked me from the WhatsApp (by the way there were 3 different WhatsApp and the three were personal, the only one that changed to business was the one that was customer service) I do not know how that works but that was all the mess.

    I have no bad or good opinion.

    But not my advice DO NOT INVEST without being sure !!! there are people who have invested in ontega and they do not return the money, for some reason I was able to do it ..

    1. Es parte de su estafa. Algunos retiro sí los hacen. Pequeños. O cuando le “tuvieron miedo” a tus amenazas (a mi me pasó algo similar, tras mucho seguimiento y no soltarlos y buscarlos por todos los medios, incluso amenacé por escrito con demandarlos; me devolvieron un monto “grande” pero aún así no representaba ni el 30% de lo que había depositado).

      Eventualmente, cuando has hecho más ganancias que depósitos y quieres retirarlas, no lo hacen. Al contrario, buscan liquidarte tu cuenta sobreoperandola.

      Hay miles de brokers. Por más “atractivas” que parezcan las promos, NO inviertan aquí. Es una estafa vil.
      It is part of their scam. Some retreat do. Little ones. Or when they “were afraid” of your threats (something similar happened to me, after a lot of follow-up and not releasing them and looking for them by all means, I even threatened in writing to sue them; they returned a “large” amount but it still did not represent or 30% of what he had deposited).

      Eventually, when you’ve made more profit than deposits and want to withdraw them, they don’t. On the contrary, they seek to liquidate your account by over-operating it.

      There are thousands of brokers. As “attractive” as the promos may seem, DO NOT invest here. It is a vile scam.

  8. LES CUENTO, ya yo había hecho un comentario antes, les explico como me contactaron de ontega y demás… yo estaba leyendo un blog y de repente me aparece un anuncio donde dice que invierta en AMAZON le di click por curiosidad y me pidieron mi correo y lo anexe, al día siguiente me llamaron y (para ser sincera estaba totalmente dormida) la chica muy bien educada y simpática me explico como es la cuestión, ella misma me abrió la cuenta yo no hice nada solo respondí pregunta básica, mi nombre, apellido y edad (solo eso) y otras cosas como que quiero hacer con el dinero a futuro y que pasaría o que pensaria si ganaba 5000$ en un mes y que haría con el dinero, yo respondí sinceramente y le dije que si ganaba 5000$ me parecía bien pero raro…

    Como dije en mi comentario anterior me pasaron el contactó pero no me contestaron ni resolvieron mis dudas xq no se comunicaban, a lo que decidí retirar mi dinero, un dato que no mencione fue que yo invertí un Viernes y el sábado ya había hecho la solicitud de retiro así tal cual, explique en la casilla de opiniones cuando haces la solicitud de retiro, el motivo por el cual lo solicitaba y listo, luego di mis documentos, mi dni el contrato firmado estado de mi cuenta y eso fue todo, también me pedían la tarjeta pero nunca se lo anexe, luego de eso, el lunes escribí a atención al cliente para saber como era la situación y que mas debería de hacer con el retiro, ellos me dicen que espere a que me contacte el asesor (el mismo que me dice que no podía retirar si no hacia 15 transacciones u operaciones) MENTIRA, yo sentía mucha curiosidad por el contrato y le leí muchas veces a lo que según expresan que no podía retirar mi dinero si tenia operaciones abiertas, por lo que decidí no realizar ninguna, cuando ese señor se comunica conmigo lo rechace el, se molesta y me dice lo de las operaciones (yo guarde algunas conversaciones por seguridad) ahora tuve que esperas hasta que se realizara el retiro de mi cuenta en ontega, la misma se hizo efectiva el martes tres días después de mi solicitud de retiro, muchas cosas pasaron y al final para el jueves exactamente 9 días desde que se aprobó la solicitud de retiro, se me hizo efectiva en mi cuenta…

    La verdad no sabría decirles si es estafa o no, xq no realice ninguna operación con ellos, segundo me hicieron la devolución de mi dinero.

    La atención ¿buena o mala? tuve ambas…

    Estafa o No? NEUTRAL

    DATO: si se fijan en sus cuenta de ONTEGA no hay ninguna opción que te diga o que te deje realizar el cese de esa cuenta… hasta el día de hoy esta activa!!! en cero pero activa… OTRO DATO curioso es que no opera los sábados ni domingo!!!
    I TELL YOU, I had already made a comment before, I explain how they contacted me from ontega and others … I was reading a blog and suddenly an ad appeared where it says to invest in AMAZON I clicked out of curiosity and they asked me for my email and I attached it, the next day they called me and (to be honest I was totally asleep) the very well-educated and friendly girl explained to me how the question is, she herself opened the account for me I did nothing I only answered basic question, my name, surname and age (only that) and other things like what I want to do with the money in the future and what would happen or what I would think if I made $ 5,000 in a month and what I would do with the money, I answered honestly and told him that if I made $ 5,000 I it seemed fine but weird …

    As I said in my previous comment, they passed the contact but they did not answer or answer my questions because they were not communicated, to which I decided to withdraw my money, a fact that I did not mention was that I invested on a Friday and on Saturday I had already made the request Withdrawal as such, explain in the box of opinions when you make the withdrawal request, the reason why I requested it and ready, then I gave my documents, my ID, the signed contract, my account status and that was all, I also they asked for the card but never attached it, after that, on Monday I wrote to customer service to find out what the situation was like and what else should I do with the withdrawal, they tell me to wait for the advisor to contact me (the same which tells me that I could not withdraw if I did not do 15 transactions or operations) LIE, I was very curious about the contract and I read many times to what they say that I could not withdraw my money if I had open operations, so I decided not to perform none, when that man communicates with me, he rejects it, he gets upset and tells me about the operations (I saved some conversations for security) now I had to wait until the withdrawal of my account was made ontega, it became effective On Tuesday three days after my withdrawal request, many things happened and at the end of Thursday exactly 9 days after the withdrawal request was approved, it became effective in my account …

    The truth would not know if it is a scam or not, xq do not perform any operation with them, second they made me return my money.

    Attention, good or bad? I had both …

    Scam or not? NEUTRAL

    FACT: if you look at your ONTEGA account, there is no option that tells you or lets you terminate that account … until today it is active !!! zero but active … ANOTHER fun fact is that it does not operate on Saturdays or Sundays !!!

    1. El mercado no abre sábados y domingos.
      The market is not open on Saturdays and Sundays.

  9. YO OTRA VEZ en mi primer comentario decía que fueron 3 o 4 semanas (disculpe es que se sintió una eternidad) pero saque la cuenta correctamente y fueron exactamente desde que lo solicite, se hizo efectivo y callo en mi cuenta fueron 14 días (2 semanas)
    I AGAIN in my first comment said that it was 3 or 4 weeks (sorry it felt like an eternity) but I took the account correctly and they were exactly since I requested it, it became effective and I remained in my account for 14 days (2 weeks )

  10. Acabo de terminar de hablar con una agente de Ontega. Yo estoy viendo varias empresas al mismo tiempo en diferentes paises.. y yo necesito tiempo para asegurar,e. La muchacha se molesto que no deposite en la primera sesion, y me dijo que ellos eran los mejores (tipico de Agentes de servicio te dicen que son los mejores) algo que no me gusto es que empezo a ser agresiva de que es una oportunidad UNICA, y que mi vida dependia de ello. Cuando le dije que no eran los unicos, que estaba viendo, entonces me presiono mas para que depositara. Pero cuando ya queria cortar, por que va de querer cercarme de que ellos son los mejores.. empezo a decirme que soy insegura, y que no se que es lo que quiero. Y empezo a darme psicologia de que mi vida depende de su compania. Le dije que yo he invertido en otras cosas y que esto es algo de al lado, que no estoy poniendo mas que un poco para ver como es invertir, y que no pienso depender de algo como esto. Estaba super molesta. He trabajado en servicio al cliente y sobre internet desde el 2000, (ya 20 anos) y trabajo en Servicio al Cliente, y la muchacha se enojo tanto, que le dije que no era profesional. Me dijo que perdio el tiempo conmigo, y que era una persona que hace perder el tiempo a los demas. Solo le agradeci amablemente, y que tuviera un bonito dia. No me gusto. Si te presionan y te obligan NUNCA ES BUENA SENAL. Es tu decision si quieres invertir en varios lugares o no. Es tu derecho, hacer investigacion si algo te conviene o no. Pero enojadisima, por que no deposite… y que cual era el miedo. Pfff!!! Long Story short. Esta compania, con esa presion no da buena señal. A mi de entrada me pidio 200 USD
    I just finished talking to an Ontega agent. I am seeing several companies at the same time in different countries … and I need time to secure, e. The girl was upset that I did not deposit in the first session, and told me that they were the best (typical of Service Agents tell you that they are the best) something that I did not like is that she began to be aggressive that it is a UNIQUE opportunity , and that my life depended on it. When I told him that they were not the only ones, that he was watching, then he pressed me more to deposit. But when I already wanted to cut, why would I want to make sure that they are the best? He started to tell me that I am insecure, and that I don’t know what I want. And she began to give me psychology that my life depends on her company. I told him that I have invested in other things and that this is something next door, that I am not putting more than a little to see how it is to invest, and that I do not plan to depend on something like this. I was super upset. I have worked in customer service and on the internet since 2000, (already 20 years old) and I work in Customer Service, and the girl got so angry that I told her she was not a professional. She told me that she wasted time with me, and that she was a person who wastes time for others. I just thanked her kindly, and have a nice day. I did not like. If they pressure you and force you, it is NEVER A GOOD SIGN. It is your decision if you want to invest in several places or not. It is your right, to do research if something suits you or not. But very angry, why not deposit … and what was the fear. Pfff !!! Long Story short. This company, with that pressure does not give a good sign. At my entrance she asked me 200 USD.

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