EuropeFX Review – 5 things you should know about

EuropeFX Review – 5 things you should know about



Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Open trading accounts with at least two brokers.


EuropeFX is a Cyprus regulated forex and CFD broker offering a good selection of currency pairs and various assets including indices, commodities, stocks and even crypto coins with a choice of six account types and three trading platforms, including MetaTrader4.

On their trading platform we counted over 40 forex pairs, some with exotic currencies like Russian Rubble, Danish Krone, Honk Kong Dollar, South African Rand, Turkish Lira, Swedish Krona, Norwegian Krone, Mexican Peso, Hungarian Forint and Singapore Dollar.

CFDs are available on spot metals like gold, silver, aluminum, copper and nickel, lots of stocks, 13 indices and commodities, including oil, natural gas, cocoa, coffee, sugar, corn, cotton and orange juice.

We found also a number of crypto CFDs on coins, including Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, Monero, Dash and NEO.

EuropeFX trading conditions

As tested with a demo account the benchmark EURUSD spread fluctuated about 0,2 pips. However, EuropeFX takes a 30 USD commission per traded lot, which basically adds another 0,3 pips to the spread, when the second currency in the pair is USD. That leaves us with a EURUSD spread of about 0,5 pips which is quite competitive.

Maximum leverage is in line with the new European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA) regulations, which cap leverage with forex trade at 1:30. Still EuropeFX says it can offer a leverage of up to 1:200, if a trader meets the requirements for a professional trading account.

EuropeFX sais you can start trading with them with just 200 EUR, but recommends opening a Bronze Account with 1000 EUR.

The above mentioned trading conditions apply for a Bronze Account. Unfortunately the broker does not tell us what are the trading conditions with its 200 EUR starting account.

EuropeFX trading platforms

EuropeFX offers a choice of three trading platforms – TradeWorks and EuroTrader, which are web based, and the MetaTrader4, which has both a downloadable and a web version.

The MetaTrader4 platform is well known to most traders. It features more than 50 in-build market indicators, various charting tools and the option to support algorithmic trading with the help of specially designed, customizable trading bots – Expert Advisors.

EuropeFX regulation & safety of funds

EuropeFX is owned and operated by MAXIFLEX LTD (previously Maxiflex Global Investments Corp. Limited), which is registered as a Cyprus Investment Firm (CIF) and is licensed by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC).

Along with the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in the UK, the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) and the National Futures Association in the US, CySEC is among the most respected financial watchdogs on the market.

Among other requirements, CySEC regulated brokers are obliged to keep all clients funds in a segregated, protected form creditors account and to maintain a minimum operational capital of at least 730 000 EUR.

In addition all CySEC brokers support the Investor Compensation Fund – an insurance mechanism, which guarantees traders up to 20 000 EUR of their investment in the unlikely case their broker goes insolvent.

A similar compensation scheme with the FCA in the UK guarantees traders up to 50 000 GBP of their capital.

EuropeFX deposit/withdrawal methods and fees

You can deposit or withdraw funds at EuropeFX using all major credit or debit cards like VISA and MasterCard, bank wire and e-wallets like Skrill, SafeCharge, Sofor, iDeal, GiroPay, SafePay, TrustPay and Przelewy.

As we already mentioned, you can start trading at EuropeFX with just 200 EUR. For the premium accounts, however, the minimum deposit ranges form 1000 EUR to 50 000 EUR.

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  1. New To Traiding

    I have an account with EuropeFx and have had 2 calls with them both call purely to get more money deposited even tho I have $250AU it seems like if you don’t put 1000s into your account that don’t really give you much attention the last call I hade with them they just hung up on me because I told them I had no more money to put into the account. I feel that they are just a sale team trying to get as much money out of your bank account as they can.

    1. I have had the same problem and after telling them that £250 was what I wanted to start with I was foolish enough to change it to £750 but then I decided to close my account but they said I could only take out £500 at a time. The first withdrawal took 3 days but now the other £250 I am having trouble taking out with regular emails telling me it takes 10 days but I threatened them with the fraud department of Barclaycard and it was approved but still waiting for it to clear. When it does I am going on to Trustpilot to do a very ad review, hope you do the same.

      1. Hi Dominic this company is totally a scammers hiding behind legitimate company they’ve took all my saving I work very hard day and night to save my monies this people persuade on the phone to invest for higher returns only was told I lost all my monies £17500 I told them I want my money back have told the bank Barclays they have put disput all transactions can please contact me together we warn others about europefx this company is reraly scammers they’ve make my life hell at moment I can’t believe it

        1. Thank you for your info; they make a call to me and force to open my mail and suggest me to login with their established ID & Password, I think how it could be possible! Call boy irritating me by asking same question; how much money I want to trade in EuropeFX. In response I said, “I am at work make a call tomorrow, about this I do not decided yet”. Than he cut my call without saying anythings. Than I realized It’s a money hunter company. The seeing a review here prove me.

      2. Did you get all of your deposit back in the end? I was suckered in and deposited £250 today. After reading all of this I’ve withdrawn the whole lot, but I’m now just worried that they’ll fob me off and keep the deposit.

        1. Please what’s “fob”. I’m becoming worried now also. Just deposited last week.

      3. Did u get your money back?
        I was foolish enough to give them £200 deposit, got up to 10 phone calls a day from them trying to find out as much about me as possible.
        I decided to pull out and asked for my money back, the phone calls stopped and no-one responds to my emails.

        1. Like a mad fool i have just done the same …

    2. Thanks for the info

      1. Thanks for the information. I just stopped to continue to open my account via the phone call from them. They just try to guide you to do things they want you to do. Never follow anyone via phone call to do anything on your computer. Rule No.1

        1. really, totally different to my experience.
          I talk to my fella at least three times a day. he’s extreamly polite, always tells me if I have any questions text, email or call him and at the first chance he has gets back to me not once has he ever let me down he’s true to his word, very informative I must say not once has he asked me for more money ! or been demanding
          oh and I’m having the time of my life
          Is this another place that tries to make EuropeTX look bad. read some of the comments.

          1. Hi Paul, could not agree more. my guy has been very helpful, at the moment I am in
            good profit, after only 2 weeks.

          2. Do you recommend? I have just done my deposit and waiting for a call back tomorrow . ?

          3. yes ive had similar experience, deposited £200 which isnt alot and advised to trade on forex { foriegn exchange}, ive been trading 2wks and seen my money earn +£25 to- £20,
            it fluctuates up and down every day, and if i knew what i was doing and could be bothered to pay more attention, i work full time have 3 kids, i realisticlly could have double my money,then bought more shares= bigger profit, havent got a clue what im doing tbh, waiting for my broker mehrad, to call back for my next session, to point me in the next direction,if i dont answer his calls i get an email to arrange a session, the lad has never asked me to put more money in, and had some good chats with him, all good so far, i was nervous starting out thinking its all a scam, but so far all good,u have to have a quick look at your dashboard as often as possible, and knowing when to sell, i can see how people can loose fortunes, so only invest what u can afford to loose, hope this helps anyone thinking about it.

    3. Yep, I get the same impression.

      1. Tracy. My advise. Be very careful. Don’t be persuaded to invest more and more money. Ask for a demo account and take advantage of the one on one education annalist information. Some are better than others. They are a business, and are after your money.
        Learn from them but don’t be persuaded to invest until you understand all aspects of trading, they won’t advise once you start trading. You need to be very on the ball with them. You could easily lose all your money like I have. It’s a very risky business, but they can teach you a lot if you stick to a Demo Account . They are very persuasive and will drop you like a hot potato when things go wrong. Personally, it’s a very risky, nerve racking thing to get involved in if you know nothing about trading. It’s time consuming and scary. Not recommended. I’ve lost all my savings.

    4. Graham Hunneman

      I lost £122,072 with EuropeFX and this would have been more unless my partner intervened and stopped me losing my life saving and inheritance.
      My loss was a result of poor and unprofessional advice I received from my advisors Michael Pann and a boom and bust trading strategy using my money. This was accepted by EuropeFX and I was upgraded to VIP trading and assigned a senior advisor Tom Benita. I explained that I didn’t fully understand leverage, Swaps or their commission structure and he promised education and to review their internal training programme for new customers, which was unacceptable.

      I was so looking forward to starting trading and promised education and hassle-free trading using their Meta trader 4 platform. I started on 17/06/2019 with a very cautious investment £200 and persuaded this was insufficient if we wanted to” make a lot of money” we needed extra investment and by the end of the day £22,500 was invested. A further £100,000 was pressured from me as my “margin levels” which I barely understood kept dropping. My advisor Mr Pann even suggested I take my computer with me when playing golf during a call on 1st August!

      My account manager used remote screen sharing and my mobile phone as a means of communicating and showed me with an X on the screen what trades to open and close.
      They suggested the amount I should buy and sell and when to take profit and loss and calculating the value of the trade was very difficult to calculate. They were guiding and influence every decision. It wasn’t until 11th September and by that time I had lost £122,023 that I was offered a simple margin calculator tool but had lost all confidence and too scared to risk further losses to trade with this unprofessional company.
      There trading strategy was misguided and overexposed my positions and resulted in my financial loss and all the time Maxiflex their Cyprian holding company was making money on swap and commission which is illegal and called churning.
      I formally compliant and they released all the telephone calls and internally reviewed these in their quality control department and found nothing wrong with their advice BUT offered me as a gesture of good will £10,000.
      On further analysis of my recordings they accepted their advisor’s “made statements that reassured me there was no risk” and increase my compensation offer to £20,000 and was an acceptance that their unprofessional methods had resulted in my loss.

      Behind the slick tonged rhetoric was lies, dishonesty and negligent advice and don’t trust these guys or you may well lose all your money and quickly.

      1. Hello we need to get together and report this company and get what’s rightfully ours

      2. Dear Graham Hunneman,

        We are sorry to hear your experience with EuropeFX has not met with your expectations.

        At EuropeFX, we pride ourselves on our high level of service and commitment to your investment and you.

        Our clients have full autonomy over their accounts.

        EuropeFX does not provide any investment advice; we only offer general knowledge obtained from 3rd party sources.

        Under CySec Regulations, EuropeFX agents may only indicate as to the potential of any given trade. Assurances of results or any other trading advice are prohibited.

        Trading Risk is indicated in the Risk Disclaimer, contained in all email communications, the footer of our website as well as the client area.

        Also, our Risk Disclosure Policy is available on our website under the legal documents section.

        Please feel free to contact our Customer Support team should you have any queries.


  2. yes my self and 2 other freinds have lost a lot of money with in two weeks for me 6 weeks for one freind and 9 days for the other they are
    getting customers to trade on all diferent
    products as much as possible as they collect a very high commission totaly iresponsable
    keep asking put more money in it will hold up what you have already in vested then you can draw it out but it all looses and there balance
    at top of page is the money you put in pluss the trades that make profit none of the cost of commisions or loss of trades is subtracted
    there fore it is an incomplete balance
    it only fools you to beleive you are making all
    this money what is it a balance off if you have not alowed for the subtractions
    it simply there to fool the customer
    and they dont spend the time teaching you as they say they will its just press this button
    press that one completley confusing
    my older freind had to get medication
    from the doctor as it beacame spiraling out of control dont trust them at all they need to be investigated by asics and if you have dealt with
    them ask for all copys of imformation conversations and logs of trades they have to give it to you by law get asics to view it or a law firm that deals with this problem and go to
    youre bank and ask for a charge back or a money recall

    1. What that mean by money recall thanks

  3. I have been trading for about a month and the feedback I am giving you I hope will be taken seriously if your company is serious about client service. I do know my responsibility but when I first connected with your company I told the account manager I knew nothing about trading and that I wish to start small and slowly so I could learn. I was put on to a person call Steven who was assertive saying in so many words I needed $10,000 in my account if I wished to trade. My first big mistake should have got out then. Your ad stated start trading with $250 does Steven’s ‘actions mean your ad is a false ad? IThe first trade I had was a loss so I withdrew some of the monies left. Then the account manager got on the phone and once again telling me I needed the money in my account even though I told him again and again that I wanted to go slow but and steady. I truly don’t think he heard me or could not care. I was then put over to Edward for some training session and Edward let slip that I did not need large sums of money to trade. After cancelling my withdrawal another trade was set and guess what another loss. Then no communication. When account manger did finally did call wanted more money in the my accounting because he had the trade to cover all my losses – but guess what another lost!!His remark can’t you get from from a bank card!! I have been trying to trading on my own but using small volumes (another thing I was never told about) and forex ( I was told not to use currenies) I would loses my money!! I do not wish to have any further conversations with the account manager but would like to continue to learn and may be get back some of my losses a little at a time. I feel the account manager I had did not
    not listen or understand what I was saying.

    1. same as my experience. i am now learning how to trade by myself. It is hard, but at least you can make common sense decisions. The manager only tells you crap.

    2. I also had the same experiance but I got my money back with the help of ASIC & AFCA. If you are from Australia, this is the path you have to follow.

      1. Hi thanks for ur information may I ask how do you do it because I am from au and lost to much income from dealing with this company.
        Thanks agt

        1. Hi Sali,
          Sorry to hear your bad experience with this Broker. They are “Market Makers” and they may have misled you as per my experience. The best thing is to make a complaint to the following link and AFCA may help you to get the money back if the broker has done anything wrong. Once you make a complaint, the broker will come for negotiation at the start and be strong and ask the full refund. All the best.

          1. Hi
            Please contact AFCA if you have lost any amount of money while doing forex trading with EuropeFx. Union Standard Group (USG), ACN No: 117658349, has all your trading history and you are able to access through EuropeFX’s website and / or USG’s website when you login on to your account through your account number and password with. Details of AFCA are as follows

            Website –
            Telephone number – 1800 931 678 (free call)
            Email – [email protected]

          2. Thank you kalu am not letting this scammer get away with my monies

      2. Mohammed Alameddine

        Hi how much did you Los with Europefx

      3. Nna dalu,thanks. Just deposited £200.00 last week to their account as required on their website and advertised.

        But today, a day supposed to be my induction and start of of the trading, the Relationships Manager allocated to me wants me to invest £10,000.00 to start trading today. I wasn’t decided whether its worth gambling my retirement fund on phone conversations, with the volabilites inherent in forex trade, i decided to run a check on this company and by sheer luck and accident,I then found all these helpful and , honest reviews. Simply can’t believe my luck and I thank all of you enough.

        Based on these reviews, i would not venture with this company. The Relationship Manager has called me four times already today and when he calls again, I will make efforts to recover my initial deposit and close my account with them. thank you all, for your time too.

        1. Hi, this is exactly the position I have reached. I have requested a refund of my initial £200 payment and hope request for that to be refunded prior to any training session will go through without a problem. Already received 4 phone calls from 4 different extremely pushy people in 1 day. Finally had to hang up!! Just hoping the £200 doesn’t dissapear

          1. This has happened to me too. Did u get your money back?

        2. Please don’t do I lost all my saving please don’t this company are scammers

      4. Thank you for your advice I too are going through similar situations where I don’t hear from these people only to add more money I have invested all of my savings when initially I was told I could start trading as little as $250AUS. I have sent numerous emails to David the support manager of the team as I haven’t added more funds he has not answered any of my emails. This experience has made me very anxious I’m having sleepless nights and trouble holding my job I hope that AISC can help me retrieve my $4,270 back. Anyone looking to trade with Europe FX please do your homework first and read reviews because it appears there are a lot of people in my situation to.

      5. I’ve just put a report with ASIC.
        They keep on calling me to put more money in.
        Can’t believe I was so stupid.

      6. Hi Kalu, thanks for your advice. I also had a honorable experience and a big loss
        Iv sent my complaints form off At the end of it id does say it does not handle individual cases how did you manage to get them to help you
        thanks Deb

        1. Hi Debbie,

          ASIC is not handling individual cases but normally they guide you step by step how to get this money back with the help of AFCA. Pls sent me your contact to [email protected] I will guide you as a friend.


    3. Maurice P Gaynor

      Dear Sue, I don’t know which country you are in. I am in the UK. To get into trading in shares, you have to start small. Forex is a global trading broker. They want people with spare money to gamble with. Get a newspaper that gives the shares in your country. Make a list and study the market. See these types / Property / oil / mining (copper, gold )Food / supermarkets, keep going and make a list in an exercise book/ you will soon see which shares are going up or down/ but that is only the value pe share/ imagine you buy 100 shares/ that is the %/ but you need to keep that for at least five years to know your profit or loss. Then start small / pick a share broker / ask your bank they might already have a branch only dealing in shares. they give you an account and you finance it by putting money in (your choice . say £250.) you have worked out the cost (as stated per share) £2 per share so buy 50 shares or shares for £50. They will buy it for you tell you the current price and give you 30 sec to make up you mind yes/no. Yes/ it is listed /you choose a name for your account/ every three months most firms pay a dividend / some firms doing well (remember your money is in their bank with thousands of others) when they make a big profit (say a restaurant chain – Greggs) they may pay a lump sum and a dividend. If you can spare it invest a 1000 pick your shares by asking other investors /some loose, then sell, buy the ones that pay a good dividend (5-10% +) others are steady but increase in value / count on every five years / that way you build a portfolio of your own. then if you want to gamble, put aside 2000 but not more than 4000. Then go to forx traders who are trading in global markets, with graffs, you have to know, some of the advisors may know or not/ they want you to invest/ but if you pick right (say crude oil) it goes up and down daily your 2000 could be 27600 tomorrow, sell and if you like buy another 200 worth. If you pick wrong then you lose. so be careful. ask around, or read the experts in the papers. My advice is stick to one country that you know, build a portfolio and watch the profits grow over the years, it’s great fun.

    4. Hi Sue,

      Exactly the same experience and unfortunately, I am reading these reviews now, after having lost $828 in less than a week. I am also new to margin trading. I had no clue that after a certain level of loss, the trade will automatically close and all money invested will be lost. When I got in touch with the account manager, she simply told me that she had warned me of the risks. I understand that these investments are very risky, but atleast they should have advised what action to take, when we see the markets going down. The lady was very assertive about investing in NASDAQ which according to her was not a volatile investment and it had potential to go up in few days. I am already struggling with finances and got another blow..Fortunately it opened my eyes sooner. Now I know what to do, not to trust anyone who appears to be your well wisher. Sadly this learning has come at a significant cost. We should report this company as a scam under the garb of a legit broker firm

      1. Got same experience regarding margin! They don’t tell you until you sir it out for yourself of why you lost your money! You think you’re closing in on profits then all your biggest losses go along with, got one of them to teach me and he fought me to hedge! You can imagine the amount of losses I accumulated, anyway after depositing £60,000 over a period of 3 months all my savings plus bank loans I lost almost all, asked for what was left just under 10,000 and they still wanted me to keep trading with it and asking for more deposits too! Thank God got the remaining out and trading with just 1,000 which is half machines already but having a go by myself, not answering their calls unless I feel like it and the answer to more deposits is nooooo! I can do it if I have the money and want to not when they ask for it.

    5. Sue, that was my experience. Dodgy….

  4. I have just deposited £250 with them and was immediately asked for a further £250 at 6.30 am . They had actually tried to take the money but my bank spotted it as unusual. I had to cancel my debit card and am now wondering will I get my money back . It probably is a proper broker service but I was suckered in with the £250 minimum amount . Now it seems I will have to add to the initial Amount to get trading and I have had to switch my phone off due to the constant phone calls . I wouldnt call it a scam just a hard sell . I,m just recovering from heart surgery and shouldnt have allowed my self to get involved as the hassle is now frenetic. Maybe it will take a few months to get my deposit back or maybe never serves me right for being an old fool

    1. I deposited £200 with EropeFX but then decided that I wasn’t ready to get involved with trading as I had no spare time and had a bad feeling about it.
      I asked for my money back within less than 24 hours of the deposit but only received £175.
      I complained and was told it’s in the t’s&c’s that they charge £25 for any withdrawal.
      They then claimed that it was a charge for using a credit card. I pointed out that you cannot charge for using a credit card in UK. They immediately dropped that excuse and returned to the t’s&c’s excuse.
      I then spoke to a manager he accused me of being aggressive towards the operator. Apparently, you’re not allowed to disagree with this company, if you do, your accused of being aggressive. I was not aggressive just disagreeing with the operator.
      Under a law called “Distance trading” I am allowed 14 days to think about it (at least in the UK and I suspect EU) and should get all my money back.
      A previous post on Trustpilot claims he got all his £250 deposit back. How this is possible with EuropFX T&C’s I don’t know, I suspect it is fake post.
      Going to try Barclaycard first then the FOS (UK) see what they say……..
      Do not trade with this company, you will lose all your money.
      Better to learn about trading yourself and work slowly with small amounts

      1. Hi Michael, I have just done exactly the same as you have before doing carefull research into this company. The money hadn’t even left my account when I telephoned them back to complain and tell them I had been pressurised by their staff into going ahead with my deposit. Now it seems that they are going to charge me £25 for the privelige of making a fool out of me but I just count myself lucky that I haven’t lost thousands like a lot of people have (their hard earned money/savings)!!!!! I hope that something can be done about this company.

  5. When I worked with the account manager, I only lost money and almost 70% of my deposit in two weeks. while I worked with that guy, all his advice backfired, while the trades I did myself always gained money. he was also very pushy for me to deposit more money.
    My advice: learn how to do trading yourself. Read literature and watch videos and webinars. do trades with small amounts to get experience , get a feel on the market and learn the craft of trading yourself. The account manager does not really help you and the best is not to listen to him. Make your own plan and you have higher chances to make profits. since that I made weekly profits and learned a lot.
    As far as withdrawals are concerned, they pay out within a week,
    My two cents on this. Hope it helps.

    1. hello Peter
      how do you choose to use less of your money on a trade

  6. If you leave EuropeFX as I did, it is impossible to get them to delete your details. They are still phoning me up and each time I tell them I have left and want deleting from their files. Time and time again. They are the most pig-ignorant company I have ever dealt with. Hard-selling Cypriot money-grabbers constantly asking for more money from you – even though you no longer have an account! Stay well away!!

  7. I have just opened an account with #200, like some of you here I wanted to get experience in trading – can I withdraw my money before I trade and is it safe giving my bank details so they can do this?

    1. Jessica Lloyd

      S Chapman. Don’t do it it’s a trap.

    2. You have to do a withdrawal of funds and they take #25!! (see my other post)
      I used Barcalcard which is safer than bank account as you can claim money back through the card not your bank account.

  8. i also spend 200 euro,they want me to upload all documents, I asked for my money back, they said that everything would be refunded, eventually 160 were refunded.

    multiple points of unprofessionalism.
    the sales employee forced me to transfer money. I said that I will continue tomorrow, but I had to right at that moment.

  9. EuropeFX Scammed me and caused me to lose almost £1 million Pounds Sterling.
    Now after 4 months of delays and deception,they send me an offer of £ 310,000
    and expect me to accept?

    They will lie to you, rob you , and then expect you to accept an apology and 30%
    of your money back….

    I will not rest until all or most of my money is returned.

    Before you decide to invest with EUROPEFX ask yourself this question Why would they offer £1 ,far less £310,000 in compensation if they were not guilty/or at fault ?

    See their latest offer below,

    This Deed is made on the 20th of March 2019 between Mr. James Wright of 102 Eaton Terrace London
    GB (‘Client’); and EuropeFX operated by MAXIFLEX LTD (the “Company”; together hereinafter the
    (A) A dispute arose between the parties, which revolves around the service given to the Client (the
    (B) MAXIFLEX LTD is registered as a Cyprus Investment Firm (CIF) with the registration number
    HE327484 and which is regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission with
    licence number 258/14.
    (C) The Client is the owner of a trading account # 10565475 with the Company (the “Account”).
    (D) The Parties agreed by mutual consent to resolve the dispute, on condition that the Company shall
    credit the Client’s Account with a sum of GBP 310,000 (Three Hundred and Ten Thousand
    British Pounds).
    (E) The Parties wish to swiftly finalise the Dispute without prejudice to either party.

    1. Hi James,
      Same as my experience and I got my money back with the help of the Australian ASIC & AFCA as I am Australian and you may have a similar setup in the UK. Do not give up. Take all the money back. They are “Market Makers” and they will mislead you even on negotiation stages. Do not get caught, Be strong and all the best.

  10. Abhishek Chakraborty

    I dealt with them some time back. Later I decided to not trade anymore after losing some money. They still had some of my money in their account. They called me to ask what I want to do with that money. I told them to transfer it back to me. They asked me to share my screen with them. I asked why they need to see my screen to transfer my money back to me! Their answer was ” I don’t have time to explain and beg you to take your money back”. When I insisted them to explain, they actually said “Shut the F*** up!” and disconnected the phone. Never do business with them.

  11. They got me too Deposited $250AUD never got to trade or do anything at all just took my money. Asked for refund no reply. Avoid them.

  12. Do Not deal with this Company I lost over $2000.00 within 4 Weeks The Staff are very smooth operators and suck you in with their patronising attitude when you run out of funds they leave you hanging dry. STAY AWAY IF YOU VALUE YOUR SAVINGS>

  13. I’ve just been sucked in by them after being advised by an article online in The Mirror newspaper and Martin Lewis the trusted financial guru! I thought the caliber of Martin Lewis would indicate that EuropeFX were genuine. The sales guy has been awful – ringing every two minutes, being derogatory over my wanting to wait until I learned a bit more before trading. I had to ask him not to be so rude to me. A very very hardened saleman who I located on Facebook and Linkedin, only to find he’s a former estate agent who recently won the EuropeFX “fighter of the year” for sales retention. Who needs that when they’re starting out in shares etc?! I’ve requested withdrawal of funds having invested £1,300 but fortunately I haven’t yet traded to actually lose the money… whether I’ll get it back I don’t know. I’ve just reported the situation to Moneybox as they’re supposed to be looking after our money with good advice here in the UK!

    1. I came through them – through the same Mirror News paper Advertisement.

  14. SCAM!

    These guys use clever fake ads on social media to convince you to give them money and your identity information.


  15. Strongly lacks professionalism, very skilled specialists advice wasted!

    First, let’s recognize the positive and say that the experience with the specialists I got in contact with was excellent, both friendly and very knowledgeable.
    These were Jovanni, Jay and Eric, top marks to these guys! And when they assisted and were involved, a fair bit of money was generated, talking 30% gains a couple of times, very well done!

    What really lets them down is a very poor professionalism and one can’t help feeling it is the management that are very lousy, i.e. CEO and CFO, not the client facing staff, I really feel for them!

    Here is what I found:
    – 3 minute Deposits turn into Days withdrawals –> completely showing why EuropeFX strongly lacks professionalism! If it works in 3 minutes one way then it should also take 3 minutes the other way, this is 2019, not 1989!
    It makes them look like absolute clowns! And same fiber optic cable works at the same speed both ways! NOWHERE TO HIDE HERE, NO EXCUSE I AM AFRAID!!!

    – Complete lack of after hours support and I am talking about 5PM their local time in Tel Aviv. Not serious at all and the main reason I decided to leave, CEO is responsible for not realizing 40% of their potential customers actually demand the minimum level of support!

    – Local support (Sydney) is completely nonexistent, they do have an office in Sydney but it is completely empty from what I heard, not filling us with confidence!

    – Some of the more tricky questions seem to be put in the too hard basket and never actually get answered. Most likely caused by management enforcing the wrong policies and most likely putting unnecessary pressure on their staff!

    – The toolset provided seems to be at least one version behind the standard, I am in IT and it looks quite stale!

    I believe these have nothing to do with the great staff and the level of service they give.

    My best advice to them would be to go and find a job in a company with a CEO who is serious about providing customers with a minimum and reasonable basic support required, even outside local business hours if they want to retain customers outside of Israel!



  16. I am so glad i found this reviews. Wow not even a good one. Well i just got started havent done any trading yet. I withdraw my initial deposit straight away i even contact my bank to ask if the could stop de pending transaction.


    1. Hi Javier,
      Did you get your full initial deposit back?

  17. Hi,
    Don’t go anywhere near this scamming company, they will rip you off and by the time you find out it will be too late, you get absolutely nothing for your money!

  18. Flavius Fernandes

    Keep away, they will push you to deposit money very hard. Their whole process & procedure does not feel right from the first phone call. Any good comments about them?

  19. I’ve had the same experience than everyone else. Gladly didn’t lose any money, even gained some. But I stopped trading because of the sketchy behaviour described by others. Only thing I’m worried now is that the bastards still keep calling me even after two years.

  20. Europefx also scammed me out of alot of money they are regulated how do i contact there regulated company there account manager told me he had 3 years experance when in fact i was told later he was after starting with the company and told them he had experience with another company was told they sacked him said they were sorry as he mislead me as i had no experience and lost nearly 10k by him giveing me wrong information bad advice

  21. i join them not long ago,they told me to start with $250 then $500 then now $1000 but i haven’t pay $1000 yet,im still waiting,there is a guy call Isaac kept on calling me demanding me to pay $1000,now ive read the feedback i wont pay.

  22. They are a total scam.
    They operate out of Tel Aviv and slovacia and should be banned from Australia.
    Avoid and tell everyone of their evil operation.

    1. Dear Robert Worrall,

      We are sorry to hear your experience with EuropeFX has not met with your expectations.

      At EuropeFX, we pride ourselves on our high level of service and commitment to your investment and you.

      EuropeFX is owned and operated by Maxiflex LTD.

      Maxiflex Ltd is registered in Cyprus, authorized and supervised by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC) and registered under CySEC’s Register of Cyprus Investments Firms (CIF), with CIF Number 258/14.

      The Company on the register of the Department of Registrar of Companies of Cyprus, with Registration Number HE 327484.

      Please feel free to contact our customer support team should you have any questions or queries.


      1. Europefx you are not sorry your company is Enjoying taking people’s hard working monies but your months and days are coming what all these people’s are commenting is true your company don’t care about thier investors this company make my life hell I can’t sleep at night your people lie to me push and persuade me to invest more and more monies even after my account Manager told me that I was losing money he keep asking for more money look at all this comments here surely u can’t say every single person on here leaving all this comments loose money? something not right I tell you what I work very hard day and night to save all the pinne your company took for me very day i think about my monies i got anxious anxiety and panic attacks while you guys site there and laugh but you guy can’t be doing this to people’s for long

  23. EuropeFX is crap, I got a call to open the account with $250 and I said the caller that I have no trading experience at all. But the guys said that I will be assigned a person who will teach me from the scratch about how to do online trading. I got a call in the evening from Ron M. Benisti and this guys was really pushy as I could not clearly understand him due to his accent and when I said I need time to digest the information as I am a new person with no previous experience in trading and he was rude and said that I am not the only person that he have to provide service and he don’t have time. I hung up the phone and applied for online refund and out of $250 I got $230 back. I sent an email to support for full refund and I got a reply back that just like local bank, when they are required to manage funds, fees may occur, similarly I was charged $20 to open the account. That was ridiculous as I was not told about any charges by the person who opened my account as he said $250 is my money and I can withdraw full amount any time. This is fraud

    1. Dear Manpreet Chawla,

      We are sorry to hear your experience with EuropeFX did not meet your expectations.

      In EuropeFX , we pride ourselves of the high level of service and commitment to your investment and to you.

      All our fees, including the withdrawal fees are clearly visible through our website. All who visit our website can easily find all the information regarding all services provided by EuropeFX.

      Please note that there are absolutely no fees when opening an account.

      The link displaying our fees can be found below:

      Please feel free to contact our customer support team should you have any questions or queries.


  24. I would recommend everyone to not invest through Europefx!

    Luckily I only lost 25$ (the fee for withdrawing the 200$ I had deposited). I’m reading the comments above and realising I’m not alone in my experience. I was clear about wanting to just start off with 200$ and NOTHING more. I was pushed and pushed to deposit more, however never did this. Took a couple of weeks off to think and research a bit (and they tried to call me about 3 – 4 times every single day in this period), before I decided on just withdrawing my money.

    Accepted a phone call from Europefx right now, just to give him in about the unserious customer treatment.

  25. Avoid Europfx at all cost they keep looking for more money of you lost nearly 10 k of them and the lies I was told with them broker that I found out that was there 2 weeks told me he was nearly 3 years there and he mislead me in trades

    1. Dear Gerald Gildea,

      We are sorry to hear your experience with EuropeFX has not met with your expectations.
      At EuropeFX, we pride ourselves on our high level of service and commitment to your investment and you.

      Our clients have full autonomy over their accounts. It’s at the sole discretion of our clients if they wish to deposit or withdraw their funds.

      We are sorry to hear that you feel that you were mislead, however, EuropeFX does not provide any investment advice; we only offer general knowledge obtained from 3rd party sources.

      We would like to discuss your account with you, please feel free to contact our Customer Support team with information of your account at [email protected]


  26. Dear Ingrid,

    We are sorry to hear your experience with EuropeFX did not meet your expectations.

    In EuropeFX , we pride ourselves of the high level of service and commitment to your investment and to you.

    All our fees, including the withdrawal fees are clearly visible through our website. All who visit our website can easily find all the information regarding all services provided by EuropeFX.

    The link displaying our fees can be found below:

    Please feel free to contact our customer support team should you have any questions or queries.


  27. What’s happened if you don’t closed the account ? They ask me every time to close it. I don’t give a schut . They can do it as wel. Right?

    1. Dear Veronica,

      Thank you for you query. If you do not wish for the account to be kept open – You can simply send us an email to [email protected] and request that the account be closed and we will simply proceed accordingly.

      Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any queries


  28. EuropeFX unethical company – AVOID

    “Their support staff, blocked there own safety system”

    When you are trading you keep extra money to cover your position in case the market moves against you. When this cash runs out and you only have the funds left in the trade ( 100% margin ). There system sends you an email telling you to contact your dealer to discuss your options.

    This was the first time that I had rang them, they normally rang me. I got through to the Support Team and was told that my dealer was on the phone and she would get him to call me back.
    “This was a lie” – he was not in the building he had gone home.

    I waited for a phone call I was never going to get, if she had been honest with me and told me he had gone, I would have asked to speak to another dealer or just made a decision myself. And not just have waited for the call I was never going to get while my money disappeared hoping it would bottom out.

    It didn’t bottom out at 50% margin it automatically closed the position, in the end I had lost £49,000.

    “High Pressure Selling”

    The basic traders you start with, are to put forward 3 or 4 candidates into becoming a VIP client. My trader only put me forward, so you can imagine pressure in nearly a TWO HOUR phone call. Asking for me to put in a minimum of £250K – I kept saying NO NO NO, but in the end was talked into adding more funds up to £50K to be used in a month long VIP trial.

    I had only been trading for 6 weeks, getting up to 4 phone calls a day – “just crazy”. At one point I asked to just stop the VIP trial it was taking over my life. Stopped going out , waiting for the next phone call. Even my own basic trader said it was all too much and asked to stop it – VIP manager agreed to stretch it over 2 months instead of 1 month.

    In the 6 weeks I was trading – they made £12,000 in commission & fees, which is all they are interested in. If you lose your money they just want you to put more in so they get more commission. “Give you a better trader to get loses back – JUST AVOID”

  29. Dear Mr. Finch,

    We are sorry to hear your experience with EuropeFX has not met with your expectations.

    At EuropeFX, we pride ourselves on our high level of service and commitment to your investment and you.

    EuropeFX is owned and operated by Maxiflex LTD.
    Maxiflex Ltd is registered in Cyprus, authorized and supervised by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC) and registered under CySEC’s Register of Cyprus Investments Firms (CIF), with CIF Number 258/14. The Company on the register of the Department of Registrar of Companies of Cyprus, with Registration Number HE 327484.

    We aim to build a strong relationship between our agents and clients, according to each client’s needs. To ensure that our clients receive the best services from our employees, we may allocate a different agent, depending on the client’s needs.

    Any time we book an appointment between a EuropeFX client and one of our agents, we send a confirmation email to the client. Following this, and on the day of the appointment, we send a follow-up confirmation SMS. We always aim to be on time with all client communications, but some small delays can occur, mainly if there are multiple client appointments on that particular day.

    Our clients have full autonomy over their accounts. It’s at the sole discretion of our clients if they wish to deposit or withdraw their funds.

    Please feel free to contact our Customer Support team should you have any queries.


  30. A pop-up ad appeared on my pc screen showing good morning Britain hosts ben Shephard and Kate Garraway claiming to make money from bitcoin europefx so I thought I wouldn’t mind having a piece of this action, so I registered. Soon after registering within 3 seconds (approx) I received a phone from the europefx after being convincingly spoke to I decided to deposit £250. Later I see and read other peoples posts on here and now I’m fearful that getting my money back will be a very challenging experience. Does anyone else feel the same?

    1. Hi Paul,

      If you lose £250 think of yourself as very lucky. Do not invest anymore money, please learn from other people’s misfortunes.

    2. Hello Paul,
      I saw the same TV presentation as you and like you followed the link. Unfortunately, I ended up losing £50k and there are a lot of stories about people losing a lot more. Please don’t put any more money in. If you lose your £250 I should count your blessings. And don’t take any calls from unknown telephone numbers, especially those with a 020 prefix. If you answer the phone and it’s a EuropeFX agent you are seriously leaving yourself open to their high-pressure salesmen.

  31. Dear Paul Millard,

    EuropeFX operates according to Cysec Regulations standards. As such, our agents prohibited from controlling or accessing any client account.

    We would like to make it clear that our clients have full autonomy over their accounts. It’s at the sole discretion of our clients if they wish to deposit or withdraw their funds.

    Our goal is to help you increase your knowledge and keep you up to date with all the latest market events that might be of benefit to you. Additionally, we aim to enhance the relationship between EFX and our clients to it’s fullest extent, always with the best interests of our clients in mind.

    We strive to deliver the highest standard of service and engage with our clients to optimize their knowledge and assist wherever requested/needed. If we fail to meet your expectations, please do not hesitate to contact our Support via email on [email protected]

    Please feel free to contact our Customer Support team should you have any queries.


    1. Hello i am not confident about all my / our personal details and documents that sent through your website will be safe? when first registered i am afraid your companies will use these people identities? Please answer ?

      1. Dear Watana,

        We are a regulated company, we take security extremely serious. We would never share any of the information or documents provided by our clients.

        The documents that we ask for are aligned with the rules set by our regulators and not the company.

        Rest assured that we would never share documents with anyone outside of the organization and the documents provided are strictly for approval purposes.

        For more information, please feel free to contact our customer support team.


  32. Dear Watana,

    EuropeFX is owned and operated by Maxiflex LTD.

    Maxiflex Ltd is registered in Cyprus, authorized and supervised by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC) and registered under CySEC’s Register of Cyprus Investments Firms (CIF), with CIF Number 258/14.

    The Company on the register of the Department of Registrar of Companies of Cyprus, with Registration Number HE 327484.

    If you wish to close your account please follow the below steps:
    1. Log in to your client area
    2. Click on help on the top right hand corner
    3. Click on create New Support Ticket
    4. Fill in the form and at the bottom ensuring to choose the Request Type ‘GDPR – Account Removal’

    1. That’s complete bollix lad, you cannot do it this way, i tried, in order to close the account you click help, then to OPEN A TICKET to be considered to close your account, you must logon, 2now considering your already logged on thats mad for start THEN IT WONT LET YOU LOG ON AT ALL, SO YOUR FULL OF BULLSHIT MAN AND SHOULD BE ASHAMED AND SLEEP BADLY EVERY NIGHT WORKING FOR THIS SCUM, NASTY IS AS NASTY DOES, YOULL BE SORRY IN THE LONG ROAD DUDE, for every action there is an equal reaction and you reap what you sow

  33. This company are the worst ive ever dealt with, id call them scammers but its more harassment, Constant aggressive HARASSMENT.

    I decided to trade some 2 years ago, and after a while, it wasn’t for me so I withdrew my lodgement. a BARRAGE of calls and demands to know why I was closing my account followed, I ignored them and they went away, until 2 months ago and they’re back, calls, 2,3 or 4 times a day, why are you not trading, “I DONT WANT TO” obviously wasn’t a good enough answer when i said I don’t want to talk to you, he replied and i state “do you not like the sound of my voice” like what the actual f……!! ive reported them to Data protection commissioner as its impossible to close the account unless you follow instructions “from a desktop” which i dont have, and then go on to state that they was no harassment which they claim i consented to due to my opt-in and even after complaints etc i still cant find the opt out button. id advise to stay well clear and go to a trading like tastytrade which im with a while and no such harassment.

    So i turned the tables, every time they rang, i rang back, kept dialling, sent them WhatsApp and text messages, sent emails etc, I Harassed them and they didnt like it…. i wrecked their heads and now hey presto, my account is closed. play the players, only way.

    By the way theres now an independent company that help you to sure Europe FX when they scammed or intimidated aggressively harassed you into parting with more money, me i didnt lose anything, i got a bad feeling after i opened the accoutnt and immediately left,

  34. Dear Teresa,

    We are sorry to hear your experience with EuropeFX has not met with your expectations.

    At EuropeFX, we pride ourselves on our high level of service and commitment to your investment and you.

    To close your account please follow the below steps:

    1. Log in to your client area
    2. Click on help on the top right hand corner
    3. Click on create New Support Ticket
    4. Fill in the form and at the bottom ensuring to choose the Request Type ‘GDPR – Account Removal’

    Please note the above can be actioned from any device and once your request has been received, we will close your account in line with GDPR.

    Please feel free to contact us at [email protected] should you have any questions.


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