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Oinvest is a South African forex and CFD broker, offering 49 currency pairs and a good selection of CFDs, covering a wide variety of asset classes form commodities, indices and stocks to crypto coins and precious metals.

Among the forex pairs some are with exotic currencies like Honk Kong Dollar, Singapore Dollar, Danish Krone, Hungarian Forint, Norwegian Krone, Polish Zloty, Swedish Krona, Turkish Lira, Mexican Peso, Russian Rubble, South African Rand and Israeli Shekel.

We also counted CFDs with nearly 20 indices, over 170 stocks, a number of energy and agricultural commodities like oil, natural gas, cocoa, coffee, copper, corn, cotton, orange juice, soy beans, sugar and wheat, precious metals including gold, silver, platinum and palladium and even crypto coins, most notably Bitcoin, Ether, Ripple Dash, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Gold, Monero and Litecoin.

Oinvest trading conditions

The benchmark EURUSD spread is as low as 0,7 pips, which is quite tight as the broker does not take a commission on the trade.

In the same time the maximum leverage offered by Oinvest is as high as 1:500 and can easily accommodate even the most aggressive trading strategies.

Since the European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA) caped the maximum leverage allowed with forex trade in the European Union to 1:30 in the beginning of August and since similar restrictions are already in place in the US and Japan, the only reliable regulators, still allowing more generous leverage remain the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) and the South African Financial Sector Conduct Authority (FSCA), where Oinvest is licensed.

Still, have in mind that while higher leverage may help you score good profit with a relatively small deposit, it also makes your investment much more vulnerable to market fluctuations.

Oinvest trading platforms

At Oinvest you can choose between an internet based Web Trader platform and the MetaTrader4.

MetaTrader4 has always been a good solution for professional and beginner traders alike. The well known platform features multiple market indicators, various charting tools and an option to run automated trading sessions with the help of specially designed trading bots or Expert Advisors.

Oinvest regulation & safety of funds

Oinvest is owned and operated by BASFOUR 3773 (PROPRIETARY) LIMITED, a company based in Cape Town, South Africa and regulated by the local Financial Sector Conduct Authority (FSCA).

FSCA, along with respected financial watchdogs like the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in the UK, the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) or the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC) enforces a strict and yet balance regulatory regime.

FSCA licensed brokers for example are required to keep all clients’ money in a segregated, protected form creditors account.

Also, all brokers under the jurisdiction of the South African regulators are obliged to maintain a certain minimum capital adequacy ratio, which gives traders additional security.

Oinvest deposit/withdrawal methods and fees

As most other brokers Oinvest accepts payments with major credit or debit cards like VISA and MasterCard, bank wire and popular e-wallets like Neteller, Skrill and VPay.

And while Oinvest does not specify a minimum deposit requirement, it is generally advisable to invest at least 250 USD so that you can support a sufficient margin to sustain any significant moves against your position.

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  1. Working with them for 5 months, there are minuses like platform issues but in all the conditions for traders are good and profit

    1. Have u withdrawn funds tho?

      1. Its not easy to withdraw money. I lost R250 000 via Oinvest. I had a R70 000 withdrawl request in, but they kept rejecting my withdrawl, blaming the phontos of my credit card that i had sent in. I followed their instructions 100%
        Angela from oinvest told me my withdrawl was safe. She rold me she was watching my trade, if it went too far negative she would top my funds up. She lies. Oinvest is a scheme that risks all your money to make them some profit. Stay away from them and liars

        1. Well said I deposit R3500 after a month I receive a call that said I lost R3000 R400 left I can not with draw it I must deposit R3500 then I can with draw all

    2. I cannot understand how forexreview can report on oinvest like they are one of the safe ones. The are a well organized, very clever group scammers. I just wish there is a way to report them and have them removed from wherever they want to con people. Everything I read on the other reviews happened to me as well.

      1. Totally agree with you…

        Stay away from this corrupt company as they are really in it for you to lose on their trading platform. They are legit and registered with the right authorities however their business processes are corrupt and does not align and abide to FAIS nor to the standards of FSCA.

        By the way, their complaints department, Renata told me that they are not registered in South Africa and do need to abide to SA regulations as they are licensed in the Seychelles…interesting as all the Comms I received in writing indicates that they are registered and need to comply with SA regulations. This is the type of company you will be dealing with…

        There was another complaint on HelloPeter about the account manager asking for more money to be deposited…this is consistent across all our experiences as the trick is for you to lose more. In fact, this platform is set up for you to lose money. Imagine 100 people depositing R3500 and losing this money, this equates to R350000. This is the minimum deposit, so dont be fooled by this money spinning company…

        If its too good to be true…it probably is

        1. So we’re can we get some one to help as recover our money

      2. Hi, what happened to you, please advise, i wantvto invest, so i need to make informed decision.

        1. I just lost all my invested money with invest

    3. I invested on the strength of an advert on my cell phone depicting Messrs Ramaposa and Gordhan extolling the virtues of investing in Bitcoin. The advertiser was Oinvest and the picture apparently was taken some 3 years ago.
      Not knowing this, I invested the required R3500. Some time later I was contacted by one Amir Ah, who introduced himself as my investment adviser. I was told that I would have to invest a further R200000 if I wanted to buy a Bitcoin. Reluctantly, and foolishly, I did as recommended.
      The Bitcoin was purchased and the next day a profit of about R20000 was reflected which I immediately took as profit. I then received a telephone call from Amir who was unhappy that I had cashed in on the profit and said that as he was the expert, I must wait on his instructions. As I had sold my Bitcoin, Amir recommended that I invest in currency as the profits were better. In the meantime he had coerced me into another R51300 by saying that I would get a bonus of R75000 deposited to my account, which did happen More the fool me.
      At the beginning things were looking good although I had complained that the Swap fees were extremely high. I was given some excuse for this. He did however tell me that swap fees would drop to about R150 as I had a larger portfolio. Come Friday 7 August things started to look bad. Amir told me that I should invest the available balance on my account in gold as this would held turn my deficit into profit. How wrong was this “expert”advice. Gold by the end of the day was in negative to about R45000. I was not stuck with this until Monday. Amir phoned me on the Monday and said I should invest another R50000 to bolster my gold. I did not do this and later that day the loss on gold was about R125000. Had I done as suggested I would have lost that as well. At the end, the total of swap fees amounted to R55600.
      In the long run I lost about R380000.
      I have learned a tough lesson which as a pensioned in my late 70’s will never be able to recover.
      I hope that my experience will save others from suffering the same fate.

      1. I am so sorry to read this. How people can go so low is beyond me. How does one sleep after scamming someone of their pension?

    4. The same exact thing happened to me,coreced to invest more,i had a stop loss implemented a d was under the impression it was auto.atically set for the rest of my transactions but wa not advised otherwise,only after loosing my funds,did i get told it was my responsibility to have suggested,when i thought it was already set.The company offered me a ridiculous amount to get rid of me,i refused it since i had lost way more than what they were offering.

  2. SCAM, SCAM, SCAM, Stay away!! You’ll loose ALL your money.

    1. Paul, do you speak from experience? Please tell us your story?

    2. let me explain,after your acount has been opened the broker start questing you on your fanacial states, if you say you are uncomfortable then he wil say that is okay,the next move is in some way you make amount of say += 30% it is like acarrot in front of a donkeys nose ,next move poor or no assitance, next move as it is with novice you start loosing every thing, next move the quest for more funds start again, the ball is thrown in to your court. Geus what you loose every thing,the stragty is to terorise you to try and presaude you to invest,

      1. Benjamin, that is exactly what happened to me!!!! They push you to deposit more and more and in the end you loose everything!!! I lost half a million!!! BN

      2. Exactly what happened to me.

    3. My friend just lost R400000. All her pension money…she’s got nothing left. Her guy who monitor her did not do his job to give her the correct advise. They just said sorry everything has a risk. OInvest MUST BE STOP. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE before more people get scammed.

  3. I lost all my money. I should have pulled out when I was up.

  4. How soon after opening an account do u have to deposit money.

  5. Jeanette, how much did you loose and was it because of OINVEST negligence or your own doing ?

    1. Have anyone ever withdrew funds from Oinvest.

      1. Yes, I had. You should read the service policy.

      2. Hi Theo even when you withdraw they still don’t give you your monies. They continuously lying to me that they did the deposit that was 16 March.

        I am still awaiting my monies.

    2. I have been scammed by a company called OInvest and I am trying desperately to retrieve my monies from them. This company is apparently regulated by the FSCA.

      I had a call on from a consultant by the name of Charles on the 5 March 2020 not sure if this is his real name as it sounded like a stage name) who had a heavy Nigerian accent. He manipulated me into buying the forex trade products telling me how much of money I am going to make and guaranteeing me that I am going to be making loads of money. He then wanted more insight as to what I need money for. I told him I am a stage 4 colon cancer patient and I require the monies for my chemo treatment. He then told me when I make all this money he will come and visit me for coffee. I told him I need time to think about it. He insisted that I do the deposit now to get started trading. I told him I will let him know. He then began calling me several times harassing me until I made the payment.

      Once the payment was done he said he will spend me the best broker to take me through the process of trading he said it was a he. I then received a call from a lady by the name of Yana P who had a Chinese accent. She intoduced me to the app and also wanted more insight as to what I require the monies for. My family how many kids I have my financial situation etc. I told her I am not working at the moment since my diagnosis of cancer. I also told h my husband is unemployed and I also require the monies to pay the bond.. She took me through the process and asked me to install the forex trading app. She wasn’t very clear in her information and lacked knowledge in trading. The app was installed but continuously getting stuck. The money I deposited was R3 500. I began the trading on the app. The monies from R3500 was going down to R1500. I called her and she told me to leave the monies in and do not pull out of the trades. I told her that she gave me a guarantee that I will be making lots of money and not losing my money. She assured me by Monday morning that the trades would have lifted and that my monies would be a huge sum. She then told me that she spoke to her manager and he wanted to know the background as to why I require the money. He advised that his wife is also a cancer patient and he understands my situation. He then tried to extort more monies from me and advised that I will be able to pay for my chemo treatment. He asked me to go onto the deposit system and fill in my card details and deposit R10 000. I advised him that there is only R950 in my back account. He told me it does not matter I need to deposit R10 000 and when it rejects he will take it to his boss to ask for a bonus. I then rejected his demand once again, to which he got very angry and handed the phone back to Yana. Yana then advised that I need not to pull out of the trades and advised by Monday morning I’d be making lots of money.

      By Saturday I realized that the Metro Trade app was continuously getting stuck and I decided to pull out of the trades at R2400. I then decided requested a withdrawal, to which was declined; and reason being that they required a confirmation letter from my bank in order to pursue with the withdrawal which was not highlighted at the beginning with the consultants. Despite being ill with chemo, I went to the banks and got the confirmation letter and submitted to them. In the interim I called the Cape Town branch and spoke to someone by the name of Mohammed who advised me they will look into the matter. I then had numerous calls from Yanas so called manager who addressed himself as Ronald who had a heavy Chinese accent who continuously began harassing me for more money laughing at me when I begged him for my monies. Telling me I don’t have cancer mocking at the cancer and my the fact that I needed the money for my treatment. Terrorizing me to put in more monies. I was very ill so had to then block all calls from that number. They then replied that the withdrawal was completed and that I should wait for 7 days for the withdrawal to reflect. Upon numerous emails they then advised that I should wait for 14 days depending on my bank. It has been over 14 days and still no monies in my bank. Upon consulting my bank, they advised that the deposit should’ve been reflected within 7 days had the deposit been completed. Upon further emails to them they now require a copy a copy of my bank statements to which I find very unsettling. I then requested on many occasions confirmation that the deposit was done and they have not been able to furnish me proof of this to date. These guys are beasts. I am just wondering some of these Chinese consultants have Indian names how is that. Does anyone have an idea as to how to retrieve my monies.

      1. I’m very sorry this bad news because they are here in South Africa go to yo back and request the initial deposit reversal or a dispute form

        1. Where exactly more details

      2. Its the same story as mine. This this people they get your hopes high high. Then get disappointed .

  6. It is amazing how similar my experience was to Benjamin’s. It is as if they want you to make bad investments as a novice so that they can milk more money from you. As the bucket is running empty because there is more going out than in their solution is just put another hosepipe in (more money) at no stage are they interested in plugging the hole where the money is running out of .If you ask for your account to be moved to another broker they have some manager phone you his only purpose is to milk more money from you , if he don’t succeed his manager coms on the line and really puts on a show.
    You never throw good money at bad money in the hope that it will make it better.

    1. Yes, you’re right & l experienced it with lost all my money in their CFD account. They use a dirty tactic to trap you into their needs!
      Their swap is extremely high and expensive with triple swap for Wednesday & keep asking you to open as many position as you can until your account fall into their trap then request for additional money to save your money! What strategy are they using? Beware of this scam company. I lost most of my money to the company swap than trading loss…

  7. Joelene Gaarkeuken

    I did open an account with 3500 ZAR on 5 Mar 2019. Its now 11 Mar 2019 and made 1000 ZAR so far. They are rude and pushing you to add more money. I just stacked to my guns and refused. I just want to play on the market on my own time with the last 3 numbers after the point. (a few minutes or maybe an hour before the PC) I now understand why my manager phoned me Friday night and pushed to make trades now (and it was bad trades) She said some big movement going on and so on and so on… She just want me to trade so that it will go overnight and over the weekend. I didn’t know the trade close Friday 00:00 and open on Monday. I now see the “Swap” column and was wondering about that. Apparently it is there commission and they only get when you trade over night. She also said you never close and account while it is in the minus (there commission is also in the minus) but I’m waiting for that bad trades to come a bit down then I’m going to close them and count my losses. I’m going to play until I have 10’000 ZAR then I’m going to withdraw my 3500 ZAR and see if I can get it out. Some people are complaining about getting your money out. After that I’m not playing with my own money and I will know if you can get your money out again. Will update if I have more news

    1. Did you get the money back?

  8. Its a well designed scam….i repeat its a SCAM. Opened trade with R3500 19/03/19 and was immediately asked to deposit R100000. Eventually lost a total of R23500 by 20/03/19. Their Swaps are in place to pull all your investment returns into their pockets. they bully you into trading and eventually when its all gone they say they were not the ones making the deposits. From that point their hands are clean.Everything appears to be legitimate from their customer care department calling you to their foreign call centers. their programme is designed that you never walk away with any returns. we need to advise the local authorities (JSE authorities) in South Africa because OINVEST is fronting as a legitimate SA company. we must also report this to the WEB advertising companies carrying their adverts, that they are a bunch of Scammers.

    1. Hi, has anyone reported to the local authority yet? What’s the outcome. They really keep pushing for deposits blaming the market is going against us.

    2. How to report this before many can Fall in this trap. After all the minus from the 349000.00ZAR i accumulated. My account manager was asking me what happened to my account. I told him i have to ask him. He further say i have to deposit 45000 DAR to recover the lost money. These people are cruel. After all those harnessing calls to deposit more he is no longer calling. I’m alone to try and pay back the loan. I wish I didn’t continue to add more after 3500.Where to report please

  9. Went through a similar situation, opened an account for R3500 and immediately the account manager Brian N.f called me to start trading I opened few good trades with him in assistance and thereafter he said I have to increase my margin so that we could open more trades to which I agreed to so I deposited R15000 more thereafter it was just bad trades after bad trades with the big swaps and yes when I closed the losing trading preventing further loss he would say I’m making a mistake I should never close a losing trade, now I’ve lost all the R18500. These people are real SCAMMERS. A broker full of nigerians I regretted investing more but I guess that’s part of a painful learning experience.

    1. My Discomfort Gift was that, (without sounding racist) is why a South African claimed to be lead broker just full of nigerians. I luckily did not deposit anything but i was really researching about this. It sounds too good to be true.

      1. I’m one of those fortunate individuals I got my 3500.00 back but after long time. They send me to my bank for verification form but when email them they respond by they cannot see what is written on your forms. I pray and ask Almighty to intervene and eventually my 3500.00 was deposited back to my account. Never and never again shall I try this Internet scammers Period.

  10. The stories are the same. These guys are SCAM. They’re not legit. They tell you to deposit more money. The first time you open trades, you will win so that you put more money. When you want to withdraw,you’ll struggle. They’re just bunch of scammers. Don’t invest more money. Just put in R3500 and if it was meant to be, you’ll profit. But they’re bunch of fraudsters.

  11. Scam scam scam scam!!!! People stay away!!! Ive lost R3500 and they asked for more without flinching.

  12. I forfeited my R3500 as “school” money to learn something about trading. Most valued lesson learnt was not to fall for their prompting to invest R50000 (or more) after initial losses. It is a clever disguised scam. I consider my R3500 loss as money well spent to forever not become interested in “trading”.

  13. I don’t think it’s a scam. I’ve read the policy carefully and didn’t have any issues with this broker ever since. Money withdrawal takes some time which can be a bit annoying but I’ve always received my cash, sooner or later.
    I was aware of high risks before opening an account so I wasn’t surprised when I experienced losses. I’ve had plenty of wins as well though.
    Generally, I think Oinvest is a good broker but you should always do your own research and educate yourself as much as you can.

    1. Can you help me sir pls,I made a deposit of R3500_on the 29th of MAY 2019, But up to this point, never trade cause I’ve been waiting for their call to show me how to trade.I’ll be very much happy for your assistance.

    2. Musarrat Chishti

      How to add money you want to withdraw? My phone is showing arrow you have to press. Each time only one rand go up

    3. Hi stephan…we are thinking of joining oinvest as a hopes of generating extra income. Is it legit. I’ve read plenty testimonials advising against it. We are confused.plz advise as it’s nice to talk to someone who is in it. thank u

    4. So you must have made good profits by now?

  14. I lost over R82.000 SCAMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM, same stories as above. Would not recommend

  15. They do not explain how the different platforms work. In my case they made me deposit they bullied me into depositing a further R50 000 in order to start trading on bitcoins and later on said it still wouldn’t be enough. Their next step was to wait till a Wednesday then the account called and said we could start trading to raise the funds. I made more than R15 000 in profit on the same day, but she kept on telling me to open more positions , however did not explain about the Wednesday swaps even though I explained I was new at trading. The next day most of deposit was gone with their crazy swap rates, and the account manager kept on telling me to deposit more even after telling her I did not have more money.
    They are not trustworthy brokers and don’t act in good faith.

  16. The only issue I had was when I was opening an account… I had some problems with signing up so I thought it was a sign to quit this idea. But my account`s manager called me to help… I was thinking ok let`s try it again. I am a novice in trading, so they gave me education, great one by the way. I`m doing my best in trading now, especially after receiving my first earning (R5500) gotten by trading on commodities.

  17. If you are prepared to throw your hard earned money down the drain then you should join the money milking machine. Annoying phone calls only for the first couple of days, “you made a profit” and once they’ve throttled you, they leave you for dry!!! DO NOT JOIN!!! They deceive you in making huge trades on a Friday afternoon, without informing you that the trade market is closed during weekends, come Monday morning HUGE losses….phone calls again to make another deposit to make up the losses!!! And the swap is your fantastic Account Manager’s commission….thus NO COMMISSION FEES on all advertising….Learn from the dummies, be clever and don’t fall into the same trap…YOU WILL LOOSE IT ALL!!!!

    1. That’s right! No free lunch, scammers knew where are our weaknesses.

  18. My story is exactly the same, I deposited 3500ZAR a week ago. First week went well,but sometimes you would close a trade to take the profit and it would deduct and not add it to your grand total….WTF?? My balance is currently on 7033 ZAR but if I look in the top left corner under trade there is an amount of -4 363 ZAR meaning Im not actually getting 7 033 ZAR out should I withdraw now.
    Im constantly called and terrorised into depositing more funds. This guy tells you straight up that you will never have nothing in life and will always struggle if you do not deposit more and more. You can spell it out that you dont have more funds available but still they will carry on, without giving you a chance to talk. My situation is looking worse by the day, margin % is dropping quickly. I am preparing to lose it all before the end of this week, as I dont know how to withdraw my already small amount. If you ask how to withdraw, this idiot gets rude. This company is one big scam, and I will make it my purpose from here forth to make their bad name known to the public. Rather throw your money in the ocean, chances are much higher in getting it back!!!!!

  19. Guys I am about to deposit, what advice would you give me? Please!

    1. They are a scam can they make u put more money then that 3500 just to rip you off just lost 18000 today because of there reckless trading with stop loss


        Of couse,they are.I aggree with you mpumelelo,beacause befofore usend or deposite thet r3500 amount,they irritate you with calls,but after depositing the money,they run away with their names.Fucking scammers

    2. Please don’t deposit any money with this company.
      It is a fraud and it will cheat you out of your hard-earned money.
      I pray to the gods of all religions to make this company go bankrupt
      so it cannot cheat people anymore.
      I just lost US$250.00

  20. Oinvest is a royal scam. Their account managers are blood sucking leeches after your money after putting you in bad trade where you loose from their swap charges as well as market losses. These suckers are financial terrorists, I don’t know how such a company is licences in South Africa and operating still squat free.
    Don’t take a chance with these scammers.

  21. How do u withdraw

  22. Stay away if you are unexpired about trading!!!
    They are such hardened people, they try with all the means at their disposal to put pressure on you to get all the money you have saved. If you are inexperienced they will try to win your trust, your trads will soon be minus, then they will call you to tell you to deposit more money or you will lose everything.
    I lost everything but fortunately I stopped early.

  23. yes i have the same story as the people above this is the worst company i have ever dealt with how they get away with this i dont know at present im putting a case against them they give me an offer of 25% of my money back and i had to sign a contract to say i would not say anything against them or i would have to pay them 250,000 dollar im also trying a charge back with my bank as what they say they are going to do they are not doing ie robot trading is this real i have a list of about 15 items against them we will see how i get on as i assume getting money out of them could be very hard

    1. Hi Mark any luck with your case, the reason i am asking i have been given this broker by the new CryptoTrixy software to use them, so i have been going through reviews and they are not looking good at all, So any progress from your side

    2. Hi Mark. Regrettably I am late to check on these reviews. I was desperate to recover from previous conman and jump into this advertisement on investment hoping to recover my previous losses. I have made many deposits as requested due to losses and now still facing losses. I do not any more savings and in debts too. I was told borrow again for time being. Don’t know what to do now. Am desperate.

  24. Yoo i just deposited R3500 today i wanna withdraw it before I even started, is it possible to withdraW my R3500?

    1. forget about it. don’t dream getting your money out. take a deep breath and just think its paid money for tuition fees of life. learn and lets live. those people won’t have a good ending as well with karma is a bitch…hehe

      you only suffer a short life being mortal
      you suffer endlessly forever in hell later
      think about it 😛

  25. Douglas Albert Amos

    I find that I start making money then my account is wiped out with the ASTRONOMICAL SWAP RATES that Oinvest incur into your account. You can never make money. SWAP eats up your deposit and winnings in no time. I am trying to read or find out how I can save the couple of rands I have left in my account. Oinvest says to read their withdrawal policy but I cannot find this Withdrawal policy anyehere online.

  26. Is it possible to withdraw from this trade and get the R3 500 deposit back.

  27. should have known it’s a scam company once i see how it advertise. first its a too good to be true story by third party click website that mention great profit!

    scam since the accounts manager is not giving good advise. the worse advise is ask you to open 5 forex trade without any stop loss and take profit until i loss all USD $500! plus only will keep asking you to add more money! damn scam and company! plus when complain another idiot lady so called senior accounts manager called me regarding my complain that is not advising correctly. She proceed to question me like I’m a criminal, not professional at all, rude tone and laugh at me!!! What a bitch with a condescending attitude, I was so angry that I didn’t catch her name, shouted at her and end the call

    now this link goes to EverFX Global
    Good luck in trading in all this scam companies

    now trying Fortrade and see how it goes. at least it only need USD$100 for initial trade

    Link in people comment being scammed:
    Just google Oinvest then this come out…0.2..0.0.0…….0……gws-wiz.3wDnHBeoNgo&ved=0ahUKEwi3sJzukdjlAhUHQI8KHSdqB2wQ4dUDCAs&uact=5

    1. Hi Moon. Wish i had google reviews earlier. I am now facing the same. I was informed to deposit urgently today otherwise i will loose all and more. I have exhausted all avenues coz i have done many deposits earlier. Totally drained out and now with debts too. Am worried of consequences. Don’t know what to do now.

    2. Hi Moon. I am facing same situation now. Now my position is at a Lost and was told to deposit right now and that the company will put in extra bonus to help me to save my position. They said if i don’t deposit now, i will loose all and even more. I am confused and do not know what to do now as i have exhausted all my savings and with debts too. I was told to borrow more money first to save my position. Pls advise. Extremely Desperate. Hope its not a scam

  28. Dear readers,

    Please stay away from this company. They are the Biggest Scam On the Internet!
    everything that has happened to the poor depositors above has happened to me.
    They don’t even leave you alone when you tell them that you don’t want to put in any more money and they keep calling you again and again and again, always at odd hours of the day and they are very rude.

    The never respect your wishes to be not disturbed any more.
    They make it seem like it’s their right to demand more money from you.

    They don’t care as to how much you have lost and the keep promising more profits if you pump in more money.

    I have lost a lot of money.

    Eventually I sold my hand phone and changed my phone number to stop them from calling.

    They have become the biggest nuisance in my life.

    Please don’t fall for this scam if you love your money and your peace of mind.

  29. The first Oinvest account manager I’ve spoken to was extremely pushy and annoying. He tried to make me deposit amounts of money I wasn’t comfortable with. I contacted their customer support and they assigned me to another account manager and it’s been going great ever since.
    So if you have similar issues you should really contact their support.
    I’ve deposited and withdrawn money multiple times already and never had any issues with that.

    1. My issue is this “swap “which seems like drainage pipe.what’s it’s meaning how do I avoid it. You could give me a better lecture than them.Temba

  30. Could you please advise on how to go about suing these bastards.please

    1. Hi Zahne

      Read my comments above

      Did you try contacting ombudsman

  31. My story is the same as with all the above investors I thought they were honest especially with the first guy by the name Paul which I spoke to, he answered all my questions with ease and was very patient. Then trouble started with this account manager called Abbey, he would call me 3-4 times a day and convinced me to deposit more cause the market was looking gud but eventually they scammed me and now they don’t even return calls

  32. I’ve also been scammed. Lost 120K in two weeks. They just don’t care how much money you loose. Is there a possibility to get our money back?

  33. Lucas Armando Naene

    I’d like to know the real issue with this broker. According to all the reviews above all seems to be newbie traders since all mention the same statement “i deposited and lost everything”
    Forex is risk business and losing is part of the game, i wouldn’t deem a broker scam only because i lost trades, i mean i remember blowing hundreds of dollar account with the most reputed broker in the industry. calling and telling clients to make deposit is what all brokers do.
    So please, is there anyone who did not received their money after making withdrawal request?

  34. I have an account with Oinvest, unfortunately, its all lie. I made 500 $ profit in one month and I was happy to make benefit, then suddenly during 3 days of new year as holiday which they told me you should have open trades and ur money will be safe(which was a lie), I lost all, not only the benefit but also my money. again they told me to invest more and they will help me to have my all money back and again the same thing happened. the interesting part is this: when I said I want my 372$ back(which was only money left in my account) and I want to close my account, they said no, and they disappeared. while when I was opening the account they told me you can have your money back every time you want, which is a DAMN BIG LIE. even if you provide all the documents to withdraw,they won’t let you have your money back. THEY ARE SCAMMERS

  35. Oinvest is a gambling den. They ask initially to invest R3500, it goes up in smokes as quickly, you cannot make money. The account manager will hound you every day thereafter, many many many many times for you to deposit money. They want to like a friend to extort money from you. You can’t really blame somebody who takes your money like gambling and have a disclaimer that there is a more than 80% chance of losing money. Not sure why Kaiser Chief is promoting this high rate of failure but maybe they have the means to invest more, you will never make money with R3500, be prepared for failure

    1. Hi Pooblan

      I hardly think that the kaiser chief promotion is legit.

  36. Thank you guys for all the info. Does anybody ever done this and it worked? If so, please let us know with who. It looks line there are more scammers than the genuine thing.

    1. I have also had a terrible, terrible experience. They explain it to you that they are minimising risk, and only working with small proportions of your money at a time, but the next minute everything is gone. And yes, bully you into more and more. I thought that it was that the person I had was inexperienced, and hence the disaster, but reading here, see so many other people have had similar experiences. I urge everyone who has had such an experience to lodge a complaint with the Ombud for Financial Services 012 762 5000 / 012 470 9080, and to let Kaizer Chiefs know what is being done using their reputation.

      1. Hi, I have also lost a lot of money with OINVEST so lets take this corrupt company to the FSCA and the Ombudsman. They treat our complaints and losses as a joke and dont take us seriously because we threaten but do nothing

  37. I am safe by all your reviews, this people have been persuading me today to deposit but I refused them, telling them I will do so before Friday because my mind is in a doubt.

  38. Yooh.. i got the same call after registering..they requested me to put R3500.. just a quick question.. after puting all information and card details.. is it possible for them to debit your account?

  39. I think you need first of all try to educate yourself first b4 you dive into this gig.You don’t need to depend from somebody thinking just to make you rich yet he is in the business also trying to earn a living from it,so you better practice independent thinking and making your own decision in the first place.I think educating yourself here matter a lot that immediately rushing into actual trading of which it is very risky and they do well even illustrate from their pages that most of the trader in the world do lose their money.However I have also read and watched the tutorial of even the experienced trader their account getting blown out.So the thing is you need to be ready and willing to lose everything.

  40. I just lost $1500. That’s after depositing 3 installments of $500 each..These guys push you to pump in more money yet when you want to withdraw they insist that you need to make profits or you’ll lose your money. The customer support desk is very unreliable and cannot help with the trade. Account manager goes missing when you need support to withdraw funds. Same stories as above. I lost all my capital. These guys are a SCAM. Do not put your money in this.

  41. As I’m reading these reviews I can tell that this Oinvest is a scam .I was scammed too my R3500 today but I think I had a feeling to move the money into another account so I did. Bloody Chinese accent and those dirty stupid black women …but I have a feeling they are Nigerians and when they call you they are so polite and understanding ….At the end off the day R3500 gone , but it was too good to be true …I hope and pray they smoke all that money , you can’t be rich while people are crying for their monies… we were scammed . Next time nomore…

  42. i lost 5000 usd just like that and it was crazy to me. I withrwew 1000 usd but it took very long time to reach to my account

    1. If we complain to the FSCA and the ombudsman hopefully something will be done to recover some of out funds. I am lodging a complaint today

  43. I thank you all good people for your reviews that this is a scam.I’v registered on Oinvest on Monday and was told to make the initial deposit of ZAR 3 500 right away.I told them I had only ZAR 3 000 and would get the rest of the money on Friday.But after reading the above information I’m no longer investing on this .I’m expecting their call and I’m glad I’v got all the answers that will save me from the dean of the loins.

  44. Thank God to get more information about them.

  45. Recently I invested 500dollar which is a lot amount of money for me. All comments above are TRUE. They will ask you tu add more money so they will gain more. Then you will lost a lot afterwards. Im still dealing with my withdrawn they gives me so many invalid excuses. I will wait few more days and see what happen. Will update here.

  46. These guys are fake beware. The company Testler with the CEO Steven Abrahams does not exist.
    Report them to the FCA,OMBUDSMAN 0127625000/0124709080. Google the trading companies that they are saying they represent as brokers and you will see those companies do not exist. Beware do not deposit your R3500 or any cent with them

  47. I don’t think they can be trusted. They give you advice to trade and I found that most of the were at a loss. I lost R 68000 after been told to deposit more money and assurance of giving a bonus. Now they are asking me to deposit more money.

  48. I’ve invested 1500 dollars for all this time and got much more from it. Guys, who say that they lost their money, are you sure you did everything right? Personally I had no issues so far and I like this broker fort good terms of trading.


    Is there any fether way we can take this to,because we are being robbed?

  50. Thanks for the above comments. I was planning to make a deposit of USD 250 today. But with all the above experience, it’s best I run, as fast as I can from Oinvest. Thanks all.

  51. What being said here sounds like so familiar,i lost R404k with Oinvest,same modus operandi.
    Something needs to be done urgently.

    1. This is a scam I lost lots of money same modus operandi as discribed above , not sure what to do, the phone of the ombudsmen always busy.How to submit a written complain?

  52. Thank you so so much guys I was about to finalise my application with them , unfortunately I gave my account that is always empty, I thank god as I was praying for his guidance though this matter, they are so rude saying mr Ramaphosa and Kaizer Chies are billoneers because of them, sis!

  53. I was looking to change broker’s and i stumbled upon oinvest.. Literally within five minutes me still trying to fill in my personal information this guy with a Nigerian accent calls me from oinvest… Being very persuasive and requesting my banking info and presurring me to make a deposit.that for me was a red . I told him i wanted to investigate on my own before i deposit, he wanted to know what im investigating because he will answer every question i have but in the meantime i can fill in my banking details so long. Ive onlu been trading foe a couple of months and have accounts with 4 brokers already, never have i ever been harassed into giving oit mu banking details like thia company… Guys please be careful, investigate, do your own research before ypu deposit any money.. There are evil people out there…

  54. I deposited 3500 and my withdrawal was pending since then, I haven’t started to trade yet but after reading these comments I want my money back! Any help guys? On how I can get it back

    1. Go to your bank and ask for verification form that contains all your details including your prove of your address go to Internet cafe and email them. Make follow up by phoning. I hope you get your money. I’m fortunate I did that and my money was returned.

  55. Guys oinvest is a scam.They look like they are legit but all they want is to take all ur money.i deposited 3500. I was first assisted by Manash then account manager Travin. In the beginning it seemed all well. Until I was bullied to add more money. Stating that I don’t have I ended up making loan. I lost 130.000 ZAR. I was assisted to trade I had 349000.00.but I never withdraw.when I wanted to withdraw Travin told me my house is still New. I lost all the money. He is no longer calling to write a.formal complaint abt these scammers.

  56. Where to report I lost all my hard earned cash to these scammers who keep on asking u to add money but u don’t withdraw any profits. I wish I read these reviews before I threw my money to the bin. Please help

  57. Thank you very much,,,,more than 99-% of the comments indicate that we should stay away. Which company is legit my brothers and sisters?

  58. I have bad experience. One day I want to withdraw my deposit but they didn’t allow me. I gave them reason bcs I am unemployed so need my money back. They didn’t say I can’t withdraw, it was like why I invest but never play it. So my account manager (that I remember) asked me to play it. He didn’t helping me, he made me lose. How? Bcs he didn’t make range stop lose. When I asking the reason he only said no need. So I lose all of my deposit gone.

    1. Yho, I was about to deposit money, but after having read all these comments I will be stupid to invest in it

  59. I have the same horrible and tragic experienced with this company as claimed by others. Stay away… they have no mercy. They will manipulate and force you to deposit more to sustain the trade but its a lie. Please… stay away.

  60. Beware of this group— Oinvest.. Scammers go to hell!!!!

  61. FSCA withdraws the license of Basfour 3773 (Pty) Ltd t/a Oinvest (FSP 42020)

  62. this is what happened to me as well, please advise how to retrieve my money ZAR315K

  63. A normal broker with a verified license and reliable leverage. I like everything, especially the withdrawals are fast enough.

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