OMC Markets Review – 5 things you should know about

OMC Markets Review – 5 things you should know about

Beware! OCM Markets is an offshore broker! Your investment may be at risk.

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Open trading accounts with at least two brokers.


OMC Markets is a Montenegro-based МТ4 forex brokerage with a decent range of trading products. It provides its clients with a wide range of payment methods, including a number of cryptos and has a spread of 3.3 pips on EUR/USD. The spread is way above the industry average of 1.5 pips.

OMC Markets regulation & safety of funds

OMC Markets states on its website that it’s owned and operated by the company Eventuall Limited with a registered address at Bulevar Dzordza Vasingtona №108, A16 Podgorica, Montenegro 81000. There is no mention of a regulatory status on the brokers website and this isn’t very surprising since Montenegro is not a member of the EU, nor is it known for it’s tough regulation on forex trading. All this compels us to state that potential clients of the brokerage may be exposed to a number of risks.

Regulatory bodies such as the ASIC or CySec force a broker to comply with a number of strict rules that lower the risk of fraud and give assurance for the safety of the clients funds.

One such rule is the segregation of accounts which forces the brokerage to handle the finances of the clients separately from their own and greatly lowers the risk of commingling. Another is a requirement for a starting capital of €730 000 which weeds out scammers.

ForexStart deposit/withdrawal methods and fees

As was mentioned above, potential clients of the brokerage have a wide range of payment methods from which to choose. They may deposit or withdraw via Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, Bitcoin, American Express, Cirrus, WorldPay, PayPal, Sage and wire transfer. In the Terms and Conditions we find a minimum withdrawal amount of $100. We could not find any other fees or nasty withdrawal conditions in the brokers terms, but traders should always take notice of the all the ways a trader may test the brokerage’s intentions. Firstly, traders are advised to always put up only the required minimum deposit, instead of risking a bigger amount with no certainty. Afterwards, they may also try to withdraw a small amount in order to check for any unexpected fees or delays. Such fees and delays are usually the signs of a scammer.

How does the scam work?

Unfortunately, taking part in forex trading also means exposing yourself to a substantial risk of fraud. You might as well be prepared, because scammers will make an attempt on you regardless of how informed you are. Here is how a typical scam would unfold:

By clicking on an ad with promises for fast money you will be redirected to a nice-looking website such as BitcoinMethod or Bitcoin Revolution with a high-budget trailer. The video will convince you to register and give away your address, phone number and email. Minutes later your personal data will be sent to a number of brokers who’ll begin calling you with trading offers. After a few minutes on the phone with them you decide to deposit $200-250. And as effortlessly as that – the broker gets a commission of $50 from your initial deposit.

The scam, however, continues and what follows is called the “retention”. Senior scammers will now begin addressing you on the phone and explaining all the advantages in further investing with them. After you decide to go for it, you may even win on a few trades and go up by, say, a couple thousand. Naturally, you will begin wanting to close the account and take away your profits.

Unfortunately, closing the account is never easy and straight-forward. The “recovery department” – fancy name for the next-in-line scammers – will take you and yet another representative will have some other trading opportunities to share with you. His game is pretty simple – he has to mislead you into waiting six months or more so that you may not file a chargeback with your bank and get your money back. That possibility forever closes when six months pass after the initial deposit with the broker.

What to do if scammed?

A scam could happen to anyone, including you, and, in such a case, it would be best to know what options are still available to you.

You may contact your bank or credit card provider and file a chargeback, but only within six months of the initial deposit, as was noted above.

If however you have provided the broker with your credit card details, immediately cancel your credit card.

If you have given information regarding your online banking pass – you should change it asap!

Scammed traders should take notice not to trust any so-called “recovery agencies”! Such agencies prey on vulnerable traders with talk of recovering their money in exchange for an “up-front payment”. After receiving the payment, the trader won’t hear from them again.

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  1. OMC markets is a scam.I found every evidence,or signs of their con game.

    1. Hi Frankie, you make we worry, can you please share some of your evidence, I have money with OMC Markets and do not want to loose it all?

      1. It’s a scam.

      2. I didn’t want to either , but have now.

    2. Can you send me info of the scam please

  2. Thank you for your warning on OMC markets I was just about to invest with them and then I thought I better see if there was any reviews.

  3. md aminur rahman

    ome is a large scamer . i loss 7000 , when i say for withdraw , than they never recive my call, i understand i never get my money , please not open account with tham , you never see your money again, please not make mistake like me ,

  4. OMCMarkets is the new Name from Crown-Finance . Both are not lost money….,that’s safe…..,

  5. It is a SCAM. Be aware

  6. Thanks for all the reviews, It makes me just escape from this Scam.

  7. absolutely a scam !! I made the experience – tell everybody you know

  8. Thiefs. You cannot get your money back. Once you make the withdrawal they don’t answer. I have sent tons of messages to the account manager, the support, the compliance department. They only reply with automatic messages saying “we are aware of your request” or “our team is processing your request” but that is all. Even if they call you( because they will insist on calling you) and they assure you that everything is fine and you will get your money soon, that is not true.
    This on top of every other problem as huge spreads, constant errors on the platform signing different prices just to make you lose money, awful communication etc.

  9. =======================
    Translated from Dutch
    have also let me catch for 250 euros
    I am of course lost to those thieves
    can I do something about that?
    Original comment
    heb mijn juist ook laten vangen voor250 euro
    die ben ik natuurlijk kwijt aan die dieven
    kan ik daar iets aan doen?

    1. Let them give you an example for getting money back from your conto. so they will send you a part of your money back, because they want you to invest more,

    2. ========================
      Translated from Dutch
      Hi frank
      I have also been caught by omcmarkets!
      But I am more lost than you! I also do not know what I can do, I can not even access my account!
      Original comment
      Hoi Frank
      Ik heb me ook laten vangen door omcmarkets!
      Maar ik ben wel wat meer verloren dan jou! Ik weet ook niet meer wat ik kan doen, ik kan zelfs niet meer op mijn account !

  10. Tell them to give you an example of getting money from your Investment. I my case they sendet 100 Euro back, so you’ll loose max. 150 € going out.

  11. Please, someone must help me. I can’t believe what I read here and now I an livid with worry. I invested $10 000 with OMC after building up a personal relationship with a Senior Account Manager named Dennis Black. He is such a nice guy and I never thought he could be a scammer. I have to get him to return my funds. But how? Should I get their address and go to London to confront him? I’m in South Africa.

  12. Dennis Black also caught me with 10 000 dollars.

    He have a new thing now. You have to pay UK tax at 19% payable to OMC Markets.
    When you want to do a withdrawel then he come with a different kind of fees to pay.
    Please he is a Scammmer.

    It is six months now and I can not do a withdrawel. He is money crazy. Always looking for money to scam you.

    Were are there real offices

  13. Hi.
    Dennis Black play honest Joe now. Do not trust him.
    His latest excuse is now that you must pay tax of 19% to the UK government before you can do a withdrawel. How you gonna pay the money over. I don’t know.
    This is address that he gave me, 30St, Mary Axe, Londen , United Kingdom.
    He is a skollie, always looking for money to pay in their account.
    All the excuses to release money. Their website is not real.
    I am also in South Africa.

  14. Yes I also got caught by OMC Markets had 24600euro on my account but had to deposit 3500euro back to OMC to have my 24600euro it are scammers don’t do it with omc markets I said put it where it sees no light
    Ja heb mij ook laten vangen door omc markets had 24600euro op mijn account maar moest terug 3500euro storten naar omc om mijn 24600euro te hebben het zijn oplichters doe het niet met omc markets heb gezegd steek het waar het geen licht ziet

    1. also raised 28000 euros on my account get nothing back before I deposit 2000 euros for the bonus, but I have not done it, everything is gone, and can no longer log in too
      ook op gelicht 28000 euro op mijn account krijg niets terug voor ik 2000 euro stort voor de bonus ,maar heb ik niet gedaan ,alles is weg ,en kan niet meer inloggen ook

      1. Bij mij hetzelfde ik had 18000€ op mijn account ! Heb al 2 keer kosten betaald om het terug te krijgen 2 bedragen van in totaal 3500€ en de dag erna kwamen ze weer af om 2799€ te betalen zogezegd de commissie voor het werk dat ze gedaan hadden . Ik heb niets meer betaald maar ze blijven maar bellen en kan ik kan ook al bijna 2 maanden niet meer op mijn account!


        With me the same I had 18000 € on my account! Have already paid 2 times costs to get it back 2 amounts totaling 3500 € and the next day they came back to pay 2799 € so to speak the commission for the work they had done. I have not paid anything anymore but they keep calling and I can no longer on my account for almost 2 months!

        1. Ik investeerde 1200€. kreeg steeds telefoon van ene Rick Sanchez. Hij was enorm vriendelijk. Mijn wantrouwen begon bij het storten van die 1200€, de codes werkten niet (intussen had ik deze persoon aan de lijn). hij vroeg mijn credit kaart gegevens die ik vertrouwensgewei gaf. ik stuurde een mail om te vragen hoe ik aan mijn winst kon geraken, hij belde mij op en vroeg een programma (anydesk) te installeren en te openen, ik heb dit niet gedaan. ik vertrouwde het zaakje niet en vertelde hem dat ik wilde uitstappen, hij bleef maar aandringen om een reden op te geven waarom ik wilde stoppen. Ik zei hem dat ik hun niet vertrouwde. hij werd boos en onvriendelijk. ik vroeg wat er met mijn investering zou gebeuren, hij zei dat ik mijn geld zou terugkrijgen, ik zei ok en legde de telefoon uit. ik heb direct cardstop gebeld en mijn kaart laten blokkeren, zij hebben een dossier opgemaakt. nu maar hopen dat ik mijn geld terug krijg. Bij cardstop hebben ze gezegd dat mijn handeling heel correct was. zij gaan zelf omc market contacteren.
          I invested € 1200. always got a call from a Rick Sanchez. He was very friendly. My distrust started with depositing the 1200 €, the codes didn’t work (meanwhile I had this person on the line). He asked for my credit card details which I gave to antlers. I sent an email asking how I could get my profit, he called me and asked me to install and open a program (anydesk), I didn’t do this. I did not trust the business and told him that I wanted to get out, he kept insisting to give a reason why I wanted to stop. I told him I didn’t trust them. he became angry and unfriendly. I asked what would happen to my investment, he said I would get my money back, I said ok and explained the phone. I immediately called cardstop and had my card blocked, they made a file. now I hope I get my money back. At cardstop they said that my action was very correct. they will contact omc market themselves.

          1. Hey, no one here has police reported the scams ?

  15. While surfing Facebook, I came across OMC markets.
    Until now, they asked me to ‘sponsor’ my account with >3000€
    Since then no news from them anymore…
    Sad… family savings gone ….

  16. I also have the same problem, first they asked me 250 € and after 1 month they send me 130 € back as a proof that everything is save. Afterwords Keith Gibson called me to ask if I would deposit 1000 € on Friday and I’ll will get back 1500€ on monday, we are now 2 weeks further and Keith Gibson is or on a holiday, or in a meeting or will wil call me later.
    This was my last savingmoney, so I tried to withdrawl it but it’s still on demand.
    How can they even sleep if they work like this.

  17. Hey, no one here has police reported the scams

  18. Bjarni Olafur Juliusson has stolen from me 950 euros and closed my account us them! is 100% scam conpany online

  19. Ich habe 7.000,– Euro verloren, bei einem Gewinn von 26.267,–€. Ich soll noch eine Kommission von € 2.700,– zahlen, damit ich den Gewinn bekomme. Das mach ich sicher nicht. Die haben bis dato nichts ausbezahlt, obwohl ich immer kleinere Beträge abbuchen wollte.
    Also Betrug!
    I lost 7.000, – Euro, with a profit of 26.267, – €. I’m supposed to pay a commission of € 2,700 so I can get the profit. I will not do that. They have paid nothing until now, although I wanted to deduct smaller and smaller amounts.
    So scam!

  20. Ich habe mit 500€ angefangen und nach einiger zeit 100€ wieder abgehoben – dann hat mir Lawren Mills ein MARGIN LOAN angeboten damit ich eine bessere Position bei Bitcoin erhalten könne – dass ging zwei mal so bis wir auf 10.000€ gesamt Einzahlungen waren – Gewinn über 26.000€ – dann musste ich natürlich die MArgin LOAN zurückzahlen – wurde aber erst 3-4 Tage vor Ablauf der Margin Loan darüber informiert dass diese einen zeitlichen Rahmen hat – habe ich dann nicht pünktlich geschafft – müsste jetzt noch die Verzugszinsen zahlen von 800€ wegen 2 Tage – dass möchte ich nicht da dies zu viel ist und da ich dazu nur sehr kurzfristig informiert wurde – an sich könnte alles auch in Ordnung sein jedoch wurden einige Punkte sehr schlampig im Vorfeld besprochen – dies könnte auf einen Scam hinweisen oder einfach nur schlechte Brokerarbeit – mal schauen was weiter passiert – hoffe sie bleiben mir korrekt gegenüber – aber ich leide stark darunter weil dies sehr viel Geld für mich ist


    I started with 500 € and after some time 100 € withdrew – then Lawren Mills offered me a MARGIN LOAN so I could get a better position at Bitcoin – that went two times until we were on 10.000 € total deposits – profit over 26.000 € – then of course I had to pay back the MArgin LOAN – but only 3-4 days before the end of the margin loan informed that this has a time frame – I did not manage on time – would now have to pay the default interest of 800 € 2 days – I do not want this because this is too much and since I was informed only very short notice – everything could be ok but some points were discussed very sloppy in advance – this could point to a scam or just bad Brokerage – let’s see what happens next – hope you stay with me correctly – but I suffer greatly from it l this is a lot of money for me

  21. Yes clearly OMC Markets is scam. After requested withdrawal many excuses heard until all was ready and acknowledged after uploading requested missing details. Since the acknowledgement handling the withdrawal request my funds (709.80 euro were run down the following morning by risky trade to minus – vapourising all funds into minus). Reported the information with proof and still waiting for feedback. Would clearly never ever invest again with this company and please all be warned for the same.

    Recently Xpay Kuna tried to run an illegal transaction on my credit card which caused it being blocked by bank security and card being cancelled. This company is based in Ukraine and linked up with OMC market Montenegro. Be extremely careful with them, and my advise is never to invest again with such an unreliable party. Your funds are not safe, and readings above proofed the same. Unfortunately did not read this earlier.

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