Beware! Tron Markets is an offshore broker! Your investment may be at risk.


Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Open trading accounts with at least two brokers.


Tron Markets is a crypto CFD brokerage posing as a crypto exchange with a registered address in the UK. The brokerage doesn’t provide much information about its trading conditions and is not regulated. There is web-based platform available for clients and a required minimum deposit of the staggering $50 000 which is simply absurd and about two hundred times the industry average.

Tron Markets regulation & safety of funds

We read nowhere on the website a thing about the company behind the brokerage, nor even its country of origin. We could only find an UK phone number and email. After successfully registering a demo account we got a close look of the web-based trading platform offered by Tron Markets. Even though the brokerage purports to be crypto exchange – it actually offers clients trading with crypto CFDs, and, we should say that there is a wide range of crypto CFDs available for clients. However, the absurdly high minimum deposit of $50 000 only speaks about the ill-minded intentions of the brokerage. Furthermore, the anonymity of the brokerage pretty much guarantees that the whole operation is quite shady. We can safely conclude that Tron Markets does not fall under any regulatory oversight.  Such irregularities are the usual “tell” of a scammer. With no regulatory oversight we can’t be certain about the company behind the operation and whether it will fulfill its obligation towards clients. Furthermore, the criminally high required minimum deposit, as well the lack of any sort of more detailed information regarding the trading conditions of the brokerage highly inclines us to question the legitimacy of Tron Markets.

Prestigious regulatory bodies, such as the UK’s FCA and CySec, require compliance with a number of strict rules that give significant assurance for the safety of the clients funds.

The segregation of accounts is among the rules which are especially important in the trading world, because it drastically lowers the risk of possible commingling.

Another is the participation in a compensatory scheme by which the client’s losses will be covered in the unlikely case the broker goes bankrupt or attempts to scam traders.

Tron Markets deposit/withdrawal methods and fees

Potential clients of Crypto Limited have a wide array of payment methods available. From the website we learn that they may deposit or withdraw via the standard Visa and MasterCard, as well as a number of crypto currencies such as Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripio and BAT. However, popular e-wallets such as Skrill or Neteller are not supported. Furthermore, in the terms and conditions we came across disturbing withdrawal provisions. Here is a screenshot:  

There is a withdrawal fee of $50 for wire transfers, $25 fee for credit cards and a further $10 processing fee. Furthermore, a levy of 10 percent will be charged on every withdrawal from an account that has not complied with a turnover requirement of 200 executed transactions. There is also a minimum withdrawal amount of $250 for wire transfers and a $100 minimum withdrawal amount for all other methods. Such provisions are a clear-cut sign that the brokerage means trouble and we highly recommend traders stay away from Tron Markets.
Precisely due to such instances we remind readers of all the ways a trader may test the brokerage’s intentions. Firstly, traders are advised to always put up only the required minimum deposit, instead of risking a bigger amount with no certainty. Afterwards, they may also try to withdraw a small amount in order to check for any unexpected fees or delays. Such fees and delays are usually the signs of a scammer.

How does the scam work?

Unfortunately, much of the forex trading world is overshadowed by the huge numbers of scammers. All a trader may do is be well-informed and, in case he is the subject of a fraud – stay calm and not panic! The chance for panic is greatly reduced if such a situation does not take you by surprise. Here are the available options for scammed traders:

In most cases through clicking a tempting ad with promises for fast money, you will be redirected to a website such as The News Spy or Bitcoin Evolution where registration will require you to give your address, email and phone number. Your personal information will be immediately shared with brokers in call centers who are just waiting for juicy leads. After a few minutes hearing how the millions are sure to flow your way, you decide to deposit some $200-250. And just like that – the scammers take a 25 per cent commission from this initial deposit.

After leading you by the nose for a few hundred bucks, senior scammers will take you up and begin pushing you to further invest. You may even be swayed and further give it a shot.  At this point, regardless whether you are in the red or not, you probably begin to consider closing the account and getting back your money.

However, now comes the “recovery” part of the scam. After stating that you wish to withdraw your money, they will know its time to redirect you to the “recovery people” who will further stall you in any way possible. The angle here is simple – remove the last guard you may have – filing a chargeback with your bank. You may do that only during a limited time-window, once it passes – your money is gone for good.

What to do when scammed?

Unfortunately, much of the forex trading world is overshadowed by the huge numbers of scammers. All a trader may do is be well-informed and, in case he is the subject of a fraud – stay calm and not panic! The chance for panic is greatly reduced if such a situation does not take you by surprise. Here are the available options for scammed traders:

You may contact your bank or credit card provider and file a chargeback, , as was noted above. The high instances of fraud have provoked both Visa and MasterCard to take effective measures against scammers in the business. Keeping true to their intentions, MasterCard has already increased the previous time period of six months for filing a chargeback to a year and a half and Visa is expected to follow suit in December.

If, however, you have provided the broker with your credit card details, immediately cancel your credit card.

If you have given information regarding your online banking pass – you should switch it asap!

Beware of potential calls from self-described “recovery agencies”! They prey on scammed and vulnerable traders who are desperate and ready at anything to somehow retrieve their funds. They will say that in exchange for an up-front payment, you will get your money back, but no such thing will occur!

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  1. Tron markets are a scam. I was asked to make an initial investment of £250 . An account wallet was opened with bitbase and the purchase made through jubiter. The coins were purchased in the agents name and deposited in a wallet in his name elsewhere.No transaction was made into the bit base account. After 4 days they asked me to make a further investment as my £250 had increased to £300 in 4 day. I was the told to withdraw the £30 profit??? Which was transferred to my account. This was to prove their legitimate business. I was the told that my initial deposit was now valued at £3000 and that I should make a further investment of £4000. My reply was to ask for a withdrawal of the £3000 then I would invest £10000. They advised me that my investment was now valued at £9003 and before I could withdraw this I would need to pay taxes of £1808 and commission of £900, I suggested that they convert the bit coin into sterling deduct the tax and commission fees and transfer the balance to my bank account.
    Not heard a thing since. Crooks.

    1. I have recently lost money in exactly the same way as yourself. So I completely sympathise. I feel desperate to do something but it would appear there is nothing I can do. The joke of it all is that they keep calling me ! Terrible

    2. They are connected to who actually uses the same exact scamming tactics. Inclusive members who have emails for Tron also have for Blockchainetrader.

  2. I’ve had the exact same experience they are just scammers robbing people of their money, but I lost a lot more, I was too gullible.

    1. Could you contact me to discuss our mutual loss, I’m in the sane position and feel terrible

      1. Hi Julia i have engaged Money Back Hero to help me get my money back, as yet nothing…
        You could sign up with FPA and leave a review and try and engage tron markets to talk to you. I’m in the throws of doing this now. I hope you have some luck..

        1. Hi Muriel,

          Did you have any luck recovering the funds?

          I’m in the same position and have lost a lot of money

  3. Torn Markets are incredibly convincing, they suck you in very slowly, are charismatic and appear to be extremely believable, but they are most definitely not! There are a hundred things I could call this despicable group of conscienceless individuals but despite losing a significant amount of money I would not lower myself to their level.
    If you are considering investing any money at all with Tron Markets think again and walk away.

    1. Hi I’m in the same position you are in, are you able to message me back and discuss what steps you’ve taken to try and retrieve your money?
      Julia Allison

  4. Is there any one who can guide me through a withdrawal from Tron Markets without them realising I want to close the account, I have put £250 in and have made it up to £3500 so I’m keen to not loose it.

    1. There is no other way they have the full control of your account. Report it to action fraud they will advice you. This is there web page :
      Action Fraud
      Telephone: 0300 123 2040
      Textphone: 0300 123 2050
      Monday to Friday, 8am to 8pm

    2. you’ve already lost it mate!! Gone for good I’m afraid! I’ve tried everything possible’ “Watchdog” TV programme, Bank, emails. Nothing! So kiss it goodbye and change your credit card ASAP

  5. Mark I think its just a video game showing you have money on the account, I doubt you will see your money again.

  6. got there domain name from the company Godaddy if you have been scammed. please complain tho godaddy. Phone them or email them we cannot have a scammer web page on the Internet. Here are the detail Domain Name:
    Registry Domain ID: 2342838202_DOMAIN_COM-VRSN
    Registrar WHOIS Server:
    Registrar URL:
    Updated Date: 2018-12-13T09:23:26Z
    Creation Date: 2018-12-13T09:23:26Z
    Registrar Registration Expiration Date: 2019-12-13T09:23:26Z
    Registrar:, LLC
    Registrar IANA ID: 146
    Registrar Abuse Contact Email: [email protected]
    Registrar Abuse Contact Phone: +1.4806242505

  7. I opened an account with Tron Markets on Thurs 30th Apri and deposited $250. On Friday I could not get an answer to any emails, and discovered that their contact tel numbers on their site are fake. I then realised they were scam dealer. However, on Monday morning 3rd June I received a call from my account ‘manager’, one Benjamin Barroni, who apologised for not returning my calls as he had been in the trading room all day and couldn’t leave(!) He was very affable and I played along. He said he wanted to show me how easy it was to withdraw, and we withdrew $100 to by Bitstamp wallet, in the form of bitcoin. He said he would continue trading on my ‘managed’ account, and that I would see good profits. I did. Over $500 from two trades shortly after, and a lot more over the next few days. Ben called me back and explained that the gains I saw were good (my account now stood at over $1500) they would be much better if he could ‘leverage’ the account, and suggested I buy a couple of bitcoins – around £8,000 to £16,000. I said let me see some more positive trades and I’ll see. My account balance increased and Ben call me back. I said, yes, I will go ahead, but I need to transfer the funds, would he call me the next morning? I also said that to settle my concerns I wanted to see a decent withdrawal.Ben agreed and transferred $1000 to my Bitstamp wallet.
    I then told him that I had transferred £25,000 to my current a/c, but they would not be there until Friday morning, at which time I would buy 3 bitcoins, as I was excited and impressed with what he was doing. I told him that my partner also wanted to open an account, and could he help her too? Now Ben was excited, and agreed to call me on Friday morning.
    However, on Friday I started the process of shutting down all his stolen access to my bank account and Bitstamp account etc, and I sent him an email outlining what I did. The email is too long to include here, but you can read it on Dropbox:
    Read the email I sent him: it shows the nasty things he did and how they work. Hopefully you too can at lease get your $250 back. I got $1250 from them, from an initial deposit of just $250.

  8. They are thieving fraudsters

    1. Hi Peter I am in the same situation as you, I have invested over 10k into this scam and Ben is very convincing to make it all sound great . This only happened to me at the weekend and I can see on my account that the funds are showing as transfered to customer , what a load of crap transfered to him more like, like you said I have had no email or conversation from him since the money got transfered and he said it would show in my account on Friday last week or Monday 1st July at the latest. Can you let me know if you have been able to retrieve any of the money that you put I to the tron markets account

      1. Hi Della

        I am in the same situation. Did u receive your money??

  9. I invested my £250 which grew rapidly to £591. All the time time my broker Liam Lerner was trying to convince me to invest more and buy bitcoins for £4000 but I said I needed to sed more and make a withdrawal. I tried to withdraw but nothing and now my account has been closed. These people are just thieves, can some one help me get my money back please?

  10. DON’T, whatever you do, send any ID documents. Within hours your ID is for sale on the Dark Web.

    1. Hi Peter, What do you do if you have already provided them with your drivers license? I did this to opem an account.

  11. I have lost all my life savings plus i’m in debt of over £ 30,000 to these despicable people, my life is now in ruins.

    Liam Lerner and Peter Yorg were very convincing, they showed me on the trading platform that my investment had grown to over £275,000, but it cannot be paid out until I paid the tax on it.

    I don’t know what to do or who to turn to, I’m afraid to trust anyone and i’m find it difficult to sleep, right now i’m sinking in a very deep dark hole, I’m even afraid to tell my wife.

    1. Hi buddy my name is Ben I am in exactly in the same situation how can I get hold of you to have a chat they want me to pay my taxes as well mine is close to $200,000 if you can please make contact with me so we can work out away to see if it is real or not cheers buddy hope to hear from you soon I am in Australia. Ben

      1. Hi Ben and Tony,
        I’m in the exact same boat and currently invested over a $100K. If anyone has a contact to call I would love to try that. I’m in Australia also. Greg

        1. I have the same reply from tron 20%tax and 10% commission. According to them, unless and until I pay this we would not be able to withdraw any money out. Suggested to withdraw from the total growth but they refused to do it for tax claim. This is a new thing they come up with to suck more money out of us. I think they are total scam. Not too sure who contact legally since it is bitcoin base.

    2. Do not give them any more money. Unfortunately you lost your money

    3. You have my sympathy, my dad died and I invested after Peter Yorg made and looked everything so convincing- compared to your loss mine is small 19.000 pounds but it was everything to me. Finally after 2 years off work with stress I’m beginning to see light but still find it hard to believe what these people have done

  12. Tron Markets are a scam,$9600,in months of dealing with them.Unable to withdraw any$.If you deal with Liam Lerner there you’re going to lose all.

  13. Tron Markets are a scam…….Thank god I had a small feeling….And I entered with $250 and that f…. Account manager named Joe…Kept calling me like it was the end of the world….. And tried to have me borrowing money from a bank…!!!! Fuck no I said…. Work with that shit I gaved you I said…Eventually, he accepted….. He made $525 for me and it came the moment of truth…I told him to withdraw £200 …Just to test him…. From then I never heard from him or this fucking company again!!!! I kind off knew something is fishy ….But I just wanted to see it for my self….But guys….Guys….I stay and send 30 emails per day!!!! Just to fill up his emails …Hahhahahahahaha until I will get bored….. And remember guys do not believe all this bullshit that it will make you rich….Is just another scammer making money from you…. I do not feel sorry for my £190 lost ….But at least I convinced myself 100% 🙂 that this shit is a scam . Cheers Johnny

  14. Well what can I say about these people I still can not retrieve any of my money back they have now been reported to the investigating team of fraud investigators so if any one is thinking of investing with these guys dont they are a scamming company and have taken a lot of money from me. Once I have heard from fraud team I will update with another review. My wife invested on the understanding that Benjamin is very convincing and charming dont fall for his charm, I heard all the conversations with ben and my wife and yes he can charm anyone and I found out after he had taken 20k from my wife we have not heard a thing from him stay away.

  15. Hi, I too invested £200. However, Liam Lerner, ( which I doubt is his real name), continued to telephone me, but I never answered his call, as he wanted me to cash my premium bonds up and invest them with him. Of course my bitcoin account showed my account had swelled to £475. It may well have been a million, because none of it was coming back to me. Being a pensioner, any money I spend is never replaced, so the loss does hurt. One thing I will say about this company, is that it you flatter them, do not call them scammers, scammers is to polite. They are low life thieves. These thieves do not care how much pain and hardship they cause, they sit in an office somewhere, in their suits, laughing at our gullibility, we can only hope that they all die in a fire, for that is the least they deserve.
    As with everyone else, no contact by phone can be made, and they don’t reply to emails.

  16. My Perants invested 300,000 with these scam artists, and got cleared out. Sucks to be them im closing in on them slowly…

    Do not invest with these people they will make you open an account with a crypto exchange and will get you to share your details with them and they will just move actual bitcoins out of your account.

    I will make a post shortly when i get them.

    DO NOT TRUST TRON MARKETS, my wheelchair bound disabled father found out the hard the way

  17. Tron market is a scam and i advised you all to stay away from them as i lost about 38k dollars to this scam broker all in the name of investing with them. A lot of people also complained about them on trustpilot.

  18. I feel shattered. I have just read all these replies and I’m starting to face the reality i have been scammed $90,000 AUD. I have also been dealing with Benjamin Borroni and Roy Moretti from Tron Markets. I have been promised a withdrawal but now receive no communication from them. What is the best way to try and recover the funds i have invested over the last 3 months???

    1. Hi Greg,

      I am dealing with Roy Moretti on my withdrawal as well. Did u receive your funds? He is asking for an additional 10% to withdraw.

      1. Hi,

        I spoke with Roy on Monday 22nd of July, where he provided guidance on how to pay fees from my bank account to the bitstamp account and then to tron markets where the funds were apparently going to be released and into my bank account. As soon as the funds left my Bitstamp account (which i was on the phone to Roy at the time) he promised he would ring the following day to congratulate me on receiving the profits. After the bitstmap transaction he never spoke or emailed me again.

        1. HI Greg,

          I am in the same situation, He is going to call me tomorrow. I am going to tell him to first transfer the money otherwise he is not getting a cent from me.

          1. Did he send you anything?

          2. Hi Greg

            He told me pay 2k + 1k commission for withdrawal..I told him I need to see some withdrawal into my account before I transfer the monies. Personally going through the reviews here I am convinced he has no intention of paying me back. I have tried to explain to him to convert the profits into sterling and send me the rest back. I even told him that I am ready to pay the penalties even if it means I only get back my investment but nothing.

            What about you?? Did roy respond to your emails or called you back??

            Abhishek Dey

          3. I came across TronMarkets in February 2019. They persuaded me to invest £500 rather than the £200 I intended to invest, as they said they would then add £250 to my account. I paid with a Halifax Mastercard. They then opened an account in my name with Jubiter and after giving them my identity, they withdrew all the money from Jubiter, so I lost not only my £500, but was charged £15 for cash withdrawal and severally lots of interest. Halifax would not compensate me as Jubiter was on my statement. It was only when TronMarkets tried to get access to my computer that I realised it was a scam. I have contacted the Financial Ombudsman regarding this but have not received a reply as yet. TronMarkets are despicable scammers and should be in prison.

        2. Hi Greg

          Did u receive your monies?? I wont send any more money till I hear you received yours.
          Did u try to talk to roy over email?? Did he respond back??

          1. Do not send them any monies. You will loose them all.
            I am sorry for your losses but you can only help others and avoid them falling for the same we did.

      2. I have been dealing with Roy
        Paid all the fees but no money

  19. Hi Della

    I am in the same situation. Did u receive your money??

    1. Hi Abhishek,

      I’ve received nothing still and no communication from either of them. I’ve reported them through as well as ACORN (Australian Cyber Crime Online Reporting Network). I’m still waiting to hear more from both authorities. [email protected] are not able to help apart from saying to lodge a complaint.
      I’m hoping to just get my investment of $100,000 back. Keep me posted on how things go with you?

      1. HI Greg,

        Will do .

        Abhishek Dey

      2. Hi Greg,

        You will not see your money. These guys moved on to and are using the same exact tactics as we have been reading here. DO NOT SEND THEM ANY OTHER MONIES.
        Good luck

    2. no I still have not received any funds I am now dealing with fraud team and the police , we all need to get this company caught as they are still working with people and still scamming money from people.

  20. It is a shame that the regulators haven’t made an effort to shut down this company, despite promises to. They have been around for a while and swindled people of their hard earned cash. If you are having thoughts of investing your funds with them, please look the other way.

  21. I am in the same position as most of you.
    Invested money and then paid the fees but never received any returns.
    I have been dealing with Rebecca McCann, David Kaufmann and Roy Moretti they all seemed very nice and very plausible.

    1. Hi Peter

      Did you get your money back??

      Abhishek Dey

  22. Hi, I’ve been scammed by TronMarkets recently! Do not pay them a penny as you will not get it back! Rebecca McCann has been my contact and yes she sounds extremely knowledgeable and professional but I can assure you it’s a load of sh**! If they rot in hell it would be to kind for them! I’ve reported all details to the action fraud police uk but expect nothing back.

    1. I have also been scammed by Rebecca McCann as you say she seems very knowledgeable and friendly even to the extent of calling me darling and saying have fun at the weekend
      If only I could get hold of them and tell them what thieving scum they are

  23. Hi All,

    These are the same scammers as
    They are the same people, they call themselves different names (not rel names) you will notice that if you search their names they belong to famous people of some kind.

    They will use the same exact tactics and will clean you of all your money, like they did to me. Authorities will not help as they are to many.

    Pass the word to everyone you can find, your circle of friends, your facebook lists, your linkedin etc….help stopping other people from falling for these scams.

    Good luck all

  24. I invested £250 and saw a big increase and was also promised the world.I managed to get back £150 back in june after telling them I was going to invest more money. I have not spoken to them since but they rung today and said there was over £40,000 pounds in my account and they want me to take some out. Sounds like the same thing would happen to me as most of the emails have said. I don`t think I should even answer his calls.

  25. If it looks too good it is too good!! They are smooth liars and thieves! DO NO GIVE THEM ANY MONEY! AND NO!…YOU WILL NOT GET ANY OF YOUR INVESTMENTS BACK! And thats a promise! Whatever to pay into TRON Markets is GONE FOR GOOD!!!!

  26. Hi guys my name is Bernie I’m in the same situation I Have lost 125,000 US they’re wanting me to pay the taxes as well they are still operating as they called me three days ago to pay the taxes to liquidate account not a good feeling but 1,000,000% they are still operating if I can still log on to my account and the name changes of the operator on the trade screen Left-hand side bottom not good

  27. Tron Markets website ( has finally shut down. No doubt now that the whole thing was a scam. We can all learn from our mistakes. If something sounds too good to be true, it usually is.

    1. I got robbed 25k from Tron, Coinbase where part ofsome of their scams a Richard Muller I’m looking into
      From Brian from Bromley London

    2. Steve, I’m sure they are still trading under another name,the rats who brought the money in from us mugs will have changed their names but they will still be scamming us, let’s hope they ALL come to a sticky end

  28. I agree with all posts I lost £25k plus from these rats
    I’m looking into Coinbase at the moment some of the rats were to close, did anyone get the double up investment phone call from a Richard Muller ?

    1. My payments to TRON went via CB payments?
      Funny that in fact COINBASE. And my account shows

  29. Please avoid this company at all costs. They are simply scammers masquerading as a legit company. FCA blacklisted tells you all you need to know. No license to operate in the UK so your money is in no way protected whatsoever so please do not invest a single penny or moment of your time with these unpleasant, unprofessional, despicable people. We should all file complaint to the relevant authorities and to the Law Firm-Replevin Law Group that are bringing a class action against them. A simple google search would find the Law Firm, to make complaints.

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