Central Bank of Ireland blacklists Capital Hill

Central Bank of Ireland blacklists Capital Hill

On Monday the Central Bank of Ireland blacklisted Capital Hall, yet another offshore broker, that has been targeting traders in Ireland without authorization.
Capital Hall is owned by Capital Tech Ltd., a Marshall Islands based company, but all payments are processed by a third party company in Bulgaria.
And Central Bank of Ireland’s warning is not the first one against them. In October the same broker came in to the spotlight of the Commissione Nazionale per le Società e la Borsa (CONSOB) in Italy, which also accused them of targeting traders in the country without authorization.
Besides, according to financemagnates.com the people running the Capital Hall website are actually a group of Ukrainian scammers, that have been unmasked by the police in Kiev in the end of last year.
Scammers often use the loose legislation in offshore territories like the Marshall Islands or St. Vincent and the Grenadines, to register their companies, but quite often run their operations, through third party payment processing companies in Eastern Europe.

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  1. Jose Rodrigo Oliveira

    Olympus Markets is 100% a scam company. Authorities in Portugal where advise last week about they way the act. first of all is to take the 250€ from the account then the story is another.
    Forms and authorizing to use your credit card where ever they want a with a full 100% risk of losing in document with signature.
    Its a non stop scam and a death sentence a penalty for life once you in it. All they want is your hard working money. When they say Brokers they mean they will broke you for life.
    Letter as been made to Luxemburg concerning Bulgaria scam country in EU.

  2. Non si può agire con una class action contro questi banditi , possibile che non si possano colpire ,.È vero che molte volte la colpa è nostra però non siamo esperti per capire truffe ce quelle messe in atto da NASDAQ500 e altre similari.
    Io sono uno dei colpiti ,anche se prima di accettare ho letto con attenzione tutte le condizioni di garanzia ,dimostrarsi fasulle
    You can not act with a class action against these bandits, it is possible that you can not hit,. It is true that many times the fault is ours but we are not experts to understand scams and those implemented by NASDAQ500 and other similar.
    I am one of those affected, even though before accepting it I carefully read all the warranty conditions, proving to be fake

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