Finnish investors were scammed for over $5 million

Finnish investors were scammed for over $5 million

The Finmish police reported that in 2018 alone Finnish investors were defrauded by telephone scammers for over 5 million USD.

The police warns that this might be just the tip of the iceberg as many people have simply not reported the crime.

Most scammers were calling from UK numbers with “exceptional investment opportunities”, promising fast and easy returns with an initial investment of about 200 USD – 300 USD.

And in order to gain the victim’s trust, con artists were actually sending some money back, claiming this to be a profit.

Latter, scammers would ask for a much larger amount and when the money are send, all communication brakes down.

“The operation looks international, and scams have been reported all over Finland” comments Marko Leponen of the Finnish National Bureau of Investigation (NBI), cited by News Now Finland. “The smaller amount being invested, with a claim that it made double, is just a scam. In reality the money is not invested in anything, but the trick is to get the victim hooked to invest more money. Some of the victims have even taken out loans”.

In some cases victims were even asked to install a remote viewer on their computer so that scammers would gain access to their banking details like online banking passwords and credit card numbers.

Last month the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in the UK reported that retail investors in the country have lost to scammers over 197 million GBP in 2018 alone.

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