Aspen Holding Review – 5 things you should know about

Aspen Holding Review – 5 things you should know about

Beware! Aspen Holding is an offshore broker! Your investment may be at risk.

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Open trading accounts with at least two brokers.


Aspen Holding is an offshore broker, offering six account types with a leverage of up to 500:1 and a choice between a web based trading platform and the MetaTrader4.

The selection of trading instruments is advertised to consist of more than 200 assets, including currency pairs, as well as CFDs on oil, precious metals, stocks and even crypto coins including Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum.

Unfortunately we were not immediately able to open a demo account and check their trading conditions, but what is worse the broker turned out not to be regulated, so if you are considering opening a trading account with them be sure to read this review first.

Aspen Holding regulation & safety of funds

Next Trade Ltd, the company behind Aspen Holding, is based in Vanuatu, while Beauty Productions Ltd. the company that processes all payments is located in Bulgaria.

And although Next Trade Ltd is registered with the Vanuatu Financial Services Commission, we can not give them credit for this, because a Vanuatu license is simply not comparable to a license issued by one of the well known and well respected regulators in the industry, such as the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in the UK, the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC) or let say the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC).

Bear in mind that trading with unregulated or loosely brokers is extremely dangerous and our general advise is to avoid such entities at all cost. Simply put unregulated brokers are totally unaccountable for the way they handle your money and too often such brokers are simply involved in scam.

With regulated brokers on the other hand your money will be safe and with a FCA broker you will even get an insurance of up to 85 000 GBP on your trading account.

Aspen Holding deposit/withdrawal methods and fees

Aspen Holding accepts payments with VISA and MasterCard, bank wire and several e-wallets among which Neteller, BitSend and BPay. The minimum deposit requirement is acceptable – 250 USD, but there are some unusual charges and fees you should be aware of.

For example all withdrawals are charged with a 3,5% service fee and there is also a clearance fee of 0.5% on every single trade, no mater if the trade is successful or not.

On top of that Aspen Holding will charge you a monthly maintenance fee of 0.5% and if you trade crypto CFDs, you will have to cover an additional 5% swap fee.

And besides, you should be aware of the trading bonuses Aspen Holding might offer you as well, because they are invariably linked to some minimum trade volume requirements, that might prove quiet challenging even for professional traders. What is more important, however is that any withdrawal of funds from an account made before completing the terms of bonus will be immediately cancelled, and that is unacceptable as well.

Also in case you have not traded for two months, you will be charged a dormant fee of 200 USD per month.

How does the scam work?

Scammers use the internet and the social networks to hunt for new victims. For example you may happen to come across one of the so called robo scam websites like like CryptoContractsApp or Crypto Revolt, where you might get hooked by an offer for fast and easy money with a small initial investment – returns guaranteed. All of that will be presented to you by a nicely cut video, featuring testimonials of happy customers and expert reviews about some amazing software that will supposedly trade instead of you.

And if you fill the simple registration form, leaving your e-mail and phone, you will be redirected to the website of a unregulated, offshore broker, where finally you will be asked to deposit about 250 USD.

Scammers, however will do anything to trick you to deposit as much as you can, so do not be surprised by how successful your first trades will be. The money in your account will double in just a couple of days. The truth however will be quite different. Your account will simply be churned with the sole intention that you will invest more. And surely you will be getting phone calls as well – it will be your “senior account manager” with the latest trading signal, who, however will basically be trying to convince you to invest at least 10 000 USD.

And at that stage most people do invest that kind of money without ever realizing they have been scammed until the very moment they decide to withdraw a portion of their funds. And than all of a sudden it turns out their withdraw requests are canceled because of some minimum trade volume requirement, linked to the welcoming bonus they have so gladly accepted. Certainly the excuse might be different but the end result will always be the same – scammers will not return a single penny back.

What to do if scammed?

The viable option you have if you are a victim of a scam is to file for a charge back with your credit card provider. Fortunately, recently both VISA and MasterCard extended the maximum period in which you will be allowed to file your request to 540 days. So do not waste a second but file for a charge back immediately.

And if for any reason scammers have managed to trick you to tell them your banking password or credit card number, or if they have tricked you to install Team Viewer under any pretext, immediately block your credit card, delete Team Viewer and change your password.

And one final word of advice. Do not trust the so called recovery agencies, if you are approached by one of those. They will not recover you any money but will simply collect some fees in advance and basically will leave you even deeper into the red.

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  1. I have just signed and paid deposit to aspen holding today 19 July 2019 how do I retrieve it/ cancel it. Help please.

    1. Good luck i had the same issue and still haven’t received a singel dollar back. They will just ignore you

    2. I opened an account with this scamming company Asspen Holding and deposited €250. I decided not to trade or activate the account since I didn’t have the time to be bothered with such activity.
      I was constantly being bombarded with phone calls by a bunch of crooks who tried to fleece more cash from me to further invest a larger sum of money. One of their cronies who I spoke with after rejecting their endless amount of calls felt that €250 was not a lot of cash, to begin with. I told the guy who calls himself Kevin Spark that I will not be trading/activating the account and its pointless he waste his time trying to convince me to do otherwise. I had one simple request, and that is the cancellation of the account and return of my money. Kevin or “the whatever that spoke on the phone” told me that
      I have first to complete some so-called account verification process which seems to take forever to complete. Having sent several emails back and forth, I realised I was dealing with a bunch of incompetent clowns who have so displayed a high level of arrogance and ignorance.

      Agree I was foolish to sign up with a bunch of gangsters and thieves sitting somewhere in some DEN hidden behind a computer or smartphone working tirelessly and purposefully to scam trustworthy people such as myself and others out of their hard-working cash. Many times, I tried to log in to the account and mysteriously their website would not allow login from my geographical location. Today, November 29/11/2019 I logged into the account and noticed that they ASSPEN HOLDING removed €200 from the account that I instructed them to close. I did not perform this action, and since they have decided not to return my money, I have decided to go PUBLIC. I will ensure my experience with this so-call trading firm is communicated across ALL SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORM until they return my cash.

  2. scammers from Bulgaria,read it on the Internet first,do not deposit,do not give them your card number.

  3. Ga niet in zee met Aspenholding. Hun werkwijze is zeer agressief, ze beloven je “gouden bergen” en willen alleen dat je veel geld stort op je account bij hen. Met mooie praatjes en prachtige visualisaties willen ze je overhalen om te gaan handelen. Niet doen!!! Je bent je geld gewoon kwijt.
    Don’t get involved with Aspenholding. Their method is very aggressive, they promise you “golden mountains” and only want you to deposit a lot of money in your account with them. With nice talks and beautiful visualisations they want to convince you to act. Do not!!! You just lost your money.

  4. Aš ką tik pasirašiau ir sumokėjau užstatą drebulės ūkyje 250 eur, 2019 m. rugpjūčio 16 d.supratau ,kad esu apgauta parašiau skundą į АО “РФИ Банк”kuris buvo tranzitinių pinigų stotelė ,jau padariau jiems nemalonumų ,bankas patarė kreiptis į savo banką.Sukčiai skambino bent dešimt kartų ,nežinau ko jie norėjo .Nesuprantu kodėl neperskaičiau atsiliepimus.Galima pripažinti gerai dirba.
    I just signed and paid a deposit on the aspen farm for 250 eur, 2019. August 16th, I realized that I was tricked to write a complaint to АО “РФИ Банк”, who was a transit money stop, I have already made them uncomfortable, the bank advised to contact their bank.Sweeted at least ten times, do not know what they wanted. .Can be recognized as working well.

    1. Labas gal gali pasakyti kaip baigesi su tuo depozitu, nes as turiu tapacia problema ir nezynau ka daryti.
      You can probably tell how you ended up with that deposit because I have a similar problem and don’t know what to do.

  5. Thanks a million. How do u find a legitimately good AND sound company to trade BITCOIN on my behalf using my investment. Please ‘ve clear and truthful
    Mr Roy

  6. I just made a deposit also and they do not even come back to you. they are scammers specialising in duping our hard earned cash. Please do not!!!! It is even better with the card because you can always close the account and open with another bank.

  7. A jak zamknąć konto pomoże ktoś??? Pogodzilem się z utratą pieniędzy ale nie mogę zamknąć konta za które będzie naliczana opłata.
    And how to close the account help someone ??? I have accepted the loss of money but I cannot close the account for which I will be charged.

  8. they act in Russia too… people lost money

  9. damn this ppl.. i hope they refund my money

  10. Here is my experience and advice to share:
    1) block your card immediately – if you are fast enough, money may have not been yet transferred to their account. However, block it asap.
    2) claim a withdrawal charge at your bank – having ready also some proves, reviews that they are crooks
    3) go to police and do not hesitate to announce it. It is always better you have this records in hands in case they try out some tricks in the future. So do not forget about it! In your country, there will be more people like you who made the same mistake. So do not worry.
    4) Aspen Holding are Russians! Your security intelligence should keep track of these frauds!

  11. I decided to sign up and got the call but I didn’t give my back account since it was awfully suspicious. I am thankful for all the reviews and this article that I am saved. They were asking if I can give my WhatsApp number and asking about what do I do for work. A professional worker never does that. Do not trust them.

  12. Elijah Tetteh Kudjordji

    I have just finished talking with one Matthew Thompson after I got convinced upon countless flashes on my facebook page and about to give their trade a try, using my Visa Card from Ghana but from what I have just read from you guys right now, I need to think twice because $250 is more than a GHc1200 equivalent in Ghana and it may be a bang on my head to do that. I better try ADSS in Abu Dhabi where I live now I am here with them.

  13. Thank you for the very valuable sharing from real situation and from the heart. I was almost caught in the scam but I have the feeling to firstly investigate who actually Aspen Holding.

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