INVCenter review – 5 things you should know about

INVCenter review – 5 things you should know about

Beware! INVCenter is an offshore broker! Your investment may be at risk.



Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Open trading accounts with at least two brokers.


INVCenter is an offshore Forex brokerage registered in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. It provides a web-based trading platform, not the MT4 trading platform but the spread is absurdly high at 5 pips on EUR/USD, however, the leverage is quite generous at 1:200.

INVCenter regulation and safety

On the brokers website we read that the broker brand is owned and operated by a SVG-based company with the name News Traders LTD. Saint Vincent and the Grenadines is a well-known offshore zone and a preferred location for shady brokerage.

We remind readers that the government of SVG has multiple times publicly stated that it does not oversee Forex trading and thus we may safely conclude that not only is the brokerage not regulated. Furthermore, trading with an offshore, unregulated brokerage hides a lot of risk. There may be commingling which means that the brokerage may commingle together the finances of the firm and the finances of the clients. Furthermore, in the terms and conditions of the broker we find conflicting information of the country of origin since it reads that Scottish laws are in effect for the agreement which is another sign of trouble since such inconsistencies are the mark of a scammer. On top of all this we learn that the brokerage is acting as a market maker which may lead to conflict of interest if it wishes to give trading advise or manage the accounts of clients since market makers are on a profit only when clients lose money. Overall, the lack of regulation inclines us to suspect that potential clients of the brokerage may be open to substantial risk.

Traders needn’t have to worry themselves with such risk if they choose to trade with a brokerage regulated and authorized by a prestigious regulatory agency. Such agencies are the FCA in the UK or CySec in Cyprus which have been leading names in Forex trading for some time now. Their regulatory framework is composed of a number of strict rules which prevent clients from falling victims to fraud. Such rules include the segregation of accounts which assures that commingling with the client’s money is not possible. Furthermore, a license by such a regulatory body entails participation in a financial mechanism by which clients may be compensated if they suffer losses due to fraud or bankruptcy. With the FCA the compensation is up to 85 000 pounds, where as with CySEC it is up to 20 000 euro per person.

INVCenter trading software

Putting all this aside – the brokerage does not provide the MetaTrader 4 trading platform, a big disadvantage for traders since it is the foremost trading terminal at the moment equipped with features such as almost a 100 market indicators, as well as customizable trading robots. INVCenter provides a web-based platform and we were able to get a look at it through a demo account.

We could see a spread of 4 pips on EUR/USD which is quite high and unfavorable for traders. There are a wide range of trading options including Forex currency pairs and CFDs on metals, indices and stocks.

INVCenter deposit/withdrawal methods and fees

Potential clients of the brokerage may deposit or withdraw via only the standard Visa, MasterCard and bank wire. E-wallets such as Skrill are missing.

Going through the terms and conditions of the brokerage we did not discover any troublesome provisions beside the bonus conditions. Even though unregulated brokers such as IVNCenter offer attractive bonus promotions we remind readers that such promotions are always tied with trading turnover requirements which make it almost impossible to withdraw the funds.

This is why we advise traders to always put up only the required minimum deposit, instead of risking a bigger amount with no certainty. Afterwards, they may also try to withdraw a small amount in order to check for any unexpected fees or delays. Such fees and delays are usually the signs of a scammer.

How does the scam work?

Even though the Forex trading world is extremely large and encompasses millions of people around the globe, the most common scamming is pretty simple and straightforward and as such – it’s not particularly daring to avoid. Here is a quick overview of how it is done:

Through clicking an ad with promises for fast money, you will be redirected to a website such as DaxRobot or CryptoContracts where registration will require you to give your address, email and phone number. After sharing your personal information, you will being receiving calls from brokers, compelling you to invest with them and win big. After a few minutes hearing their pitches, you decide to deposit some $200-250. And just like that – the scammers take a fat commission from this initial deposit.

After they are done with you, senior scammers begin working you into putting even more money. They say it’s the only way to profit from trading even more. After making the mistake of investing even further, you’ll begin wanting to get out of this and withdraw what you have left.

Unfortunately, the con-artists have no such thing in mind. They will now begin persuading you to wait it out and not withdraw right now. The angle here is pretty blunt – traders have a limited time period for filing a chargeback with their bank and get their money back. The “recovery department” will simply want to mislead you into missing thе crucial period and, along the way, losing any chance you might have of getting the money back.

It is important here to take notice that both Visa and MasterCard are taking measures to combat unregulated forex brokerages by classifying all forex transactions as high risk. And with the case Traderia – they are correct in doing so. Furthermore, supporting their intention with clear actions – MasterCard has increased the previous time period of six months for filing a chargeback to a year and a half.

What to do when scammed?

As was mentioned above, scamming is quite the common in the trading world and, sadly, even you might suffer from it. In such an unfortunate case there still may be some available options for you.

You may contact your bank or credit card provider and file a chargeback. 

If, however, you have provided the broker with your credit card details, immediately cancel your credit card.

If you have given information regarding your online banking pass – you should switch it asap!

Beware of potential calls from self-described “recovery agencies”! They prey on scammed and vulnerable traders who are desperate to recover their losses. They will require an “up-front” payment to help you, but after paying them, no such help will be coming your way!

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  1. Estelle van der Westhuizen

    Paid $2200 and now I cannot withdraw my fund. Broker was ERIC GOLD. They dont return calls or messages. What can I do?

    1. Broker was ERIC GOLD , DAVID MILLER , DEAN ? same happen with me now

    2. I deposited $1200 and now the guy will not respond to any messages and the number just keeps ringing. The broker is David Sol.
      I can’t do anything

      1. Adriaan van Niekerk

        Exactly the same happened to me and exactly the same broker.

    3. Hi
      Did you send them your account details to verify?
      Eg Id copy and bank card details.

      1. I started with 1200 euro tried to get my money back and found that they had taken a further 2457.00 euro the person is David Sol

      2. I wouldn’t recommend doing that but if u or anyone has already, did anything happen. Did u give ID?

    4. I have also been scammed by Eric Gold, smooth talker, you can email support 1000 times, nobody will get back to you, they are a bunch of thieves, the wheel will turn and God will punish you and your family Eric, you will burn in Hell!!!

      1. I was told eric gold had left the firm after losing over £40,000 and left me with nothing, all lies, they are still after money now

  2. I only paid in the $200 but also cannot get funds back the broker was Dave Cooper. I have message them and called but to no avail. I am wanting to post it everywhere as a scam. What is there to do?

  3. The same happen to me Erick Gold was the broker.

    1. I joined bitcoin evolution, then had a call from a foreign woman setting up an appointment for me with proposed broker JACK MORISSON. I initially joined with a $200 investment. JACK guided me through a simple trade (I didn’t understand any of it) which made me a profit of around $50.00 He then changed to bitcoin lite, played with that for awhile, then told me I would make some REAL money by buying BITCOIN. I said I couldn’t afford the $4,000 he was asking but he said he could get me one coin. He asked for my bank details (DEBIT CARD) which I stupidly gave knowing they had those details anyway from when I paid my initial $200. He asked more questions re account amd I started to feel uneasy. I told him very clearly I DID NOT want any more money taken from my account. He fobbed me off saying it would still be in my account. He set up a trade with the ONE bitcoin and said he would check in with me in a few days when I should see a sizable profit. Feeling uneasy I checked my bank and found out I had been cleaned out. I contacted bank, but they said the transaction had already gone through, and I had been scammed and would not see my money again. They canceled my card. I am devistated. I’m an aged pensioner who has 2 grandchildren living with me whom I support and care for. I cannot affort the loss of this money.

      1. joao alberto salgueiro dos santos santos

        Exatamente o que a Sra. aqui descreve, aconteceu comigo. Estou tentando reaver o meu dinheiro, mas não vai ser fácil.
        Exactly what you describe here happened to me. I’m trying to get my money back, but it won’t be easy.

      2. I have had exactly the same scam. When I tried to withdraw the money he opened another link to my card and instead of paying back the $4,200 he took a further £5k. Nightmares since.

      3. i completely understand your dilemma exactly the same thing has happened to me the only difference is that i was able to stop further transaction being taken from account.
        I to am a pensioner

        1. Can someone help me out I wanted to do this but I hang up before I gave the permission to give my money will I still lose my money ?

          1. Hi, if you have not given your dank details they cant take any money, if you have given these details I would contact your back and cancel your card.


  4. I deposited $1100 and now the guy will not respond to any messages and the number just keeps ringing. The broker is David Sol.

    1. The same David sol who claimed to be my account manager.after i deposited $200 he said i ‘ll have to add more finds,i didn’t the next thing i couldn’t login the system said does not take south africans

  5. Did any of you got your money back and how. Same thing happened to me. Broker, Sean Davis

  6. I deposited €200 in January. Requested a withdrawal on the 22nd January. They said it would take 10 working days….it has been 12 and nothing. They keep ringing wanting me to invest but I dont want to. I will go down the legal route if I have to. Its the principle and not their money.

  7. Can’t these scammers be traced and stopped??

    1. I’m so sorry to hear what happened to you, I’ve lost 5000 euro, I reported them to the police today, made a full statement for fraud. I think all of us should do it, otherwise they will keep doing what they are doing, they stole money from people. I’ts a crime!

      1. EXACTLY! Report to your bank’s fraud department – ‘goods not received’ complaint through either Visa or MC.


      2. Adriaan van Niekerk

        I am from South Africa. Where can I report this? David Sol from INVcentre keep on sending confirmation that my money is paid back to me but weeks gone past and I never receive anything.

        1. I was also scammed by them Invcenter trying 3 months sending emails they also go by Qteck Lost $200

      3. i agree. im from south africa, i will hunt them down.

  8. I initially started investing 200usd the broker David Sol persuaded me to deposit more. I told him I don’t have..he conned me by saying he will give me a bonus and I have to accept. I received a message on my phone saying accepted, fraud..and I accepted..only to find that i didn’t get a bonus. They took money out of my acc. Then another broker called saying he wants to help me get my money back. But in order for me to get it back i must have the equivalent..again they scammed me. I lost a total of R30k.. They are crooks

  9. I also deposited 200 then made 500 to get me hooked then n 1000 and 1000.
    All calls are to get more money or to get a access to your bank to clean you out.
    Very rude people once you argue with them.
    Is there more platforms you can get this accross.

  10. I also got scammed. After few deposits they “lost” my money with na trade and that wich is left i cant get back.
    They say if i want to get withdrawl done i need to give them money and then they pay it all back. All lies

  11. Same happend to me they keep asking for documents in order to withdrawl the money i made. but even tho you send the document the next day they ask for the same thing every time. Does anyone know how we gona get our money back.

    1. Good day

      I am in a similar situation?
      They are hounding me for documents?
      I am not sure if I must send them the docs?

      1. don’t send any documents, call your bank for chargeback as soon as you can.

    2. Regarding you sending the documents, did they use your documents for any bad things like identity theft or impersonation???

    3. It’s just happened to me $200.I asked for my deposit back . Told me I have a bonus, all I asked for was my deposit back. “Leo” said if I give him my banking details he will refund my money to me , so I gave my details again to him after.”thinking he’s going to refund my money
      The next thing he’s taken $999 from my account.Went to my bank cancelled my card and open a case off fraud .
      He’s just phoned me now told me no documents no refund, I told him he’s a the thief . Anyone had money refunded ???

  12. My trading advisor was David Morgan. He has promised me a big profit, but he has disappeared for two months now. Ross Matthews and John Whelan (I believe they are same person) took over, but I doubt they will return me my money.
    Before Invcenter, David Morgan and Ross Matthews both worked at another scam trading company FX Leader, which Ross Matthews’ secretary Sylviya Core says are interlinked company of Invcenter. I invested money there too (how stupid of me) my money there was never returned either. There were so many bullshit excuses for them why they couldn’t let me withdraw my own fund.

    Both Invcenter and FX Leader.

    1. Same happened to me only invested 200 and they took 1200 and now they say I must validate account with documents which I will not give them I spoke to bank and cancelled cards now I have to start a charge back claim here hoping i will be lucky the name of company is http://WWW.INVCENTRE.COM NAME OF BROKER IS TOM PARLOV SECRETARY IS AMY HARPER DEALERS NAME IS DAVID MORGAN ZDO NOT DEAL WIRH THIS COMPANY AS THIS COMPANY ARE SCAMMERS

    2. I was also scammed by them Invcenter also going by Qteck Lost $200 Sending emails from 3 months ago

  13. The same thing happened. They asked me to deposit 200# first and then 1000$ and further asked to deposit 500$. AFter couple of days no response from them. Broker name is ERIC GOLD. Not sure, still how many of them will be scammed like this. Anyone got the money back still now. Any contact numbers. I have tried their call center numbers, where no one is lifting the phone.
    Any solutions ?

    1. I tried the contact number several times in Feb 2020. A guy answered the phone unexpectedly, as if he was expecting a call from one of his buddies. He was surprised to hear from a customer.
      Other times, nobody even cared to pick up the phone.
      They say INVCenter is one of the largest online trading platforms, but that is definitely bullsh*t.

  14. Invcenter is a SCAM company.
    On 24/03/2020 I tried to ‘invest’ in bitcoin, then decided to wait for another day when I would get paid.
    Immediately a woman called Emma Ivanova rang & emailed me constantly, promised she would give me 25% extra on the investment of USD200 & that she would RETURN the amount to me the following day if I ever changed my mind.
    On 25th Mar I invested my aust funds, immediately she put me through to her ‘accounts manager’ who asked me for details of my other credit card number.

    On 26th Mar they also charged my account for an ‘international transaction fee’. I tried to contact Emma & also her company, the only reply I got was ‘this number does not xist’. Realising this was a SCAM I immediately contacted my bank who said they will ‘dispute’ this transaction with invcenter & they cancelled my credit card.

    ALL u people out there, beware of SCAMMERS out there. They try to CHEAT our hard earned money & savings for a quick buck.

  15. You will lose all of your money and never be able to withdraw your funds!!! I requested to withdraw $2700, whereby a week later my request was cancelled due to trading activity on my account. I’ve never used the platform to trade. I was bullied into depositing funds, and harassed to add more to the fund!!! Bunch of criminals!!!!

    1. I just deposited money to INVcenter yesterday so my bank can be able to reverse it?

  16. I tried to withdrawal send numerous with out any luck Dave and Damian was the scammers 450USD
    I am the only bread winner don’t they any compassion towards others so selfish
    there must be somebody that van help us why must we sit bac. There must be help some where to get hold of these scammers maybe we need some hackers that can get us back all our money in at time like this we need the funds .pleas ecan somebody help us

  17. Bernard Chong Phoe

    Between 23 March – 28th March, my bank account and my housing loan account were totally cleaned up including an outstanding credit card of Eur6000 owing. The crooks are Jack Morisson who passed me to David Morgan for the kill. Total loss is 42200Usd but on INVcenter screen I have 64000usd to my credit which I tried to withdraw but unable for 100usd. They locked my password and withdrawal page.

    1. I lost contact with David Morgan, my original trader at INV. Around April 15th, Ross Matthews told me that my original trader David Morgan was infected with covid-19 and has been in the hospital for almost three weeks. What a convenient lie that was. Sounds like David was around all this time, disappeared from (ignored) the existing clients and trying to cheat other people!!

  18. hi guys, on face book i saw a add with channel 10 the project and dick smith showing them how easy it is to make money,i clicked the link of bitcoin evolution which took me to a platform InVcenter i registered and paid $500 a lady with an accent rang me to make an appointment with one of the brokers,i asked the girl is this bitcoin evolution she said yes our company name is inVcenter that runs it.the broker called me on time and told me my initial money will only make small change and if i want to be with the big players i need to invest at least 5k to get started i told him no,they set up a connection so they have full access to your screen to help you monover around the trading platform, when he started to ask me to get in to my bank account to verify the transaction i felt this isn’t a normal process of a broker. i quickly shut down the connection and said i will close the account i don’t feel comfortable you having access to my banking, he said this is a normal process. i told him to close my account, he said i need to access the your computor to close the account due to money laundering i told him he is full of shit, he turned around you have 10 sec to allow me access or you can kiss your money good bye, mind you he used some colourful words which i will not put on screen. i left my guard down and got burnt due to a simple add… tell everyone about inVenter it is a scam for bitcoin trading, thankyou for reading my story.

    1. It happened to me today, They have my 5000 € deposit, how to close the account and how to get money back?

      1. Karolina, they refuse to return me my USD200, I’m very sure they will NOT return your huge deposit of £5,000.
        Complain to the bank of this UNAUTHORISED transaction & QUICKLY DELETE your credit cards & bank account number (if u have informed them about it ). Then apply for new credit cards & bank account number.

        1. I lost $8240.00 and they just ignore any calls etc. I know my money is gone. I just hope this virus do a proper job.

  19. Further to my previous report complaining about Invcenter I would also like to report about another company called Jubiter which came in on the scene after I had complained to Invcenter to return my money.
    In the beginning Nicolas Alexe from emailed me to inform me that Jubiter is a cryptocurrency platform for buying, selling or storing Bitcoins & Litecoins.
    Later Adina Athanasiou took over, she informed me that Invcenter bought the bitcoins from them & Jubiter sent them to an ‘external wallet’ named….she then listed a long array of characters consisting of 34 alphabets & numbers & kept on insisting I should contact Invcenter to request them to send my bitcoins (USD200 ) to this external wallet so that her company could refund me the money.

    What a load of rubbish, I’m NO FOOL, between 31st Mar- 8th apr (for 9 days ) she sent me 12 emails reminding me to contact Invcenter to do this (which I did 3 times but did not replicate the apparent 34 character long name of the external wallet ).

    Be VERY careful everyone, OTHER companies will JOIN IN to HELP Invcenter or ANY other SCAM BROKERS – they are ALL in this TOGETHER !!!

    There are ALSO companies which purport to presumably HELP u to RECOVER your monies – do NOT RESORT to them, they want a FEE from u &
    wham bam !!!…..those GREEDY SCAVENGERS want a BITE out of your SAVINGS too !!!

  20. I tried to get my money back today, they rang me and asked to use share desk, they said the only way to withdraw my money is to login to my bank account so they can check, transaction codes, I said no, and unplugged my computer. There is anyone who got they money back, and can advice how to do it? My deposit was 5000 euro, I’ve lost my job due to Covid19, and I’m also waiting for my test results, that’s all my savings… I did cancel all my cards the same date, but I was still hoping to get money back. Any advice?

  21. Ya the fkn assholes got me too.. but its my own stupidity

  22. My adult nephew reported to me just this week, that he’d made a ‘stupid’ decision to invest A$10,000 in bitcoin currency. He was seduced into it by advertising trickery (seeing an Australian idol of his, a TV presenter called David Koche, who allegedly endorsed the Company, INVcenter, for investing in bitcoin currency). The ad went on about D. Koche’s financial gains, etc. The ad was a fraud of course! But my nephew fell into the ploy and gave out his identity details along with his bank details and withdrawal approval of the A$10K! Unfortunately, he did his homework after the fact. His bank has absolved themselves of responsibility in trying to retrieve the funds (saying in a letter to my nephew, that he’s given his signed permission for the transfer of the funds, therefore it cannot be viewed as theft or an unlawful withdrawal). My nephew hasn’t been able to withdraw the funds when he’s tried. He’s received calls to his mobile, by a so-called broker who’s trying to extract more funds from him and stonewalling him from withdrawing existing monies! I have all his transaction details that he’s passed on to me. I said I would explore this scam on his behalf – to see if I can find out if anything can be done to retrieve his hard earned monies. There must be something the Federal Police can do about this insidious crime!? So many people have lost countless millions of dollars …

  23. I reported this to the police, they took 5000 euro out of me, when I’m suffering from Coronavirus, they are taking advantage of people, stealing they money, don’t you ever get involved with them, and if you did, report this to the police, they need to be stoped!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s a crime!!!!! Please do it, I did it, more of us will do it it will make a change.

  24. HOW does QTECK (and INVCENTER) scam? READ on if…

    If you are considering to invest money with Qteck (or inVcenter) then PLEASE DO NOT!
    If you are already investing with them then STOP depositing and WITHDRAW all your “available fund” to find out soon!

    Yes! Qteck and its “higher level” inVcenter are professional scammers!!! They are all in together to setup a trap to trick and steal money from people who are crave to make a lot of money fast like me. They convinced me to make half of million US dollars in few months by trading with “special contracts” and they used AnyDesk software to remote into my laptop and steal all money from my bank accounts including my loans from family and friends! USD140,000, yes 140 thousand US dollars just in few week time! You would lose more or less depending how much you have in your bank accounts and how much you aim to make fortune for future plans, retirement etc.

    Here are contact details from both Qteck and inVcenter which they used to contact me:
    Email: David Morgan davidm, Sylviya Core sylviyac, Ross Mathews rossm
    Phone: 02 9054 4523, +44 20 3991 0009, +44 20 3608 1309, +60 3 3099 4745, +60 3 3099 4748.
    Bank accounts: Libra Digital Marketing – BSB: 802985 – Account Number: 318274640.
    Bank accounts: Principal Great Wide – BSB: 032051 – Account Number: 933050

    I am sure they use different names, contact details and bank accounts for their “clients” in different groups or countries! They asked me to send all kind of identifications but they never revealed any of theirs even I asked. At first they kept calling me to invest/deposit more money to make good chunk of profit fast! At start, Sylviya asked me to install AnyDesk software so they can easily access to my laptop and “show/guide” me through how their trading platform which is a fake trading system, they can add as much as “Bonus” and totally control how much you profit, how much money you see in your trading account is all faked but to excite you to deposit more and more money with good “bonus” on top.

    My first few deposit was from my credit card via Jubiter website: www USA: +1 85 5979 6669, UK: +44 80 0048 8449. Because the card limit only few thousand dollars then they “suggested” me to do bank transfer (which they manage to open local bank account to convince people to have trust on money transfer). Off course I was convinced to be able to make half of million dollars in few months so I were blindly let them to use AnyDesk to transfer my money to their bank accounts several times! Because I have transfer limit of 30,000 per day otherwise they could have stolen 140,000 just in one go!

    How I got hooked was Sylviya kept calling me proposing it’s “right time” to make a lot of profit, she always asked me to open AnyDesk first and passed me on to Ross to play around with my trading account “show” me how to trade “safely” to make steady profit. Yes he did all that for me and made some profit plus he “threw” in 5,000 “bonus” to keep me exciting with the fund figure rising in my trading account. Then soon later he passed me to David, his “higher level” who “trained” him many years help him to make a lot of money. Once asked Ross to show me his trading account in AnyDesk, Ross has 5 million dollars! But off course it is a fake account, they made the system and they can “add” as much as they want to their account to trick people to believe that they are successful in trading and help people to trade successfully!

    David Morgan (from inVcenter) is a lot better than Ross Mathew and Sylviya Core (from Qteck), he spent hours on phone to convince me that he had been in trading for few decades and somehow managed to buy some “special contracts” to be execute urgently to double up the trading buy/sell etc. He forced me to buy these contracts to make half of million dollars in few months. David (with helping hand of Ross) used AnyDesk to keep transferring my money to their banks. The worst thing is they made me to sign the Declaration of Deposit and Transfer forms every time they took money out of my bank account. Sylviya Core emailed me these forms which has paragraph as “I renounce any claims and/or complaints (including transaction chargeback or dispute) against the merchant or any related billing/processing partner.” Hence make these scammers become legal thieves!

    As I borrowed some money from my family and friends, I really needed to pay back them urgently to keep my promise therefore I requested Qteck (Ross Mathew) to withdraw the “available fund” from my trading account… Ross Mathew (Qteck) found many excuses to process my withdrawal and “passed” me to David Morgan (inVCenter) who then trying to convince me to pay 20,000 US dollars TAX in order for him to “release” all my deposited money 140,000 US plus “profit” in total of 327,000 US (getting closed to half of million dollars!) that David Morgan “helped” me buying and “execute” his “special contracts”… If I had more money David would steal all from my bank accounts in front of my eyes!!!

    I wanted to “save up” to half of million dollars without thinking of withdrawing money and blindly let them cheated me opening AnyDesk to access my laptop and took money without my permission, but seeing the “profit” rising up in my trading account which fool me to believe David Morgan and Ross Mathew and Sylviya Core were “trying to help” to trade “on time”! Only when I tried to withdraw some money to pay back loans then I soon found out that they are professional SCAMMERS!

    I started reading closely all the bad reviews about QTECK and INVCENTER… I am amazing that these scammers have stolen maybe million dollars from many victims since a long time ago and now still stealing again and again without getting caught? They would change names and companies and continue to steal maybe in different ways. Ross Mathew told me on the phone he has about 8 million dollars and David Morgan told me he has about 80 million dollars as result of trading… Wow!!! These scammers are not stealing a bread out of hunger! They need to be STOPPED legally so many people will not lose so much money!

    I hope anyone who reads my story who is looking at earning good money by investing in an online company will be able to recognize a scammer at early stage if brokers having the similar “strategies” mentioned above. Big promising profit would make us stupid! And for all victims like me, we should get together somehow to find the way to stop these scammers, in addition not just to write reviews only but also somehow to spread the words worldwide to warn people and ask help from government, police etc? If there is an effective process to stop or catch these scammers which incurs a small fee then it would be worth? We can all chip in? I have made inquiry with MyChargeBack service and talked to a consultant, he wanted an upfront fee plus 20% of amount he can get back… I am not too sure but I have the feeling that MyChargeBack could be another legal scammer? Unless we know for sure a real victim who got money back successfully. So watch out MyChargeBack as well.

    1. Ross Matthews originally worked at FXLeader ( with Sylviya Core. David Morgan was also there. I was stupid enough to trust these people. Then they moved to INVCenter (interlinked company of FXLeader is what they had explained). I wanted to withdraw all my funds but was urged to deposit the 10% commission first. Why not let me have the 90% of the funds I have??

      While I was told by Ross Matthews that David Morgan had covid-19 and has been in the hospital for the last three weeks, reading other people’s reviews on this page reminds me that he was there and cheating other people all along during the time he had disappeared from my trade.

      Ross and Sylviya now work for Qteck? As long as they are working there, I can swear this is another scam trading company.

      Don’t trust them!

      1. Hi Juno, thank you for confirming the scammers! Yes Ross Mathew and Sylviya Core work for Qteck and David Morgan from inVcenter is their “higher level”. They are stealing a lot of money from many victims! It is serious crime! and it seems that there is no worldwide authority funded or get paid to investigate to catch and stop them, therefore they can just keep going on to scam people.

    2. OMG. I had dealings with this David Morgan last night. Thankfully I’ve only lost 300 but my god this guy is smooth. Alarm bells rang when he remote accessed my PC and stupid me allowed him to see my online bank details. As he was insisting on wanting more money he got quite irate when I refused. I rang my bank straight away and with passwords changed I should be safe but I’m still worried he’s put malware on my pc maybe. They kept phoning all last night so I’ve blocked calls. But this morning another guy got very irate at me again saying my deposit hadn’t come through. Wish I’d never been so silly and done research first. These people prey on us. They’re scum. I hope you can recover your funds. There must be a way.

    3. I totally agree with you Jason. The same happened with us. Maybe if we all band together we can find a lawyer or someone who can take this on for a small percentage or each scam they recover.

    4. did you manage to get any money back? I lost over £40,000 with Eric gold among others, i have tried the banks and no joy

  25. Hi
    The same exactly happened with me , they made me pay 4300$ On April 21, 2020
    The account manager was Mike Spector, and second day I felt it was fishy and I asked him to refund my money, and after this no one is replying my emails, couldn’t get my money back.

    There is a site called ( it is an organization that investigate about scam companies , I sent them a complaint few days ago.
    If all of you as well file a complaint so they would know how many people got scammed by this invcenter company, maybe they can shut it down
    At least to save other people to get scammed like us.

  26. HI Guys,

    I too initially started investing 200usd the broker David persuaded me to deposit more. I told him I don’t have..he said that am going to miss daily 300 to 350 dollars trading profits, After that I deposited 700 USD dollars more and they collected my personal documents -passport,card details and telephone bill also. After 1 day David called me asking for more money deposit when i refuse he said he going to cancel my account without refunding my balance 900 usd amount I wrote so many emails and leave messages on site but no response from them till today. Please can anyone help me to get back my money 900 Dollars into my account.

    1. These are robbers, INVcenter is robbing people left right and centre.


    Guys – InvCenter is a total SCAM. Do not be duped by all the sweet talking ladies and men – they are all liars. It is a scam through and through…. they play you by giving freebies and dummy trades that shows ur balance grow – ALL A RUSSIAN SCAM AND HOAX.

    What’s my proof – this is what appeared on my credit card statement after I subscribed. You think you subscribing in USD to a European financial services provider (UNREGULATED because they offer trading advice…. all lies)…. however the charge comes in Russian Rubles.

    DescriptionTex Pay 01~pr-kt. Narvskijj, 14, k~St.Petersbur~190020 RUS643
    Amount 18,682.00 RUB

    All the nonsense KYC requirements for you to provide your identify documents, credit card information and so much more – all most likely for identity theft.


  28. I was also scammed by invcentre and i am at present trying to get a refund but they wont give it to me, i refused to fill a declaration of deposits for 4800 that they will not confirm they have so they said no withdrawl until i send the document back to Rose Andrey personal asisstant, they are a joke no support, no complaints section,they also got 2285 from me which they received a DOD thats what they call it but will not refund me,i have been to my accountant ,police and my bank and when i told them i was doing this MIKE my so called financial advisor got very aggresive with me over the phoneand then told me quote ‘ you aint getting shit’ and then hung up they have broken their own terms of agreement continously, I am battling with them and i wont let it go they are thieves and scum ripping of innocent people of the hard earned money at a very stressful time, they need to be stopped.

    1. Was your financial advisor Mike Spector? He was very aggressive with me too.

    2. The very same happened to me 2weeks ago as you I haven’t signed any documents , they got me to open a account up with the online credit firm called Revolut
      I transferred the money but haven’t gone any further
      I’ve told them I want a refund which didn’t go down very well . I’ve made a statement to the police but I don’t think anything will come of it . I can’t understand why they can’t be caught, let’s hope Karma catches up with these thieving Bastards.

  29. Hope they all get covid 19 and die an agonising death it’s what they all deserve

  30. We have just had this happen today …I got suspicious when they used any desk and I looked online to find people have been scammed ,we instantly rang the bank and cancelled our cards ,my husband is so angry that he fell for their lies,it’s actually making us both Ill ,he’s had mini stroke I just hope it doesn’t cause him to have another. I’m also worried because they have copies of passport . I’ve begged our bank to help but I think they won’t be able to recover it.
    My husband has said that we should get together somehow to make a case against them…. has anyone got any ideas??
    I’ve written to “action fraud “ which I would encourage all of you to do,it’s connected with the police,my bank encouraged me to do this,so if we all do this maybe there will be some justice !!
    We should of clicked with the name Eric GOLD !!

    1. Chargeback is another scammer, don’t invest your money with them, ask your bank for chargeback immediately, I was scammed by INVcenter for 5000 euro in April, I actually reported this to the police and made the case against them, we all should do the same, I’m not sure if I will get my money back( I invested all my savings :((() but I really don’t want this to happen to anybody else, I’m going true tremendous stress, we should make a case together, more people will be in the bigger chances they can be stopped. The last conversation I had was with Ross, he was screaming at me, calling me names… very vulgar. If anybody want to make a case together, I’m in.

      1. Hi Anna. I m Sue here. I want to join you to make a case against INVCenter. I lost USD3200 within minutes after giving details of my credit card to them. How we can join hands to combat this big time scammer. We should report this case to Visa and Master Card to file a Charge back for all our deposits with INVCenter which we could not get a refund.

      2. This ross mathews aka Dr ross seems to pop up in many instances in these reviews and in a few he has
        shown his true colours by being a truely nasty little snake shame on you crawl back under your rock

      3. Hi
        That happened with me as well but what can we do and recovery my money anyone have a solution about it please
        Really I’m afraid about it .

  31. Patrick O'Reilly

    I got scammed for €200 over the weekend with Now I tried to be careful as I am led to believe if ther is a padlock and https in the URL address that the site is secure. I checked this and url address and the address was as above and still I am scanned.

  32. They are SCAMERS!!! Do not invest with them. You will never get your funds back. Stop deposit your money, contact your bank and ask for chargeback, cancel you credit card immediately. I’ve lost 1500 EUR. Eric Gold was my account manager forcing me to deposit more and more money, once I’ve refused, he stopped calling me. I was trying to withdraw my money, but it’s not possible due to bullshit excuses. Now Liam Warren, trying to get more money of me. When I’m saying that I will not invest more money and I want to get my deposit back, he said that is not possible due to account liquidity.It was an expensive lesson for me. STAY AWAY, do not believe them at all. NEVER EVER share your laptop SCREEN if they ask you to do it.DO NOT send any documents, They will steal all your money!!!!!! I’m going report them to Police with financial fraud file.

  33. I got this Asshole David Sol called me many times insisting i buy 1 Bit coin. Luckily I lost US600.00 only. Hope they all die in hell…

  34. David Morgan tells me he will be releasing my funds, and to do so, I will have to open my credit card.

    I have had some depressing time, and if he really does, all my anxieties will be gone.

    Wish me luck!

    1. and of course, my previous comment was put up because David Morgan told me to write something good.
      He said bad reviews are posted, and good ones will be deleted.

      I am not sure if that is true or not.

      1. David Morgan tried to scam me last night. I lost 300 the so called deposit. He got rude when I said no to his request for 5000. And there’s been no reply to my email requesting a refund. Sorry but this is a total scam and I feel for people who’ve lost thousands.

  35. I lost $8240.00 and they just ignore any calls etc. I know my money is gone. I just hope this virus do a proper job.

  36. I too was scammed by David Sol and a stupid woman who called herself Mary Evans. Halfway through the process I felt uneasy so I did not send back the documents that “Mary” asked for. I stopped my credit card and my accounts that they raided at another bank, via anydesk. They phoned me 30 to 40 times a day for about 2 months and then seemed to give up. Now they have started again and said that if I just send the documents I can have my money back. I am afraid that I also told them to drop dead. These people were from InVcenter.

  37. Ik heb mij vandaag ook laten vangen voor 300€ bij Invcenter. Contactpersonen waren:
    Kevin Rask Account manager Tel. +442039910009 [email protected]
    Amir Camp Floormanager Tel. idem [email protected]
    Irina Borisov Tel. idem i[email protected]
    Ik ga van de veronderstelling uit dat ik die 300€ nooit meer zal terugzien als ik de bovenstaande verhalen lees. Gelukkig voor mij valt het verlies nog mee als ik de collega’s hierboven hun verhalen zie en ben ik niet verder gegaan in met trading. Het spijt mij dan ook dat zovele slachtoffers veel geld hebben verloren aan deze fraudeurs die blijkbaar niet te pakken zijn omdat ze offshore werken.
    Today I also got caught for 300 € at Invcenter. Contact persons were:
    Kevin Rask Account manager Tel. +442039910009 [email protected]
    Amir Camp Floor manager Tel. ditto [email protected]
    Irina Borisov Tel. ditto [email protected]
    I assume that I will never see that 300 € again when I read the above stories. Fortunately for me, the loss is not too bad when I see the colleagues above their stories and I have not continued trading. I am therefore sorry that so many victims have lost a lot of money to these fraudsters who apparently cannot be caught because they work offshore.

  38. I also was scammed on the 5th June sent £200 they wanted me to sent another £2500 told them I didn’t have any money I have stopped my card was waiting for a phone call today never got sent 2 emails with no reply Damian Starr was dealing with me Not the first time I have been scammed but will be the last avoid this site

  39. Hi All
    Just update to my previous post. Yesterday I’ve reported them to my local police station as a financial fraud. Was not that bad, they were very helpful.As they are offshore registered company, my local police station will contact relevant station in country where invcenter is registered and pass my case to them. So, if all of us do the same, there might be a chance to stop them.All you need to do is to gather all emails, texts,recorded phone conversation(easy to do it with mobile phone, PLEASE RECORD EVERY CONVERSATION WITH THEM!!!!) and pass it to your local police station with a short explanation what happened to you. Simple and easy 🙂 It ok to say I’m a victim I’ve made mistake etc. It does not make you stupid or silly. If we do nothing, they will win. So just do it ,good luck 🙂

  40. Another scam company – stay away.

  41. I thank God I came to read reviews about this fast growing money thing, which is a total scam.
    Initially i wanted to invest, but I couldn’t at that specific moment. I then asked the guy to call me again the next day.
    After I went and did my research I red all these things about invCenter which was not good.
    I mean people lost a lot more than I would’ve and my heart really goes out for you guys.
    The next day when the guy called me he kept calling from different numbers, as i continued to block the new number that kept calling. I knew then this is scam, cause how can you keep calling me with a different number each time. Then one time i tried to call back then the phone number didn’t even work cause i wanted to test it.
    May God deal with these thieves that steals innocent hard working peoples money with a blink of an eye.

  42. I lost $300 to this David Morgan last night. Alarm bells were raised with his remote view and control of my PC including my bank account details. And his insistence I transfer $5000 to him asap – he just seemed too keen to get his hands on my money even though he could clearly see I don’t have much. Thank god I contacted my bank and blocked my credit card asap. I hate to think what could have happened. My phone rang all through last night with different numbers ringing – even more signs these are scammers. I was roped in by a friend on Facebook who was hacked.

  43. David Morgan. What can I say about this guy…
    While he worked at FX Leader, he became sick in October 2019 for a week, came back shortly and disappeared for a longer period of time in October-November. He showed up again with INVCenter in late November, and disappeared again in January this year for 4 months.

    Before his return in early June, there were other people who talked me into sending more money. Ross Matthews (now at Qteck) with his secretary Sylviya Core, Mike Spector and Kevin Rask. They can be REALLY REALLY aggressive when I refuse to send more fund.

    When David Morgan came back earlier this month (June 2020), he said “I am telling you something that very few people know. I plan to retire soon.” This is how he makes us worried and anxious about our money. He will not give us anything back. Don’t fall for his tactics.

  44. Has anyone sent in documents and if so what happened?

    Any extra fraud or identity theft or just blanked.

  45. INVCenter is a big time scammer. I have been scammed USD3200 within minutes after I gave them my credit card details to open a trading account.Kevin Rast, the account manager insisted me to download Anydesk software where he can manipulate my online banking account. I suspected something not right and decided not to continue with them. Kevin got angry and told me that my account be frozen. From that day onwards I cannot get my deposits despite numerous requests and he block all phomecalls from me.
    I suggest all victims to report to Visa and Master card to file a Charge back for all the scammed transactions. We should appeal to Visa and Master Card to combat scams and assist us to get back our hard earned money which have been scammed by INVCenter.

    1. Paul John Macalindol

      hi sue…where did you report this thing. i have invested 2700usd also with invcenter

  46. Does their website also take the details of the debit card details entered online? I deposited £200 through an online transection (my agent Michel Herman). I tried withdrawing my money after reading this page but not successful (they are now asking me to send them documents). Should I cancel my debit card?

  47. I’m afraid I’m joining the rest of you,one thing I have noticed for everyone to watch out for if you have money or savings elsewhere,they are continually viewing and scanning over any documents you’ve sent them,to look for the I know is that,I sign my cheques and other money dealings differently to my name on these documents,they contacted me and asked me to sign the way I normally do other than what I’d sent them,I knew then they must have scoured for further information about me.i think in the back of my mind I knew something was up,and maybe if I deliberately did what I did above, I could somehow claw something back as the monies would not have been legally taken and the bank could be at fault.
    Strangely I did ring the bank about money going out,and the guy was very quiet about it,almost as if he thought heres another one,but didnt want to get involved.

  48. We have all same story of Scammers of InVcenter. I had put £2,200 last 26June 2020. I smelled it fishy so I decided to withdraw. David Sol and Adam Novick were the brokers and their secretary and Maria Daniels whom done all may documents for processing for registration. They fake my Bank telephone number to call. The people behind this scam are sounds all foreign. I’m trying to withdraw and spoke with these people, they want me to pay £900 for tax so I can refund my £2,200. It’s ridiculous! They hung the -hone on me. I will phone my bank soon and find some Help if they can help to recover my money. I will join to all o Stop this people. But I don’t know where to start.

  49. Feel for everyone , I fell victim today ! Luckily realise straight after after finding this forum !
    Immediately called my credit card to stop the transactions .has anyone on here got a refund from their credit card provider ? Reported it as fraud !
    With regard to the documents I sent my driving licence and utility bill ( it has my mortgage account number on ) , can they do anything with these , do I need to worry ?
    Can’t believe I fell victim with all that’s going on just another worry !
    Good luck to everyone on here !!

  50. Also I forgot to add , I also had the remote viewing on my laptop , he also know my credit card limit .. should I be worried he has hacked into my laptop and can gain access to things ? Any help appreciated

  51. Paul John Macalindol

    I got the same issue with Invcenter. They took 2700Usd in total from me. Promising that they will return back my investment plus the profit. They keep on asking me to pay them in order to return the money back. They are saying I may lose the money if it will take time to transfer. can somebody help me to return back my money. I borrowed some of that

    1. Paul I have contacted my card issuer and they are investigating it as fraud so I’m hoping for a refund from them . Contract your card issuer ASAP ! I currently get around 10 phone calls a day from various numbers some are from Finland and have to keep blocking them .. whole thing is a joke !! Do not engage with them anymore ide say ?

  52. This scams are all over the world and the world law is doing nothing about it. i am even scared to join any investments companies. Right now I just joined the INVcenter and deposited $200. I then received a call from this lady and she transferred me to a so called senior consultant the one John Parker who is using a private call when he call demanding that I add R8000. I refused to pay it but now when i want my money back he is now telling me about the trade I should first make then they can reverse it. For as long as this people are allowed to open bank accounts that are used to scam people then we are in a big trouble. We will not win this war against this scamers because they take advantage of the people’s poverty and daily sufferings and use them to their advantage to enrich themselves. I really dont know what to do anymore.

    In June I was scammed by Binary Options trading an amount of R29000. Until today I did not get it back. My worry is how are we going to know that this one is legitimate because there is no data or information about the legitimate trading companies.

    1. I got a full refund from my card issuer today !! So anyone who still hasn’t reported the fraud to the police and contacted there card provider should do so as I got all my money back ! Hope these scammers get their day in jail !

  53. yo tambien fui estafado por INVCENTER me hicieron que depositara y depositara y luego no me dejaban hacer ningun retiro con el pretexto de que si habia mas mas ganancias obtendria pero cuando ya no quise invertir mas el corredor llamado CARLOS GUTIERREZ empezo a manipular mi cuenta abrio operaciones grandisimas y luego las cerro cuando estaban en perdidas y volvio a abrir mas operaciones que llevaron a que mi cuenta se esfumara en unas horas intente comunicarme con servicio al cliente por medio del chat y por correo electronico y nunca respondieron dijeron que se comunicarian conmigo pero nada la gestora de cuenta se llama AMAIA MORALES es la encargada de engatusarte con falsas promesas y para que les entregues tu dinero hasta tienen un gestor encargado de bancos que dicen que es un EXPERTO en bancos y vaya si lo es te vacia la cuenta en un dos por tres solo lo conoci por PABLO ya nunca te llaman te escriben unicamente para decirte que tu cuenta esta baja y que necesitas más fondos a mi me robaron $7,550 o mas porque han tratado de hacer cargos con mi tarjeta de hasta por $3500 en varias ocaciones pero como en mi tarjeta ya o habia nada no pudieron retirar son unos ladrones infelices estafadores si alguien sabe como hacer que me devuelvan mi dinero digame por que eran los ahorros de mi vida y cada centavo me costo trabaje muy duro para obtenerlo y estos desgraciados me lo arrebataron denuncien a estos estafadores no dejen que les roben su dinero
    I was also scammed by INVCENTER they made me deposit and deposit and then they would not let me make any withdrawals under the pretext that if there were more, more profits I would get but when I no longer wanted to invest, the broker called CARLOS GUTIERREZ began to manipulate my account, he opened operations Very large and then I closed them when they were in losses and reopened more operations that led to my account disappearing in a few hours I tried to contact customer service through chat and by email and they never responded they said they would contact me but nothing The account manager is called AMAIA MORALES, she is in charge of cajoling you with false promises and for you to give them your money they even have a manager in charge of banks who say they are an EXPERT in banks and go if it is, they empty your account in a two for three I only met him as PABLO and they never call you, they just write to tell you that your account is low and that you need more funds. I was robbed of $ 7,550 or more because they have tried to charge my card for up to $ 3500 on several occasions but since my card already had nothing they could not withdraw they are unhappy thieves scammers if someone knows how to get my money back, tell me because it was the savings of my life and every penny it cost me I worked very hard to obtain it and these bastards took it from me, report these scammers do not let them steal your money

  54. Same ,thing has happened to me.
    The company is INV Center.
    Invested £250 in crypto currencies, nothing and they cannot transferre any funds back into my bank account.Apparently I N V Center is a scam .

  55. Im so glad i do my research before investing in anything!

  56. The Same ,thing has happened to me by the guy called Viktoria Rodriguez
    The company is INV Center/
    Invested £250 in crypto currencies, nothing and they cannot transfer any money back into my
    bank account. I have tried to call them but they never answered my calls and emails apparently I N V Center is a biggest scam .The forced to invest more money which i refused and when i login into there account my money was gone

    All in all lost 1395euro.
    i need some advise can i report this to police or to my bank

  57. These people are unbelievable, before even activating my account I explained to the call consultant that I was not comfortable continuing with the activation as i saw bad reviews all around. He was critisizing me and insulting me about not going ahead. Like how unprofessional his name was Christian, they are rude and scammers!!! PERIOD!!

    Hope nobody does business with INVCenter EVER!!!

  58. Hey guys, I have read every single one of your posts and it’s a mirror to what happened to me. Did anyone have any joy? They will die a roarin’ death, jail would be to good for them. They are the scum of the earth. Rose Andrey and [email protected] charles beck, absolute scam and Jubiter, they all work together…it’s criminal and this should not happen to any human being….. absolute disgrace! I will take whatever steps necessary and am actively fighting this since April 2020. They are slick and I don’t know how they sleep at night! Something has to be done. They need to be tracked down and held accountable, I will not rest until this is resolved. My withdrawl is sitting at processing since April. Steer clear of these absolute criminals… thieves is an understatement…. report them to every relevant body possible.

  59. well they are back, I supposedly have over 400 grand there, just wanted some of my money back, more gone now

  60. The following is an email I have sent to INVCenter. I sent it to [email protected] and it bounced back:- I didn’t want to admit I’ve been scammed because I’m too proud.

    To Whom It May Concern,

    Please be advised that I am placing a formal complaint as I have been told on 4 occasions I am unable to make a withdrawal for different reasons. I’m sorry for the length of this email, but I need to explain everything to you. Please read all of this email as it will paint the right picture to you of how I have been treated by most of your so called Account Managers and your Finance Section.

    I joined your company on 10/3/2020. My first Account Manager was Charles Beck. He was very good, taught me a lot about trading and had a great phone manner. I originally asked Charles before I joined if I could use this account as a sort of home business. I wanted to place trades, withdraw at the end of each month, and leave a sufficient amount in my account to continue to trade and withdraw each month. I explained to him that I am 58 years old, lost my job 2 years ago and haven’t been able to find another job. I have spent all of my savings and Superannuation to pay off my debts and live. My sister originally lent me some money to invest in this and survive on the basis that I would withdraw and pay her back. I made 4 deposits (all loans from my sister of total A$20,000) plus received a bonus from Charles of US$4,700 (see attached Terms and Conditions of Bonus sent with email from Charles).

    Record of Deposits

    10/3/2020 A$2,800 US$1,830 Initial deposit {borrowed from my sister).
    13/3/2020 A$7,400 US$4,700 Bonus from Charles Beck
    17/3/2020 A$7,200 US$5,000 2nd deposit to match Charles’ bonus (borrowed from my sister).
    27/4/2020 A$5,000 US$3,120 3rd deposit requested by Liam Warren (borrowed from my sister).
    29/4/2020 A$5,000 US$3,200 4th deposit requested by Liam Warren for a Term Trade (borrowed from my sister).

    I requested a withdrawal 25/4/20 of US$5,000. Liam rang me saying if I deposited I would be able to withdraw. Heard nothing after that.

    After the deposit made on 29/4/2020, Liam Warren sent me an email that I have kept. He said that the Term Trade would yield me a very handy profit, and I should have a balance of at least US$100,000 within a week and I would be able to withdraw any amount I like. I can provide you with this email if you want. I didn’t even get the results of the Term Trade and when I tried to withdraw after that I received a phone call from Don Battle who works in your Finance Section who told me I had to pay 27.2% of the withdrawal in tax. I wanted to withdraw US$13,000 to repay my sister (approx A$20,000). He (Don Battle) said I had to pay him US$3536 which at that time was A$5440, which I didn’t have and still don’t have. I even rang the UK Tax Office to enquire about the tax I had to pay, first they said they didn’t have a tax figure of 27.2% and then they said it was incorrect as I only pay my taxes in my Country, Australia.

    I will now provide you with a list of 7 names of Account Managers I have had in my 8 months with your Company along with comments about them:-

    10/3/2020 – 1/4/2020 Charles Beck As mentioned, the best Account Manager I’ve had.
    2/4/2020 – 23/4/2020 Sean Davies Taught me a lot about trading as well. Was only my Account Manager for 3 weeks.
    24/4/2020 – 11/6/2020 Liam Warren Not good at all, was always on my back to deposit more money when I had a good balance.
    12/6/2020 – 31/8/2020 Amir Camp He was floor manager, didn’t know much about trading. Just wanted me to deposit.
    1/9/2020 – 16/9/2020 James Grey Rang me and told me he would get back to me. He told me I would be able to have a Bitcoin Wallet and withdraw.
    17/9/2020 – 23/9/2020 Leo Lovett Same as James Grey, told me I could withdraw. Didn’t get back to me.
    24/9/2020 – Current Morgan Daniel Another Floor Manager, has only contacted me 4 times in 2 months, gave me no advice to trade.

    I requested a withdrawal in early August. Amir Camp rang me and told me I couldn’t withdraw because I didn’t have enough trade turnover. My turnover of trades had to be 900,000. I asked him where that came from, he said that the Bonus I received from Charles Beck had it in the Terms and Conditions. I found a copy of Charles’ email, the Terms and Conditions of the Bonus did not say anything about and conditions, let alone about trade turnover had to be a certain amount (see attached Terms and Conditions from that Bonus).

    I then requested a withdrawal in late September. Morgan Daniel rang me and told me I had to deposit into my Account US$5,000, then my Account would be able to be changed from Basic to Server. He said because of COVID19, banks in Singapore or Hong Kong were unable to transfer money overseas. When I had Charles Beck as my Account Manager, my Account was Gold. I was never told when or why my Account status was was changed.

    When James Grey and Leo Lovett called me, they sounded concerned that I couldn’t withdraw. They both even gave me examples of how their clients from Australia received their withdrawals in a couple of days through a Bitcoin Wallet.

    I have read every word of your Terms and Conditions under the Legal Section on your website. I know I have to pay 3.5% Commission on every withdrawal. You can take that out of my balance of the Account.

    Since I started with your Company, I have traded 142 times, that is a fair amount of commission I have paid to your Company.

    I need money to live and I need to repay my sister and a few friends I have borrowed off. I will request a withdrawal of US$25,000, that will leave me with a fair amount to trade with. Please reply with your findings. As I previously mentioned, I can provide copies of emails and you can check your phone calls made to me for proof.

    Looking forward to receiving your reply and a receipt of this email as mentioned in Section 36 of your Terms and Conditions for Complaints. I need honest answers, please.

  61. These people are amazing in evasion. Don’t pay and you don’t have to withdraw. I beat them in their own game in millions now the waiting. I converted $1000 to over $4M. Beat their bluffs, beat their retention in trading limits by a 1 million times. There are no excuses and no answers after this.
    The trade bonus they offer has such strict criteria that it will take you 2 years to beat. It therefore suggest that they buying time.
    They will trade on your behalf in such a way to make you believe it takes time to build. However, I beat their call for more funds by trade tripling my account balance in a single trade, then beat the trade revenue to 1000 times in a day. They could not ask for more, nor can they excuse for withheld due to allocated bonus.
    I attempted withdraw since May, unsuccessful as apparent bonus penalty. I cancelled, start again with the funds in which they attempt guiding me into failure, that failed on them, I withdraw again, same issue added bonus. Then I hit it full blown and beat all the margins they could possible hit me with, silence ever since.
    Note that they will attempt to do long-term trades that may realize in 3 months only, this may result in the roll forward and trade maintenance eating your funds away. When they do, I cancel and went for 2 hr trades, beating the time frames with the highest possible bets per asset. As per the trade analysis debrief, they are limited in assets which suggest selectivity in potential loosing. I therefore turned to gold and turned 1000 into 4M in two days.
    Don’t pay then there are no pain!

  62. The same thing has happened to me and my family, we have invested so much money in Invcenter.
    The financial advisors change so often that one never knows who is supposed to be supporting our trade.
    One manager phones and says he will phone back within the hour and let us know what is happening with the account, that was beginning of October, never received a phone call. One email that told me not to worry as we are not loosing money.???
    They force you to invest more money so that you can withdraw or make a larger profit, what a scam.
    It’s so frustrating, they have no idea what it feels like to have lost so much money and being in debt just because of such idiots, they are distroying peoples futures. Don’t know how they can live with their decisions and sleep at night. I strongly believe in Karma and hopefully they will all be punished for their doings.
    As others have writen, they use any desk and I never felt comfortable with that. I didn’t let them go into my bank account through any desk from the start, always prepared everything that they could only see the payment.
    Did any of you Transfer money to the Marine Foundation?
    Their names should have been a warning, I’m sure they are all fake.
    The FA’s that we had were Michael Hermann, Guy Smith, Joseph Green, Tony Adam.
    Will go to the police and report these scammers, apparently Invcenter is already registered as a fraudulent company and the police know that they are a total scam.

  63. I decided to give a review on how I cheated them in their own platform, though I only gained in experiences. The names are all the same and the document/personal assistant administrator is Rosea and they uses different unauthentic marketing accounts for deposits. The latter are possibly Identity theft as the real ones has full details. In short, reading the published article on how their platform works, my experiences with their platform are:
    Firstly, when you activate an asset for trading, the system only allow 20-30 sec trade time before you can close it manually. However, if you input stop losses/profit at activation, it is immediate and has no time limits to it.
    I open a legit platform and studied the same assets movement parallel on both. I found that this platform trail in 10 to 30 sec in arears to the platform in comparison. I therefore beat their platform by auto trade within the time dilation arrears. This resulted in approximately 60 trades at maximum to grow 1K to 4M in 4 hrs over two days.
    My analysis is not the earnings as I will never get it nor will I get my 1K; the analysis reveals that their platform is not real and is a mirror of a different platform, the same as the article suggest. It also indicate that their platform is cloned.
    They therefore are not close to real and nor close to the promotional detail they tend us to believe.
    I am not much troubled by the 1K loss, I am more troubled by the number of people that don’t do the homework before they invest. That includes myself.
    In addition, they shadow their IP via a private mail platform. The platform they uses is Google. Only google can trace those real emails as it is converted and traces back to google. How do you find these? If you administer your own email account from a legit provider and not a generic public provider, you will find all mails with a trace smtp.remote-ip hidden in the mails. If you uses a generic public free platform, this is not possible. Therefore I suggest that you forward their email addresses to google to trace depending on their confidentiality clauses. I am not really interested as my losses are small.

    1. I completely agree with Maquanky, even their platform is fake. In my case, they tried to make me believe I earned 25% overnight on Ethereum thanks to their engine, while… Ethereum remained quite flat this night ! 😉

      Despite my quite long experience with (fair) trading platforms, I am trapped myself, having been pushed and stressed by a David or a Mike or whoever (don’t focus on people, none of them is a good person anyway).
      After having read all your comments, it’s now clear to me that we all have lost our money. Sorry for the ones that put or worst have been withdrawed a huge amount.
      We can blame ourselves for having been so stupid or be rageous against INVcenter on forums, but it will certainly not bring our money back.

      And I guess this is precisely the attitudes that INVcenter expect, that we would be dissapointed, rageous, etc but at the end of one day, we let it down without too much noise nor official complaints.
      So that INVcenter can continue quietly their toxic business.

      So, let me propose to act toghether or at least on the same way:

      – To (try to) get back our money :
      1. Open an official complaint at our local police level (with the more elements possible, as someone already said). Even if local police can’t solve the problem, they can greatly help if police transmit the case to Granada and the complaints become numerous, we could at least block INVcenter

      2. Open an official complaint at your national “cybercriminal unit” as well – they are generally more used to dealing on an international level.
      And, whatever your country is, open also a complaint to the British FCA and/or the equivalent in the US and/or in the EU, saying it’s for information and that you don’t expect something from them. Curiously (or not, actually) they will read deeper your complaint.
      As said, none of these authorities is directly competent to tackle individual case but likely a collective one. And they could certainly help to amplify “our noise” (see hereunder).

      By the way, warnings on FCA website regarding INVcenter are already very clear and when I told the Invcenter account that INVcenter isn’t certified by FCA, he became nervous beyond expected (letting me believe INVcenter is somehow sensitive to official reputation – naive on my side ? please shoot ;-)).
      Anyway, that’s a good lesson for the future: first go to the websites of official agencies (not forums like this one) to check the reputation of the trading company.

      3. Do, as much as you can, recurrently bad publicity about INVcenter and its sattelites on every social media you are connected with.
      Please be accurate, brief and concrete !
      Nobody cares about your personal tragedy while messages like “stay away from #INVcenter, they are #SCAMMERS and I and/or close people can prove it” should keep more attention from neutral people.
      We should use explicit hashtags like #INVcenterScammer. That’s just an example, if you have any better idea for hashtags, please post them here or on a facebook page or on a blog we could create.

      4. Even if INVcenter do not respond, KEEP HARASSING THEM.
      For example, I posted yesterday this message thru their website : “As you can see on my account summary, it is since 07/10/2020 that I am waiting for the refund process to complete !! I have accepted all of your terms, although they are meaningless, except to allow INVcenter to perform “consent” scams.
      Just because INVcenter is not DIRECTLY regulated by US or European law does not mean that INVcenter would not have to act in accordance with US or European laws and that there are no laws against (massive and easy-to-prove) scams in Grenada (or wherever INVcenter could be settled)”

      – Let protect ourselves now & later:
      1. For (theoritically) getting back our money, INVcenter demands to sign a DOD – a complete non-sense as the transfer has already been done -, do it AFTER having blocked your card(s) – wait for an explicit GO issued by your bank or card issuer.
      Even if this signed document will likely not unblock the refund process, doing so secure you from additional withdrawals from INVcenter while having signed this DOD leaves INVcenter without any reasonable argument to justify their non-refund, wich could be useful if we ever go collectively in trial – why not, considering the quite huge amounts some of us have lost !?

      2. Make periodically printscreens of your account, so that you can prove afterwards the balance, the fact that your account was blocked once request for withdrawal was issued, etc. Best is photo as the “taken date” is (a little bit) more difficult to change.

      Good to know:

      3. No fair trading company will EVER ask you to install a remote desktop app nor for watching neither for mastering your PC/laptop. This is a RED LINE to keep in mind (for the future).
      By the way, as INVcenter imposes it: 1) shut down immediatly your computer, 2) hang on the call, power on your computer – preferably without network access, 3) uninstall Anydesk (which is in itself not a maleware at all), 4) proceed a deep antivirus/antimalware scan. Once all is completed, reboot and enjoy your computer without fear

      3. No fair trading company will ask you and let alone demand you to deposit money on your account by them without having first received back their Terms & Conditions signed and before having completed the “account validation” process. Which can teach us a lot on the way the company act. Demanding these 2 points to be checked before making a deposit is also a wise and convenient way to say “I’m not in a hurry and I will never be”. Which is unpleasant, even a threat to a scammer who needs rush !

      I don’t promise beeing regulary on this forum but if we act all of us the same way, we could at worst bother INVcenter and prevent other people to life such a tragedy

  64. They’re really HEARTLESS MONSTERS !!!
    Sucking all out of you, only BIG lies !!!
    They’ll surely left you behind, totally broken.
    InvCenter should be destroyed immediatly by law.
    They must be stopped and punished as quick as possible !!!

    1. I wanted to trade with Bitcoin on the 15 December2020 and a and a guy named Bruce called and I gave him all personal detail and a R3100 was withdraw from my account and on the 17 Mary Evans called me she said she is my broker asking a lot of questions about are I answered as we she switch to Bruce he said that they are going trade the R13500 that have and in two time I’ll get 2timed funnel the amount the took out of my account my hole money is gone I don’t have good I’m my house my boy is disabled and I told them about my son’s situation I didn’t buy his medication because epileptic I tried to trade because I’m a single parent Bruce and Mary Evans give me back my money pls I’m from South Africa

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