CapitalAlianze Review – 5 things you should know

CapitalAlianze Review – 5 things you should know

Beware! CapitalAlianze is an offshore broker! Your investment may be at risk.

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Open trading accounts with at least two brokers.


CapitalAlianze is an offshore forex and CFD broker focused on the crypto currency market. Along the crypto based CFDs, it also offers fiat currency pairs, commodities, indices and stocks, with three account types and the Activ8 trading platform.

Unfortunately CapitalAlianze is not regulated, which means they do not have legal right to target customers on regulated markets like the European Union for example. But what is even worse CapitalAlianze has come into the spotlight of the financial authorities in Italy, which have flagged them as potential scammers. Before depositing any funds with CapitalAlianze be sure to read the following paragraphs.

CapitalAlianze regulation & safety of funds

CapitalAlianze is owned and operated by Allianz Capital Ltd – an offshore company based on Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, but all payments are processed by Masterpay LTD, which is said to be incorporated in Azerbaijan.

However, the issue here is not the offshore jurisdiction, but the absence of a legit license. The Financial Services Authority of St. Vincent and the Grenadine simply does not regulated forex and CFD brokers, and CapitalAlianze does not appear to be regulated by any other financial watchdog such as the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in the UK, the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC), or the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC), which would have given them the legal right to target customers on regulated markets like the European Union, the UK or Australia.

Nevertheless CapitalAlianze appears to have targeted customers in Europe and that has not gone unnoticed by CONSOB, the financial regulator in Italy, which has blacklisted CapitalAlianze as a potential scam broker. You can see the warning here:

And talking of scammers, we should also note that CapitalAlianze urges its clients to download and install AnyDesk or TeamViewer – software that would give the broker direct access to your PC, including personal banking information like credit card numbers and online banking password. So if you do install AnyDesk or TeamViewer and share the details with CapitalAlianze, they will be able to steal money directly form your bank account.

CapitalAlianze deposit/withdrawal methods and fees

Along with its salty withdrawal processing and handling fees CapitalAlianze will charge you an additional 10% levy in case you have not traded your deposit at least 200 times. And this comes even without the minimum trade volume requirement linked to a trading bonus. Needless to say, but no legit broker will ever charge a fee like this. See for yourself:

As for the trading bonuses, they also come with additional withdraw conditions – as we noted a minimum trade volume requirement, which scammers usually use as a pretext to cancel your withdraw requests.

And here is yet another highly unusual fee – each month CapitalAlianze will deduct 10% of your trading capital, in case you have not traded for just three months.

As for the payment methods, despite the fact that on its home page CapitalAlianze displays the logos of numerous e-wallets like Neteller and Skrill, when we proceeded with our registration the only payment method turned out to be NasPay.

And the absence of Skrill – the most popular e-wallet on the European market is notable, because of the new anti scam policy of the money transfer company. According it Skrill partners only with legit and properly regulated brokers, and as we already discussed CapitalAlianze does not have a license whatsoever.

Finally their minimum deposit requirement is higher than what most brokers would ask for. The average minimum deposit requirement for the industry does not exceed 250 USD, while CapitalAlianze requires 350 USD.

How does the scam work?

Contrary to what you may expect, scam operations are a serious business – scammers use lots of ads on social networks like Facebook and Instagram, employ call centers in places like the Philippines, and support specially designed “robo scam” websites like Bitcoin Revival and Bitcoin Profit, which are designed to collect contact information of potential victims. Basically a robo scam website is all about a video ad, telling you the story of how easily you can make a pile of cash, if only you agree to join some state of the art trading platform that is supposed to generate huge profits, while you sit back and watch.

So after you register, leaving your e-mail and phone, you will be transferred to the website of some unregulated, scam broker and will be asked to deposit 250 USD.

Besides, if you do make the deposit, the people behind the robo scam website will get their commission, and you will have a brand new “trading” account with a scam broker.

And do not be surprised by how successful your initial trades will be. This is all part of the scam – your trading platform will simply be manipulated with the sole intention that latter you will be more easily convinced to deposit more. And that is exactly what your senior “account manager” will be telling you – if you really want to make some real cash, you will surely have to deposit at least 10 000 USD.

And people do invest that kind of money without realizing they have been scammed right until the moment they decide to withdraw some of their funds. Than, all of a sudden it will turn out they are not eligible to withdraw because of some minimum trade volume requirement, possibly linked to their welcome bonus. Of course the pretext might be different, but in the end the result will always be the same – if you have fallen into the trap you will not be getting your money back.

What to do if scammed?

If you have made your deposit with a credit card like VISA or MasterCard, you will be able to file for a charge back within 540 days of the transaction. Basically this is the only way that you might be able to recover your deposit.

And beware that if somehow scammers have came into possession of your personal banking details – your credit card number or your online banking password, or if they have tricked you under any pretext to install TeamViewer or AnyDeck and share the installation details with them, they will be able to steal money directly form your bank account. If this is the case, immediately delete the program, change your banking password and cancel your credit card.

And one final note. If you get approached by the so called recovery agencies, do not trust them, they will not help you to recover your deposit but simply will ask for an upfront payment, basically leaving you even more miserable.

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