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ROinvesting is packed with content, the legal documents are overwhelming and cover everything. This review will cover all the necessary information that readers need to know before deciding if ROinvesting is worth their time and investment.


Royal Forex Limited is the parent company holding ROinvesting. It is fully regulated and licensed by CySEC, one of Europe’s top license issuers.

As one of Europe’s top forex overseers, making it in the list of the best in the world, CySEC carries investigations of the broker, regularly checking its business conduct, and can and will enforce the law when need be. What’s more is that all CySEC regulated brokers must hold at all times a minimum capital of at least 730 000 EUR. They also grant traders a negative balance protection, among many other austere precautions, all aiming towards fair and legitimate forex trading.
Furthermore, readers will be glad to know that ROinvesting keeps all of their money in segregated bank accounts that ensures clients’ money’s safety. The company currently utilizes the state-of-the-art SSL Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) software that keep scammers at bay, and a myriad of other protective measures all working towards providing a flawless and 100% safe trading environment.
Last but not least, all traders under CySEC oversight are eligible for a compensation of up to 20 000 should the broker become indebted, as issued by the Investors Compensation Fund.


Readers should note that the leverage cannot go any further than 1:30 due to ESMA law. As for the EUR/USD spread, the website claims it to be 0.2 pips at its lowest. We cannot confirm this number for we were unable to access a demo account.

There is some confusion arising from some of the legal documents. In the Fees document there is a clause specifically ruling out any spread commissions,

but the official Order Execution Policy states otherwise:

These discrepancies are quite the nuisance, and what’s more is that we cannot check for ourselves. The only relief we can offer readers is that the Commission Fees document has not been updated since mid 2018. Even if there are unexpected fees on spreads, we assume thy won’t be too bothersome.

ROinvesting offers a wide range of trading assets: Forex Pairs, Indices, Stocks, Crypto, Commodities, and ETFs. This is a very complete list.

There are three account types, each with its own benefits. Yet, when the broker reveals these accounts, it states that it offers leverages that are illegal in Europe:

This is yet another instance where ROinvesting has made a significant mistake. In fact the website is riddled with such inconsistencies. This might make some readers reconsider depositing. We leave it for you to decide.


The broker make the MT4 accessible. Users can access it on mobile, as a desktop trader, and even on their web browser of choice.

Needless to say that the MetaTrader4 offers the full forex trading package. MetaTrader’s. The platform is all but short in trading options and possibilities: micro lots, automated trading bots, 500 individual orders per account, VPS’s (Virtual Private Servers), customizable trading indicators, and much more.


The minimum deposit is $250. There are no deposit fees. Upon registration, for some reason the broker made it very difficult for us to proceed with deposits. In fact we could not get any sure depositing methods, as well as withdrawal ones. The Fees document tells us that users can use the following methods: Trustly, eMerchantPay, Decta, PaySafe, Payvision, Skrill, SafeCharge, WireCard, and iSignthis.

If users choose to withdraw before they have made less that 1 trade in their account they will be charged with a $50 charge. If the user wishes to withdrawal less that $100, then he or she will be charged with fees that have not been disclosed.

Overall, the payment information is surprisingly ambiguous, and this is a problem that adds up to the other issues that we have encountered.


In all honesty, our opinion of this one is that you should pass it. There are far too many contradictions working here, and not to mention many suspicious aspects, that do not work in favor of ROinvesting, even if the broker is licensed by a top financial overseer.

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  1. ROinvesting works very well. Platform contains useful graphs, educational information, various types of trading platforms. It helps me to makes my results better.

  2. As for me, broker provides top services. It contains all essential instruments to trade. It provides mt4, which is great and fits modern trend in investing. ROinvesting provides super professional customer support managers. I highly recommend to try this platform.

  3. Not sure if previous reviews are genuine but theres my experience.

    This company is a scam, they will act like your best friend. Keep calling you getting you into orders without explaining anything. They are only supposed to provide web access no interference and client best interest at hand.

    I was called over 100 times in 3 weeks demanding more orders and money they will lie to you.

    Once you got all your money stuck. I recieved a call from the Account manager in the night persuading me to add orders which I didn’t want as I required more cash. I was blatantly lied to by the Account Manager that this order with be in profit in by the morning. He promised on this call that he will call me in the morning and transfer my cash back. He instructed on this phone what I need to buy the amount of order to place. Note order was placed by misrepresentation but instead as promised be available next day it was in so much loss. The complaints department chat a load of crap and tried offering 2k although they scammed me almost 8k.

    This company is fake j believe the money is never on the market instead kept in there bank accounts and they are scammers.

    Dont touch them they are so manipulative keep away if you want to make money and lose all your life savings. They are rude an thieves.

  4. Fuckin bullshit. These people are thieves. They will drain your money like vampires with unfair spreads and buying, sell prices completely out of order. Also the leverage is only 1:30 max and you will never ,ake money with them, only they will. As soon as you deposit your money you will be playing with gold dust. They will take everything they can from you and leave you without nothing, just your underwear. Beware!!!

    1. Yes thats thrue. Real bad guys. THey take almost all profit right away. Insane to start a trade at minus -1500 Euro. and swap on 75 Euro. They get 90% and you get 10 %. You take all risk and they take all money. Scammers.

  5. This company is a scam. Problems with registering. No password try with me e-mail to request new password with your e-mail, was registered. Just don’t get mail. did get in touch by phone. but nothing by e-mail. they also don’t send a confirmation. money wagered minimum € 215 to register. but how he explained that I found too link. so he tries to put all of your savings into this bank as much money as possible. so said want my money back. what I deposited. got the money back but I got € 165 but with a lot of effort. so I thought no risk. but if you already drop money and you don’t trust it. are you already screwed? Withdrawal costs:

    Royal Forex reserves the right to charge a withdrawal fee in an amount equal to € 50 (or an equivalent amount in the currency on the client’s trading account) in the event of an insignificant (only one single position placed on the trading account) or no trading activity on the client’s trading account prior to submitting a withdrawal request.

    If the customer wants to withdraw less than € 100, additional costs may be charged. you only get too high when you have already deposited that money. Nobody is going to make this mistake.


    Dit bedrijf is oplichterij.problemen met registeren.geen wachtwoord probeer met mij e-mail nieuw wachtwoord aan te vragen met je email ,was wel registreed .krijg gewoon geen mail . heb wel via telefoon contact gekregen .maar niks via e mail .ze sturen ook geen bevestiging. geld ingezet minimale €215 om te registreren . maar hoe hij dat uitleg vond ik al te link . dus hij probeert je al zo veel geld mogelijk al van je spaargeld op deze bank te zetten .aan de manier hoe hij je dat uitleg vond ik al link . dus zei wil mijn geld terug . wat ik gestort heb . heb het geld wel terug maar €165 kreeg ik maar .wel met veel moeite . dus ik dach geen risico. maar als je al geld drop zet en je vertrouwhet niet . ben je al de klos Opnamekosten:

    Royal Forex behoudt zich het recht voor om opnamekosten in rekening te brengen voor een bedrag gelijk aan € 50 (of een gelijkwaardig bedrag in de valuta op het handelsaccount van de klant) indien er sprake is van een onbeduidende (slechts één enkele positie geplaatst op het handelsaccount) of geen handelsactiviteit op het handelsaccount van de klant voorafgaande aan het indienen van een opnameverzoek.

    Als de klant minder dan € 100 wil opnemen, dan kunnen er extra kosten in rekening worden gebracht. krijg je pas op te hoog als je dat geld gestort is al. raat niemand aan deze fout te maken .

  6. ROinvesting has high-quality services and provides good trading conditions. I’m trading currencies, cryptocurrencies, commodities, and other assets with this broker. And I also like the broker’s educational segment – it’s comprehensive and helpful.

  7. The MT4 platform is great as well as the leverage and spreads size, which creates opportunities for gaining better results. Overall, Roinvestig is a professional broker with good trading offers.

  8. Great trustworthy broker. Wide range of trading instruments and a really convenient mobile app

  9. Roinvesting has an MT4 platform and there is no need to talk about its convenience once again. Experienced traders already understand how to work with it, while beginners will be helped by either the support service or the materials on the site.

  10. Roinvesting is scam. The good reviews on internet is written by people from roinvesting self. Nobody in the world got his money back. Call the police and call ac milan to give their names.

  11. ROinvesting is a company I trust. I’ve never had any withdrawal problems.

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