Nava Gates Review – 5 things you should know about

Nava Gates Review – 5 things you should know about

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Beware! Nava Gates is an offshore broker! Your investment may be at risk.



Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Open trading accounts with at least two brokers.


Nava Gates is a CFD brokerage based presumably in the UK. It provides the MetaTrader 4 trading platform and requires a minimum deposit of $250 and extends a leverage of up to 1:400, however, the spread is quite unfavorable at 3 pips on EUR/USD

Nava Gates regulation & safety of funds

The brokerage claims to be owned by a UK-based company, however, no further corporate information is disclosed which renders the website anonymous. Upon running a check through the online registry of the FCA we did not find any relevant information regarding the broker brand on the website of the British financial watchdog. This means the brokerage is providing financial services without proper authorization. We highlight the danger in doing business with an anonymous website since the people behind it do not answer to any authority and have no reason to uphold the client agreement. It is safe to say that there is tremendous risk on any transactions interested traders may conclude with the brokerage and we deeply recommend they look elsewhere for viable trading options.

Traders needn’t have to worry themselves with such risk if they choose to trade with a brokerage regulated and authorized by a prestigious regulatory agency. Such agencies are the FCA in the UK or CySec in Cyprus which have been leading names in Forex trading for some time now. Their regulatory framework is composed of a number of strict rules which prevent clients from falling victims to fraud. Such rules include the segregation of accounts which assures that commingling with the client’s money is not possible. Furthermore, a license by such a regulatory body entails participation in a financial mechanism by which clients may be compensated if they suffer losses due to fraud or bankruptcy. With the FCA the compensation is up to 85 000 pounds, where as with CySEC it is up to 20 000 euro per person.

Nava Gates trading software

 The MetaTrader 4 trading platform is supported which is something we always consider an advantage since the MT4 is among the foremost trading terminals in Forex trading at the moment, close to 80 percent of users prefer it. The platform provides an advanced charting package, lots of technical indicators, extensive back-testing environment and a variety of Expert Advisors (EAs). Through a demo account we were able to see a wide range of trading options, including CFDs on currency pairs, stock, indices and many more, however, the spread is above the industry average and unfavorable in  our opinion.

Nava Gates deposit/withdrawal methods and fees

Potential clients of a brokerage may deposit or withdraw via the standard Visa and MasterCard, as well as bank wire, however, E-wallets such as WebMoney, Skrill or Neteller are sadly not supported.

We did not find any stated withdrawal fees either, however, dealing with unregulated brokerage we may never be sure whether they wont charge unexpected fees once the clients have deposited their funds.  There are also withdrawal conditions pertaining to accounts that have taken advantage of the bonus promotion. A trader has to achieve a certain trading volume in order to be eligible for withdrawal which is purposefully excessive in order to impede any trader from actually receiving his money.

Such website are also the reason we advise traders to always put up only the required minimum deposit, instead of risking a bigger amount with no certainty. Afterwards, they may also try to withdraw a small amount in order to check for any unexpected fees or delays. Such fees and delays are usually the signs of a scammer.

How does the scam work?

Even though the forex trading world is extremely large and encompasses millions of people around the globe, the most common scamming is pretty simple and straightforward and as such – it’s not particularly daring to avoid. Here is a quick overview of how it is done:

Through clicking an ad with promises for fast money, you will be redirected to a website such as Bitcoin Evolution or Cashless PayGroup where registration will require you to give your address, email and phone number. After sharing your personal information, you will being receiving calls from brokers, compelling you to invest with them and win big. After a few minutes hearing their pitches, you decide to deposit some $200-250. And just like that – the scammers take a fat commission from this initial deposit.

After they are done with you, senior scammers begin working you into putting even more money. They say it’s the only way to profit from trading even more. After making the mistake of investing even further, you’ll begin wanting to get out of this and withdraw what you have left.

Unfortunately, the con-artists have no such thing in mind. They will now begin persuading you to wait it out and not withdraw right now. The angle here is pretty blunt – traders have a limited time period for filing a chargeback with their bank and get their money back. The “recovery department” will simply want to mislead you into missing thе crucial period and, along the way, losing any chance you might have of getting the money back.

It is important here to take notice that both Visa and MasterCard are taking measures to combat unregulated forex brokerages by classifying all forex transactions as high risk. And with the case Btcoinpro – they are correct in doing so. Furthermore, supporting their intention with clear actions – MasterCard has increased the previous time period of six months for filing a chargeback to a year and a half.

What to do when scammed?

As was mentioned above, scamming is quite the common in the trading world and, sadly, even you might suffer from it. In such an unfortunate case there still may be some available options for you.

You may contact your bank or credit card provider and file a chargeback. 

If, however, you have provided the broker with your credit card details, immediately cancel your credit card.

If you have given information regarding your online banking pass – you should switch it asap!

Beware of potential calls from self-described “recovery agencies”! They prey on scammed and vulnerable traders who are desperate to recover their losses. They will require an “up-front” payment to help you, but after paying them, no such help will be coming your way!


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  1. No withdrawal
    I started with navagates from 750£.
    I was assigned with so called broker – David. Trades that he did were in floating losses. I decide to stop and close my account. They were trying to convince me to continue trading with them and provide me with another broker. Anyway I was insisting on the withdrawal. They were keep promising that they will return my money . Still nothing, I’m waiting already for more then 2 weeks now. Now, they block me and I’m not able to contact anyone. Wouldn’t recommend

    1. Hi I have just had a call from David. He wanted to access my computer. I have paid my initial payment but have asked for time to consider the access. Have you made any money?

      1. No, and DO Not give them any money, you will NEVER see it again. They pray on novice traders and are very helpful to begin with, they use a method to get you talking about yourself then they suggest they have a similar background, and are very friendly. You make a little bit on trades and then ask to withdraw your profit, they then convince you to use it for more trading, then you ask again to withdraw your money and you are told you can only have it back if you open a Saving account (for a lot of money £200000 or more) they tell you the wonderful interest rate you get. But the trouble I’d you NEVER get you money back.
        DONT DO IT

  2. I have send 500 € to the account, and yes i have been making money cause of my own trades
    they persisted that i shouldn’t trade on my own
    Now i have 788 usd on the account
    I tryed to ask for a withdraw but that isin’t going to happen
    tryed several times i don’t get any response
    After Delaney Micheal has tryed to convince me to make a bigger deposit
    as it was obvious to them i would not do it i lost all contact and they won’t respond or
    accept my withdraw demand

  3. Hey guys, I started my adventure with them about three weeks ago. I signed up and they called me almost immediately and I decided to deposit 250 euro. Luckily as this is a scam I got my initial deposit back almost a week later due to a RR04 SEPA reason code, I presume they didn’t set me up in the correct manner. I am happy that I got my money back and I would advice anyone to stay away from Navagates and their scam sites.

    1. HI Lars, I ve been reading all these reviews as Im trying to help my mother get her £250 deposit back. Apart from paying the deposit she hasn’t gone any further with investing. Nathan is calling her almost every day but for some reason every time she picks up the phone it gets cut off. I have tried contacting them on all numbers but no luck….suprise surprise!! So I’m just wondering if you had any details you could share on how we could try to get the deposit back using RR04 SEPA. Did you do it through your bank? Many thanks SJ

      1. I’m sorry SJ, but I have no extra info, a RR04 SEPA reason code is triggerd if you send the money to the wrong account. Good luck.

  4. Też zostałem oszukany 250 € wpłacone i nie moge teraz ich wypłacić. Jeszcze powiem, że nie dokończyłem rejestracji teraz cały czas dzwonią do mnie i namawiają na pozostanie. Pieniędzy już raczej nie odzyskam. Karte visa zastrzegłem i hasła pozmieniałem. Bank już też o tym wie i podałem sprawe na polcje za wyłudzanie pieniedzy
    I have also been cheated on a € 250 deposit and I cannot withdraw it now. I will say that I haven’t finished the registration, they are calling me all the time and urging me to stay. I won’t recover any more money. I have reserved the visa card and changed my password. The bank already knows about it and I gave a case to the police for extorting money

  5. I too have been scammed by Nava Gates, stupidly I invested around £2,000 with them as my account showed significant profit but as soon as I tried to get my money out they find every excuse you can think off to delay the withdrawal, I’ve threatened them with reporting them to Forex & the Financial Conduct Authorities in UK but that doesn’t seem to bother them. Still not got my money back but still working on it
    Anyone reading this & thinking off investing in Bitcoin or Forex use a recommended broker & not Nava Gates, they are unregulated & criminals!!!

  6. I’m here because I was looking for information after a friend was scammed by them. All the people who have commented so far got off lightly, my friend’s case involves a very large number. Were it not for me he would have almost immediatley given another 2000$ to a scam recovery agency. Make no mistake, Navagates is a scam site and is now on the FCA’s (UK authority) blacklist. Be careful out there folks.

  7. I have started with 250£ deposit, which was the minimum I could invest.I was assigned with Sarah, who used to call me once or twice a week.In 2 weeks time she made some money on top, so I thought everything is going well. Then she asked me to invest 5000£ and promised that in one month time she can make another 4000-5000£on top. So I believed her and invested this money.Everything started to be suspicious when I wanted to withdraw a part from my money I have invested, and she said is not possible and that she has to start from scratch. Then she said we can close my portfolio and get all my money back and I agreed. After a couple of days she said that i can not get my money back and that I have to invest another 30000£.Of course I didnt believe them anymore. Now I can not get my money back, this was the biggest mistake in my life. Do not beilieve them and do not invest any money, it is a fake company.

  8. I registered with crypto bull app site…
    I registered with crypto bull app site to use thire platform and siftware. I was directe to there apointed broker to pay a deposit. I was contacted by nava gates REP ( all Good) then PR ( all good) and then sinior account manager ( all Good) but after I paid my deposit they did not provude me with crypto bull app softrware. They conected me to MT4. After I complained and requested my money to be refunded, With out My knowledge or mu concent the boroker palced a Buy / sell order on my behalf Iligaly. They handled my acount and passed in from one account managar to another. 4 weeks on I am still fighting to recover my money. The brokers placed orders with out me knowning and my permission. I didnt even know that I had somany trades opened. even when i found out I was unable to close or have the control of closing the trades or control of my investments .

    David Lee

    Senior Account Manager :bomb Phone +41225083252

    Nathan Goldman

    Senior Account Manager


    Phone +441568667233

    Eva Mace
    Senior Account Manager

    Phone +41225083252

    Support [email protected]


    1. My name is Dee Morrison and was a client of David Hoffman who left yesterday. He advised me that Kyle would be taking over my account and that he would ring me. I am concerned as he has not done so and I urgently require funds being transferred into my current account

      Please contact me

  9. Zostałem oszukany na kwotę ponad 30 tys. USD.
    Niejaki Patrik Woźniak oraz Anton Florov to osoby, z którymi miałem kontakt. Patrik Woźniak sprawiał wrażenie bardzo wiarygodnej osoby. Sprawdzałem, czy działa ich system wypłat. Dwa razy wypłacałem pieniądze w kwotach około 200 USD oraz 2 tys. USD. Anton Florov oszukał mnie obiecujac, że nie będziemy przeprowadzać transakcji na Forex. Powiedział, że będziemy inwestować tylko w akcje Amazon. Ale pewnego dnia, gdy nie wpłaciłem im kwoty, której się domagał, bez mojej zgody uruchomił transakcje na Forex, na których straciłem prawie wszystkie zarobione wcześniej przeze mnie pieniądze. Teraz Patrik Woźniak cały czas domaga się, abym wpłacił im 15 tys. USD jako rekompensatę za zamknięte na minusie transakcje. Absurd polega na tym, że nie chcą mi wypłacić mojego depozytu pomimo tego, że upoważniłem ich do pobrania tych 15 tys. USD z mojego zysku. Cały czas domagają się wpłaty. Teraz wiem, że to są OSZUŚCI i zgłosiłem sprawę na policję oraz do innych służb specjalnych. Mam nadzieję, że niedługo namierzą tych oszustów, odzyskam swoje pieniądze i pociągną tych oszustów do odpowiedzialności karnej.
    I was cheated on the amount of over 30,000. USD.
    A certain Patrik Woźniak and Anton Florov are people with whom I had contact. Patrik Woźniak gave the impression of a very reliable person. I checked that their payout system was working. I have withdrawn money twice in the amount of around $ 200 and 2,000. USD. Anton Florov deceived me by promising not to trade Forex. He said, we will only invest in Amazon stocks. But one day, when I didn’t pay them the amount they demanded, he launched Forex trades without my consent, on which I lost almost all the money I had earned before. Now Patrik Woźniak is constantly demanding that I pay them 15,000. USD as compensation for negative closed transactions. The absurdity is that they don’t want to pay me my deposit even though I have authorized them to take the 15,000. USD from my profit. They are demanding payment all the time. Now I know they are SCAMMERS and I have reported the matter in details to the police and other special services. Hopefully they will track down these scammers soon, get my money back and bring these scammers to justice.

    1. Witam .Proszę o kontakt gdyz zostałem w identyczny sposób oszukany.
      Hello. Please contact me because I was cheated in the same way.

      1. Zostałam oszukana na kwotę ponad 150 tys. USD brali w tym udział Patryk Woźniak, Anton Florov i Daniel Woroczynski, cały czas każą mi jeszcze wpłacić prowizję 25.000 USD, którą wpłaciłam już dwukrotnie ale trafiała na depozyt. Jeżeli ktoś może mi pomóc proszę o kontakt
        I was cheated on the amount of over 150,000. USD was attended by Patryk Woźniak, Anton Florov and Daniel Woroczynski, they still make me pay a commission of USD 25,000, which I already paid twice but it was on the deposit. If anyone can help me please contact me

        1. Pani Tereso,
          Proszę podać Pani kontakt na PRIV. abyśmy mogli się skontaktować

      2. Panie Krzysztofie, Proszę podać Pana kontakt na PRIV. abyśmy mogli się skontaktować

        1. Też zostałam oszukana przez nich/ Patrik Wozniak/, ukradli mi 13500 euro
          I was also cheated by them / Patrik Wozniak /, they stole EUR 13,500 from me

        2. Please on priv because i got tricked by nava gates too
          Proszę na priv, ponieważ też zostałam oszukana przez nava gates

  10. Frances
    Same Stories as above I spoke with David and Nathan they scammed me out of a lot of money .
    These people should be locked up

    1. I also got involved with Nava Gates and now I can’t get my money back. In my case, I have an additional loan of $ 20,000, but the account balance or the available deposit is several times higher than the loan and people from Nava Gate say that the loan can be repaid only with external funds. I have a question for Polish victims who reported the matter to the police. You can indicate at PRIV which unit accepted the reports – today I was at the headquarters, I mentioned reports from other people I came across on the Internet, so they asked me to try to find out which units are handling the case in order to take joint action.
      Ja również związałem się z Nava Gates i teraz nie mogę odzyskać pieniędzy. W moim przypadku mam dodatkowo kredyt w wysokości 20 000 $ ale stan konta czy dostępny depozyt jest kilkukrotnie wyższy od kredytu a osoby z Nava Gate twierdzą, że kredyt można spłacić wyłącznie ze środków zewnętrznych. Mam pytanie do poszkodowanych z Polski, którzy zgłosili sprawę na policję. Możecie podać na PRIV która jednostka przyjęła zgłoszeni – dziś byłem na komendzie wspomniałem o zgłoszeniach innych osób, na które się natknąłem w internecie więc poprosili mnie bym spróbował dowiedzieć się, które jednostki prowadzą sprawę by podjąć wspólne działanie.

      1. Ja też zostałam oszukana, wpłaciłam 7250 euro, pan Paweł Dębicki obiecał iż w ciągu 3 dni wypłacę swoje pieniądze miałam inwestować w akcje, ale Paweł zaczął od foreks, jestem na plusie 11200usd ale aby wycofać kwotę muszę najpierw wpłacić kaucję 25% to jest prawie 3000usd abym mogła wypłacić 11200 usd które mam na koncie, czy ktoś już odzyskał od nich pieniądze, w jaki sposób zgłosić to w banku lub na policji
        I was also deceived, I paid 7250 euro, Mr. Paweł Dębicki promised that within 3 days I would withdraw my money, I was supposed to invest in shares, but Paweł started with forex, I’m in the plus 11,200 USD but to withdraw the amount I must first pay a deposit of 25%, which is almost 3000 USD so that I can withdraw 11,200 USD that I have in my account, has someone already recovered money from them, how to report it to the bank or to the police

        1. Pani Henryko,
          To oszuści. Trzeba to zgłosić od razu do odpowiednich służb specjalnych. Proszę podać swój adres email to powiem Pani co trzeba zrobić

  11. Hello, I confirm: Navagates are frauds! I didn’t get my money back. They changed my account passwords. They make transactions themselves. No form of contact works. Be careful: these are thieves and swindlers!
    Witajcie, potwierdzam: Navagates to oszuści! Nie odzyskałem swoich pieniędzy. Pozmieniali moje hasła do kont. Sami zawierają transakcje. Żadne formy kontaktu nie dają efektów. Uważajcie: to są złodzieje i oszuści!

  12. Panie Krzysztofie, Proszę podać Pana kontakt na PRIV. abyśmy mogli się skontaktować

    1. Proszę o kontakt w temacie Nava gates. Podejrzewam, że również zostałem oszukany.
      Please contact me about Nava gates. I suspect that I was cheated as well.

  13. Jestem regularnie nękany telefonami z tej firmy (po zablokowaniu numeru dzwonią z innych), tylko dlatego że zarejestrowałem się na ich stronie. Kulturalne prośby o usunięcie danych, konta czy nie dzwonienie są zbywane. Emaile na ich adres nie dochodzą (alert wiadomość na podany email nie dotarła). Jeśli ktoś ma jakiś pomysł co robić aby mnie nie nękano proszę o kontakt (mam wrażenie że zmiana numeru telefonu to jedyne wyjście).

    I am harassed by phones from this company (after blocking the number they call from others) just because I registered on their site. Cultural requests to delete data, account or not to call are disposed of. Emails to their address do not arrive (the warning message did not arrive at the email address provided). If anyone has any idea what to do not to harass me, please contact me (I have the impression that changing the phone number is the only option).

    Kilka dni temu zadzwonili do mnie nowi oszuści z firmy Nava Gates. Pierwszy podawał sie jako Marcin Ostrowski z działu finansowego. Powiedział, że mogę wypłacic swoje pieniądze, ale najpierw muszę wpłacic im prowizję od zysku w wysokości około 4 500 USD ! Wczoraj zadzwonił do mnie kolejny oszust podający się za p. Mark Urba – nowy account manager NavaGates. Pytał dlaczego nie handluję z nimi. Powiedział, że moje konto zostało odblokowane, a wczoraj zostałem poinformowany przez niego, że moje pieniądze zostały przez NavaGates przekazane na konto kantora kryptowalut Coinbase. Mark Urba skontaktował mnie przez Skype z działem support kantora Coinbase. Oczywiście okazało się, że Coinbase chce wypłacic mi moje pieniądze, ale muszę najpierw im wpłacić prowizję bankową w wysokości 18%. Pieniądze miały być mi wypłacone przez bank BNP Paribas z Londynu, który ponoć żąda takich prowizji ! Powiedziałem, że to absurd, bo takich prowizji nie żądają żadne banki i w ten sposób nie działają żadne wiarygodne kantory kryptowalut. Po długiej korespondencji przez Skype, Coinbase zaproponował mi, że mogą mi pomóc w spłacie prowizji i ja będę musiał zapłacić im tylko około 10%. ! Oczywiście napisałem mu, że to jest ABSURD i że nie zamierzam wpłacać im żadnych pieniędzy. UWAGA: piszccie do mnie na adres [email protected] wszyscy oszukani przez NavaGates. Jest nas już dużo i razem możemy łatwiej zablokować tych oszustów !!!
    A few days ago, I received a call from new scammers from Nava Gates. The first named himself as Marcin Ostrowski from the financial department. He said I can withdraw my money but first I have to pay them a profit commission of around $ 4,500! Yesterday I received a call from another scammer claiming to be Mark Urba – the new account manager of NavaGates. He asked why I didn’t trade with them. He said my account had been unblocked and I was informed yesterday by him that my money was transferred by NavaGates to the Coinbase cryptocurrency exchange account. Mark Urba contacted me via Skype with the support department of Coinbase. Of course, it turned out that Coinbase wants to pay me my money, but I have to pay them a bank commission of 18% first. The money was supposed to be paid to me by the BNP Paribas bank from London, which is said to be demanding such commissions! I said it was absurd, because such commissions are not demanded by any banks, and thus no reliable cryptocurrency exchange offices work. After a long Skype correspondence, Coinbase offered to help me pay off a part my commission and I would only have to pay them around 10% ! Of course I wrote to him that it was ABSURD and that I was not going to pay them any money.
    ATTENTION: PLEASE write to me at: [email protected] all deceived by NavaGates. There are already a lot of us and together we can more easily block these scammers !!!

    1. I was dealing with David Hoffman and was totally taken in .. I believed him and felt we had developed a mother son relationship.. how stupid and I .. Im in a horrendous situation.. I not only was convinced by him to invest £20,000.. I also used my £10,000 credit card and took out a mortgage of £70,00. Being advised that my dealings had reached a million $.. I was sooo ecstatic only to find I had to pay $50,000 in brokerage to gain my funds!! which I couldn’t pay as had no funds. I have repeatedly asked for my total investment of £170,000 back .. and realise what a nasty scam this is .. I’m in huge debt now!!
      PLEASE PLEASE do not get involved with this company
      Dee Morrison

  15. I too have been scammed by nava gates, I can’t get my £250 back, and the last message
    I got from them is that they are going to charge $100 per day for an in active account,
    has any one else had this happen?

    1. I opened my account on the 26th of June and asked for them to close it on the 29th of June which hasn’t been done numerous phone calls from them harassing me I got a phone call from their help department where I was told I can face charges on the account we had to agree to access the account I saw was only $5 of initial 250 showing we never traded since the 26th. Of June with the broker I’m a bit frightened about these charges on the account is it legal or should I not worry about it


    Thought I was going to be making an investment of a large sum of 40,000 when in reality, this is not a genuine company and they will take your money and make you believe that you are making money but see nothing of it. When I asked to withdraw the funds, they then said I wouldn’t be able to this because of a “tax issue” and wanted me to pay more money to release the current monies… what a load of bulls^*>t! That’s when I knew these are nothing but slimy leeches. The best bit about it – I am still getting hounded to this day by them.

  17. As a victim I can say the following, they operate by asking a minimum investment of 250 euro. Next you get access to the MT4 platform where you see your money has been put to work and the bot trading is doing its work. In no time you’ll see the profit growing. After this demo period you get called again where they ask you to make more investment. They’ll try to persuade you in 10.000 or more. I asked to withdraw my money first to see if it is legit but only got the profit part. Pulling back everything they say is impossible because that closes the account. Strange reason for a company to close the account. After some more pressure to invest and me making it clear to close the account, they say it can only be transferred
    via a bitcoin wallet. I didn’t open a bitcoin wallet yet they say I have one opened when I created the Navagates account. Next they say I have to transfer bitcoins onto that bitcoin wallet to increase the limit. What limit??? So they pass on a bitcoin wallet address that you don’t know about, asking you to put bitcoins on in order for them to put bitcoins onto that same bitcoin wallet … They just keep on trying to suck money out of you.
    Nothing they do or that you need to do is in any way reflecting a professional company. They try to scam you through social engineering, they call you often and over and over again. People part of the fraud are Marcel Hossa, Sofia Flores, Sarah Duhon and Raymond Lewis if those are their real names. They all operate from what sounds like a call center, with a lot of background noise.

  18. Had 2 phone calls from them saying that I’d registered an account with them (didn’t even state the company name until I asked) a month ago and they want to help me get trading.. what a complete load of sh*t. I’d never heard of them before, and know for a fact I hadn’t signed up with them, and when challenged the woman got snotty with me and put the phone down.

    Made me laugh though!

    My dad started trading around 4 months ago and was assigned a man named Justin Bisset, this man rang my father nearly every day for months, he built up his trust and completely brainwashed him. Over the time he was trading with my dad he managed to get about £40,000, when my father requested to have some of the profit he had supposedly made “£130,000 ish” he was told it would cost him a further £20,000 to get any out as that would be the commission for Justin; and the commission couldn’t be taken away from the profit. He put incredible pressure on my dad and started to ring him everyday being incredibly persuasive and believable, if we (my family and I) haven’t got involved he would have paid him more. The police and a solicitor both confirmed it was a scam, there were phone calls between them and Justin tried to con them both. It is an AWFUL scam and can completely ruin people’s lives. These people need to be stopped!

    1. Hi, I have been scammed by them for a lot of money, and I am trying to get it back. Have you had any luck with retrieving the money? I would be really grateful as this was supposed to buy a bungalow , now I have nothing and they don’t care they are still trying to get me to put in more money, then, they say I can withdraw all my money. They are very clever, you feel you want to put that bit extra in to get the majority out, which I would have done if I had any to put in. They have taken all my money and have gone from being really nice to being threatening and they keep ringing me all the time.
      I hope your father was able to get his money back.

  20. Hi I got Scammed by a girl Called Anna Sadler ,same as above ive put in around £7,500 +the initial set up £199,00 ,put me on m4 platform made money for them ,there were using Geneva as a call sign ,this was for a house , now ive lost it all

  21. I am trying to withdraw my money from NAVAGATES and have sent numerous e’mails to the account manager RICHARD CROSS (If that’s his real name) and to a so called Floor Manager called Tim Novak. I have also made enquiries with the support and accounts departments at NAVAGETES and had very little response from them also. Apart form these recovery specialists that say they will get your money back does anyone know of a good HACKER that would F*@k these scamming [email protected]$&!*D’s up.
    They as other people have said on this site scammed me out of a lot of money and before I can get any of it back I need to open an account with CRYPTO SAVINGS ACCOUNT of which I’ve never heard of and need to make up the shortfall to at least 1 full bitcoin before I would be able to withdraw from this CRYPTO SAVING ACCOUNT.
    ANY IDEAS???.

  22. Hi Jan,
    These people are very wicked and must be stopped at all levels. Where they are hiding themselves in Switzerland must be fished out and destroyed.
    They took £600 from me just before Christmas to help me withdraw my balance and also another $1169 for the same withdrawal. The first money was taken by someone called Anna Sadler and the second was also taken by another person by name Haley Green all from their financial department. One of the biggest thief is Peter Bergman, account manager. They always try to be polite when they start trading with you until you decide to withdraw money then you see their true colours.
    I am not sure but I suspect that navagate personnel have some common connection with somebody working at coinbase who is helping them defraud customers at navagates.
    All who have been scammed by these people should get together and find a common ground to fight these scammers tooth and nail.

  23. Hi Folks,
    Does anyone know this address?
    Avenue des Morgines 12, 1213 Lancy, Switzerland.
    This is where those crooks are hiding and scamming clients.
    I am inviting all clients who have been scammed by navagates crooks to

    1. “Operation find navagates crooks”
      Kwame woman, I will gladly join you, see my post after the date 25.04. 2021, because something has to be done about it, write to me when you came into possession of this address
      “Operacja znajdź navagates crooks”
      kobieto Kwame ja chętnie się do Ciebie dołączę, zobacz mój wpis po datą 25.04. 2021roku, bo koniecznie coś z tym trzeba zrobić, napisz mi jak weszłaś w posiadanie tego adresu

  24. Hi – I stupidly followed a link after it was advertised celebrities like James Corden, Adele and @Amazon were linked to trading opportunities. Thankfully only invested £280 last September and have not managed to get a penny back. My account manager was Sam Kaminski, support tel no: 044121418356 who then caught COVID and handed over to a girl named Lucy Roth. Sam tried to get me to invest more money and I refused. Since then I have had no contact since November and now all email addresses i.e. [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected] or [email protected] are not working. Even ignoring the Signal messages he made me set up.
    We need to stop these cons that tag on to news websites/facebook and other social media platforms. These platforms have a duty of care to protect the public from scammers.
    Happy to join the campaign to seek justice but sadly don’t have any money for legal costs.
    If anyone has any luck getting their money out please let me know how you did it!
    The address given for investors is: Share Oracle Ltd, registration number: 2020/IBC00012, Cnr Old and Church Street, PO Box 2290, Roseau. The Commonwealth of Dominica.

    1. Hi have a mobile number for Sam Kaminski registered through the Oracle app – +447958745107 – never tried to call as yet.

  25. since 2020 NavaGates “cooperated”, until today I have deposited over half a million euro; the Nava Gates trading account was $ 228,632 at the end of July; I was transferred to Coinbaise for payment; I paid 219,756 euro to Coinbaise, after which Alexsandr Krolevski and Anton Frolov decided to transfer me to Binance, where I had paid 236,513 euro by February 23, 2021; On March 9, 2021, I learned from Krolevski that the bank servicing Binance expects me to pay 19% of the amount, which is the difference resulting from the difference in the BTC price and is more than EUR 80,000; contact with Binance is difficult; Krolevski handed me over to someone at Binance (attempted Skype contact), but the strange-sounding name scared me away; I wrote to Binance at the bank address (Clear Junction Bank supposedly online) and another address, I’m waiting for a response from Binance; I’m going to write to Nava Gates, but I’m having trouble getting the correct address
    can any of you help me with this; I am currently without money and depressed; I submitted a notification to the prosecutor’s office about a crime; people have to do something about it; we live in different countries, in the European Union, let’s try to organize ourselves, maybe a class action, maybe Europol, maybe you have some ideas, let’s stay in touch, maybe check this address in Switzerland somehow, you have to do something
    od licpa 2020roku NavaGates “współpracowałam”, do dziś wpłaciłam ponad pół miliona euro; na koncie handlowym w Nava Gates na koniec lipca było 228.632 dolów; zostałam przeniesiona do Coinbaise w celu wypłacenia pieniędzy; do Coinbaise wpłaciłam 219.756euro, po czym Alexsandr Krolevski i Anton Frolov postanowili mnie przenieść do Binance, gdzie do 23 lutego 2021 roku wpłaciłam 236.513 euro; 9 marca 2021 roku dowiedziałm się od Krolevskiego, że bank obsługujący Binance oczekuje ode mnie wpłaty 19% od kwoty, która jest różnicą powstałą w wyniku różnicy w cenie BTC i jest o kwota ponad 80.000 euro; kontakt z Binance jest utrudniony; Krolevski przekazał mnie komuś z obsługi Binance( próba kontaktu przez Skypa), ale dziwnie brzmiące nazwisko odstraszyło mnie; napisałam do Binance na adres przy banku (Clear Junction Bank podobno internetowy) i jeszcze drugi adres, czekam na odpowiedź z Binance;mam zamiar napisać do Nava Gates, ale mam problem ze zdobyciem wałaściwego adresu
    czy ktoś z Was może mi w tym pomóc; aktualnie jestem bez pieniędzy i w stanie depresji; złożyłam zawiadomienie do prokuratury o popełnieniu przestępstwa; ludzie coś z tym trzeba zrobić; mieszkamy w różnych krajach, w Unii Europejskiej, spróbujmy się zorganizować, może pozew zbiorowy, może Europol, może macie jakieś pomysły, bądźmy w kontakcie, może jakoś sprawdzić ten adres w Szwajcarii, trzeba coś zrobić

  26. Navagates are criminals and scammers. I had four different account managers who just tried to get me to deposit more money and kept saying that I couldn’t expect to make good money when I only invested £250. After a year of being messed about I requested my account be closed and my balanced refunded to me. I have been trying for four months to get my money back and they just ignore me and won’t even answer my emails. threats of legal action have no effect, they couldn’t care less. Once you pay your deposit, say goodbye to it

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