101Investing review – 5 things you should know about 101investing.com

101Investing review – 5 things you should know about 101investing.com


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101Investing is a Cypriot broker offering stable trading conditions. The first time we entered the website, we were slightly confused as to the nature of this broker, because it does have a peculiar style, one that, if you don’t mind us saying, borders with that of an offshore broker. However, 101Investing is in fact regulated by the Cypriot watchdog CySEC, and as such offers legitimate trading conditions.

The registration process is a long one, and at the end the broker requires personal identification documents, a sign that 100Investing is serious about forex and wants approved traders using its services.  However, even without fully finishing the registration process, 101Investing gave us access to its client area, and most importantly, a demo MT4 account.

This MT4 gave us a good look at the trading conditions. We received a leverage of 1:30, which is in fact the maximum retail forex leverage one can get in the EU due to ESMA imposed rules. For professional clients 101Investing opens its gates with a 1:500 leverage.
However, the EUR/USD spread we got was 4.8 pips. This kind of spread is to be found only at completely illicit brokers. It does not give profit to traders, and in fact is only lucrative towards the broker. Just to give perspective to the matter, the average EUR/USD spread is 1.5 pips, with anything above that considered to high. We are aware that this is a demo account where users can play around and trade with fake money, but let’s hope that 101Investing live account spreads are realistic and allow for fair trading.

The demo trading platform revealed the trading assets that users can use: Forex Pairs, Indices, Commodities, Shares, and Crypto. This is a strong list, an there is nothing really missing from it.

Clients of 101Investing can use the broker is the following languages: English, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, and German, which makes this broker orientated more towards European users. However this is not to say that residents of other countries outside of the EU are not welcome at 101Investing. We recommend users check their illegibility before continuing with registering.


The official register of CySEC check out. 101Investing is a Cypriot Investment Firm providing cross borer services to other states.

Having a CySEC regulation is one of the best licenses a broker can wish for. Not only is this regulatory one of the best in Europe, but also the world. It has reached the status of the most popular regulator in Europe, along side the FCA, by enforcing a set or rules to new and old brokers.

For one, all Cypriot Investment Firms must hold a minimum capital of €730 000 which is a guarantee of the company to CySEC that it possesses enough money to be considered financially stable. Next, user’s money must be held within segregate bank accounts, different from those of the broker’s money in order to protect users’ funds.. Furthermore, all brokers under CySEC’s gaze are part of the Investor Compensation Fund, a trust which covers all of a broker’s clients’ up to €20 000 in case the broker goes bankrupt. Last but not least, once a brokerage firm is authorised by CySEC, then the overseer imposes another set of guidelines that must be followed, like the provision of  timely reports from the broker.

All of what was just covered is applicable to 101Investing, seeing that it is authorised by the Cypriot regulator.


The full glory of the MT4 has been made available to traders of 101Investing.The platform is available in virtually any conceivable way, including on a browser, on Apple and Android devices, and of course as a separate desktop trading software.

What can we say about the MT4 that has not already been said? This platform is synonymous with modern day forex trading, and for a good reason. With multiple time frames, pending order types, drag and drop charts, over 500 customizable trading indications, trades in centralized markets, and Expert Advisors allowing for automatic trading, the MT4 has got it all. And this is barely the tip of the iceberg. The MT4 is preffered by both rookie and expert traders for a reason!

The Risk Disclosure document reveals that there are commissions, which we assume are connected to spreads.

However, we were unable to find specific spread commission anywhere, even after checking the hugely expansive collection of legal documents. Furthermore, the Fees official documents, on the other hand, states that there are no commissions

This definitely is a confusing matter. one that does not go by unnoticed. So we urge users to be careful, and enquire about the possibility of any trading commissions.


As per the client payment area, which is accessible only after registering, the payment methods available are Bank Transfer Credit/Debit Card, Trustly, WORLDPAY, Praxis, Onpex, INPAY, eMerchantPay, Skrill, E2EPay, ECP, Wirecard, KoalaPays, Trustly, Safecharge, and Moneynetint. The minimum deposit for all these payment methods is €250. There are no depositing fee to speak of.

Users can deposit in the following base currencies: EUR, USD, GBP, AUD, JPY, NZD, CAD, and CHF.

All withdrawals requests submitted before 09:00 AM CY will be processed within the same day, while anything after this time will be processed in the next business day. The trader’s withdrawal terminal does not reveal the withdrawal methods. In fact this area seems way too lacklustre for a CySEC regulated broker.

There are withdrawal fees.The broker will charge a €50 charge for a withdrawal if there is insignificant or no trading activity in a trader’s account. By insignificant, understand that 101Investing means only one open trading positions placed. Furthermore, should a user wish to withdraw a sum lower than €100, the broker will apply fees that it has not disclosed.

Last but not least, there is a hefty inactive account fee, that is activated in steps, the first one applying once an account has seen no trading trading activity for 60 days. On the 61st day, the fee of €160 will be issued, on the 91st day the charge is €120, on the 181st day this charge is €200, and so on. 

Such a significant inactive account fee is usually encountered at illegitimate brokers. This fee is one in a handful of suspicious aspects of 101Investing.

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  1. That’s so great that there are no fees or hidden commissions for traders. This inspires so much confidence in 101investing. I also like the fact that the broker uses MT4 platform which is the leading in the industry and of course that there are different ways to use it, including the most convenient for me -mobile version.

  2. Never ever deal with these people. They try to take more of your money and they make money by making you do trades with a high spread. My account manager William, who spoke dutch and his collegue Guy, i don’t even know if these are their real names, willingly made me make hugh losses and then they want you to put more money on your account. Which I didn’t do and then they make it even worse and you lose all your money. 79-89 % of their clients LOSE ALL OF THEIR MONEY

  3. 101investing trading conditions are great. Now I concentrated on trading currency pairs, and I have rather cool leverage (1:30), which opens up cool opportunities. After I gain more experience, I want to open another account type, where the leverage is higher

  4. Wiebe, thanks for your message. I totally agree. This is accactly what I have experienced.

  5. 101Investing performs all my orders very fast. It is important on the market. I trade on volatile asset that is cryptocurrency pairs. This platform is high-output for it. I trade here and withdraw my profit every month.

  6. Can only confirm Wiebe´s experience. I was able to terminate with a profit but am now prevented from withdrawing it. Instead I keep receiving all sorts of funny requests for proof of payments, proof of transfer indicating my bank details and theirs, despite all docs were uploaded as requested and approved at their end, pretty anoying.

  7. I started my account with 250 Euro’s as a total beginner. I got hints where I could invest but as a total beginner with no experience, I had no clue how long to wait with trading and when to take it out or if i take profit, what is next. With a few wrong moves I was advised that I could save our money putting in more.. and more and more.. within 4 weeks we ended up with 36 000 Euros on the account.. When I could have pulled some money out, I was convinced to trade again and I was advised to trade with a ‘wrong’ calculation from my account manager which lead to put the whole amount of money from my account into 1 trade.. it meant we had to hedge.. and with lack of knowledge and making a few mistakes, I lost all our money.. I was not called back when promised most of the times, I couldn’t reach my account manager and I felt totally left alone when I made mistakes.. NEVER START trading with this company if you are a beginner!!! The traders’ interest is that you put in as much money you have and even more!!!! I got some good tips from my account managers but as a starter you are led blindly.. and nobody cares when you don’t understand.. I wrote many many emails, and never got concrete answers to them (mostly about calculations).. We lost all our saved money to this company.. They are doing good for sure..to their interest.
    The company is set up legally, I double checked with spam experts but they have many complaint about 101investing.com and they advise not to deal with them. Unfortunately I am one of those who lost their money to them and since the tradings are done by me, no chance to claim anything back…They also had a glitch in their system and the recovery of all amounts on my account was also shady.. I never saw the full amount back what I put on the account..
    BE AWARE!!!

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