BCP review – 5 things you should know about www.bcpgltd.com

BCP review – 5 things you should know about www.bcpgltd.com

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Beware! BCP is an offshore broker! Your investment may be at risk.


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Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Open trading accounts with at least two brokers.


Overall BCP doesn’t have much going on. The website is exemplary of the broker’s simplicity, the visuals are unappealing, and there is nothing of interest, no dazzling feature or image to remember this broker by. Some things are so overwhelmingly average that we forget them as soon as we click on “quit”. This applies to BCP’s visuals. However, what about the more important aspects, like trading conditions and similar? Read the review to find out.

Once we opened the registration area, we were presented with a very limited area that required only 4 different things from us in order to create a live account: a email address, a password, a captcha, and an invitation code.

The latter is the reason we were not granted access to the client dashboard. This invitation code reveals so much about the nature of the broker…Most importantly, it unveils that users are individually contacted by representatives of the broker, either by email or by phone. This code is only give when a user agrees to deposit an initial sum, something like $200. And so the process goes, as we have detailed in the Scam section at the end of the review.

What the unsuccessful registration means is that all trading conditions will be taken from the website of the broker. With brokerages like BCP we can never be sure if they are delivering these crucial details truthfully. So users can trade with forex pairs, cryptocurrencies, metals, crude oil, and indexes. The EUR/USD spread is indicate in a table as being 2.1 pips, which is too high a number to be considered profitable to users. We are baffled that a broker would include such a high spread; it only helps them gain profit and not the user. The leverage is 1:200 if we are to trust the website. This leverage is surprisingly low for an offshore broker, of which BCP surely seems like. Usually, such firm have a leverage around the 1:500 mark.

The website is available in English and Chinese.


You have probably foreseen where this review is heading. If not, this section pretty much explains it all.

A regulation is building block of any legitimate broker. Without it the broker can take any form or shape, of which many are scammer and completely illegal. The license is a guarantee that a firm follows a strict set of rules, of which one of the most important ones are to put the user’s interest and safety above all else.

With that said, BCP has not included regulatory information. The website does not have licensing details, and there are no legal documents. In short, the entire legal framework is missing! The closest, and only thing we have left to work with is a supposed address in the UK, which is where the FCA reigns supreme. And considering that the FCA is in the top 5 global regulators, one can easily dismiss BCP from being regulated by it.

There is no mistake when pronouncing BCP an UNLICENSED broker, making it a risk to all investments.

Traders should be trading with risk-free brokers, that hold licensed from renowned and austere agencies, like the FCA or CySec , which have made a name for themselves as some of the top regulators. Readers should be aware that both agencies have adapted very strict rules of conduct, and their licensing framework guarantees safety and security for all clientele. A good example of this is the segregation of accounts which assures that client money and broker money are kept in separate accounts. Furthermore, FCA/CySEC brokers participate in a financial reimbursement scheme that cover traders losses in case the broker becomes insolvent. The FCA provides up to 85 000 pounds per person, while CySEC guarantees up to 20 000 euros.

It’s not uncommon to stumble on brokers that have either completely forgotten to include regulatory details or do not care to mention. We have always puzzled at this, because nowadays people are becoming extra careful, and many internet users will immediately smell out the fraudulent nature of supposed service providers like BFC. What intrigues us is why BFC and the like have not even tried to include such licensing info?


Throughout the website BCP keeps bragging about landing the MT5 terminal. This is great and all, except that BCP does not even have that covered.

The Platform section offers a download button for the MT5, but once we clicked on that we were offered to save a .exe file by the name oф businesschoicepartners5setup.exe which for us has no connection to the current broker we are reviewing. The inclusion of an MT5 would have helped BFC out, but this broker would still have needed a ton more done in order to be worth it.

So, we have no choice but to claim that BCP has no trading software. So what does this so called broker have? It clearly isn’t even a broker…


We did not think things could get worst than what they already are, but here we are being proved wrong by the complete and utter lack of payment information.

It is as if deposits and withdrawals are a second thought, something that users shouldn’t worry themselves with – these are the vibes we are getting with BFC. Yet this is one of the most importance elements in any brokerage firm.

We presume that payment methods, minimum deposit, fees, and maybe a trading platform, are hidden behind the client dashboard. Even so, we do not recommend to anyone to try. This is clearly a scam!

How does the scam work?

Users will be in the middle of a scam without even knowing it, that’s how efficient these scams are. Yet, clients will also be surprised that the most utilized scammer structure is laughably easy to grasp, making it predictable. We have dedicated the following section to the reveal of how the scam works.

The internet is filled with ads, it’s the fuel of the industry, and a big chunk of said advertisements are misleading and some are downright deceitful. The ads concerned with unregulated forex brokers are often very promising, and most of the times utilize completely false claims of immediate profit. Those tempted enough will be redirected to a robo-scam website that further guarantees profits. The only thing that separates the user from the unrealistic promises is a fast registration process that requires a phone number and an email address. After inputting this info unsuspecting users will start getting phone calls from illicit broker representatives, whose one and only job is to initialize the scheme by pushing a trader to make that first deposit of around $250. After that’s done, the senior representatives will be calling. These expert scammers are extremely good talkers, and will start working on you to start putting even more money in. They say that the more money invested, the higher the profit will be. At this point most traders start seeing the big picture, and will want to withdrawal their money and get out fast.

However, the scammers have anticipated this development, and are ready to counter any withdrawal request. Typically they find excuses for delaying the request in the legal documents that hold specific clauses for these purposes. The reasons are many. One thing to remember is that all illicit brokerage firms will deny the withdrawal request for as long as they can, because of the imposed time limit traders have for filling a chargeback. Once the crucial due date is not met, any chargeback requests will be denied.

What to do if scammed?

Those of you who deposited using VISA and MasterCard wil be glad to know that both companies have extended their chargeback time span to 540 days, especially if the reason for it is an online scam.

Scammers will steal directly from a bank account, if the traders has provided crucial details, like banking password or security code. If it get down to this, be sure to either block the account or change the password.

Sometime victimized users will stumble upon the so called recovery agents that promises to magically reclaim all lost investments, for a fee that is. Needless to say, they will not get back any of the lost funds, and will basically scam you a second time.

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  1. Business Choice Partners Group Ltd BCPG is a scam! Please stay far away and do not invest in any foreign exchange from any guy or girl from China/Hong Kong. I’ve lost lots US$38000 and have no way of getting it back nor any way of stopping them from continuing with their scam to other people. They are registered on several dating websites, mine was Date in Asia also found another on some other dating website. They get you interested and make you download the MT5 software and get a dummy account and help teach you how to trade while they do live trades. As soon as you invest money you have no way of getting it back. You can use the banks chargeback service if you realize the scam quickly enough. If you have not yet realized then best you can do is to report the account they give you to send money to so that banks can blacklist it. My bank wanted an account of what had happened as my transactions got flagged by their fraud team. I’ve also reported it to the UK insolvency team but they don’t think my case warrants an investigation but that’s probably because they don’t realize that this is a huge scam. See all the comments under Vow Group: https://theforexreview.com/2019/12/13/vowmarkets-review/?unapproved=15160&moderation-hash=e646806b9235319d1bdb5a46843809d8#comment-15160

    When I started the broker was Vow Group then they changed it to BCPG Ltd. The lady that got me scammed was called Cherry Lin in Hong Kong that claimed she owned a beauty salon in Hong Kong, divorced and lives alone. Has a mother, father and brother. I’m not sure if any of it is real but would really like for the word to get out to stop them conning other innocent people to part with their money. I really wish I had googled first before taking the chance.

    1. Hi Pepe … omg I’m so glad i came across this site and your response. Firstly im so sorry you have lost so much money i got hooked by a lady on the dating website .. then she put in touch witha guy called jack ( her name was Chen) who would only talk to through wattsapp.. that’s when alarm bells started to ring . then i did some research and came across this site and your article.

      there has to be a way of reporting these people some how . they are CROOKS with no remorse for stealing innocent peoples money.
      beware people these guys are scamsters.. if you want to trade make sure the company has a base in the UK. full contact and address details IG Index and CMC markets are regulated check them out..

      1. I got approached by a TikTok user. A cute Chinese girl from Macao that goes by the name Ziyau Chen, I wish I could upload a picture off her WhatsApp account she helped me get set up with a demo account with knight Service group. After several successful trades she’s been pressuring me to open a real account with $10k-$20k. I’m so glad I googled this broker company before I invested. I’m so sorry for the people that lost their hard earned money to these low life scammers.

    2. Please stay away from this scam!!!
      They change their name about every 6 months. Currently they go under the name and server: Knight Service Group.
      Here is what I have experienced and what I understand.
      I was taken for my deposit of 5300.00 to get started. It’s gone!
      These people are slick and very patient! They are willing to take their time to develop a relationship (usually with a female from Hong Kong). You get to know them and their family and what they do for work… This can go on for several months while you are trading from signals given to you via WhatsAPP from them.
      I also believe that they have set up a demo account as your “live” account because it appears that they use some software that they’ve developed that sets you up for good wins most every time that you trade, this will keep you hooked!
      On one occasion I had my son use a demo account and he started at the same time that I did using the signal coming from HK. I was winner of 11,600.00 while my son lost a couple of hundred! We went back and looked at the charts comparing them and sure enough the charts were completely different only during the time of trade. I got very suspicious after that.
      My balance at that time was over 60K. I gave them an excuse that I needed to take 35K out to help my mother with some medical bills and I filled out the application to do it. Then they said that I needed to send them 17% to cover taxes and fees for the withdrawl. Haha I told them that they have my money and that they could take the 17% and send wire me the rest. They straight up refused of course and became angry with me too. I then told them to just send me back my deposit because there is not tax on that and guess what everyone disappeared! I had dwelt with them 3 or so time a week for 3 months then it was over that quick.
      I know there are many of them but this could be one of the biggest scams in all of Forex!

      1. hi,how do you know they changed their name to knight service group?

    3. Hi there ,I think I also got robbed from Same lady .same story she told me . So we need to get together , then we can get money back…

      1. how can we get back our money?

        1. Any luck I reported everything to HK police and fbi. Nothing yet. Any ideas I can also get involved as I got scammed too

    4. Hi Pepe,I had same girl that you told about above information. I got some original photos and her parents photos as well , I request all guys ,let’s make a what’s up group. And share all relevant information, then can be easy to catch these culprits.. my number is 07791679303

      1. Very good i will join in

    5. I lost 180000 Australia dollar.I had report to uk police. You should do that too.please!

    6. The manager chen real name is:chen xing chen

  2. I’ve had a tinder match with a cute chinese girl who talked gold. redirected me to her analyst who makes the trading directions. I set up a demo account and had success. They wanted me to set up a real account, minimum 5k deposit. I set up a real account with BCPG, drivers license, phone number, email and bank card (just the front of it).

    I did not transfer real money after further discussion with the analyst became combative when i asked about the wire details and why he wouldn’t share the name on the receiving account. When i pressed him on this issue and shared with hims some of these reveiws i have read online, he didn’t try to refute anything. Just said, if you think i am a scam what is the point of talking.

    I recommend not touching BCPG. I did not share any passwords of mine, will be cancelling my bank card and changing all my passwords just incase.

    1. i had a similar experience these guys are scammers DO NOT invest in them

    2. what was her name? same thing happend with me. Gold and shit.

      1. Mr Michael Pasquale

        Was u contacted by a Cathy Chen?

      2. They are indeed scammers. In June of this year, we lost 180,000 Australian dollars. We have already called the police. Please contact us if you need to.

        1. Have the police helped you and got our money back? any help would be appreciated.

        2. Any luck of getting back your money? As i am from australia as well. did the police took action?

        3. Hi Ellen, I plan to do the same. How can I contact you in this regard.

        4. Hi Ellen, did you have any luck recovering your lost funds? I’ve been badly scammed like the rest of the people here and would like to know my options



        5. Hi Ellen, I am in Australia and also lost money. Does the police help you trace the money back? How is your current situation?

    3. Mr Michael Pasquale

      Was anyone in contact with some one called Cathy chen?

      1. They have too many fake name, the one who contact me is susan

      2. The scmer “chen” did not have any real contact information to us!! But we can keep seach!!!
        We should in one group to do something

    4. You did very well!

  3. I too had a similar experience. Please be aware of this scammers. They are making us believe about trading that so easy and make us invest money into there account

  4. I got scammed 110,000$ , same
    Style a girl contacts you to invest , they play with graphs to make you think you are wining .

    1. Do you go to report police?

      1. Mr Michael Pasquale

        Was anyone in contact with some one called Cathy chen?

    2. there are scammers who pretend to make friend with you and said will help you in the way of invest,so means u lost 110k usd?

    3. The scmer “chen” did not have any real contact information to us!! But we can keep seach!!!
      We should in one group to do something

    4. Hi, I’m from Malaysia. I also got scammed and she goes by the name Susan. I’ll likr to join the WhatsApp Group reporting this scam.

      1. Hi, bt 27,what is her phone number, is it 0196153967

  5. All the experience u all faced also happened on my own, a taiwan girl called susan,(but i think she is from china) who acts as a businessman, because of covid 19,her business affected, she shows me how she earn money from forex and start to explain something to attract you, then she recommended her cousin named called jack, who acquired a cert of master of finance from cambridge university ,start to guide you, first, he will guide you three times and then he will ask about your satisfsction about ther analyst team then will allure to invest at least 10k usd, sometimes, they will told you the big market, you need to put more money to invest so can reduce the risk, when you want to withdraw money, they will called you to trade and make you lose all the money, the scammers will give you explaination why the trade is out of their analysis, all the bullshit, they just want to prevent you to withdraw money, they all are scammers, please dont invest in their apps, http://www.bcpgltd.com,business choice partnership limited group,please be aware, dont be scammed by these such rubbish persons

  6. How did you guys sent the money? Did you guys do a charge back on the credit card or a wire transfer recall?

    1. Mr Michael Pasquale

      Hi guys, I was recently contacted a Cathy chen, she when through the motions of teaching have to use MT5. I have not pay any money as yet. But I was given the following details. Account name. Kwok Wai Poon. I have a photo and number of +852 5621 9371..

      1. what’s your email we can talk in email.

    2. Transfer between bank account name is “you hui”aNZ Australia..he transfer once to me his name in bank account is “chen xing chen”

  7. Hi Everyone,
    I have reported this to several agencies around the world & I recommend you do the same. If not for yourself for others who will be the victim of this scam & loss their life savings.
    Kindly report it to below :
    1) National fraud & cyber crime reporting centre (https://www.actionfraud.police.uk )
    2)HONG Kong police force (https://www2.erc.police.gov.hk)
    3) Internet crime complain centre (https://www.ic3.gov/complaint/splash.aspx?)
    4) Securities and Futures Commission ( send email with details to : [email protected] )
    Don’t ignore this , do your part at least.

    1. Hi Mohammed ,it seems there have a one bcgp/ knights service group ,so let’s start share all information regarding scammers.

  8. this is new domain they use. bcpgltde.com

  9. Thank you so much for this information! I was beginning to have suspicions when I was talking with a Chinese girl named Mina on Coffee Meets Bagel, she started our conversation on Whatsapp by showing me her recent winnings, and talking about how she wanted to open a business in the US for Acne/Skincare. She said she worked in beauty as like a technician, and somehow had $40k to invest in Forex.

    I ignored this for a while, but then showed an interest, which is when she sent me a link to BCPGLTD which immediately struck me as a potentially fraudulent site. This review was a nail in that coffin. I reported her on Whatsapp, and she was already under investigation on CMB, where I also left an additional report.

    Again, thank you so much!

    1. Hey guys, I’m in an account right now. I’ve been going strong for a little over 2 months. I started with 1,000 and just sent over another 3,000 which was lost on their end. They have apologized and said they have found it but I haven’t seen it reflected in my account yet but it’s off hours right now.
      My account right now is up over 50,000. I haven’t tried to withdrawal yet.
      I’m trying to figure out what to do, and the best way to do it. I’m curious how someone got scammed out of 110,000? I wish I knew more details. I’m hoping I can proceed without loosing everything.

      1. Hello , I kept topping my account cause I was wining alot of money. Turned out to be a scam . I couldn’t withdraw my initial investment of 110,000$ , I have in my account over 200,000$ but I’m not able to withdraw.

        Cut your losses and try to withdraw small amounts ( 500$) at a time and see how it goes.

      2. Hi Everyone,
        I have reported this to several agencies around the world & I recommend you do the same. If not for yourself for others who will be the victim of this scam & loss their life savings.
        Kindly report it to below :
        1) National fraud & cyber crime reporting centre (https://www.actionfraud.police.uk )
        2)HONG Kong police force (https://www2.erc.police.gov.hk)
        3) Internet crime complain centre (https://www.ic3.gov/complaint/splash.aspx?)
        4) Securities and Futures Commission ( send email with details to : [email protected] )
        Don’t ignore this , do your part at least.

  10. hi all,

    same happened to me the girl name: Zhang Lina. she provided the agent contact number for me. her name called Linda or (King). Their contact numbers: +85259807040
    Agent contact number: +85267095640

    I even have the girl photo very clearly, their address in China and the agent photo but not so clear. I can post their photo so you guy can see their face and be careful with them. when the virus over i will go to china or Hong Kong to report them in police station.

    1. All the thing are not true that She gave to u!

  11. hi all,

    I am so sorry to here you guys lost money through these investment companies. one thing i only can say it is. These companies they just making money to from people investment money in, doesn’t matter they are crooked company or real investment company. The agent they help you deposit money in the account they never want you to withdraw money because they making money when you play the trade have a look in the trading transactions the commission fee in there very high doesn’t matter you win or loss they still charge commission on it. That why as long as you deposit money in they will never come out again. Even they real company but the agent they will always find reasons dont want you to withdraw money. The more you play the more commission they get and bonus, similar you go casino the longer you play they will suck ur money slowly. One last thing, just want to remind you guy money never make in easy way. “The money from winner is from the loser”. Their is no guarantee u will always win. In the investment like this apps, i have been playing the real BCP company. one thing i can tell is this invest company is create by rich people in Asia countries to make money from the people they invest in there. The real BCP company they work for the rich people and the people work for government in Asia countries to exchange information they pay them through this investment apps. That the real BCP company. I used to know 1 girl, she knows people work for the government she always get the information, her information always win, then i ask for 1 of my profession investment friend, they say they must be the scammer for the rich people and government people in Asia country, they exchange and pay through these apps. Finally, never invest on these companies. you will never make money on it.

  12. I had a chinese man connect with me on Coffee Meets Bagel in the guise of a relationship. He claimed to be running and import/export business, 46, divorced living in Xiamen China but had an office in Sydney which he left to return back to China when the lockdowns happened. Anyway cut to the chase, he led me to believe it was a romantic interest but then would encourage me to make sure I was investing to build my own wealth. He gained my trust over the course of 3 weeks chatting to me every day, more about personal things and then occasionally showing me a screen shot of his profitable trades. He claimed to know a very successful financial analyst who had helped him over the last 5 years to be learn how to trade and also give him directions. He suggested I shadow him and start small. I did not end up setting up a trading account as I because suspicious with the company website and the whole process of transferring funds into the account. The company link he gave me was https://www.bcpgroupltd.com/Cn/about When I had the trading app on my phone I had to link it to their account and it the same they gave me was Business Choice Partners which I googled and saw this. The guy’s name was Wu Ming Fan (Wu is his surname). The phone number linked to the whats app +852 6675 2467 . The number he gave me for the broker was +44 7367 048 607 a guy named Lin . I suspect all the names are probably fake anyway. I also noticed they have exactly the same website details under another company name TemporalExchange.

  13. How much money did you wire initially?

    I would suggest going to your bank to put a dispute or trace on the wire transfer.

    I hope that if enough people report it, chances are higher that Bank of America will act on it.

  14. Hello. I was robbed of $52,000 by this fraudulent group. BCP → Bcpgltde → ksg-limited Changed name. We must destroy such fraudulent groups.

    1. What’s the website to ksg limited?

      1. ksg-limited is a home page that changes only the company name of Bcpgltde. One day my name suddenly changed. https://www.bcpgltde.com/

  15. Hello, even we invested USD 5000 in Business choice partners global ltd through one Lin(+85267314296) in BCP honkong whose contact was given by a girl named Chen (+85251696605). Chen trained me to work on their platform and kept giving tips. However i came across this review only after that and i stopped trading and asked Lin for withdrawal of money. She mentioned it takes 5-7 days for bank review and after that amount will be transferred. She replied for a week and after that she stopped replying completely. Then i got in touch with Chen again for withdrawal and she kept delaying that company has shut down as 100 employees have got corona and everyone is in quarantine. And thats been the story for last one month.

    I had deposited amount in following account :
    Sealotus Technology Ltd.
    A/c No. : 8033014914
    East West Bank
    Routing No. : 322070381
    9300, Flair Drive, 4th Floor
    El Monte CA-91731

    Beneficiary Contact Details :
    Tel : 602-638-3811
    1608, Nogales street,
    Rowland heights
    CA 91748

    My current balance is USD 5163.
    I have put complaints on Hong Kong cyber crime and on action fraud in UK.

    1. Is that all the information for the second bank? Where no name or account number.

      1. And how long ago did you deposit money to the account?

    2. Hi there. I have the same problem can not take money out from my account. Bcpmarkets.com is closing there website and I am 100 procent is a big fraud. I have been making a police rapport and everybody should give the police all the information needed.

    3. A guy named Chen is a person who named himself as broker. They changed the name from business choice partners to Knight Service Group. They are chnaging names every few months.
      We all need to form a group to take a legal action against them.

    4. Hi Pepe,I had same girl that you told about above information. I got some original photos and her parents photos as well , I request all guys ,let’s make a what’s up group. And share all relevant information, then can be easy to catch these culprits.. Cherry Lin,Linda,Lili yang are the same one girl.

      1. Same problem. How do I get my money back ?

        1. Simon,normally we cant get back our money,what we can hope is the scammers gets that money to treat their sick long time

      2. It’s is yanglilbaby on Weibo? Gary?

    5. Hi everybody. Please use some time to but all information you have to the UK fraud police website. The man behind is Chinese national. He’s name is Bin Li. The company he use for fraud is located in London on some shit address.

      Unit G25 Waterfront Studios, 1 Dock Road, London, United Kingdom, E16 1AH


      Company number 12743660

      The latest site is https://www.ksgmarkets.com/index.php/En

      These gangster are hiding from us in China. The only way to get them is trough UK police and Singapore police and Hong Kong police. I can not contact any police in China. Remember to give the police the document of the transfer and contact the bank you transfer to. They have accounts in many countries.

      Good luck

      Best regards

      1. There are lots of bank account through the whole world,they are one of the biggest scammer team.In malaysia,their bank account is under name chevron premium engineering(public bank),this ssm is registed in kedah,i think even police also cannot catch them,just let the god punish such rubbish.

        1. Hi Paul. If you can contact me here I will repport to the Malaysia police. Maybe we can make a group everybody is welcome to contact me. [email protected] if we need to do something together here

      2. Rocco,do u report to Malaysia police regarding bcp

        1. No report to Malaysia police

    6. I did same thing,Hong Kong and uk.I lost 180000 Australia dollars.

    7. Alright, it’s time for me to do my part. I’m going to give you everything that I know and I have. I’ll also try to answer everyone’s questions as best as possible, so forgive me if I don’t reply quickly enough. Here it goes:

      It’s a bit similar to what everyone has stated here, I met this girl on Tinder, she was indeed in NYC and got stuck due to COVID when we matched. Tried to meet up with her, but no luck. We would talk about everything even after she went back to Malaysia (her current legal residence).
      Her name is Chiba Sato or Lisa +60 11-6166 5510, she says she’s from Tokyo, Japan and she works at a bank in Malaysia, went to the University Putra Malaysia.
      I still talk to her and been wanting to get more info about the bank she works at. She introduced me to her so called “Teacher” which goes by the name of “King Jack” +852 5602 0420 .
      Back then the broker was called Business Choice Partners Group Limited it was later changed to Knight Service Group. I’ve lost $28K USD and my friend lost $50K USD.
      I was able to use the https://www.duplichecker.com/reverse-image-search.php image tool and found out that the profile picture that “King Jack” uses on WhatsApp is none other than a well known strategist for Goldman Sachs:
      Jiming Ha

      I tried the same for Lisa, but no luck. Either way, here’s the list of the different bank accounts they provided me with to fund my MT5 account:

      US (private) Name: Yi Bei
      Bank of Account: East West Bank
      Account: 2161361477
      Routing Number:322070381
      Address: 9300 Flair Drive,
      4th FL, EL Monte. CA, 91731

      The United States (private) name: Zhonghua Liu
      Bank: East West Bank
      account Number: 2161585231
      Routing Number: 322070381
      address: 9300 Flair Drive
      4 th FL, EL Monte, CA, 91731

      The United States (260) name: Shibing Li
      Bank: East West Bank
      account Number: 2161912260
      Routing Number: 322070381
      address: 9300 Flair Drive,
      4 th FL, EL Monte, CA, 91731

      Bank: East West Bank
      Account No: 2161065136
      name: YOUPING GUAN
      Routing No: 322070381
      Address: 9300 Flair Drive,
      4 th FL, EL Monte, CA, 91731

      I’m reporting them to the HK and Malaysian authorities.

  16. I had deposited on 16 june..

    1. What’s the rest of the second information account?

  17. Hi, they are running the same scam with a girl named Anna who when goes by Chen Ling. Same MO of contacting Mr. Lin and starting on Meta 5. She will want to meet you in Shanghai in December to meet the analysts.

    What’s App number Mr. Lin 852 6034 4927 Yongheng Global

    What’s App number Anna or Chen. 852 6889 3593


    1. Hi how did you meet Anna Chen? Did she ever use WeChat or only Whats App, I meet an Anna Chen From Taiwan she’s got a jewelry business, Also with Knight Service Group, I met her on a dating app Tinder after about two months I checked out her trading on a demo account, I deposited 8K and she deposited 14K We traded the account up to 54k Then she deposited 250 K into my account, Only the broker who goes by the name of Cindy won’t let me take out money because even though the accounts in my name the funds that are in the account came from both of us so she keeps saying she requires permission from both of us to get my money out, now I’ve got 300 K in the account sitting there and I can’t get it out because Anna Chen won’t agree to it she wants me to put more money in, build up the account over 1 million then split it, lucky my contractors paid me late I was just about to put in 50K, Mind you she didn’t mention anything about taxes or percentages, I don’t get it though, The account says Real on the MT5 app, who puts in that kind of money and leaves it trapped in there, it wasn’t until I Tried to take out 10K a week as a salary for myself that I realised it was always a problem there’s always an excuse and so I got to the point where I just wanted my deposit back and I didn’t care about the profits that she told me she had problems and a company has almost gone bankrupt and she needed that money to she’s building up together which I didn’t believe of course because she was trading on her own account before I even met her, I actually had just lodged A complaint with scam watchers & my chargeback website Before stumbling across this one,

  18. These scammers recently created a new website called Axe Markets Group limited. They are same scammers from BCP. Beware of these S*** poeple.

  19. Can any one confirm if these scammers are also using this website. https://user.fourtryfinancialsg.com/

    I am also in touch with a girl name Anna and helpline broker cindy. They created my account and I login into MT5 using Knight Service Group. They want me to transfer money in some Australian Bank. Please update with their whats ap numbers

  20. Beware of https://www.bcpgltdmarkets.com/En

    1. This website cannot login account,but the another website,can operate as normal http://www.knightmarketltd.com/En

  21. Dear All,
    I have also had similar experience. Matched with girl named “Wang Ke” from Hong Kong even though I am in Germany. We started talking and she said that she owns Fashion design and clothing company called ef360 with the brand name IDBI Polaroid and she is a millionaire who owns Porsche car and designer clothes etc and shown me the photos too. She said that she travels to hamburg once in a month for business. Due to corona, she couldn’t travel to Germany for past 2 months. Then, she started showing me screen shots of her earning by trading XAUUSD. Then, she told me to use the demo account with Knight Services Ltd as the broker via MT5 app installed from Google playstore. I was using it and then she told me to open real account. Also, she introduced me to a teacher who helps her in trading. His name is “Martin” and with his help, I have opened the real account and wire transferred 2000USD. I was earning good profit with his instructions and he told me to invest more so that I can earn more. So,I have transferred 28K USD more. I was earning profits and 1 or 2 losses too. In between our chats continued and she sent me her family photos, her friends photos etc.
    Then, I wanted to do a withdrawal of 100USD to check whether the withdrawal reaches my bank. I have requested for withdrawal in 25th Sept but it still didn’t reach my bank account. the teacher was telling it will soon arrive but it didn’t. then, the trading instructions started showing losses. Suddenly one day, when i was trading, the rate dipped so much in a second and came right back up in next second. Because the rate dipped so low, my transaction got closed off automatically and I have lost all my money. Then, i started checking the dip with exactly in the same time with other brokers price charts and I found out that there was no such a dip in rate ever and it is impossible too. Then, I realized that I have got cheated and scammed. and I started searching in Internet and i found this link. Thus, I am sharing my experience with you all.
    They seems to control the price rate of selected forex using their software and I found the forex rate are considerably different from real market rates. Still I am continuing the chats with them and putting them on hook saying that i am going to invest more.
    Please be aware of these scammers and get yourself away from Knight Services Ltd.
    I can share the bank account details to which I have did the wire transfer here if anyone needs. The account seems to be an USD account under the name of CHEUNG KAI HUNG from Standard Charted bank in Hong kong.

    I can’t believe how far they will go to make other people trust and use their trust against them 🙁
    Hope these scammers get caught soon and others wont lose there life savings in this way.

  22. Hi everyone I am so happy I found this site. I am sorry to hear that some of you have lost a lot of money with these scammers.
    I am in contact right now with a Hong Kong girl named Lili. I found her on Tinder. She says that she was in Canada visiting a friend when she created the Tinder account and has returned to Hong Kong.
    We are talking on Whatsapp and she has sent me photos of her parents, expensive meals, wine, cars, etc.

    She just sent me the link to a free simulator (temporalexchange.com) and told me to download the Meta trade5 to start trading.

  23. I did report to the UK police. But even the companies are registered in the UK the police is doing nothing.

    I did report to Hong Kong police and they are investigate the case following the money.

    I did report to the Singapore police they are not doing much.

    Seems like mt4 and mt5 software producers don’t take this seriously. Fake fraud companies can open an account without a license. Doing what they like.

    Today we can sent people to the moon in an aircraft but we can not find the fraud people from China and Hong Kong. A sheme that we have no contact with the Chinese police because I believe some years in jail there will be hard.

    If these people where sponsers to terrorism I guess they where all caught now.

    I don’t believe that we will ever see our money again and learn from this never trust anybody. Nobody will help you make money in this world.

    Best regards


    1. Hi everyone, I have been scammed like all of you as well. A chinese girl, Li Qing and the agent, Wang have stolen me 14,000 euros. I’ve added Gary on WhatsApp. He was right, we have to create a group, united we stand. Maybe we will catch them one day !

  24. Hi Yoann, if you google “Business Choice Partners Group, bcpgltd, http://www.bcpmarkets.com is a SCAM!” we have a thread about this scam on forexpeacearmy. If I post the URL then this message will get delete.

  25. Hi everyone. The “company” is now operating as “Genuine Progress Index Limited”, which appears to be an actual legal company that they incorporated on 6 August 2020 in London, UK. I matched with a cute petite looking Asian woman named “Amy” on Tinder and started talking for a bit. After some back and forth, she asks me if I have WhatsApp, so I give her my number and she send me a WhatsApp message a few minutes later. The phone number they are talking to me on is: +852 5604 5735. In case you are Googling that number without spaces: 85256045735. The country code +852 is Hong Kong, which appears to be where they’re operating out of.

    I talked back and forth with “Amy” through WhatsApp for about a week or so now, we talked about our jobs, life, family, backgrounds, religions, things like that. Anything to build rapport/trust. I felt like I was getting to know a new person in the world. “She” says that we will be “good friends”.

    I realized it was a scam because of a few things:

    1) I asked a few times to video chat with her and she kept making up excuses about how her English is bad,
    2) “She” unmatched with me on Tinder, which is typical that scam/Catfish accounts do after they connect with their victim elsewhere, because it makes you not able to report the account on Tinder later if they already unmatched from you. When I asked her about why she unmatched from me that topic was just ignored and then started talking about something else. Weird.
    3) They claimed to be in one country but after looking them up I was pretty sure she was in Hong Kong.
    4) Just like my intuition that someone wants to make a lot of money with me and show me how investing is done. I kept thinking “this feels fishy” but also “maybe it’s real?” at the same time. I was pretty suspicious when I was downloading MT5 but figured I’d see what happens with it. After they set me up with the Demo account and used their fake black scam broker “Genuine Progress Index Limited” I looked that up and it led me to this page.

    Believe me, I *WANTED* it to be real, but I knew it was super suspicious and there would be NO WAY that I would invest a dime of my own actual money before I understood 100% what I was doing. I started doing tons of research on Forex and currency trading in general, brokers, and was trying to understand what the hell I was even doing in the Demo trades they had me to. Nothing really added up and I knew it was probably a scam somehow, I just didn’t know how. It’s very clever/sneaky that A) the “girl” takes time to build trust with you and B) the “Genuine Progress Index Limited” broker appears to ALWAYS make you money on your Demo account, so somehow they have a way of manipulating the charts to make it LOOK like you’re making money.

    I feel bad for the people that invested actual money. PLEASE REPORT THEM. Here’s a page that shows information about the legal corporation that they set up in the UK:

    I also have a full log of the entire WhatsApp conversation I had with “Amy”. If anyone wants to see it, I would be glad to share.

    To “Amy”, or whoever you are doing this, you guy should be absolutely ashamed of yourself. If there is a hell, you guys are going straight there.


  26. Another scam chinese company started called “AUU Global limited” same address as BCPmarkets. please beware of this scam.

  27. Had the same experience with a girl name yang zi from HK broker name Peterson from NY used the same bank platform bcp markets i made several bank transfers to USA bank accounts “united Overseas Capital service pte.ltd”,”FX option capital service Pet.Ltd.”,”liangfu Tang””cxbs international trading llc” lost about 20k in the process even though my gold account rose to 115000 with their help i was not able to get any amount back it was a long process started in march ended here in october

  28. They are now using Allbright Financial ltd.

    First off! Who the fuck is dumb enough to put money into anywhere because some random person shows up and befriended you. Stop being a fucken desperate cunt! Use that small peanut sized brain of yours and think! The internet is a dangerous place. It’s full of porn, scammers and men that want to trade girly magazines. You cannot believe anything on the internet. I only believe what is in front of my two eyes. If you lost money, it is your fault and you needed to lose that money, I feel no remorse for you. You got greedy and thought you were going to cheat the system, but now its backfired.


    The same thing happen to me of course. Girl contacts, telling me about investing in gold, showing profits page, etc…

    I have used mt4 before and was ok with listening to their bull shit. I played along and kept telling the broker that I wanted to go live on the platform and put real money in. The girl I was chatting with on whatsapp was not pressing me to join at all and even told me only to join if that was what I wanted to do.

    When I started questioning the broker about her credentials and Albrights history, she kept referring me to their business registration. Even looking at their website I just knew straight off the bat that is was shit. It has grammar errors, shit graphics and the page set up to pay screams bullshit.

    You know they will never use their real names, you have bank accounts and names. These are a real person. The phone numbers can easily be discarded and changed. China does not track as our country does. Report to the fraud investigation team, to police and Federal police is cool. But main thing is. Do not be so fucken gullible and think, if you are old, buck tooth and ugly, why would a hot Asain chick want to talk to you. Asain’s of the caliber of those photos live in a bubble and it is very rear for them to move outside that bubble. Their lives are set up, wealth in past generation to generation. They mostly only marry to continue wealth. If you are not of their culture or rich. You have little to no chance.

  29. Hi everyone. I experienced the same too, was scammed by those people. Yet I have reported it to local authorities and Hong Kong police, and of course police attaché in Hong Kong. I got some updates from HK Police and keep replying them, and now I just hope the best. They might be able to escape in this world, but can never do it from Final Judgement Day and will retrieve what they did in this world.

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