Wirecard’s Jan Marsalek Allegedly Hiding in Belarus

Wirecard’s Jan Marsalek Allegedly Hiding in Belarus

Jan Marsalek seem to have become a very famous name in the media for the last couple of weeks. The hunt for the formal COO of Wirecard has led investogators to Minsk, the capital of Belarus, where Marsalek is thought to be hiding.

The location of Marsalek was discoverer by the investigative journalism outlet Bellingcat  with the help of the German news outlets Der Spiegel and The Insider.

Jan Marsalek disappeared in June, after a huge scandal involving Wirecard’s missing $2.1 billion dollars. He was recognised as the second in command and the head of its Asia operations. For that reason it is beloved that he is to blame for the missing money.

Allegedly, Marsalek  told his partners that he was taking a trip to the Philippines to chase the $2 billion. However, the flight bookings and the and the immigration documents create a trail that turned out to be misleading. All the documents were forged, and the whole thing was a way to waste the time of authorities.

Apparently, as disclosed by Bellingcat, Marsalek told some colleagues that he has hole up in the place where “the same people have been in power for the last 25 years”, a description that perfectly fits Belarus’ current government status quo. Bellingcat data reveals that he flew the Eastern European country on June 19th, and has stayed there since.

Western intelligence agencies seem to have a particular interest in Marsalek, in a supposed connection that he has with Russian military intelligence directorate (GRU). In the past, this administration has been blamed for major events, like the 2014 war in Donbass, Ukrain, and the US presidential election manipulations.

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