BSB Global review – 5 things you should know about

BSB Global review – 5 things you should know about

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Beware! BSB Global is an offshore broker! Your investment may be at risk.


Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Open trading accounts with at least two brokers.


BSB Global is fairly obviously a scam broker. This much is evident to the savvy trader as soon as they open the home page and see that it claims two contradictory things right off the bat.

The leverage is stated to be 1:20, but then just a screen down it jumps to 1:200. Oh, and the tight spread of 0,7 pips that they promise is actually more along the lines of 2,5 for EURUSD on the trading platform, which is quite high for the most common currency pair. There are many other facts that we will outline in this article to hopefully make you reconsider depositing your money with BSB Global and use a trusted broker instead.


The website offers a really scarce amount of information on where the broker is registered, stating only that the broker is a property of Lotens Partners ltd. The company has its share of shady brokers, for example AdamantFX, which was previously reviewed by us here. Another broker they own is AGMarkets, against which a warning by the Financial Market Supervision in Austria. In fact, there is a warning issued against BSB Global as well, from the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority. Of course this is highly off-putting, but at least reading trough the article by the agency we were able to find where the broker is actually registered – the offshore haven of St. Vincent and the Grenadines. The Financial Services authority of the islands does not, in fact, regulate Forex trading.

Speaking of regulation, you cannot find any info about whether the broker is licensed on the home page, and it is almost certain that it is not. In fact there is a page called regulatory environment hidden deep in the website


Which just lists the major regulators but does not state if BSB Global is licensed under any of them. The fact that the broker is very likely not regulated and the fact that it is registered in a place that does not have legislature in place that requires them to be is highly suspect. Risks notwithstanding, the protections put in place by bodies like the FCA, such as recuperating losses up to 85 000 GBP in the event that the broker declares bankruptcy, strict supervision over the broker and others do not apply to brokers such as the one we’re looking into in this article. Because of this you should under no circumstance deposit money with off-shore brokers like BSB Global.

BSB Global Trading software


The site claims that the broker provides the Metatrader 4 platform for its traders, which is the industry standard with its many user-friendly features such as a convenient graphical interface and automated trading using advisors, to name a few. There is, in fact, a link to download MT4 available once an account is created, however it appears to be branded as a property of Lotens Partners Ltd, the shady parent company. BSB also offers a web-based platform, which is a direct copy of the aforementioned program. There is a curious detail though, a client can use a demo account only on the web platform. In fact it is the only type of account usable there. Similarly, you can not use a demo account on the downloadable distribution of MT4.

Creating an account

The process was straightforward, requiring standard personal details like our name, e-mail and phone, as well as confirming we are not US citizens. However, we had to agree to be contacted by their representatives over phone and email, which is certainly something they would do to try and make the unwise trader deposit as much money as possible. Once we had become a registered user the website seemed to want us to prove our identity by sending in a picture of a passport or an ID that shows our full name as well as another official document that confirms it, for example an electricity bill or a bank statement. These requirements are fairly standard, but BSB Global also wants us to send them a picture of the credit card we are to make a deposit with that contains the following information.

Please do not do this, unless you want your credit card information stolen. Under no circumstance should anyone require that many of your card’s details.

BSB Global deposit/withdrawal methods and fees

BSB Global accepts deposits via credit cards and bank transfers. The minimum deposit is 250 euro, which does seem a bit high, but apart from that, terms are the first generally agreeable thing about the broker. However, their withdrawal policy is much different. There is a clause about “Non-deposit funds”, which states the following:

There are several things about this clause that seem off – firstly, it states that any bonuses the broker is to give you fall in this category. It then prohibits these funds from being withdrawn, unless a hefty trading volume of thirty times the value of the deposit AND the bonuses is achieved. Thirdly, there is a clause that states the following

While it may seem that this only applies to non-deposited funds as defined above and not profits made based on the customer’s deposit, in practice there is no way to tell out of which funds the profit is derived. This clause is only put in the TOS to combat possible withdrawal claims. The fact that such claims are unlikely to be fulfilled is more evident from the very next sentence, which states:

It’s safe to say that under normal circumstance the average trader will not be able to receive these funds, much less any profits.

Further on, we can see that there is an outrageous commission of 20% on the deposit and withdrawals.

The site also claims that “Withdrawals are subjected to withdrawals processing and handling fees.”

What these fees consist of is unclear, despite the claim that they are available on BSB Global’s site.


Unfortunately, BSB Global is just another scam broker. But how does their scheme work? How are they able to convince people to give them their money when there are such obvious contradictions even on their home page? The setup is fairly simple – a person stumbles upon an ad for the broker promising them huge, quick or easy profits, or a video that claims to know of a secret algorithm that can predict the stock marker, etc. They follow up on it until they register in the site. As previously stated, there is a requirement to agree to be contacted on the phone number and email one has to use when making the account. From there on the scammers will use these means of communication to try and make you deposit as much as they can squeeze out of you. They will present themselves as your account manager and will claim they will run your account for you, you just have to deposit once and sit back as your money multiplies. This is not the case, however. The broker does not care to trade with your money, as their profits come from the deposits themselves and not the trades they perform.

What to do when scammed?

Say you have fallen for the scam, is there a way to get your money back? Well, unfortunately your options are quite limited. You can issue a chargeback on the card you used to deposit money with. Visa and Mastercard allow for a chargeback as far as 540 days in the past. It is important to delete any software the scammers had you install as well as change any credit cards you have given them the details for.
Beware that you are also not immune to further scams, as victims often receive calls from “recovery agencies”, which are just people working with the scammers that received your personal information from them. These agencies will offer to restore some of your lost capital, but will require upfront payment for the service. Suffice to say, you wont be seeing either the lost money or your upfront payment if you agree to it.

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  1. Y cuando se hacen pasar por algún banco en este caso Royal banc…que se hace en este caso
    And when they pretend to be a bank in this case Royal banc … what is done in this case

  2. Thank you very much for this rewiew of BSB global, i was on the phone call from London with them for 45 min.and i have a credit card just for these kind of scams. There is not any money on card and i said i will put money tommorow when i go to bank,and he was so dissapointed and wanted me to go to ATM and put 550€ in mf machine. I do not like banks at all but we live in a world where every euro you make someone have to put his hands on it. Once again thank you

    1. I am offered to deposit the amount on the card where the transfer will be carried out in the same volume as the transfer … 1000 dollars.
      I think there will be no transfer and no money on the card …
      Is it so?
      Мне предлагают внести сумму на карту куда будет осуществляться перевод такую же в объеме как и перевод…1000 долларов.
      Я думаю не будет перевода и денег на карте…
      Так ли это?

  3. Buna ziua pe mine mau convins sa depun 250 de euro doar când am văzut ca ceva nu e în regulă am vrut să-mi retrag bani și a trecut 8 zile de-atunci si încă nu mi-am primit bani înapoi
    Hello, I was convinced to deposit 250 euros only when I saw that something was wrong I wanted to withdraw my money and 8 days have passed since then and I still have not received my money back

  4. Nici pe mine nu ma lasa sa retrag banii.
    Cand am spus brokerului ca vreau sa ii retrag nu a mai vorbit cu mine.
    Sunt tepari.
    trebie sa ne dea bani inapoi sau sa mergem la politie.
    He won’t let me withdraw the money either.
    When I told the broker I wanted to withdraw, he didn’t talk to me anymore.
    They are herdsmen.
    they have to give us money back or go to the police.

  5. We should gather more to make a complaint to the police some normal are we can withdraw our money

  6. Este o inselatorie!!!!! nu va bagati pt. ca pierdti acei 250 de euro in plus se ofera ei sa va faca un cedeit de 3000-5000 de euro pe care nu trebuie sa ii platiti decat din castig iar dupa o saptamana va cer acei bani sa-i depuneti in cont spunanduva ca nu ati inteles bine! Apoi incearca altfel….ca sa puteti scoate castigul, trebuie sa platiti acest credit pt. ca daca nu-l platiti politia financiara o sa va caute si o sa aveti probleme….ca nu ramane asa ba chiar va si ameninta.Am inregistrat cererea sa scot ce am investit si este in asteptare de 2 saptamani iar ei spun ca se intampla instant ceea ce nu e adevarat. Mint pe fata, defapt ei fac bani nu din tranzacii ci din depunerile oamenilor (3000,5000 de euro)


    It’s a scam !!!!! don’t bother for that you lose those extra 250 euros, they offer to make you a transfer of 3000-5000 euros, which you only have to pay out of profit and after a week I ask you to deposit that money in your account, saying that you did not understood well! Then try differently…. In order to get the profit, you have to pay this loan for. that if you don’t pay it, the financial police will look for you and you will have problems…. that it doesn’t stay that way and even threaten you. I registered the request to take out what I invested instant what is not true. I lie on the face, in fact they make money not from transactions but from people’s deposits (3000.5000 euros)

  7. I was scammed too! We should gather more to make a complaint to the police internationally! I reported them alredy on a few forums and let people too about it. They cannot keep scamming people.

    1. The French also deceived me when I wanted to withdraw my money, you can’t do it alone, my agent “helped” me and emptied my bank account. I have recorded all the transaction and his promises on video, but I still don’t have the money. Maybe there really should be more of us to report this together to the international police, ours just makes a record.
      Franci tudi mene so prevarali ko sem želel dvigniti moj denar, tega ne moreš storiti sam, mi je “ pomagal”njihov agent in izpraznil moj bančni račun.Vso transakcijo in njegove obljube imam posneto na videu, vendar denarja kljub temu nimam. Morda bi nas moralo res biti več da to skupno prijavilo mednarodni policiji, naša naredi samo zapisnik.

  8. hello i am right in the middle of it right now.I have sent picture of my drivers licence, and passport i have only given them $250 that has turned into $380 Australian dollars. they dont tell you the $250 is US.I am so glad i have read all your comments. If what people are saying is write i have only lost $380 instead of hundreds more thank god.. CHEERS

  9. I hope sending my photes of my passport and drivers license does not get me in trouble. and i payed my money though my bank account not card.. i am ringing my bank now to stop any chargers to my account.

  10. Nearly got scrammed but i prayed and was told not to listen to their rubbish advice. Thank the Lord.

  11. hi . can anyone tel me how i can take my money out of this bsb global. guuyys lets make this people pay for it. i will get the international police involve in this i need for people to help me with finding this people and putting them in jail ..

    1. I’m on the same page, I can’t get my money, I recorded their promises and the theft of money on video, I just don’t know how to proceed. Perhaps more of us together would be able to make a report to the international police
      Sem na istem, ne morem do mojega denarja,njihove obljube in krajo denarja sem posnel na video,samo ne vem kako naprej. Morda bi nas več skupaj uspelo narediti prijavo na mednarodni policiji

  12. Buna ziua,

    Am platit 250 Euro si cand am vrut sa imi inchid contul (fara a mai primi banii) au vrut sa ma mai inregistreze in alt site cu datele (coinmama). Am refuzat si acum nu stiu ce sa fac, daca las asa contul deschis si le blochez numerele de telefon se poate intampla ceva pe viitor (sa ma trezesc peste 3 ani ca trebuie sa platesc 5000 Euro)? Oare ma pot adresa politiei sau cine s-ar putea ocupa?

    Hi all,

    I paid 250Euro and when I wanted to delete the account (without receiving any money back) they wanted me to register in another site (coinmama). I refused and now I don’t know what to do. If I will let the account open and I will block the phone numbers it might happen something in the future (like calling me someone after 2-3 years and said that I have to pay 5000 Euro or something like this)? Will be better to go to police and report this?


  13. People !!! be very careful !!! to this society, they are thieves, do not believe them a word, they promise huge returns, but in the end they rob you of everything. Unfortunately, I also became their victim. I do not know what to do, I turn to the police for help.
    Ľudia !!!veľký pozor!!! na túto spoločnosť, sú to zlodeji,neverte im ani slovo, sľubujú obrovské výnosy,ale v konečnom dôsledku vás oberú o všetko.Stala som sa bohužiaľ aj ja ich obeťou.Neviem čo robiť, obraciam sa o pomoc na políciu.

    1. If u get any help from the police please let me know because I lost a lot of money as well..

  14. Hello janos. Did you manage to get your money back? I’m in the same situation
    Salut janos. ai reusit sa iti recuperezi banii?si eu sunt in aceeasi situatie

  15. Hello I deposit $250 usd first and they told me that they already start my trading I can’t withdraw that money so they wants me to deposit more so I deposit another$1,270 and they set up my accounts to withdraw on the 23/12/2020 for Christmas money so they rang and told me for me to get my money they gonna change it through bitcoin wallets so they set up my accounts through coinspot with bank accounts details that’s where my money gonna come through coinspot after a few minutes blockchain rang me that bsb-global send my money to them it’s $6000 for me to received that money I need to deposit $1000 and they’ll send my money through my coinspot account till now I’m very disappointed and I want to how I can get that money and those scammers

  16. Once you have deposited €500 they leave it for a while, and then call you up to tell you that ‘amazingly’ your funds have massively increased. You say you want to withdraw some, and they say ok, but there’s a “tax of 15%”, which funnily enough can’t be deducted from your withdrawal. you can only receive your funds by paying then the tax first, so then they have scammed you of another dollop of your savings. they are vermin, it’s terrible that BT and the FCA can’t stop these s5hit5 ever calling people using fake telephone numbers/email addresses

  17. Bsb global is a group of fraudsters, liars and their goal is to raise you as much money as possible. Do not believe what they promise. They promised to help me withdraw my money from their account, when he connected to my computer via AnyDesk he emptied my bank account. I reported it to the police and they just made a record. I don’t know where to turn for help?
    Bsb global je skupina prevarantov,lažnivcev in njihov cilj je pobrati vam čimveč denarja. Kar obljubljajo jim ne verjemite. Meni so obljubljali pomoč pri dvigu mojega denarja z njihovega računa, ko se je povezal z mojim računalnikom preko AnyDesk mi je spraznil bančni račun. Prijavil sem policiji pa so naredili le zapisnik. Ne vem kam bi se obrnil po pomoč?

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