Beware! Xchangebit is an offshore broker! Your investment may be at risk.


Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Open trading accounts with at least two brokers.


In today’s review we are going to discuss a company called Xchangebit  and evaluate whether it’s risky to trade via this company. As per the company’s website, we find out that it trades in cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin and others.

From the screenshot below, you can see that the company offers 5 trading accounts – Basic, Silver, Gold, VIP and Diamond. Opening an account is made really easy and basically in a couple of minutes you will be able to start trading. You can also go directly into trading just by clicking on Trading Floor option which takes you into the trading platform.

Xchangebit Regulation and safety of funds

From the company website we can see that the address of Xchangebit is in the Commonwealth of Dominica (as you can see from the screenshot below). You need to be aware that although trade in crypto currency is allowed in this country, this is an offshore zone with no clear registration and regulation laws. You need to carefully consider all risks involving a trade via such offshore company before making a decision whether to invest your money in it. Also, please consider the fact that although the company is registered in the Commonwealth of Dominica, the company’s telephone number shown on the website is for Estonia.


Now, the question is, would you choose to trade with a company like this one that looks suspicious or would you rather choose a forex company from a well-established jurisdictions with strict registration and regulation laws aimed at reducing the risk of traders being scammed? If you choose the latter, then we suggest that you familiarise yourself with the brokerage companies licensed by top regulating agencies, such as the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in the UK and the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC) if you want some guarantee for the financial stability of the company and the security of trader’s funds. Here is a link to EU forex brokers with proven legitimacy. We recommend such brokerages because in order to register in the well-established jurisdictions they need to meet strict criteria regarding an initial capital of 730,000 euros for EU and UK and availability of compensation funds amounting to 20,000 euros for brokerages regulated by CySEC and 85,000 pounds for brokerages regulated by FCA.

Xchangebit Trading software

Xchangebit offers a Web Trader platform which is directly linked to ‘start trading now’ options. After you click on the ‘I agree’ button you are good to start trading. Let’s examine what this Web Trader platform has to offer (please see the screenshot below):



As you can see, on the lefthand side of the platform interface we see the types of crypto currencies you can trade with. This Web Trader platform does not offer traditional currencies. In the centre, there are some trading tools and an option to choose the timeframe of the currency’s fluctuation. This screenshot shows how ARDR/BTC fluctuates in a 24 hours frame. On the righthand side, you see that the minimum amount for a single deal is $25.

The leverage for cryptocurrency trade with this brokerage is 1:10. However, you will notice that with each account the leverage will increase exponentially in proportion with the initial deposit amounting to 1:40 for the VIP and Diamond account. We want to immediately point out that this leverage is very high. Please compare with the leverage cap of 1:2 for brokerages regulated by CySEC which aims to lower the risks of high volatility in this type of trade. So, be careful with your hard earned money and do not take unnecessary risks!

You may not be familiar, but in fact, genuine and legit forex companies prefer to use trading platforms, such as MetaTrader4 and MetaTrader5. Their main advantage is that they offer demo accounts which is a very useful tool for new and inexperienced traders. They can practice forex trade on the demo account until they gain knowledge and confidence before going for real. Other advantages of the above mentioned trading platforms are the availability of tools and instruments that help monitor the different positions and facilitate the transactions. We would like to mention the financial calendar, VPS, the app market and the trading signals (for a subscription fee). Of course, this does not preclude the list of tools and instruments these two very popular platforms have to offer. So, our recommendation is to select forex companies that offer those trading platform in order to save yourself some future troubles and risks.

Xchangebit Deposit/Withdrawal methods and fees

As per the company’s website (please see the first screenshot in this review) the minimum initial deposit for the basic account is $250. To fund your account you can use Visa, MasterCard or Bitcoin.

In the Withdrawal section of the Terms and Conditions document, we find out that the minimum withdrawal amount is $10 and no fees are charged for a withdrawal of up to $1,000. However, with the increase of the withdrawal amount, fees may raise up to $50 which is rather too much.

Xchangebit charges dormant or inactive account fee (an account without trading history for 60 days) of 10% of the account balance or 100 units of the account currency, whichever is the greatest. We consider this fee to be very high. Legit companies would normally charge not more than $20 and they will also have a longer, up to 6 months, inactive or dormant period. This is something that you should consider very carefully and choose a company with better fees than this one.


In case where the trader has accepted a bonus, which according to the various accounts may vary from 50 to 150% (see the first screenshot in this review), then the requirements as per the Bonus policy must be met. These requirements are that the trader must achieve a trading volume equal to Bonus Amount *20,000. For example, if you receive $500 bonus, then you will have to execute transactions amounting to $10,000,000 which is not something that easy to achieve.


Any withdrawals you wish to make will be charged with 20% fee of the requested withdrawal amount. Let us tell you that being able to meet the requirements of the bonus withdrawal policy is going to put too much pressure on you if you choose to accept a bonus.

How does scam work?

Nobody likes to be scammed but it happens because scammers are masters of deceit. They use many manipulative techniques to lure you to part with your hard earned money. Because admit it, it looks very tempting when you see an ad on the Internet or the social media promising you a quick and easy profit. It is easy to make a mistake and invest money into some scammers’ schemes. Scammers are smooth talkers and they know how to pull on the strings of our emotions and desires. They will promise you the world to a point where you start to believe them. However, after a while you will realise that the promised profits and riches are not around the corner and after living for sometime on an empty promises, you admit your mistakes and want a way out.

However, this is not so easy. The scammers will use some delaying techniques trying to persuade you to wail just a bit longer or even to invest more money. When this doesn’t work any longer, then they will try to delay you so you miss the period for chargeback.

What to do if scammed?

If you were scammed, we urge you to immediately file for a chargeback. If you have used a credit card to make your deposit, then there is some chance that you may be able to get your money back. Visa and MasterCard allow 540 days period in which to file for chargeback.

However, if you have used a bitcoin or a wire transfer transaction to do your deposit, chances are slim that you’ll get your money back.

Also, be aware that some so-called ‘recovery agents’ may approach you offering to get your money back for you. Please use caution as this might be another form of scam.

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  1. Thanks for this review. Yesterday I was scammed by 500$ I am trying with xchangebit ti be chargeback no answer and my bank which is the National bank canda mastercard is not helpfull.

    1. Hey Sam, please note that i was also scammed by them and i made a claim in coinfirm. Since reaching a larger group of victims increases the probability of recovering funds for the case, i would like to suggest you to made a claim in this website.

      1. is a total scam They scammed me for a lot of money and refused to honour their own terms and conditions when they were advised to terminate my account and return deposit funds They need to be shut down by the police

    2. I was also scammed $1600 aud by They persistently rang making promises of having all these professionals on hand who could make so much money and when I questioned them and no longer would agree to put money in, they would not reply to my emails or call or anything. Now the website has completely disappeared. A hard lesson for someone on a pension. They are liars, thrives and masters of deception. They all should be jailed. They have no concience and I hope they all starve to death for what they have done to people that are trying to earn a little bit of money. SHAME ON THEM….. may they all rot in hell.

  2. thanks! I was just scammed with 250$ just a while ago. i blocked my credit card immediately because i have given an information which they may be able to use. i got very suspicious when they asked me to send them a photo of my credit card front and back.

    1. Me too scammed $259

    2. Hello, I also done the same way. Will there be any possibility to get the money back inpite of blocking the credit card?

  3. Hello. I think I have just been scammed by for $250. I have been trying to get my money back but no luck so far. I feel very silly that I fell for it.

    1. Congratulations on being becoming poor by 250$.
      I am travelling with you in the same boat

  4. Hello All. XCHANGEBIT.IO is trying to Swindle me out of £2500.00 I have contacted the International Fraud Investigators and they have start Investigating them but, I need all who have Dealings with them to post their experience with then so that I can pass it over to the Fraud Investigators. by Posting all your experience with them here will help the Fraud Squad to Revoke there License and passible put them all in jail.
    I’m not very experience with the internet, so I would appreciate if more experience Internet users could find ALL those who have been Scammed/Swindled out of their hard earn cash to post their dealings with them here.

    1. I got scammed 5000$

      1. I also got scammed 358 and had constant phone calls from them I told them I needed my money back urgently as I have no income or no benefit I’m just about out of my savings and am going to be homeless in appx 4 weeks I’m 63 years old and have just been told a month ago I’ve only 13 per cent of my heart working so can’t work or can’t fly to nz where I can get help so I’m desaturate for any monies I’m very scared and don’t know what to do

  5. I was scammed as well. I initially invested $500 with them, they then convinced me to upgrade my account by investing an additional $2000. After showing me some minor profits they got me to add another $1300. After that I realized it could be a scam and tried to withdraw my money, but they completely avoided my withdrawal attempt. Eventually they did a trading session with me and lost almost all of the money except for the bonus $2500 they had put in my account. The next day they tried to convince me to put in an additional $500 in order to ‘regain my losses’, I refused and they did a final trade to lose the rest of my withdrawal balance.

    1. They are masters of deception and manipulation. I came in expecting a scam, yet they managed to convince me to invest significantly more. I never should have fell for their tactics, but they managed to get me anyways.

    For all who have been Scammed/Swindled by: XCHANGEBIT.IO
    Director is: Rodney Omari Kofi, Reg Office: 1st Floor, 2 Woodberry Grove, Finchley, London N12 0DR,
    Co Reg No: 07715291 with the FCA
    When One Deposit Money it goes into: BLUESNOE OU and LEKKI NG Acc NOT XCHANGEBIT.IO Acc.
    This is how they Swindle Everyone they get hold of.

    1. Their payment provider is Payswitch Company Ltd, which after I searched is based in Ghana in Africa

  7. Please, Please:
    Ask ALL your Family, Friends and ALL who you know that have Experience with XCHAINGE.IO to POST there Experience here TOGETHER we WILL bring there DOWNFALL and you WILL all get your Money back.

  8. IF you know how to find People who have been SCAMMED/SWINDLED out of their Hard Earned Cash Please, Please ask them to post their Experience with XCHANGE.IO here.
    I promise you ALL that you WILL gat your Money Back.

    1. Hi
      I’m another sucker that got scammed. I must admit I was always sceptical whether they were fraudsters or not,well it turns out they were and very good at doing what they do best ripping off the hard-working people in this world I got done for $7500.. As of now I thought I had no chance of getting it back but reading what other people have had to say gives me some hope that I might be able to get it back.


    2. I have got scammed too… 2500 EUR

      1. Clayton
        They got me for 160k the police need to be involved. They have no conscience. They bully without telling the risks. They only tell you what you are going to make

    3. I am also scammed with $250. Can you help me get my money back? Thank you

    4. I just got scammed by these people. I put my money on the platform. They made me earn almost 2.5 times what I had miraculously put in in half an hour. When I saw that this was not possible, it occurred to me to search the internet because I felt that something was wrong. I saw this page and immediately asked that I wanted to remove what I had posted. That was when they forced me to do several operations if I couldn’t get my money out. I stopped doing the operations since I saw that my balance was going down. I currently have the approximate balance of what I put in. I have made the withdrawal request on my own in the withdrawals section of their website and they refuse to return it. I have screenshots of my balance both when they made me earn money as well as the current one and all the emails with them. if there is any class action lawsuit let me know.

  9. I put money into xchangebit 2 different ways 250 on visa & 500 in a bitcoin transfer just yesterday. I was taken by another broker earlier this year for 6kUSD by a company called elite trading. Seems I never learn. I’m screwed now it seems.
    The xchangebit account manager is supposed to call me today but I have yet to hear from him.
    I had a verbal promise from him yesterday that because of my current financial situation that I would be able to pull my initial & total deposit of 750 out by this Friday. Lets see how this plays out. I am not going to let on that I have this new information on them now

  10. Thanks Kelvin
    Believe me you will not get your Money back, it’s a Scam: BITCOIN.IO is ALL FULLY Professional FRAUDSTERS.

    Our only hope is when the FRAUD SQUAD and the FCO (Financial Conduct Authority) REVOKE there License and Close them down, which they are Investigating Right Now.

    You can contact them at:
    [email protected] and at: [email protected] you can also Contact the FCA PRESS OFFICE at: Email: [email protected]

  11. I too have been scammed! They are excellent deceivers and i am an idiot to believe them. I am going to try and get my money back.They play the part of caring and they will guarantee about 8000.00 a month return. Master deceivers!! All i can say is The Lord knows!!

  12. Hallo Susan

    Hello: Susan
    I also been Scammed for £2500.00 but, I’m not taking it laying down. I have written to the FCO (Financial Conduct Authority) also to the FCA Press Office and they are Investigating it, also The Serious Fraud Squad is Investigating, also the Credit Card Company is trying to get my Money back, there is a very good chance that XCHANGEBIT.IO Will have their License Revoke. I would Strongly advise you to do the same. their contact is:
    [email protected] and at: pu[email protected] you can also Contact the FCA PRESS OFFICE at: Email: [email protected]

    1. Hello Abraham, please, can you give me the email that you filled, as a model for my inspiration, to fill the one for myself… i’ve been scammed too… 2500 EUR… thank you very much.

    2. I have also been scammed for 1000 euros.
      ik ben ook opgelicht voor 1000 euro.

    3. Hello Abraham, please, can you give me the email that you filled, as a model for my inspiration, to fill the one for myself… i’ve been scammed too… 8000.00 Cdn… thank you very much.

  13. Yup they got me as well, any person that will do this to hard working people need to be locked up. Idid the same as all of you did. Small investment , made some cash. Then as I got more trades in and seemed to make some money. I was then sucked into depost more moneys to them. The very first trade they did with all my new moneys of coarse lost it all and tried to say it was a computer problem. Leta all team up and get these ass….

    1. Hi Roy
      I’m in the process of having their License Revoke.
      I in contact with the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) also the FCA Press office, at the moment they are Investigating. also in Contact with the FRAUD SQUAd who hopefully will be Investigating. The Credit Card Company is also trying to get my Money Back.
      I would Encourage you to Contact them as well at:
      [email protected] and at: [email protected] you can also Contact the FCA PRESS OFFICE at: Email: [email protected]
      IF we all do our bit we WILL have their License REVOKE

      1. Hi Abraham, I deposited a 1000 euros into this site thinking it was legit as they were advertising on a reputable site. The thing is that I realised almost immediately and asked for my money back as I changed my mind. They kept ringing and emailing. I kept to the emails and would not answer their calls as I had at first tried to ring them to discover that their phone number was no longer in service. To get my money back they want me to give all my personal details including photo id of me and my credit card front and back which is surely iligal to ask for. I kept my conversations to emails and would not answer their numerous calls which could seem to originate from UK or New Zealand and other places around the globe. Now they are insisting that I need to answer their phone calls which I refuse to do. The emails are the only evidence that I have of our conversations. If you have any advise I would be obliged. I have to wait for 15 days before visa will initiated a call back on the payment as they consider it a dispute rather than fraud. I am encouraged that you are following through but I notice that on Trustpilot, a site for reviews, that this company has 4 reviews and all are 5 star. I am in the process of trying to get my money back but again visa won’t handle this before next week.

        1. Were U successful I was just scammed as well ?

          1. Yes but it was a difficult process (see reply to Abraham). These companies need to be blacklisted by the authorities and fined. They are using gambling tactics (ie tokens through third parties) to keep your money and to make it legal. We need to get back to Magna Carta and let right be done. These are scammers. The authorities need to do their job.

  14. I also just scammed for 250 euro’s. Blocked my credit card just after I send the money. I tried the withdraw function on the site but they have to approve it??? They called again and I told them I want to stop my appliance. But for that they needed the copy of the credit card and id. I told hem I wont send it and he hung up. Tried to call him back but the number is not in use.
    I got to there site thru the yuan-pay-app site but now found out that this site send the victims before to another fake broker sites. So think that revoke there license is of no use they will start again with another name.

  15. Hello Job./.Lorens
    I’m in contact with the FCO (Financial Conduct Authority) London and the FCO Press Office they have responded but, I think they are very Slow to act.
    I’m also in contact with the Serious Fraud Squad, they have visited me and take details that is over 5 weeks ago and I haven’t heard from them since, I’m trying to contact them again because I have a lot more informations on EXCHANGEBIT.IO
    Maybe if we all contact the; FCA, the FCA Press Office and the Serious Fraud Squad they will do something, I have already given them their Registered Office, Co Reg No. Directors Names and lots of details about them, hopefully they will do something.

    I also contacted my Credit Card Company, they said that they will get my money back, that is over one Month now and I hear nothing from them since.

    1. Yes. I got my letter today and my funds have been refunded to my account since yesterday. The important thing was that I didn’t answer their calls and I did not agree to their terms and conditions. I answered their emails just to re iterate not to call me and to abide by the chargeback to my credit card account. It has been a difficult month. These guys objected to my chargeback and I had to fight for my funds. In the meantime I was getting up to 6 calls a day. They used different locations around the world. The sent very convincing emails to say that they would help me to transfer my money out. Do not believe them. On another note I would like to tell Abraham that during the process I was in touch with someone I know who is a detective in London. He has a friend who works in the fraud department and I passed on the information I had. The detective working in the fraud department said that they have nothing on their files about these companies. I also note that the companies (third parties) that were used in the visa dispute were different from the ones on the list that Abraham listed.

      1. Hello Job, Just to know I also scammed for 250$ today. After reading all the reviews i asked them to refund back my amt and they are asking me to upload KYC documents, which i am not will to do so. Also I have blocked my Credit card. Will there be any possibility to get the money back ?

      2. Omg Job, you are hope for all of us…
        When you had email conversations with them, did you tell them about your detective friend? Or you tried to intimidate / threat them in any of your email?
        Help us, how to proceed, to take our money back.
        Fill complaint, fill the chargeback form?
        Thank you!

  16. An agent just called me here in Cavite and convincing me to put in my card details even I said that I had no fund in it ^_^ But he gets nothing ^_^

  17. They keep on calling and emailing me even if they have to spend 30mins or more on the call. I told them to convince me first and they keep on telling me I will be transferring thru visa or mastercard. I said that is not the issue, the problem is I don’t know anything about your company. They promise me to earn in a week by funding $250. well sorry for them that I’m just playing along.

  18. Warning!!
    They convince you very well into depositing a small amount first and try to get you to deposit more and more. They show you small profit but if you ask to withdrawal they avoid your request. They will steal your money do not deposit money.

  19. I to was scammed by these guys. Put $250 AUD in, then was convinced to put another $1000 in via BTC. They are not traders, they are gamblers. Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

    1. Hello Brian
      I’n in contact with the FCA they are Investigating XCHANGEBIT they said it will take time but they are onn to them, alos the FCA Press Office is Investigating them, you can also contact them, the more of those of us who have been Scam Contact them the Stronger the Case against them will be.

  20. I invested for 250USD and decided to withdraw last Nov. 26, 2020 and approved by their support until now Dec. 9, 2020 my money did not reach to my account.

  21. I was also by the name of alex livingston.He pretends that he is legit and I could get 100% of my profit after 3 days of invest.

  22. I can’t belive I fell for this! So obvious scam but still I deposited $250 just an hour ago. I assume this money is gone forever

  23. I was also by the name of alex livingston.He pretends that he is legit and I could get 100% of my profit after 3 days of invest.


  24. Vicki Johnston Avery

    I can’t believe that I allowed myself to be scammed by these people – I was convinced to put in a lot of money and when I tried to have my account terminated and remaining funds returned to me they kept trying to convince me to continue and deposit more funds. I contacted my bank to see if they can help with the chargeback, was notified by me well within the 14 day turn around time period and still they have not honoured what their policy states, they send emails to say that their legal department will contact me, but no one has.

  25. I cant belive i fell for this today too. I deposited 530 euro. Any chance of getting my money back? Anyone got his deposit back?

  26. Hello: Vickey Johnson Avery and Stanislav Stoykov.

    For all who have been Scammed/Swindled by: XCHANGEBIT.IO

    I’m in contact with the FCO London and the FCO Press Office, I have furnish them with lots of Details and they should be Investigating them, also I have contacted the Serious Fraud Squad.
    If ALL of us complain in Writing/E.Mail to them, we WILL make them SIT-UP and take notice and start a Proper Investigation and we will ALL get our Money back?.

    Director is: Rodney Omari Kofi, Reg Office: 1st Floor, 2 Woodberry Grove, Finchley, London N12 0DR,
    Co Reg No: 07715291 with the FCA
    When One Deposit Money it goes into: BLUESNOE OU and LEKKI NG Account NOT, XCHANGEBIT.IO Account, this is how they Swindle Everyone they get hold of.

  27. is most likely the same company. I lost 250 euro. Complete fraud and scam .

  28. Xchangebit is a scam and they keep stalking you by phone!!!!!!!

    1. Xchangebit got me for 15k they even told me to open my bank app and show me how to remortgage my house to get funds to trade god help us all people like that kill it for the honest people we are trying to better ourselves .

  29. I’ve got scammed on 08-Feb-2021… 2500EUR… i cant beleive i fell for this kind of scam…

    1. I readed posts from a guy, Job, (here on page)… He is the only guy who get his money back so far…

  30. Well I guess I’m getting scammed right now by them I didn’t want to believe it because they just made me money but it cost another 2500 to do all totalled I’m into them for like six or seven grande , but I haven’t approached them yet but why are we letting them get away with it well why don’t we all just set up shop outside the banks and roll people for there money nothing happens right “”WRONG” so whats the differance I can’t believe how many have been scammed ya know it’s should not have not taken this long is it just cause its crypto

  31. Like most of you I too have been scammed. I started with $250 but then when they called me back they started to tell me about there different levels of investment and I was sucked into giving them more. I gave them up to $4000ca, and and they still wanted more. So I became suspicious. Then I tried to log into the website to check my investment only to see displayed in bold letters XCHANGEBIT.IO is a fraud plastered on the website. My heart sank and to this day I have not recovered from the shock. All I was doing is to try and make a better living by investing with a company that promises to do what they say they can do. I am still trying to get my money back but I am not sure where to go. Each time I talk to them now I remind them that I still want a chargeback of my funds. If there is any help out there please let me know how. I will go down fighting for my funds.

  32. How do you unregister with

  33. This is a complete SCAM! Stay away! Had for £1250 – Avoid at all costs, they are very good at Sales talk and deceiving people.

  34. I have a nose for smelling scams, but these guys are good.
    Even while having a lot of questions and suspecting a big scam I still dropped in a second time 2500EUR.
    So after a 5000 euro deposit they started asking for another 5000!
    I can’t believe no one can shut down their site!
    I understand, crypto, hard to track etc… But shut down that f site!

    1. They have renamed their site. Cointerio.10.

      1. Yes they have just been scammed for £4,000 I was telephoned by Danny Smith and he has the gift of the gab . Convinced me to invest which I unfortunately did through his mate Warren Williams who said he would trade with me ane me alone for the next 7 days. 17th March 2021. Then we had a three way convesation wiht yet another mate who was the top man in the company Adrian Yorke. He traded with me and boosted my earnings to £14,250. He then said to move things forward I would have to put in another £6,000. I thought no no this is going to far. I pointed out I could take some of the money out and re-invest Adrian stated it doesn’t work like that. Bells started ringing. I delayed them and said I would think about it. Following dau after looking at several reviews I knew I’d been had. (very complex scam I must say). I told them I wasn’t prepared to invest anymore so eventually after a lot of trying them passed me to Blake who was an expert in Crytpto currencey. He reduced my £14,250 to £2250 in abot 5 mins. Following day Adrian came back and boosted my amount up to £3250 (about)and said he would contact me Monday 22nd. He didn’t but I got an email from Dereck Gabriel who was a recovery expert. Back to the piece of paper with what he could do for me he went on abot how he was appalled at my losses but that If I invested more with him we would trade on Amazon or Musk stocks. But I had to either put in £1500 or £2000 as there was a special event on very quickly. I eventually spoke to him on the Tuesday and refused his kind offer. I asked for my money back and told him I would be making a charge back. The phone calls keep coming and I’m just about to email my account manager Danny Smith to tell him my feelings. Fraudsters the lot of them but very good at it.

        1. Hi Alcazar
          My story is exactly the same as yours. The same named thieves and liars, Danny, Blake, Adrian, Derrick and Warren (which I now believe to be fake name) did exactly the same to me as you. I hope karma catches up with them and they all starve on earth and rot in hell. I am a grandmother of 6 who only receives a small pension. They convinced me to give them all my savings so my family could have a better life. They are ruthless and brutal with there smooth talking tactics. I feel for all of us and hope justice prevails and before they starve, then rot in hell, that they are jailed and raped as they raped us of our money. How cruel and deceiving these people are with no conscience. SHAME ON THEM FOR ETERNITY

  35. Lost $2500 (cdn) when I tried investing with Xchangebit. Initial contact was friendly and pleasant. When transferred to others, there were overtures of big returns, and then came the pressure. What started as a $250 sacrificial investment, the Scammer pressured me to send a Wire Transfer for an additional $2250. (cdn). Throughout, there was a growing suspicion that things didn’t seem right ?!?! – the Web-based call where they could see me, but I could never get to see them?! Why did they need to see my laptop and online bank accounts?! Why was the $250 investing goal not enough, and I needed to add more money?! When I decided to Close My Account and notified them via email (as per the Terms and Conditions), requesting an email verification my account was Terminated — That’s when the phone calls from all over the world were sent to my phone. The calls go to Voice Mail (which they may dislike). I will not talk with any of them smooth-talkers. Two days ago, an email arrived saying my Xchangebit Account (wait, didn’t I terminate that?!) is being moved to their new Cointerio platform, the Xchangebit platform will be gone. To try and fix things at my end, I acquired a new credit card and bank account. I deeply regret sending a photocopy of my Driver’s Licence for the KYC stage. The personal takeaway from all this is “Caveat Emptor” (Buyer Beware) – I should have done my homework, did research on the company, and NEVER EVER allow access to the laptop, bank account, or personal information. All in all – A Hard Lesson Well-Learned!

  36. i too have been scammed by theses loosers. i deposited money against my better judgement due to their high pressure salesmen.i hope they rot in jail

  37. OK – – I enrolled in EXCHANGEBIT, but fortunately never went further. (no money transferred to them)
    This morning I was going through emails and saw the original correspondence after registering and clicked on the link but it came up unavailable. I had purposefully waited two months before checking in again.
    When I did this morning up came the information on the scam and all the previous posts here about being swindled – – posts from those who aren’t afraid to post their dilemma.
    There are probably millions of others in the same “ARK TO RICHES SCAM” that are too proud to post – – I can understand that.
    So, I am going to follow up and examine the legitimate traders listed in the foregoing article and try that – – one even offers practice trading for beginners – – that is one I intend to explore.
    In the meantime – – keep your head down in the investment trenches – – – explore and review or just curb the desire to make money trading – – it’s a volatile world of BIG MONEY PEOPLE pulling $$$$$$$ from us peons in the lower end of food chain – – – I – am one of those bottom dwellers in the world of great wealth. My bucks are very hard-earned as are most who get scammed.
    Take care out there – – it’s a dirty world of money-making scams.

  38. Hello Fred X, I’m Mr Ramdas
    I have bee Scam for £2500.00
    I have done my best to Expose them. I have Reported them to the FCA, the Serious Fraud Squad, The Financial Conduct Press Office, I have given them ALL directors Names and Registered Office. They Promise to take LEGAL ACTION against them but, Absolutely NOTHING have been done and them are still FREE to cheat & Scam every one that fall into there trap.
    Please look at the write up at the top of these comment under ABRAHAM you will find Directors Names and Registered Office, you will also find the the FCA Address.
    If we ALL come Together and make OFFICIAL REPORT to the FCA they WILL have to take Notice
    and maybe we ALL will get our Money Back.

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