StockLux Review – 5 things you should know about

StockLux Review – 5 things you should know about

Beware! StockLux is an offshore broker! Your investment may be at risk.



Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Open trading accounts with at least two brokers.


Are you looking right now at the StockLux website and wondering whether you should invest your money in this broker company? If you are, let us take you on a tour around the different features of this company and think over its advantages and disadvantages.

First of all, from the company’s website we understand that this company is trading in forex and cryptocurrency mainly but also offers opportunity for trade with spot metals, stocks, futures, spot indices and commodities.

From the screenshot below, you see that StockLux offers six accounts to the traders, each one with different types of perks as per the deposited amount. We’ll discuss these accounts more in detail further in this review.


Our first disappointment, however, comes when we try to sign up in order to open an account which is unsuccessful due to a broken link. Our second disappointment is when we try to use the link provided at the bottom of each account type and come up with the same result. Finally, after opening the web browser trading platform, we were able to sign up. Do you think that forex company that has broken links on its website is a reliable one? Well, neither do we!

StockLux Regulation and safety of funds

From the company’s website we understand that StockLux is a trade name of Konstos Markets Ltd. registered in British Virgin Islands (BVI). This is an offshore zone and companies operating from there may not have safety of funds precautions even if registered with the Financial Services Commission of the British Virgin Islands. We can tell you that to obtain a registration there, forex trade companies must have a minimum initial capital which may vary from 100,000 to 1,000,000 USD. We checked the register of the Financial Services Commission of the British Virgin Islands but neither Konstos Markets Ltd., nor StockLux appear to be registered there.

This is a clear sign that this company is not legitimate and our readers and future forex traders are well advised to exercise caution and choose forex brokerages from well-established jurisdictions with registration and regulation laws that guarantee safety of funds, such as EU, UK, USA and Australia. A broker company from these jurisdictions needs to meet rigid requirements in order to be registered and regulated there which guarantees its reliability in terms of legitimacy and safety of funds. For example, forex broker companies registered in EU and UK must have an initial capital of no less than 730,000 EUR and compensation funds of 20,000 EUR if regulated by CySEC and 85,000 GBP if regulated by FCA.

StockLux Trading software

To its traders, StockLux offers MetaTrader4 and Web Trader platforms. We are definitely funs of the MetaTrader4 trading platforms as it is one of the most popular and well reputed trading platforms among forex brokers. We can’t help it but sing only praises for this platform as it offers various trading tools and instruments, such as an app market, trading signals (which come for a subscription fee), a financial calendar, VPS and code base with customs scripts. One of its main advantages is the demo account which allows traders new to the forex trade to practice free of risk and gain knowledge and experience before trading via live accounts, thus avoiding the danger of losing money due to inexperience.

Let’s take a look at the web trader interface as shown on the screenshot below. As you can see, it shows the forex pair EUR/USD and its fluctuation. What we see is a spread of 3.0 pips. We must say that this spread is rather high and when combined with a leverage of 1:100, it means that the risks for the forex trader are high as well. Now, if you are an experienced trader, you might be able to manage the high spread/high leverage combo but if you are not, then we advise you to take caution and look for a forex company with a lower spread and lower leverage. If you look at the types of accounts information in the first screenshot, you will certainly notice that the leverage increases with each type of account, reaching 1:1000. We must say that this is extremely risky, even if you are an experienced trader or if you are provided with one-on-one training sessions and an experienced account manager. You may not know, but actually in some jurisdictions there is a cap on leverage to prevent traders from taking risks with their transactions. For example, in Europe the leverage cap is 1:30 and in the USA it is 1:50. Jurisdictions, such as Australia and New Zealand do not impose leverage cap but traders should proceed with discretion nonetheless.


In addition to its trading platforms, StockLux also offers three types of calculators (screenshot below) which help traders calculate and estimate the parameters of their position. For example, by using these calculators, they can better estimate their lot size and leverage and also determine their required margin.


Another important aspect of the trading tools offered by this company is the social trading option available on the company’s website. Social trading is a phenomenon in forex trade that is gaining more and more popularity as it provides certain benefits of sharing knowledge with other traders online and helping each other by copying trading strategies. However, it can also be risky undertaking because you may gain but you may also lose by copying other traders.

StockLux Deposit/Withdrawal methods and fees

The minimum initial deposit for the Micro account is $250. 

With each account (see the first screenshot in this review), the amount of the initial deposit increases, until it reaches 500,000USD. To make a deposit, clients may choose between Visa, MasterCard or a bank transfer.

For dormant accounts that have not been used within three months, there is a penalty of 10% deduction each month.

According to the withdrawal policy, the company may take 2-5 days to process withdrawal requests and another up to 5 days before the funds reach its destination to a credit card or bank account. We must comment here that the processing time is too long and normally shouldn’t take more than 1 business day. Having to wait so long for your funds to reach their destination may inconvenience you, so we advise you to look for a broker company that offers better terms of withdrawal.

Another important point we would like to make here is about the bonus policy. According to the company’s terms and conditions, if you receive a bonus, you’ll be able to withdraw it only after you execute a minimum trading volume of 30 times the deposit amount plus the bonus issued. We must say that this is not something easy to achieve, so think carefully before accepting a bonus as it may put a strain on your transactions.

How does scam work?

Being scammed once is no guarantee that you won’t be scammed ever again because scammers are very inventive in terms of deceit and manipulation. We’ll give you an example. Imagine that you are browsing on the Internet or scrolling your Facebook or Instagram account. You may notice that occasionally you see some ads that promise you a quick and easy profit for a small deposit. If you get interested and you look at some comments ‘happy customers’ have made, you start thinking that it looks very tempting and risk free, so you decide to try. After you put in your deposit, your phone starts ringing. You are being congratulated for choosing this company and the only thing you need to do now is only waiting for the big money to come your way. You are also being invited to put in more money. After all, the bigger the deposit, the bigger the profit. Right? And so, for a while, you sit and wait for the happy news to hit home. But after nothing happens, you become sort of anxious, then impatient and now it’s your turn to call the ‘company’. At first, the scammers express dismay that you doubt their ‘pure intentions’ and assure you that everything is ok and that you need to be just a little bit more patient. When this stops working, and you insist of having your money back, they start to play for time, so that you miss the deadline when you can file for chargeback.

What to do if scammed?

Once you fall into the clutches of scammers, it is not easy to get your money back.

However, you have made your deposit using a Visa or MasterCard you may yet have a chance. These cards allow you 540 days time period in which to file for chargeback.

If you have made a bank wire transaction or have used Bitcoin for your deposit, then chances are grim and you should be prepared to wave your money goodbye.

In any case, we advise you to cancel your credit card if you have given your CVV code to the scammers. Also, any software that gives the scammers an access to your PC should be removed.

And lastly, beware that out there, there are other scammers which call themselves ‘recovery agents’. They may approach you with an offer to recover your money, for a fee, of course. Stay well away from them as they are scammers and you may lose more money that way.

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  1. hola

    ayer hice una transferencia de 250 euros a stocklux.
    Usted cree que fue una estafa??
    Que recurso tengo porque todavia no se ha quitado el dinero de mi cuenta pero esta en retencion

    gracias por su ayuda

    yesterday I made a transfer of 250 euros to stocklux.
    Do you think it was a scam?
    What resource do I have because the money has not yet been withdrawn from my account but it is on hold?

    thanks for your help

    1. I was scamed, before a couple days ago, on this site. My 300 Euro was gone

    2. forget about your money its long gone because this site is a scam and i hope these ppl that is scamming gets caught one day. i too deposited 300euros, i got my manager and after 4 days the manger blocked me from getting me to contact him, after the operator whoget me signed up and everything blocked me, since them im trying to withdraw and my money is still on hold.. THEY A SCAMMERS SPREAD THIS PLEASE…

  2. me too have been scammed, deposited 250 euro and no way to withdraw my money

  3. Hello everyone, I also came to enjoy and tested Stocklux.

    It all started as described above.
    A Martin Owen had called me and explained the whole thing to me and made it palatable … he asked for different data such as a copy of my bank card, identity card. Proof of my residence … I could still remember these things …
    I also deposited the minimum amount there and waited to see what happened.

    After the money was booked at Stocklux, the Marrin Owen informed me about it …
    I think on the same day my personal broker (Prof. Daniel Koch Senior Broker) called me who wanted to work with my money and did so … he tried to explain with a few phone calls how it works with the broken … what I haven’t really understood until today …
    During the phone calls he explained to me again and again what we would earn if I would deposit more money … and tried to convince me to deposit more money … he even lured me that he would also deposit money into my trading account … if I also pay …
    but I denied …
    in the end Daniel had earned over 1000 euros in 5 weeks .. ..
    1371 euros to be precise …
    now it became clearer and wanted to invest in bitcoins … but for that we need more than 10,000 euros …
    and I should invest … what I did not want and could not financially …
    I asked Mr. Koch to close the trading account … but he didn’t … allegedly he is now making a robot work …
    he doesn’t do anything himself and can only close the trading account at the end of the month …

    Today he answered, saying we had a call margin … the trading robot had operated minus broking and made 1300 euros lousy within 4 hours … to save this we have to deposit money …
    Which I won’t do either …
    my trading account has a balance of 23 euros …
    where I’ve now pulled the brake … changed all passwords …
    I deleted and blocked Mr. Koch …

    Here is his alleged address, contact details:

    Prof. Daniel Koch

    Senior Broker | StockLUX
    Whats’app: + 3579xxxxxxx
    Tel .: + 4631xxxxxxx
    E-mail: [email protected]
    Hamngatan 15, 105 71 Stockholm, Sweden


    If someone still wants evidence (chat history or screenshots), just contact me


    Hallo alle zusammen, ich bin auch im Genuss gekommen und Stocklux getestet .

    Es fing alles an wie oben beschrieben .
    Ein Martin Owen hatte mich angerufen und mir die ganze Sache erklärt und schmackhaft gemacht… er forderte unterschiedliche Daten wie Kopie von meiner Bankkarte , Personalausweis. Nachweis von mein Wohnsitz… an diese Sachen konnte ich mich noch erinnern …
    ich habe dort auch den Mindestbetrag eingezahlt und gewartet was passiert .

    Nachdem das Geld bei Stocklux verbucht war , informierte mich der Marrin Owen darüber …
    ich glaube am selben Tag rief mich mein persönlicher Broker (Prof. Daniel Koch Senior Broker ) an der mit mein Geld arbeiten wollte und dieses auch tat … er hat versucht mit einigen Telefonaten mit zu erklären wie das mit den Broken so funktioniert …. was ich bis heute nicht richtig verstanden habe …
    Bei den Telefonaten erklärte er mir auch immer wieder , was wir verdienen würden , wenn ich mehr Geld einzahlen würde… und versuchte mich zu überzeugen mehr Geld einzuzahlen … er lockte sogar damit , das er auf mein Handelskonto auch Geld einzahlen würde … wenn ich auch zahle …
    was ich aber verneint habe …
    letztendlich hatte Daniel über 1000 Euro in 5 Wochen erwirtschaftet .. ..
    1371 Euro genau gesagt …
    nun wurde er deutlicher und wollte in Bitcoins investieren… aber dazu brauchen wir mehr als 10 000 Euro …
    und ich sollte investieren … was ich nicht wollte und auch finanziell nicht konnte …
    ich bat Herrn Koch das Handelskonto zu schließen… was er aber nicht getan hat … angeblich lässt er ein Roboter jetzt arbeiten …
    er macht selber nix und kann das Handelskonto erst Monatsende schließen …

    Heute meldete er sich , meinte wir hätten ein Call Margin … der Handelroboter hatte Minus Broking betrieben und innerhalb 4 Std 1300 Euro Miese gemacht … um dieses noch zu retten müssen wir Geld einzahlen …
    Was ich auch nicht tun werde …
    mein Handelskonto hat ein Guthaben von 23 Euro …
    wo ich jetzt die Bremse gezogen habe … alle Passwörter geändert habe …
    Herrn Koch gelöscht und blockiert habe …

    Hier mal seine angebliche Adresse , Kontaktdaten :

    Prof. Daniel Koch

    Senior Broker | StockLUX
    Whats’app : +3579xxxxxxx
    Tel.: +4631xxxxxxx
    E-mail: [email protected]
    Hamngatan 15, 105 71 Stockholm, Sweden


    Falls jemand noch Beweise (Chatverlauf oder Screenshots ) haben möchte , einfach melden bei mir

    1. All names are created by their inspiration. In italy they have italian names: Andrea e Nina secretary

  4. Beware of dizziness, I have problems transferring my money back, imposture. I have to register for Interpol
    Achtung schwindel, ich habe probleme mein geld zurück überweisen ,hochstaplei.ich muss anmelden zum Interpol

  5. Hello to everyone.. I will write in italian so could all italian nation serach this article. It is obviously They are operating around the world.
    Ho investito 5000eur e guadagnato 3000. Quando volevo prelevare 5000eur sul mio conto privato hanno cambiato la storia diventando arroganti che perdono tempo con me. 😉 bloccano il accesso e spariscono senza ritornare i solid. Get away from them.

  6. Stocklux truffatori internazionali senza regole. Si può solo perdere, perché il guadagno è solo illusorio.
    Ti dicono di investire minimo 250 euro, significa che puoi perdere da un minimo di 250 in sù.
    Stocklux international scammers with no rules. One can only lose, because the gain is only illusory.
    They tell you to invest a minimum of 250 euros, which means that you can lose from a minimum of 250 upwards.

  7. My experience: StockLux is clearly a Scamer.
    Requests for withdrawal will not be processed.
    Status: pending . . pending . . pending . .

  8. I also fell for StockLux
    an example: I close a position (5 LTCUSD, bought at 58.05 / sold at 58.09) the “Close” window shows me a loss of EUR 2.54, deducted EUR 120.59.
    I will try to dispute the credit card deposit.
    Ich bin ebenfalls auf StockLux hereingefallen
    ein Beispiel: ich schließe eine Position (5 LTCUSD, gekauft bei 58,05/verkauft bei 58,09) beim “Close”-Fenster wird mir ein Verlust von EUR 2,54 angezeigt, abgezogen wurden EUR 120,59.
    Ich werde versuchen die Einzahlung per Kreditkarte anzufechten.

  9. Stocklux just steal your money, they will never give it back! Scammers also opened 6500eu
    They close the account. You can never get your money back.
    Stocklux sadece paranı çalıyor, asla geri vermeyecekler! Dolandiricilar ayrica açtığım6500eu
    Hesabi kapatilar.Parani asla geri̇ alamazsin.

  10. is just stealing your money, they will never give it back! Scammers also open
    They closed the account. You can never get your money back. 25.11.2020 wed 16.17 My account id A11J661230 My Account number 20282744 There is 6792.84EORO account. Are they not giving money back and have closed my account.
    ======================================= sadece paranı çalıyor, asla geri vermeyecekler! Dolandırıcılar ayrıca açtığım
    hesabı kapattılar. Paranı asla geri alamazsın. 25.11.2020 çar 16.17 My account ıd A11J661230 My Account number 20282744 There is 6792.84EORO hesap açtırdım. Para mı geri vermiyorlar ve hesabımı kapattılar.

  11. Hartmut Kesselring

    Still waiting for my Funds.
    I have given withdrawal order on 27th October 2020.
    StockLux does not answer eMail.

    1. Hartmut Kesselring

      The story is now getting criminal.
      I have got a phone call today, calling number +46451288147.
      ‘Hello, I’am working in the financial department of Stocklux. If you want to withdraw your fund (500 EUR), please provide a transfer of additional 65,00 EUR.
      That is prerequisite for the withdrawal’.
      My question has been: ‘where can I find this 65,00 EUR withdrawal fee agreed’.
      The answer from StockLux financial department:
      ‘Why do you ask, that is a matter of fact, do you want your money or not. I do not have much time, there is a huge pile of work here in front of me’.
      After that, I have asked the StockLux financial department representative to send me an eMail
      about the story with the 65,00 EUR withdrawal fee and may be status of my request from 27th October 2020.
      I have never got any eMail so far.

      1. Hope you will share about how it may end for you. I wish good luck.
        I lost already a good sum of money because I was lied and I let myself get trapped.


      2. My credit card issuer, Mastercard, states, it is not their business to claim back the money.
        With transferring the fund (500,00 EUR in my case) to the electronic wallet, their job is done.
        The difficulties have nothing to do with the Creditcard transaction.

  12. Hello everybody,

    I was also scammed on the same site and lost a lot of money, unfortunately. But my question here is why someone is not doing anything against it when somebody sits on continental Europe (in the lands of law and order) and keeps scamming (practically robbing) unsuspecting people?

    The one who lied to me and robbed me money has got the phone number: +46852502485 and goes with the name Jonas Norberg.

    I have also his email address, which is [email protected]

    With such openly run scam business someone shouldn’t be allowed and people got robbed, I think.

    I just came across this page while searching more information about


  13. STOCKLUX.CO, I sent TA-8a4ceb39 etherum as 498.80 euros, 17.56 250 eur. 4.427.50eur as TA-C08c7ec8 etherum on I sent it at 16.17. credit account id account number 20282744 mt4 6.649.36 euros money 3. ali cemal saraç account number 20282744 4.STOCKLUX 5.TA-6e0b4add 6.000 eur .05.46 6. TA-535d5979 640 eur.account id account number 20282744 I wanted them to send mt4. 7. I asked them to send my ID account number 20282744 mt4 to my TA-2342fa5c 9 eur account. THEY HAD 3 DAYS, THEY DID NOT SEND THE MONEY AND THE ACCOUNT NUMBER CLOSED. ACCOUNT NO 20282744. TELEPHONE NUMBERS A. 35796744070 B. 35796759901 C. 908506100985 D. 908506690831 E. 441249908003 I HAVE BEEN FAKED. STOCKLUX.CO YOU CAN NEVER RECEIVE YOUR MONEY.
    STOCKLUX.CO tarinde TA-8a4ceb39 eterıum olarak 498.80 eu saat 17.56 250 eur. tarihinde TA-C08c7ec8 eterıum olarak 4.427.50eur. saat 16.17 gonderdim. credit 1.300eur.toplam hesapta ıd hesap no 20282744 mt4 6.649.36 eu para oldu 3. ali cemal saraç hesap no 20282744 4.STOCKLUX 5.TA-6e0b4add 6.000 eur .05.46 6. TA-535d5979 640 eur.hesabıma ıd hesap no 20282744 mt4 gondermelerini istedim. 7. TA-2342fa5c 9 eur.hesabıma ıd hesap no 20282744 mt4 gondermelerini istedim. 3 GUN BEKLETTİLER PARAYI GONDERMEDİLER VE HESAP NOMU KAPATTILAR. HESAP NO 20282744. TELEFON NOLARI A. 35796744070 B. 35796759901 C. 908506100985 D. 908506690831 E. 441249908003 DOLANDIRILDIM. STOCKLUX.CO ASLA PARANIZI GERİ ALAMAZSINIZ.

  14. Stocklux attention

    brocker world organization scam
    no refunds


  16. can we, the victims of this scum, sue the scummer kooperativly?

    It shouldn’t be taken for granted to cheat on people, officially, isn’t it?

  17. I wanted to say scammer, sorry.

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