Beware! Liquidity Soft Fx is an offshore broker! Your investment may be at risk.


Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Open trading accounts with at least two brokers.


At firs glance, Liquidity Soft Fx looks like any run of the mill forex company. Is that so? We are about to find out.

Liquidity Soft Fx is a broker company trading in forex, futures, metals, indices and energy.

If you wish to open an account with these brokers, you have a choice of 4 accounts (as per the screenshot below) –  Beginners, Positional, Professional and Scalpers:


To open an account, you need to register. What we noticed was that at the end of the registration form, you are asked to accept the Privacy Policy by ticking off the box. However, if you decide to read what the policy is about, you might be surprised to see that the link is broken. You might be surprised but we are not! We just visited a similar website and experienced the same mishap. If we offer you to play ‘spot the differences’ on the two screenshots below, you may not find it too easy because they look identical! And they have the same problem with the broken link. Dear scammers, pleaaaaaase! put in some effort in designing your scamming websites! We are tired of reading the same nonsense!


Liquidity Soft Fx Regulation and safety of funds

It appears that the company is licensed in UK and with a location somewhere in Samoa as per the company’s website, so we are going to check whether this is true. If you look at the screenshot below, you can see for yourself that it is not. Are you surprised? We are not! A forex company cannot be licensed if it is not registered in the same jurisdiction.

We now have 2 proofs that this company is a scam and it will be very foolish of you if you choose to trade via this company!


If you are new in the world of forex trade, you may ask ‘but what do I have to do to choose a legit company?’ . The answer is rather simple. Go to the links we provide you here of forex brokerages in well-established jurisdictions and select one. A genuine and legitimate forex company in EU will be registered and regulated by a reputable regulator. Those brokerages must meet a minimum capital requirement of 730,000 EUR and they are required to keep clients money into a segregated accounts and participate in a compensation scheme that may cover up to 20,000 EUR per person in case the brokerage goes bankrupt. Also, to provide transparency and proof that no shady business is going on, they are obliged to report their clients’ transactions on a regular basis. All these precautions are set in place to protect the traders funds. The brokerages regulated by FCA in UK must meet similar requirements. The biggest difference being that the compensation scheme there covers up to 85,000 GBP per person.

We hope that the above information will help you ditch such shady forex brokerages like Liquidity Soft Fx and turn your attention to legitimate and more dependable brokerages.

Liquidity Soft Fx Trading software

As a trading platform, Liquidity Soft Fx offers MetaTrader5, one of the Rolls-Royces of the forex trading software. Brokers all over the world sing praises to this trading software and to its older version MetaTrader 4. Both platforms offer a lot of perks to its clients – various tools and instruments indicators, an app market, VPS, code base with customs scripts, a financial calendar and trading signals (for a subscription fees) to name a few.

What we see here, for example, are the forex pairs with their bid/ask price on the left hand side, plus some navigator tools. In the middle of the screen, we see the charts of 4 forex pairs and the fluctuation of their price in a given time frame. On this demo account screenshot we see the spread for EUR/USD pair to be 0.5 pips. However, we need to stress here that the platform we downloaded using the link on Liquidity Soft Fx site is a unbranded software from the developer of MetaTrader 5, and not licensed by this brokerage. So, the information displayed is only for orientation and is not relatable to real trading conditions.


Liquidity Soft Fx Deposit/Withdrawal methods and fees

If you look at the account information, you will find out that the minimum deposit is $10 for the Beginner account. In the FAQ section of this company’s website, the company recommends to its clients to invest at least $2,500 in order to have  more flexibility and better risk management when trading, despite the fact that the minimum deposit is only $10. Why recommend an amount 250 times higher? Why ask for a deposit that you can’t do anything with? Questions, you need to ask yourself if you ever decide to trade via this company.

And another disappointment for us  when we try to open a live account – the Beginner account simply disappears from the options when we press ‘select account’ and we were left with the accounts that require higher deposit, i.e., Positional account at $100, Professional at $250 and Scalpers at $500. Again, no self-respecting legitimate company will do that!

Also, you should know that the brokerage imposes $20 withdrawal fee which in our opinion is too high.

An here we want to stress that a very important document is missing from this company’s website – the Terms and Conditions document that stipulates and regulates the company’s dealings. If you ever decide to trade with a company such as this without a proper Terms and Conditions document, be warned that it will be like shooting in the dark and hoping to win. Do not become one of the statistical victims of scam!

How does scam work?

There are various ways of scamming. In forex trade, you may come across fake brokers without proper licensing and regulation or with a name that is similar to the name of a regulated broker. Another way to scam you is via the so-called ‘signal sellers’ who make false promises for a quick and easy profit. You may have also heard about the so-called “I’ll trade for you if you send me money” scam, and other forms of scam. Scammers would normally pressure you to send money. Being smooth talkers, they won’t actually answer your questions but will promise you ‘the earth and the sky’ as long as you make a deposit. Once you send them money, the trap door falls and the cheese is gone. You can kiss your money goodbye! Now, instead of being inundated by telephone calls as before, you are the one trying to get in contact to find out what happened to your money and where the big profit is gone. Now the scammers become very vague in their answers coming up with any excuses. When you insist to get your money back they will try to delay you in any way so you miss the deadline for chargeback.

What to do if scammed?

Once scammed, there isn’t much that you can do. First thing, you must file for chargeback if you have used a credit card to make your deposit. The good news is that Visa and MasterCard give you 540 days in which you may file, so you may yet get lucky. If you have paid via other payment methods, such as bank wire or cryptocurrency, you may not be so lucky.

You may be also approached by so-called ‘recovery agents’ who will offer to get your money back. Bear in mind that they also might be scammers. Ask for credentials and check their company’s legitimacy and whether it is registered or not.

Another thing you can do is erase any financial info the scammers may have access to – cancel your credit card if the scammers have your CVV code and delete any software that gives the scammers access to your PC.

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