Paragon-Finance review – 5 things you should know about

Paragon-Finance review – 5 things you should know about

Beware! Paragon-Finance is an offshore broker! Your investment may be at risk.



Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Open trading accounts with at least two brokers.


Warning! Paragon-finance is an anonymous offshore Forex broker which shows many scam signs and red flags. First of all, the name they’ve chosen is very tricky, there are certain financial companies and business, throughout the world, bearing similar name which might confuse the people about this dodgy entity, making them believe that it is an authorized and legit enterprise. It is certain that Paragon-Finance is similar in appearance to many other confirmed scam Forex brokers, having the unfair clauses in its T&Cs, misleading the customers about the trading conditions, and most importantly bamboozling the people about their authorization and regulation. Find out everything you need to know about this risky Forex broker in the full Paragon-Finance review.


Paragon-Finance is an offshore Forex broker allegedly registered in the Commonwealth of Dominica, sharing the same headquarter address with other dodgy and unsafe brokers, such as Bid Broker Stocks and CFBroker. The exact place is as follows: 8 Copthall, Roseau Valley, 00152, Commonwealth of Dominica and the company standing behind this Forex broker is called Xertz Consulting. It is important for us to clarify that in this jurisdiction the FX and CFDs trading is not supervised and regulated in any way, effectively meaning that your funds are vulnerable and unsafe. There is absolutely no customer protection guaranteed, an offshore Forex broker might disappear at any moment, running away with your money leaving you with losses that most probably you won’t be able to recover.

Your funds are not safe if you make a deposit with Paragon-Finance, it is an unlicensed, unauthorized and unregulated offshore Forex broker, showing many scam signs which will be further presented in the Paragon-Finance review!

Avoid anonymous offshore Forex brokers and trust the ones which are legit, transparent and regulated in EU or UK, because these jurisdictions provide the safest environment for your funds. There are many stringent rules that the authorized Forex brokers are bound to comply with, put in place as customer protection measures. The licensed EU and UK brokers, for example, have to hold the clients funds in segregated accounts that are different from their own bank accounts, meaning that the deposits made by the customers cannot be used by the intermediary for operational transactions or investment. As a result, the funds are protected at all times, the Forex brokers are not exposed to unnecessary risks, the customers are in full control over their money, able to make withdrawals at any moment, and also the withdrawal processing time significantly decreases.

There are also money protection insurance funds inaugurated, such as ICF in Cyprus and FSCS in UK, which guarantee the deposits of the clients. Under CySEC(Cyprus) supervision you can claim up to 20 000 EUR in compensation, while in UK under FCA you are guaranteed of even up to 85 000 GBP. Each EU member state is compelled to create and further operate similar insurance funds, which are seen to be the last resort for the traders, in case a Forex broker faces difficulties to meet its financial obligations.


Paragon-Finance offers Metatrader4 accounts to its customers, Metatrader5 is not available. We downloaded their Desktop version but the file was corrupt, however, it was the distribution provided by Lotens Partners, a scam company standing behind AdamantFX and BSB Global,which was actually blacklisted by the FCA at the end of July this year. It is a very red flag, a hook up a scam company is an argument enough to stay away from Paragon-Finance.

Other than that, Paragon-Finance offers a web-based trading platform, which is very limited as to functionality, pretty amateur-ish, fairly speaking. The EUR/USD spread is 3 pips, while the leverage is fixed at 1:100 and you cannot change it! In fact, on their Main page Paragon-Finance advertises 1:400, which is an information discrepancy and a red flag!


The minimum initial deposit required is 250 USD. The mere funding method is their own Paragon Finance Wallet. Only Crypto funding is available, which is a very very red flag and obvious scam sign, stay away from Paragon-Finance and report immediately if a representative of theirs contact you!

No minimum withdrawal amount requirements and no withdrawal fees applied. The request processing time is said to be within 2-5 days in their T&Cs, but 4-7 days in their separate Deposit/Withdrawal Conditions page, which is yet another red flag and a warning to the traders!

You can see the conditions in the Term page:

Here are the withdrawal conditions in the Deposit page:

There are bonuses offered by Paragon-Finance, each account opened comes with a minimum of 30% deposit bonus. In order to make a withdrawal, however, you have to reach a minimum trading volume of 25/30 times the sum in your account, depending on condition page you are reading! We can assure you, that you will not be able to withdraw any money, because Paragon-Finance is a scam Forex broker.

The last red flag comes with the clause for Non-Deposited Funds. It is a word by word the same with the one you can find in the T&Cs of countless other brokers such as Revenur, Razer Markets, Promarketsonline, Glad2Trade, or, just to name a few. It also shows that Paragon-Finance allows an indebted account, meaning your losses might exceed the total sum deposited! You should always trade with brokers that are bound to provide negative balance protections to its customers!


The scam is a criminal activity, the scammers are trying to defraud people by making them believe that easy money can be made if the people trust them. Mostly, the scammers are hiding behind offshore companies, offshore Forex brokers, trusts and so on, trying to remain anonymous and difficult to trace. There is also no FX regulation in the offshore jurisdictions such as Vanuatu, Marshall Islands or St. Vincent and the Grenadines, three of the most popular destinations for shady and illegitimate enterprises. The lack of regulation makes the scammers invulnerable, as they are not going to bear the consequences of their felonious actions. Regulation and authorization means customer protection and safety, no financial regulator such as CySEC or FCA will make it possible for a scam Forex broker to conduct illicit activities.

Crypto currency funding went extremely popular among scammers, because this form of digital money is perfectly unregulated and the direct payments are totally anonymous. You should know that a deposit in Bitcoin, for example, is irrevocable, almost no chance is there for you to claim back your Cryptos. It is a very obvious scam sign if an alleged Forex broker is accepting only Crypto deposits as a funding method and you should not only stay away, but run away as quickly as possible from these scam creatures!


No one is immune to scam, anyone can fall into the trap. Scammers are constantly looking for new and different ways to scam consumers. What you need to do first, in case you got scammed, is to protect yourself from further risks. Contact your bank and explain to them your situation, they will give you important instructions to follow and will help you, if possible, recover your money.

Report what happened to you, file a complaint, contact the financial regulator, contact other government institutions related to trading and investing. Seek help actively!

Share online your experience, it is important to protect others, as well. Be responsible!

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  1. !!! SCAM !!! SCAM !!! SCAM !!! PARAGON-FINANCE is a big scam, i post this mesage for everyone that might be tempted to invest with PARAGON FINANCE.
    You will first be atracted by obscure adds on the internet about fast winnings in trading.
    Next you will be asked to deposit a minimum of 250 dolars with the promise and isurance that you can withdraw your money at any time.
    The goal of this THIEVES is to STEAL YOUR INITIAL DEPOSIT. After your initial deposit, they dont disapear, they give you acces on a POURLY DESIGNED WEBSITE that shows you DAYLY FAKE WINNINGS, they will also call you from various phone numbers and comunicate with you from whatapp accounts.
    After you provide all documents that they require, they will tell you that you can only withdraw your money if YOU PAY MORE MONEY (a comission of 10%), although the first guy you talked to clearly says that you can do the withdrawl at any time.
    If they can TRICK YOU again THE PARAGON FINANCE SCAM will take more money from you!!!


    1. One day pargon will have a nice man who is a devoted customer and will give them his money” they will charm him and shit on him and laugh behind his back and take his money but its okay because what that nice man did not tell paragon is that his name is Lucifer ,i Strongly suggest that paragon pick up the phone and give people their money back” when ultimate evil shadows you” you can never shake it off paragon will laugh and feel good but for how long before they just happen to call Lucifer.just maybe one of those customers was Lucifer already, laugh away my friends with your ill gotten gains your time will catch up with you and so will Lucifer but when and where you will never know

  2. Thanks for the review. I was interested in making an account with them. In my 1st phone call from them when i activated the account over the phone, the woman who called me (E. B.) became a little offensive on the fact that i didnt have my credit card on my so i could make the payment of 250 dollars as we were speaking on the phone. Then i knew something is not in order with this company and i told her i have to thonk about it. Next call told her im not interested anymore but they keep calling me one month now with diferent coubtry numbers. I gave my number to lot of companies in this domanin and by far paragon finance are the most agresive and they dont want to understand that you are not interested anymore and most of all they start becoming verbaly offensive. My advice is stay away from them!

    BIG SPAM BE AWARE and do not trust it
    I have lost 2000USD not by trading but by being MANIPULATED to invest, never got them back withdraw request is pending for 2 months now, and no answer from the site what so ever
    And they will try to trick you again to withdraw the amount stating that it should be withdrawn by mirroring way meaning you have to have equal to withdrawal amount on your account in order to withdraw, the usually ask to share the screen with them while withdrawal :0 DO NOT BELIEVE,

  4. yes I invested 250 e but he told me that I can still pay the commission then I wanted to raise 250e which is no answer money on hold.

  5. where is my money

    1. Let’s bring all manipulated people in one group and find solution for recovery.

      1. good idea, but for doing something against this tiefs police should catch them first.

        1. Scam… scam… scam
          I like to write this review for the thieves working under Paragon-finance name.
          Guys trust me one day I’ll meet you, and trust me you’ll find out that you bought the hell for you and your families by scamming me this amount of money, I don’t care to spend thousands of times of the money you scammed me, but I’ll trace you, find you, make you and your families pay it back in a very bad way, as I didn’t pick up my money over a tree, and you’ll pay it back on my way this time.

          1. Agree!!i’m so angry on them i can’t even descripe!

          2. I also belong to the clan of the deceived. I also agree. These people are parasites and should be locked away forever. We won’t see the money again. They are professionals. Go to the police and bank. If you have made a payment via VISA card, there may be a chance that you will get the money back. Contact the bank and report that there is an interest.


            Ich gehöre auch zum Clan der Betrogenen. ich Stimme auch zu. Diese Menschen sind Parasiten und gehören für immer weggeschlossen. Das Geld werden wir nicht wiedersehen. Es sind Profis. Geht zur Polizei und Bank. Wenn ihr eine Zahlung über VISA-Card getätigt habt, besteht vielleicht die Möglichkeit das Ihr das Geld noch zurück bekommt. Wendet euch an die Bank und berichtet, ein Interesse besteht.

      2. Souhlasím pojďme se spojit a dostat své peníze zpět
        I agree let’s get together and get your money back

        1. I agree let’s get together and get your money back

          1. A friend specifically the day before yesterday cheated on me and took 220 euros from my credit card, and then I talk to someone on viber but he does not give me clear answers to my questions. For example, where Paragon Trade finance is based, how can I see transactions and profits, but no answer. Does anyone know to tell me?
            Φίλος συγκεκριμένα προχθές με εξαπάτησαν και εμένα μου πήρανε 220 euro από την πιστωτική μου κάρτα, και ύστερα μιλάω με κάποιον στο viber αλλά δεν μου δίνει σαφής απαντήσεις στα ερωτήματα μου. Πχ που έχει έδρα η Paragon Trade finance, πως μπορώ να βλέπω τις συναλλαγές και τα κέρδη, αλλά καμία απάντηση. Γνωρίζει κανένας να μου πει?

  6. hi this is a scam people i pointed out at the beginning 250 then they demanded another 1800 e to like raise 20.000e i say i don’t want and if i can raise the money 250 which i invested and i don’t want to stem more what happens to this money on hold and i can’t pick it up now my computer use it is investigating and reviewing how to get my money back stem that use i will be posting on the internet their site, twiter, facebook, instagram talk and pictures usa proof of this program that you are witnessing that this is pure scam my back is nothing else

    1. They have also stolen my money and I have requested withdraw but it’s still pending for more than 24 hours. How would you recommend me taking an action against them ?

    2. They have now blocked my IP address so that I can’t access their website. I have sent them many mesgs whatsapp to release my funds. I reuqested yesterday to withdraw money but it’s still pending and I think it will be pending for coming months and years because there are a SCAM

  7. How can we recover our money? Together, I think that we can find a solution, maybe hire a layer who will fight for our money.

  8. I too was cheated for € 250
    tudi jaz sem bil prevaran za 250€

    1. They took me a total of 11150 euros with nice words and promises. I also think someone should help us get our money back. The MychargeBack agency, which deals with this, requires a payment of 2,000 euros in advance and then 10 percent of the amount recovered. And if he can’t do anything? Will I be lighter by another 2000 euros? That’s all for help. Did anyone get anything from them? And if so, how? The bank does not know how to help me, the police probably also not very much kam. Where to turn. Write if you have an idea…. please
      Mňa peknými rečičkami a sľubmi obrali dokopy o 11150,-eur. Tiež si myslím, že by nám mal niekto pomôcť získať naše peniaze späť. Agentúra MychargeBack, ktorá sa tým zaoberá požaduje dopredu platbu 2000- euro a potom 10 percent z vymoženej sumy. A keď nevymôže nič? To budem ľahšia o ešte ďalšie 2000,- eur? To už je čo za pomoc. Dostali ste niekto od nich aspoň niečo? A ak áno, ako? Banka mi pomôcť nevie, polícia asi tiež veľmi nie….kam sa ešte obrátiť. Píšte ak máte nápad…. prosím

  9. I was deceived too and I can’t get my money, I also send messages to the company through which they have how to return my money, but from Monday the e-mail address does not work
    Ja som bol podvedený tiež a nemôžem sa dostať k svojim peniazom , tiež posielam spravy na spoločnost cez ktorú mi majú akože vrátiť peniaze ale od pondelka mailová adresa nefunguje

  10. I think we need to raise this with regulatory authority to prevent people from scam.
    I have been deceived in similar way. I deposited in total of £2500, and withdraw only £800.

  11. Hello! I “managed” to give them 2 × 250 USD and figure out how to get my money back. I don’t even see where to make a request to close the account! Tip?
    Pozdravljeni! Meni jim je “uspelo” dati 2×250 Usd in ugotavljam kako dobiti denar nazaj. Sploh ne vidim kje podati zahtevo po zaprtju računa! Nasvet?

  12. Great information wished I had read it before investing and losing my money. I wish I was tech savvy would attach warning sign to company site to ensure no one gets hurt like me.

  13. Tom Shelby fake trader. Emily Rossi works compliant team Donnie Hamilton wing man stay away

    1. Can you tell me what you know about them because they cheated on me and took 250 USD. They are swindlers, and now they do not answer at all. How can we communicate with them? Do you know anyone else?
      Μπορείς να μου πεις τι ξέρεις γι αυτούς γιατί και εμένα με εξαπάτησαν και μου πήραν 250 USD. Είναι απατεώνες, και τώρα δεν απαντούν καθόλου. Πως μπορούμε να επικοινωνήσουμε μαζί τους? Μήπως γνωρίζεις η κάποιος άλλος?

      1. Be careful because they can call you again and they need more money from you! They have a new website

  14. I was also robbed by the fraudster his name is probably fake is Alex Ryker financial expert document processing Annie Morales and even Blake Roberson will introduce you to their company Paragon -Finance if you invest there you will not see your money.If you ask them back they will ask for a commission of 10% but also so you won’t get them. I lost 3000. At the right moment you pulled them out of the bank. Watch out for them. Run as far as possible.
    Aj mňa okradol ten podvodník jeho meno asi falošné je Alex Ryker finančný expert vybavenie dokladov Annie Morales a ešte Blake Roberson Vás uvedú do ich spoločnosti Paragon -Finance ak tam investujete neuvidíte už svoje peniaze.Ak ich budete žiadať späť budú žiadať províziu 10% ale aj tak ich nedostanete.Prisiel som o 3000e.Vo vhodnú chvíľu si ich vytiahol z banky.Velky pozor na nich.Utekajte čo najďalej.

  15. Guys who to contact to solve the issue

  16. Prosim vas,da me vključite v ta prevarantski svet denarnega bogastva ki ga prejme vsak na onem svetu.
    Sem se dala speljati na led za 250 usd na to pa bi morala dobiti 25,ooo.Oo usd dne 3.12. Do 18 ure je bil denar na spletni banki ko pa sem hotela na nek način prenesti ta denar na moj račun pa je nemudoma bila celotna procedura prekinjena in od takrat mi internet nonstop odgovarja da povezava ne obstoja.
    Moj mož se ukvarja sedaj z pogovori in vlogami katere niso resnične pa so mu kljub temu hekerji so hoteli iz računa vzeti 20,000 rubljev.Barabe je treba tako ničiti
    V to skupino spadajo Jacob, Katrin, Emili in Pit ki te nategujejo in kličejo vsaki dan.


    Please include me in this deceptive world of monetary wealth that everyone in the other world receives.
    I got on the ice for 250 usd and I should get 25, ooo.Oo usd on 3.12. Until 6 pm, the money was on the online bank, but when I wanted to transfer this money to my account in some way, the whole procedure was immediately interrupted and since then the internet has been telling me nonstop that the connection does not exist.
    My husband is now engaged in conversations and roles which are not real, but the hackers still wanted to take 20,000 rubles from his account.
    This group includes Jacob, Katrin, Emili and Pit who stretch and call you every day.

  17. I also transferred 2x 250, but I can’t get money on Paragon finance, what can I do …… ??????????
    tudi jaz sem nakazal 2x 250 ,pa ne morem pridobiti denarja na Paragon finance,kaj narediti……??????????

  18. Dobrý den i já byla okradena údajným Alexem Rykerem nyní jejich stránky ani emaily neexistují nechaly mě zadlužit se na 20 let přišla sem o veškeré finanční prostředky + mě donutil a přesvědčil mě si vzít úvěr na 20 let. Můj život je v troskách.
    Hello, I was also robbed by the alleged Alex Ryker, now their website and emails do not exist, they left me in debt for 20 years, she lost all her funds here + he forced me and convinced me to take a loan for 20 years. My life is in ruins.

  19. Hi guys did you solve it with the bank? The bank maybe get your money back… Has anyone tried it? If yes let me know pls.

  20. Michael L Niekrawietz

    These days a “lady” from was contacting me for the purpose to help me open an account ! This was happen because I ask on their website “contact” what is the exact adress and name of the respopnible person of this company. Of course I get no answer or any information. They say: everything you find on the website. I did this because I am a victim of They cheat me with 10 k deposit via an acount in switzerland. they work with this money and after I reach 52 k on my account and try to make a witdrawal everything went on stop. They ask me to pay at first 30% fee for the swiss gov or stock exchange. Later they send me a payment guarantie from a Lituania internet banc “Global net”. this document was faked because I called them and they report me this. They always call me with a awiss +493031194594 or +493031194595 the interesting point with this phone # was that this numbers also was used from This means to me that depent on

    1. some one used your name to get me to set up an account and Ideposited 250 dollars into the account but now Ihave not heard fromthem and canot get into my account

  21. can you help

  22. Hello… well just to tell you how nice of a financial advisor to promise in advance that everything will be fine that I will have a nice return a nice future and so on just a nice word… yes then the problems start..I wanted to raise money 3250 €… ok we will withdraw and we will transfer to the mastercard..ok ok..the first problem my card did not accept..ok..then the second possibility that we will withdraw the drainer via and so the scam starts..then the consultant tells me that I have to transfer the money 3250 € on for taxation of the amount… .ok I believe and we transfer directly from my personal account am I ask why? .. tell me that I will see everything he will show me everything and let me wait for the e-mail from omigo from 10 minutes to 48 hours… ok, I’m waiting, I’m waiting and I’ll get it… then I ask when the money will be transferred to my personal account..he tells me to wait and nothing happens..we connect with AnyDesk and my online bank and let me transfer to the omigo again 2600 € .. I didn’t want to he didn’t let me interrupt he told me to let him do his job..ok and so he picks me up again 26 00 €… I ask what it means because I don’t know..they tell me it’s for taxation..I ask why taxation again ???? .. then the answer follows wait 10 minutes to 48 hours e-mail from omigo and when you get it it will be transferred money… I wait I wait and then I get an e-mail..I go to look at the bank account if the money is transferred and there is no money..that is 3250 + 2600 € = 5850 € of my money my savings which I have no more… and I start writing to my financial to the consultant NICHOLAS RUSSELL GREEN where is my money ??? .. let me wait for the answer that everything is fine and that it is already in the bank..I am waiting I am waiting to write where my money is and always wait for the same answer you will get your money… I will write my money..and wait again I check what can be done… and it has been going on for a week..then he writes to me that my bank does not accept bitcoin transactions..then I write to him to try to arrange another option then he writes that I have to transfer 1625 € again for liquidity on… .I write how to transfer, but if I don’t have money, you took everything from me and cheated .. m wrote to him to return my money..but to find out first I did not pay the bills without money and the electricity was turned off… we can not heat the apartment and not cook..but this is without a job because of covid-19 our company closed. .really nice without a job without money without electricity without food I can’t live like this anymore..I asked him to help me but answer..PARAGON FINANCE.PRO GREAT SCAM
    Pozdravljeni…no samo da vam povem kako lepo od financnega svetovalca naj prej obljublja da bo vse vredu da bom imel lep donos lepo prihodnost in tako naprej samo lepe beseda…ja potem pa se zacnejo problemi..hotel sem dvignit denar 3250€…ok vredu bova dvignila in bova nakazala na mastercard..ok vredu..prvi problem moja kartica ni sprejela..ok..potem druga moznost da bova preko dvignila drenar in tako se zacne prevara..nato mi pove svetovalec da moram nakazati denar 3250€ na za obdavcitev zneska….ok verjamem in nakazeva direktno z mojega osebnega racuna…vprasam zakaj?..pove mi da bom vse videl mi bo vse pokazal in naj pocakam na e-posto od omigo od 10minut do 48ur…ok cakam cakam in dobim…nato vprasam kdaj bo nakazan denar na moj osebni racun..pove da naj pocakam nsto se nic ne povezeva z AnyDesk in mojo spletno banko in naj nakazem na omigo spet 2600€..nisem hotel mi ni pustil da prekinem pove da naj ga pustim da opravi svoje delo..ok in tako mi pobere spet 2600€…vprasam kaj to pomeni ker nevem..pove mi da je to za obdavcitev..vprasam zakaj spet obdavcitev????..nato sledi odgovor pocakaj pocskaj 10 minut do 48ur e-posto od omigo in ko bos dobil bo nakazan denar…cakam cakam in potem dobim e-posto..grem pogledat na bancni racun ce je denar nakazan in denarja pravi 3250+2600€=5850€ mojega denarja mojih prihrankov katerih nimam vec…in se zacne pisem temu mojemu financnemu svetovalcu NICHOLAS RUSSELL GREEN kje je moj denar???..odgovor naj pocakam da je vse vredu in da je ze na banki..cakam cakam pisem kje je moj denar in vedno isti odgovor pocakaj dobil bos svoj denar…napisem da mi naj vrne moj spet pocakaj preverjam kaj se da storiti…in to ze traja en teden..potem mi napise da moja banka nesprejema bitcoin transakcije..potem mu napisem naj proba urediti kako drugo moznost nato mi napise da moram spet nakazat 1625€ za likvidnost na….napisem kako naj nakazem ce pa nimam denarja vse ste mi pobrali in prevarali..ves cas sem mu pisal naj mi vrne da se izveste prvo sem brez denarja racune nisem placal in elektriko so nam izklopili …nemoremo ogrevati stanovanja in ne se to brez sluzbe sem zaradi covid-19 se je nasa firma zaprla..res lepo brez sluzbe brez denarja brez elektrike brez hrane nemorem vec tako ziveti..prosil sem ga naj mi pomaga pa nic..nobenega odgovora..PARAGON FINANCE.PRO VELIKA PREVARA

  23. I can confirm that, this is one big scam. I blamed them for financial fraud! The only way is to contact them by e-mail, but no one responds to a request for a refund to my bank account. At the last contact, they wanted to transfer several thousand USD or EUR for verification, and when I refused, the “agent” was very aggressive and brazen, he used psychological pressure to send more and more money. Based on that, I decided to block the card, alert the bank to financial fraud and report the whole matter to the police! It is not possible to get back to your deposit and no one can be contacted! IT’S A BIG FRAUD !!!

  24. I have also been scammed
    we have to get help from someone

    1. Yes, lets do something..

  25. Hello. I deposit 428e(500$) on 22.12. One hour later i withdrawal my money. I dont know where my head was at that moment. I didnt research about paragon finance just after few nice words with them i deposit via credit card. Lately that day i blocked my credit card and still waiting for new one. They are telling me i need to trade for around 2 weeks and then i can withdrawal my money:) i’m so angry! In next few days we will chargeback via my bank and see whats happens next. Anybody receive there money back?? Thank you and never deposit money on their site!!!

  26. I also too gave them 250e and they don’t reply now.

  27. Yes, I also invested € 1,200. Now, however, I no longer have access to their website.
    Ja tudi jaz sem investiral 1200€. Sedaj pa nimam več dostopa do njihove internetne strani.

  28. I also paid 250.00 euros, no one available anymore. they tried to use my visa card and tried to take another 20,000.00 euros from me.

    Received a nice bill via, unfortunately you cannot reach anyone there.

    Beware!!! are Bums.


    Ik ook 250,00 euro betaald , niemand meer bereikbaar . ze hebben getracht op mijn visa card te gebruiken en geprobeerd mij nog eens 20.000,00 euro afhandig te maken.

    Een mooie rekening ontvangen via, helaas kan je daar ook niemand bereiken.

    Pas op!!! zijn Schooiers.

  29. Does anyone have terms and conditions? Have anyone get treir money back and how they did it? Please help!!!! New link is

  30. Hey, i’m the last idiot i sent them 250$ without a little investigation. I talk to my bank to block this payment, now i wait. I told to the agent of paragon to give my monet back and this is the discussion from whatsapp: [12:24, 1/8/2021] Teqi: Hello!
    I read few articles about you and im preety sure i want my money back.
    So, Withdraw my money, from you’re account. I expect to receove my money back.

    Paragon-Finance review – 5 things you should know about –
    [12:25, 1/8/2021] Teqi: and more reviews from users.
    I want my money back.
    [12:25, 1/8/2021] Teqi: thank You!
    [12:27, 1/8/2021] +357 96 166871: I will happily assist you with withdrawal, but you still need to confirm your identity – means verify your trading account
    [12:29, 1/8/2021] Teqi: you can’t sent the money back to the account they came to you?
    [12:30, 1/8/2021] +357 96 166871: The system needs verification to activate the option of withdraw
    [12:31, 1/8/2021] Teqi: i have a user and a password
    [12:31, 1/8/2021] Teqi: and i push the button withdraw
    [12:32, 1/8/2021] +357 96 166871: I know, Sir, you may upload them into your profile by yourself, if it is more comfortable to you
    [12:32, 1/8/2021] Teqi: like millions of others site it give my money back
    [12:33, 1/8/2021] +357 96 166871: I have informed you about the process! How it works here
    [12:38, 1/8/2021] Teqi: 2 days ago, they tell me i can withdraw anytime i want :))))
    [12:39, 1/8/2021] Teqi: i talk to my bank and they told me not to give you the documents
    [12:39, 1/8/2021] +357 96 166871: And it is true, as soon as the verification is completed, your funds will be transfered to your account
    [12:39, 1/8/2021] Teqi: so….
    [12:40, 1/8/2021] +357 96 166871: I really want to assist you with the refund, Sir, you just have to understand
    +357 96 166871: You are not sharing all the information on the documents
    +357 96 166871: You may cover your personal number, Date of birth, Place of birth
    +357 96 166871: You are covering 12 digits on the bank card front side and CVV code on the back side
    +357 96 166871: So I do not think anything can be done with your documents and you should not be worried about it

    :))) this was my final discussion with them 08.01.2021 scam

  31. if you are from Europe and you want to make a complaint

    1. And they managed to get something…. I mean Europol…
      A podarilo sa im niečo získať…. myslím Europolu…

  32. Hi I too have been scammed. I m not sure how it happened as I thought I would try and invest a little with Itez. Com that looked ok from the feedback I hard read, however next thing I m being contacted who then I find out are from Paragon Finance. Same story as everyone else, asked to withdraw my money when I became suspicious and even more so when I d read this page. I am dealing with a guy called Geoffrey Williams who tells me he ll contact to help withdraw money then does not. Have put it in the hands of my bank now, blocked them so can’t help themselves to more and see if they can get a refund. Very annoyed !!

  33. Hi! SCAM SCAM !!!! and only SCAM!!!
    Very use full!

  34. I have been scammed by Jefferey Williams calling me as per the below Whatsapp record of communication for which I was scammed of $250USD converted into Russian Roubles that Paragon Finance io is the sole agent for Yuan Pay Group for Chinese Digital Currency available at 12 US CENTS PER COIN. THIS IS INDEED A SCAM AND I CANNOT GET MY MONEY BACK ALTHOUGH i PAID BY BY BANKWESST MASTER CREDIT CARD. THEY IGNORED AND REFUSED TO TALK TO ME:
    [6:48 pm, 10/12/2020] JONNSON Mila: Hello
    [6:48 pm, 10/12/2020] JONNSON Mila: I am Mila Jonnson from the verification department of Paragon-Finance – Company where you invested.

    I am sending you a list of needed documents to verify your trading account.
    1. Proof of Identity Document
    Passport or Driving License( FRONT and BACK ) or ID Card (FRONT and BACK sides)
    Be sure all four corners are visible, because it is official procedure and all documents have to be visible officially

    2. Proof of Residence Document
    Utility bill (Gas,Electricity or Water,Telephone Bill)
    or Tax Bill or Bank statement.
    (Issue date has to be in October or in November or in December)

    3. Card pictures with which you made investment
    At FRONT side first 6 digits VISIBLE next 6 COVER with a tiny paper and last 4 VISIBLE
    At BACK side cover your CVV code(only CVV …
    [7:30 pm, 10/12/2020] JONNSON Mila: Great. ❤️ Left card and proof of residence
    [7:33 pm, 10/12/2020] JONNSON Mila: Very good
    [7:39 pm, 10/12/2020] JONNSON Mila: Can you please take picture of entire document? With all four corners and sides visible
    [7:41 pm, 10/12/2020] JONNSON Mila: Great. Thank you and good luck ❤️
    [8:22 pm, 10/12/2020] JONNSON Mila: ❤️
    [8:24 pm, 10/12/2020] Nicholas N Chin: Thanks Mila.
    [11:51 pm, 10/12/2020] Nicholas N Chin: Mila: I have one Jeffrey Williams calling me today which resulted in what I have done for you at your request. But Jefferey said that he would contact me by Whatsapp and he did not. He therefore gives me a panic and I am now finding this info: which states:
    [11:53 pm, 10/12/2020] Nicholas N Chin:
    [11:53 pm, 10/12/2020] Nicholas N Chin: I want my money back. Tell Jeffery Williams to contact me immediatelyl
    [8:11 am, 11/12/2020] Nicholas N Chin:
    [8:15 am, 11/12/2020] Nicholas N Chin: Before I paid the $250 USD in Russian Roubles Nicholas Mills told. Me that Paragon Financial cc Ould deliver the Yuan Pay Digital Currency to me but later on after payment Jefferey Williams cannot deliver the goods I intended to purchase. Jefferey as my account manager also did not deliver to me his identity papers through a separate WhatsApp he had intended to set up with me immediately last night after my phone conversation with him at 8.30pm WAST.
    [4:08 pm, 14/12/2020] Nicholas N Chin: Mila. I have asked for my refund. When are you refunding me?
    [4:09 pm, 14/12/2020] Nicholas N Chin: Can you respond to me please

  35. Hello I got scammed I need help

  36. New webside: scam, scam….

    1. I was scammed yesterday when the broker called Zack said they wanted to pay some money into my account. After the transaction was done I realised that my bank account was debited. When i questioned the broker why my account was debited he said the that is the bitcoin process as the funds are in reservation. He later became very offensive. I insisted to speak to the broker called Nicole S whom I have been dealing with for a couple of months and she said I should follow what the other broker was saying as he is the ‘professional’. He ended the call. I sent messages to Nicole but she has not replied to any of my emails. Before i was able to enter my account with paragon and saw transactions that were being done but a couple of weeks ago i could and i have requested for the details and no one has provided it for me.

      I saw the webpage above but when i try to sign in it says access denied.

      1. They changed the domain administrator … but it’s still the same company and the same looking page …. but you’ll never get into your account again and you can forget about any money right away … report it to the police, the more notifications, the bigger the reports a chance to stop them …. the administrator of their domain is GoDaddy … if you are someone from the UK report it to the police there …

  37. I feel sick! I have been communicating with Jeremy Volkov for the past couple of days – deposited $250USD – sent all of the above documents (passport, credit card etc_) just like Ni Kok Chin did – also to Mila. Yesterday borrowed $20,000 to invest in a ‘project’ but was unable to get verification in time. Am expecting a call tonight to complete the transaction. I have returned the borrowed money so that is no longer possible to access. I can live with the loss of the $250USD – but I need to know how I can prevent any further communication from this company and in particular Jeremy who was a complete charmer! I have blocked the phone number and Watsapp. Has anyone had any monies removed from their accounts other than money that you have orignially agreed to give them?

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