Beware! LexaTrade is an offshore broker! Your investment may be at risk.


Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Open trading accounts with at least two brokers.


LexaTrade is a forex broker trading in indices, commodities and forex. The website of this company is organised in a way to facilitate registration and start trading right away. Whether it is safe to trade via this broker, we are about to find out.

LexaTrade Regulation and safety of funds

Swissone Group Ltd. is the company that operates LexaTrading. The company’s address is in St. Vincent and the Grenadines which is an offshore zone. Whether it is an offshore zone or a well-established jurisdiction matters a lot in forex trade because forex brokers from offshore zones are not regulated and as such cannot provide guarantee for your funds. Forex brokers in St Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG) are not regulated by the Financial Services Authorities there which means that if the broker goes bankrupt or simply decides to shut down the site, your money will be lost. We de not recommend trading with forex brokers from offshore zones, such as St Vincent and the Grenadines.

On the other hand, licensed brokers from the well-established jurisdictions, such as UK, EU, US, Australia and others, offer a good protection for your funds and provide a guarantee that you won’t be scammed. Let us give you and example. Licensed forex brokers in EU and UK must have an initial capital of no less than 730,000 EUR to be allowed to operate. In addition to that, they must report their transactions on a daily basis as a precaution measure against scam and shady deals. As you can imagine, scammers will not invest so much money and effort just to look legit. Also, the licensed brokers in the jurisdiction we already mentions, must contribute to compensation schemes from which the traders will be compensated if the broker goes bankrupt. If the broker is regulated by FCA, its clients will be compensated up to 85,000 GBP per person and if it is regulated by CySEC, then the clients will be compensated up to 20,000 EUR per person. Licensed brokers from US and Australia also offer excellent conditions for the traders and we recommend that you do a thorough research before selecting your forex broker.

LexaTrade Trading software

LexaTrade’s choice of a trading software is a web trader platform. For clients using the Platinum and VIP accounts, the broker provides access to MT4.

On the screenshot below you can see what the platform looks like. On the left, you can see the menu with the different trading products – currency, commodities, indices, stocks and cryptocurrencies, as well as the market hours. Next to it, are the currency pairs with their bid/ask price and trading amount. Far right is the chart that displays one of the currency pairs, EUR/USD, and its fluctuation in price for a given time period. We can calculate that the spread for this currency pair is 2 pips. We could say that the spread is within normal boundaries – neither too tight, nor too wide. However, on the company’s website, we see that the leverage is 1:200 which is high. Traders choosing brokers that offer high leverage are at risk of losing their funds. High leverage signifies 2 things – big win or big loss. Having in mind that around 70% of traders lose in transactions, chances are you are going to lose rather than win. Our advice is to stay away from brokers offering such high leverage. For your information in EU licensed brokers cannot exceed 1:30 leverage and in US, the leverage cap is 1:50. These are preventive measures, so traders do not get tempted and avoid losing their hard-earned money.

It is interesting to mention that there are some restrictions set in the Terms and Conditions document regarding the short-term transaction also known as scalping. If clients use the web platform, their minimum transaction time should not be less than 3 minutes if transactions are executed manually. If the transaction’s duration is less than the specified time, then the transaction will be canceled. Also, if the client has a bonus and is using MT4, then the same restrictions apply. If there is no bonus, then there are no time restrictions for the execution of the transaction. This is something you should keep in mind if you choose to trade via this broker and scalping is your game!



As we mentioned above, to its privileged traders, LexTrade offers the MetaTrader 4 platform. This is an excellent choice as this platform is one of the widely used platforms, together with MetaTrader 5. It offers a lot of perks to its users. For example, it comes with an auto trading option, a code base with customs scripts, a financial calendar and an app market. Its charting options are second to none! Clients can choose among a variety of technical analysis indicators, such as Bollinger Bands, Fibonacci retracement, moving averages and other, which help them predict the future direction of exchange rates and help them make profit.

However, do not forget that an excellent platform cannot compensate for the fact that this broker is not licensed.

LexaTrade Deposit/Withdrawal methods and fees

In the screenshot below, you will see the 5 trading accounts that LexaTrade offers to its clients – Start, Silver, Gold, Platinum and VIP accounts. The minimum initial deposit for the Start account is $250. The other accounts start at $3,000, 10,000, 50,000 and 100,000. As we mentioned in the previous section of the review, among the perks for the clients of the Platinum and VIP accounts is an access to MT4 platform.



The minimum amount of withdrawal is at least $ 50.

The payment methods for deposit and withdrawal are rather limited – VISA/MasterCard and cryptocurrency – CryptoWallet, Bitcoin, e-Payouts, etc.

What we’ve noticed in the Terms and Conditions document, is that this company charges rather a lot of fees. First, there is the additional commission of 5% is the client conducts less than 5 transactions. Also, for accounts that remain inactive for 90 days, 5% will be charged each month.

If you look again at the account type info, you will notice that for each type of account, the broker offers bonuses in various percentages depending on the account type. You must know that bonuses are double-edged swords because they come with heavy to fulfill requirements attached to them. In this case, to be able to withdraw the bonus amount, the trader must trade a trading volume of  $10,000,000 for every  $1,000 bonus and withdrawing bonuses and incomes is possible only when the volume of trade is reached. Can you imagine what mess this is going to create for your funds. And what would happen if you decide to close your account? Do you think you’ll be able to get your funds without any hassle? Think again!

How does scam work?

No one wants to be duped by scammers, but it happens all the time because they know how to manipulate people. As they say in one popular song “sweet dreams are made of this” and this is what scammers rely on – creating in people’s mind a sweet dream of being rich! Scams usually start by unsolicited telephone calls or ads on the Internet or social media promising quick and easy profit. It is easy to fall into scammers’ trap and once you make a deposit, you are done for! Scammers won’t let you get away easily even if you realise that you are being scammed. They will try to delay you when you try to withdraw your funds by asking you to provide this document or fill out this form, etc., in order to make you miss the deadline when you can file for chargeback.

What to do if scammed?

You need to act very quickly. First of all, if you have made a deposit using a credit card, you must immediately file for chargeback. Fortunately, VISA and MasterCard allow for 540 day period in which you can file for chargeback. This is the good news. The bad news is that if you have made a deposit using bank wire or Bitcoin, the chances of you getting your funds back are nil!

Another thing you can do is cancel your credit card if the scammers have your CVV code. Check your PC and erase the software that gives scammers access to your personal data.

Be careful, because even doing all that we recommended, your unfortunate experience with scammers may not be over. There are the so-called recovery agents. One of those may approach you offering to recover your funds for a fee. Do not trust them and always check the legitimacy of the recovery agent and the agency.

Also, be aware that some “victims” of scam may post comments after the review, saying how they lost money and how a recovery agent helped them retrieve their funds. They will even put the contact info for this so-called recovery agent. Do not trust them either as it is another case of scam!

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  1. Lexatrade is a fraud company .I lost my 4000 USD.First they ask me to deposit 250 USD.Then they asked me to deposit another 2000 USD.I refused then they asked me that they will provide me auto trading platform after depositing 1000 USD and insurance of my funds will taken care by Lexatrade.But after all this I lost my 4000 USd due to auto trading platform.Contaced Lexatrade advisor they are now asking me to deposit another 2000USD.Please donot fall in trap.Fraud company

    1. I agree this is fraud company, please file a suit against the co to get refund, if you get 10 such cases there licence can be cancelled

      1. How can we file a legal suit.i have been duped of 20000$ but i have generated again same account in trading in but those scamsters want me to trade there any way we can screw them

        1. How can i recover my money from lexatrade I deposited 1261usd

        2. I have also been duped by Lexatrade. They told me to pur $250. They supported me with 2 trades which yielded $30. Then they told me to put $1500 which I did. They went quiet, no response to my emails.WhenIcalled their phone no. it could not go through. At this point I decided to request to withdraw the amount via tbeir char. They thents me tbat I could not withdraw. That’s when I realised they had scammed me. My money is now stuck with them. Please help.

          1. send them email or contact them on skype simple.

      2. Lexatrade is a froud company I spend 250$ in this company swapnil and jyotisri contact me for investment after that aarav jain contact me and fully depend on him I open deal only his recommendation and for this my balance is zero,. This totally scammed don’t invest this company. I also given review in trustpilot after that aarav jain threatened me again and again I also complained agaist this company to cyber crime cell. So do not invest this company. Totally scammed

      3. Ezepue Evangeline Ezinne

        Lexatrade is a fraud company with fraudsters working for them.
        Two very wicked and heartless human I communicated with are Zara Dilson and Mikel Scott.

      4. How and where to complain ? I was cheated of 250$

      5. Yes this company are fraudster they only talk about depositing no withdrawal ,I want to withdraw my money but they don’t want me to withdraw every day they will come with a new story

    2. Please give me detail , I will put in news as this co is having lot of Indian investors, so people will become aware about this fraud co, if want I can give a good advocate in UK who does these fraud co cases

      1. I just got a call from lexa but i came through ur comment thank u

        1. Thanks for the experience review as, the keep on calling I became confuse if I m going to make the deposit or not.I have some clues now!

          1. Thanks a ton …Am too receiving regular calls offlate..

        2. Me Aniebiet Noah

          I’m convinced with all these reviews. Thanks so much for helping the prospective investors out there by providing all these information.

      2. jeyavel annamalai

        Sir iam also one of the recent victim cheated by lexatrade can u guide me how to withdraw my fund

        1. pls help me too

      3. Yes definitely lexatrade is a fraud.please case against this company.I want my money ,but they said they can’t .

        1. Dear All,

          Readers It was a mistake i added these fake comments.Reality is i wanted there cofudings the bonus they given. now they given my money and profit to me sorry for misleading you guys.


          1. you got money or you got assurance to post positive and they will repay ??

          2. Lexatrade is world’s biggest fraud
            Lexatrade is a fraud company .I lost my 1700 USD.First they ask me to deposit 250 USD.Then they asked me to deposit another 100 USD.Then they asked me 1360 dollar. they asked me that they will provide me auto trading platform after depositing 1000 USD and insurance of my funds will taken care by Lexatrade.But after all this I make profit my 2000 USd .I want withdraw some amount of money then they asked me it’s now you make 2000 trades first then you can make withdraw from lexatrade .Contaced Lexatrade advisor they are now asking me to deposit another 2000USD.Please donot fall in trap.Fraud company
            Lexatrade is world’s biggest scammers,my so called manager mr Aarav Datta asked me for delete my reviews from Google and he will send me my money immediately and send me his own written review to copy paste ,i want my withdrawal so I pasted it ,but now he said me that money process is 21days. Lexatrade is scammer .they all are lyer .sweta Sharma ,mr Aarav manager of company .please don’t waste your hard earned money . beware from lexatrade

          3. Dear Ms. SWARAJ kAUR,

            In your earlier messages you say LEXATRADE IS A FRAUD CO. and on 21 June says it is your mistake because LEXATRADE is a good company.

            I think LEXATRADE has given back your invested ammount agaianst some agreement.

            Please tell the magic.

            I am also duped off by them.

            Tell me the procdure.

          4. I doubt …you got your money back… Its impossible… And you are makibg fool of us.

          5. Rakesh Kumar sharma

            I have cheated same way 250 doller and then 2500 doller please help me to get my money back

        2. Someone called me few hours ago,he is an agent assigned to me from LexaTrade in Aberdeen Scotland.

        3. Sesugh Godwin Saturday

          Wow this is great am about to join but I think with this I will take precautions.but which of this platform is legit.thanks

      4. I just invested 250$ and now they are not allowing me to withdraw..I have put a police complaint in cybercrime division

        1. Did it help.. have you got ur money back. Is cyber crime able to help

          1. I lost 250 us doller how can i get money

        2. have you got money back

        3. I am also a victim of the fraud company, they won’t allow me to withdraw my money 2500doller, now I don’t know what can I do, please help me and give me suggestions to get rid of my problem

      5. Pls help me out also

      6. I lost 975 usd , how can I recover my money?

      7. Plz help me as I have been cheated with $4000 and upon applying for Withdrawal their advisors are not available and neither now their call center is working

        1. IFRMMC go there and File your claim, you people are not really serious. What is your country? don’t tell me Africa because No African will dedeposithis huge amount

    3. I have invested $250 and lost the entire amount. Am ready to support. All the local guys act as if they are calling from UK. Also they won’t share their business contact information.

      1. I think their accent sells them off as not being in the UK.

      2. Sir correct how can we get the deposit money

    4. Dr Tribhuvan Nath Shrivastava

      I feels like that same as you because my total equity and earned money finished and now in my account minus 15 dollars only, and insured money also lapsed, company says to me,what further steps can do for that?I reached about 10, 000$butnow I have zero and trade out।

      1. Thanks for your review….

    5. i have invested 500 dollars theyre not giving my money back and telling me to trade more what am i supposed to do i need my money back. can someone help me!!!!!!!

    6. thanks for your valuable comment. you saved me.

    7. Thank you for this review, I was about falling a victim but, you saved me now.

    8. Hi,
      I have lost almost INR $6500, where they insisted by depositing more money to recover the loss incurred in trade. They even promised of Insurance recovery of lost money, it did not happened, they had given me the option of robot trade where we will receive around 250$ per day, accumulate for few days and withdraw.

      After giving the consent, my entire balance of $1740 is lost within no time. Now they are showing balance of -$544.

      Please help me in getting the amount back.

    9. Hi please confirm if any lawsuit has been filed against this company as even I have been duped for 250 USD.

    10. Dear Sir/Madam.

      There is online bitcoin trading platform in the name of Lexatrade
      having Url : Myself opened account in the name of
      Harsh Parekh with registered mobile number 09825049026 on dated
      12/10/2021. This account was opened on the company website and after
      opening the account I deposited amount INR 8000. Upon deposit of the
      amount I was allowed to login into the trading account and after that
      I got a call from the company employee requesting to deposit minimum
      250 $ after which my account will be open and I will be allowed to
      trade in multiple currency and in bitcoin.

      Now upon deny of the additional amount to be deposited they told me
      that my account is not active now and it will only be activated after
      additional deposit. Upon complete deny of the additional deposit they
      told they will not allow me to withdrawal the initial amount deposit
      ie. INR 8000 as my account only gets activated upon complete deposit
      of $ 250.

      There were series of calls received to my mobile from various mobile
      numbers which were listed below :

      1) +7 (494) 910 795

      2) +91 73609 54644

      They forced me to completely deposit the amount after which they will
      allow me to withdraw all the amount.

      Sir / madam in this regard I searched the company address of India.
      But no where the complete address is listed. They are Indian citizen
      on the phone but deny to give complete address where I can go and meet
      them. Also their certificates are listed on website but it seems to
      please check as its like a fraud certificates.

      I am herewith attaching my account screen shot and the certificate of
      the company.

      Request to please register my complain and take action against this frausters.


      Harsh Parekh

    11. Am a victim,,, how can I withdraw my money from lexatrade platform?

  2. Lexatrade is big fraud, I am duped by 40000 $ by saying that the deal is covered by insurance, and after loss the Adviser Mr Manoj Sinha does not come on Skype and send new person and he says there was no insurance, Still I have balance of $ 2100 in my account which I am requesting to return back, since no reply from yesterday and now I am preparing for a legal notice, please be away from Lexatrade it is a fraud,

    1. Hey, I also in traped in lexatrade ! But if you notice they can give us an account and in account there is Autocractertics signals ….and I try in other platforms in demo account ! And Autocractertics is work! I know we can not get money back from LEXATRADE ….but he have apportunity to make money on the basis of Autocractertics in other platforms!
      Be positive!

      1. Which platform have the opportunity to make money on the basis of Auto-cractics in other platforms!
        I just wanted to make payment now in lexatrade which they promised that robot will be the one trade for me and I will make a massive profit. Is there any real and simple way to make profit for trading. Please I need response from you.

      2. Hello, help me how I can get my money from lexatrade platform

    2. Bhai mana bhi amount invest Kiya…par mana Kuch time baad mana unsa withdraw Kar na ki bat nikali…..tho mara advisor excuse Dana laga …..tho …mana unka Jo company sa mails aata hai…sab ma…CHEATED and lost trust fro. lexatrade Kar Ka mail Dal Diya….unki literally Gand fat gai tho…unka calls har 5 min Mai, message aana laga…tho ap bhi ya Kar Ka dakhaay

      1. did you get the withdrawal
        Withdraw mila kya aapko

        1. NO. Can you help out the procdure.

    3. Dr Tribhuvan Nath Shrivastava

      How can filed।

    4. Hi Surendra, anything happened next about the Lexatrade? Any action taken & got your money back?


      Dear Surendra Sir,
      Please let me know how you have taken legal action, and who course of action you have taken.
      I would want to know right path of legal action. Please let me know. My email is [email protected]
      I have put in USD 9424 with Lexatrade.
      I think we all join together in hand and collectively make a strong legal battle against them.

      Please let me know your opinion, thanks

  3. I just registered for LEXATRADE some couple of weeks ago through an online ads they called me and told me to deposit $250 as minimum and start earning right away I asked them some questions which they answered convincedly have been searching everywhere about them but am yet to confirm if the platform is legit or scam before going ahead with the deposit I will be grateful if I can get a reply.

    1. Lexatrade is a fraud company .I lost my 1700 USD.First they ask me to deposit 250 USD.Then they asked me to deposit another 100 USD.Then they asked me 1360 dollar. they asked me that they will provide me auto trading platform after depositing 1000 USD and insurance of my funds will taken care by Lexatrade.But after all this I make profit my 2000 USd .I want withdraw some amount of money then they asked me it’s now you make 2000 trades first then you can make withdraw from lexatrade .Contaced Lexatrade advisor they are now asking me to deposit another 2000USD.Please donot fall in trap.Fraud company

      1. दिलीपसिंह गोहिल

        I also deposited $ 250 last week and asked me to return the money as soon as I found something wrong, then expert says you will have to do 200 deals plus after that your wallet will be free..!
        मेने भी पिछले हप्ते 250$ डिपॉज़िट किये और मुजे कुछ गलत लगते ही पैसे वापस करने को कहा तो एक्सपर्ट कहती है आपको 200 डील प्लस वाली करनी पड़ेगी उसके बाद आपका वॉलेट फ्री हो जाएगा..!

    2. Lexatrade is a scam. Fraudulent company. They scammed me and forced me to make a deposit after multiple calls. Now when I want to withdraw my money they keep telling me stories. Don’t fall into their trap. They are scamming people of their hard earned cash

    3. This pltform is totlly scamm.

      To me also they kepp telling to invest more but I have seen people comments and please do not invest again even a single cent.

    4. Don’t invest more ur money is lost

  4. Lexatrade is a scam – keep away from them. Before I started trade with them I read a lot positive reviews about them. I started on Feb this year. On the beginning everything was OK – of course I paid few deposits – I was believe they are “honest broker” as articles said. When I was sending money and wasn’t asking for withdrawal – all was OK. Two months ago I mentioned about withdrawal. It took them 1 week to put my account to zero. They offer you fancy platform and other toys but still they have only one target – zero.
    They don’t have license but still on some pages we can find info that they have Australian one, sometimes UK or UE one.
    It is impossible how they can took our money and nobody can do anything with this.


    Thanks God and everybody that I could know about lexatrade from all of u. Today was going to send money to lexatrade but my six sence alerted me to read some reviews. My God thank u for saving me from this fraud. My Indian Brokers are more dependable than this fraud.

    1. Same bro…These reviews really saved me 🙂

      1. Even me bro I was about making payment today. Thank God for saving me.

  6. Thank you guys for this info and eye opener. I received a call from there ACC desk by 12:05hr telling me to pay minimum of $250 in order to complete my registration, but I told the Lady I will do that , but she was trying to put pressure on me to make the payment, then I suspect a fishy move. I told her I will do that next week,”when next week” she asked I told her Tuesday or Wednesday but she prompt me to pay on Tuesday. I just want do business, thats what was on my mind , until I stumbled on your post, comments and risks if I trade with not just a fraud but an offshore fraud. Thanks guys.

    1. Hey thanks guys,today I was to deposit $250 with this platform. A lady called me and introduced to me about Lexatrade she had to put more to me that I do registration very and start earning $50 daily. Well I really know I bought 100,000 shares with onyxcoin since 2017 to date I have not yet sold them. Was told that these shares were to mature within three months,am glad for this info. Once beaten twice shy.

      1. But my manager shweta sharma told me before i invest money that after insaurance all loses is covered by company and your money 1360dollars is safe.but now they said your all money is lapsed .they all are fraud

        1. Lady, Why o you keep changing statements.

          on 17.06.21 yousay it is a scam company.
          On 21.06.21 yousay it is your maistake because LEXATRADE is a good company.
          On 30.06.2 yousay you have lso your money. Pleae sail in a single boat.

        2. What about aadhar and pan

  7. I just finished receiving a 20 minutes call from Lexatrade and I was persuaded to make deposit of 250 dollars with mouth watering profits within days. I suspected foul play when I was advised to make deposit into one zenith bank account. I knew inside me that something is not right but I cannot be pushed to do what I don’t want to do. Thanks to everyone for these reviews, it will save a lot of people.

    1. You are a lucky chap.

  8. I just finished receiving a 12 minutes call from Mr Jessie Roland from Lexatrade and I was persuaded to make deposit of 250 dollars with mouth watering profits within days. Asking me to send the money urgently, I was advised to make deposit into one zenith bank account. Which details are
    This is Jessie Roland from Lexatrade,
    Below is the account number of the company with Zenith bank Nigerian.

    Note; MC SL BIZ NIG LTD is a subsidiary company to Lexatrade company, so any transaction that you do with them is directly done with Lexatrade also. This account was created to provide several means of activation to clients in Nigeria as most clients there do not have a VISA CARD OR MASTER CARD.

    Bank Account Details
    Account Name MC SL BIZ NIG LTD
    Bank Name : Zenith Bank
    Account Number: Nigerian Account No: 1016598482
    Please as soon as you make the payment, kindly send me a screenshot of payment/slip. The minimum deposit is $250 which is equivalent to 98,000 Naira. Also asking me to provide some documentation which will allow me to withdraw my money, the details are,,, 3 of these documents, and upload them on our platform. Below are some of the documents required of you to send:
    1. National or Insurance ID
    2. Passport
    3. Driver’s License
    4. Receipts of any utility bills paid
    5. Degrees/Diploma
    6. Birth/Marriage Certificate
    7. A snapshot of the visa/master card you used to make the payment. In doing so, ensure you cover the seventh (7) to twelve digit, and at the back the cvv code. So what should I do?

    1. Don’t send any money. Tell Mr Jessie “go to hell” – believe me it is not even his real name.
      They will scamm you – keep away from them.

      1. Absolutely right.They call with fraud names.

    2. Ooh don’t attempt to give out CVV code

    3. Beware of Lexatrade Scam…
      This is a total fraud. lexatrade specially is a big cheater. they will not allow you to withdraw money even you make profit in your trade. This happended to me. they cut $300usd as commission for two trade and the assigned manager who called me many times and talk about these trade but did not informed me about this untill they debited the money.
      But thats not all.. this company is fraud and they do dummy trade.. no real trade on exchanges. so end of the day you are going to loose your money and they ask to deposite more money.
      This is a big scam but I am surprise to see how govt authority are allowing this to happen.

      1. This is a scam. I deposited money and lost in auto trading then a staff told to deposit $2000 and he gave me a bonus of $1000. He urged that I sign a form and he trade for me. He open 3 big trades and the entire account of $3000 was swept in 5hours. And the trades were opened in opposite direction.
        Do not invest in this.

    4. I just can’t believe that God Almighty pushed me to you guys to save me from the mess that I was about getting myself. Do you know I was about making moves tomorrow to get $250 to deposit? Mr Richmond has been on my neck since Saturday. I just decided to make search about MC SL BIZ NG LTD, that leads to these Info. Thanks guys! Thanks Google!

    5. Yes same here, I am a Nigerian and I have been scammed. They were all nice at first that we even became personal at some point. Now I even made profit but I cannot withdraw. Their trading platform is no longer loading neither are their numbers on Skype connecting. I have been totally cut off. If only I knew all these. Same account with UBA
      MC SL biz nig limited
      No responses from them anymore
      Thomas Kent with an Arabic accent and
      Harry Armstrong with an American accent

  9. I wish i had read these posts before i paid the 250 usd. Oh well, i might as well just play around with it and not expect anything in return. I have already written off that money.

    1. what shoud i do to get my money back!!!!!!!!!

  10. Thank you guys,you all just saved me from this fraudster from pit of hell. I was about making payment before I started doing my research and find out that they are not what they claimed to be. KUDOS TO YOU ALL

  11. Need expert advice and we should all team up and file a legal lawsuit against lexatrade

    1. Yes ,I am ready, email me when you file a legal lawsuit against lexatrade

      1. Rakesh Kumar sharma

        I m also ready

    2. Yes I am ready to join. But their exact location is not known.If foung then tell I ill join you.

    3. Pls, I need help on how to get my $250 back asap too. Let’s team up to file for this.

  12. Thanks guys, was about to make a payment of 250USD but I see is all a scum u saved my little money I have struggled to save. Thanks.

  13. I have already paid 250$ now what to do can I get it back

  14. thank you for saving me from greed mind, I was just about to deposit the $250 to my account then my mind says let do some investigation about the broker then I start to see a comment that makes my soul so lost in thought and mind.

    thabk you soon much.

    1. Thanks guys I was searching funds to invest with lexatrade, God bless you

    2. Same as me my dear.

  15. You all saved me from this scam, I was to deposit $250 then I thought of doing some research. God bless you all and give you a genuine company.

    1. I live in Nigeria and have read some positive reviews about lexatrade and cautious ones too. Albert George, my accounts officer and one of their financial experts whose name I can’t recall.asked me to deposit 96,000 (250 dollars) to a zenith bank account. But I wasnt convinced about the legitimacy of the whole thing. I smelt a rat and decided to investigate furtherand stumbled on this site. Thanks to you all for your info.For those who lost money to those bastards I pray you find a way to recover everything.

  16. Dharmendra Tiwari

    I have already deposit USD 250 how I can return my money from lexatrade

    1. is laxatrade fraud. bhai i got call from laxa . what can i do

      1. Sudhir khobragade

        100% fraud company don’t invest your hard work money there

        1. Mere sath Lexatrade ne fraud kia h pahle kisi Yash Chaudhary ne account open karaya Fir Aarohi sen ne call ki skype pe unhone bataya ki yash Chaudhary ka transfer ho gya h ab m aapki financial advisor hu yash Chaudhary ne 250 dollar Neha malhotra k madhyam se dipsi karay fir ye kahker ki aapko auto trade karayenge 1500 dollar fir diposit karay fir Aarohi sen ne yah kahker k apko forex m loss hoga crypto currency commodity m trade karana to aur thoda thoda diposit karo fir 100 dollar diposit kara deye aur trade kara ker 873 dollar loss kara deye ab account m balance zero dikha raha h madam Aarohi sen skype pe koi reply nahi de rahi h aur na hi koi widrowl ho rah h .ye company bahut badi scammer h

  17. Thanks guys.
    You have saved me my hard earned money I would have deposited into these scammers account.
    I have learnt a great lesson to always verify and ask question about any opportunity that looks too real.

  18. Today, evening twice and yesterday one lady named Akshara Anand, she speaks a little bit of Malayalam, Tamil. she asked me to deposit a minimum of 250 us dollar and return 100 % within one hour. Thanks to the reviews above, I have not lost my money. thank you .Their no.+442080773558. Account manager.

  19. What a great eye opener am just about to pay $250 by Monday before seeing all your comments am very grateful

    Pls he can we get a legit trading company to register with.

  20. Cassandra M'mboga

    It has been two months of me asking back for my $250. Long phone calls follow in which they keep trying to get you to trade more. The calls are from numbers that are in Aberdeen to Kenya. They still won’t return my money. I am very upset with this. I wish I had read this article before I bothered.

    1. This is true this call are from Aberdeen.This the current number they been using on me to get them the 250$ deposit +441224051620⚠️

      1. I received many calls from this lady by the name Roselyn king from uk, she persueded me to deposit $250. Thanks you all for your review it’s a fraud don’t attempt this deal.

  21. Saw their post on Facebook, their representative Mr Arjun Tyagi continuously called 10-15 calls with in 30 minutes, when I picked his call he totally misguided about company process he told that paying $250 can start earning with robotics and can start withdrawing your profit instantly, after paying amount he stopped calling and responding emails, then a new contact Gaurav Kashyap asked me to pay more money asked using $250 for trading you will get loss your money and pay minimum $250 more for manual trading and $2500 for robotics this is totally scam and trapped the client, initially Arjun Tyagi did misguide and took $250 another day Gaurav Kashyap asked for more money I raised a complaint to phone pe and bharti pay to stop payment also, raising a FIR against these two people and complaing to cyber crime branch for this scam, Indian people are being looted by Indian. Also, I will start campaigning on social media for this scam and expose these guys.

    I request you all please come together to file a police complaint and expose these people n company on social media platforms.

    1. Pls connect and suggest how I recover my money it’s 10000$

    2. I have filed a police complaint today

    3. Hello, Uttam Kumar ji, how can we complain to cyber crime branch, send its path, so that we can also complain
      hello, uttam kumar ji, kaise hum cyber crime branch mai complaint kar sakte hai, uska path bhej do, taaki hum bhi complaint kar sake

    4. Hi Uttam,

      Can I have your email address. I too have been duped for Rs.20000.00 (267$).

      I have filed a police complaint in Mumbai but no progress on it. Till we all victims come together & get to know these fucker’s office addresses nothing can be done.


  22. Thanks for saving my ass.i was already thinking of borrowing money to invest

  23. I have opened forex trade account with Lexatrade on a call made by their representative. Lexatrade representative (Ms Niti Srinivas as told by herself) requested me to first deposit minimum $250 with mouth watering profits within days. On her request, I had deposited $250 in the Lexatrade account. Once I deposited the amount, the lady disappeared and not responding to my mails. Later, I have requested Lexatrade financial advisor for withdrawal on 09.03.2021 and closure of account but no action has been taken till date. When I further talked to Lexatrade representative on this issue, they have denied for refund. Now, I have assumed that I have lost $250.

    Lexatrade is a big offshore fraud company. Please do not fall in the trap.

    Ajay Singh

  24. I have been scammed of over 6,000$ . Pls help what should I do??. Lexatrade has duped me

  25. I suffer the same. What can we do

  26. I have opened forex trade account with Lexatrade on a call made by their representative. Lexatrade representative (Ms Niti Srinivas as told by herself) requested me to first deposit minimum $250 with mouth watering profits within days. On her request, I had deposited $250 in the Lexatrade account. Once I deposited the amount, the lady disappeared and not responding to my mails. Later, I have requested Lexatrade financial advisor for withdrawal on 09.03.2021 and closure of account but no action has been taken till date. When I further talked to Lexatrade representative on this issue, they have denied for refund. Now, I have assumed that I have lost $250.

    Lexatrade is a big offshore fraud company. Please do not fall in the trap.

    Ajay Singh

  27. While I was trying to enter in Crypto Currency, these notorious financial criminals of Lexa Trade have observed secretly my interest about it & right from the word go, these Lexa Trade Team were able to track, steal my mobile number & were after me for more than one month, as I was postponing to put my initial deposit of $250 with them. During the course, Almost all Lexa Trade team has contacted & tempted with lucrative profits within no time. Some of them, who contacted me again & again are 1.Akshara Anand [email protected] 4.Abisha Ananad|Lexatrade, Account Manager, Phone: +44 208 077 35 58, Email: [email protected] & one Christine ([email protected]) has asked to forward all my documents to her mail for verification as if their Lexa Trade is genuine one. Even, I doubt their names are real or fake & while chatting, don’t have any guts to show their faces either on WhatsApp or on video skype, simply hide their identity as they are afraid of getting caught. After initial deposit of $250. they add another $250 as bonus to fool new customers, would be good for initial few days, when the moment you ask for withdraw of part amount from existing balance with attached Personal Manager, he seeks permission to do so with their Financial Section. Within hours they start manipulating the Trade Platform, then they have shown my balance as ZERO.00 & one label appeared that I have been out from trading if I wish to remain in trading they demanded me put more dollars in it. That complete stolen money from this trade, add bonus to new enrolled customers & remaining stolen booty share among the staff of Lexa Trade. Unless they are caught, given rigorous punishment & put behind the bars for their rest of life, they keep on cheating new customers, specially from India & would lead very luxurious life.

    1. Thanks guys for your help, was trying to get money to invest with lexatrade,
      They kept calling me frequently
      if we can get a way to expose them, it’s better

  28. Ravi Shankar Singh

    I wish i had read these posts before i paid the 250 usd.Can I do something now?

    1. Thanks Guys, all these reviews convinced my doubts about laxstrade and can’t trade with this fools.
      Once again, thanks

  29. So my $257.49 is lost?
    I deposited it 3 days ago!!!

    1. Don’t loose your patience, try to win more money but do not deposit any more after then ask to withdrawal the money, then see what’s they talked

  30. I was about to deposit my money guys. Thanks for the reviews.

  31. It is really surprising that how this fraudulent LexaTrade is being operated so prettily to date, despite directly cheating customers to invest minimum of $250. If it is delayed to invest, simply this whole Lexa Trade fraudsters lay trap like spider’s web from all corners & contact us from different mobile Nos. until the customer agrees to pay the deposit. After doing so, to fool him they add another $250 as a bonus in his Lexa Trade account. They allot him with one Personal Asst. For initial few days the Trading Platform would be conducive & able to make quick money, whenever, customer calls personal Asst.for help, he replies that he is busy with other customers. If customer seeks to withdraw the part amount from his balance, then they start manipulating the trading platform within just one or two days his balance shown as Zero & label appears on it that you have been out from further trading, if you wish to continue, invest another $2000 so that hassle free further trading would be there for you. Out of the looted amount in dollars/Euros, would again be added $250 as a bonus to new customers who just join & rest of the booty simply these fraudsters share among themselves & leading luxurious life. It has become routine for them. Their modus operandi is only to procure new customers & get lucrative commission for it. Really, one wonders, how they are openly cheating customers with so much money from all over the world, especially they target Indians. Why International Security forces are keeping quiet in this matter. God only knows still how many people would cheated like this with their hard earned amount around the globe. We have to wait & see helplessly.

  32. My goodness. I just deposited $250 on 22nd April and the person stopped responding to my emails. I later entered and got a contact person as my financial expert to coach me on. We talked on skype and agreed to start trading. But he kept saying that $250 is very little to start with I should add more. I told him we proceed as we continue I will top up. It sounded so fishy to me that I have not started trading but talking of adding more money.

  33. Thanks for your comments you have saved me a whole $250. yesterday I was contacted with these no +441224051620 from a lady and convinced me to invest today I was about to deposit just before I read these çomments.we should research more on theses brokers especially those claiming they have an app for trading bitcoin.most are scammers

  34. ialso scammed 250 dollar from lexatrade

    1. Big fraud company

  35. I have opened forex trade account just 02 days ago with Lexatrade on a call made by their representative. Lexatrade representative requested me to first deposit minimum $250 & submit the Copies of PAN, Adhar Card & Bank statement. On the request, I had deposited $249.98 + $6.02 through PhonePe in the Hansraj Enterprises account and documents send to Lexatrade E-Mail ID. As read all this now, I have assumed that I have lost $250.

  36. Thank you dear friends. By god’s grace I came accross your posts, if not I would have deposited the money tomorrow. Thanks a lot

  37. They are fraud I have experienced they will just ask you to deposit more and more. They don’t want traders they just want a deposit and they are getting fat by eating hard-earned money from people. They will force you to take a bank loan and invest in crypto but just don’t trust them. Then they will block your account and you will not be able to withdraw your money. They will say deposit and then only you will be able to withdraw like this you will be trapped and then they will give you such a trade that your account will get swiped off. Then they will make a drama of giving you a VIP manager which is always busier than the Prime Minister and you will also be told that she will trade on your behalf which she never does and excuses that they have other better clients to handle (we are toh always free to look after them). What do they think of themselves.


    Tomorrow News on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram n all social media channels

    – A big SCAM London based FOREX trading company LEXATRADE is in functional.

    INDIAN Innocent PEOPLE ARE BEING TARGETED – by the Indians are working for Lexatrade

    We have already been scammed by
    Mr. Gaurav Kashyap, Arjun Tyagi

    Gaurav told his address – Dwarka sector 1, New Delhi
    Arjun Tyagi – Gujarat

    We are getting their identity checked with election commission voter list

    They always post an Advertisement on Facebook to attract the people using photo profile of indian billionaires Mr. Mukesh Ambani and Ratan TATA.

    It’s a request all please ALERT from this type of Ads and social media posts, please share this article to all channels, we have to save our citizens.

    Please come together all and file a complaint against these elements so that people can escape fromALERT ALERT ALERT !!!

    Tomorrow News on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram n all social media channels

    – A big SCAM London based FOREX trading company LEXATRADE is in functional.

    INDIAN Innocent PEOPLE ARE BEING TARGETED – by the Indians are working for Lexatrade

    We have already been scammed by
    Mr. Gaurav Kashyap, Arjun Tyagi

    Gaurav told his address – Dwarka sector 1, New Delhi
    Arjun Tyagi – Gujarat

    We are getting their identity checked with election commission voter list

    They always post an Advertisement on Facebook to attract the people using photo profile of indian billionaires Mr. Mukesh Ambani and Ratan TATA.

    It’s a request all please ALERT from this type of Ads and social media posts, please share this article to all channels, we have to save our citizens.

    Please come together all and file a complaint against these elements so that people can escape from such scammers, if interested…..

    Thanks !!!!

    1. Recently I Also opened an account with a deposit of Rs.20,000/-. I traded 3 times. Now after reading these comments, I decided not to do trading further. Now I have to see how to get back my money. Yes, I agree with you that a complaint has to be lodged do that more people will no fall prey to the company.

  39. LEXATRADE says about negative reviews on his own website that negative reviews come from our business competitors.

    Are all Indian people their competitors ?

    Am I their competitor ?

    This company is totally FRAUD, there are all genuine reviews, initially they asked me the same words that they are our competitors writing negative reviews and took $500 from me.

    After that they eatten my all $500.

    So guys don’t trust them you will be trapped.

  40. Lexatrade is in Isle de Sao Tome. Not in the U.K. They are a Scam. When you want to withdraw your funds they come with all kinds of excuses. They do not want to provide proof of withdrawal and try to communicate by Skype. You will not be able to communicate by email after initial contact.

    1. Guys, we should all come together and report a fraud case with crime branch against, collect all the phone numbers where they are being operated from ?

      Hence, please share all your contacts so that we can create a case file.

      1. I have been dupped by lexatarde for 200 dollars, I have filed a claim on IFMRCC (, Please guide me on how to retrieve the money from them.

      2. I have filed a police complaint today

  41. You are right Justin, they totally fraud, they contacts with the fake names and say that Lexatrade is operating from UK indian contacts are also there cheating Indian people. Can we come all together and expose this scam internationally so that they can’t cheat others anymore

    Nothing can be done by only writing reviews

  42. Lexatrade is found a fraud trading company, the given UK address is a fake address, this SCAM is being operated from the corner of any asian country near India. Since, max numbers of Indian communities are being targeted.

    I have taken further step to shut this company and get the scammers like GAURAV KASHYAP and ARJUN TYAGI (seem fake names) arrasted, I emailed to Google Play Store to remove the Xcritical trading app of Lexatrade also emailed to Google CEO Mr Sunder Pichai to look into this and remove the app ASAP. Also registered a FIR against company and it’s scammers given them their international numbers they are calling.

    Need all your help to expose this company together, one hand can’t do anything.
    My contact [email protected]

    1. God is watching, very soon the company will face judgement if people’s funds are not returned.

  43. Guys, nothing can be done until we don’t come together and action on this bloody Lexatrade, this is the time we have to come together else they will continuously scam with the people, please share your contacts phone, email etc so that we can take appropriate action against

  44. Indian Scammers (Gaurav Kashyap and Arjun Tyagi) involved
    Guys, nothing can be done doing writing reviews until we don’t come together and action on this bloody Lexatrade, this is the time we have to come together else they will continuously scam with the people, please share your contacts phone, email etc so that we can take appropriate action against

    After taking money they show you loss, if profit you can never withdrawal.

    Bloody fraud company Indian people involved.

    It’s app Xcritical must be removed from Google Play Store by Google to stop more SCAM

  45. Kartik Choudhary

    Lexatrade is a big SCAM

    Lexatrade is scamming around the world on social media network, Asian community is being targeted majorly.

    Guys come together to stop this scam at International level.

  46. Thank God this review. I could just have sent the fund to these scammers. You are God sent.

  47. I am also getting calls to deposit 18300rs. What to do please in suggest.
    Mujhe bhi calls aa rahe hain 18300Rs deposit karne ke liye . Kya karu please suggest me.

    1. Don’t waste your hard earned money in lexatrade, company is totally fraud

  48. I also lost $1000 you deal with a different individual every now and then but they reall disturb you by calling all the time.

  49. I lost $4000, ready to team up against them

  50. Guys go to the playstore and report XCritical app

  51. Guys come together to take action against this SCAM LEXATRADE, email me [email protected] and share your contact details

  52. Devesh Kumar Srivastava

    I am also getting email from lexatrade thanks to all of you to save my money

  53. Thank you for the comments. somehow I have got rid of this scam

  54. I have lost $4,000 from this fraud company. Is there any possibility to recover this money from lexa trade. please let me know if you have any legal ideas.

  55. Don’t very I fill 3 f.i.r Delhi Mumbai and Dehradun also mail India It ministry.

    1. G Pushpa Varshini

      We Will get money back through complaint

      1. What to do please help

  56. I just got called from +919433165916, +911171596731, +442080683066 they told me they from lexatrade and I can earn money from today if I deposit 250 USD then immediately I can earn which hard to believe they advertised Mukesh Ambani earning by Bitcoin loophole and then I was impressed if Ambani can earn money from this then why not try and when I put in their advert site I gave number then immediately I got called from them and they forced me to invest 250usd but I search their details at last they gave me their Lexa trade website but when I checked web details I felt it’s really fraud I hope everyone aware about this

  57. Below is the email which I received yesterday… and the guy name Harsh Suryan is continuously following up with me…

    I tried to contact you by phone, without success, unfortunately.
    Please contact me in any way convenient for you: by phone, Skype, E-mail,
    online chat, or write in your response letter a convenient time for a second
    Harsh Suryan | Lexatrade
    Account Manager | Sales Department

    Phone: +44 208 077 35 58

    Email: [email protected]
    Skype: —

    Beware of such scammers….

    1. Scammers dont do any trade

  58. Even I lost around 2500 USD … m surprised why any legal authority is not taking any action against them… why. innocent people are becoming their prey … is there no cybercrime agency in the world that knows about it.. how is it possible.

  59. I have been phoned by some Rahul Agrawal of Lexatrade he say his office is in Mumbai west Vikroli. He asked me to deposit Rs. 18500 for good benefits. I am confused tomorrow he will again call me. After reading so many reviews I decided not to be trapped.
    Thanks all dear friends.

  60. Hi, guys. I give USD$250 thanks to you all for sharing your experiences with LexaTrade. Although you may have lost your money to them yet you are doing a greater work by creating this awareness for people like ME who was at the point of clicking “Continue” button, which would have given them my money. Somehow I was hesitant at the point of sending the money, which was all my savings at the time. A million thanks again guys. Fire pon LexaTrade!!!

  61. Guys, i am deposited first money 250$ and get welcome bonus 250$ and i got cal from Swetha Sharma told to me if you deposit 5000$ you will take insurance or 100% bonus, if you want to withdrawal your money before reach volume of trade then bonus amount will be deducted and your money will sent to you. So i agreed and deposited 5000$ and i got 5000$ bonus and i got robo trading option by Swetha Sharma,after i got cal from prashant Trivedi and he told to me Swetha Sharma sick due to corona and i am your personal expert now, and why you are taking robo trading option it is not best for you, he told to me deposit 4000$ and take insurance of 4000$ and you will get 80% profit 100% sure. Then i deposit i got 100% profit through metatrader platform. Still i am loss my amount 2000$ nearly and i asked him for withdraw then he told to me one best offer is for you deposit 10000$ and you get insurance and 15000$ profit 100% sure. But i told him i dont have money now i want my money he suggest me take loan from friends you will get profit within 3 days and withdraw your amount immediately. Then i deposit money i got profit. Now i am asking for withdraw money then they are not processed my withdraw request and he told to me wait for turn over complete for bonus rec’d then you will get your money after complete turn over. I was shocked and asked him you are told to me you will withdraw your money immediately he answered i dont know you were taken bonus, now i was check account you take bonus from us and he told to me please read our company terms and conditions and next i was told to him don’t do any trades from your side, i will do and i want money back but he is done and i am loss my money of 36000$. So please guys don’t deposit in lexatrade they are manipulators.

    1. Even I lost my 1300$.

  62. Prashant Trivedi, Arman singniha, Shwetha Sharma, Shreya Deshmukh they all are company persons contacted with me, after i got pblm with prashant Trivedi and i asked him who is your boss i want to talk with your boss. he told to me company is mine i am the boss of company, so please guys i am looser and you don’t be foolish they are manipulators, they want money, they take our blood money and fill up their pockets and take to home for her family, uska family kaise kush hoga dusra ka khun pasina ka paise ko leke hum bungalow banayega sochega tho kaise hoga. Koi tho aise company ko bund karvado please

    1. Hey do you have their address. At nowhere I could find their address in India.

  63. Guys don’t deposit money in lexa Trade, there is not possible withdraw money from lexa Trade, there is one term condition when you are reached volume of trade turn over taking bonus from company then you will withdraw money, but if you complete your turn over they will not respond you for withdraw money,they will told to you deposit some more amount for will get more benefits, if you don’t deposit money they will tell you we will do trades and give more profit, but first you get profit and next you will loss and your all deposited money will go big 0, i am deposit 19500$ overall and i got 36000$ but when i asking withdraw and told to them don’t do any trades but they are neglect my words and do trades and my total money loss, it’s a fraud company, names are prashant Trivedi, Swetha Sharma, Shreya Deshmukh, Anshuman Singh they were talked to me. Please guys don’t deposit money and safe yourself, if you want to trade choose only Indian website, koi tho kuch karo yaar is company ko bund karvao,

  64. Thesame number has been calling me,she said her name is Vivian Smith… she has been pressurising me to pay for a week now

  65. Na waoooo, am just about searching for $250 to deposit but thank you all for this write up.
    The number that normally calls me, if I want to check for it on Truecaller, it will show SPAM on record.

  66. Lexatrade is a fraud and forgery company and I also deposit 250$ don’t do any trade all are fuckers

  67. Already I made an complaint with commissioner office for the lost of rs 18250 lexatrade were totally fraud and fucking company pls don’t invest your sweat of money there.fraud fraud totally fraud,alret

    1. Is there any progress for ur complain?

  68. This is really a fraud company and I petty the person hired who are cheating people by manipulating with wrong assurance.
    They force to deposit by calling very frequently, once a good some is deposited, will open a deal and make the account negative…

    It’s our mistake too to get fallen into these fraud traps…

    I had three fraud account managers…all indian name Surya, Digvijay Agarwal, Nischay Dahiya..(playing with hard-earned money… you guys should do a begging profession for your livelywood

    I am approaching the cybercrime to complain to understand this fraud…

    1. I also approached Cyber crime and UK Cyber crime as well.

  69. is a fraud company. Never ever deal with them. They will eat your hard earned money. Make everyone aware of this. They used VOIP call and Skype. It is difficult to trace them.

  70. It was good I came to this site and saw the comments. I came across LexaTrade from a scam article which claimed that Azim Premji had advised people to invest through some auto-trading programme called “Bitcoin Loophole”. They falsely claimed that the Indian Express had interviewed Azim Premji where he had made this statement. However, I realized later that it was fake and they falsely claimed that Indian Express had done an interview. As you can see, The Indian Express header has an “E” missing in Express, something which the real news outlet would never do!!

    So, there is absolutely no doubt that LexaTrade is a fraud company, which entraps gullible people into making deposits, which are never returned. The comments at this site prove it beyond doubt. Thank goodness, I came across this site and was made aware of the danger. Stay well away from it.

    1. Almost similar to what I encountered. Guess they kinda read your IP address to better choose what sorta “news captions” for you. I’m Nigerian and I read it on the ad that popped up on my screen that Elion Musk has invested $400M into Bit Code to abetter the lifestyles of the peeps. So, I clicked the “bit code” thing and found my self staring at their most captivating testimonials. They’re bastards!

  71. Can anyone from India passon the number who has dubped by, so that I can talk as all comments are without phone numbers and email. I just registered today and I got more than 10 calls to deposit 250$ . Just wondering why anyone call so much?

  72. Your sixth sense worked but mine was sleeping and lost my 70K INR investment from my Hard earned money.

  73. Wow! You just saved my life literally! Mighta deposited with them cause the ad that referred me to their web was almost irresistibly enticing (smth bout bit code). Lucky I always check for scam reviews before diving into internet monetary activities.

  74. It is a total FRAUD. Their modus operandi is to lure investors through lucrative offers through advertisements. Then they fool the people in the name of verification of documents so that everything appears to be genuine. They are operating through fraudsters and have sim cards of various countries. The trading is through a dummy software that looks to be genuine. They have a fake address of some non existant place in the world. They further trick people to invest huge amounts in the of VIP CLIENTS. They just gobble up all the money by tricking and fraud. BEWARE.

  75. Thank you all. I followed a facebook ad where Aziz Premji was recommending people became rich by $1300 every day by trading on bitcoin using bitcoin loophole. I followed the link and ended up creating a login in lexatrade despite Bitdefender, my security software advising me against this site. Within 30 mins I get call from a local dumbo trying to scam me. Thankfully I ve seen this site and all your posts of bad experience with this fraudster.

  76. They called me like 5-6 times from a guy name rohit battacharya after that I answer their call and told them that I don’t want to trade and want to unregistered it since I change my mind and also don’t earn enough money and then he start threatening me like if you don’t deposit 250 dollar and start trading they’ll fine me of 50 dollar..

  77. Ohh… Feeling scammed. Just transferred 250 dollars now. Why didn’t I researched before this…

    Actually what they tell makes you loose your senses. Greed and easy money never can be good… Please help to recover the money…

  78. plz help me 250$ lost

  79. I am also victim of lexatrade. They first trap the customer by talking sweetly and their game starts as soon as they are trapped. No matter how many dollars you deposit, you can’t get them back. Can anyone tell me where to complain about these? Can FIR be filed against them in India, can they be PIL in court, or can the Finance Minister, IT Minister or Prime Minister be informed about this in the government, so that their unethical activities in the country can be stopped. Can go What do you say friends? Only a beginning can be made. There is a lion, “Who says there can’t be a hole in the sky, throw a stone when you’re sick, guys.
    I am also victim of lexatrade. ये पहले मीठी मीठी बातें कर के ग्राहक ko फँसाते है और फँसतें ही इनका खेल शुरू ho जाता है। आप कितने भी डॉलर जमा करो आप इनसे वापस नही पा सकते। क्या कोई मुझे बता सकता है कि इनकी शिकायत कहाँ पर की जा सकती है? क्या इन पर भारत में FIR की की जा सकती है, न्यायालय में PIL कर सकते हैं क्या, या सरकार में वित्त मंत्री, IT मंत्री अथवा प्रधान मंत्री को इसके बारे में सूचित किया जा सकता हैं, जिससे देश में इनकी अनैतिक गतिविधियों पर लगाम लगाई जा सके। क्या कहते हो दोस्तो। शुरुआत तो की ही जा सकती है। एक शेर है ना “कौन कहता है कि आसमान में छेद नही हो सकता, एक पत्थर तो तबियत से उछालो यारों।

    1. Mera 11/11/2021 ka comment dekhen.

  80. Lexatrade big froud, i was invest $1000
    But this people are not allowing withdrow,every time they give a new reason dont invest lexatrade

  81. I paid the $250 and the account was created without any assistance from them to start the trading. They stopped answering mail and struggling to get my money back.

  82. To
    Keerthi Jadhav date: Oct 7, 2021, 2:56 PM

    In our last phone call I asked you to provide to me 1. the details for seeing my account 2. The procedure for withdrawal 3 forms for withdrawal 4 . customer support id details of your company . you have not provided any of this details and disturbing me daily over phone for this and that reasons . I want you to communicate through the e mail address registered with you . If possible give the details requested by me . Then only i can invest further in your scheme and offers .

    Till date no reply & no details are provided for mode of withdrawel


    without checking I joined Lexatrade on 26 Aug 2021 by putting 250$, they also added. I have fallen as an easy prey since they were putting bonus. Like that I was lured into putting more and more money, totaling USD9423.83 (INR 6,97,364) as of 28 Sep 2021. Now I stopped putting more. In fact I have sent emails available with me to close my account and transfer my money back. I have been strictly following for getting my hard-earned money back. But my hard follow-up was in vain so far. If anyone know how to get back money, please inform me the channels.
    Is it ok, if all of us can approach Crime branch or Enforcement Dept. collectively to get our money back. I am ready for that sort of collective action. I think it will fetch a good result.
    We should recover our money. And stop others from trading with Lexatrade.
    Please let me know your views.

    1. I just received a call from Cyril Kobba guiding me how it works, how to start and amount I can start with. Thanks to trust and for this review. We all know that they are big scammers.

    2. What is the process of ciber complain?

      1. See my message dt. 11/11/2021.

    3. I also loss my 80000!

    4. Please see my comments dt. 11/11/2021

  84. They call me regularly , initially told me that today itself you deposit Rs 19000 you will get $250 and the bonus of $500. I doubt if it is true. Then I started inquiring more. As an now they gave me more time to think. The next day again they called me and said now also you can do it. I had more doubt I asked if the person has any authencity or number on which I can trust. He said that he was talking from system. so he can’t give the details. Then I postponed more and waiting for the guidance. If I can go for trade this way.

    Trust is an important issue. I feel lexatrade should make it geniune other wise, they will only cheat people with or without reason. I have not joined it and now changed mind that i am not going too.

  85. Totally froud company. Karan jindal is biggest thief

  86. Thank you all for your comment I was about take my deposit but with all that I have read I’m holding my peace to avoid stories that touches the heart

  87. This post have really make me realise that lexatrade is a scam,I almost get scammed , gybril peter who claim to be the account manger have been sending me messages and even called me countless of times ,he ask me to deposit $250 minimum ,I really thought that they were legit but I came to the website just to confirm if they were real but I now see that they are fake ,all thanks to this post or else I would have be scammed too, this lexatrade company have really scammed a lot of people ,I hope people can quickly discover this scam company because there are a lot of people who are unaware.
    Sam from Nigeria.

  88. Your reviews just saved me too. But it’s too bad for Lexatrade, an acclaimed UK company for that matter. Someone should please report them to the authorities before they swindle more unsuspecting victims.

  89. I have also been victimised yesterday…. after reading all the reviews I realise my mistake, let us figure out, how to make amends now.

  90. I almost fell into their trap on the 22nd of October, 2021. It was the reviews I read about Lexatrade that saved me. One Queen Tao (I supposed this is a fictitious name) gave me a call to explain and assured me of a daily profit of $50 on supposed investment of $250. She transfered my call to her associate who told me that if I doubted the genuinety of Lexatrade they have UBA account in Nigeria.
    Queen Tao quickly sent me steps to activation of my account and requested that I supply my email address, my password, my debit card details and that I should send to her the OTP that my bank will send to me. She attempted to hurry me up to register but I took time off it to Google Lexatrade and to check up reviews and was grateful I did check up. I forwarded the review to the so-called Queen Tao who quickly called me back to inform me to disregard the negative reviews so I won’t miss the bonus gift.
    I suspended all my dealings with them.

    On Wednesday I received an urgent text from my bank that my tel number has been updated and I should contact the bank if the request wasn’t from me. All effort to transfer all the money from the account was hampered. Consequently, I blocked the accounts.

    Please a new phase of the fraud is surfacing. Be careful.

  91. Filing a Complaint on National Cyber Crime Reporting Portal

    This portal is an initiative of the Government of India to facilitate victims/complainants to report cyber crime complaints online. This portal caters to complaints pertaining to cyber crimes only with special focus on cyber crimes against women and children. Complaints reported on this portal are dealt with by law enforcement agencies/ police based on the information available in the complaints. It is imperative to provide correct and accurate details while filing complaint for prompt action.

  92. No doubt they are fraud, all their employees are working with fake names like Prashanth Gowda, Arjun Reddy, Rakesh Pal and Aisha Goyal etc. Funniest part is none of them know about the fake name some else has used for the same client, so when you ask one of them about the other…. they go like “…. um… he must be around …. can’t see him”.
    For Indians Please complain with
    Besides, one should also complain with
    since they claim to be London based with their postal address (as shared by one of them… I don’t know this could also be fake) is : 88 Wood Street, Barbican, London EC2V 7QR, United Kingdom.

  93. Thanks for your comments, you’ve saved me from Lexatrade

    1. I also deposited $250 to lexatrade last week, how can I retrieve my money

  94. Lexatrade is a fraud company.Never invest with Lexatrade.They are scammer and cheater.Avoud Lexatrade and a publicity so that no one can be cheated.

  95. Lexatrade is a planned way scam and you will never take any profit back though you will earn . They will wipe out your money and at last your account will go to hale and loss. I had invested 95000 USD for 7 month , I had got nothing and all make loss by them. Its scam only.
    I request all not to waste time.
    They will give you fake commitment and insurance of losses but all money will be in there account only.

  96. Fraud Alert
    Fraud Alert! Every day, hundreds of investors are being defrauded of their hard-earned money on promises of profitable investment made by unregulated offshore brokers LexaTrade. So even without the KNF warning against them, your chances of making any money with such a broker are really slim. So, if you’re looking for some way to earn a quick buck on the side, find yourself a reliable and well-regulated broker instead.
    Lexatrade will sell off your coins without notification. Their executive will call and ask you to invest further to recover your lost money and fraud again.
    Stay away from Lexatrade
    From a victim.

  97. Lexatrade is a fraud company. I have been scammed of $250.I had a long phone conversation with one, Med Wally, who acted as my account manager, he sweet talked about the company that once the documents are submitted and payment made, they will assign a trading expert to guide me through.
    I submitted the documents they needed and was told that I will be signed to trading expert that will guide me on how to trade.
    And that is end till now.
    They neither reply to my mails nor call me.
    I requested for withdrawal but couldn’t get it done because I need the so-called account manager to process it
    Lexatrade is a fraud company.

  98. Indeed .. they does fraud. I lost my $250 within few hours.. on contacting them they are making lame excuses… Let me tell you that at the beginning they made false promise of providing Insurance cover to my capital and also told that they will b providing expert to invest.. bt later they hardly responded. On losing my money they are not providing any refund. They are sammers and cheaters. Stay away from this platform. PLZ Save ur hard earned money…

  99. Lexatrade is Scam… Beware ..don’t invest any money

  100. This site is CHEATING. I was almost forced to invest money on offering some lucrative offers including Insurance of my capital that I was investing, but I lost…will better say …they looted my hard earned money worth $250 which I started with and now denying to provide any cover. BEWARE of this. Don’t fall into pray.

  101. I tried to register on bitcoin loophole but lexatrade responded instead Are they one and the same?

  102. Hi Narayanan, let us do some steps to nab the culprit, Siva

  103. Victor from Nigeria

    This is the email they sent me this afternoon to deposit $250 In their African U.B.A account. These guys thieves and they kept calling me.
    I am Amanda Smith, your financial expert from Lexatrade company. Below is the account number of the company with UBA  Nigerian.

    Note; MC SL BIZ NG is a subsidiary company to Lexatrade company, so any transaction that you do with them is directly done with Lexatrade also. This account was created to provide several means of activation to clients in Nigeria as most clients there do not have a VISA CARD OR MASTER CARD.
    I am Jacklyn Jacma, your financial expert from Lexatrade company. Below is the account number of the company with UBA  Nigerian.

    Bank Account Details
    Account Name:    MC SL BIZ NG
    Bank Name :        United Bank of Africa (UBA)
    Account Number:   1022478394
    Narration: LexaTrade Activation

    The minimum amount is 250 USD, which is equivalent to 104,000 NGN.
    Kindly send me a screenshot of payment/slip when the payment is done.

    1. Hmmmm, I am dupped then.i just invested 250dolars

    2. They nearly killed me with phone calls telling to take advantage of a 60% promo. As I receives their calls, I keep searching the internet to find about them and I found this site. I thank God I saw this site, I could have fallen into their hand.

  104. Total people are told true lexatrade is a fraud company please don’t trap with this.

  105. From Nigeria, I got duped by Lexa Trade, one Jessica Raymond continued phoning me till she made me deposit N104,000 (equivalent of $250) in UBA account and immediately I got a call from “an account manager” who talked beautiful nonsense. It is saddening to note that Lexa Trade have a network of bank collaborators to dupe people. On a visit to UBA bank, the bank said it is against ethics to disclose identities of account owners.

  106. I’m gonna back out from this thanks Guys i almost fall a victim with these guys thanks for ur comments. and sorry too all those who where scammed.

  107. Write to consumer forum too. If more complain comes, they will take legal action against lexatrade fraudsters.

  108. Celine Onyiuke Irobi

    I was not opportuned to see these eye opener about the lexatrade scammers. I am Celine Onyiuke Irobi from Nigeria. I was mislead my wonderful testimonies of Emmanuel Akpa a Venue man in Nigeria and one other man , how the invested 95k ($250) and he earned over 6million. I Google the name and the story came up and it made me to believe it’s legit business not knowing it’s a full scam. I have been duped. This happened on 24st of this month,2022. I transferred 95k to their fraudulent account but it didn’t go, immediately I received a call from a lady Femi Adam telling me that the price is now 104k due to Dollar rate. I even told her that I borrowed this money to do this business based on Mr Emmanuel’s testimony that as soon as you received a call from them that your life don better. Her email is [email protected] t, she introduced me to another person from compliance department by name Karina JoJo ([email protected]) and the last person she assigned me to as my financial expert is Ava Watson whom according to her is 26years old. I sent to them photocopies of my Voters Card, National Identity Slip, Utility bill of our prepared metre and one of my Affidavit as Adam was insisting of stamp on the document. Kindly help me to get my money back I beg you to whomever it may concern. Thanks so much in anticipation.

  109. seems I have to kiss goodbye to $250 invested after a sweet talk by Navish muhar.Is there any possibility of taking collective action and save other innocent investors

  110. Lexatrade is a fraud/scam, even if yo make profit they will cut your money for commission and they will not allow you to withdraw your money even if you made profit.

  111. Scammed me $2000

  112. Scams you stole my money

  113. Fraud company

    They usually paly game with you, i have been robbed by This company recently, my account manager name was jatin trivedi, when i first invested 1000 usd, my RM was appointed to me, and there gane starts here

    He invested my money to a stock and first time they gave some profit to win my trust, and then h asked me to invest more but i asked him to reinvest what i earned so he invested again and next day my account was getting negative, so he asked to to add 5000 usd more so that i can recover your money and make good profit, and send the money back to you, i did so, then another lady named christine aubert call me on skype, asking to invest more as my account is doing well and my account balance has reached 15000 usd, and you account will be upgraded to premium customer, so i simply denied

    Next day they manage to make my account completely nil and the balance was in negative again,

    So another person named Arman singhania came in to picture, asking me to deposit atleast 5000 usd so that we can recover your account and send the money back to you, to get saved i did so, and when i was asking my money back my account manager jatin trivedi again intentionally reinvested the amount to any stock and said sir its been invested again and you are making good profits, so ill do one thing ill deposit 20000 usd in your bank account on 25 feb 2022, and again after few days suddenly at night my account came to zero and when i asked him. He said you made a big loss and you need to deposit more money,

    And after invested 20000, i left with a big zero and ultimately that indian bastard jatin trivedi is not seen online on skype again and my account was given to another person name ishaan bakshi, when i asked about jatin he said he has gone back to india and again asking to deposit money

    So beware of this fraud company, they play with your money and wont give you anything back in

    Manish jaiswal

  114. Just got a call from Marish Khan guiding me to start, thank you guys for your comments you a life saver

  115. this company is so notorious in scamming people,I got to know them through a family friend.i was appointed an acount officer named Tara santiago.They scammed me of my hard earn 10000USD,the finance director in person of Oscar bell are fraudster,(they have indian accent)believe me they will scam you of your hard earn resources.A worthy of note, when they contact you via telephone,you will be advised to login on skype which happens to be their main means of communication.Please insist on having a video call with them.they claim their office is in london meanwhile they will provide you aggrement documents which indicates St vincent and the Grenadines.They will keep bombarding you with several calls,once you part with your money they will renege on the will convince you to subscribe on MT4 because it better than their web platform.They are extremely patience with their calls once you fall victim to this scammers you cannot get a dime back.they go back end initiate unauthorised transactions on the MT4.Currently Tara santiago and oscar bell are on the run on skype.I cannot reach them any longer after they have scammed me.Please beware

    1. I have just been scammed of $250 dollars by this same company called lexatrade

  116. where do we file a complain against lexatrade

  117. I am about to make my first deposit, please, guys, advice me ooo!

    1. Do not. It’s after my fourth deposit I realised I have. I even borrowed the last $1000

    2. Lexa trade is big scam please beware of them, I was scam of $250 on September name is egbo Abel Johnson.A nigeria.please how can I recover my money?

  118. I have just been scammed over 3000 USD I just deposited the last 1000 through binance and they saying they have not received it. I made the last deposit on friday. Please what can I do

  119. Olufemi Ogundiran.

    The company is a scammer. I deposited #105,000 equivalent of $250. Nothing has been done up till this moment. A lady called Emily Mitchell will call and asked me to connect her on Skype, up till now we have not connected. She continue given fake information.I am fed up.I need my money.

  120. I have been scammed by lexatrade with $250 help me

  121. I have nearly fallen prey to lexatrade.Thank God I decided to check on d Internet about lexatrade.There are so many victims.

  122. Please help me too, I also fell into their trap

  123. I am about to be scammed right about now. One Cathrine Kamsil just called me now but i told her to call me back by 4p.m Nigerian time.I thank you all for the information about Laxatrade.

    Contact Number: +44 20 4579 9561

    Bank Account Details
    Account Name: MC SL BIZ NG LTD
    Bank Name: United Bank of Africa (UBA)
    Account Number: 1022478394
    Narration: Lexatrade Activation

  124. Abubakar Mahmud was

    Lexatrade is a highly organized scam company. So notorious in defrauding people of hard earned money. Don’t on any reason attempt doing any business with them. They are team of scammers and fraudsters parading themselves as honest professionals and defrauding people. They scammed me of $250 by luyying me to invest with them with the promised that they would give me Robot trading machine to trade for me. After I invest the money with them, they appointed about 3 to 4 different accounts managers to manage my account, the Last one was Oxana Miller who changed my password and directed me to open the platform and start trading manually in violation of there earlier promised of allocating a Robot to trade for me. And even that the platform became unassesible. I try calling them but their lines is always not going but they called you if they need you.
    Please do not initiate a call or start any conversation with them, they are professionals scammers, so stay away from Lexatrade. They are only good at defrauding people, they will continue to encourage you to invest with them in order to continue scamming you.
    Stay away from Lexatrade!
    Stay away from Lexatrade!!
    Stay away from Lexatrade!!!
    For your safety.

  125. Good morning.
    I was Called by Alina Bangs an Account Manager at Sales Department from Lexatrade after I filled an online form for automated Crypto trading on 27th September 2022 persuading to pay the sum of 250 USD, which she said that is equivalent to 108,000 NGN after 12 minutes discussion she was able to convinced me the genuineness of their business. At the cause of our discussion, she said that they have a subsidiary company in Nigeria with name “MC SL BIZ NG LTD” which has account with United Bank of Africa.
    I transfer the money into this Bank Account Details she sends to me.
    Bellow is the detail provided by her for Crypto trading, and the transfer detail:
    Account Name: MC SL BIZ NG LTD
    Bank Name: United Bank of Africa (UBA)
    Account Number: 1024533680
    Narration: Lexatrade Activation

    Below is the detail of the payment
    Acct: **2627
    DR: NGN108,000.00, COM+VAT:53.75
    Desc: MOBILE/UNION Transfer to MC SL BIZ NIG LTD – lexatr
    DT: 27/SEP/2022 13:45:18
    After the transfer, I was directed to their website and ask me to open account, which I did, thereafter, I logged into the account and discovered that $250 was credited to the account with 50% bonus which she said was new account bonus but the account was popping up “your account is blocked. Perhaps, your account did not pass the verification process. To unblock the account, please contact your personal manager” All the documents requested were provided, yet their system is showing: “Your account is blocked. Perhaps, your account did not pass the verification process. To unblock the account, please contact your personal manager”
    After successful confirmation of the money, Alina neither call me no respond to my messages while before the payment was made, she said that after payment the expert advisor will call me which never happened.

    Up till now I was kept in the dark. Please I need my money back as I am not comfortable with the process anymore.

  126. Yesterday 11th October 2022 I recovered my money from Lexatrade by the help of God. It all started when Sophia Davis wanted to scam me another Six thousand United State Dollar ($6,000) by offering me an opportunity to invest in their company, she called it Initial Public Offer (IPO) at the same time asking me to upgrade my account to Gold which will cost me $6,000, which I agreed with her and I used that opportunity to let her know that I always test Brokers swiftness in withdrawal process as a result I want to withdrawal $310 out of $445.59 that is in my account, She claimed that she has made $195 from my $250.59 I deposited with them, she scale it down to $250 at the end they returned my N108, 000 in the name of testing their withdrawal system so that I can be able to pay $6,000. I thank God for His Help and also thank all the people contributed on these reviews.

  127. Please those people are thieves and very clever,very smart on cheating people,they convinced me to deposit 250 USD, after that I was told to give one month bank slip,id photo copie, from both side this was to enable thir system to start working,after this was done the broker disappeared completely, i’ve never had her again since that time. Later another broker called me and introduced himself as my new broker. I did asked him about the first broker who give me every information but the second broker seemed to be sympathetic,but he told me that every thing will be well and he will recover every coins.
    This is when I got to know those were thieves and people need to know that,it is a dangerous business, kindly don’t ever try to deposit your money in this business. You will be stolen day light, me am a victim.
    You thieves your day are numbered and God will make sure you die a painful death and your generation there after.

  128. If you are told to invest in this ponzi scheme by a friend or relative, RUN far far away from it! Don’t be the next victim! You just have to read the reviews in this site and other sites and you will know!
    If you are already in it, you can get help from LFr es cue • org let’them guide you! There are other possible ways to recover your money though…If your upline is willing to join forces with other investors, we could all engage a global fraud detection and recovery services to help us recover the money scammed by tfxi.

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