Beware! TJV Capital is an offshore broker! Your investment may be at risk.


Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Open trading accounts with at least two brokers.


Warning! TJV Capital is everything else, but a true Forex broker! This entity gave us countless scam signs, which unquestionably proves that you should never deal with it! The first thing to note is the amateur-ish website presented, which is broken and ugly, certainly not suitable for a company that will ask for money from you. Other than that, TJV Capital doesn’t reveal any valuable piece of information about itself. It is a fraudulent Forex creature that shouldn’t be trusted, read on to find out everything you need to know about this broker in the full TJV Capital review.


TJV Capital claims to be NFA regulated, but this is pure speculation and a lie:

In fact, TJV is an approved member, but it doesn’t automatically mean that they have the license to operate as a Forex broker. To obtain a license, a broker needs to meet the capital adequacy requirements in the US– minimum initial capital of 20 million USD. TJV Capital has applied for a Forex license but later withdrew it for some reason, which is unknown to us.

In their Client Agreement, however, TJV Capital claims to be registered and regulated in Hong Kong, which is a red flag and a warning to the traders, because it’s nowhere on their website that they mention something about HK regulation:

Our search in the register of HKFSC produced no results, which is the super ultimate red flag in combination, have a look:

Your funds are not safe if you make a deposit with TJV Capital, it’s an unlicensed, unauthorized and unregulated fraudulent Forex broker, which is trying to deceive the traders about its legitimacy. It’s a scam and must be avoided!

Your choice should always be a transparent, legitimate and regulated Forex broker, preferably in Europe, holding CySEC(Cyprus) or FCA(UK) license. These jurisdictions created the safest financial environment for your deposits, and it’s guaranteed that the authorized European true Forex brokers will treat your funds with utmost care.

Above all, money protection funds were inaugurated throughout Europe, such as ICF(under CySEC) and FSCS(under FCA) which guarantee the deposits made by the customers. In Cyprus, you can claim up to 20 000 EUR, while in the UK the guarantees are of even up to 85 000 GBP.


Warning! TJV Capital requires a copy of your ID or Passport and the numbers to sign-up. It’s the ultimate scam sign, which makes us believe that the so-called Forex broker might as well be conducting an Identity Theft! You should never submit copies of your documents during a registration!

Otherwise, TJV Capital claims to offer Metatrader4 accounts to the traders, Metatrader5 is not available. The EUR/USD spread is 2 pips most of the time, while the maximum leverage level is of up to 1:100, but it is said that an increase to 1:500 is possible.

Demo accounts are available, but it’s certainly not recommended to trade with a scam Forex broker.


The minimum initial deposit with TJV Capital is quite a boggy matter! The minimum is said to be $100, free of charge:

On the other hand, if you do not want to submit a picture of your bank card with them, the minimum Wire Transfer deposit is $2000, an obvious scam sign! They apparently want to make you send them a copy of your bank card! We have to repeat it; you should never submit copies of documents containing your personal information to shady and controversial entities, or people who are randomly approaching you on the Internet or over the phone!

Fairly speaking, we weren’t really able to understand the funding methods, due to the illiteracy and the poor presentation skills of the people standing TJV Capital. Nonetheless, we assume that Wire Transfers, Credit/Debit cards and Crypto payments through various e-wallets are available.

No minimum withdrawal amount specified, but you have to trade at least 5 lots to make a withdrawal, which is a totally unfair condition and a scam sign.

No dormant account policy and no fees for inactivity specified.

No bonuses or other forms of trading incentives are offered.

No Partnership programs are introduced.

Our verdict: TJV Capital shows way too many red flags and scam signs, the service is totally unprofessional, and the website is far below the industry standards. Keep your money safe and stay away from TJV!


The scam is a financial crime, but the scammers successfully remain anonymous, operating across different jurisdictions and shady offshore zones, which makes it difficult for law enforcement agencies to carry out their tasks. It would help if you learned how to protect yourself and recognize the danger as soon as you face it. There are some prevalent typical scam features, which you should remember, it’s for your own benefit to do it:

  • Scammers withhold legal information about themselves because their enterprise is illicit! They will not publish details, which can undoubtedly prove the legitimacy of their business because there aren’t any.
  • Scammers are more often than not registered offshore, in tax haven jurisdictions with no regulations. It helps them remain anonymous and unpunished by the law.
  • Scammers will always promise big and offer risk-free trades, 100% guaranteed returns, top-notch trading conditions, expert advisers and FX robots that are always correct about the market, etc. A true Forex broker, however, will do exactly the opposite, explicitly warning you that FX and CFDs trading is very speculative and that there is a significant risk for your investments.
  • Scammers are crazy about bonuses and promotions. We have to stress on the fact that in the EU and UK the bonus programs are banned, and no legit Forex broker is allowed to present trading incentives as such! It is a scam if a Forex broker offers you a deposit bonus.
  • Scammers will always be in a hurry, pushing you to deposit with them. Their impatience is an obvious scam sign; it is a fraud if someone insists on you to start investing as soon as possible.
  • Scammers will be aggressive, and they won’t take “No” for an answer and might carry on annoying you for a very long time- days, weeks or even months.


No one is immune to scam; anyone can fall into the trap. Scammers are constantly looking for new and different ways to scam the people. What you need to do first, in case you got scammed, is to protect yourself from further risks. Contact your bank and explain to them your situation, they will give you important instructions to follow and will help you, if possible, recover your money.

Report what happened to you, file a complaint, contact the financial regulator, contact other government institutions related to trading and investing. Seek help actively!

Share online your experience; it is important to protect others, as well. Be responsible!

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  1. Never trust this broker. They will reject al your withdrawal request. Terrible customer service. I lost 7 million dollars. I also complained in NFA.

    1. Where you able to get back your money,
      I am also having the same issue , impossible to withdraw money, just new excuses all the time.

    2. TJV is nota accessible now, not even allowed to do trade in MT4, please be aware now they’re using aglance name to scam people

    3. Enayatullah Nazari

      If you had a $7 million dollar you wouldn’t be that much stupid to invest money in

  2. They are total scammers. They reject your withdrawal request saying anti money laundering, or at least you need to deposit more than $100k to enable deposit, which were not explained at beginning. Do not trust a woman who approaches you claiming she lives in Taiwan, who in fact belongs to scam group in Hong Kong.

    1. How much did you get scammed for ? Me $20000, is there no one we can complain too ? I filed a report with the FBI, NFA, and a wrote a bad review on trust pilot.
      I’m so devastated. The world is so harsh, that’s our hard earned money !!! And Binance apparently doesn’t recover BTC’s.
      Nothing is regulated out there. What kind of a system is this.
      Anyway last time i invest ever. I’m trying to move forward and pick up the pieces otherwise i get depressed thinking about it.

      1. Please dont leave them. Move forward with compaint. Even i complained in NFA. No action hass been taken. We should do something or else they will again cheat innocent people. A guy contacted me from tjv and told me to pay him 100000$ and told me if i pay him he will help to withdraw money. We should make them pay for it

        1. Any updates Rinto ?

    2. I was brilliantly beaten by a Taiwanese girl

  3. Since we’ve all been scammed by the same fake company can we connect on some kind of social media platform ? I don’t want to give my number here because it’s impossible to delete the comment, (upset nanny) is my username on trust pilot for TJV review if anyone wants to add their number leave it for 12h then delete it, i really need to talk about what happened, maybe we can figure something out. No one has asked me to pay them $100000 yet.

    1. me and my husband were also scammed by these people from TJV, be aware they’re all working in the same company GlobalFX using different names. Our money gets stuck in TJV now. Just check the post of these people in tweeter and they are using new broker name AGLance. TJV is done so they made a new broker name. BEWARE people. please share to others so there will be no ‘more victims.

  4. I an from Japan. Oh my god .. Maybe I’ve been scammed..
    Do not trust a woman who approaches you claiming she lives in Taiwan.
    I’ve been scammed by the same fake company can we connect on twitter.

    How should I get my money back … Please give me your help.

    1. I don’t know what to do , really upset but i think we just need to let go. There is no chance we will get our money back. I hope they get what they deserve in the end

    2. Hey kay,
      Any updates ??

  5. I am Japanese. I can’t even request a $ 25,000 refund on TJV.
    I trusted it because a Taiwanese girl approached me and gave me various things. A really pathetic man.
    A minimum withdrawal fee of $ 50,000 is required for refund, so I received an email asking me to make an additional deposit.
    I think that the investment profit is completely generated by operating the futures money transaction many times with Metatrader 4 (it is a false operation).
    I believed it. TJV is a terrible company. The Taiwanese girl is also terrible. The one who told the police
    Is that okay? I will never send money overseas again. Please tell me how to get a refund

    1. Don’t give them any extra money. They will not give back your money, it’s just a scam. I’m trying to move forward by forgiving myself, it’s sad that it happened to all of us but god is great and he will punish them.

  6. No update for my account. Its my humble request please dont give them any more money. Hope noone else join in this scam.

    1. You said 7 million, how much was your deposit ?
      Were you able to get anything back ?? I got 5000us but that’s all.
      What is your agent saying ? Mine is like pay me my commision and i’ll let you withdraw as much as you want but i already know that she is lying..

  7. Luckily I deposited $200. Now waiting for withdrawal. let see how it goes.

    1. Any updates ??!? Rinto, keita anything ?? Do we just let go ?

  8. Hello guys I have lost 58000$ same issues

    1. How much did you invest ? Not including profitz
      Did they give you anything ?? They have my $20000 but they don’t want to give it back, it is a scam. They are illegal. I don’t think it’s possible allah is great just keep doing duae and pray that allah will give them what they deserve.
      I got $5000 usd back but nothing else so still waiting.
      Open your tjv member account and then u will find the withdrawal process. Write $5000 usd and then copy your btc account number into the receipt area.
      Then it’s up to them.

  9. How can I withdraw my money from tjv mt4 platform please tell me

  10. Same issue 10 days before request for withdrawal but still not processed may be scam one she from China she said not scam this legal company but she scam over hard mony I am so much problem I am mony borrow over friends I give you return after a months but I lost please New people join thame daily please Allah help All no more join this company no more loss any one

  11. There is no way to get the money back, just keep reporting them and writing reviews on different websites so other people don’t get scammed as well. Allah help us all, please people don’t let this put you down. I cried and cried but then i got up and i am not going to let this dictate my future.

  12. hi all. i just invested $1000 in their account. i am trying to login to their portal but the page doesn’t open. anyone else facing the same issue?

  13. Did anyone get their money back ??

    1. Hello Sarah, im passing through the same situation, a taiwanese girl started talking to me, can i talk to you so i can have more details of her? I need to know if the story she told me about her it is the same she told you

      1. Hey Arthur how do u want to connect ? Whatsapp ? Are they withholding ur money as well ?? And which country are u from ? Me australia

  14. Hello,

    I have very bad experience with this broker, the customer support is complete joke.
    I have lost probably close to 25000$ USD.

    Some of them are promoting this broker in twitter and telegram where they post “trading operation recommendations” however if you follow those and you have account in their server and see their charts it can differ over 500pips than lets say on fxsheet or tradingview. After those times their chart will then slowly adjust to realchart remember that times are in GMT+8. Just search XAUUSD and TJV in twitter if you want to do research.

    Now they are even going in tinder and try to find people there to invest in their scam. That is what Im victom of.. funny yea.. Im telling you this because I dont want to people have broken hearth and then loose their money aswell… Dont give them more money.

    1. Are they rejecting all your withdrawal attempts as well ?? It’s soooo sad that this is still happening !!! I’m so angry we can stop them !!!! They are stealing peoples hard earned money. They are withholding my $20000 as well, i just hope they get what’s coming, be safe everyone and Ville, did you get any money back ?? And withdrawal attemt succesful ?? Also try and take it easy forgive yourself, these are PROFESSIONAL SCAMMERS. They do this for a living

    2. hey. did you manage to withdraw from the tjv broker?

    3. Plz report NFA and also i have 1 prof about coco chen

      1. Please what proof do you have about coco Chen?

        1. The broker she’s using now is Rist Versos, any experience with them?

  15. I got scammed by a girl from tinder!
    What a pathetic kind of people

  16. Guys please file a complaint in interpol. I already did. Try to complain in all possible waus and possible organization. Don’t leave them

  17. Just wondering if anyone actually registered their account with TJV ( gave them ID ) ??
    Read the terms and conditions, i’m thinking of registering my account maybe that way i’ll be approved for a withdrawal.
    I don’t know just a thought.
    Also did anyone else get $5000 US or was it just me ??

  18. Anyone go with a fund recovery firm or are they scammers as well ??

    1. if you have a way to refund our money, please, let us know

      1. They gave me back $5000 i’m surprised they did, thank god, but they still have $20000 so i’m still upset but getting through it.
        I haven’t found a way to get our money back. Will keep everyone posted

        1. Hey Sarah, i also got scammed by tjv… i wanna talk to you via whats app is there any possibillity?

        2. any luck with getting your money back?

        3. Hey Sarah i also got scammed…

  19. thanks for this review, you guys did a great work. i lost $20,000 to this scammers, how do we save others from getting scammed?

  20. Hello. Anyone lucky to withdraw successfully? And did you get gold signals from Coco for tjv broker

    1. She said her name was Mary, but that’s just a lie…
      no luck after i got the first $5000 us i was never able to withdraw successfully again.

    2. Yes Coco is the lady. I can’t withdraw as well. We need to tell to our countries cyber crimes to block the TJV website, that is the only solution to prevent people from scam.

    3. Hello Kelly, coco is also my TJV manager , but she says she cant do anything about withdrawal

    4. I got Gold signals from Coco Chen but via Rist Versos, anyone able to make a withdrawal of part or all of their money, is Chen part of the scam syndicate?

  21. Yes I did. Coco has been doing trading also for us. What about you?

    1. Karachi, is she is managing your account?? Did you try to withdraw?? I did trading myself, Coco was providing signals.

  22. Karachi, is she is managing your account?? Did you try to withdraw?? I did trading myself, Coco was providing signals.

    1. I did not try to withdrawal. What’s your number I will WhatsApp or call you.

  23. i also got scammed about 40.000$ and now Can’t login to the tjvs site is there a way to get the money back

    1. They said that the website was attacked by hackers and they are upgrading it. Don’t know whether it is true or a lie.

  24. I also got scammed by tjv. coco was the women who convinced me to invest. i lost 20000 $. i went to my lawyer and he said, the only way is to go to police. so i did. but to be honest. i guess my money is gone. all our invested money is gone. go to the police. we will see what happpens

  25. of course lie.they always lie.We need to find a way to save our money.I don’t want to give my money to these scammers.
    If anyone can get own money, please write here.I will do my best to save my money

  26. What’s coco’s number ??
    I’ve made a tjv scam group chat on whatsapp with people who have been scammed if anyone wants to join add my number

    1. hey Sarah what is your whatsapp number. I also lost money from TJV , coco and yao were saying the tjv website was under attack so its now shut down but its just a lie. Now they’re using Aglance group. Please we should let everybody know about this fake forex broker.

      1. Hi all, any one reported your issue with your government? Like FCA, action fraud if you are in uk? I did. If you all do that to your government body and list out their names phone number … then hopefully the international FBI will investigate abs put them in prison so they can be rotten in their. Pls do it all

    2. hi sarah. please give your number to get on tjv scam group

  27. I lost over $50 000. I just texted you Sarah King. Others join the whatsapp chat. I suggest we try the litigation lawsuit. Also try to find the jurisdiction and press local politics and inform local media to create pressure.

  28. I am Japanese. I was deceived by a Taiwanese named Chen Mutsuki for $ 23,000. It is mortifying. Chen Mutsuki has withdrawn from LINE and cannot be contacted. What is it?

  29. I am Japanese. I was deceived by a Taiwanese who calls himself Chen Mutsuki for $ 230,000. It is 23 million yen in Japanese yen. Chen Mutsuki used LINE. She is now unsubscribed and can’t be contacted. She wants to file a proceeding as the same victim as you.

    1. U can find her on twitter

  30. On twitter as also @goldyaomuxue

    They are a whole group

  31. hi guys what about this website someone approached me for that too. is it also a scam?

  32. +85267017770 is the no that i was approached with to register tjv and twitter handle is @chengoldsignal, while +85266152595 twitter @linan92722780

    1. Ke Chen (cherry) Facebook
      Coco WhatsApp +852 6701 7770
      Blocked me after tjv no longer existe.

  33. 5000$ loss on tjv.

    Coco trader +85267017770 now blocked whatsapp
    Twitter @Chengoldsignal,
    @chengoldtrader Blocked.
    @gold_ue provides same signals. (Yao)
    Ke Chen (cherry) Facebook profile “coco”

  34. Please don’t register with any broker who’s don’t have phone numbers, office address & registration with Financial body.

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