Beware! HyperoptionFX is an offshore broker! Your investment may be at risk.


Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Open trading accounts with at least two brokers.


Warning! HyperoptionFX is a Forex broker which indeed hasn’t been run by professionals; you should simply see their website to understand what we are talking about. They claim to be registered in the UK but fail to prove that it’s true, as there aren’t any registration numbers or licenses shown. Furthermore, they offer risk-free Bitcoin Investment Products, which raises the suspicions even more. Find out everything you need to know about this sham Forex broker in the full HyperoptionFX review.


HyperoptionFX is a totally anonymous entity, which claims to be located in Houston, Texas and registered in the UK back in 2003. But we didn’t find any legal information about them neither on their website nor anywhere else. The only thing that came out was some company called Capex Financials Ltd, but it’s equally obscure!

Your funds are not safe if you deposit with HyperoptionFX, it’s an unlicensed, unauthorised and unregulated anonymous Forex broker, which behaves like a scam.

Do not ever trust anonymous and offshore Forex brokers, stay safe and choose legit and regulated entities, such as the European ones. EU and UK are known for the strict rules imposed and the security of their financial sectors. There are many customer protection measures taken, but most importantly, money protection schemes were inaugurated that further contribute to the health of the system.

ICF under CySEC in Cyprus and FSCS under FCA in the UK are two of the most prominent deposit protection funds. In Cyprus, you can make a claim of up to 20 000 EUR per client and in the UK of even up to 85 000 GBP per client, in case a Forex broker faces difficulties to meet its financial obligations. If it were an offshore entity, however, it would simply disappear, and you would lose all of your investments, instead of making profits elsewhere!


HyperoptionFX claims to offer risk-free Bitcoin investments, cryptocurrency mining and trading management platform on a very short term contract called tariff plan. It is a strong scam sign indeed, no reputable financial institution is going to offer such an investment instrument to the clients!

In fact, there is nothing that they can provide because their website is totally dysfunctional; the only thing that works appropriately is their deposit system so that you can easily make a bitcoin payment! Their so-called platform is totally useless and consists of charts that are for information purposes only, which is another major scam sign!

Metatrader4 or Metatrader5 accounts are not available. No information about spreads or leverage levels, because the usual trading conditions are not applicable.


The minimum initial deposit is said to be $250, and you can upgrade later to their Silver Account. The funding methods are said to be Bitcoin, Skrill, Western Union and MoneyGram.

No minimum withdrawal and no withdrawal fees specified. But we found a very major red flag in their Withdrawal process- you can only withdraw Bitcoins! It’s a great inconvenience for the traders and actually a scam sign because it isn’t mentioned anywhere as a condition! True Forex brokers will never limit the traders in such a manner, you should stay away from HyperoptionFX.

No dormant account policy and no fees for inactivity defined, which itself is a scam sign, because it’s an important matter for the traders. Without having it clarified, it might turn out the broker has charged your account with an unbearable fee. It’s the business model of many scam Forex brokers, which will make money out of unfair clauses, such as 10% monthly fee etc. Not mentioning the dormant account policy is even worse for the trader!

They offer a Deposit bonus if you sign-up and make a deposit as quickly as possible. The link redirects to the Sign-Up page, which shows urgency, one of the most treacherous scam signs that one could see.

The core of their business, however, is the partnership program, which is nothing else but an MLM scheme. HyperoptionFX isn’t a true Forex broker and should be avoided.


Scammers introduce financial or investment opportunities which are too good to be true. Lucrative returns (we’ve seen 800% per day) with low or no risk at all, unbeatable trading conditions, trading robots and bots that always execute the winning trades, scammers might even assure that they own insider information and the profits you are going to make are guaranteed.


No one is immune to scam; anyone can fall into the trap. Scammers are always looking for new and different ways to scam consumers. What you need to do first, in case you got scammed, is to protect yourself from further risks. Contact your bank and explain to them your situation, they will give you necessary instructions to follow and will help you, if possible, recover your money.

Report what happened to you, file a complaint, contact the financial regulator, contact other government institutions related to trading and investing. Seek help actively!

Share online your experience; it is essential to protect others, as well. Be responsible!

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