AUU Global Review – 5 things you should know about

AUU Global Review – 5 things you should know about

Beware! AUU Global is an offshore broker! Your investment may be at risk.



Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Open trading accounts with at least two brokers.


AUU Global is a shady entity that doesn’t look like a trustworthy Forex broker. In fact, their products and services presentation is way below the standards for acceptable! Their website is available in English and Chinese, and fairly speaking, the English version makes a horrible impression. We detected some major red flags indicating that AUU Global is most probably a scam enterprise. Find out everything you need to know about this strange Forex broker in the full AUU Global review.


AUU Global claims to be a financial group that is presented in the United Kingdom. Our research in the register of British Financial regulator, however, didn’t produce any results, which undoubtedly proves that AUU Global isn’t a legit Forex broker.

Apart from the plain talk, AUU Global doesn’t provide the public with any other information about their legitimacy, such as license or registration numbers. That should only mean that they are deliberately hiding crucial legal information from the public- a powerful scam sign! On top of that, AUU Global has three different domains, that display identical web pages and, reasonably speaking, it is an extraordinary way for a company to conduct its business. The domains are as follows:,, and

Your funds are not safe if you make a deposit with AUU Global, it’s an unlicensed, unauthorised and unregulated Forex broker, that withholds essential information about itself and acts strangely.

It would be best if you chose a European Forex broker- CySEC(Cyprus) or FCA(Britain) regulated, as these locations host the leaders in the retail FX industry. Europe created the safest financial environment in the world by implementing a very robust regulatory framework, consisting of many strict rules and requirements Forex brokers have to meet. The regulated entities should hold the clients’ funds in segregated bank accounts; provide the traders with negative balance protection; adjust the stop-out levels to 50% of the account balance; impose a leverage cap as a customer protection measure and so on. But most importantly, there are customer compensation funds at the place, inaugurated to protect the clients of authorised financial service companies.

The Investor Compensation Fund(ICF) operates in Cyprus, while in Britain, a similar fund is called Financial Services Compensation Schemes(FSCS). In Cyprus, you are allowed to make a claim of up to 20 000 EUR per client, while in the UK you are guaranteed of even up to 85 000 GBP per client. If you trade with an offshore broker you are entitled to nothing, it might cease to exist tomorrow, and you are going to lose all of your investments!


AUU Global offers MetaTrader4 accounts to its customers; MetaTrader5 is not available. It is a logical choice for them because MT4 is the most popular Forex trading platform in the world, which is also used by many financial institutions. It’s stable, reliable, easy-to-use and includes the usage of many sophisticated features such as expert advisors, automated trading robots, complex indicators and so on. MetaTrader has developed its own marketplace, where you can find plenty of useful tools that you can implement in your trading routine.

Warning! AUU Global doesn’t specify its trading conditions, anywhere on their website. In fact, it doesn’t even present T&Cs to the clients, which is the ultimate scam sign we were able to detect, effectively meaning that AUU Global is not a legit enterprise. However, the EUR/USD spread is 0.6 pips, which is a favourable difference, but we do not recommend trading with this Forex broker.

The maximum leverage level is 1:500, but the biggest problem is that the minimum available ratio is 1:100, which is a considerable disadvantage. It means that AUU Global doesn’t let you modify the trading conditions to your own preferences and is actually pushing you to trade in a way that isn’t safe for, which is a red flag and a scam sign! There is a leverage cap of 1:30 in EU and UK, which was imposed as a customer protection measure because highest ratios are considered inadequate for retail traders with little or no experience.


Warning! AUU Global doesn’t give any useful information about the products and services they are offering, and they do not even present Terms and Conditions or a Client Agreement to the traders!

No minimum initial deposit specified, but the industry standard is around $100, even though some Forex brokers will accept as little as 5 or 10 bucks. The funding methods are said to be Debit/Credit Card, Wire Transfers, UnionPay and WeChat. UnionPay and WeChat are Chinese payment systems that are very unpopular in EU, UK and USA, which comes to show that China is a top market for AUU Global.

No minimum withdrawal amount and no withdrawal fees were found, no dormant account policy or fees for inactivity known, as well. The dormant account policy is important because it constitutes how the Forex broker is going to treat inactive accounts. Scam Forex brokers will usually define unbearable conditions such as a monthly percentage fee, which definitely harms the funds made by the clients.

No bonuses or other trading incentives offered, also no partnership programs introduced on their website.


A group of scammers usually operates many different scam brokers, scam websites and call centres. Sometimes they will rely on the quantity; they will publish tens or hundreds of websites and will wait for traders and investors with little or no experience to bite. Nowadays, it’s really cheap to create one, and it looks like a profitable strategy, as they carry on doing it. At times they are so arrogant that the only thing that they change will be only their domain name. Beware, and always do thorough research before making a deposit, it will save you a lot of money and stress!


No one is immune to scam; anyone can fall into the trap. Scammers are always looking for new and different ways to scam consumers. What you need to do first, in case you got scammed, is to protect yourself from further risks. Contact your bank and explain to them your situation, they will give you necessary instructions to follow and will help you, if possible, recover your money.

Report what happened to you, file a complaint, contact the financial regulator, contact other government institutions related to trading and investing. Seek help actively!

Share online your experience; it is essential to protect others, as well. Be responsible!

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  1. These are same scammers as Business Choice Partner. Please avoid using them and save your money.

  2. Avoid Auu Global at all costs
    I can’t get my money out , and I can’t find any phone number to call , and email is not responding.

    1. Any news i can’t get my money also

      1. Mohammed
        These Guys have been busted. Please send an e mail address and I will send you privately the contact number of investigating officer. you can file a complaint and also testify how much you lost.

        1. Hi how are you. I been scammed badly, can you tell who can help me.

        2. Hello. I have 3200 usd at AuuGlobal limited and I can’t take them out. Please help me with information.

        3. Auuglobal-live dont withdrawl money. Pls help me.

  3. I got scammed badly. This is a fake site.

    1. Try to contact your bank and put dispute on the transaction. Hope bank retrieve the money

  4. They are scammers, avoid them. They only entise you in and take your money. You cannot withdraw it.

  5. they are certainly scammers. they did not approve my withdrawal and deleted my account

  6. Stay away tfrom them, it is fake

  7. I was fooled by auu999 today, fuck auu999

  8. It’s a big SCAM, I regret investing in AUU forex. Guys do not fall for the trap, they are looters they will push you to invest money and will not allow you to withdraw.
    This is B*tch company. They will steal your hard money. I wish I can sue them. Karma will make them repay. I curse these people.

  9. Yup, a scam, won`t allow to withdraw money, saying that my account is suspected in money laundering, ask me to deposit 5000$ in order to unlock the ability to withdraw. With out any email notification. The conversation goes only throu WhatsApp
    # +1 415 662-0360

    Please avoid AUU

  10. AUU999 İs fake and not gi̇ve money !

  11. I knew a Chinese girl from dating app and I really don’t live in China but that app shows she is around this area, during telling her story that her father had a business at this country and they left back to china, she wanted to come and see me as she is very rich and have alot of money from her side business as she said, she told me I can help you gain also too much money and started to teach me step by step everything on creating a demo account then making a successful trades.
    then she asked me to create a real account in the begging I only deposit 100$ and made successful trades and she showed me how to withdraw and i managed to withdraw 50$, but after 30 mins I tried to withdraw 18$ without telling her but transaction failed, I asked her about that next day she said only one transaction allowed per day, she said there is a good market condition and you have to catch this opportunity so like a fool i deposit 1000$ I made 200$ profit in 2 days , then I tried to withdraw 1100$ but also transaction failed , her excuse was all withdraw system is on holiday maintenance and it will work after holidays finish. last thing she told me she contacted the customer service for me and the told her that is if my Principal is over 5000$ I can withdraw anytime, she also proposed to help me with 2000$ and I deposit 1000$ to be able to withdraw all the money later. of course I didn’t believe her and admitted that I have been scammed and lost 1000$.

    1. Can you tell me what the of this girl? Because I meet also a girl from dating site and she also doing a investment in AUU GLOBAL

    2. Can you tell me how did you make the withdraw.. pls specify it.. step by step.. thank you..

    3. Hello, the same thing happened to me, a girl in China wanted to help me earn more money
      hola me sucedio lo mismo que tu, una chica en china queria ayudarme aganar mas dinero

    4. Shico
      this scammer was not a Girl. It was a man using girl’s pictures and false facebook accounts.
      THESE GUYS HAVE BEEN ARRESTED. Please send an e mail address and I will send you privately the contact number of investigating officer. you can file a complaint and also testify how much you lost.

  12. Anil Gupta ( Name changed)

    Trust me, they are big big scammers!
    so here is their Modus Operandi. (It is my personal experience!)

    A charming Girl befriended me on tinder app. In my case she was so called Taiwanese national who is in the UK for the import and export of cloth business. Her Name is Lisa.

    After few casual and seductive messages, She suddenly said that she is lucky to have met me and have made thousands of dollar today while trading forex currency market. Apparently its her routine to make such money with the help of some American professor who has more than 20 years experience in this field.

    She showed me some fake screenshots of her trading account. But the catch here was in one of the screenshot she failed to crop the name of account holder (some -Will Wason). That was a alarming sign for me!

    Next she gently offered me a help in trading and she offered to share with me the trading signal provided by her professor. She gently made me a first trade on dummy demo account of Auu Global using mt4 platform.

    Gradually after few successfull demo trades and around after 1 week of taking my confidence, she made a lucrative offer to invest real money to earn real account on Auu global platform and she endorsed it as a safe broking platform as recommended by her experienced professor.

    Meanwhile she helped me to make some profitable trades and then made me realize that if I invest more money the profit would be proportionally large. She gently recommended me to start from 10000 dollars investment.

    When i stressed that i didnt have this much capital to invest now, she very comfortably agreed to make me invest whatever money I had.

    She then made the system slightly complicated by introducing Huobi cryptocurrency platform and lot of other fancy things such that beginners like me would blindly fall into the trap and start to blindly follow her. Its not difficult to fall for her charm. Meanwhile she laid her honey trap by posting her spicy bikini pics and promising to spend nights with me once the corona effect is gone. However she constantly denied coming online on video whats-app call sighting poor language as a lame excuse.

    Gently she insisted me to invest more and more money in this shady Auu global account.
    She carefully designed her plot to only make the money deposit in the account and never ever talked about the methods to withdraw money.

    One fine day, i asked her to teach me the steps to withdraw money and then suddenly her real picture started becoming clear to me. She gave a excuse that i would teach you that once you have made a big profit. But i became adamant at this point.
    I was lucky to not have invested much so far, but i was about to. When i insisted her to teach me the withdrawal process before making another huge investment, she simply forwarded me some shady mobile number claiming to be the customer care number of Auu Global and asked me to get in touch with them via text messaging on whats app.

    I was able to withdraw my money back because i was able to convince her that i would invest even more money after learning this step. Meanwhile, the approach of customer care person on whats app was highly unprofessional and it was not difficult for me to figure out that it was some fake individual pretending to be a customer care representative.

    Later she asked me if my withdrawal was successful and when would I invest more money? I hinted her that i was not happy with the experience and i would reconsider my decision of further investment.
    She smelled that i was suspicious about her and suddenly later she absconded from my whats-app, without leaving any trace probably in the fear of further investigation and repercussions.

    1. Can you teach me too how did you make the withdrawal in your account at Auuglobal pls.. thank you..

    2. Hi Anil, Please let us know how you have made withdrawal from AUU account, am also struck with the amount. Same old story girl chat, mt4, binance.

  13. I just got swindled by an auufxpro account, I can’t make a withdrawal of my money and my new friend invite me to invest and customer service can’t be called again..

  14. Same here.. i been scammed buy someone who named lisa..she is really charming and she even help in trading.. sending me signals where at what time i will make a trade.. just today something went wrong with the broker, its changing the name and i being log out in AUUGlobal in mt4 thats why i triend asking her she just said keep logging.. but when i send her the screenshots whats happening ahe just block me,in all of her social media account.. not im trying to widraw, but until now i cant make the widrawal.. its say success but not yet transferred..

  15. I also experienced the same thing. I have made a withdrawal and it was successful but until now the money has not transferred. he also claimed to be named Chen Xi from Singapore. and he will also come to my place after corona. does anyone know how to let my money back..

    1. Hello there. Could you share this person’s information with me. I have the same problem. and he doesn’t answer me anymore.

  16. I am going through the same thing. They just cheated me € 40,000 that I borrowed from all over the place to pay. As usual. I was contacted by a girl on Tiktok, Xinyi Tang, she taught me how to invest in MT4, and withdraw it by AUU Global Limited. and Today they blocked AUU Global customer service and the girl stopped responding to me. I am in debt on all sides and for life. We use Auu Global Limited, Binance and MT4.
    He estoy pasando lo mismo. Me acaban de estafar 40.000€ que me presté de todo sitio para pagar. Lo mismo de siempre. me contactó una chica por Tiktok, Xinyi Tang, me enseñó a invertir en MT4, y retirarlo por AUU Global Limited. y Hoy me bloquearon atención al cliente de AUU Global y la piba esta dejó de responderme. Estoy adeudado por todo lado y de por vida. Usamos Auu Global Limited, Binance y MT4.

    1. The same thing happened to me. what should I do.

  17. The same thing happened with me.
    Hello viewers I am Dev Sharma from Morena India so now I am going to talk about the AUU global limited.
    The company is totally fraud and all the scamers working in fucking organisation
    Let me tell you my story about the fucking scam .
    The only lady her name Tina met me on Facebook and after some Text conversation we exchanged our what’s app number earlier she told me that she is running her yoga studio and beauty salons and a side of this she also make investment in Forex market and she asked me to do investment in forex market it’s good place where you can earn lot of money and she would be my teacher. And I got convenienced by her and started to learn Forex on what’s app and she started to give me daily two trade tips she used to give me perfectt prediction twice a day daily and with the help of this tips and I was making lot of money on Demo account after playing one week she asked me to strat on real account so that you could earn lot money but I was not fully convinced by her and started to doing research on that about all Forex trading apps and broker because I was trading on mt4 along with AUU golbal fucking broker on Demo account and when I did lot of study and on AUU global so finally I reached here and after reading all the page article and your loving comments I decided to write a comment about my story and now I am writing and postings this and one more thing I will never deposit and trade with AUU global and no buddy can’t scammed me fuck off auu global

    1. Hi I am also contacted by a girl for investing in AUU GLOBAL. It is a scam na bro?

  18. Gad damn it bro, i just nearly got scammed I found this girl on tagged and we been chatting for months now and had lured into investing with her cuz she makes a lot of money from this Auuglobal. we stated teaching on demo and i made a lot of cash on demo

    I got enticed to open a real account with the above she sent to me, but i just decided to make some research about this and got here , thank you all for helping me, am really in a safe place. her name is lily and she think she can scam me no way am fucking smarter than her, be aware of this folks don’t get scam , she never allowed video call with me and she claim her English is not good, so all of you be aware of this shit

  19. Hello,
    I have been cheated as the same way as it is stated above.. At the moment this company’s customer service whatsapp number is also closed since Jan.11 ( starting with +1)
    Where can we send our complaints? cyber police? And how can they send back to our bank accounts?

    Thank you

  20. Hello,
    I have also faced the same situation as indicated above (meeting a girl, metatrader study, deposit to auu from binance, lots deposits by her/him, unknown person, I have found one chinese guy’s photo)
    Their whatsapp customer service number is closed since Jan.11
    I am emailing them everyday but even not sure if they read it..

    How can we get our money back as soon as possible?
    Who should get in touch for this?
    Thank you for any help.

    1. Merhaba bende ayni durumdayım ne yaptınız?

  21. The same happened to my friend.if you have any information on how to withdraw kindly help us here at the suggestion

  22. Hi All, i have also faced same fraud . A girl on Ablo .We started normally then later she told same old story am doing Forex am earning 5000$ dollars a day, i fell in trap first i have added only 100$ then after seeing profit on signal i haved 300$ more . After some time she forced me to take loan from bank and add as much as you can and you can clear loan just in 1 month but i didnt do that i thought of retaining with current balance only. then she started talking very less to me and now she is saying am on business and not responding to my messages on facebook. this is her facebook account . beware of this girl fraudster:
    Zhang Yafen.
    My 500$ got struck in AUU please anyone tried withdrawing please let everyone how to get back our money.
    Ganesh Rajkumaran

  23. I too was scammed by this manipulated people, 149,200.00 , by the chinese girl Li Liani, met on dating site, i traded and made money , but when i went to withdraw i was accused on money laundering.Now im in the process of trying to recover my funds. I hope these people go to hell for such a terrible and obscene crime to prey on peoples hard earnt cash or savings.

  24. Dear All, dear Geoff,

    How can we recover our money? It looks like they are unreachable at the moment.
    Everyday I send email to their contact address and not a single reply arrived.
    Customer service whatsapp and this she/boy phone number looks closed since Jan.11. Both are last seen on Jan.11. This proves that they work together in the gang.
    Who should we get in touch with in HongKong?
    Thank you,

  25. I am going through the same thing. They just cheated me € 40,000 that I borrowed from all over the place to pay. As usual. I was contacted by a girl on Tiktok, Xinyi Tang, she taught me how to invest in MT4, and withdraw it by AUU Global Limited. and Today they blocked AUU Global customer service and the girl stopped responding to me. I am in debt on all sides and for life. We use Auu Global Limited, Binance and MT4.

    She can withdraw low amount. But when I withdraw $3000 she told me I couldn’t help you more.

  26. been scammed informed police and citizen advice

  27. Dear All,
    I really feel very sad after seeing all your comments, we could have done this review before investing in AUU, I too lost my money 3000$ on last December, Her name is Lin met on mingle2 dating site, taught me about MT4, Binance and AUU, I have invested 200$ as my first investment, she gave trade signals weekly 3 times, my account became 500$ in a week time, I got more interested in trading and started to trade by myself just for practicing and I made 300$ in few days and sometimes I used to lost all my money and recharge, she advised dont do trading by my own and wasting money, she keep on pushing me to invest more for catching the market for good profits, so I again invested 2800$ for getting good profit, she was very friendly to me and talk all good things, I was never expected that she will cheat, she stopped to chat with me on January month, now my money 3500$ including my profit stuck up with AUU broker.
    Guys, after reviewing FOREX trading, I found that MT4 and Binance are 100% trusted platform for our Investments, but we had choosed wrong AUU broker with the help of these chinese girls who are doing scamming business in FOREX market.
    There is some good thing we taught from these scammers was learnt about FOREX trading, now I opened new account with a trusted Australian based broker and invested 100$ and learnt from youtube videos about how to trade in FOREX by using indicators, its really interesting guys, if you cant able to do by own then check in Telegram, lots of free signals are available, choose some good group and use there signals for your trade. If you are really interested in FOREX trading then try to learn and trade, dont put big money just try in demo account and then start with 100$ in real account. now I am recovering my money by trading and used to withdrawal monthly once from my broker.

  28. Live in Russia. In October 2020, a girl named Ling Man met me on Tinder. She said she was originally from Japan. Now he lives in China. She has her own business selling and sewing clothes. It often happens in Russia. She has a sewing factory in Russia. Her store website is Earns a lot. Her father is from China. The mother is from Japan. She offered to make money on Forex through MT 4. In the beginning I invested $ 500. I could hardly get them out. AUU said that the amount is not sufficient for withdrawal. After a couple of days I was able to withdraw. Ling Man insisted that everything was fine and that there was no need to worry. As a result, I invested $ 7600. When, after several months of playing on the stock exchange, the amount increased to $ 11,000. I decided to withdraw the deposit. AUU said that I broke some rules and should invest another $ 1000. Then another $ 500 and another $ 500. Communication with AUU was via WhatsApp +18024441882. Ling Man’s number is +852 9785 9451. As a result, my account was blocked. I lost $ 7600. I have pictures of Ling Man. If someone tried to find them through the police I can help with the photos.

    1. can you guys please share photos of the lady

      1. Write your email. I will throw her photo there.

        1. Guys, the same thing happened with me even i lost so much money. i’m doing some regular research and already gave complaint to cyber crime , after all these messages we know lot of people(Suspects) involved and most of them form China, Hongkong etc. I’ve created a telegram group please join there and share all the proofs and information you have form here. Hope we all can take this further to recover our lost funds

  29. Dear All,
    Do you have any experience with companies that service you to recover our lost money? Companies such as Trader Defense Advisory, MyChargeBack contact me but they ask advance payment to help. How reliable are these? Thank you

    1. Don’t waste your money. Chargeback is possible if you transfer your money directly to AUU. These used Binance as an intermediary. The money cannot be returned. Only through the police.

      1. Oh, whatta a deep hole we are in 🙁 I hope that it will be solved for all of us some time in the future.

        Can Binance do something about this? Have you or other victims here contacted Binance? I have not written to them yet, but I will..

  30. Same thing happened to me Also, Her name LULU Tan . she is from HK.
    For further information please contact me

  31. Guys, the same thing happened with me even i lost so much money. i’m doing some regular research and already gave complaint to cyber crime , after all these messages we know lot of people(Suspects) involved and most of them form China, Hongkong etc. I’ve created a telegram group please join there and share all the proofs and information you have. Hope we all can take this further to recover our lost funds

    1. Dear Alex, what is the name of this group you created on telegram? I could not find.

    2. Dear Alex, what is the name of the group you created in Telegram?

  32. Some girl named Li Xin, Lulu and others i met them from tinder. They all ask me to join some brokers. But the Li Xin from Hong Kong who asked me to invest in AUU. My story is just the same as others here. Been contacting via email since end of 2020 but back nothing until today. Can we do something?

  33. Guys am sorry, I’m thinking why no one hasn’t joined the group even they lost lot of money, I can’t even sleep after this. Now realized this website doesn’t accept hyper links. You can search “Auuforex scam” in telegram and join there. I think the information i gathered so far will give us some lead. I need more proofs and information from you guys please join we shouldn’t leave those bastards

    1. Hello Alex, unfortunately I still cannot see this group you created. Can there be a problem? See lots of forex scam group on telegram, the one you mentioned can not be seen..

      1. Dear robitaille, i don’t know whats the problem. I tried posting links also but this website removes link. I think i made some progress and found some information regarding this. I really need all you guys support to gather more information. Please search again with Auuforex Scam. i have added map symbol after the text, other wise i’m also attaching chat link by removing the http below if you can see that please join from there

        1. Hello Alex, okay, I managed to join the group now by clicking on the invitation link you sent.

  34. Hello, good Friday. The address of Auu Global in Hong Kong is asked for investigation. Does anyone have the address of this company? I could not find.

    1. They registered Auuglobal as IT company in UK, i saw that image in some website but i missed.
      but i managed to get some details of them like ip address and address based location.
      I’m not 100% sure about these because they may use some softwares to change IP. Any how there’s a chance that these details may correct try this and also join the group i will share more information.
      the IP is ( china mobile hk company ltd) and address is Kowloon commerce centre, Tai Lin Pai Road, HK

  35. can you help me when they were arrested

  36. Hello victims,
    Now it’s +1 and min many $$$ in my pocket.

    The same story as you all write above.

    I have placed a complaint at:
    Web wallet which I used

    It seems pretty hopeless to be honest and I’m quite sure they will keep doing their scam for very long time before they are stopped.

    What is the lesson we should all have learned from it?
    – Don’t trust quickly
    – Don’t rush to make profits
    – Don’t use 100% of what you have for investing

    Hope that one day there will be a happy comment here, when someone will get own funds back.

    1. I think Ive been scammed too, How can I delete my auuglobal account?

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