Neuer Capital review – 5 things you should know about

Neuer Capital review – 5 things you should know about

Beware! Neuer Capital is an offshore broker! Your investment may be at risk.



Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Open trading accounts with at least two brokers.


There is potential in the website of Neuer Capital, even if this is a short-lived hope, for there are some elements of shady brokerages clearly visible throughout the experience. However, you must have a keen eye for these details, and we understand that certain novice users may not be able to detect these minutiae. Yet, that does not mean that they are not there. As far as we’re concerned Neuer Capital is a shady brokerage firm, and as such we recommend all users to read the review before doing anything drastic that they might regret later on. The review attempts to uncover the truth of Neuer Capital.

We start with the registration because this is the gateway to the user dashboard area where the most important aspects of the broker are revealed. It was disappointing then when we realized how informal the account creation process was. It required very little of us, and we completed it in no more than 10 seconds. As it turns out, Neuer Capital does not offer a dedicated client portal area for signed-up users. The broker blends this area with its main website, to create a messy aftermath.

At least we were granted access to a web trader, which revealed some important information. First of all, the reveal that Neuer Capital is exclusively a crypto-based broker was not that surprising considering the fact that the Home page actively publicizes this. However, this also creates a limitation for Neuer Capital, because a crypto audience is narrower than a general FX one. The leverage for all crypto assets is as low as 1:10. However, a different section of the user area claims our leverage to be 1:100. Nevertheless, crypto assets usually come with lower leverages, and so the 1:10 value seems much more logical.

The website is available in both English and Russian.


The broker operated and owned by Expand Solutions Ltd, a company that operates directly from the Republic of Seychelles. Now, how true this claim is, we cannot be entirely sure of. What we can do is check with the Seychelles Financial Service Authority, and see if it regulates Neuer Capital. We checked, and, as we suspected, the broker and its parent company is nowhere to be seen in the registry of the Seychelles FX watchdog.

What’s more, is that there is no clear assertion that Neuer Capital is regulated in the country. And so we have no other alternative but to deem this broker UNLICENSED and a risk to all investments!

You might as well be throwing your money out the window if you invest in an unregulated broker. Before doing so, we urge all readers to check for a license. This is imperative! Usually, those that have an FCA and/or CySEC license are the ones for you, for these two regulators are best at what they do! These two watchdogs, alongside other overseers, include in their regulatory repertoire a long list of crucial requirements that all brokers must meet and must continue to abide by once they get licensed. What’s more is that the FCA and CySEC, as well as others, have included compensation funds. Thus all users of brokers under these agencies will be reimbursed, up to a point, should the brokers become insolvent.

Worth mentioning is also the inclusion of AnyDesk, a software that allows another party to browse through your PC from another machine. Giving Neuer Capital access to your computer is by far the biggest mistake you can make, second only to deposit in the broker.


Neuer Capital’s trading software is quite decent for one owned by an unregulated broker. Not that we have not seen this platform before, each time with an unlicensed firm.

However, its looks might divert users from the harsh reality that this platform does not offer too many features. pending orders, time frames, chart customizations, and each asset has its small infobox. But aside from that, the terminal offers no incentives to be used for more than 10 minutes.


As many times as we tried, we failed to access a depositing area even though we were registered. This failure can be attributed to many causes. Two pop into our minds. The first one is concerned with Neuer Capital’s unregulated status. Many such brokers will choose their customers based on how culpable they are to deposit, and how easily manipulated the users are. This approach is expanded on in the last two sections of the review. The second reason is more acceptable. It has to do with the KYC documents. Many brokers do not allow payments to be made without the user being verified first. Whatever the case might be, we have no choice but to draw information on payments from the website.

There is are a couple of sources on the website that will be useful for this section. In the so-called “Banking Section” we learn that there are three payment methods, credit cards, and bank transfers. The Account page discloses that the minimum deposit is $1000, which is four times the average requirement, making this amount unacceptable and a sign of Neuer Capital’s lack of respect for its users.

Withdrawal requests are reviewed between 5 to 15 days. which is clearly unacceptable, for this period is too long. There is no information on the presence of withdrawal fees. Nor is there any info on a minimum withdrawal amount.

Neuer Capital has adapted many of the classic tropes of unregulated brokers. There is no reason for anyone to invest in Neuer Capital!

How does the scam work?

If you feel that something is not right, better stop doing what you are doing because you are probably being scammed!

The main scammer scheme is being used by most fake brokers out there! The only difference from broker to broker is noticeable in the approach, but the structure and idea remain ubiquitous.

The first step in this popular scam is the pop-up ads, or those annoying sidebar ads on certain websites, most notably social media ones. By means of these fake ads, the scammers lure in unsuspecting users to a form or a cover-website, where these same users are asked to give their names and contact information. If these are given away, and they mustn’t, the user will start receiving emails or getting contacted on the phone by representatives of the scam website asking you to deposit/invest an initial sum.

Should one deposit, he or she has fallen into the trap. Now he or she will start receiving calls from the pro scammer, or as they are referred to, the account managers. These people are good at what they do, and they are capable of charming anyone into depositing a second time. The cycle goes on for as long as the user keeps investing. Once a user gets suspicious, the broker usually cuts all communications with him/her by deleting the account or not replying to the client. Another popular method is stalling withdrawal requests.

What to do if scammed?

The very first move of the scammed ones should be to file for a chargeback. The good news is that VISA and MasterCard have prolonged their chargeback time span to 540 days.

If the investment has been made through a bank transfer then there are two main things that the user can do to save his or her funds. Either immediately change both bank user name and password, or contact the bank and follow their instructions., What’s important is not to delay action!

NEVER invest in unregulated brokers through bitcoin or any other form of cryptocurrency. Payments made this way are almost all the time untraceable, and so once they are through they cannot be refunded!

Another very crucial piece of advice is to stay away from recovery agents, or similar “helpful” individuals or service providers. These are most of the time scammers that promise to get your money back in return for a piece of the pie. However, they require payment before the “recovery” is done. Once the payment goes through, they will disappear along with your money.

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  1. We have been scammed by these people, Neuer Capital to the tune of £10,000. They checked out and seemed legit on all pre checks before gradual increments in investments. The scam takes place as soon as you request a withdrawal. No chance to recover funds as their card facilities were not working (or did they disable them just for our account??) so they requested wire transfers instead. We came across a similar story on …sadly this website only popped up on our searches after the scam had taken place. Stay away from NEUER CAPITAL please.

  2. Stay away from Neuer capital because they are truly scammers . Luckily for me I only invested £250. My balance suddenly went to the negative a day after I was called on the phone by one of their workers asking me if I want to top up my investment and I said not yet. They suddenly don’t respond to my emails anymore. Don’t fall for their KYC tactics. It’s a SCAM!!!

  3. Scam!! It’s the same people what XTR Gate!! They scammed lots of people.. Nobody never withdraw any money from this scam broker!! Stay away!! SCAM. I lost all my money. They avoid my emails and calls.. My account went to 0 in few days with stupid trades for fake prices what didn’t exists!! Scam!!

  4. Scam.. Save your money and stay away! Fake trades.. Your account doesn’t even exist there.. All the amounts are fake.. Stay away.

  5. I thank you guys as I was about to invest with them. They’re quiet convincing My suspicion though was on the lenght of time of withdrawal. What does anyone think of Mining City?

  6. Whatever you do, don’t fall for this scam, it is a ponzi scheme.

    Watch out for these crooks, Christopher Green, Adam Wolff, Maxim Logan, Adam Kushner, Rick Vos, George Adams, Hannah May and May Beck. These names are familiar to anyone who has dealt with XTRgate, they didn’t even change their names and it appears that both companies are one in the same.

    You initially deposit a small amount and within about a week, you have made about 50%. You then get pressurised to put in more money with the threat of no longer having an account manager if you don’t. Once you put in more money, they raise your balance up to a good amount, you ask for a withdrawal and all of a sudden, a random trade goes on against market intelligence so either lower your account or destroy it. They ignore your emails and don’t return calls, overall about 20% of my emails were answered.

    I have reported their website to google now, this is only the start!


    I was all prepared for the risks associated with trading and was prepared to lose if things went wrong, however, this company is fake. The webtrader they use looks professional but if you drill down, its just a simulater that using real trading prices. They build your money up and then when you ask for a withdrawal, they place trades on using up the majority of the equity, with no stop/loss and wipe your account. They will then pressurize you to put more money in to rescue your account, it then build up, you ask for money and more trades go on to wipe the account again.

    If you get a friend to sign up, they do send you some money to mask the trick, the money you are sent is a proportion of your friends money. This is how they make it look legit.

    Ignore emails and calls, these guys are not there to help, I hope you read this before you sign up.

    Interesting to read about Cristopher Green, guess who my account manager was!!

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