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OBRinvest is a CySEC regulated broker licensed by the Cyprus financial authority to operate throughout Europe, except for Belgium. They offer various accounts traded on MetaTrader and proprietary web-based software, which apparently they develop by themselves. 

On the other hand, OBRinvest is a costly broker inflicting hefty fees on its clients. Find out all the details traders need to know about this broker in the full OBRinvest review.

OBRinvest claims on the footer of their Client Agreement


OBRinvest introduces as a Cyprus regulated broker, and we could quickly confirm it’s true. It’s a CySEC authorised investment company compliant with the rules imposed by the local financial authority. The majority of the requirements are customer protection oriented, laid out to make the financial sector secure for the traders. The set of rules OBRinvest complies to include the minimum capital requirement of 730 000 EUR, segregation of clients’ funds, negative balance protection for traders accounts and predefined stop-out levels, to name a few.

But most importantly, OBRinvest participates in the Investor Compensation Fund, set up to further protect clients’ money. When trading with CySEC brokers, you can claim up to 20 000 EUR in compensation if things go wrong caused by brokers’ insolvency. Your funds are safe if you deposit with OBRinvest because it’s a licensed and regulated broker abiding by the law. However, we don’t recommend this broker for some features we will discuss later in this review.

Now, look at the European brokers and British brokers we recommend. Those companies are safe and reliable, and among the FX industry leaders for the solid regulatory framework, they operate within. Like Cyprus, the UK also created a deposit insurance fund, but the British protections are of even up to 85 000 GBP per client. Apart from that, the other rules imposed on the brokers are mostly the same in Cyprus and the UK, with very few exceptions.

OBRinvest in the CySEC website- license number and details


OBRinvest provides MetaTrader4 and a web-based platform. You’d better stick to the MT because the web-based software cannot offer the same features and trading experience. 

The EUR/USD spread we came across was 2.3 pips, which is no longer a competitive Buy/Sell difference. The spread forms part of the trading costs, so lower rates benefit traders and improve profit potential. The industry standard in 2021 is 1 pip and below, so you can find many brokers offering better trading conditions. 

See our list with MetaTrader4 brokers and MetaTrader5 brokers. MT is the most popular retail Forex trading platform worldwide, which traders prefer for its reliability and ease of use. It features sophisticated trading tools rare to find elsewhere for free such as Expert Advisors, Algo Trading, Complex Indicators, reliable Strategy testers and even a marketplace with more than 10 000 trading apps available by the time.

The maximum leverage OBRinvest offers is standard for EU- 1:30 for retail traders. The leverage is a hazardous tool, so EU, UK and Australia (from 2021) capped the maximum allowed ratio to 1:30 as a customer protection measure. Canada and the US agreed on 1:50. Brokers offering higher ratios are not recommended due to the absence of adequate regulation, the risks aside. The Swiss brokers, are not leverage restricted, but Switzerland keeps scam away with its capital adequacy requirements- more than 22 mln USD to get an FX license.

OBRinvest’s web-based trading software


The minimum initial deposit with OBRinvest is 250 EUR, which is a bit of a hefty requirement, compared to other regulated brokers which accept as little as 5 to 10 dollars to let traders begin. The funding methods we can confirm are Credit/Debit cards and Klarna. However, as we tested out their payment systems, it turned out that clients can deposit without proof of identification, which we consider a downside and a red flag we need to raise. The reputable brokers are fully compliant to KYC and AML procedures, so OBRinvest certainly undermines its credibility. 

There are no minimum withdrawal restrictions, but the withdrawal fees are burdensome. Each bank card withdrawal will be charged with 3.5% of the sum, while the Wires cost 30 EUR/USD/GBP. It’s way too much compared to most regulated FX companies, which do not collect fees from traders to process the withdrawal requests. The processing time is unknown, though.

The inactivity fees inflicted are even worse. After only a month of inactivity, an account becomes dormant, and a charge of 80 EUR per month applies, which is a rate totally unacceptable. Also, OBRinvest considers the account dormant in case of insignificant trading- less than 2 trades executed per month. So, if a trader stays out of the market for a year, he/she has to pay almost $1000 to the broker to keep the money in the account. That’s senseless.

As a CySEC regulated broker OBRinvest is not allowed to offer bonuses or trading incentives. 

Overall, OBRinvest is a legit broker, which can guarantee clients’ funds’ safety, but the services they offer are way too expensive. Our advice is to find a company that will not empty your account out by imposing irrational fees and demands.

Oversize fees OBRinvest collects


One can see hundreds and thousands of promising ads on the Internet and social media. Unfortunately, many of these are fraudulent schemes targeting to rip the people off their hard-earned money.

If you click and provide scammers with your e-mail and contact number they’d ring you immediately and will promise you anything to make you deposit money with them as quickly as possible. Most of the scammers are experienced manipulators, and before you know it, they will ask for your bank card numbers to make the deposit instead of you and save you the hassle. The urgency is a warning sign, and they are always in a hurry to persuade you to start investing with them.

But the first deposit is only the beginning. Gradually they would ask for more money from you no matter the results. If you lost on the market, they’d persuade you to put more money and recover the losses. If you traded well, they’d convince you to put more money and increase the profits. The troubles start when you ask for a withdrawal. The scammers would do anything to discourage you and even ask you to pay them if you want to withdraw. The scammers’ mantra is “give me your money”, they’d insist every day you should deposit more and more, for no obvious reason. Legit companies do not bother you on the phone to deposit with them, so if someone urges you to start investing, it’s most probably a scam.


Unfortunately, no one is immune to fraud. In case you got scammed, you need first to protect yourself from further risks. Contact your bank and explain to them your situation, they will give you necessary instructions to follow and will help you, if possible, recover your money.

Report what happened to you, file a complaint, contact the financial regulator, contact other government institutions related to trading and investing, call the police if you feel necessary. Seek help actively!

It’s crucial not to rush blindly trying to recover your funds because many scam recovery agencies and individuals are stalking, aiming to double scam the victims. They ask for an advanced payment, but do nothing to help you recover your losses and simply pocket the money you’ve sent!

Share online your experience; it’s important to protect others, as well. Be responsible!

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  1. I’ve just signed up with OBR and deposited £600.00. I’m due to get a call tomorrow for some training around how to start to buy shares.
    Is it too late to cancel or shall I pursue and them swith to other provider?

    1. You will get that call, and then they will tell you to upgrade your account in order to get more money. And the reason to do so is that they say around 80% of people who deposit low amounts tend to lose all their money.
      I wouldn’t recommend you since i’m trying to withdraw the money i depposited (250€) and they want documents and then refuse documents. For me it’s a complete NO to them since all they do is delay the process of withdrawal to probably get the monthly fees of inactivity.

      By the way, they say the verification process of documents take up to 24 working days, wich is ridiculous.

      1. Hii,

        I have the same situation now, when i try to wirhdraw my money. They ask for pictures of my card.
        I try to get in touch with them by calling them, but noone don’t answered. On chat they said i have to provide them pictures with my card. I don t wanna do that. What can I do?

        1. Support OBRinvest

          Dear Liliana,
          If you have faced any difficulty regarding us as OBRinvest please contact at [email protected]. We assure you we will handle your case and would like to understand what exactly the issue it is you’re facing. Thank you!

      2. Support OBRinvest

        Dear David,
        We are very sorry to hear that you are not satisfied with our services. Please, provide us with more details of your inquiry by sending us an email to [email protected] and our professional team will assist you as soon as possible. Thank you

    2. Hello Miss Jones,

      Please note that our account managers are well trained and follow all of the ethic codes that the Company imposes. If you are still struggling with your request, please email us at [email protected]

    3. Dear Miss J. Jones
      We are very sorry to hear that you are not satisfied with our services. Please, provide us with more details of your inquiry by sending us an email to [email protected] and our professional team will assist you as soon as possible. Thank you

    4. Please, go to the bank quickly and make a cashback, they are crooks

      1. Dear Asia,

        We are very sorry to read this review. If you have faced any difficulty regarding us, as OBRinvest, please contact our support team at [email protected] , we assure you we will handle your case and would like to understand of what exactly is the issue you’re facing.
        Thank you!

  2. On 12 Feb 2021, I have deposited 250€ with them to be invested in Bitcoin. Every time I hit the buy-button, get the message “not enough money” in the balance, even if I only want to buy 0.01 lot, the smallest amount. Repeated emails and chats with them have not resulted in any transaction yet. The experiences shared by those ahead of me are not really encouraging.

    1. Dear Mr. Wenzel,

      Dear Mr. Wenzel, If you have faced any difficulty depositing or trading, please contact our support team at [email protected]. We assure you we will handle your case and would like to understand what exactly the issue it is you’re facing. Thank you for letting us know.

      1. OBR support finally handled my issues with them in a courteous and professional manner. The problems are resolved. Case closed.

        1. Dear Mr.Wenzel,
          Thank you so much for leaving such a positive review! We are always happy to help our clients and we really appreciate the time you took to write this review.

    2. I have the same problem..I just want withdraw my account but I can’t do this..what I need to Do???

      1. Dear Karmen,
        As we checked on the system you received your money back. In the future if you have any questions for OBRInvest don’t hesitate to contact us at [email protected]. Thank you.

  3. i transferred 250euro to obrinvest. com and straight away they wanted a coloured copy of my passport, a coloured copy of my bank card front and back and proof of address. I am so scared as I did this without my husband knowing…. What do I do

    1. Hi Angie,

      There is no need to worry. I have provided a link to your question here:
      I hope this helps you. If you are still struggling, feel free to email us at : [email protected]

    2. I have the same problem…

      1. Dear Karmen,
        As we checked on the system you have already received your money . In the future if you have any questions for OBRInvest don’t hesitate to contact us at [email protected]. Thank you.

  4. I have just made an investment with OBR for the sum of £250.00. I am 80+ year old pensioner recovering from a hip ball joint replacement operation. I had a hard fall on ice.
    Passing the time away online my curiosity took notice of an ad offering a chance to invest in Amazon. I gave my name and some details of myself.
    It was just a week ago after I had provided details of myself in response to an ad online that I received a phone call from a man called Philipho and a woman called Vyara. They were such pleasant people to speak with and we spent around an hour and half chatting all and sundry. They insisted that I had already opened an account with them when I responded to the ad on investing in Amazon and that we should proceed with utilising the account. It meant investing £250.00 post answering a questionnaire to gauge how business savvy I am. In this endeavour, I was guided by Philipho. I also had my Driving Licence facsimile sent over. But we got cut off. For some odd reason when I tried to call them, their number was not recognised. Maybe I had keyed in a wrong digit.
    Nevertheless, I decided to check OBR online to find that although they are a legitimate concern their practices were not quiet so.
    I contacted my bank to inform them of the situation. They cancelled my Card immediately at my request. Told me that the £250.00 initial investment I made had been approved.
    Therefore, I need to request OBR to not give my bank permission to release that amount to them. I have done so duly on OBR’s Website’s contact text box.
    I am now awaiting for OBR’s response.

    1. Dear Raja,
      Thank you for taking time to leave us your feedback on your experience. We are very sorry you faced difficulties. As our aim is to excel and meet our Clients’ satisfaction, please email all the details to [email protected] and we can get this investigated as fast as we can.

  5. Is it normal and acceptable for them to ask for a clear copy of your passport/drivers licence. and a bill for proof of address. They say it is to prove that you are a resident of the country you say you are from, e.g. Ireland… but I don’t know….

    1. Hi Ericka,

      Documentation is required of the client when they want to verify their account. Here is a more detailed explanation to your question:

  6. total scam.

    My experience with them, platform and withdrawing money
    First of all lets highlight all the 5 stars reviews. Look at the date, they were all in one day 18 Jan 2021.

    Below is a breakdown of my review
    Service, Analysis of market, customer service, Trading Platform, Chart and pricing, Trades & your money, My account manager, Withdrawn and Recommendations

    – Service
    Obrinvest takes 5% of what you trade, e.g. if you enter a trade and make £300 they will take 5% of that.
    However, they have one of the highest swap fee I have come across in all my 9 years of trading. At a 0.08 lot, their swap fee is £15 per day and on Wednesdays it is £21.13. If you have to open a position for a few days, you will pay a lot more in fees than what you will make. It’s in their interest for them if you hold your position for many days because you pay more in swap fees.

    – Analysis of market
    All their analysis is from investing(dot)com. They look at what it says and call you and “suggest” for you to buy or sell. They do not actually do the analysis themselves.

    – Customer service
    Their customer service is not half bad, however based on my experience. I started off £250 and next day got a call asking me to deposit up to £5,000, I laughed. However I had a spare £750 so I added to my account making it £1,000. I told them, I will stop at £1,000.

    – Trading Platform
    Website only, no mobile app, so it is important to monitor your positions. Their website says that they used MT4/MT5 however this is only for “clients with £10,000 accounts”. If you set alerts, on a trusted trading platform like cmc market or ig you will get an email, app notification, text message of when the alerts goes up, however on obrinvest you do not get none of that, you have to be sitting and watching your laptop or desktop for the price. Again comparing to ig or cmc market, you get a daily report email to you just to keep you updated on your positions, and how much is in your account, etc, guess what? with obrinvest you do not get none of that.
    Sometimes when you log in, your account shows as 0, you have to log out, clear your browser cache and then log back in again and hopefully you see your real balance.

    – Chart and pricing
    Pricing on their chat is way way way way off. At the time of this review, Nasdaq 100 (NDX) is actually 13,223.74, on obrivest chart it says the price is 12980.75. That is a 242.99 price different. This is also same with oil, gold, silver, EURUSD, and stocks.

    – Trades
    The £1,000 got me a little over £250 in 2 weeks. So I had £1,250. In less than 1 week, my account is down to £200 which means I lost the £250 I made plus my own money. They trade, they suggested was the NASQ which is the American stock market, similar to what have in the UK as the FTSE 100.

    – Withdrawn
    Good luck taking your money out.

    – My account manager
    My account manager seems like a new guy with years of experience in scamming people. He is a wonderful lie, however I can see through his lies. One of his lies which I actually record was when he told me that him and his friends go to auction and bid against each other to see who can buy the worst car at the most expensive price, e.g. buying a 2001 car for 30,000 euros. LOL

    – Recommendations
    No, I will not.

    – Others
    On the FCA website, it says their license is temporary.

    If you see this review, run a mile from this company. They are not in the UK. Which means, you cannot do anything about anything.

    P.S. I know I have lost money which I was willing to lose anyways. However for this company to adverts their services in giving your signals of what/when to buy and sell based on their billions of euros software, experts, etc and for them to turn around and tell me, their signals is from investing(dot)com which is free, is the real scam here.


    I started off my account with £1,000 on the 29th Jan 2021 and today 24 FEB 2021. My account balance is £50. I lost £950 in less than 4 weeks and this guys are supposed to be good in giving you great suggestions on what to trade, where and when to trade, etc.

    1. Dear James,

      We can assure you that we are a regulated broker providing CFDs for online trading. CySec is our regulator with CIF number 217/13. If you have any concerns or you believe you were given misleading information, please send this to our support team so they can investigate it at: [email protected]

  7. Even I transferred 250$ to them, is there any way where we can get that money back ?

    1. Dear Pallavi,

      If you need assistance please reach out to our customer support at [email protected]
      Thank you!

  8. hello guys probably also scammed already,

    i have a really important question.
    if you are inactive for a month, can they charge you 80euros from yout bank account or only from your trading account?

    hope you dont get scammed!
    thanks if you will answer

    1. Yes, especially when they made it clear in their conditions, wich you can read before the deposit. Its a financial service and it has costs, so dont complain just cause you are a cheap

    2. Hi John,

      OBR is a Cyprus Investment Firm, authorized and regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission with CIF license number 217/13. For your question, please check out the answer on our website:

  9. I see different opinions here, and so different that I don’t even know why things have worked out the way they have.
    But I can share my experience because I’ve already been here a certain way and I can say that for me personally it’s been a great experience.
    I came here on the recommendation of an acquaintance who had already been working in the financial markets for several years. It was a completely new field for me because before I didn’t see any prospects in it, but 2020 was definitely the time when everyone was thinking about some more stable additional income, and I was no exception. When I started, it was really difficult because it wasn’t as easy as it looked. But I realised straight away that I would have to learn a lot here and immediately accepted it as a necessity and things got better straight away. And I took full advantage of all the company’s opportunities – I read articles, analytics and numerous reviews. And of course I just lived the demo – I didn’t want to lose money, but I just needed to gain experience. So I started serious training here and I could say that it helped me. Of course, I also used information from other websites.
    I have not had any problems with withdrawal of money – I have withdrawn both small and large sums and I have always got my money by card. It’s very important that I don’t have any limits on my card.

    1. Dear Lewis,

      Thank you for taking the time to leave us this positive review. We appreciate you sharing your experience with us and hope that you continue enjoying trading with OBR.

  10. This people are scammer, don’t invest your money, they will ask you for you card information, asking you to type in your card to enable them to get your get information. Just you type in in your card information, they will receive all your information through they website.

    1. Hello Ologo, We are very sorry you have this view of us. We assure you that we are a regulated company and any documentation we might ask for is following these guidelines. All our account managers are trained up to our regulatory standards(by CySec regulators) and guidelines and follow them in every interaction they have with clients. Any documents asked for are going to be incase of verification purposes and nothing more. Thank you.

  11. Do everything you can to avoid this scam. I received a dozen calls from different numbers all over the Europe and it took me a lot of efforts to close the account! Luckly I didn’t deposit a penny with them!

    1. Dear Neg,
      Thank you for your review. We are very sorry to hear that you had a bad experience with us. In order to resolve any issue you may have, we kindly ask you to send as your personal details(name,surname,email address) via email([email protected]) in order to assist you further.

      1. Dear Neg,
        Thank you for your review. We are very sorry to hear that you had a bad experience with us. In order to resolve any issue you may have, we kindly ask you to send as your personal details(name,surname,email address) via email([email protected]) in order to assist you further.

  12. Dear clients,
    If you have faced any difficulty with our company please email as at [email protected] in order to give you a solution. Thank you.

    1. Please note that if a trading account is inactive for more than 1 month, our company reserves the right to withhold a monthly maintenance fee from your invested capital.

      The exact fee is calculated as follows depending on the base currency of your trading account.

      0. + 1. Month: 0 EUR From 1 month: 80 EUR. According to our rules, if a trading account is inactive for more than 1 month, a monthly maintenance fee will be invested from yours
      Capital retained.

      We calculate this fee to avoid inactive accounts and not to hold your funds unnecessarily.

      We have no additional news on this.

      All information about our fees is publicly available in our general terms and conditions.

      We have received your request to delete your trading account with your personal data. Your customer access will be rejected by customer service within 24 hours. You will continue to be contacted by the GDPR department.

      If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact our customer service at this email address or via live chat.

      Kind regards
      Your customer service

      Nataliia Gerasymchuk
      Customer Care Agent
      Phone: +357 2 506 0023
      Email: [email protected]

      Bitte beachten Sie, dass sich unser Unternehmen das Recht vorbehält bei einem Handelskonto länger als 1 Monat inaktiv ist, eine monatliche Wartungsgebühr von Ihrem investierten Kapital einzubehalten.

      Die genaue Gebühr wird je nach Basiswährung Ihres Handelskontos wie folgt berechnet.

      0.+1. Monat: 0 EUR Ab 1 Monat: 80 EUR . Nach unseren Regeln, wenn ein Handelskonto länger als 1 Monat inaktiv ist, wird eine monatliche Wartungsgebühr von Ihrem investierten
      Kapital einbehaltet.

      Wir berechnen diese Gebühr, um inaktive Konten zu vermeiden und Ihre Gelder nicht unnötig zu halten.

      Wir haben diesbezüglich keine zusätzliche Nachrichten.

      Alle Informationen zu unseren Gebühren sind in unseren Allgemeinen Geschäftsbedingungen öffentlich zugänglich.

      Wir haben Ihre Anfrage erhalten, Ihr Handelskonto mit Ihren persönlichen Daten zu löschen. Ihr Kundenzugang wird innerhalb 24 Stunden von Kundendienst abgelehnt. Sie werden weiter von der DSGVO – Abteilung kontaktiert.

      Für weitere Fragen steht unser Kundendienst gerne per diese Mailadresse oder per Live-Chat zur Verfügung.

      Mit freundlichen Grüßen
      Ihr Kundendienst

      Nataliia Gerasymchuk
      Customer Care Agent
      Phone: +357 2 506 0023
      Email: [email protected]

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