HorizonInvest.cc review – 5 things you should know about horizoninvest.cc

HorizonInvest.cc review – 5 things you should know about horizoninvest.cc

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Beware! HorizonInvest.cc is an offshore broker! Your investment may be at risk.



Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Open trading accounts with at least two brokers.


HorizonInvest.cc might be an expert at hiding its shady nature, but we can tell you for sure that it is not a pro at providing legitimate Forex and CFD trading services. This conclusion was reached mere seconds after opening the website. What was the first tell? The URL for once. Every broker ending in .cc has thus far proven to be a scam. Another sign that might not be too obvious to the naked eye is the overload of information. No proper broker would allow itself to bombard users with so much info and sub-pages at once. As simple scroll through the Home page will prove our point. As for the rest of the scammer broker identifiable elements, users will have to read the review to find them out.

To register for an account, we had to complete a simple process that did not give us too much hope for what is to follow. And what followed, was an ironic error. The site did not give us a specific reason as to why it had failed to create an account for us. After our third attempt, we gave up.

What this means for the review is that all the following trading and payment details are taken from the website of HorizonInvest.cc which we find highly dishonest. The site claims that the leverage is capped at 1:100, and all spread values are the same for all account types, at 1.3 pips. The available financial instruments are commodities, indices, stocks, and forex currency pairs. Judging by the presentation of the aforementioned information there is no way that we can trust it.

The services of the broker are available in English, Greek, German, and Spanish.


The number of brokers located in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines is ridiculous. At times we ask ourselves how a small country such as this one can harbor s many firms. And the answer is that broker can open their operations is Saint Vincent and the Grenadines without being physically present there. This tells you how untrustworthy the entire thing is.

Too bad that HorizonInvest.cc is also one of the thousand of brokers operating from this small Caribbean nation. This immediately rules out any chance of it being regulated.

The fact of holding no clear regulatory info, makes HorizonInvest.cc an ILLEGITIMATE firm, and a risk to all investments!

Be certain that investments in unregulated brokers are almost always lost, never to be seen by the user. Always check for a license before continuing to the next step. Ideally, the FCA or CySEC regulated brokers are the most trustworthy. Under these agencies, brokers are scrutinized every month and are required to follow some of the most rigorous rules in the industry. These include, but are not limited to, segregated bank accounts for all users. Both the FCA and CySEC offer to all their brokers, who in turn cover their clientele, compensation funds: CySEC guarantees up to €20 000 per person, while the FCA guarantees up to £85 000.


The alleged MT4 platform is actually owned by some irrelevant company that has no prior connection to HorizonInvest.cc. So, we can rule out the possibility of a MT4 used by today’s broker.

What we are left with is a supposed Horizon Invest Webtrader. We reached a login page for the platform, and so can confirm its existence. But without an account, we cannot access it.


The minimum deposit according to the Accounts page is $5000. This definitely an unrealistic requirement. Payment methods are indicated as being: credit card, debit card, wire transfer, and some unknown e-payment means.

Withdrawal fees are as follows:$50 for Wire Transfer, $35 for cards, and $25 for e-payments. There is also a 10% tax on withdrawals that have not traded at least 200 times the original deposit. The minimum withdrawal is $250. The broker processed withdrawal in 3 to 5 days.
All the negative aspects we have revealed do not even compare to the Non-Deposited Funds clause that we found. Horizoninvest.cc prohibits all profits from trading to be withdrawn through this clause.

We challenged ourselves to find at least one reason to deposit inHorizonInvest.cc. It took us a while, but in the end, we gave up, for there really is no reason to waste your money and time here. Your money is at risk!

How does the scam work?

The most popular scam that we will cover today is used by 95% of all illegal brokerages, and other fraudsters. It revolves around soliciting users into depositing, with some room for improvisation. Most users who fall for these sooner or later realize it.

Such scams work the following way: Users find certain ads online intriguing and click on them. The theme of these ads revolves around the perfect care-free life, living of investments and trades. Very alluring stuff indeed. Those that succumb to the temptation of this illusory lifestyle are redirected to a website, either the broker’s or an intermediary one (called robo-site), where they will be asked to give away their basic contact details. Through these, the scammers will start calling or sending emails to any potential investors. Conversations between users and fraudsters are usually dominated by the scammer whose only job is to initiate the first deposit.

Depositing for the first time will bring around the expert scammer, or the so-called account managers, whose sole purpose is to drain you out of all your money. They will relentlessly call, demand, and notify you of opportunities until users deposit further or realize they are being scammed.

Withdrawing from this position is almost impossible. The broker will throw at you everything it has got, its only purpose being to deny your request. Some of the most popular approaches are stalling, denying a request, closing an account, blocking an account, or shutting down the entire website.

What to do if scammed?

A chargeback is the first step towards recovery. Filing for a chargeback is easiest with your credit or debit card provider. What’s more, is that MasterCard and VISA have extended their chargeback period to 540 days.

Investments lost to the scam initially made through a bank transfer should stimulate users to change their bank password and account users’ names ASAP. The next step is to contact their bank and ask them for further instructions.

Avoid crypto deposits at all costs! These are most of the time untraceable and there is no way to get your money back.

On a final note, do not trust any of the recovery agents. In exchange for a fee, these agents will promise to refund all your lost investments. However, once you pay them they will disappear, which leaves the user an even bigger loss.

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  1. They are scammers deceiving people. I wonder why they have not gone to jail and Google is not destroying the page

  2. Λαζαρίδης

    it’s funny however what is happening. Everything seems legal and everything is air
    I will do my best to recover what I can and if I can but the only sure thing is that I will make this fiasco public as much as I can to save those who can and if they can ever sit on the stool
    ειναι αστειο πάντως αυτο που συμβαίνει. Όλα φαντάζουν νόμιμα και όλα είναι αέρας
    Εγώ θα κάνω την προσπάθεια μου να ανακτήσω ότι μπορώ και αν μπορώ αλλά το μόνο σίγουρο είναι ότι θα το δημοσιοποιησω όσο περισσότερο μπορώ αυτό το φιάσκο για να γλυτώσουν όσοι μπορούν και αν μπορέσουν ποτέ να τους καθήσουν στο σκαμνί

    1. ❌HORIZON INVESTMENT❌They are scammers..❌I wonder why hasn’t the page went down..Tzimas Nikos the biggest fraud
      They stole my money..they block my profile..they never answer their phones never accept calls..they never answer to emails..they are SCAMMERS!!!


      Did you manage to get your money back? I also lost a lot of money….
      Κατάφερες να ανακτήσεις τα χρήματα σου; έχασα κι εγώ αρκετά χρήματα….

  3. What I thought was happening
    Scammers convinced me to invest via their company. They told me they could help me to transfer money from my bank accounts to their company via Luno. In addition they advised me to install a remote desktop software (Anydesk) and they created an account for me at their platform. They proposed Luno since it had lower transferring costs and they helped me via Anydesk to open an account there.
    I authorized each transaction via my mobile phone (OTP system of my bank) since for each outgoing amount of money from my bank account, the same amount of money was deposited at my account at their platform.
    Moreover in their platform, the total amount of money was increasing with bonuses from the investment company and profits from my portfolio. Few weeks later, at their platform, my initial capital had been doubled.

    What was happening
    But they didn’t transfer money from my bank account via Luno to their company. There were no investments and at their platform all deposits were fake. They were transferring money from my bank account to Luno in order to convert Euros to Bitcoins. Having access via Anydesk they had access to my emails and my Bitcoin Wallet.

    The end
    When I requested a withdrawal, they told me I had to send them money so as taxes could be paid. Also they delayed the whole process telling me that my personal financial counselor had a terrible car accident.
    When they realized, they couldn’t get more money from me, they were vanished. No Viber discussions, no calls and they blocked my account at their platform. I lost more than 100.000,00 Euros

    Interesting points
    – The scammers contacted me in my native language
    – Small talk, photo sharing e.g “here is the view from my office” and exchanging off-topic ideas with my personal financial counselor resulted in confidence building
    – The scammers had enabled “Unattended Access” at Anydesk
    – Financial Services and Markets Authority (Belgium) issued a warning at 5/5/2021 about them

  4. Do not give them money, you will lose them. Inform those you can not to do the same.
    Maybe we could all get a lawyer together to look into the matter
    Μην τους δίνεται χρήματα, θα τα χάσετε. Ενημερώστε όσους μπορείτε για να μην κάνουν το ίδιο.
    Ίσως να μπορούσαμε όλοι μαζί να πάρουμε δικηγόρο για να ψάξει το θέμα

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