Furion Global Review – 5 things you should know about furionglobal.com

Furion Global Review – 5 things you should know about furionglobal.com

Beware! Furion Global is an offshore broker! Your investment may be at risk.


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The first thing we found about Furion Global is that it is not safe to open the website. This already says a lot about this broker but we’ll go even deeper to find out whether it is safe to trade with this company.

Furion Global Regulation and safety of funds

From this broker’s website, we found out that the address and registration of the company are in Australia. We checked the register of the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC), the official body that regulates forex brokers in Australia. Our search confirmed that the company is indeed registered with ASIC (image below). However, given the fact that there are some issues with opening a trading account and the lack of legal documentation such as Terms and Conditions, we are not fully convinced that this broker is legit. Unfortunately, forex brokers’ websites are not published on ASIC register to fully verify whether a broker is legit or not and we noticed that there are some existing comments on the Internet saying that Furion Global is not reliable and is possible a scammer. For these reasons, we cannot give this company a 100% vote of confidence and ask you to exercise caution.


ASIC register


Forex brokers in Australia are strictly regulated and must meet a lot of requirements to get their license, including investing an initial capital of no less than 1 million AUD, keep clients’ funds segregated, report transactions on a regular basis and follow certain internal procedures, including risk management, accounting audits, etc. However, one of the downsides in trading with Australian brokers is that there are no compensation funds or schemes to protect clients’ money in case of bankruptcy. Some traders find attractive the fact that there are no imposed limitations on leverage in Australia. However, from March 2021 on there will be some changes in the regulations for forex brokers aiming at reducing the losses of the clients by reducing the risks associated with CFD and FX trading. The new measures will introduce a cap on leverage to match the one existing in the EU and the UK which is 1:30 for major forex currencies, provide protection against negative balance, imposing bonus prohibition, etc.

Furion Global Trading software

Furion Global is a forex broker trading in forex, metals, futures, cryptocurrencies and commodities. When we tried to register a trading account, we found out that there was something wrong with the system. We did not receive the verification code and was impossible to download the platform which happens to be MetaTrader 5. Downloading the platform directly from the website did not work either.

We are questioning the reliability of this broker. Although it seems to be licensed, there are a lot of things that do not match what legit brokers provide on their websites.

From the Standard account information, we find out that the average spread for EUR/USD is 0.5 pips. Also, traders can choose their leverage which means that practically the leverage can go as high as 1:500. Such high leverage may look tempting with the promise for increased potential of making a big win. However, this is a misconception as on average 70% of traders experience unsuccessful transactions which means that the high leverage will amplify the scope of their loss. That is why in the EU and the UK brokers cannot exceed the leverage of 1:30 and in the US, leverage of 1:50. These are measures to protect clients’ funds by preventing traders from entering risky and reckless transactions and suffering great financial loss.

We must congratulate Furion Global for the choice of trading software. MetaTrader 5 is one of the best trading platforms and becoming more and more popular among brokers and traders alike, especially after 2016 when the hedging option was introduced. Other advantages include an auto trading option, a financial calendar, an app market, trading signals that can be obtained for a subscription fee, a code base with customs scripts, etc. MT5 has inherited the same great charting options its ‘older brother’ MetaTrader 4 is famous for that include many charts, time frames, colours and even the option of creating customised templates. In addition to that, the array of technical analysis indicators, such as Fibonacci retracement, moving averages, Bollinger Bands, etc., help traders predict the future directions of exchange rates and make a profit.

However, as we always say, a trading platform is as good as its broker is reliable and here we cannot guarantee this 100% although Furion Global seems to be licensed.

Furion Global Deposit/Withdrawal methods and fees

From Furion Global website we understand that there are two accounts offered to the traders – a demo and a live Standard account. We already explained that it was not possible to open a live account due to some errors in the system of this broker. However, we found out that the minimum initial deposit for the Standard account is $100.

However, there is no Terms and Conditions document to find out more information about the deposit/withdrawal methods and fees. The lack of such an important legal document does not inspire confidence in trading with this broker.

How does scam work?

No one wants to be duped by scammers, but it happens all the time because they know how to manipulate people. As they say in one popular song “sweet dreams are made of this” and this is what scammers rely on – creating in people’s mind a sweet dream of being rich! Scams usually start by unsolicited telephone calls or ads on the Internet or social media promising quick and easy profit. It is easy to fall into scammers’ trap and once you make a deposit, you are done for! Scammers won’t let you get away easily even if you realise that you are being scammed. They will try to delay you when you try to withdraw your funds by asking you to provide this document or fill out this form, etc., in order to make you miss the deadline when you can file for a chargeback.

What to do if scammed?

You need to act very quickly. First of all, if you have made a deposit using a credit card, you must immediately file for a chargeback. Fortunately, VISA and MasterCard allow for 540 day period in which you can file for a chargeback. This is the good news. The bad news is that if you have made a deposit using bank wire or Bitcoin, the chances of you getting your funds back are nil!

Another thing you can do is cancel your credit card if the scammers have your CVV code. Check your PC and erase the software that gives scammers access to your personal data.

Be careful, because even doing all that we recommended, your unfortunate experience with scammers may not be over. There are so-called recovery agents. One of those may approach you offering to recover your funds for a fee. Do not trust them and always check the legitimacy of the recovery agent and the agency.

Also, be aware that some “victims” of scam may post comments after the review, saying how they lost money and how a recovery agent helped them retrieve their funds. They will even put the contact info for this so-called recovery agent. Do not trust them either as it is another case of scam!

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  1. To avoid more people getting scammed, should this be reported to the police? They also registered in the U.K. , only two months old.

  2. Several weeks of “relationship” with a cute chinese girl via Whatsapp. Made me open up a real account via her VIP customer service. Made good profit at the beginning, but third trade the position was immediately closed with an unrealistic drop in currency value and my deposit went from +4 000 USD to -5 000 USD. Huge scam! Avoid at all costs!
    Now they want me to repay this value within 6 days, threatening me with a court and auctioning off my property.

    1. Hi Dar, Can you tell me if the girl was from London or not. I am going through the same experience but haven’t deposit the money yet. I wanted to use my local brokerage but she is asking me to open with Furion Global. Can we talk

      1. Can you please let me know if this girl/ woman was name Hailey from China. I was approached the same way and I did my research and Furion isn’t recommended.

      2. Do not agree to her proposal. I wasn’t that careful. There wasn’t much information on the web about it and I was fooled. Currently, other people from China are texting me on Whatsapp and trying to befriend me again.
        Perfidious crooks! I hope the police will take care of them.

    2. if its ok I would like to share her picture. send me a quick note and I will send you her picture.
      Thanks. You might have saved me hard earned money

      1. The girl is from London, do you have her picture? Please share with me… I am going through like you.

        1. I’m facing the same issue, girl from London and living in HK
          Been talking to her for a few days she asked for my help to trade Bitcoin in MT5 under Furion Global, she gave me username and password to help her trade live account using her insider tips
          Made 11k USD
          Now she sort of convinced me to open a real account and I tried a searched and found this. Would like to share picture of the girl if it’s the same person.

          1. Hi there, i’m facing the same situation where there is a hongkong girl want me to open an account at furion global capital. I’ve already give my detail etc ID card photo and address and my email. Luckily i havent deposit any money yet because she asking about 500usd to open an account. I reliase it was scammed when i open all the comment and they did the same tactical where the girl was crazy about you and want to live with you. Is there any chances they can do if my iD and detail already send to them

          2. ณัฐวุธ

            Me too

      2. Hi I was also approached by a lady, she is from Berlin. Is it okay if you share her photo with me? Maybe we are talking about the same lady.
        Hi ik ben ook benaderd door een dame, ze komt uit Berlijn. Is het goed als je haar foto met mij deelt? Misschien hebben wij over hetzelfde dame.

        1. Hi, is this Hongkong girl mobile number +852 6495 2819 ?

      3. Can you share a picture

      4. Hi guys , this sounds familiar. Can we talked and find out whether this Chinese lady is the same person.

      5. Hi Raza, would you mind to share her picture ?

    3. I feel the same. I have 7 days.
      Yang Zi cheng
      Number +85291763955

  3. Sounds very familiar… Exactly what I’m going through as well. Would be great to have her picture and see how she looks like

    1. I had faced the same situation…Do you have her pictures ?

  4. A girl is chatting with me on Whats app. She said she is a forex trader. She said you can open a practice account with Meta5 and Furion Global. She said she gets inside information every week. The first practice trade she gave me gained $40,000. The second trade she gave me gained about $49,000. Now, of course she want me to open a real account. I am writing because she is very convincing and both the practice trades we very profitable. I questioned her about getting inside information. I just don’t want others to fall for this.

    1. Hi , I raced the same situation, do you mind to share her mobile number here ?

    2. SAME!!! Lillian Li?

  5. I also met that Chinese person who says he’s in Milan, now I’ve made an account of myself in a rage and what to see when you enter the PC you can’t deposit funds, it’s normal, he’s blocked, he has a girlfriend inlondra, she says mt5 so what do I think they steal the funds of those who try to play in the stock market I leave the numbers you phone she says it’s called yang +447513302590 and the one in london name Alicia +448529176355 what to say stay tuned

    1. here whatsapp numbers +85291763955 and uk +447513302590

    2. Yes, I had same situation , and lost money!
      Block her and called the police and reported to wechat!
      What about the account in Furion?

  6. Paul Carabott Damato

    +852 5614 1715 the name is Hailey

  7. I’m glad to find this thread as I am experiencing same situation. Girl from HK now pressuring me to open live with Furion. Last 4 digits of phone is 0917. Very convincing to see how accurate the trades where.

    1. Hi Patch,

      I have the similar experience with the girl whose mobile last 4 digits is 0917. Her Chinese name is Manzi Li. I would like to know if your girl and my girl are the same girl.

      Thanks for your response,


    2. Hi Patch,

      Do you know her name and did you have her picture? If so, please contact me with my email.


    3. Hi Patch,

      Can you please send me her entire mobile phone number so I can see if my girl and your girl are the same girl.


  8. Hi Guys,
    i have the same thing. My girl is named Li, Lanping, last 4digits of british number is 7806. Someone care for comparing pictures to find out, if they are the same people.

    1. Ry Ave
      Ai Li îs the name she used it with me, I am talking to her right now on whatsapp.

      1. She separated right now with me

  9. Hello everyone. I went through a similar situation, a girl from Singapore invited me to invest, I deposited 5000 usd through Binance and then transferred it to MT5 on the global furion server. everything was going well until I discovered that the Singaporean girl had another profile, apparently she was stealing photos of another Korean girl which made me doubt if this was legitimate. in a BTC operation I lost all my money because I bought too many lots of btc and my margin was lost, I stayed at 0 unfortunately I cannot tell you if the profits can be withdrawn since I lost all my money that I am left wondering if furion returns Profits.

  10. Wow, I guess they hire girls to get people to sign up. I met a girl on tinder, her profile said she was in CA but she is in China. She keeps bringing up Forex and tells me I should use her broker because it gets better leverage than the one I currently use. I’m glad I checked the article before moving money into an account there.

  11. hmmm who are they?

  12. I have some good advice for you! don’t believe that Chinese girl! I have a “real” account. I lost $ 4,000!
    And if you want to do something with them, it’s not through their platform. Let him share information with you, but play on a platform that he cannot manipulate. Because on their accounts they manipulate the rate and you lose money in one second!
    I warn you. Case reported to the police!

  13. i m in the same situation with a chinese girl which say she is a plastic surgery doctor and involved me in this shit i deposited 1000Usd her wechat name is L and wechat id is Sunflower-1880 i still did not try get back my found but she build my id , and then asked me deposit money last week tried to push me to borrow from friend 10k usd for a big trading opportunity luckily i had some doubt and did not borrowed make scene to here that noone borrowed to me i still did not say to her that i discover all (unluckily only yesterday after read all histories) she also sayd to me that if i don t find the 10k to deposit she can borrow to me a part so i need to find less

  14. I had the same experience with a Girl called Li Na (+44 7990330355) i Lost 14000$

    I contacted this girl by Facebook. The same plan that others wrote in this forum

    Do not operate with Furion never.

  15. This all sounds so sad. Some investors due to Covid may even take their own lives due to the sadness of being scammed and left with nothing to live on especially if they are old. I have met a Malaysian Chinese lady on a social site called Thaifriendly. She said she had her own business in New York city USA and was the CEO. She sent me her photo very beautiful. Even sent me a nude photo to encourage me. Her story is her uncle introduced her to Furionglobal and that she has made much money now on Forex deals. She wants me to open a trading account and to start investing my money in order that we can get married and I will have the same level of wealth as she has and can then impress her parents who live in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia that I am worthy of her hand. It all sounds so wonderful and I am alone and trying to recover from a broken relationship with a girl I was with for 6 years in Bangkok. Men, money and loneliness is a real danger.

  16. Thx for all the notes. There was a Chinese gal called Annie +44 7862 069526 and she introduced me to open account at furion and buy Bitcoin. The transaction didn’t work out due to the credit card issue but I opened an account but didn’t deposit any money.

  17. Hello guys I was approached the same way by a Chinese woman called Wendy he phone number last 4 number 2590 currently living in Austria did anyone have been contacted by her ?

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