January 2021 Saw Record High BTC Transfers

January 2021 Saw Record High BTC Transfers

Retail and institutional investors have intensified the accumulation of Bitcoin. Recent data reveals that 2450 BTC addresses are currently holding at least 100 bitcoin.

Data, provide by Glassnode and published by Bloqport, disclosed that some 140 new wallets containing Bitocin were created in the last 28 days, a new record. Since the start of 2021, the number of wallets has seen a significant rise in number. The recent reports indicate an increased interest from institutions and rich investors in the crypto market, especially bitcoin, since the recent surges in pricing.

Bloqport revealed that the number of so-called “whale” addresses containing more than 10 000 Ethereum have reached their all times highest level in the last 13 months, making Ethereum the second most targeted cryptocurrency today. A total of 35 new Etehreum whale wallets have been opened since the start of the year.

In another set of data published by Whale Alerts, a blockchain tracker, a total of 7 977 BTCs were transferred from a mystery wallet last week. Moreover, an unknown user recently pushed 3730 Bitcoins from the crypto exchange Bitstamp to a mystery address. There was also a similar transfer where some nameless individual moved a total of 3947 BTC to an unidentified wallet. All these transfers happened this year.

As of writing this, the crypto market cap is valued at around $994 billion.

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