Ethusdtbtc Review – 5 things you should know about

Ethusdtbtc Review – 5 things you should know about

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Beware! Ethusdtbtc is an offshore broker! Your investment may be at risk.


Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Open trading accounts with at least two brokers.


Nothing sets apart this broker from the sea of other online forex brokers except perhaps for its name. If you try to say Ethusdtbtc it sounds like a real tongue-twister. This is a joke but actually,  there is nothing to joke about Ethusdtbtc as this broker is seriously dangerous to trade with. Here are our arguments.

Ethusdtbtc Regulation and safety of funds

From the information available on the website, we can see that Ethusdt International Limited that operates Ethusdtbtc is registered by the Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Centre of Canada (FINTRAC). Our search did confirm that such a company exists in the FINTRAC register. However, we must point out that this is Canada’s financial intelligence unit which mandate is to facilitate the detection, prevention and deterrence of fraudulent financial activities. It is not one of the official regulators for forex brokers in Canada and its register does not show the websites of the companies that are there. Another reason that makes us suspicious regarding the legitimacy of this broker is the fact that the name of the company is missing from the register of the Investment Industry Regulatory Organisation of Canada (IIROC) which is the self-regulatory body that oversees all forex brokers.

Our opinion is trading with Ethusdtbtc is not safe for clients’ money and advise you against it.

IIROC has set some strict rules that forex brokers in this jurisdiction must comply with in order to get their license. They must have a minimum capital of $250,000 and must be members of the Canadian Investor Protection Fund which can provide up to $1 million in compensation if the broker becomes insolvent. Canadian brokers are not banned from hedging and they do not have a cap on leverage.

Ethusdtbtc Trading software

Ethusdtbtc trades in forex, metals, BTC and indices and the trading software consists of the MetaTrader 5 trading platforms which is one of the leading platforms in forex trade. Below is an image of MT5. On the left of the screen are shown the trading products with their bid/ask price and the navigator for the accounts, indicators, expert advisors, scripts and services. The middle of the screen displayed 4 charts of 4 currency pairs with the fluctuation in price in a given time frame. If we look at the top-left chart, we’ll see that it displays the EUR/USD currency pair. From the bid/ask price we can calculate that the spread is 0.8 pips which is tight. When the spread is tight the cost of transactions is not too high and traders will be able to achieve sustainable profit. From the company’s interface, we find out that the default leverage is 1:100. Such leverage is considered to be high which means that it increases the risk exposure for clients’ funds. Please remember that high leverage will amplify the scope of financial loss in case of unsuccessful transactions which happen to 70% of the forex traders. It is not by chance that the regulators in the EU, the UK and the US have imposed a cap on leverage for forex currencies which cannot exceed 1:30 in the EU and the UK and for the US, it is 1:50. These are measures to prevent traders from entering risky and reckless transactions where they can suffer a significant financial loss.


Ethusdtbtc trading platform


We must say that by offering the MT5 platform, Ethusdtbtc has made a good choice. The platform is equipped with an algo trading option, VPS, an app market, trading signal, code base with customs scripts, a financial calendar, etc. which give a lot of advantages to the traders. We must also mention the variety of charting options and technical analysis indicators that help traders predict the future direction of exchange rates and make a profit.

However, a good quality trading platform won’t cut it if the broker is fraudulent.

Ethusdtbtc Deposit/Withdrawal methods and fees

There is a lot of essential and crucial information that is missing from the Ethusdtbtc website that includes the Terms and Conditions document and the deposit and withdrawal methods and any related fees. Also, it is not possible to find out what trading accounts are offered and what the minimum initial deposit is.

Without such information clients of this broker won’t be able to make informed choices regarding what their rights and obligations are when joining this broker.

Needless to say, joining this broker without being fully informed will be a dangerous mistake.

How does scam work?

Scam works in different ways. It could be either that you receive an unsolicited telephone call or you see one of these flashy ads on the Internet or the social media promising you a quick and easy profit. Scammers will promise you the sky and the earth until you give way to temptation and deposit money. Once you give them money you get caught in the scammers’ mousetrap and the cheese in the shape of a big fat money fall is gone! It may take some time before you realise that you are being scammed. Scammers are smooth talkers and they are masters of deception. They will give you some excuses as to why the big profit hasn’t come yet and will try to lure you to make even a bigger investment because according to them, the more you invest, the more you profit. After you have been waiting for a while and you finally come to your senses, you realise that you are being scammed. All you want now is to get your money back and get out of there. However, the scammers won’t make it easy for you! They will try to delay you so that you miss the deadline for applying for a chargeback.

What to do if scammed?

There are a few things that you must do immediately – file for a chargeback if you have paid using a VISA or MasterCard. Those two payment providers allow you 540 days time frame within which you may file for a chargeback.
However, the chances are grim if you have used bank transfer or Bitcoin as a payment method. There is no chance you’ll be able to recover your money.
In such a desperate situation, some so-called ‘recovery agents’ may approach you with offers to recover your money for a fee. Be cautious as you may be dealing with another type of scammers. Always check the information about the recovery agency – make sure it is legitimate and transparent in the public eye. Also, some scammers publish personal comments after our review about how they have been scammed and how they found a recovery agent who helped them get their money back. Do not trust such comments and do not use the published contact info in them as it will lead you to another scammer!
And lastly, a reminder to cancel your credit card if you have given your CVV code to the scammers and erase any software from you PC that gives the scammer access to your personal data.

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  1. Ethusdtbtc is a scam. Dont put your money. There is a girl named Xia Yao who is a con artist. Be very careful

    1. Hi yes. Shes real con artist. Now blocked even my withdrawal on my accounts. Dont know whom to complaint.

    2. I could’t agre more.
      Was scammed by a pair of girls, one named Li YuanQi, and another one called Anna.
      Lost USD 50’000 so far.
      Account with EthusdtIntl shows a credit of USD 114’000 but cannot withdraw.

      1. Me too, lost my money almost $30.000, the girl have name Anna or LinQiran, I have she number phone (Anna/LinQiran) I have many pic or video the girl too, if you Will, contact me

  2. isaac asher reynaud

    I also have lost money to this broker, and they keep coming up with unexpected charges or measures so I can not withdraw on the account

  3. I just lost a lot of money with this broker. Met a girl on Tinder and she was “helping” me learn how to day trade and convinced me to deposit a lot of money to fund the account. She helped me trade up to almost $40,000 in profits. When i tried to withdraw, she and the broker support rep I was talking with through Whatsapp disappeared. Lost all my money.

    1. Hi jeff. Im Sony. In same situation as you. How did they stop withdrawal. Can i have more details

      1. Hi,
        Same for me. Can you please help me?
        I did one withdraw and it worked. Now did another withdraw, but it didn’t work.

        1. Hi jose,
          You said you did one withdrawal. How did you do that? Did you transfer to binance or so?

    2. I been contact by one girl and giving me all the positive trade..she insisted to top more to get more profits … so far didnt withdraw.. going to try withdraw some amount first..

      1. Dear you can’t withdraw anymore but don’t recharge again.

    3. Same thing with me.
      A gril I met on Facebook contacted me by Messenger, then by WhatsApp (a Singapore number) and invited me to invest USD 10’000, then a further USD 40’000.
      All seems to be lost now, as she disappeared and won’t read messages.

    4. Hallo do you have more information about this gril from whatapp Maybe some pictures you will share.

      1. Hi Tim, I have some picture or photo from that girl, she is cheat me too, I’m lost almost 30.000 dollar on 8th January 2022, I know that girl by appl Vika and then give me watshaap number, and then teach me about trading MT5 and and last December 2021 on 22th DEC 2021 I’m ready trading with she is, almost 30.000 several time I’m deposit to my account, but finnaly can’t I withdraw, till now, my money lost all, and my acoount is Frozen, my contact watshaap she is bloked.. I don’t know, to where Im looking for that girl, I’m on Indonesia ..that girl she said at Shenzhen cina,. If u Will the picture that girl, I have many, coz she is always send me he is pic, thanks

    5. Hi Jeff, I’m same with u, with the girl too, she is from shenzhen cina, teach me about trading on MT5 and this broker, 8th January 2022 yesterday, I’m lost almost 30.000 USD, can’t I withdraw from my account, andy account after then she is booked, canot open anymore, and she ia number on my watshaap canot call, she is have was bloked my number,

  4. Hi I was a victim also met a girl on tinder ,taught me to trade and 3 times a day gave me trades to do went by name Mina , Withraw blocked unless paid analyst commission apparently ,was Sunlaidealfe before , transferred to UK bank account Lloyd’s LiU Xin or Xin Lui

  5. Hi I was also scammed my a girl called Mina and another girl Abbie who said uncle was analyst on Sunlaidealfe and now Ethusdt international, any photos , customer service want let me withdraw unless pay analyst commissions first does this sound familiar , anybody had joy getting money back at all via another channel

    1. Please reply if anybody got money back !

    2. Me too, same like you, this girl name LinQiran Chinese name, or Anna English name, shenis tell me his uncle work as analisys at waltstreet USA as trading, she is teach me about trading, finally I’m ready to trading and I’m lost my money almost 30.000 dollar several time, my money all canot withdraw, and my account on this broker, canot open anymore, and she is bloked my number watshaap, and he is gone..till now, I’m lost contact on 8th January 2022 yesterday, I know that girl by appl Vika and then she is give me watshaap number, arround 5-6 month I know she is and aktive chat everyday before she ia cheat me.. I have many the pic form that girl, cause she ia always give me pic, but I don’t know that really her pic or not and I have video too, video that girl, I’m lost all my money on

  6. I already invest $500 on and can not withdraw

    1. Are you able to withdraw?

    2. You’re lucky to have only lost USD 500.
      I invested USD 50’000, made “profits” for another USD 50’000, and now cannot withdraw anything…


    Girls with supposed fake profiles are on any platform like asian dating / OKC and sugardaddy platforms pretending they are there finding their love.
    The ladies unfortunately are not able to have video or voicecalls because they are even having +852 numbers ( HK ) in Shenzen which is just over the border.
    The ladies very fast ask or show you their profits in Forex Trading and invite you to participate because they have super analysts which give them perfect advise so the in fact dangerous Forex Trading is made a easy profit. And hey they are willing to share this super analyst with you so what a blessing. And naturally she loves you and wants to be with you one time when she can leave China.
    They insist on a certain broker / FX Platform and this platform is always unregistered OR even if registered is a scam platform hosted in China at the very end.
    It is also very clever why the certain broker is a must : “Every broker has its different set of data and then you might loose money due to that ” — Very clever
    Any concerns if one read negative comments are destroyed by showing how easy they are shuffling money in and out of the platform. They assure you they trade already x years with this platform.
    In fact the push very hard now that you open an account and deposit funds. Perefctly waiting that you invest more and more. They even encourage you to withdraw a small amount which works.
    Then you make bigger profits and the day comes you want to withdraw some funds.
    You fill out the withdraw form and the reply is that there is a suspicious behaviour and compliance has stopped the transfer.
    In fact when you complain they send you a “Customer Service Number” which is..oh surprise also a HK ( +852 ) number
    Here you get declared that you didnt identify properly and the only way to release the block on your account is now to pay again 10% of the principal amount into the account to proof that you are the real owner of this account.
    Due to the fact that the “Customer Service Number” is serviced by different persons it can also happen that they only ask for 5% or that the say.. teh 10% are sent back within 24 hours.
    All lies for sure.
    If you now start to complain with the lady who brought you to this platform she refuses and says … I am trading with this platform already ( in my case 3 years ) x years and can easily withdraw my funds.
    The next what she writes is..: .Oh .. I had this also…and I naturally paid the 10% and all went well since then..”
    I had then the following stage in between the final end.
    The customer service after I had sent my ID and Bank Statements again to them came back and said…The account is blocked forever so the superiors advise that you move the money to another real account.
    After I did this and tried again to send out money it happened the same…the transfer was cancelleed because your behavior is dubious… lol..
    Then the lady after I wrote her that again the transfer was cancelled went really bad after I demanded the invested principal back from her…
    She wrote : Oh what a bad man you must be…they wouldnt write this if you are not bad. ”
    So it is clear that this is a criminal organisation under the roof of this company name.
    And due to the fact that they hide in HK and China you have no chance to get them ever.
    This is really one of my worst experiences I had.

  8. Reading these reviews at least I know I am in good company. Ethusdtbtc review.
    I have been dating a Hong Kong girl for over 6 months. How could it not be serious? It was a Tinder meet. Investment in ethusdtbtc is about $35,000 but I withdrew $25,000 early so losses are limited. My trading balance today exceeds $900,000 and I trade when my girl trades. Everything seemed great. I tried to withdraw a small amount yesterday of $47,000. I was told by customer service that I must first prepay a 10% tax, $90,000, to a bitcoin account they said was the State Administration of Foreign Exchange (China).
    Needless to say I have not paid although my girl tells me this is normal practice.
    I offered to pay from the account balance. That was denied which is another major red flag.

    I’m going to give up on it despite the large profits. If anyone has experience with my Hong Kong girl who uses the names Lin, Alina, or Ting Lin I’d like to know. She apparently owns a high end fashion brand store in Hong Kong.

    It is difficult to understand how she could persist for so long without really making any money from my deposits. If she gets the profits that I can’t reach, that may be a different story but it hasn’t financially hurt me.

    I have many pictures of Lin over the 6 month period and happy to share.

    Is there a China or Hong Kong law enforcement agency I can report this to?

    1. too late for me. I should have read this before. In contact with a chinese girl insisting to invest more. Can anyone contact me with the picture of the women.

      1. I am also lost my 5200 USD from the girl. it was tinder meet also i have the picture.
        But i could not able to attach.

        1. Can you attach picture of girl

          1. I couldn’t able to attach the pictures can anyone help how to attach

    2. Have you got the pics of these girls as simillar thing happens to me doc you find who to report to which authorities yet

      1. In my case, it’s easy to find pictures: the girl is on Facebook under Li Yuanqi in chinese 李媛琪(Kelley).
        She is also on Instagram under ke.lley2831
        I have another 50 photos of her in various locations in Hong Kong and in Shenzhen, but they cannot be posted here.

      2. Darren,
        I have plenty of photos of the girl and her friends.
        You can email me and I will share the photos.
        It’s impossible to post photos here.

    3. I am facing a very similar situation and also have plenty of photos I could share.
      I invested altogether USD 10’000 and then another USD 40’000 and my trading balance shows now USD 114’000 which I can’t withdras and the girls just didappeared and wouldn’t answer or even read my messages on Whatsapp.
      I you wish, you can contact me

    4. Please share photos

      1. I also lost nearly 500 usd. Girl’s name is lily. Found in tinder. Her tinder name is Adelina. I have some photos too.
        Never trust a chinese again. I REPEAT, NEVER TRUST A CHINESE.

        1. Is there a way to complain this ethusdt International broker. It is a terrible scamer. Never invest there. It is doing robberies under Canadian flag. Dont know why Canadian government or MT5 platform don’t ban this thief.

        2. I am still in contact with lily. I still same girl.

    5. Please, could you share with me the pictures of the named girl Lin?. I could be in the same case of you; or girl under another name if you have since she could change names.

    6. Have you got pictures [email protected]

    7. Hi, do you have the photo of this girl? Seems like my friend also got this same of case.

    8. Give you have pictures to Her Lin. Would I like to see them I also think I am smoked in a trap.
      Give du har billeder at Hende Lin. Kunne jeg godt tænke mig og se dem jeg tro også jeg er røget i en fælde.

      1. Do you have picture of the lady. Am Think am also Got trick by this person.

    9. Hi steve, me too, are u have pic that girl, cause me have too, 6 month ago I also often sent the picture or he ia photo, the girls Chinese pic, are the photo it same, are that mean she is a girl ia same? Can u contact my number, ? I have many pic from that girl, and some video that girl, Chinese girl, she have name LinQiran or Anna at Shenzhen city Cina

      1. Me too, lost almost 30.000 US Dollar, several time, deposit to my account self MT5 trading and, and canot withdraw,

  9. Anyone have the address for the ETHUSDT in China or Hong Kong please reply with the details for the legal action

    1. Today was told by customer service that their servers are down. Is this common practice for a broker? Anyway we can get our money back? I was told looks into companies like these

      1. yes, i am trying to access the account as well. page is not loading. I am been told by the girl named Lily. I need to remove all money from there.

        1. To me.. she is used name LinQiran or Anna, are this the girl is same?

    2. Let’s work together t

      1. Hi Darrent, .. that good idea,. Let’t work together, to stoped this criminal, this very criminal, I have some the girl pic and video, maybe can help to found or stoped his next plan,

    3. Ok just have some the girl pic and video, and prove chatt from the girl,

  10. I mut admit I had the same experience: a girl named Li YuanQi or 李媛琪(Kelley) contacted me through Facebook’s messenger app. and we communicated during approximately 3 months via Whatsapp (+852 5601 6953)…a Hong Kong number. We exchanged many pictures and facts about her life. She claims to be divorced with 2 children (Dabao, a boy and WenJing, a girl), to be born in Dongguan, have her parents house in Longhua district, Shenzhen, work in Hong Kong, where she operates a beauty salon, and to have a country house in Shanwei.
    After a few months, she introduced me to MetaTrader 5 and to a girl named “Anna” (+852 6154 6020) who “assisted” me to transfer money (altogether approximately USD 50’000) to an account with ETHUSDT; in the next couple of months, my investment more than doubled and as I wanted to withdraw my money, suddenly all communication stopped.
    Of course, no one is answering from ETHUSDT’s “contact us” mail address, and it seems the whole company is a ghost. I don’t understand how METATRADER is allowing those scam companies on their platform.

  11. I filed a criminal case with the Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office. I filed a criminal complaint against both the site administrators and that Chinese girl.
    Ben Cumhuriyet başsavcılığına suç davası açtim.hem site yöneticileri hem de o Çinli kız hakkında suç duyurusunda bulundum

    1. Are the your filed a criminal complaint ia accept ? How the next news, ? Cause till now yesterday at 8-10th January 2022 me too, get deceived from that girl maybe, she is name Anna or LinQiran, she is chinese girl, and I have many pic also, I almost lost $30.000, now she is gone and bloked me on watshaap and my account MT5 or

  12. I was deceived by a Taiwanese woman named Lee Poetry.
    My uncle said that he was Zhou Sojin and was introduced on LINE. When the transfer destination specified by Ethusdt was frozen, he began to talk about foreign exchange supervision and wind control departments.
    As a result of inquiring the police and banks about the frozen account, it was found that it was frozen as a fraud case.
    The amount of loss is $ 100,000.
    When I told the police to notify me, my account was invalidated.
    叔父さんは周其仁だと言い、LINEで紹介された。Ethusdt が指定した振り込み先が口座凍結したと、外貨為替監督とか風制御部門など訳が分からない話しをし始めた。

  13. Most of these womens have moved the existing users to Shiyiounu ltd on MT5 and all deposit are done through
    If anyone is in contact with police please give them these details as well. I am a victim so whatever information i get i will keep posting. My email id is given above as well in other comments

    1. Hi there Sanket
      Have you managed to get your money back from with drawing from the site

      1. Not all. I had to fool her little. Got some amount out of it

        1. Spoke to a person at Shiyiounu Ltd. They say that is not part of them. It appears somebody has used their name and logo for nefarious means. They say they have received alot of queries recently all with the site being mentioned. So we can clearly say is a scam of note.

          1. Yes, shiyiounu ltd website is completely different. Insafx name is IPCL. Its fraud as well they dont have a website. Muhammad whom were you in contact with for trading?

      2. No, never can withdraw, all money can’t withdraw, this like a heck by she ia or the girl, and my account on MT5 or is frozen,and she is gone too, me the deceived with Gus arround $30.000, she is name LinQiran or Anna, she said from Shenzhen Cina, and have company like a designer, and trading as side income, cause he ia uncle give his information always get profit every trading … No lose .. but she ia really deceived…

  14. ethusdt は詐欺会社です。
    Ethusdt は詐欺会社です。

    Reminder of failure to pay
    Date:2021-06-19 13:43:39
    Dear customer
    Your payment has been rejected
    Amount: 100000.00
    Reason for rejection: You have not paid the last 6 million yen deposit to guarantee your bank account information, so we cannot provide you with the withdrawal conditions for the time being. Please pay 6 million yen to ensure that your bank account is secure and submit a withdrawal request again.

  15. Agreed, the new plot is to use Can’t withdraw money from them as well. They lured me in from Tinder

    1. Its the same racket from ethusdt. Try not to invest in insafx. And drop review about new website.

      1. Yes, insafx. Com is a complete scam. The woman I was in contact with her name is Annie. When you load founds on the trader. Insafx. Com site it loads onto meta5 showing Shiyiounu Ltd. However, it is a fake logo and Shiyiounu has no knowledge of account. Try to withdraw and all it shows is that the transaction is being audited. Have to admit, the syndicate seems to be quite slick

    2. Hi Muhammad, Did you experience the same thing that we, that Chinese girl, too?

    I have been contacted by some girl , very charming , She wants me to make money with ethusdt. I am using coinbase wallet and she asked me to convert eth to usdt then get a mining certificate from so as I wanted to be very careful , I only converted about 600 dollars. its giving me about 4 dollars a day and now she is asking me make more money by adding more money. I am not sure if this is scam too? Anyone?

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