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Beware! is an offshore broker! Your investment may be at risk.



Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Open trading accounts with at least two brokers.


We don’t really see anything special about, besides, maybe, its somewhat unique name. Everything else about it we have been witness to hundreds of times with hundreds of unlicensed and risky brokers! All the signs point to the same direction, however, we are aware that many users won’t be able to see them. That is why we have this review to help them.

We found a total of three TradingView charts in the home page alone, and if you have been reading our previous reviews you would be aware that TradingView is essentially a social network for traders that also provides graphs that are irrelevant to the liquidity provided by individual brokers.

Registering was incredibly easy, and we were given access to a user portal area in mere seconds. From there, we accessed a common offshore broker trading software, but at least we accessed something! We learn from it that the EUR/USD cost of trade stands at 0.6 pips, which is super. There is a mention of a trading commission on the accounts page, but the company never expands on this. However, we urge users to be careful nonetheless, because there might really be a hefty commission on spreads. Indexes, commodities, shares, cryptocurrencies, and forex currency pairs are what users of to expect as financial instruments. The leverage that we saw was capped at 1:200.

The website of the broker can be translated into English, German, French, Spanish, and Italian.


Aroxcapital LTD is the holding company of the firm and is claimed to be located in Cyprus. The terms and conditions have a revealing clause disclosing that the broker is governed in accordance with Cyprus laws. This immediately means that the broker must be holding a license from CySEC, the Cypriot regulator, and one of the top global FX market overseers. We checked with the Cypriot regulator for any trace of, and found no result. Thus the broker is not regulated in Cyprus, meaning that the laws do not apply to it!

And then we get the other commonly used excuse used by illicit brokers, asserting that the user must make sure that he or she complies with the laws of her/his country of residence when using the website. In other words, expects users to believe that it is the users’ own responsibility to make sure that they are allowed to access, when it’s the other way around.

An even bigger tell of the lack of a license is the short terms and conditions, which are around 2-3 pages long, not nearly enough to be able to help users when there is a conflict of interest. But shady brokers are known to adapt short and uninformative legal docs.

In the end, we are again faced with an UNREGULATED broker

We always say that investing in unregulated brokers is a sure way to lose money. The first and foremost thing to do when picking a broker to invest in is to look for a license. Preferably look for FCA or CySEC regulated brokers, or other European watchdogs, or US ones. All legit regulators have long lists of rules and prerequisites that all brokers must abide by. Not doing so, will lead to penalties or foreclosure! Furthermore, many regulators have in-store financial compensation schemes for all users under licensed brokerages. For example, CySEC guarantees up to €20 000 per person, while the FCA guarantees up to £85 000.


The trading software used here is nothing new or special. We have seen it dozens of times being used by a number of illegitimate brokers.

The main, and only, features of the web trader are pending orders, stop-loss, take-profit, time frames, and some very limited chart options. And that’s pretty much all there is to this web trader. Its reliance on visuals is its greatest and only strength.


According to the registered user area, the minimum deposit is $250. Clients can open an account by investing by means of credit and debit cards. The payment area also reveals that bank transfers and payment through alternative methods are possible, but there is no proof of this. There are no links to a wire transfer payment line, nor to any alternative payment method. As far as we’re concerned, users can only pay through credit and debit cards.

The withdrawal section has a small accomodating text claiming that all withdrawals will be paid back into a credit or debit card, but just below this text is a bank transfer form. This inconsistency is all that we learn from the withdrawal area.

Withdrawal requests received before 1:00 pm GMT will be processed that same day. If the request is received after that time, it will take up to 24 hours to process. We learn this information in the same paragraph in which it is also said that withdrawals take up to 7 days to process. We are not surprised that contradicts itself; it is an unregulated broker after all.

There are also payment fees issued by the payment providers. The most notable one is a 3.5% withdrawal charge when using Visa or MasterCard.

Next, we come to the indemnification clause that puts the broker out of harm’s way. Through this provision, no one can hold the broker guilty of any financial damages, or otherwise. This is one of the most important pieces of text in the entire website of any illicit broker. is a scam and a risk to all deposited funds. Do not be fooled by visuals or promises of wealth. Users are better off without this one!

How does the scam work?

Online ads are the gateway to most investment scams. Ads that seem extravagant with quite impossible promises are most certainly the entry point into a scam. Gibing into one of these ads is the first step to being scammed.

The second step is to deposit. Once users click on the ad, they will be redirected to a scammer broker site or an intermediary website. What follows is a registration, where users will be asked to provide a phone number or a phone number.

Next, the scammer will directly contact those that have fallen for it. The first calls are made by the first level of fraudsters, the rookies. Their one and only goal is to compel users to deposit for the first time. Once a deposit is made, the user is hooked onto the scam.

The second wave of scammers, the core of the fraud, sometimes called “account managers”, will try to keep you invested in the shame for as long as possible. They might even pay some profits, just to keep you invested. The user will deposit an additional 2-3 times, which is actually the perfect scenario for these criminals. At some point, the user will realize he or she is in the middle of a scam

There are no more steps to the scam. The user has deposited as much as he or she did, and the fraudster have disappeared. The money is gone, and users cannot withdraw.

What to do if scammed?

If money was lost through a credit or debit card, the good news is that most credit card companies have an easy way of recovering money. Furthermore, MasterCard and VISA have a chargeback period of 540 days.

Wire transfer frauds, that is broker/investment scams, are harder to recuperate, but not impossible. The crucial thing to do is to change your bank account username and password! Aside from that, we advise users to contact their banks, because most banking institutions might have a plan on how to deal with money lost to investment scams!

Never invest in unregulated brokers through any sort of cryptocurrency wallet, no matter how good the returns sound! Crypto deposits are untraceable!

The last scam that users might stumble upon is in fact most of the time one that has nothing to do with the investment scam, although a potential relationship between the two is not excluded. We are talking about the so-called recovery agents or agencies. These will claim to be able to recover lost funds in return for a fee. After users pay this charge, they can kiss their money goodbye!

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  1. I was amazed that the deposited amount was paid into Australia with incredibly high fees of 25%. The verification didn’t work for a long time and I haven’t heard from them since.
    It was specially created for Swiss offers, so I never thought it was a fraudulent scam. I can now copy the 250 E.
    They are advertised on the website as one of the largest and most reputable platforms.
    It is difficult who you can and can still trust.


    Mich wunderte, dass der einbezahlte Betrag nach Australien einbezahlt wurde, mit unglaublich hohen Gebühren von 25%. Mit der Verifizierung klappte es lange nicht und seither höre ich nichts mehr von ihnen.
    Es wurde speziell für Schweizer Angebote erstellt, so dachte ich überhaupt nicht daran, dass es eine betrügerische Masche ist. Die 250 E kann ich nun abschreiben.
    Auf der Webseite werden sie als eine der grössten und seriösesten Plattform beworben.
    Es ist schwierig wem kann man und darf man noch trauen.

  2. Hi Emilie

    Did you get any joy with a refund

  3. I gave them some money and instead writing were they exist they phone
    which country are they registered in and what is their registration number

  4. This is a phantom company with great advertising on prestigious sites.

    The address of the London office is of another company – KPMG, which has no connection with Arox Capital.

    Do not expect a return on the deposit, let alone profits.

  5. How can mastercard/visa continue to pay funds to a scam company ?


    Without a doubt this “company” are scammers with a repetitive pattern, if you are thinking of “working” with them, DO NOT do it, they will steal everything they can from you.
    At the beginning everything is perfect, you enter with 200 euros and in a short time you will see that in your profile on your page you start to earn and earn and your money is double or triple every day, of course on your “page” since it is virtual money that It really does not exist nor is it yours since you can never get it out so you try it multiple times, you can never get a response to that requirement (they will give you a thousand excuses) … If you still decide to continue they will ask you for money based on the fact that your money has multiplied by 10 in one or two weeks (remember it is not your money, it is on their fake / false page), if you take this step forget about them, they will disappear … if you do not give it they will call you a thousand times a day and find a way to You transfer preferably by bitcoin or by transfers to suspicious accounts that are not related to the name of the company, they will try to convince you by returning a small amount of your money via electronic Wallet (Bitcoin) but until there … they will offer you to put double money in you It counts if you deposit, if you put 30,000 they “give you” 30,000 and they will tell you that you can take it out in a week since they will double that amount … but you know if you take that step more you will never know about them by any means, they will disappear ….
    They always use different telephone numbers to contact you who do not receive calls, never personal numbers or WhatsApp, they will also pressure you by email.
    Among the best known scammers for the Spanish-speaking public are:
    sin ninguna duda ésta “empresa” son unos estafadores con un patrón repetitivo, si estas pensando “trabajar” con ellos NO lo hagas, te van a robar todo lo que puedan.
    Al comienzo todo es perfecto, entras con 200 euros y en poco tiempo verás que en tu perfil en su pagina empiezas a ganar y ganar y tu dinero se duplica o triplica cada dia, claro en su “pagina” ya que es un dinero virtual que realmente ni existe ni es tuyo ya que no lo podras sacar nunca asi lo intentes múltiples veces, jamás podras conseguir respuesta a ese requerimiento (te darán mil excusas)…Si aún asi decides seguir te pediran dinero con base a que tu dinero te lo han multiplicado por 10 en una o dos semanas (recuerda no es tu dinero, está en su fake/falsa página), si das éste paso olvidate de ellos, desapareceran…si no lo das te llamaran mil veces al dia y buscaran la manera de que le transfieras preferiblemente por bitcoin o por transferencias a cuentas sospechosas que no guardan relación con el nombre de la empresa, trataran de convencerte devolviendote algún pequeño monto de tu dinero via Wallet electronica (Bitcoin) pero hasta ahi…te ofreceran ponerte el doble de dinero en tu cuenta si tu depositas, si pones 30.000 ellos “te regalan” 30.000 y te diran que puedes sacarlo en una semana ya que duplicaran ese monto…pero ya sabes si das ese paso más nunca sabras de ellos por ningún medio, desaparecerán….
    Usan numeros telefonicos siempre distintos para contactarte que no reciben llamadas, jamás numeros personales ni Whatsaap, tambien te presionaran por correo electronico.
    Entre los estafadores más conocidos para el publico hispanoparlante están:


    Please please do not fall for this scam! If it sounds too good – it is a scam!
    All will START from a legitimate looking and convincing add on Facebook or Instagram.
    You will be contacted by an eloquent sounding person fishing for the reason you signed up. Once you do, you will be asked for $250 through a Special Gift Card or other means of transfer through crypto exchange for an initial deposit. Once you are in they will bombard you with calls and countless opportunities to invest.
    You WILL NOT be trading shares nor cryptos. Their web trader is a basic CFD (Contracts for Difference) platform, which when you look closer is delayed to actual, live stream markets.
    You will be continually PUSHED to pay them more money for a ‘trading opportunities’ and yes they will prove them to you but at a price of more of your hard earned money to be sent without chance of retrieval.
    They will ONLY accept crypto payments to cover themselves from traceability. They will never send any money back to your credit card, or wire transfer. This way they avoid to be traceable.
    Their website is FAKE, their IDENTITIES are fake, but their VOICES are not, so if you have an opportunity RECORD every conversation to gather and support the evidence for future investigation. The London addresses they are using are not occupied by them.
    You will be ENCOURAGED to continuously upgrade the account to a higher level, or they will REFUSE to trade on your behalf. Because as they say there are clients with more funds they want to represent (simply moving to another target).
    When you ASK for your money withdrawal, they will OPEN new losing positions and will TELL you that you cannot ask to withdraw because you have open transactions. Then your positions start to LOSE money (simply you will be going into RED) and then to rectify it they will REQUIRE and DEMAND from you more of your money to be send to them. This will NEVER end unless you realise you have been CONNED and that they do NOT act in your interest. They are there to RIP YOU OFF to the every last cent!
    The so called Account Managers are based all over the world in boiler rooms. When one cannot cope with the extortion of money from you they will switch to another, more persevering one. They will be TELLING you that some of the people you were dealing are either out of the business or taken ill and no longer working! Some clearly sound Indian, Asian and even American, who appear to have most of the trick under their sleeves. Some of them become quite aggressive and intimidating over the phone. Others very nice, personal and convincing!
    They also are bragging about being not regulated and unlicensed. One word – they are CRIMINALS that need to be locked up. I have yet came across anyone that has successfully withdrew any profits from them.
    Please do not fall for their offer of LOANS as well. They will try to PUSH to go into an overdraft or take a loan for you to worry for the upcoming years, for them to enjoy the fun of RIPPING YOU OFF.
    Often victims are in such a disbelief that will not seek any help due to embarrassment and guilt.
    Also – the so called RECOVERY companies – are also a SCAM.
    Happy to advise what to do in the event if you have been SCAMMED, where to go, who to notify from the law enforcement perspective, to exchange wallets etc.
    Let’s gather some evidence and build an awareness so fewer people feed these CRIMINALS.
    Stay safe and please, don’t waste your money.

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