Beware! is an offshore broker! Your investment may be at risk.


Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Open trading accounts with at least two brokers. might seem like the next best place for your money but believe us when we say that it’s probably the worst place one can invest his or her money. The signs might not be all visible, but they are all there without a doubt. Perhaps the biggest tell is the structure of the website which copies hundreds of other shady brokers, down to the individual text placements! The only real difference between them and is the name and logo. Please read the review, before doing anything that you will regret later on.

The account creation tool was familiar to us, as in, we have reviewed hundreds of brokers that have used the exact same registration form, all of which were scams! The leading user area was expected, as it too was familiar to us in that same suspicious way. The web trader was also shady.

Our leverage was maxed out at 1:100, and we had no real way of changing it. The EUR/USD spread that we read from the platform was 3 pips, which is not at all lucrative to traders at all, and benefits only the broker. The available tradeable instruments are forex currency pairs, cryptocurrencies, commodities, shares, and indices.

The website of the broker is available in English, German, Russian, Italian, and Spanish.


Here is yet another broker that claims to be located in the Commonwealth of Dominica. A relatively new nation that has gained popularity among that scammer broker community, the Commonwealth of Dominica is another nation that does not possess an FX broker regulator. All forex brokers located there are unregulated unless they hold other licenses from abroad. However, the evidence of this applying to is missing.

In fact, aside from the Commonwealth of Dominica claim, there is nothing else to suggest otherwise. We went through the legal documents, which usually hold more details, but there we found nothing. On the contact page, we find further evidence that is located in the Commonwealth of Dominica.

Unfortunately, what this means is that the broker does NOT HAVE A LICENSE and is thus a risk to all investments as well as any personal information that a trader might leave.

Investing in unregulated brokers is kissing your money goodbye. Always look for a license before investing into a brokerage, most preferably from either the  FCA or CySEC, but also from other renowned agencies. These regulators have strict rules and prerequisites that all brokers must follow, or otherwise, penalties or foreclosure may follow! What’s special about the FCA and CySE said that they offer reimbursement schemes to all users of brokers that they regulate, covering their losses if the broker becomes insolvent.  CySEC guarantees up to €20 000 per person, while the FCA guarantees up to £85 000.


We have on our hands a common trading software used by scammer brokers. Mainly it is used due to its visuals, which create the illusion that the terminal is more than average.

The main features that we found were pending orders, a live news feed, one-click trading, time frames, some limited chart customization options, stop loss, take profit, and price alerts. To be honest, it’s not so bad, but the terminal is used mainly by scammer brokers.


According to the user area, the minimum deposit is $250, and users can fund an account through PayTrio, a Credit card, a wire transfer, and a bitcoin wallet.

The one thing we learn from the withdrawal area is that withdrawals are processed in 24 hours. In typical unlicensed broker style, there are mentioned charges but there are no values attached to these charges. Withdrawal requests are processed within 4 to 7 days according to the withdrawal policy which contradicts what the user area says.

The payment on the website is almost entirely different from the one we get in the client portal area,

Last but not least, has included by far the most scammer of all clauses, the Non-Deposited Funds one, which basically reveals all profit gained by the user does not belong to him or her. Users cannot withdraw profit, which begs the question of what is the point in using this scammer broker? is another scammer broker that must be left to dissipate. Do not waste your breath on this one!

How does the scam work?

Online ads that seem extravagant, promising impossible returns, are the entry point into an investment scam.

When a user clicks on the ad, he or she will be redirected to one of the following: a scammer broker site or an intermediary website. The user will then be asked to provide a phone number or a phone number.

Giving in to these ads will lead to a deposit, initiated by the first level of fraudsters, whose skill as negotiators should not be underestimated. Once an initial deposit is made, the user has entered the scam.

The core fraudsters, a.k.a “account managers”, will try to keep users invested in the scam until the user does not realize he/she is being scammed. Usually, it takes around 2 to 3 deposits to realize something is off. The fraudsters might pay some profits, just to keep the client invested.

Once the client realizes she is being scammed, the broker would have either closed of her account, shut down the entire website, or simply will not allow for a withdrawal.

What to do if scammed?

A credit or debit card scam is one in which users can most easily get their money back, through a chargeback procedure. MasterCard and VISA have a chargeback period of 540 days.

If the user has given the scammers money through a bank transfer then they must ASAP change bank account username and password and only then proceed to contact the bank, asking them for direct help.

Money invested through a crypto wallet is gone for good, because crypto transactions are untraceable!

Users might stumble upon these so-called recovery agents or agencies. They will say that they can recover lost funds in return for a hefty service fee. Needless to say, after the user falls for this, these agents will never be heard of ever again!

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  1. It is a ȘCAM stay away or you will loose youre money and personal data,they will harass you by phone trying to get more and more money from you if you want to withdraw,they will ask you to give them acces to youre computer and bank account!Please stay away and if you falled jn this trap try to go to the police,fill in complaints on every authority wich controls cyber fraud, post comments everywhere this way we raise a red flag to as many people as possible!

    1. Cristian Niculae

      I can confirm the part about the phone calls and WhatsApp messages. There are several days since I am trying to get rid of this people. Then have sent me simulacre of emails, they avoid to tell me who they are and so on. I didn’t invested in them and today I was blocking them on WhatsApp.
      Hope it helps.

      1. good evening
        confitm phone calls and measjele on whuattup
        For two days I have been on the phone with them, more precisely with a certain Mr. Antony Adams, who promised me guaranteed earnings. Today I submitted the requested 250 USd, and I came across this site. I immediately called the bank to try to cancel the payment, and to block my card.
        I hope to get rid of them and get my money back.
        buna seara
        confitm apelurile telefonice si measjele pe whuattup
        De doua zile am vb cu ei la telefon mai exact cu anumit domn Antony Adams care mi-a promis castiguri garantate .Astazi am depus cei 250 de USd solicitati , si appi am dat peste acest site . De indata am sunat la banca pt a incerca sa anulez plata , si pentru a-mi bloca cardul .
        Sper sa scap de ei si sa imi recuperez banii .

  2. hello. I am Denis Novak from Slovenia. I was cheated too. After a phone conversation, I remitted 253 euros to them and they charged me $ 100. the other day NIK called me from hasetrade and we agreed to trade automatically because I have no idea about trading myself. today is 15.5.2021 and I have $ 10540 in my trading account. I mentioned to Nik the day before yesterday that I would raise somewhere around $ 5,000 and here it gets complicated now, it requires me to pay 20% tax first and then they can transfer the money to me. it immediately became something suspicious to me and I went google and stumbled upon this article by chance. too nice to be true.

  3. I have the money transfer since 3 weeks and nothing happened and my money not back again

  4. Unfortunately, this is true. They are big crooks, don’t trust them!
    Din pacate este adevarat.sunt niste mari excroci,nu va lasati încrederea la ei!

  5. Hi.
    Fortunately I didn’t fall into the trap, being one second away from giving them money.The person I was talking to, as I started asking more questions about the mysterious payment method, the many conditions and doubting the legitimacy of the site, he started to get nervous and spoke in a rude and unprofessional tone. Apart from that, I am still afraid, because of the account that was created, for my information. Does anyone know if there is any possibility to remove my data from their site or delete the account? Either my phone number or email, because I realized that they could use my information for something else or to scam other people.
    I would be grateful if you could help me.

  6. With SEPA transfer HashTrade pro cheated for 10850 €. They claimed that the payment of money would not be possible if I did not transfer a further € 10,000. On the dashboard, high amounts are visible, payout management on the current account is not visible.
    S SEPA nakazilom HashTrade pro ogoljufal za 10850€. Zatrjevali, da izplačila denarja ne bo mogoče izvesti, v kolikor ne nakažem nadaljnih 10000€. Na dashbordu, vidni visoki zneski, upravljanje izplačila na TRR ni razvidno.

  7. These people are the scum of the earth
    they tell you that they will set up an account,but you cannot contact them they can only contact you.
    they are nothing more than criminals ,also the phone you constantly hassling you for more money and your financial details
    names to be wary of Andrea Moore , John Hamilton, Cloe Adams,these are the fraudsters who work for this criminal organisation.

  8. HashTrade are scammers calling from Cyprus, London, Germany; some financial advisors alleged Sam Peterson, Kelly… state that their 3% of the profit is per account and that they are therefore motivated that each client manages to make a profit based on a deposit of at least $ 250 and the client nothing from the profit. The withdrawal order is not executed, only they dispose of the funds and transfer them to the Mercuryo virtual wallets… AVOID THEM ALWAYS !!!
    HashTrade su prevaranti koji zovu iz Cipra, Londona, Njemačke; neki financijski savjetnici navodni Sam Peterson, Kelly…navode da je njihovih 3% od profita po računu i da su zato motivirani da svaki klijent uspije ostvariti dobit temeljem pologa od bar 250 USD, a klijentu ništa od dobiti. Nalog za povlačenje se ne izvršava, samo oni raspolažu sredstvima i prebacuju ih u virtualne novčanike Mercuryo… IZBJEGAVAJTE IH SVAKAKO!!!

  9. This is a whole international gang. Do not register there. I immediately realized that these were scammers, since they demanded to deposit money within 2 hours after registration. I did not transfer money to them. And he said that I was no longer interested in their services. They called me 5 times a day, I blocked their intentions, but they continued to call from different phones. Also, on my behalf, they registered me on other trading sites and I received notifications about my registration in my email. Then I received a notification from Milanda from Rosenheim that they approved the refinancing of my loan ??? for 5000 € through Easymoney Group. I didn’t take any loan, I didn’t sign anything and I hear about it for the first time. And I am threatened with confiscation of property if I do not repay the loan that I did not take and did not receive. I went to the police
    Это целая международная банда. Не регистрируйтесь там. Я сразу понял что это мошенники, так как они требовали внести деньги в течении 2 часов после регистрации.Я не переводил им деньги. И сказал что меня больше не интересуют их услуги. Они звонили мне по 5 раз в день я блокировал их намера но они продалжали звонить с разных телефонах. Также от моего имени регистрировали меня на других трейдерских сайтах и мне приходили уведомления о моей регистрации на мой емаил. Дальше я получил уведомление от Milanda из Rosenheim что они одобрили рефинансирование моего кредита??? на 5000€ через Easymoney Group. Никакой кредит я не брал ничего не подписывал и первый раз слышу об этом. И мне грозит изъятием имущества если я не буду погашать кредит который я не брал и не получал.Я обратился в полицию

  10. Stay away from those people ! Those people are scammers nothing more ! You will receive calls from different people from different countries and as soon as you send ur money all those people disaper They have horrible English, can hardly understand them ( they using fake UK Numbers ) but they are far from English Please, Dont be stupid and stay away from HashTrade !!! You wont see your money ever again !!!!!!

  11. Hi i was scammed to i wanted to buy ekrona, i opened registrated and imeadiatly they called me is there any oissible ways to get my money back, because i payed by bitcoin?

  12. I have fallen into the trap, provided them with 250 Euros. Bunch of scammers. Avoid avoid avoid. Please be aware of the fake website Yuan-paygroup that claims to offer new Chinese crypto currency. They even got paid advertisement on some tech sites, namely (I have already alerted them).

  13. its fake all fake .. inertiafinance, hashtradepro, diggy .. stay away

  14. I was also naive and lost €250. In 2021. And again encountered scammers with the Name Target
    who withdrew €111 from me on 21.3.223!!! Don’t believe me I finished this naive crazy game. you’ve already read it all. EVERY SCHOOL COSTS SOMETHING!!!
    Report to the POLICE °
    Tudi jast sem bil naiven in izgubil 250€. Leta 2021. Ter zopet naletel na prevarante z Imenom Target
    ki so mi 21.3.223 potegnili 111€!!! Ne verjemite Končal sem to naivno noro igro. ste že vse prebrali. VSAKA ŠOLA NEKAJ STANE !!!
    Prijavi POLICIJI °

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