Beware! Worldtradecenter is an offshore broker! Your investment may be at risk.


Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Open trading accounts with at least two brokers.


Worldtradecenter is a scam – the broker has a warning against it, issued by the British government. This means that we need to take a closer look at it – so let’s do that:

Worldtradecenter regulation and safety of funds

Worldtradecenter is not only an unregulated broker, but also one that has drawn the ire of the Financial Conduct Authority – the overseer of the UK financial markets. Here is the warning the FCA has published against Worldtradecenter:

It seems that Worldtradecenter has been offering its services to UK citizens without the authorization of the FCA. To get a license from the regulator, a broker must prove definitively it is not running a scam – for example, it needs to report on a daily basis on open and closed trades so it can be held accountable for any sort of price fixing. There are a lot more protections towards you that trading with an FCA licensed broker affords – if you are interested you can learn more about them here, as well as pick of our top-rated FCA-licensed brokers.

However, you should remember that Worldtradecenter can offer you no protections or guarantees, as it holds no license.

Worldtradecenter trading software

Worldtradecenter provides access to the Metatrader 4 platform – one that is rightfully regarded as the industry standard due to its comprehensive interface and powerful automated trading features. Here is what Worldtradecenter’s distribution looks like:

The spreads displayed on it are quite nice, moving well under 1 pip for major FX pairs like EURUSD. What is not nice is the fact that Worldtradecenter offers a leverage of up to 1:400 to retail trades – this is a direct contradiction to the leverage policies in a lot of jurisdictions all over the world. In fact, most regulators have agreed that leverage over 1:30-1:50 is too much. So if you see one that is higher in the wild, know that you are most likely dealing with an unlicensed broker!

Worldtradecenter deposit and withdrawal methods and fees

Worldtradecenter accepts deposits only through credit cards – that is rather beneficial, as they are eligible for a chargeback within 540 days of any transaction. The minimum deposit is set at 250 euro – an absurdly high amount, as Worldtradecenter’s competition can open you an account for as little as $10.

There are a lot of fees and complications associated with withdrawals for clients of Worldtradecenter – let’s take a look at the inactivity fee that Worldtradecenter has in place:

After a month of not depositing or withdrawing, you will be charged $99 – that is simply too much for such a fee – though dormant account fees are common legitimate brokers never charge as much, even in a year! There are also withdrawal fees, outlined below:

When brokers waive their fees outright as a sign of good faith, Worldtradecenter charges at least $30 for withdrawals – not a competitive condition at all. Notice the high withdrawal minimum as well – this is a part of a tactic to prevent you from withdrawing – check out the following bonus policy:

It states that unless you achieve a turnover of 50 000 times the bonus you were issued – which is an impossible to meet condition – you can only withdraw up to 20% of your money, or all of your profits and bonuses will be revoked. But that amount also needs to be over $100. Furthermore, you will be charged the hefty withdrawal fee. As you can see, that makes withdrawals quite complicated and expensive – but that does not surprise us, as Worldtradecenter is running a scam.

How does the scam work?

By now it should be obvious – Worldtradecenter is a scam. And we believe the broker is running on a very efficient and ruthless scam model, which follows the following script:

Someone stumbles upon an ad promising them incredibly profitable investment opportunities – and should they click it, they are led to a website like Worldtradecenter’s own. From there, they are prompted to make an account, leaving a phone number in the process. Once they do that, the scammers will reach out – and will start calling constantly, demanding that person deposit with them. If they do, more and more money will be demanded under various creative justifications. This will keep going until the victim realizes what is going on – and either stops depositing or tries to get a withdrawal. At that point, the scammers simply drop them and never contact them again.

What to do when scammed?

So, you have been scammed by Worldtradecenter or another fake broker like it. The good news is that there are some ways in which you can stop your future losses and maybe even get a refund – read on to find out how:

First off, you need to get all desktop sharing software the scammers had you install off your PC – programs like Team Viewer can be used to snoop around without your consent. You will also want to issue new IDs, credit cards and pretty much any such document the scammers had access to – they have been known commit identity theft or simply sell them to other shady actors online, so it is important to restore your privacy.

Once that is done, it is time to look for a refund – the best way to do so is by contacting your bank and explaining your predicament. But even if a refund is not possible, you should watch out for further scams – if contacted by a recovery agency that demands upfront payments for its services, know that it will not restore your losses, but instead it will simply add to them.

Finally, do not hesitate to speak up – there is no shame in falling prey to scammers, as it can happen to anyone! The only way to protect people from the scam is by raising awareness of it – so leave a comment, or share the review with someone you think is vulnerable to such schemes.

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  1. I Think I paid this guy for his entertainment value, and sheer persistence. I guess I was aware it was a bit of a scam from the start, but that’s life thanks for the warning.

    1. As any one found a way of getting there money I have been to the police and they have reported it to the fraud department

  2. Hi everyone I have invested in and unfortunately they both are fake. Please I request everyone not to invest with them. I can’t remember the guy from but the guy from has name is Ron silver. Him and his sarcastic comments ufffff. NEVER EVER LOSE YOUR HARD WORKING MONEY WITH THSES GUYS

  3. Hello UK Citizen,

    Please be aware of this SCAM company who is in a black list in Financial Conduct Authority website, below all the info needed.

    This morning, I reported WorldTradeCenter to FCA and Action Fraud the police my case number is FCA #207634789 and for the Action Fraude is RE: NFRC210704636161 and my bank.

    I have been a victim of, I have lost £500, Ben called me on the 02/07 and then my account manager Christopher Langley (not very sure of the spelling of his family name) his number is +44 7367519653 and Ben +44 7429277950 (Please note, Ben’s number is switched off and cannot be reachable anymore) customer service is +44 2037589389 no one pick up the phone. Christopher Italian man was putting pressure on me by calling numerous times a day to apply for a loan of £10000 ( and then asked for £5000 and finally £1000 but I resisted on his pressure for a week and then he came back on the 12/07 and convinced me to transfer £500 to coinbase which go to website unfortunately.

    Now he is saying that it is all my fault I lost this money because I did not put more to secure the risk management?? but few days ago, he was saying the market is good (screenshot and evidence on my WhatsApp and can be provided to anyone who wants to dig and confirmed my experience) and the profit will be 30% all rubbish.

    By the way, Christopher is using people money to make him rich and he didn’t lost any pennies as he is using people’s money to create his own fortune, shame on you, stealing people’s money who have worked hard to save.

    This morning, I tried to get my money back but they are not anymore available, please see below the correspondence of FCA and the Action Fraud. STAY AWAY OF THIS SCAM COMPANY WHO IS NOT AUTHORISE IN UK as per FCA website and please note others positive feedback are all fake, anyone who wants to see evidence, i am here to provide them as I want this company to stop to operate :

    Home News Worldtradecenter

    Warnings First published: 20/05/2021 Last updated: 20/05/2021

    We believe this firm may be providing financial services or products in the UK without our authorisation. Find out why you should be wary of dealing with this unauthorised firm and how to protect yourself.

    Almost all firms and individuals offering, promoting or selling financial services or products in the UK have to be authorised or registered by us.

    This firm is not authorised by us and is targeting people in the UK. You will not have access to the Financial Ombudsman Service or be protected by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS), so you are unlikely to get your money back if things go wrong.
    Unauthorised firm – Worldtradecenter

    Address: WTC group Limited 26224, Samou 8 street, Nicosia, CYPRUS, 1086

    Telephone: +6 1291361683, +4 41519471469

    Mobile: +4 47936982772, +4 47882671518



    Be aware that some firms may give out other details or change their contact details over time to new email addresses, telephone numbers or physical addresses.

    —– Message transmis —–
    De : The Action Fraud Team
    Envoyé : vendredi 16 juillet 2021, 10:57:18 UTC+1
    Objet : Action Fraud Report Confirmation

    Action Fraud: National Fraud & Cyber Crime Reporting Centre

    RE: NFRC210704636161

    Dear Ms x,

    I am sorry to hear you have been a victim of crime. Thank you for taking the time to report to Action Fraud. Your report has been sent to the National Fraud Intelligence Bureau (NFIB) for review.

    1. Hi,

      Cam you please advise how did you complain against them? I lost aud 23k with this scumbags. I want them to be gone and get my money if it’s even remotely possible.

    2. Think the guys name is Christopher Langston, Italian guy, just conned $40,000 AUD from me. Wish I knew what I can do about it.

      1. Hi kim,
        Same situation as you
        Shall we chat private

        1. Same here. Can’t get hold of them and my withdrawals are not coming to my bank account. Can’t believe I have been such a fool.
          Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

      2. Still trying to call me 18mths on with numerous different numbers. They are all blocked. Rotten criminal thieves. Thankfully I only lost $200.

  4. Hi
    You mention someone called Ben. What is Ben’s surname? Someone also called Ben from wants me to deposit 10 000 euros, I don’t want to be scammed.

    1. They actually somehow got my contacts which I assume was from another scammer Victoria Coin. I think they work in conjunction with one another. Made me pay $100 and since then i have been constantly harassed and can’t get my money back STEER CLEAR OF THESE LOW-LIFE SCAMMERS who prey on people’s hard worked for money like leeches. I don’t know how they sleep at night these excuses for human beings.

      1. Scammers and crooks. Will call you from multiple phone numbers every second day. I block the numbers and next time they ring on a different one. Thankfully only lost a small amount. Working hard in Australia these mongrels. Beware people!

    2. Ben Stone was the guy I dealt with initially and then he passed me on to Robert King as my balance wasn’t big enough for him to probably waste his time on.

  5. Mrs Simone Jacques

    They are also targeting Australians, in fact I think they target everyone. Should be in jail for fraud but somehow they manage to allude the authorities.

    1. Have anyone met Sean Randal I’m dealing with Hume right now

  6. They are targeting Australians at present. Banks are aware and will try to talk you out of large transactions. Don’t be afraid to say no, if the money is so so good, then why are they working so hard in your interests!! Count to 10 and walk away.

  7. Hi everyone who wants to put hard working money to, I just wanted to say do not trust them. They are scammers and you don’t believe in the beginning. They insist you to put more money showing that you gaining but no way you can get your money back. The people I have experienced Guil and Jonathan. Jonathan made me to invest my money without asking do I have back up money to support my account. As I am new to this I thought he is investing the money that i have already with them but then later he said i have to put more money to back up otherwise i will lose all my money which i did around 16000usd. After i said i am not putting more money they did not bother at least closing my trade when something left and they waited until lose my money. I know the market can go up and down but as an experience traders it is their job to analyse the market before they ask customers to invest big amount. They don’t have much knowledge and all they care about making you to invest to get their commission. I have attached the proof of my transaction with them. They will say they put company money to your account to support but please don’t believe them. There are people who does the real trade and it’s hard to find. At least if I can stop few of them jumping into this scammer after reading my reviews, I will be happy.

    1. Nithya – is it possible to speak to you in private on the phone? I just invested £250 with them and now I absoluetly terrified!

    2. Hi Nithya,
      I lost my money $21,000 today !!! They are absolutely scammers. I would like to chat with you privately if you don’t mind.

    3. Sadly, I too fell foul of this company and lost a lot of money , £63k to be exact. I feel such a fool but like others I was persuaded to invest more to save what I had already invested.

  8. I’ve also just done the same and deposited 250 pounds….I too am now terrified. The broker will not process a refund and keeps asking me to ring him! This is definitely a scam company please don’t make the mistake I did.

  9. I came to this useful website too late, after losing $AUD 250.OO to a man called Eric.
    I cancelled my credit card (I had not uploaded my Driver License or any other personal document to them except my address, my phone and email address).

    Am I in great danger of ID thief? What could I do now?
    Thank you for all your kind help.

  10. Was contacted by this mob and the constant ringing to deposit money raised too many alarm bells.
    I looked for a site like this to warn others, do not give them a cent, they are lowlife

    1. Too late for us Bernard my partner invested $8K and they constantly ring for more
      We have been scammed big time

  11. Hi. It would also be the case where they are trying through Annydesk to “refund” your money by=ut yoiu have to use a crypto wallet to transfer through to your bank BUT to confirm the wallet guess what you to link into yopur own bank SCAMMERS

    1. I was scammed by big time!! Now I am being contacted regularly by ‘Finance Department of Blockchain’ who have my money as WTC was closed down due to operating illegally. It is so sinister & cruel to be offering my large investment back & trying to scam me once again at the same time. They want me to transfer 2% of the amount ‘my investment is now worth’ so that I can be refunded 100% + that 2%

  12. Has anyone had any success getting their money back?? I need help (:

    1. Lucy if you do get a number or address for help let me know but beware as there are companies out there that
      Are scammers saying they will help get your losses back so tread carefully

      After reading all these complaints I think that if we could get all of these people together who have been
      Scammed then we could get a class action against them

  13. I have been recieving phone calls from MT4 support regarding all of my money i lost from WTC. wich was 35k+. To get the money back i have to put another 13000 pound into (Mirrored payment) is it another scam?

    1. It is another scam. I am in the same shoes as you and they have been bombarding me with phone calls which always come up on my phone as scam calls. Coming to think of it, they never use real names or real numbers but computer generated ones. If I had the information I have now at the beginning, I would have steered clear of them. There is no information about them and there is no concrete information regarding them as a financial establishment and yet they want every information about their investors. Further, there is no information in any piece of news that they should refund ( only their words when considered against how many people must have been defrauded) Now that they say they want to refund, they want my account details with the last 3 transactions that I made with a screen shot to prove it. Even when I said I will provide a redacted account details showing my full name (which they have already) with the total amount transferred to them. the silly man said that was not the procedure. I then said to him that as far as I know the govt issued documents are the best to prove IDs and that if they are keen to refund, they should pay back into the bitcoin account the money came from. Anyway, we concluded with the fraudster telling me that I would not be able to get my money back then and I told him that the debt they put me in has not and will not kill me.

      Just please do not give them anything anymore, I know it is tempting to pay a little to get more but these fellows are only concerned about the money they could get from you. Do you know the are still trading with their metatrader 4 nonsense and taking on new unsuspecting people? Just go online and you will see they were still chasing people as recent as last week. The question now is; are they really closed?

    2. Hi Gareth. They have just taken my life savings, $40,000 AUD. Is there anything can do about it ? Do you know who I report this to in Australia ? Cheers.

      1. Hi Kim. I started with A$240. Then they wanted me to purchase coins worth US$10k to 40k promising Amazons split something com8ng this july and how it would double or more with the investment. I ended up purchasing from an oil firm worth 3k ++. I can still see it in their dashboard gaining in equity but I am now in doubt. Hard earned money lost?

  14. Has anyone had any Traing with Anna McClain from World Trade Centre.
    I deposited $200 dollars and she was showing me how to with Draw this.
    I went to bank to open up a bank account as I did not want the worldtradecenter to have access to my other accounts and I wanted to keep this seperated. The Bank Advised me to do a search Review for this company. I have found Good And Bad Reports and have made notes and will be asking Anna some Questions tonight to verify this Company.
    I hope this is not a Scam.

    1. It is a scam 100 percent. I was wary initially and after I gained $3000 on an initial investment, I made the mistake of my life by investing substantially (a figure that I am not proud to mention) with them. It was when bitcoin appreciated and my investment doubled and suddenly went into 6 figure. So, I was looking into withdrawing my investment. However, I got this call at work and my so called account officer said that he found an opening that had to be taken there and then. I asked him to wait but he said he needed to open a position and I gave him access as I was not even able to do anything from where I was. 112,000 became 80,000 but he warned that I should not shut down from my end, then he opened a further position and I did not even understand jack.
      I contacted him again and he said the account is looking beautiful. The $80 something became 20 and I was desperate because another lie he had told me was that they will never allow my investment to be lost totally as they have a cut off point- A big lie. Suffice to say all was lost at the end of the day. There now remains only $45.00 that I do not know how to take out in that account.

      Now as to whether they are good or bad. They have been telling people who lost money with them that they are refunding their money back because, according to them, their licence has been revoked and they were mandated by the financial authority to return money to owners.
      But do you know the verification they want from me as evidence of identity, it is not a driver’s licence or a passport or utility bill or any other ID but a screenshot of my bank account with address, bank details and the last three transactions.

      As to your query Karen, I wish I saw this website or link before I parted with my money.
      The steps taken by me may look foolish but the way things happened made the risk taken justifiable at the time.

      They claim World trade centre’s licence has been revoked, yet they are still signing people on. Please do not fall for them like I did.

      You cannot even verify who they are with their icloud generated phone numbers. I am also want to think the figures generated by the Meta trader was manipulated.

      I am in great debt because of these foul people and I hope they meet their just deserts

    2. its a SCAM 100%
      we made over $10k australian and then they stole it!!

  15. How bad are these people.i have just transferred 350 Aus to do I get the money.i am a very poor old age pensioner.Australia seems to be the place where all the conmen trade from.the government does nothing to stop them or denies these events happen which is what happened to me.I explained everything to a MP everything I told him was then on ABC 4 corners 5 days later and they did nothing.700million dollars was conned from people in Victoria a few years ago and several MP!s were paid off.Chris

  16. We invested what little money we had left to get in front and after making over $10K australian dollars on our own (in one day!), RON WEST from World Trade Centre took it all!!! do not trust these people! They seem so legitimate at the beginning but they are just disgusting people stealing from genuine people!!
    My mafia family and karma will get this guys!!

  17. they are wanting me to invest more to save the money I have already lost

  18. I responded to an advert and was almost instantly contacted by Viking who took £250 (apparently the lower limit) from me to be invested by
    What followed was some really informative and interesting online discussions about trading, markets etc. A good few hours have been spent with initially David Stein (email correspondence shows small-print stating names are fictitious) who was kind, conciliatory, energetic, keen to help. I was amazed at the amount of enthusiasm displayed. However, when I said my husband was not keen on continuing, he got really annoyed. That was my first red flag. I accepted I’d been conned as the only way to get my initial investment plus apparent BTC gains out was to open various BTC wallets and then some other trading app to convert it to cash. Luckily I’m not tech savvy so didn’t even get to these steps as I had no idea what I was doing. After two months of congratulating myself that the bullet I dodged had ‘only’ lost me £250, I got a call from Thomas Schuldiner who wanted to know what I was going to do with my account as they’re not a bank! I said I wanted to close my account and get my money back. He said sure! I needed (another) crypto wallet or intermediate step. He seemed surprised I’d not been told about it by David. I had a few more delightful, encouraging phone calls about how well I was learning, to take my time, not jump into anything, reminders that the BTC vs USD rate was favourable, buy more BTC. I laughed and waited. This was red flag #2. Have heard nothing since. Meta 4 tells me I’m up $580, but no way to retrieve it.
    As someone said earlier, I’ve paid for the entertainment value of someone trying to encourage, teach and convince me to be a big-time trader. Now I just have to make sure they have no details of mine to use for identity theft. Red flag #3 was that they never chased me for the verification details they said they needed.
    On the online reports I’m reading about this scam, no one so far has mentioned Viking Ex as the intermediary. I wonder if there’s any chance of them still existing. Anyway, if it sounds too good etc. I learned that the hard way. Luckily not as hard as some other commenters.

    1. Hi S Frasier.
      I, too, responded to an online ad and was immediately contacted by Vikingex who were the intermediaries in a scam company called worldtradecenter who went on to steal my €250 ‘investment’.
      I have reported it to my bank for a cashback as I used a debit card for the transaction, but they refuse to cooperate as Vikingex are fobbing the illegality off with, “As you have already redeemed the voucher, we suggest that you get in contact with the merchant with whom you have communicated/worked and enquire about your product/service.” Utter crap!
      May I ask, did you have any further communication with Vikingex? And yes, they are still online purporting to be legitimate.

  19. I too fell for this scam (small amount thankfully) but they have persisted to try and ‘refund my money’ until I finally called it for what it was, a blatant scam. That was when I was told that I was the f#%^ing loser. Pays to ignore them

  20. I replied to an advertisement on Facebook using a successful businesswoman in Australia. Next thing I had a phone call
    from RON Silver of World Trade Centre I O. He said he was Senior Account Manager and that he would be looking after my
    interests. I am a retired gentleman and he knew that. He managed to scam $160,000 AU from me along with his business
    AUTHORITIES IMMEDIATELY or if you have had this experience with them, can you advise me of how I can recover my hard earnt
    superannuation money. THANKS

    1. Hi Steve,
      I lost my money too.
      please leave message here if you had claim back your money and advise how.

      thank you

  21. Hi Matt
    Thank you for commenting. I have not tried to contact vikingex, as the only contact details I have are a no-reply email address. Interestingly, the person at vikingex who took my (also) debit card details was a Kylie, and the email with the voucher was from a [email protected] (!!) The link to the voucher has expired and yields nothing. I tried to find them online but came up with nothing. I have now submitted a report to Action Fraud starting with vikingex and then proceeding to provide any info I have about WTC. I am still being contacted by variously named persons from WTC wanting to know what I want to do with my initial investment and profits from the ‘trading’ they supposedly did in my name. I tell them I want to close my account and they say ‘no problem’, but that it has to be paid out in BTC, which requires a Binance account and a bitcoin wallet (the information between the three people that have contacted me is contradictory). In order to do so I need to supply them with documentation: proof of ID and address, colour copy of the front and back of the credit card I used to open my account. (I used a debit card to open the account!) I spoke to my bank and they said this was highly irregular and that this info could provide them with enough to try steal my identity and gain access to my account. I have not given this to them, and have in my mind written off my £250 initial outlay. I just wish I knew how to get them to stop calling me. As soon as I mention that I have reported this to Action Fraud the staff at my bank started being a bit vague, but I guess they don’t want me to ask them for my money back!
    Have you had any further resolution? Are you also still being contacted by WTC? When this all began they had a ‘help centre’ that would pop up and ask if you had any questions. This has disappeared from their website now.

  22. Further to my previous comments, I just wanted to say that I am also now receiving loads of emails from companies that will help get back any funds that are part of a scam. This too is a scam. I used an alias email address for the WTC communications and they are the only people who have this email address. The so-called ‘debt collectors’ could only have got this email address from WTC. It’s all interwoven. Don’t fall for these scammers too. Consider reporting anything you have to Action Fraud.

  23. I was scammed by WTC, following hundreds of calls from fake investment companies.
    I closed my account, but was unable to get back my original investment. This was despite supposed conversations with a account manager.
    And was told by him my original account manager had left on a sour note!!
    Its all smoke and mirrors with these guys, they would sell their own mothers for a price.
    Do not trust them in any way, If it sounds to good to be true it probably is!
    I only lost 2.5k pounds others have lost a lot more.
    The FCA have a flag against the WTC… BE AWARE!!
    And if traders have to use FAKE names that should be a warning to us all….EG AMAYA JONES.
    And still the calls keep coming from scammers, once you are in the system they will try..SCUM

  24. The details provided above fit the process exactly, having been sucked in and opened an account which initially made some money the situation now is that there many daily ph calls now highlighted by my ph company as fraudulent, are not answered. Today Michelle, Customer Success Department!!!!????? used “Whats App” to contact me then left a message for me to return the contact. So beware there is no doubt there’s more to be added to their unscrupulous efforts to scam more.

  25. A big scam. We have lost over $220aud. Stay away. They even got into our bank account and took money
    They should be ashamed and shot at dawn after ruining peoples lives I will not stop until I have my money returned

  26. Dr. Gregory M. Smith

    SCAM SCAM SCAM this enterprises sole purpose is to steal money from its traders. They are extremally good at lying and deceiving while demanding more and more money . Initially you will make good profit but once they have drained all your available funds (Anydesk allows them to access your bank accounts and other details) your account manager will unexpectantly need to go away for three or four days and the replacement “senior account manager” will ensure that your account is started on a downward spiral that is impossible to recover from. They will continue to demand more money to save your profits only to close your account at their discretion and steal your deposit and any funds still in your account.
    They utilise aliases for their account managers, a dubious address in Cyprus and they are registered in St Vincent the Grenadines. No chance of knowing their true identities or location. They have multiple fake reviews on multiple sites all of which are fake (except the negative ones).
    I was double teamed by “Jeffery Goldman” and “Sam Fox” who conspired to steal more than $140K USD from me. Not trustworthy SCAM SCAM SCAM a mob of professional thieves.

    1. Hello Dr. Smith,
      I am in exactly the same situation with WTC. My initial account manager had passed me to the senior account manager until my account is “stable” demanding extra funds by the end of this month of me to prevent my account of being closed and loose all I had invested.
      Did you succeed to recover your money?
      I would greatly appreciate your reply

      1. Dr. Gregory M. Smith

        Stephenie, I have not been able to recover my funds as yet, Its difficult to confirm their actual location but I am still trying.DO NOT give them any more money, regardless of their reasoning. Your account was doomed from the outset these guys are simply a criminal organisation there to take your money.

  27. I am another prey of this scam. DO NOT EVEN THINK OF LISTENING TO THE ACCOUNT MANAGER. They are all scam. I invested $50000 of my hard earned money which I thought i will never see again. I don’t even want to explain how and what happened. Just go read about worldtradecenter on reddit, AND DO NOT EVEN THINK OF INVESTING. This is a fraud company.

  28. Hello,
    I also invested a significant amount of money in WTC. They keep on asking for more. I am now passed to the “senior manager” telling me that I need to invest extra funds to keep my account from being wiped out.
    Did you succeed to get your money back and how
    I would greatly appreciate your advise and looking forward to hearing from you

  29. Everyone should get together and employ the services of a decent solicitor and sue them in a class action
    Preferably a legal company that will take no fees until the money recovered and then take an agreed
    Not sure how to go about starting this but I would love to do it

  30. Dr. Gregory M. Smith

    “Scammers ‘R’ Us“ thenationaltradecenter/ and all other WTC Group Limited sites have one purpose, to steal investors’ money. At first you make a reasonable profit so they can coheres more money from inexperienced investors, they lie, deceive ,manipulate and threaten to achieve their goal of stealing your invested money.
    They utilise Anydesk to access your computer remotely without your knowledge to ensure that they have taken all of the funds available, then they will change tactics. Unexpectedly your account manager will need to attend a seminar or something for three or four days and you will be given a “senior account manager” to assist you during their absence .
    At this time the “senior account manager will change your investment strategy to ensure your account begins a downward spiral it will never recover from; they will continue to demand more money to save your profits knowing that any further money will instantly disappear as a loss. Regardless of any personal efforts to reverse the trend the account managers will place trades to ensure the losses continue. Once they have determined that they have taken you for all they can ,they will close your account at their discretion (in my case Xmas day) and you lose everything.
    9 Months after the WTC Group Limited scammed more than $140K USD from me I am still in conflict with the Group to be refunded money due to their illegal actions in the Australian market.
    The WTC Groups MO is to place fake news articles on social media which induces people to enquire about the article, Once the person responds they are immediately transferred over to the WTC Group Limited and then to an “account manager” (con man) and from there you are hooked and reeled in. This type of deception is in direct conflict with the Act which clearly states, “you do not engage in conduct which is intended or likely to induce people in Australia to use the service” The WTC Group Limited’s actions clearly violate this part of the Act, but they refuse to believe that they are in error.
    Regardless of any other spurious activities conducted by the WTC Group Limited, this breach alone should be enough to engender a refund or some kind of reasonable settlement, but no they blamed me and accused me of extortion and later blackmail and threaten me with legal action, all while claiming to still be able to have people from Australia utilise their platform.
    The WTC Group Limited aka worldtradecenter and nationaltradecenter. just keep getting worse. After establishing that the WTC Group Limited had breached Australian Law ( ASIC determination) they utilised fake news articles to encourage people to enquire about crypto currencies, then without prior knowledge you are transferred to the WTC Group Limited’s web of lies and deceit. When confronted by this observation the WTC Group Limited’s response was to accuse me of extortion.
    When I continued to challenge their right to trade in Australia and advised them that ASIC made the determination not me personally, they accused me of blackmail, insulted me , called me evil, all the time threatening me with legal action. The WTC Group Limited is spurious in nature and clandestine in operation.
    No real address just a serviced office, no regulatory oversite, phone contact via untraceable means, registered in St Vincent the Grenadines , aliases for their account managers, they are counter party to your trades( if you’re making money their losing it), they change their email every 3-4months, all designed to prevent any legal recourse to their blatant breaches of law and to steal your money. And they claim to be 100% legitimate, 100% SCAM more likely. Additionally, you will start to receive nuisance calls about fund recovery from other scammers acting on information that could only be provided by the WTC Group Limited.
    Customer service is a joke, and they only think about their money and how to get more money from you. An ongoing saga trying to get justice from a tainted company. The WTC Group Limited “Scammers ‘R’ Us” personified , even though the regulator ASIC states that they are not authorised to trade in Australia they continue their activities regardless. Scam Scam Scam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Hi Dr. Smith,

      Did you manage to get anywhere in regards to you money who did you report it too and who can help try to recover the funds in Australia I have recently invested money with this company and am now very worried as what to do

  31. Also on a WTC downward spiral. The latest being they credited my acc with $125000. They said It was because I was a good customer.The credit would last for 4weeks to help me build my a/c. I was doing crypto arbitrage. Then my manager left and I am now dealing with new managers. I want to withdraw my money I have made, but they say, as I have a credit, I have to pay of the credit with a big deposit if I want to get my money. I said just take the credit + interest out of my account and I will have what remains but no. I just wish I had a long enough leg to kick myself up the backside for being so dumb.

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