Global-Solution review – 5 things you should know about

Global-Solution review – 5 things you should know about

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Beware! Global-Solution is an offshore broker! Your investment may be at risk.


Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Open trading accounts with at least two brokers.


In this review, we are going to look through a broker that was recently blacklisted by a European financial authority. The regulators occasionally issue warnings that show traders which entities they have to avoid. Otherwise, the broker claims to provide a full package of trading services to expand traders’ knowledge and boost their trading confidence. The rest of the details you need to be aware of are in the full Global-Solution review.


Global-Solution is allegedly headquartered in the Commonwealth of Dominica, a shady tax haven that’s not at the least transparent. The companies registered there are anonymous, and it’s too challenging to find anything about the people standing behind. FSU, the local financial authority, does not even bother to regulate its Forex market, so the Dominican brokers operate under no supervision. The absence of control and regulation makes them risky to deal with because they can involve in fraudulent or other criminal activities, thus way inflicting harm on the clients.

However, the shady origin of the broker is just the beginning of the story. The UK financial authority FCA issued a warning against Global-Solution, exposing the broker as a scam scheme. Your funds will be in danger if you deposit, and you should avoid it.

Instead, consider the EU brokers and British brokers topping both lists provided. The European markets offer high-grade security, with companies covered by deposit insurance funds inaugurated to protect clients’ money. Hence, CySEC brokers’ traders can claim up to 20 000 EUR in compensation, while the British guarantees are up to 85 000 GBP per person. If you are eligible to open an account with a European company, you can safely go for it.


Global-Solution’s trading software is presented as a top-notch platform, but that can’t be further than the truth. In fact, it’s a web-based terminal named Webtrader, which we’ve seen many times before. It’s unreliable, having too few indicators, not enough charting tools and no advanced features whatsoever. The EUR/USD spread is 3 pips, which is no longer a competitive Buy/Sell difference, so the Global-Solution’s services are costly, which is a good reason alone to stay away. The spread forms some trading costs, so the lower it is, the better for traders. Luckily, the FX market is overcrowded with acclaimed and well-regulated brokers, and it’s easy to find better opportunities.

That said, the high-rated MetaTrader4 brokers and MetaTrader5 brokers on both lists are safe, delivering upper-class software and a much better trading environment. The MT distributions are packed with sophisticated tools such as Expert Advisors, many complex indicators, sophisticated charting tools and even a marketplace featuring more than 10 000 apps. MT is definitely the best choice for traders.

Global-Solution mentions nothing about leverage on the website, but upon accessing the platform, we saw it’s 1:100. A ratio that’s not recommended for retail traders due to the increased risk of loss. Moreover, adjusting is not allowed, so the broker knowingly throws its clients into too risky an environment. We can confirm Global-Solution acts as a market maker and whenever traders lose, the company makes profits. Beware!

In fact, leverage is dangerous, and many financial authorities even imposed a cap, forcefully restricting its usage. As a result, EU, British and Australian brokers‘ clients are limited to 1:30, while Canadian brokers and US brokers can’t provide more than 1:50. Most of the high-leverage ones are poorly regulated offshore businesses, so be cautious.


The minimum deposit with Global-Solution is $250, which meets the offshore brokers’ standards, but it’s twice higher than the regulated ones’ requirements- $100 on average. However, market-leading brokers ask for as little as $5 to $10 initial deposit, which makes it possible for anyone to at least try FX trading. The funding methods are supposedly Credit/Debit cards, Wire Transfers and e-wallets, but we can’t validate this information. Due to ID verification issues, we couldn’t test the broker’s deposit system. Of course, we would not submit personal documents to an exposed scam scheme!

While talking about funding, have a look at the top-rated Skrill brokers, Neteller brokers, FasaPay brokers, Sofort brokers, and Bitcoin brokers if you have a preferred payment system. The companies on top of both lists are adequately regulated, and it won’t happen to face scammers.

The minimum withdrawal amount depends on many factors, including transfer methods and bonuses, if accepted. According to the clauses, a minimum withdrawal is $250 for Wire Transfers and $100 on other methods. Wires will be charged $50 per transaction, which is an oversize fee and a scam sign. The other methods are cheaper, but not as much- $25 plus another $10 processing fee. However, the broker will eat another 10% of the sum if traders do not meet the minimum trading requirements- 200 in turnover. Well, no one knows what 200 stands for, so it’s a great excuse for Global-Solution to make interpretations and delay withdrawals. It’s a scam.

The trading incentives offered by Global-Solution also have an impact on withdrawals. If traders accept bonuses, they will have to reach a minimum volume of 30 times the bonus plus the deposit to become eligible for withdrawal. Yet another scam clause.

The inactivity procedures are not much more favourable either. After 6 months of inactivity, an account becomes dormant and will be subject to a 10% deduction each month. That’s a clause we’ve encountered hundred times already, and it’s always in suspected scams’ legal documentation.

Overall, Global-Solution is a scam scheme the UK regulator FCA exposed, so you have to avoid it, no matter what.


The Forex scam is a popular type of fraud that’s rather distinctive because it’s actually a process. In the usual scenario, the victim clicked on an ad, then received a phone call, and at some point got convinced to deposit money. To make people accept fraudulent offers, scammers would present deals that sound too good to be true, bonuses, get-rich-quick schemes, and so on. Their imagination is rich, and they would invent as many stories as possible to get the deposits wanted.

Unfortunately, the initial deposit is not the end but the beginning. Gradually, scammers would manipulate victims and would urge them to invest again and again. For example, the con artists would not allow people to trade but would pretend to manage the account instead of the traders. They’d then falsify the results to show victims massive profits and would ask for more money, promising to get even more profits.

However, if the victim asks for a withdrawal, that won’t happen. Scammers would come up with a story that the unfortunate trader needs to deposit again if they’re going to pull money out. Those criminals won’t stop asking for more, no matter what. In the worst case, the victim would believe in the scammers’ falsehood and deposit repeatedly. Sooner or later, though, the scam would become evident, and that would be a signal for the fraudsters to cut the communication and disappear. They would abandon the website and would create a new one, carrying on with their criminal activities.


Unfortunately, no one is immune to scam. If this unfortunately happens, the first thing to do is to protect yourself from further risk. Contact your bank and explain what happened to you so that they can give you instructions and help you, if possible, recover your money.

Report what happened to you, file a complaint, contact the financial regulator, contact other government institutions related to trading and investing, call the police if you feel necessary. Seek help actively!

Remember, it’s crucial not to rush blindly trying to recover your funds because many scam chargeback agencies and individuals are trying to double scam the victims. They ask for upfront payment, take the money but won’t do anything to help you!

Share online your experience; it’s important to protect others, as well. Be responsible!

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  1. I got scammed out of over $10,000 Canadian Levi Carter put any desk on my computer and went through everything on my computer then started taking all my money from my credit card and bank card Do not let anyone put any desk on ur computer
    I never got any money back had to pay my credit card back had almost paid it off before that happened my dog got sick and was hospitalized and was paying that back when I got ripped of $10,000

    1. I read this and kiss my 250.
      Away thanks

      1. Frank Davis and Russel scam me 250 they try everything to get into my account I need this please don’t load and yes they got that thing well planned please advise them they will clear out your account by telling to download anodised

      2. Has anybody spoken with a lady named Jennifer Lancaster, (from Switzerland)

  2. My son and I got scammed for $23700.00 Canadian by Phoebe Harper took from my retirement fund and my son’s college fund. Said she would get my withdrawal approved and back but we need to give her another $13700.00 Canadian to get it back. So disappointed and she doesn’t even feel bad about ripping people off. Says it is not her fault, yes it is her fault and the shit company she works for (.io) They don’t care about hurting people. BIGGEST SCAM EVER!! BEWARE!!1

  3. I’ve been scammed out of a few thousands by Global don’t use them remember don’t invest unless you can afford to lose the money I’ve learnt my lesson.

    All these are same companies, have been dealing with this company since 2019 and learned it all hard way. (Dec2019 – Feb2020) (Feb2020 – June2020) (June2020 – Sept2020) (Sept2020 – Jan2021) (Jan2021 – April2021) (April2021- May2021) (May2021 – June2021) (June2021 – August2021)

    So far my observations:
    • They keep changing their domain names every 3 months.
    • They will provide you with fake documents as proofs (portfolio, withdrawal contracts). Fake signatures, fake names, non existent addresses.
    • Most brokers have fake names assigned to them with matching FCA numbers of well known people from the industry: Roger Thompson (FCA RMT1039), Jessica Barnes, John Price and etc. Now seems they started to change names more frequently.
    • Then they will assign a new broker to you around every 3-6 months. A new story will help to drain more money from you
    • If you don’t deposit more money within half a year, they will start threaten you with “anti-money laundering law” and “deactivation of your account”.
    • Once you request a withdrawal, they will pass you to “Billing Department” and that’s where all the fun starts. You will need to make more deposits: “cash flow register”, “reflective/mirror transactions” to get money back, then “bitcoin tax” and whatever else. Basically they will wipe your salary from your bank account given a chance with a promise that you will receive all your money tomorrow.
    • Eventually they might call you with a promise to return your initial investment. They will install cold wallet Jaxx on your PC, you will transfer your own money from your hot crypto-wallet to cold wallet and then they will steal your money from your cold wallet while using your Any-desk and distracting you from “their action”.

    Then you will start receiving suspicious calls from FCA, ESMA who are “conducting investigation” and they will help you “to return money” with an intent to make you “pay administration fee in advance.”
    Also (I’m not sure if its true, just my assumption):
    In order to keep this company running and sensitive information remain discrete, the company is divided into “Brokers” and “Management/Billing department”.
    It seems like (at least seemed before), that a number of these brokers were genuinely interested to help you to make money as their living depends on success rate, as they also seemed rather professional and knowledgeable. It makes sense to multiply your money for themselves, at least their “Management”. But the way system is built is that once you want to withdraw money, you will need to withdraw full sum (hence you say good-bye to your broker and obviously he will not want to lose you hence initially will not want you to go). And then “Management/Billing Department” will never return you money and will try to drain the most money they can out of you.
    Anyways, please, stay away from this. Unfortunately these people have no Hearts. Do your due diligence and just stay away from anything that feels suspicious.
    I wish I knew all this myself way before, unfortunately had to learn hard way, trust me. STAY AWAY FROM ALL THESE and INFORM OTHERS

    1. Hi Ana
      We got scammed by they showed on their site building our account up to 50k and like yourself as soon as we requested a withdrawal it was over. They wanted 10k sent to their BC address to prove liquity before removing funds. This is total BS . Bottom line investors they are total Scammers, they reside in the UK and should be arrested. John Price , Wayne
      Allen , Gregory and Nicole are all scammers ! All together we got to close them done any ideas let me know. I have a lot of documentation !

      1. Hello Bob
        I just had the same experience.

      2. How can we go after these criminals!

  5. Just dodged a bullet here. Went to the bank to wire transfer funds and they wouldn’t let me do it. Comes up as a fraud. Don’t think I’ll be getting my 200 Euro’s or 393.00 Canadian back but sure am gonna try as I sent the initial deposit through Paypal. They also have a copy of my driver’s license.

    1. Hi Lindsey, did you have any luck as I also payed through PayPal?

  6. I started with £250 investigation with global solution when a pop up advert on my phone sounded convincing. They then lead me on through Any Desk app they instored om my phone and took all my money saving with Revolute into my investments with them. Adding up to £2500. After then they showed me trading that grew my money to £8660. They then asked me to invest into a new trading call October booster trade and when I asked that they used my money with them, they said no that can’t be done it has to be new investment, asking that i deposit £7000 again for this new investment. At this time I realised something was not right so i asked to withdraw part of my money but for two weeks to today they have cease all communication with me. The website is still on but no more active trading activities as use to be. No u don’t know next action to take. Any advise will help.
    Please i have said all this to help someone to avoid making the same mistake. Please AVOID GLOBAL SOLUTIONS LIKE A PLAGUE.

    1. They completely screwed us, you will not hear from them for complete operation is a scam. As soon as you request a withdrawal it’s over . When we requested ours , they wanted us to forward 10k to their BTC address to verify liquidity , on only then they would release funds, total BS. Spread the word on other cites that report scams , maybe we can save a few future investors .

  7. THIS Company has sinced changed their name to Global solutions Pro – they have a full website that looks professional and shows funds but beware this still can be a scam.
    they got my brother to create a coinspot account and have been withdrawing funds from here to Global solutions pro.

    the brokers name is Darius Archer and he is very pushy on the phone asking to get anydesk so he can go on his computer to get the funds back. my brother is aksing for his money back will keep this posted on here as to how he goes about it.

    1. Hi, is there no way for getting your money back? It is a scam, but is there no one that can help people out for getting their money back?????

      1. Hi Jan
        We got completely screwed by a complete scam!! My guest is to try and notify as many future investors looking at Global to beware , I don’t think we will see our money back ? If the authorities go in and close them down and seize their accounts we may recover funds. I go have a lot documentation and names , however not sure if it would do any good . I think getting the word out where we can to save other investors and take them down .

    2. Good luck Lisa
      We got scammed by there is no doubt we will not recover our funds , if nothing else we need to spread the word on other cites warning future investors , maybe will get some satisfaction go this. Their web site is a scam, all their so called brokers are total scammers , maybe we can take them down some how !

  8. I have had the same expiriance like menteniod above. I asked for a part of my withdrawal in this weekend. They claim that they dont work in the weekend so I hope that I will get my investment back. I read somewhere that there are organisations that can help to get your money back if you get scammed.

    1. Hi i think i wad just scam too what organisation can help do you mind telling it to me?

  9. Be careful there is no doubt that all the crypto deals that start at 250 deposit end up being scams …., the one that got us is

    1. Has anyone here got their money back!

  10. it has been said that they are being investigated for fraud, but I’m not sure. I constantly get phone calls from “Blockchain Exchange” claiming they will return to everybody their money, they also send email to everybody from “[email protected]”, not sure if this is another scam done by the same people of global-solution.

  11. What can they do with your drivers license, passport or medical card information? I’m stressing here. I didn’t send them any money, but I need to arm myself with information for any possible for a confrontation….thanks!

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