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Beware! is an offshore broker! Your investment may be at risk.



Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Open trading accounts with at least two brokers. is a problematic “broker” that carries all the vices of a scammer broker with it. Being unregulated is nothing compared to what we found. The logo, for example, has nothing in common with the broker’s URL. In fact, the CMC Markets namesake is utilized throughout the website. The more that we look at it, the more we tended to think the unthinkable. There was one way to find out for sure. We went to visit the CMC Markets website, and surprise, surprise, it was exactly the same site as the one used by This makes a clone scammer firm, which is the biggest scam and the most unapologetic. The following review attempt to showcase just how big of a blunder this really is!

We still wanted to find out if had any elements of its own throughout the site, or if it took absolutely everything from the legit CMC Markets.

We created an account with, and the resulting client area was actually operated by the scammer broker, as evidenced by the abundance of third party charts. It’s safe to say that there was no trading software available, and the user area itself was your typical shady broker one. We have seen the exact same one being used dozens of times before. It seems that really likes to “borrow” from other brokers, no matter if they are legit or not.

Without a trading platform, we cannot talk of any trading conditions, including financial instruments, leverages, and spreads. The things that the website reveals do not apply to Thus, the scam does not offer any FX services.

The website of CMC Markets can be accessed in a wide range of languages; the fake broker is available only in English.


We already said the biggest sin committed by the broker, but will say it again. is a clone firm of the much respected CMC Markets. has shamelessly stolen the broker’s website and labeled it its own. It by far the biggest FX crime one can commit!

None of the information on the website, concerning anything – from the smallest details to the largest game changing aspects –  applies to This fake broker has simply stolen the entire interface of another broker and has put its name on it.

As far as we’re concerned is completely anonymous, and we found no way of tracing it. One theory is that even the culprits behind it have abandoned the website. However, it may try to scam users, if things turn out to have taken a differetn direction!

This company, or whatever it is, holds only the sloppy user area as its own. Nothing else belongs to it. It is by far one of the worst scams we have seen in some time, and is a risk to all! It is, by all means, UNREGULATED!

Better to invest in an FCA or CySEC regulated broker than throwing it to a scammer/unlicensed broker that will spend it on its own indulgences. Unregulated brokers will not return your funds, and users of these companies will face other issues! That is why we always say to readers that they should always check and double-check for a legitimate license. The FCA or CySEC are preferable regulations, but there are dozens of other equally capable regulators. Check our list for all of them. Crucially, though some FX watchdogs offer compensation schemes that apply to users of brokers that cannot deliver their financial duties. For example, CySEC guarantees up to €20 000 per person, while the FCA guarantees up to £85 000.


We would have been surprised if the broker came with a trading software. The closest it gets to one are the numerous TradingView charts scattered in the user area. Aside from these, useless graphs, there is nothing else!


The only payment details that we can quote are the ones found in the user area. Everything else does not apply to

On the dashboard, we learn that none of the payment gateways actually function. Whether this is due to our account not being verified, or just because of the scammer’s inability to sustain a simple site, it does not really matter. If anyone finds a way to invest here, it would be the biggest mistake to continue with the procedure.

Stay away from this utter scam! Let it die out, as it will, inevitably.

How does the scam work?

The crucial moment for scammers happens when a random user decides to click on an ad that promises high profit, luxury goods, a care-free lifestyle, or any other too-goo-to-bee-true prospect.

Said user will be redirected either to the scammer investments site directly or to an intermediary site. There, she will be asked for her phone number and email address, through which the broker’s representatives will contact her. The goal is for the user to deposit the initial deposit.

Once this happens, in come the expert scammers, whose job is to keep the user as invested in the scam as possible, by initiating further deposits and, if possible, extracting sensitive ID documents.

At some point, the user will want to see results. She might see a couple of impressive profit sessions, but these are devices to keep her invested. The crucial part arrives when the client want’s to actually withdraw this money.

At this time, the broker will delay the request, block the account, stop calling the user, shit down the website, or do whatever it can so as to keep the user’s money for itself!

What to do if scammed?

Filling for a chargeback with your credit or debit card is crucial. That is if you have invested by means of a credit card. The good news is that MasterCard and VISA have a chargeback period of 540 days.

Bank deposits are harder to recuperate, but not impossible. Your best bet is to contact the bank and see with the institution itself if it can somehow get the money back. It’s crucial to always change your bank details – user name and password – if you have been defrauded by means of a wire transfer.

Last are deposits made by some kind of crypto method. These are untraceable, and therefore impossible to retrieve. That is why users should never invest by means of any digital currency.

The last line is the recovery agent or agencies. These promise to retrieve all the lost funds, using questionable techniques. Do not trust these for they will take a commission from you and leave you at an even bigger loss!

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