Tixee review – 5 things you should know about tixee.com

Tixee review – 5 things you should know about tixee.com

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Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Open trading accounts with at least two brokers.


Upon opening Tixee we noticed a couple of third party charts here and there, and as soon as we saw these we knew for sure that this broker will have something shady going on about it. It’s all a matter of patterns, really. Every broker we have reviewed that emphasizes the usage of a third party chart, and overuses it, is not regulated. However, Tixee might be a very rare exception to this rule. As it turns out, this broker is regulated, albeit by an offshore agency. Read the review to find out all there is to know off this broker.

In order to create an account, users have to pass through a simple registration process. We completed it in a matter of seconds, and were given access to a user area. The ease with which we did this is sort of worrying, for Tixee, is after all, regulated. But it is an offshore brokerage, nonetheless, and with such a tag come a number of predicaments.

From the trading platform we read a EUR/USD cost of trade of 2.2 pips, which in all honesty is not that good. There are brokers out there with far better spread values. The leverage is the typical offshore value of 1:500. The tradeable asset categories are shares, forex currency pairs, and indices. We are missing commodities and cryptocurrencies.

The website of the broker is available in English.


Pipbull LTD, the firm behind Tixee, is regulated by Financial Services Authority in Seychelles (FSA). This is one of the top offshore regulators, which requires from all brokers a minimum  capital requirement of $50 000. Also the broker in question must have at least 2 shareholders and 2 directors present in the country at all times! They act as reps of the broker and assure that there is no funny businesses going on.

Even though regulated by this agency, Tixee is still an offshore brokerage which is to say that things might not function as smoothly as they would if the company was regulated by a EU or US FX regulator, for example. Even nowadays, offshore regulators might let some things slip, on purpose or not. So, our readers should be aware of such things. If, next time, a user of Tixee sees a suspicious practice, he or she should not be surprised.


The trading platform here is unlike anything we have seen before this review. It’s not really a platform, but a number of tabs each expanding on the trading experience. For example, there is a tab specifically for choosing the asset category, there’s one for open positions and pending orders, etc.

However, each asset does have its own little window with a small chart. It’s actually very convenient, but it might be a radical change to some, if they are used to MetaQuotes softwares, or similar trading terminals.


According to the user area, the minimum deposit is $0 The payment methods are VirtualPay, wire transfer, and OnlainNaira. However, the zero deposit requirement opens up only the Entry account type. The Standard account type opens after a $2500 deposit, which seems to us seems way too much.

The payment information on the website is tells us that all withdrawals are processed within 48 hours. There are no withdrawal fees indicated anywhere. There may be, however, fees issued by the payment providers.

Tixee is a very generic and mundane broker, but it is regulated. However, the cost of trade that we witnessed is not really worth it. Aside from this, everything else seems to be on point. Users wont loose money to a scam here, but might be left out on better brokerages out there.

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  1. Tixee is not a good company to trade with. It’s mostly operated by guys in Europe – Albania. The operation tools are questionable as you log in to from Google. No mt4 platform.
    Be very careful with these scammers posing as expert account manager.

    1. Hello Maurice,

      Please, kindly note that Tixee is licensed and regulated broker that provides services to certain multiple countries around the world.
      You can work with Tixee using Tixee web trader platform or MT5. Tixee does not operate MT4.
      We take reviews regarding our services very seriously and always ready to improve trader’s experience.

      We encourage our clients to contact us directly with any constructive criticism or concerns via live chat or emailing [email protected]

      Tixee Team

      1. Tixee’s blueprint is flattery with customers to get them to add more money to their account. investing guidelines for ‘experts’ is to follow what is said on investing.com. after a cell is in place to drown the bad comments by false feedback.

    2. Tixee is a joke company. I opened an account with them and positioned myself on a crypto. Following the advice of their experts, I closed this trade to position myself on the forex. Two days later I had lost my capital while the crypto where I was positioned rose and would have allowed me to double my capital. The worst is that they too would have made money if I had stayed on my crypto. They know absolutely nothing about the financial markets, they will just find out about the internet (investing.com for example) to make you take positions and after all it is an excuse to always put more money in your account. They must recruit their experts among the sellers of vegetable peelers and miracle sponges, practicing permanent flattery and capable of selling sand in the desert. One wonders how they can still have the right to exercise on the financial market. 31/01/2022 advertising to sell EURUSD after one day i loss de 50% of capital. I sold to limit losses. Le 03/02/2022 new advertising to sell again EURUSD. And then they sold my capital. They dont know what they do. At the biginning i buy XRP at 0.64 and now it is 0.88 so if they let me on XRP they win money but as you can see they advise me to go to EURUSD where i loss all my money. This company dont have to stay on the financial market it is onlu scammer who try to modify review to always be able to scam peoples RUN AWAY TIXEE

      1. The expert told me to open on EURUSD but now I made a hedging because am losing almost half of my capital. They keep calling me to deposit so I will get bonus that I can use for trading. So sad

  2. Thank you Maurice for your information, I was about to deposit my initial investment in Tixee but because of what you said here makes me think otherwise. There was a guy from Ukraine who introduced himself to be a Tixee representative showed me how to deposit my initial investment..

    1. Hello Toni,

      We are very sorry to hear that you took such a decision. Tixee is a regulated broker that provides variety of assets and trading tools.
      We’d love to assist you with any questions you may have.

      Kindly contact our Support Team via live chat or email [email protected]

      Tixee Team

  3. Can someone identify a reliable trading platform to trade with cause I believe we all got each others back.

  4. I was even planning to put money inside my account and pay the sum of 250$ they ask me to do and they keep calling me every fucking day .. asking me when am I starting to trade with them till now

    1. Me too and I was tempted and now I fallowed their advise and am losing 200 plus. Email call even am at work everyday any time grr

  5. Is it true that you have another broker at Ukraine and an agent by the name Migena

  6. Ibrahim Baba Hassan

    Much as I tried hard to develop confidence in your company my mind always agitate me as to where to trace your real and permanent address, pls can you avail the address. This will add confidence to your clients.
    Secondly you seems to very much try to encourage your client to make deposit deposit all the time but never see you encouraging clients to make withdrawal. Beside should a client try to make withdrawal I do not see any way easier to withdraw as in deposit. While there is no way difficult to deposit there seems to be hellish way to withdraw 48 or 24 hours as you said if your lucky with the attendant encumbrances of presenting fresh documentation which was not required when making deposit. Smelling rat???

    1. They advised me to deposit 2,500 and said I will try to withdraw 100USD..

  7. Within 4 seconds of sending Name a Email i was Contacted, iwas applying to Bitcom plus,….
    it was Like it was Computor generated to Hack cut into an poach from Bitcom plus enquirys entrys,…
    All they Seem to wanted was my Card number an $250 usa.
    Instantly Sent warning Bells,
    Went to Bank / an Stock Exchange, made Enquirys, an all Said Customers, had Promblems Withdrawing,Funds, an isues getting Funds.Back

  8. Also mine named Migena and it sent by an email

  9. Abdul Rahman Masron

    I am very new and knows nothing about trading. Some 3 days ago I was contacted by Tixee and I deposited USD250 after being convinced that Tixee is licensed and regulated broker. Today I was being told that USD250 is a very small amount and in order to get a meaningful return of investment I should put at least USD10K. I decided not to do it because its quite a big amount and I don’t really know much about them and also trading. Is Tixee a legitimate broker/trader?

  10. I advise you all to be careful before risking your capital with this company I was defrauded by this scam company .

  11. I was also scammed by Tixee. A guy called Samaad and another one called Vlad…all they would ask for is deposit and more deposit! I lost my initial investment of more than USD4k! They closed all my loss making accounts suddenly and yet they are the same people who advised me to trade that way lost my Euro/USD tradings, etc! Shamelessly, they even asked me to deposit more funds USD2,500! Pure cons those guys!

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