Beware! is an offshore broker! Your investment may be at risk.


Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Open trading accounts with at least two brokers. opens with an attractive website that is enough to tempt many a novice trader. However, the core is rotten of this broker, for reasons that are always repeating themselves. The review will speak of these. There is no doubt that we will disappoint a few of you who had though to be the next big thing in their life. It may become the next big problem in their life if they invest. Please read the review carefully before investing, because you will regret it.

Registering an account took us less that ten seconds, after which we were given access to a user area, which felt rather simplistic, but at least it did the job well. We proceeded to a web trader where we learn that the EUR/USD spread is 8.4 pips, and no, this is completely accurate. This is no way favorable to users, But, the broker can greatly profit from such a ridiculous cost of trade. The leverage was capped at 1:100. The financial instruments are forex currency pairs, cryptocurrencies, stocks, commodities, and indices.

The official website language is English.


There isn’t too much to work with here, not that we expected anything different.

The contact page gives us a number of phone number from all over the world, from some developed nations where FX trading is very expansive. However, these contact address are in no way proof that the broker is regulated in either of these jurisdictions. In fact, it isn’t. It’s a common to see false contact addresses with unlicensed brokers. offers no other registration information, not to mention absolutely no regulatory details.

So we can safely conclude that is anonymous, making especially dangerous. Such brokerages are free to do as they please because it is hard to trace them down and make them accountable for their actions. is anonymous, UNREGULATED, a risk to all, and most probably an investment scam. All capital and ID details are at a risk here!

Investing in unregulated brokers will always lead to you losing money. It’s the scammer’s only ambition; to steal from you. Always check to see of the broker is licensed, and only then should you consider investing. Otherwise, do not waste your time!
If you are unsure where to invest, we can recommend any FCA or CySEC brokers, as well as Australian ones, and even those based in the United States. All regulators apply a ton of specific frameworks for brokers to follow, and the firms set their entire conduct policies around these numerous rules and demands. If the broker deviates in any way, be sure that the regulators will not leave it unpunished in such a way that it will most probably never do something similar ever again.
Furthermore, the FCA and CySEC have compensation schemes for users that cannot get paid back by their brokers, usually due to bankruptcy. CySEC guarantees up to €20 000 per person, while the FCA guarantees up to £85 000.


What we have here is a decent looking, but ultimately lackluster trading software. We see these kinds of web traders all of the times, and the deal is almost always the same- a pretty interface and a complete lack of any depth, much like the broker itself.

The charts are what make this web trader. We have here the most common chart tools: time frames, chart indicators, price indicators, etc. Other than that, we have stop-loss, take-profit, and there really is nothing else on offer here.


There is no way to directly deposit form the user area. Clients are, instead, asked to contact the support team. This would give the broker the client phone number ,which would mean that the scammer will get a hold of a direct contact number through which to solicit the user. From the withdrawal area the only thing we learn is that the minimum withdrawal amount is €50.

According to the website users can withdrawal by means of a credit cards, a bitcoin transfer, or a wire transfer. The withdrawal process takes around 7 to 10 days. There is an alleged 1% refund fee (min. $30).

In the Withdrawal, Refund & Cancellation Policy we find a provision worthy of our attention, not to mention our concern. It stares that all deposits are final and non-refundable. A scammer broker without a doubt.

However, we find other clauses claiming the user is able to withdrawal deposited funds. In the end we were left confused and concerned, but then we remembered that is not worth wasting our energy on and so we moved on to better things.

How does the scam work?

Scammers can be traced all the way back to online ads. Online advertisement that seems to good are usually where the scammer broker hides- luxurious lifestyles and cars, beautiful women, glistening watches and other expensive items. It’s all a part of the allure that leads to the scam.

The ads lead to either an intermediary website or directly to the broker site itself. Users will be tempted to  provide a phone number and an email address, that will be used to contact the client, and asking him or her to invest an initial sum.

The job falls to so-called first wave of scammers, whose job is to hook you to the scheme and convince you to invest just once.

The initial deposit will be followed by the introduction to the “account managers” or the expert scammers. Now. it’s their job to take over and keep the user invested into the scheme for as long as possible, all the while convincing the trader to invest more and large sums of money. They might even pay you back a fraction of what they owe you, just to build confidence in the dishonest relationship they have with the client.

It’s inevitable; at some point, the user will want to withdraw all her money, out of sheer need or suspicion. This moment has been anticipated by the fraudsters. They will do everything to prevent the user from withdrawing, like withholding the request, shutting down the account, ignoring the user’s pleas, and even shutting the entire website down. It will be hard to get you money back, but not impossible.

What to do if scammed?

Credit and debit card losses can be refunded by means of a chargeback, but it’s nor guaranteed that it will work 100% of the time. MasterCard and VISA have a chargeback period of 540 days.

Bank transfers losses can also, potentially, be refunded. We encourage the user to contact the bank they used to fund the account and see if they can find a solution together. It’s also crucial to change the  bank account username and password after being defrauded.

Money lost through crypto investments is close to impossible to recuperate. Never invest in unlicensed brokers with any sort of crypto gateways!

Recovery agents is what you might see as your last hope. Yet, these are also scammers. They will lie to users, and convince them they have what it takes return all lost funds. Once the user bites, these agents will ask for a service fee that they will take and permanently cease all contact with the user.

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  1. is for sure is a scam Broker. Me and merfriend fooled by Arbitrage and Bonus scheme and this is our worst financial experience in our life and can damage us mentally for the rest of life. There is no chance that you can withdrew your money. They steal your money by manipulating trading rate and keep you in loss until they get your last dollar from your account and then they disappear. Please be careful ,and I am not sure their website is active as they are 100% fraud and they work with fake email and fake name: Julian Bennet,Nick ,Daniel ,Oleg and etc . The contact numbers are fake and using proxy. All of them with Russian accent and they may operate from Russia.I beg authorities to stop them and ban thir website as many people may have fallen in their trap.I have lost a lot but I share this experience to give warning to people who read this.

    1. Please remove this Review as the issue resolved internally. That has been a misunderstanding and the internal investigation to is ongoing

      1. So is this trading platform fake or genuine Houshang? Just enquiring for a friend.
        Many thanks.

      2. Hi Houshang ,and how are you ?Just wondering if you managed to get your funds back ?Thanks in advance.

        1. How is the update

        2. e financial centre is scam and still they are active. They provide you Bonus scheme and forced you to pay a percentage of it. They call you for recovery plan and analyser call you to help for recovery on regular basis.They send you a document to sign that by recieving this amount of bonus you should lodge any complain against them.The plan is that Analyser force you to open up some contract that potentially you will lose.
          All numbers in your account is just a Demo and not real.

          Once they lead you to lose your equity ,then they call you for refund. This is very dangerous and fortunately by having advices from Cyber security I didnot give them access to my exchange wallet.What they do they claim that they refund you entire of your investment and you need to have 10 percent of it in your Wallet .They ask you to give them wallet access that they can steal your asset.

          The conclusion is they are Scam and don’t fall to any trap. If you are victim just block them and don’t answer their phone or email .They have some of your information by getting access to your laptop .Do everything to protect yourself against them .They are dangerous they are trained and they are safe in this world because they are scammers and not regulated.If you can get any info from them who they are ,where they are just share with Cybersecurity.

      3. Did you get you money back? Can you share us how you did it. We found ourselves in a very difficult and heartbreaking position when these scammers made me lost our life savings and we are anxious to see how we can recoup our money back.

        1. Please let us know how you recover your funds

      4. Me too, Yesterday my financial adviser contacted me to sell a lot of crypto. Because he is my account manager he guided me to trade (SELL)as he said prices of crypto is falling down.

        After 30 minutes all my funds is gone as in ZERO. Im so stress right now because i invest my savings (TFSA) and now gone.

        Is there any chance to get back my fund?

        1. The mainframe you see is only a toy, They keep the crypto themselves in the back end. They are located is Serba. If I had the money I would go there with some heavies and make it worth my while.

        2. This is 100% correct the same thing happend to me. Make alot of fake money through arbitrage and then they get you to invest in day trading, advise the opposite to what the market is saying and then get you to continually leverage your position. Market continues to go up and you lose all your money. They then hand your account over to a new person adn want you to start again

      5. Dear Houshang since your last comment on March 29th you said the issue was resolved internally. Can you please update on this now and clarify if you ever managed to withdraw your funds.

        1. Has there been any update

    2. Good for you for calling out these frauds. Find other review sites to warn people about this scam. Sadly, we have had pretty much the same experience. “If you can’t be an example, be a warning.”

  2. Scammers Part 1
    Let our experience be a warning to you.

    We are a Canadian family who were suckered in by the friendly Chris Fisher. My husband thoroughly enjoyed learning about crypto and arbitrage contracts. Bit by bit, Chris Fisher convinced my trusting husband to invest more. Starting with a $250.00 investment, then soon enough a $3,000 investment, Chris Fisher had my husband under a spell with these seemingly profitable arbitrage contracts.

    Within two months, much more money was needed to become an investor with his co-con Michael Lisowsky. I am embarrassed to say, much more money was given to these charlatans. You probably know what happened next.

    Do not become involved with these swindlers.

    1. I’m thinking my husband is going through the same experience. He cannot see or admit that it is a scam . I have listened in on some of the calls and they sound like they are the best of friends. They say they are in England. I am getting a sick and sinking feeling that our future is not going to end up financially well. Is there a way to connect with others to share reality with my husband and I?

      1. @Lisa, what name is he using? Our MIL is going through the Sam, with an English man called ‘Eddie Thompson’

        1. How much have you invested and/or lost? I too am in heavy and have questions and concerns.

          I Would love to have contact with others who are invested here good or bad…I just wanna know if it’s legit or scam.

          1. If I were you, I would try to at least withdraw what you put into them. Good luck.

          2. We invested 300 thousand dollars and got nothing back.

          3. it’s a scam – we got suckered in too

        2. Damien… Also an associate naned Michael
          Damien… Also an associate naned Michael

          1. Lisa, I appreciate your reply.

            I have a different account manager and we talk daily. He is Very knowledgeable. Everything seems fine.

            The returns just seem too good to be true though so I’m obviously skeptical until I receive a large withdrawal from them.

            Have you actually lost money with them Lisa or are you also just skeptical like myself?

            Your situation reminds me of mine. I spend hours on the phone with these guys and they help me with market direction. I do the rest of the trading myself.

            There is another arbitrage round being done this month that I’m buying in for 250k USD. The returns are insane but again I have not gone for a large withdrawal yet.

        3. Eddie Thompson is my broker to, I’m about to invest more, is it a scam or not?

          1. The proof will be in the pudding, just like with me. If you try to withdraw funds, Only a certain amount you may be allowed to withdraw. And it can only be a fraction of what you deposited. The initial 250USD payment is also theirs and never yours. What you are looking at on your platform is a dummy vision toy only, set to entice you to give them more and more money. Once you get to see a certain profit in that phony platform and they are confident they have taken, bled all they can off you, overnight it will all disappear and they close your account. Happened to me and others. View their reviews online.

            They call It right through the con scenario- ‘Living the Dream’ I know It was Living the Nightmare’.

            Warning signs: Unregistered, Phone numbers don’t work, All Support, Technical and Complaint emails are dummies with no real department assigned to them. They have a blog site with 100’s of positive reviews on it they themselves wrote…lol.. I tried to put my true review on it and it threw it off instantly.

            Once you put your hard-earned dollars in there, there is only a certain amount of money you can withdraw. And that amount is usually only a fraction of your own deposit. Don’t be manipulated anymore. Do a test, and try to withdraw ALL your money. Hit the withdraw button. It will tell you how much you are entitled TO WITHDRAW. Then wait for YOUR WITHDRAWL to be APPROVED. Their normal response to this will be something like: You can not withdraw yet, your funds, I froze them. You need to do more trades and make more money in your account first. ‘Live the Dream’ Come on… ETC ETC ETC…

        4. Eddie Thompson never contacted me again when I said I would not put any more money in their platform. I was contacted by another lovely man who convinced me to deposit funds. Good-mannered, sweet, makes you want to trust him. Con artists are like that I guess. His name was Mark Baom – CFO Director. Now, I was actually haunted every single day to deposit more $$$ I got totally mentally ill. After 2 weeks I tried to withdraw my $$$ 60 emails later to every single one of their departments as well as my finance manager and my money, that they promised was 100% in my control no one wants to click the approve button to approve it.

          1. I only asked for the funds I put into their stupid con scheme. And not all of the funds. Only 90%. But unfortunately, the fight still goes on.
            Whether you email: Support, finance, or complaints, there is no one there. You just get a dumb response by email template, not even a name on the bottom of it. All phone numbers are non existent. Account manager never going to respond to me again cuz I want to take out some of my own money.
            They are very powerful manipulators, preying on the elderly and new widows, mainly. If you are a sensitive person at heart please protect your good heart and hard earned money and stay away is the best advise I can give. They don’t stop enticing you into their trap like a spider into a web and they have sucked every last dollar off you.

      2. I’m invested with them too. What is your account managers name?

        1. Jackson… my husband was expecting to get a lumpsum of money on two dates… nothing came through. He was first told he would get the money for sure. When that didn’t happen my husband told me it wad because he had several open trades and had to wait to close them before any money could be released. Then the money was supposed to be released at the end of the month by his account manager Damien. But on the day they were planning to do it all of a sudden Damien is away with his family???
          Now I have to ask my husband what is going on and listen to more excuses

          1. Its a money pit for them. Get him to read the reviews and get him away from there before you lose everything you have worked hard for. Tell him to try to do a withdrawal, that might work as then he can see the bs happen for himself.

          2. lisa, I have successfully grown my account with them and will soon be making a large withdrawl. i will let you know in a couple weeks how it goes. How did your husband make out with his withdrawl?? has he ever gotten money back out of them?

    2. Stay away from these thieves who have no purpose in life other than stealing people’s money.
      Damien Belmont is the worst. He uses charms to mask his incompetence. They are professionals liars. It is so sad when you think of it.

    3. I’m Canadian too got scam by the same people.i loose my retirement into these pos

  3. It’s a fake. A scam. Tell your friendssss.

    1. Our issues with the company have been resolved and we have come up with a mutual agreement for them to assist in recovering our losses.

  4. Like RL C, initially invested in the arbitrage contract & talked into 40k USD “invested”. All well and fine with seemingly impossible returns UNTIL I asked to withdraw funds. Profits not eligible for withdrawal until a huge number of trades completed, only actual deposits. I had withdrawn 5k previously & was assured all along that “It’s your $, you can take it at any time” while being talked into entering into a non-arbitrage agreement. All good for a week or so & then a “buy” BTC positioned opened (at the time I felt it should have been a sell position but they’re the “experts”). That quickly turned into the loss of 80% of my total equity at which point (today) I’m contacted to put more $ into the account to “save my investment”. Not biting this time, just licking my wounds. I may never see my $ again. Let my pain be your warning.

    1. I went through the same thing with their agents Victor Renser and Michael Lifowsky and lost 30,000 dollars

  5. Thanks Rob for sharing I am in the same position and I think my money is gone .I should have known better .I wish we could do more to stop these Scam brokers .

    1. Send thousands of emails to them with attachments up to 8 meg and that may block their mailbox. That might p..s them off, but then they know you mean business.

  6. The just screwed me out of 30,000 dollars. The perpetrators were Victor Renser and Michael Lifowsky.

    1. Peter, how did they screw you? They won’t let you withdrawal or you lost it on a trade??

      If these are real scammers the only way we can beat them is together through communication.

      1. Yes… how to get money back or beat them is the big question

      2. They made me take a huge buy of us bitcoins and over one weekend lost 24000 and told me the account would be closed without a major deposit of mine and I didn’t and the account with about 500 left was closed without further comments. All emails to the perpetrators were unanswered.

        1. In the posting, I did on, the company and I have come to an amicable settlement with this post perhaps being the catalyst. But it is to financialcentre’s credit to pick up the pieces and try to make amends.

    2. In the posting, I did on, the company and I have come to an amicable settlement with this post perhaps being the catalyst. But it is to financialcentre’s credit to pick up the pieces and try to make amends.

  7. I can absolutely assure you this is a scam…..I read the above comments and all the same tactics were used with me as well…I lost over USD $150k over 6 months and they will exploit everyone…..DO NOT deal with this company and the disgusting people who are involved with them….am very sorry for us all who have been scammed by these people….lodged details with local and overseas authorities and unfortunately had my worst thoughts verified its a scam and money is lost and never will be regained.

    1. where were these reports weeks ago I wonder

  8. Please take a look at this review on Facebook. There is a lot going on there. I have also been a victim of this platform. Please stay away from this broker.

  9. They scammed my uncle for 150gran, nearly his whole life savings, and he almost lost his house cuz they wanted him to mortgage it to give them more money. My sister is the bank manager at his bank, lucky for him. She froze his assets and the rest of his money. Even though we had a big fight over it.
    We had to rescue him from attempting suicide and babysit him, and cut off his internet.
    The problem is that they are extremely talented manipulators. Anyone can get s…ked in. Mainly the elderly and soft hearted.

  10. Reading these comments, the exact same thing has happened to us as above, and now we want to withdraw our funds we had every excuse and now they are ignoring us
    Has anyone managed to get any funds back??? or reported the company ? we are totally gutted as it was our retirement investment and they bled us dry.

  11. Dear all Victims ; As has been proven to be a scam Broker ,please do not to their next traps under recovery scam or refund.
    Recovery scam : They will ask you to fund your account and they will assist you to recover your lost over period of time with Bonus and Arbitrage support. This is to drag you to under scam and you start funding your account.The number you see in your account is only number not the money and they do them same as before and manage to lose that number in your equity again and convince you that you have lost.

    Refund: Once you lost your hope for recovery they will call you that all of your money is untouched and available in the form of USDT .So then they book an appointment with you to mange refunding via Exodus Wallet. They ask you to connect to your laptop to manage this transaction and once they did they show you that all money has been transferred to you Exodus wallet.The trick is the number you see is not real and transaction not completed.Therefore thay will ask you to give them access to you Binance or Similar wallet to transfer Crypto to your exchange wallet .They will ask you that atleast you must have 10% of your total amount available in your Wallet to process this transaction.If you give them access they will steal your remaining asset in your Wallet and leave you with another regret.

    Make sure you report your case to CyberSecurity and file your case. If all victims filing their case with Cybersecurity we may be able to track them and hunt them via Police.This only may help others will not fall in their trap.Your money is already gone and all governments enteties will tell you that your money will not be recovered as your money is on hand of criminals.

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