Tredero review – 5 things you should know

Tredero review – 5 things you should know

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Beware! Tredero is an offshore broker! Your investment may be at risk.


Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Open trading accounts with at least two brokers.


Tredero expresses its identity through a crazy-looking website and commits the vice of deception. This brokerage is definitely not up to the test. Where to begin with the signs… That’s why we have the review, but we can mention things that we usually don’t include in these reviews, most notably the website structure and the explosive visuals that seem to scream at you. Just in case you might have not gotten the point, this broker is shady. However, things may not be so straightforward as we first thought. Read the review to find all about this broker.

It’s amazing how fast some brokers let you access a user area and a subsequent trading software. It really shows that any user can easily enter and have his or her first deposit stolen. At the other end of the spectrum are those brokers that are reserved and tend to hand pick their users based on how easily manipulated they are.

Anyway, from the web trader we learn that users can trade with forex currency pairs, shares, commodities, indices, cryptocurrencies, and futures. The EUR/USD spread averages around the 2 pips spread, and that is just a fine cost of trade. We find no leverage value anywhere. Objectively speaking, the trading conditions are pretty solid.

The website is available in English and no other language.


The broker claims to be regulated by the Financial Services Commission of Mauritius but we find no mention of the broker in the databank of the regulator, nor was there any search result for One Prime Ltd, the supposed parent firm.

Mauritius is an offshore brokerage location, and many brokers aim to be regulated there. Even when granted a license, not all brokers forgo their shady practices; the truth is that many offshore regulators allow for misconduct to be left unpunished. The commission of Mauritius is one of them. However, a license opens a lot of doors.

After some time spent with the broker, we have to say that there is also the possibility that Tredero is expecting a license from the regulator.

But for now, the firm remains UNREGULATED, and thus, by default, a risk to all investments. We have to treat the review accordingly.

We recommend to our readers any of the UKEUUS, or Aussie brokers that we have reviewed on our website. Each one of these brokers guarantees a secure and user-friendly trading experience, unlike all unlicensed brokers whose main aim, and only, is to steal from clients. Legitimate brokers have to abide by a huge set of rules and requirements that cannot be ignored. If they chose to do so the regulators will penalize them accordingly.
Also, both the FCA and CySEC offer very helpful compensation schemes, that refund users their money in case their broker declares bankruptcy. CySEC guarantees up to €20 000 per person, while the FCA guarantees up to £85 000.


The trading software used here is an odd one, and we don’t know if we can even claim it to be an actual trading terminal, although users can still buy and sell assets.

Each asset has its own little window with its own chart, pending orders, stop-loss, take-profit, and time frames. It’s very convenient actually, but there aren’t enough options here to keep any user invested for more than 20 minutes. It’s too simple, and lacks the intricate nature of other platforms.


The deposit section does not exist. It claims to be coming soon. Now, we don’t know if the deposit area really has not been made yet, or that, due to our unverified nature, the broker wouldn’t let us invest. It’s probably the former option because there is a fully functioning withdrawal section that seems untouched.

From the withdrawal area we learn of fees to the following payment methods: card or Neteller fees are up to 3$, Skrill is charged with 1%, and wire transfers are not charged anything. There are also fees applied if a user does not trade at least 2 lots.

These payment methods are probably the ones used for depositing as well. We could not fidn a trace of a minimum deposit requirement.

Tredero is not worth it. It is unregulated, yet it does have some very shallow potential. Let us hope that the creators take the right direction with this one. For now, all investments are risky.

How does the scam work?

Scammers tend to adjust their schemes towards newer users, so that they might not realize what’s going on, or at least do so later on. The main idea behind any investment scam is for the perps to receive at least an initial deposit and a couple of more investments following the first one. This is the perfect scenario for any scammer.

The journey of the bewildered user starts off with online investments ads to which the internet accommodates to its fullest. Indulging in any of these ads will lead the user to one of two sources: either the investment scammer website, a.k.a the unregulated brokerage, or to an intermediary website, where the fraudsters will first “probe” the potential investor.

In either case, the client will be asked or provoked to provide contact details that will be used to contact the user. The other line will be directly that of the scammers. They will charm their way to any account, and if the user is too susceptible, he or she will eventually deposit. The promises are way too tempting to be dismissed. But they should!

A first investment will, preferably, be followed by a second one, and so on, until, eventually, the user figures the scam out. The moment this happens is when all those promises reveal themselves to be misleading and downright empty.

At that moment, all withdrawal requests will be blocked, and at times the entire account or even website will be unavailable. The scammers are finished with the user, they have all they needed!

What to do if scammed?

Once scammed, we strongly advise users to file for a chargeback with their credit or debit card company. That’s IF they invested by means of a card. MasterCard and VISA have a chargeback period of 540 days.

Bank transfers are more tricky to recuperate but not impossible. First of all, though, the defrauded user should absolutely change her bank user name and password. Then we urge him or her to contact the bak and try to find a solution together.

Unfortunately, we don’t have reassuring news for those that have lost funds by means of cryptocurrency deposits. Once lost, these funds cannot be retrieved unless the broker sends them back.

One final note. Don’t trust the self-proclaimed recovery agents. These are scammers of their own kind. They will ask you for money in an empty bid to, somehow, recover your defrauded investments! If you pay them, they will take the money and cease all communications with you.

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  1. Emanuel Peterliceanu

    Yes. Big scammers.

  2. Emanuel Peterliceanu

    They are thieves. They don’t let you withdraw your money. They keep on telling you lies about how much you could make. And eventually they prefer you loosing all your money than withdraw.
    This is my personal experience.

    1. Bro don’t trust anyone else… Especially that type of service..who gives you more money option…I had received same calls but I’ll save the money without transferred.. and so sad bro.. and be careful in your future life..

  3. Thanks for the pieces of information and advice. It has saved me from falling victim to the scheme because I was at the last point of making a deposit
    The guy that had been chatting with me was full of irresistible promises.
    I just felt I had should make the last minute check to confirm their genuineness.

    1. I got also called from a guy named Kujtim he wanted 250 usd from me. What was this guy that tried to scam you called?

      1. He is the same guy Kujtim or “timi” from Tredero and a fake personal “Account manager” called SEAD who calls from different phone numbers.I deposited $250 traded for one week and made a profit of over $800 but lost everything within one day of online trading.

        1. pray for me people, have been trading with TREDERO and as we are talking right now have lost ALL my saving and the money i borrowed this month 29,ooo USD. now have left with nothing even food on the table….am depressed .i kept on trading for new assets, i could see the profit growing.HAVE BEEN SCAMMED BY TREDERO.THEY WILL NEVER GO UNPUNISHED ….they have made me homeless in the street.

  4. What about CMTrading, is it legit

  5. Tredero is a scam

    I joined about 3/4 weeks ago, they are very attentive and always there when you need then, I’ve been trading with their assistance but from nowhere yesterday I’m trying to check on my trade but the website can no longer be found, even today I’ve been trying it has just disappeared off the face of the earth, they are scammers

    1. Yeah I believe you,they are trying to scam me..

  6. Tredero are a bunch of Scammers and liars. I wanted to withdraw my USD250 but they gave all sorts of excuses and suddenly blocked my email. Please do not get involved or trust them.
    Blardy thieves!!!!!!

    1. No wonder! Every time I send a mail it never goes through. And then they call me, when I answer there’s no voice on their end and then I get an email message saying that they tried to call me and couldn’t reach me. I curse the day I came across this tredero scammers!

    2. They scammers. That tredero

  7. How about Tixee. Are they scammers too.


  8. Is it true? I invest 250 usd last thursday.

  9. I completed my Registration on the platform almost a month ago, I have been receiving restless call from their representatives and a so called personal assigned tutor. I have not made any deposit because am being sceptical. thanks for the important info

  10. Tredero are fraudster, scammers and wicked co.
    I registered with them with $250 February 1st, 2022, I traded on my own on the site and made $500 in two days. I tried to withdraw but I couldn’t withdraw even 1cent. I was told not to close a trade even if it’s on the negative and I was ask to deposit another $250 before I could make withdrawals. I deposited another $250.00. I Tried to withdraw, but all to no avail. They sent me a link to trade on Commodity. I decided to trade on Silver, immediately I clicked on the trade, I lost the entire money $1,114 in the twinkle of an eye. I lost my $500.00 capital and the profit I made $6,114.00.

    Does anyone know how I can recover my money? I’m totally stranded.

    1. my sister have LOST 29,000USD on 24th MAY 2022…NOW am on the street coz i lost evrything i had thru TREDERO..Am depressed ,crying day and night unknowing where to go and start coz had borrowed some of 20,0000USD from the bank ..

  11. It’s best to use a credible trader like Axi or XM.

  12. I also sign up with tredero i deposit $250US I did my first trade yesterday made a profit of $2US and today they want me to deposit $1000US. I find it very shadey how the guy insist I find the money to deposit even though I told him I don’t have anymore money.

  13. Heavy scammers. God will punish them one by one especially Mr Elgie P Rugova K.

  14. Tried to copy there MT5 details to MT5 and they don’t exist. Tried to withdraw money 24hours ago and it’s pending and the only option they gave me is to cancel the withdrawal

  15. Please everyone don’t trust this company wicked scams
    Donnot in jesus name
    No 250
    Their calls are scams
    They block your password fortheirs
    I shut them down in jesus name

  16. I received just phone of Tredero assistsnt to deposit 250 usd. Thanks for ur reviews

  17. Tradegenixfx are other big scammers, never invest with company. They Tell you to deposite 250 dollars into lunar account. Everything sounds ligit. The 250 appears on your trading account and profits but when it’s time to withdraw they tell you to deposite a ridiculous amount of money of which was never mentioned before the registration. Story short my account was closed and money gone.

  18. Everything said about the scam process is so true and until it happens, they make you think you are making progress until you put your money. Don’t put your money there and if you already have, ask to withdraw immediately. I am a victim.

  19. Waoooo!!! This is an amazing revelations about Tredero. I was just about depositing 250USD.l registered 3week ago ,and was assigned imediately to one Agent Edingo M. Restless calls from him get me pissed off,not just calls but with different phone numbers. Thank all so much. Just be were of:(+442033180034,+27104470478,+448438090102,+448438090859,015216023,09155702033,+13056449481,+13802242324,+447873057097,+14847590490 etc

  20. Yes they are big scammers, I asked today for a withdrawal, then suddenly they told me the market went against me and i lost all my money.

  21. I am a victim here too. Deposited 4k, and made more than 38k in profit. Was set to withdraw, when the ‘manager’ Bashar called and asked me to trade on natural gas – he gave me the number of lots to trade and that was it! Poof! All my money gone within a second. It was not because of the market, but because of the margin level. But it is true that they led me to it. The ‘Senior Account Manager’ Mihaela couldn’t have been more helpful – she helped take the account from 4k to 38k. But the manager Bashar was unapologetic about his action which took the account from 38k to 0, and shrugged it off like it was no big deal.

  22. I have got a call from them and they said I must fill all my account details nd it couldn’t proceed they said I should call the number at the back of my card for transfer nd I didnt

  23. I have invested my 250 dollars, the accounts manager keeps pushing for me to deposit more, I have now declined and want to withdraw my funds, let see what happens. My 250 is now 950

    1. Hallo how did it go with toredero? They’ve asked me to deposit 250usd.

  24. Their agent called us severally with enticing words and we deposited $250. After trading and making profit we called and enquired from them how we could withdraw. Only for them to ask us to add more money. Tredero are fraudulent and scammers.

  25. Update on my interaction with them. I wrote to them complaining about their ‘manager’ Bashar, and they responded and offered me a refund of 800 USD as a ‘goodwill gesture’, with the condition that I take down any negative review of their services. Now a true goodwill gesture would be to reinstate my account how it was with more thank 38k in balance. But at least return my initial investment amount of 4k back!

  26. Allison taofeek tayo

    Pls help me out am chatting from Nigeria someone is calling me with this number he said his my manager he ask for all my bank details that I should pay $250 this is the number +448438090870 nd +79311060745 pls he wanna scam me

  27. wow. thanks for the information.

  28. Thanks , for the informatio, l was being asked to add more money and invest in the Nasdaq without withdrawing anything.

  29. Wow!! you are God sent i am just planning of deposit in to this account today Thanks for the information

  30. Received a call when I registered to pay in 250usd to my wallet to get 30%.told the guy till Monday to forfeit it not kwning it all scam.

    1. Yes don’t try

  31. They are truly fraudsters, my hubby invested 1000USD and grew the account to 3700USD. He requested for 700USD and they refused got angry and threatened him. They went on to fix a Robot on the account to run it to 0 so he couldn’t withdraw the money. We lost all our money. BEWARE Tredero is Fake.

  32. Johannes Byleveld

    A certain mr Onuz contact me from +27100066382.

  33. Tredero is an online trading company that believes in spam calling people continuously and hard-selling its services. They did the same to me early in March, and convinced me to deposit USD 250 to trade online. They created my account themselves, and then over the next week convinced me to deposit an additional USD 3750 (a total of USD 4000). By trading in several ‘assets’, they took my account to over USD 38000 in just two weeks. However, I had started observing discrepancies in the traded values of some assets and pointed them out to them, with several screenshots as well as evidence. I was also set to withdraw my initial investment amount when the ‘manager’ called me, admitted to a technical glitch in the system, and then proceeded to tell me to trade on a certain number of lots of an asset – I was clear that I was unable to see the correct numbers and that the numbers were hugely different on the app and website. Despite this, he gave me a number of lots to trade, and this took my account balance instantly to ZERO. Coincidence? Subsequently, he shrugged off all responsibility, claiming that I had made the trade myself, and he in no way orchestrated this! Since then, I have sent them emails complaining about this, and I have received settlement offers of USD 800, USD 1200 (via email), and finally a complete reinstatement of my account (via telephone) on the condition that I would take down all reviews and never ever write about them on any form of social media or the Internet. Of course, nothing has yet materialized!

    Tip for consumers:
    Check all the numbers. Don’t get carried away by seeming profits or growth unless you can and have withdrawn funds! Also, they don’t share terms and conditions unless it is time for you to withdraw or you suffer a loss! Strange, eh? Wonder what other hidden conditions they have!

  34. Frederick Odenyo

    Thanks for the review. I have just finished talking to a customer service rep on this line +41225083299. She guided me on how to deposit $250 on my account with them.The speed at which she wanted the money deposited left me puzzled and after doing due diligent online im happy to have landed Now i’m in a position to make an informed opinion.

  35. Just registered with tredero about an hour ago and decided to check them out and found all these bad testimonies about them. I sympathize with you over your loses, but it has made me wiser. Bye bye to tredero and their good nonsense.

  36. Bi Scam…please do not invest..

  37. They forced me to invest 750$ and then asked my bank statement also if I have some extra money to invest more. Infact they told me that my name is appearing in their record with criminal background and need police certificate bla bla.. They have all sort of tricks to lure you to invest. Please do not fall prey and invest any money. They re into big scam.

  38. shekhar pirangute

    Tradero is scam. I lost my USD 1400. Please do not do trading on Tradero

  39. Hi I am fro trinidad and tobago in the Caribbean is tredero really scammers. I was just browsing and I got a call from them. Have not invested anything yet

    1. They are pure scammers

    2. Don’t even try to invest

  40. Greatest scamming of the highest quality

  41. Tredero are big scammers, speaking from experience, once you register with them and get your contacts their will call you continuously and promise huge profits making you to deposit as low as 250 usd, then deir will show how huge profits you are making, tempting you to deposit huge amounts, the website looks shady although at the back of my mind i knew deir are big scammers, lucky enough i dint do a 2nd deposit.

    And now have apparently made a profit of 900 usd but i cant withdraw anything

    Is there a way we can report them and close these shady company scamming people off their hard earned money

    I heart bleeds how deir make a fo of people.

  42. The pros and cons
    My Review will cover all the highlight below and will be shared on all my social media platforms including Twitter. Instagram. Facebook. And all Forex Review sites.
    -Withdrawal System
    -And More
    Watch this space

  43. Big time scammers. I lost around 7000 USD in tredero. Initially all my trades went on well with guidance of their account managers. Suddenly one trade will take away your entire deposit amount to it will be 0. After few days another account manager will call you and talk nicely and will tempt you to deposit money to recover the lost money. Since I made some profits in my initial 5-6 trades, I forgot about the lost trade and tempted me to deposit amounts again and again thinking to recover the lost amounts. But again the same thing will continue – 4 to 5 trades will go on profits and one trade will make you to loose the entire deposit amount.

    The trades (which are going into the losses) is the strategy of Tredero. They show some webtrader which is controlled by their own team and will send some links about Oils, Amazon, Apple, etc. share prices from All are to tempt customers and attract deposits.

    Do not fall into the trap. I realized it only after my fourth deposits. Pls be careful.

  44. My brief & immediate review about Tredero on different media platforms as on date.
    I down loaded Bitcoin loophole application on 5 May 2022. I got a call from tredero who expressed themselves as Bitcoin extension link. A person by the name of Umair khan contacted me as my guide & advisor. He motivated me to deposite $250 & started my trading in Forex- major. Getting profit for two days it started to go in loss. He told me to keep margin level above 100%. When it started to decline below 100% he asked me to deposite $ 250 more. When I deposited the money, he guided me to open some positions of his choice. It started giving profit. After two days the positions opened on his choice started decline and it went so low that he asked me to deposite $250 more.On one hand it was giving profit on real time opened positions and on the other hand the positions already opened on his guidlines were contineously going in loss. He did not allow me to close those positions. As a result I was constrained to deposite $250 more to remain in trade. By this way I deposited $2250 in total during the month of May-June 2022. While my real time positions were going in profit, the several position which were got opened by me by this tredero guide were contineously going in loss. At last after one and half month of wasting my time energy my Balance reached to $4137 and loss $3701 and I was not left with enough money to trade. I was told to add further money to continue but by this time I had understood the game. I refused and started to close positions going in loss. My account was left with only $336 which I tried to withdraw to save something but my withdrawals were declined contineously till I lost this amount as well. Now these shameless & fraudlant people are calling me again on daily basis through some other person namely Ayaz & trying to motivate to reinvest, but now I am matured enough to respond accordingly. I am going to write a comprehensive and detailed Article on this fraudulant company and its well organised fraud system for Print & social media so that no other person falls in trap of so called Tredero. During this course of non sense they were also trying to motivate me to deposite $10000 for investment in crude oil and other comodities for better profit which luckily I kept on refusing on one pretext or the other, otherwise that amount would have also gone.
    So I request all who read my review not to fall in this Tredero trap. Rest the choice is yours.
    Fayaz Khushkhwan
    Srinagar Kashmir

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