Inst-Global review – 5 things you should know about!

Inst-Global review – 5 things you should know about!

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Beware! Inst-Global is an offshore broker! Your investment may be at risk.


Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Open trading accounts with at least two brokers.


Inst-Global is a rather contradictory broker – for one, it would have you believe it is a world-renowned company, trusted by thousands of traders all over the globe. And yet, we could not make an account with Inst-Global – there is simply no such functionality on its website. While that does mean that we cannot know everything there is to know about Inst-Global, we are still confident that the company is not worthwhile and cannot bring about anything but losses for you! Here is why:

Inst-Global regulation and safety of funds

Inst-Global is completely unregulated. It also lies about it – here is what Inst-Global has to say about who licenses it:

The NFA is one of the regulatory bodies that oversee the financial markets of the United States, along with the CFTC – and obtaining a license from it is no easy task at all. Any broker that wishes to do so would need to hold over $20 million in liquid funds to prove they have what it takes to navigate the notoriously volatile markets. Furthermore, the broker needs to report on a daily basis on open and closed trades, which is done to make sure that it cannot engage in any kind of price manipulation or other fraudulent activities.

Inst-Global cannot be one of these licensed brokers, as it contradicts the NFA policies on leverage – amounts of over 1:50 are not allowed for retail traders to make use of. Inst-Global, on the other hand, offers them ones of up to 1:1000. But, if that is not sufficient proof, we entered the NFA ID the broker provides us with in the database of the regulatory body – here is what we got:

Inst-Global is not licensed – and it cannot provide you with any of the protections that we described above. If you wish to trade safely and profitably, your best bet would be doing so with a licensed broker. 

Inst-Global trading software

Inst-Global provides access to a distribution of the industry standard trading platform – Metatrader 5. The platform is revered for its powerful automated trading features, as well as its intuitive interface – but there are much better brokers out there that have the software available. Here is what that software looks like:

The trading conditions on it are nothing to write home about, of course – the spreads might be tight, well under 1 pip on FX majors like the EURUSD, but the leverage Inst-Global offers is simply too much – we already explained that the NFA has banned it, but most regulators have also done so and restricted the high leverage amounts. Therefore, the majority of  the brokers that still have them available are just like Inst-Global – unlicensed and untrustworthy.

Inst-Global deposit and withdrawal methods and fees

Inst-Global only accepts wire transfers. These payments are not eligible for a chargeback – and the broker does not have its withdrawal policy available on its website. It is highly likely that withdrawing any profits will be subject to additional conditions, hefty fees or both – once again, we suggest you stay away from Inst-Global!

How does the scam work?

Inst-Global is definitely running a scam – and here is how that scam unfolds:

First off, someone stumbles upon the website the scammers run – and are prompted to make an account with them. If they do so, they will be required to leave a phone number. The scammers will then use that number to start calling around the clock to demand more and more money until their victim either runs out of funds or realizes what’s going on – at which point, the scammers will cut them off and move on to new targets.

What to do when scammed?

If you have been scammed, you need to take the following steps to make sure you do not suffer any losses:

First off, recall what forms of ID and credit cards the scammers had access, and get them reissued ASAP – also, remove any remote control software they had you install!

Secondly, contact your bank and ask if you can file a chargeback – but if one is not available do not trust recovery agencies that demand an upfront payment for their services, as they are simply running another scam!

Finally, do not hesitate to leave a comment below – in doing so, you will be helping us raise awareness of the scam, which is the best way to combat it!

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  1. Im a Victim of Inst global. I was guided by an person I met on Tinder a plattform for fionding a partner. It was romance scam 🙁

    I lost a lot of money!

    I received 3 times in a week deals for forex which where always in profit. After I wanted to make a withdrawal, I was told, that I have to pay taxes to a crypto wallet.
    But that doesnt make any sense!


    They used a lot of dirty tricks for giving me a feeling of security! Its a organization which a lot of structure!

    In the Chat with my “dearly belove” , it was IMPOSSIBLE for me to think, that she was all about of cheating me!
    She was “ghosting” me – broke the contact… so i was always thinking, that there is no reason, why she would lie to me!
    She where telling me, that she lost her mobile phone, and that I shouldnt trust the person, who was communicating with me, because she suddenly interrupted from another phone number and told me, that this person is a scammer, but they are all working together!

    They are highly technologized!

    I lost my money… and I have a broken heart! 🙁

    Im now in a financial emergeny situation!

    I wish… that NOONE have to risk a broken heart! Im now in a depression… And i feel really dump…. but I need to go on!
    My whole psycho-social area is now … you know…. they are not laughing… but they ask, how this can be happening, because im well known, as an intelligent and smart person!

    The “professional-trading-agent” was sending me false messages, in chinese language, which transalted where guiding me into security…. transalted, the chinese message ment:”Its depending on the market.” and after the chinese message i got an message:””Im sorry! I was talking to another customer.”

    They have a lot of tricks!

    I hope you are able to avoid INST GLOBAL before it is too late…

    In my case…. I was a suicide candidate in my past. I learned from this lifeexperience. If it is too late for you…





  2. I’m a victim too. Just now, today. Wanted withdraw but was hit with impossible to pay fees. I’m broke now. I invested $153,000.00 with them and accumulated $1,230,000.00 that I can never gain access to.

  3. Hello
    I am also scammed.First met a Singaporean lady using an UK phonenumber,after months she insisted me to invest and made me do it with the help of an agent Daniel.I confronted them with all the bad reviews and they say these are lies.Tens of thousands $ I invested.It was traded up to 26 million $.Now they froze my account and can’t even access the crm site.They are rotten thieves,and this is a huge scam.Jail is where they belong.

  4. Hi,
    I am also the victim of inst global and invested $70,000 dollars, when I told the agent called Kevin I want to close the account and withdraw my fund, he is asking to pay taxes. I am not sure how to recover the money from inst global. Can filing Police complaint help in recovering my hard earned money? Can bank help in recalling the money transferred to these fraudster brokerage company?
    Strictly avoid Inst Global account.

  5. Hello, I am also a victim of global inst and I invested $1,000 usd, when I told the broker called Elvira that I want to withdraw my fund, he asks me to deposit 1,500 usd. I don’t know how to get my money back from INST Global, and it still told me that if I can’t deposit, the certificate of goods within 24 hours, that my account will be compensated for back damages, and please deposit as soon as possible without delays, what can I do to be able to recover what I invested?

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