June Bowes review – 5 things you should know about junelimited.com

June Bowes review – 5 things you should know about junelimited.com

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Beware! June Bowes is an offshore broker! Your investment may be at risk.



Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Open trading accounts with at least two brokers.


June Bowes allegedly provides online trading services for traders of CFD contracts in four categories: international futures, commodities, precious metals and stock indexes. It indeed provides CFDs, but there are some critical details we need to discuss, which you’ll find out in the full June Bowes review.


June Bowes never mentioned anything about licenses or regulation. What’s more, it doesn’t even disclose their addresses, contact numbers or anything valuable except for the name of the company running the brokerage. Well, we researched to find out it’s a UK company, and we wonder why they so desperately try to hide this fact. In any case, the broker’s reluctance to reveal information about itself is a red flag; even more so, JUNE BOWES DEVELOPMENT GROUP LIMITED doesn’t have a Forex license, so the broker reviewed is confirmed to be unregulated.

Those things considered, June Bowes turned out to be a suspicious brokerage posing threats for their clients. We say so because regulation is the most crucial aspect when it comes to trading as it guarantees transparency, accountability, ethical business behaviour, reduced trading risks, safety for clients funds and so forth. Obviously, June Bowes is anonymous and unaccountable, meaning that clients’ money will be exposed to risks of misuse or misappropriation, and these people won’t face any consequences whatsoever if they defraud customers.

That’s why you’d be much better off if you stick with companies authorised by trustworthy financial regulators like CySEC (Cyprus) and FCA (Britain). Both maintain the highest supervision standards and require brokers to keep deposits segregated in local banks, thus ensuring clients won’t lose their capital if something wrong happens. The segregation improves transparency, speeds withdrawals up, makes chargebacks easier and generally helps prevent fraud. What’s more, the European FX companies are covered by deposit insurance funds laid down to compensate clients in case of unforeseen events- CySEC brokers’ clients can claim up to €20 000 per person, while the British guarantees are even up to £85 000.

Eventually, June Bowes is a shady unregulated brokerage acting suspiciously, so your funds will be in danger if you deposit. Avoid it.

Here you can see a screenshot from GOV.UK with the company’s details:


June Bowes has MetaTrader 5, which is a top-notch platform that’s currently the most widely used. It’s preferred by traders and brokers alike because it delivers advanced features including Expert Advisors, many sophisticated indicators, excellent charting tools etc. The trading conditions are also quite competitive- the EUR/USD spread is 1 pip, meaning that clients pay $10 per lot traded, which is pretty much in line with the industry standards. Nevertheless, the absence of a trustworthy license and the broker’s weird behaviour massively overshadow the seemingly favourable trading costs. June Bowes is still a suspected scam.

The platform also shows the trading risks involved- the leverage is 1:100, so June Bowes’ services are actually too risky for most retail traders. What’s more, UK legit brokers are no longer allowed to offer more than 1:30 leverage, so June Bowes flagrantly breach British regulations- a major red flag. Would you sign a contract with businesses violating local and international financial laws? Yes, we neither.

Here is the June Bowes’ MetaTrader 5 terminal:


The minimum deposit is $100, probably via cryptocurrencies only. We can’t really confirm the funding methods because the Client Area was totally incomprehensible- yet another red flag nonetheless, but there are indications that Bitcoin deposits are accepted. In any case, every cryptocurrency transaction is anonymous and final, meaning that chargebacks are impossible, and you don’t even know who’s on the other side. Beware!

As for withdrawals, there is nothing to discuss as June Bowes is yet another broker that doesn’t have adequate legal documentation. It only provides a Disclaimer, but the whole document can fit into two A4 pages and doesn’t concern any trading conditions whatsoever. That’s a red flag because the broker intentionally hides critical information about its services. Avoid!

Here are the supposed deposit requirements and leverage level provided:


June Bowes is a shady unregulated brokerage that may as well be a scam, so now we’ll show you what scammers usually do to rip people off their savings.

So, when fraudsters get hold of your contact numbers, you’ll get a call, promised the moon and the stars if you deposit immediately. And to gain trust, those criminals will usually pretend to work for governments, financial authorities, banks, other reputable companies and so on. Scammers will be confident in what they say, so if you don’t see the warning signs, you may end up depositing fascinated by their fake commitment. However, the fraudulent game actually begins after you send the money. Once they have the desired deposit, the cons will distort prices and forge fake reports to make you believe you are on the winning side, manipulating you to start thinking big and consider more deposits.

Then, the fraudsters will continuously ask you to increase the size of the investment and invent stories to make you deposits over and over again. Sooner or later, though, you’ll get determined to withdraw some money, and then the scammers will ask you to deposit again because, according to their words, there are taxes and fees that you should pay. At this point, you’ll probably realise something wrong is going on, and when the scam becomes too apparent, the cons will simply stop answering your calls and e-mails.


It would be best if you first call your bank to inform it and then deactivate your card to avoid any additional risks, as the scammers may as well have obtained your details.

Then, call the police, inform the financial authorities, file complaints and don’t forget to spread the word online so that other people can find out about the particular scam, too. Still, it’s crucial not to rush trying to reclaim your funds as numerous scams are disguised as chargeback agencies set up to double-scam victims.

Finally, we know it’s an awful experience to get scammed, but please share your story to help protect others!

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  1. Thank you for the information about June Bowes Development I learned my lesson about relying on unregulated firms. They disguise themselves well and have an online broker that works with you for the first couple of weeks trying to get additional monies sent
    to their bank,(which is a real bank, Cathay) Do not use or invest with anyone that says that they will use a JUNE BOWES DEVELOPMENT….A BIG SCAM

    1. Hi Steve
      Did you get scammed by June Bowes??

  2. Ya I got scammed, carefully with the person offering June Bowes development in metatrader broker list

    1. Are you able to recover your funds? I’ve been scammed by them as well

  3. Thank goodness I researched about them, now I know, a girl pretending to be romantic with me was hesitant that i do investment with her, apparanetly she made a lot of money with them and helped me open a demo account via MT5 and made me invest free money to see how it goes and made some profit with the free money, now she is pushing me to get real money invested in it, she sends me photos but for some odd reason doesnt answer the phone or wanna video chat to confirm me that she really is the girl in the photos…If anyone in the same boat do post there pics that they use so we know to be aware of them.

    1. It happened to me like what happened with you… She was a girl who texted me… and gave me a lot of romance and reassurances… Unfortunately, I fell into the trap.

    2. can i get those pics that girl shared to you

    3. Please share that girl details or pic as she has shared you..
      what should i do as the same is going to happen with me to

    4. What is her name?

  4. The biggest baddest fraud scamming company in this world!!

  5. I’ve been scammed by these guys. Has anyone else been scammed and how do I report them and get my money back?

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