Sich Capital review – 5 things you should know about

Sich Capital review – 5 things you should know about

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Beware! Sich Capital is an offshore broker! Your investment may be at risk.


Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Open trading accounts with at least two brokers.


Sich Capital tries to present itself as a forex broker run by “a team of experienced managers from the trading industry”. But it is quite obvious that it is anything but.

At the time of writing this review, Sich Capital ‘s website lacks basic information, legal documentation and functionality. There isn’t even an address and contact info, except for chat programs and a form to send an email.

That in itself is indication enough that this is not a legitimate broker. But the site has a number of direct links to other known scam sites that appear to be from the same network. It
is possible that Sich Capital is still in development or has been abandoned, as is often the case with scam platforms. But it is important to stress that this and related sites should be avoided.


As already mentioned, Sich Capital’s website lacks any specific information one would expect from a legitimate broker, including what licenses it has and which regulators oversee its activities. Only when registering an account can one see links to the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy, but these links only reload the page.

The only more specific claim is that Sich Capital Ltd is incorporated in Australia:

To operate in Australia, a broker must be licensed by the Australian Securities and Exchanges Commission (ASIC). There is a company with a similar name on the ASIC register – Sich Capital Pty Ltd. This is a recently registered fixed income company. As the ASIC public register does not include company websites, fraudsters often take the liberty of using registered company names. A basic web search shows that Sich Capital Pty Ltd uses a different website than Sich Capital:

Sich Capital’s client system is devoid of any functionality. After logging in, only menus to fill in additional personal information are available. There is not even a menu for depositing funds, which is the most important part of the fraudulent scheme. This suggests that Sitch Capital is probably still a scam in progress.

One thing that reveals the connection between Sich Capital and a whole network of scam sites is that the Sich Capital registration form is used directly by another site we recently reviewed – Sandwind Capital. This site in turn is identical to other fraudulent platforms such as SandWindFX and the now defunct Sandwind Global. These three sites use not only identical names, but also the same logo.

The name Sandwind Global can also be seen on the main page of Sich Capital’s website, apparently inadvertently left because the scammers are reusing old assets:

If you have decided to trade on the capital markets, you should be careful not to fall for scammers like this network of anonymous websites. You should only trust legitimate brokers operating in one of the established financial centres like the UK, EU, USA or Australia.

There, the activities of brokers are controlled by powerful regulatory bodies such as Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC), Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) and Australian Securities and Exchanges Commission (ASIC). Clients of these brokers receive protections such as negative balance protection and segregation of the client’s funds from the broker’s funds.

In the EU and the UK, brokers must also participate in guarantee schemes that cover a certain amount of the trader’s investment if the broker becomes insolvent. These guarantees amount to up to EUR 20,000 EU and 85,000 GBP in the UK. However, the likelihood of such a bankruptcy is low because regulators also have significant net capital requirements that companies must maintain – EUR 730 000 in UK and Cyprus, AUD 1000 000 in Australia and at least 20 million USD in the United States.


Sich Capital claims to offer one of the most widely used trading platforms in the industry, MetaTrader 5 (MT5). The file which can be downloaded from Sich Capital’s website is again named “Sandwind Global”. However, the installation file itself is not configured for a specific broker, but is simply the generic file that can be downloaded from the software developer, MetaQuotes. So Sich Capital doesn’t have a functioning trading platform.

There are more than enough legitimate brokers offering MT5 and the still very popular MT4 to their clients. Turn to such a broker if you want to take advantage of the features these platforms offer, such as ability to design and use scripts for automated trading and testing of trading strategies.


Legitimate, regulated brokers usually offer a wide range of services for both beginners and advanced traders, with trading conditions detailed and clearly described on their websites. Genuine brokers also offer a wide range of payment methods, including credit cards, bank transfers and popular e-wallets such as PayPal or Neteller.

Sich Capital’s website does not describe different account types, nor does it mention basic trading indicators such as spread, leverage, minimum deposit and fees. There is also no information on payment methods. But since Sich Capital and its affiliated scam sites don’t offer real trading, it wouldn’t really matter if values were listed.


It is tempting to be lured by the promises of easy money that we constantly come across on the internet. But behind the vast majority of these promises, if not all, are scammers. In recent years, many fraudulent schemes have consisted of websites posing as brokers and trying to cash in on the excitement surrounding cryptocurrencies.

If you give your contacts to one of these scammers, they will start convincing you that they will multiply your money, with nothing required of you but to sit back and take profits. If you agree to an initial investment of a few hundred dollars, they will start persuading you to invest more and more.

But you will never get the promised profits or the money you deposited. Scammers have many ways to ensure this. First of all, they are hidden behind offshore companies, not subject to controls and regulations. For the money transfers they use shady payment platforms, direct bank transfers or cryptocurrencies that make recovering money very difficult and often impossible. The terms and conditions are always riddled with traps that also block your ability to withdraw your money, such as prohibitively high minimum trading volume requirements or withdrawal fees amounting to tens of percentages of your funds.


When you find yourself scammed and seek advice and help online, you are likely to receive offers from individuals and companies who promise to refund your money for a fee that you have to pay in advance. Don’t trust such offers or recommendations from anonymous commentators on the internet – this is also a well established scam.

The best chance to get at least some of your money back is to request a chargeback, but this applies only if the transfer is made via credit card. It is of course advisable to notify the relevant authorities of the fraudsters’ activities and to spread the word online to warn other people who may fall victim to the same scammers.

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  1. Is sich capital a legit company

    1. no stay away from them Once you give them money they will never give back they refuse to give me my money and make excuses for not giving it back

      thsi is a great busienss as they are not governed by any one so they get away will it

    2. Do not invest to this broker!!!!!
      It is horrible scammer!!!!!
      Keep your money far away from sich, opson or other scammers bank-broker!!!!!

  2. I got scammed by them no they are not they always come up with a withdrawal condition

    1. I was not sure how to leave a comment so I’m replying to a comment. I was scammed, but in a roundabout way.
      The scammer claimed to be a wealthy businesswoman from South Korea. Over 2-3 months of communication via the telegram message app, I took the plunge and downloaded MT5 from the apple APP store. I then wired a large sum of money which used SICH Capital as the broker for my MT5 account. A fake MT5 customer service rep via telegram helped me set up my MT5 account. When I finally realized the scam, I tried to close my MT5 account and get my large opening balance wired back to me. It was after a week of BS excuses and delays when I started reaching out to the fraud authorities. Big question…my funds are still in my MT5 account. Does anyway have any suggestions on how I can get those funds out or are the funds gone forever?

      1. Andrzej Mariusz Adamczyk

        Did you use hat- ?

      2. I’m facing same issue. contact me

        1. Im facing the same issue as well. Did you manage to get your money back?

          1. how to get my money back from sich capital and mt5 please help me
            my transaction is in singapore bank

          2. Yes, I got my money back. Very lucky.

        2. Me too

          1. How did you get it back?

        3. I’m facing the same issue.

          1. Same here. Would be grateful for any advice how to get any money back. I only have the mobile number from the Chinese woman. We should at least check, if it fits and perhaps contact Interpol or similiar all together.

      3. Can you tell us what the name of the wealthy woman from South Korea? Any description of her would be very helpful even her WhatsApp number?

        1. Yeona Lee is the name used by the scammers. I’m guessing whoever she really is (the pics that I saw) had her social media account hacked.

      4. Im facing the same issue as well. Did you manage to get your money back?

      5. I was scammed in a very similar way by a businessman from London. He suggested opening an account with SICH Capital. Now I can’t get my money back from SICH Capital. me Also I used MT5 application Please contact me on email.

        1. Who wants to talk about sich capital? I’m in same boat as some of you. My Money is stuck in there.

        2. Please send me and email I think that I have been talking to the same person and advice me to do the same.

          1. I blocked everything about this person. Sorry, all emails were deleted.

        3. Hello Anna, this happen also to me. The wealthy business man was also from London. What was his name in your case? Does anyone know how to get the cash back from MT5? SICH capital was also my broker & they ask now for income tax in advance or they give me penalty. Surely I will not pay

        4. Please help me I’m in the same position

          1. Gragos,
            Come back to read the comments.
            How it is possible to help us – we will find together.
            Hope someone will write to cooperate together.

        5. Anna, вы говорите по-русски?
          Там их, похоже, трое мужиков скаммеров, все азиаты. И одна или две бабы тоже азиатки.
          Все разводят доверчивых на деньги, бабы мужчин, а мужики разводят на деньги женщин.
          Жертв они находят через сайты знакомств.
          Надеюсь, что кто-то вернется на этот сайт, чтобы прочитать комментарии к его посту

      6. Did she claimed to be half Singaporean half American? In her 30’s wish I can upload her pics. She has dark brown hair mid back length brown eyes. Drives a Porsche Panamera and a Maserati. She will say things like I bought a gift for you that’s worth 2 btc worth 120k.. Claims to have a dad and a team of analysis that can predict when the right signal for trading on the forex exchange.

        1. I would like to confirm as this sounds very familiar.
          And has pics sent to me. as im talking to one right now.

        2. HI, What is her name or even a picture, I think you saved me from doing the same mistake,
          I am talking to one saying the same thing,
          wow almost did it, glad looked this up

        3. Please contact me. I think I have been chatting with her. Send me the pics

        4. Same thing, She said she had a gift for me same two cars half asian but lived in california and had a uncle that did all the analyzing and got her all the profits. Sent a ton of pictures and even video chatted. Promised to come visit me on the 10th of this month but of course won’t happen. I have tried a bunch of times to get my money out of SICH Capital LTD and keep getting excuses. Any advice on how to get my money would be greatly appreciated. When she communicates she doesn’t speak well all thought she claims to have been born and raised in the united states. Huge red flags.

          1. same thing happen to me i tried to get my back and they refused and how they do not answer my emails they still let me trade but win or lose they will not talk or return my money

        5. Please upload her pictures if you have,to help others.

        6. Is her name LOUISE CHAN?

      7. This happen to me too!
        Was the woman’s name Joy Lee?
        Luckily I only put about $100 but she tried convincing me to put more by “lending” me large sums of money but I never fully trusted her so I made sure not to invest too much.

      8. There is a scammer who goes by the name Joy Lee.
        You may meet her on an online chat site like omegle or emerald.
        She claims to live in Canada but also claims to move around often to places such as the US, Malaysia, Korea.
        She has many phone numbers, some are; +62 838-4794-6416, +1 873-279-1382, +1 215-554-9592.
        She claims to have a grandmother who suffers from memory loss, who she takes care of.
        She says that she has make up businesses and flower shops in Korea that she has for her parents.
        She would try to get you to invest your money and give you signals from her “uncle” who has a huge trading company in the states.
        She would even try to persuade you into thinking its legit by video calling you and also lending you her money to trade with.

      9. Update: After the fake South Korean woman (Yeona Lee) deleted our Telegram exchange and the fraudulent MT5 Customer Service stopped responding to my requests to close my MT5 account and wire back my money, I spent a month filing reports with the authorities; FBI, Attorney Generals Office plus the fraud department at my broker who sent a wire recall to the questionable bank (East West Bank) in California. East West Bank responded to my broker via email requesting the FBI report and any other information I could provide. I emailed the fraud investigation department at East West Bank this information. About 30 days later, without notice, East West Bank wired the entire amount I put on deposit for my MT5 account back to my brokerage account. Total relief. I learned East West Bank went into the fraudulent account (USB Trade Inc) that had enough funds in it to wire back to me. East West Bank would never have taken a loss on that. So my story has a great ending. I got my money back. I was VERY lucky!

  3. How do you get scammed what exactly happend I’m client of them still no problem god to help . Pls can you give more info about it

    1. are you fro m bulgariq ? will yo explaine me how you do the transfer back to you

    2. Имам проблем с Метатреидар 5 не знам как да си взема парите обратно

    3. Would love to hear your thoughts.

      when I tried to withdrawal, the first thing they told me that the minimum amount was 25% of my principal. The at had to pay 5% to MT5 which i would get back with my withdrawal amount. Then they told me I had to pay 10% bank security deposit. Then another 5% because it was delayed by 5 days. Now they are telling me I have to pay another 10%.

      1. Are you able to withdraw after paying the “fees”?

      2. Same thing happen to me.

        1. Hey Scott. Are you able to retrieve your funds? what happened?

          1. Unfortunately not.

            It started with pre paying, income tax, then deposit, and so on and so on. It’s been almost two months. I have sizeable principal in my account that I can not withdrawal from.

            I’ve reported them to FTC and the OCC (Office of the Comptroller of Currency). I’m pretty sure they are off shore.

  4. I’ve been scammed by them as well. When I asked to withdraw the money from the account, they were asking me to pay upfront 17% total amount of withdrawing. The reason was saying as the Singapore & USD exchange requirements. I dwas thought that MT5 is trust app for the investment. Unfortunately I’ve been trapped

    1. I have to pay a 10% deposit fee per money laundering security purposes if I want my money and it would be returned with my withdrawal. But my withdrawal is in the 8 digits. How will I come up with a 7 figure deposit? They made hundreds of thousands in commission from me.

      1. I thought we could talk. Because I set up a group to take care of it. But I don’t know if they let me publish my comments. We need to stick together.

        1. IV where is your group?

      2. Did you manage to get your money out? I’m stuck in it

    2. Did u withdraw your money successfully??

  5. Did some body of you lose all the money there ???

    1. $179689.00 still in account with SICH Capital LTD and keeps just giving excuses to not let me withdraw. I am attempting to do a chargeback because I used my Visa for all transactions.

      1. How to changer back

  6. Sandwind global, SICH capital, it’s the same thing I had an account with sandwind which is transformed into a SICH account !!! I was a victim too I wanted to trust someone I had met on the networks I was stupid to follow his advice! I traded but could not withdraw my funds then I wanted to enter the market and my money disappeared making me responsible for a bad transaction! In fact the course is completely packed reaching very quickly values very far from what I could follow on other sites, just enough to make me lose my money !!
    Sandwind global, SICH capital, c’est la même chose j’avais un compte chez sandwind qui c’est transformé en un compte SICH!!! j’ai été victime moi aussi j’ai voulu faire confiance à quelqu’un que j’avais rencontré sur les réseaux j’ai été stupide de suivre ses conseils ! j’ai tradé mais n’ai pas pu retirer mes fonds ensuite j’ai voulu entrer dans le marché et mon argent a disparue me rendant responsable d’une mauvaise opération! En fait le cours c’est complètement emballé atteignant très rapidement des valeurs très éloignée de se que je pouvais suivre sur d’autres sites , juste de quoi me faire perdre mon argent !!

    1. How to refund money

      1. I also same problem they dun let me refund money want to tax

        1. Cathrine,
          where are you, why you did’t come back to see the comments after you wrote yours?
          We need to chat all together.
          I don’t understand, why nobody came back, just to see what was written after their comments?!

          1. Naty how we can chat together

        2. Kat, you should go to police/gendarmerie, to declare the case.
          They are criminal people in sich, who do robber money.
          Where do you live – there is police office, I hope?

  7. Andrzej Mariusz Adamczyk

    Hi, Can somebody tell me about
    Do you meet this trading software, actually I have large same situation when I can’t do it with my money on

  8. @Joseph
    I want to know too, how to get my money back.

  9. My question to all here, has anyone had success in getting these shady people at SICH to release their funds?

  10. This Asian woman does she have a black dot on her Asian woman name Angela wants me to buy SICH capital ltd share.

  11. I am in the same boat. Please help to get my money back from Sandwind. Thanks

    1. did you manage to get your money back? My money also stuck

  12. Has anyone up fronted the 10% or 17 % money to withdraw their money and got it back?

  13. It was similar to me, it was a Chinese woman.
    We talked for a month and talked about various subjects, when one day we talked about cryptos and she said she would teach me how to mine ETH in a VIP pool, she taught me and the mining platform really paid, after a month she introduced me to SICH, I trusted because we use MT5 to trade.
    Your telegram name is BESS and you use this contact: +852 5538 4062

    I can’t get my money back

  14. I have the same problem, please help me.

  15. Who has ever gain from SICH capital ltd

  16. Sich Capital – BEWARE! these people are scammers! I had an account with them, did very well with trade. really started to see some profits, was ready to withdraw my funds. was asked to pay 15% of the balance for handling fee’s. I did this and was greeted by yet another Risk Fee, as I was transferring to BTC. I got that taken care of and guess what? they tell me Due to an error in my BTC address the server could not send. which is odd as I only have the one Deposit address, I checked both deposit address and withdraw account address… both matched. I receive a Email stating I now need additional funds to unfreeze the account. that’s when I said BS! I hopped on my MT5 account and hit the worst possible trade and wiped out the amount in the account. If I cant have it, neither will they. I met a Malaysian woman through a dating site, which lead to this trade thing, going on about how this will improve our Future. Stay away from SICH CAPITAL! you won’t get a Refund, you won’t get your earnings!!

    1. They told me I had ten days to pay the taxes for the withdrawal and after ten days they charge an additional 1% per day in fees until paid. You had a great idea. If I can’t get my money, then I will make a terrible trade and wipe it out to zero. If I can’t have my money and it’s a loss then they shouldn’t get to earn the interest on it. They want over $7200 paid in taxes in the form of BTC or USDT-ERC20. I have it, but I’m not falling for it again and think I will use this $7200 to pay off a real bill.

    2. Can you tell her name and number I am a victim too

    3. Hi. Can you describe the Malaysian woman you met on a dating site? Thanks!

    4. Hello. After you paid the high risk fee, are you able to withdraw your funds?
      Please respond.

  17. Same with me. Please help me out too!

  18. I want to know too, how to get my money back at SICH capital ltd.

  19. I think I’ve been talking with her for a month now. Thirty-year-old Singapore woman who says she moved to the US with her dad when she was only 10. She had convinced me to put money into a SICH account via MT5 and has asked me to deposit more. I did, she even matched $5,000 to convince me. She has walked me through Forex trading daily with large gains daily. I tried to withdraw a little money from my SICH account today via the chat and I was told I have to pay 15.7% of my profit which is over $7200. I have to pay this via BTC or USDT just to get $2500 withdraw and sent to my bank. If I had $7200, I wouldn’t have to request $2500 from my investment account. She says she is in Ontario and has a business called Spark that sells high end jewelry and bags in Ontario and Vancouver, BC. She also showed me pictures of her cars which is a new Maserati, Bentley, and a Mercedes. Am I just screwed? I deposited about $15k and have well over that in my SICH account now after these supposed profits. Will I ever see my money again? At this point I just want my $15,000 back.

    1. Probably the same chick @Matt Clevinger. I don’t know how we all can chat. This site won’t let us post pictures or our emails to contact each other. Anyone have suggestions to chat?

    2. Hi Sir,

      do we have a groupchat created on another platform to discuss this?

      I think i got scammed after she matched my initial deposit.

  20. I believe too I have been scammed. I started with $100,000 and built it up to $1.9MM

    When I tried to withdrawal funds. Here’s what they have done

    1. 15% tax on the withdrawal
    2. 5% MT5
    3. Paid a security deposit to the bank
    4. Now they’re telling me that my coin base wallet is at risk and they need another $60,000 allow my funds to be released.

    1. Hello. After you paid the high risk fee, are you able to withdraw your funds?
      Please respond.

      1. absolutely not. It’s a complete scam.

        1. What did you do afterwards? Can we know?

      2. Stop to pay!!!
        Go to police!!!

  21. is this the woman who has a mole in right tip nose??

    1. Yes is that woman I have the same problem and I have his number and more photos what we can do I want my money back

    2. how can we catch her I have her phone number and many pictures she sent me and I’m still talking to her and I’m trying to find her somehow

  22. I want to take money there ask for 10%tax
    Can be refund

  23. I want my money back!!

    My account RLM5-120221 (SICH Capital LTD)
    ACN 652438465

    1. SICH Capital LTD sued a planform MT5 XAUUSD.s was not reliable matching the true market price, I lost a lot of money $323450.00USD amount. A report from date was trading marking price 1791.00-> 1855.89 2021-21-12 19:54:43 in USA California time. The true market price recorded and inflation at volatility didn’t show on the true market and not follow at……CFDs Investopedia, etc.

    2. Ask why? SICH Capital LTD customer Services reposed “Hello, fluctuations are normal”. but several days Later the company SICH Capital LTD reset in my account to changed differently a planform MT5 XAUUSD.z (I Verify 12/20/21 at 4:54pm in California USA time) and immediately clean up and didn’t show in a record report (I Verify 12/22/21 at 2:48pm in USA California time). I was Sell that date and didn’t show fluctuations. I will upload all photos.

    3. I am so lost, I need some can help and to refunding $323450.00USD amount to my account ASAP, if the date follows a true market price, the trading I will earn profit more.

    4. I reported to Trading in Foreign Exchange, CFDs (Jackie (Investopedia))

    She gave a report upload it. Your request (122165 ticket) has been updated. To add additional comments, reply to this email.

    5. I reported ASIC Enquiry Number: 1-46677106740
    Customer Service Officer
    Australian Securities & Investments Commission
    Ph: 1300 300 630

    1. The email cannot show how we can talk together

    2. How may I contact you Rany?

      Planning to ask for advise.
      Happened something similar. Sich Capital Ltd. Seems to arrange a fraud through MT5. They manipulate the platform to create a “fake profit” and asking for more principal to “withdraw” your principal plus profit.

      They trapped me when got a small profit and would withdraw my cash plus profit (USD 1.2K) easily.

      After I put more cash (USD 50k and got more profit (USD 33K) they started requesting additional cash to “withdraw ” using many arguments. Finally put USD 77k and I am also very upset.

      Would like to join your claim.

      Please can you Rany or anyone who would like to share their experiences, contact me? Maybe we can claim together in different jurisdictions.

      If anyone reads this and has not been affected yet, PLEASE RUNAWAY and STOP GIVING THEM MORE CASH.

      1. Hello Raul,

        How can I contact you?

        Thank you!

        1. Hey Raul, Rany. I didn’t invest in this because I realized before doing something like that. I continue talking to the person. So I think I could help you out at least with something. As each comment is reviewed is going to be difficult to put and email address or phone number. I think we should try to contact someone from the administration here to see what we can do.

        2. Rany, hope we all could speak together.
          I am happy to find this site.
          But people don’t come back to see the comments.
          Hope it will work.
          Now we need to cooperate our brains to find the metod to get our money back.

      2. I am in the same place too as when it times to withdraw from the profit there are not allowing you to. There is a lot of additional costs associated with the withdrawal order request. I wish there is a way how to get my money back.

        1. I also can’t withdraw my money, because I have to make a deposit first and trade again. this doesn’t make sense

          1. Yes, Belis, because they are scammers!!!

      3. Raul, but why you don’t come to this site to read the comments?!
        I created this mail hope speak with all of us, as victims of sich scammer broker.
        We need to speak together to find the sollution

  24. The same thing happened to me, a woman supposedly from Singapore sent me a msg to download mt5 and to invest, and the more I invested, I earned VAT, and when we reached the goal, the customer service people at Sich Capital told me that I should pay 14 taxes, which were like 7,000 and that after that I could withdraw the money was adjusted but thank God I didn’t put it all supposedly that one from Singapore helped me put more than 5000 and now they say I have to pay 5% for withdrawal management when they had said that VAT could Withdraw there mistrust came to me and I did not send them money again and I have not been able to collect the profits and if I do not recover them I would settle for even recovering what I invested
    Me paso igual una mujer supuestamente de Singapur me mando msj que descargará mt5 y que invirtiera y entre más invirtiera iva ganar y cuando llegamos al objetivo los de atención al cliente de sich capital me dijeron q debería pagar el 14 de impuestos que eran com 7000 y que después de eso podría retirar se le ajusto el dinero pero gracias a dios yo no lo puse todo supuestamente esa de Singapur me ayudo a poner más de 5000 y ahora dicen que debo pagar el 5% por gestión de retiro cuando habían dicho que iva poder retirar ahi me vino la desconfianza y no les volví a mandar dinero y no ehh podido recoger las ganancias y si no las recupero me conformaría aunque sea con recuperar lo invertido

  25. Hello, everyone.
    I am the same poor guy got trapped by SICH Capital and a trader called “Jason”.
    I was foolish enough to give away my majority of retirement money frozen in the MT5 account.
    I would like to join a class action if anybody will take a leadership to get our money back from them.

    1. If you have found anyway to get back your money please let me know to

    2. But Matt where you are? Why you are not here to see the unswers?!

  26. Scammed by a Malaysian lady to
    She told me to invest in mt5 and gave me few trades now I have about 200k
    And I can’t withdraw funds from sich capital
    She told me she wants to marry me she use to call me or send me pictures I was a fool to please can someone help me out is there anyway that I can get my money back

  27. I’m facing the same issue.

  28. it looks like we were all scammed by the same group of people hooking us to
    Sich Capital ltd my person also put $20,000 said you need to have a lot of money in
    your account to make money she was very good at what she did when i tried to get my money out Sich Capital ltd said its illegal for 2nd party to put money in your account called this money laundering once you give them money they will not give back also the girl stopped talking to me i think she was part of the scam

    now they do not answer my chats or email

  29. Any successful withdrawals here? please reply!!! I’ve been reading all the reviews and getting scared that I am scammed too.

    1. There is no any withdrawals here, scammers from sich deleted themselfs from mt5 since 17 feb.2022

  30. I’m in the same boat and believe I’ve been scammed too. Convinced by a Chinese woman living in Italy to invest with SICH Capital. Made one profitable trade in MT5 but it looks like a hoax since no one here has been able to withdraw their investment. I’m scared that I’ve Lost 2200$ USD investing with these guys. I wish I knew better. Trust your gut.. If it looks too good to be true it definitely is. I hope we will be able to get our money back. I pray anyone thinking of investing here sees this page first before it’s too late

  31. Now they closed everything, their sites, accounts etc. And it happend at the same time with all victims of scam.
    There is, yes, as someone wrote, scammered team/group, for Sich capital work several people, women and men.
    Looking for the comments – it started at the end of december 2021 and january 2022, just after that group of scammers delited their site after about 13 jenuary 2022
    First of all it is nessesary to make a signal to the police (or to the gendarmerie) in your city, town etc.
    But one this it is for sure – in Sich (maybe in few times will be other name) all of them they are asiat criminal people, who do not speak English very well. I think there 3 or 4 men, and 2 women to make correspondence with victims, and some technical groupe (about 2 or 3). And if course there is some kind of boss. I don’t think there is more, if only there are several bank-scammers. But the photos of alife people are, I am sure, they are the same for woman/men either from Malasia or Chaine.
    Bonne nuit, and I will be nack to see

    So I also would like to propose to creat a site, where download all photos, videos from scammers, their contacts and different legends to rob the money.
    Here I counted more 50 peolpe who were scammered by Sich, but Sich worked from summer 2021, so victims are more.
    It can help to find them, to be recognised in public places etc. Those people like money, they rob a lot, so they are here, near as, to use the money, so we will make our “wanted”.

    It is a pity, that you leave the comment, but no contacts.
    I propose to make a meeting but where, we are in different countries, but we can creat a chat via zoom, or another application.
    Together we will find the sollution, because there are really a lot of cases.
    So it is really big criminal case.
    I am sure that scammers read these comments too, because they are afraid to be caught.
    That is why they rapidly deleted their site.
    If you want I leave here my phone number but nnot now, would like to know how manny people would like toon

  32. People, where are you?
    we need to communicate together.
    It is resentry happened, but they have already deleted all the information: their sites do not exist anymore, it is written – an arror. All acvounts dessapired.
    We need to chat together.
    We can write a collective letter to… I don’t know where now, but to all instances, which are possible.
    Why we were scammered?
    I think, it is the question of our personality. The criminal persons they can detect this weak fitcher of the caracter of the potential victim – the way to improve ourselfs.
    Please, people, come back to this site to see my messages.

    1. Following along but no way to communicate other than through comments

  33. People,
    I do understand, we were scammered, it is difficult to realize, that someone-unknown robbered the money, which is on your account.
    Yes, it is the fact, this sich is a criminal bank-broker…
    So we need to collaborate, to join all together.
    But were are you?
    To have possibility after to chat together.
    But it seems to me noone pay attantion to this.

  34. This site is under moderation, I wrote a lot of messages with mail inside – all was deleted.

  35. So go to we need to find the way to join together.
    This site – if I write inside my mail – delete the massage

  36. This site is very strange also – all my massages with my email inside to contact – were deleted, other were corrected to remove the prases where I wrote about email.
    They are kidding us!
    Also we ca not write connect with an administrator of this site.

  37. I want to write here my email.
    Why I can not do it?

  38. Why all my massages with the email were deleted from this site?!

  39. Why the administration of this site does not accesible via form “contact us”, it is written – try again later of find anothet way to connect with administration.
    Here – I found the way – I write here.
    I want to contact the people who were scamnered by sich to collaborate with this case.
    Why the administration of this site does not let us to do this?

  40. Why do you deteted aaalll my massafes with my email inside?!

  41. Any updates on the people who commented on this page? What happened to you guys?

  42. I was scammed by them, initially signed up through a tuotenda broker and transferred to sich capital and couldn’t seem to withdraw it. I lost 7000$
    Saya ditipu oleh mereka, awalnya mendaftar melalui pialang tuotenda dan dipindahkan ke sich capital dan tidak bisa untun menariknya. Saya kehilangan 7000$

  43. We can not speak all together…
    Impossible to write here any emails…

    1. Hello, I was still a scammed person, please, we need help.
      Holaaa yo igual fui una persona estafada por favor necesitamos ayuda

  44. So can I assume that the other people got their money back or withdraw? No one replies about it. What happened to the ones that were “scammed”?

    1. No hemos podido retirar nuestro dinero

  45. I was scammed too

  46. And the person who got me involved in this can no longer contact me because I’m sure I’ll change my phone number and I don’t know what to do
    Y ami la persona que me metió a esto ya no me puedo contactar xq lo más seguro cambio de teléfono y ya no se que aser

  47. We hope all victims have good news from SICH CAPITAL GROUP PTY LTD refunding…………….all the victims are paying interest rate in a payment. I hope SICH CAPITAL GROUP PTY LTD ASAP recovering.

    1. Hello Rany. Are you able to withdraw yours?

      1. Hi All, will you be able to withdraw your money out?

  48. Rany what does it mean, your message?
    Actually no news from scammers, what are you talking about?
    But I also, as you, reported everywhere where was possible.

    1. I think it is better chat at other place, for example somewhere likeface book?

  49. I have pay the handling fees, and now ask for the government tax. Does anyone have paid the government tax and they get back the money? Please help. Now my money is stuck of the goverment tax, as i have a doubt to pay or not to pay. I do not wish later i pay and I still havent get my money back.

    1. What government tax? is it he risk fee or the bank deposit fee you say?

  50. Anybody here from US ? i just scammed stuck with these mofos over then $400k
    I know i know…… Familiar names?: Li xiaohan, Joey wang, sali, David Lewis???:)

    1. I am from US. Did you used SICH as well?

      1. There are people from USA,
        Here I think people from all the world.

  51. Yhey are just scammers names, they change them, I think.
    About taxes – if you want to pay – only withrought the official site of gouvernement
    No other ways.
    Bank is not autorised to take taxes of gouvernemt.
    Dear people, go to police to declare your criminal cases.
    Stop paying to scammers any taxes or other things, if you have doughts, go to official department to ask there.

  52. If we can meet here at this site, maybe we can meet somewhere?
    Do you have any ideas where we can meet all together online?…

    1. what about whatsapp?

  53. me too. same thing happened to me.

  54. Maybe wevcan to facebook?

  55. People, where are you???

  56. Sich Capital deleted their website/change their website AGAIN. Cannot access the recent one! HELP!

  57. SICH changed their name to Opson International

  58. Hi Ianky, I have drop a message to you. Please check.

  59. They dedeted again all our commeemts…

  60. Opson International = Sich Capital = SandWind
    The same scammer-broker.
    Keep away from them.

  61. Hortible, how many people were scammed by this group if crimilals mem and women…
    Dear people, now ex sich – new opson will ask you to pay exta fees because you did not nake trading for a lot time, do not pay – go to police!!!

  62. SICH changed thier name to Opson International at the end of February 2022

  63. So we have a huge criminal group, which scam people:
    Tuotenda, SandWind, Sunton, Sich, Opson, Ruiwin, also Htfox, someone also had scamed by Htfox=sich

  64. Fucking scammers…pure scam..I was lost more than 100.000 usd don’t work with them ..they so organized to scam people. Mostly they use girls to put u into and once when u realized it’s a big scam it’s to late I was report them to the interpol, investigation is in progress…

    1. Can you describe the lady that scammed you?

  65. This Sich Capital is a scam company and the Sich Capital will disconnected my account with meta trader 5 and when I chat with the customer service and Sich Capital ask me to switch to account. Obgfx.Cc under a new platform call up trader and is another scam platform as they transfer all my money to this up trader platform and they don’t allow me to withdraw or trading.

    They said if I want to withdrawal had to make the payment on the same amount of money I had in the account

    That is a shit and cheating platform and is up trader is also belong to Sich Capital company.

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