Beware! Ocean Markets is an offshore broker! Your investment may be at risk.


Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Open trading accounts with at least two brokers.


Ocean Markets is a broker that claims to have a 13-year history on the European markets while actually having no legal documentation to show for it. It also states that it has partnered with HSBC (a British bank, the second largest bank in Europe) which is a blatant lie as Ocean Markets is an offshore broker with very few credentials and questionable terms. This is not a reliable broker for more than one reason – find out more in the following review.


As we just mentioned, Ocean Markets is an offshore broker situated on the Marshall Islands. Here is their Certificate of Incorporation:

This is not a great starting point. Especially for a company that claims to have a 13-years history in Europe. The company has only recently been registered on the Marshall Islands as you can see from the document above (October 26, 2020).  The Marshall Islands themselves are a location adored by scammers for their lack of regulation. Basically, anyone can register a company there without having a local office or even having gone to the Islands.

The only remote connection Ocean Markets has with Europe is a UK phone number. But the FCA register which contains all UK-licensed brokers gave no results for Ocean Markets.


Of course, being an offshore broker does not necessarily make you a scammer but openly lying about your credentials does. Offshore locations impose very little or completely lack regulation. At the same time licensed brokers in the UK for example have to answer to a strict financial regulator – the FCA – and follow the many rules it imposes. All UK brokers have to keep client deposits in segregated accounts which means that after you deposit, the broker has very little access to your investment and cannot reinvest it as they please. In this way, you know exactly how your money is being handled and can get withdraw it fairly quickly. All UK brokers also participate in a compensation scheme that could cover losses inflicted by a broker’s bankruptcy – you can claim up to £85 000 in such cases. This makes licensed brokers a much better option when you want to deposit any amount of money somewhere.


Ocean Markets claims to use its own web trading platform called xCritical. As there was some problem with the website and we could not register an account at the time, we could not test that platform out.

For accounts with deposits above $60 000, Ocean Markets also offer MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 – the most popular software in the industry. We would strongly suggest looking up brokers using those platforms as they are preferred for a reason. For one thing, they are more expensive than web platforms which means that the broker was willing to invest in good software. But the biggest advantage MT offers is simply a lot of functions and trading tools – from a market with a variety of trading apps to Expert Advisors.


Ocean Markets offers six different types of accounts with deposits starting from $500. This is a bit too much when most regulated brokers would usually open an account for anywhere between $10 and $100 but rarely ask for more than $250.

The spreads Ocean Markets offer start from 2.5 pips for the Starter account which is a lot higher than the industry standard of 1.5 pip and would turn out to be highly unprofitable.

The leverage of 1:200 which Ocean Markets offers is also a bit too high considering the permitted leverage in the UK is 1:30. You should beware of such high leverage when you are new to trading – you can indeed earn money fast but with such great trading potential comes the risk of losing a lot of money

Interestingly enough, Ocean Markets offers buying vaccine company stocks as a trading instrument. How legit that is, we cannot know.


In the Terms and Conditions, there are mentions of some interesting fees – a hefty 5% fee for 90 days of inactivity and a 5% withdrawal fee you will be charged if you choose to withdraw before making 5 trades.

While we were looking at the account information, another disturbing feature manifested – the company offers a few types of bonuses. Bonuses are strictly off-limits for regulated brokers and no legit broker will offer such if they would like to keep their license. There were a few clauses in the terms and conditions that additionally confirmed what we already know – Ocean Markets is only here to take your money.

You are supposed to reach a massive trading volume if you want to get access to any money made on account of the bonus. Considering the starting bonus is 40% if you invest $5000, the bonus would be $2000. This means you have to reach a turnover of $20 000 000 if you want to see any money which is completely insane. They also mention that “Should the Client choose to withdraw money prior to reaching the required trading volume, all the opened positions on the Client’s account will be closed and the remaining money cleared…”.

You can deposit and withdraw money via Visa/MasterCard, Neteller, Skrill and МИР (a Russian payment system offered by few brokers). The minimum withdrawal amount is $50 but we would strongly advise against investing any money with those scammers in the first place.


Such scams work in a simple but effective way. You see a banner or an ad on the Internet and get redirected to the scammer’s website where you get all sorts of promises for earning money the fast and easy way. You get led on by fake license numbers, satisfied customer testimonials and grand words. So you provide your contact details – an email and a phone number.

The moment this happens, the first wave of scammers come into play. You get bombarded with phone calls and emails asking you for a deposit. So you send that deposit and with time, you might start to see that you are turning a profit and wonder if you should invest bigger sums. This is in fact a deliberate trick because the scammers are trying to milk you as much as possible before you figure out something is not quite right.

The problem emerges when you try to get access to your money. The scammers might come up with different reasons why that cannot happen like making up more and more additional taxes. They might claim you cannot draw money because of some clause in their Terms and Conditions which is why you should always read those carefully and know what you are agreeing to. Finally, they might ask you to verify your account by sending them your picture next to a personal document or proof of address – something legitimate brokers also do as soon as you open an account with them. But in case you are dealing with fraud, this is done just so they can prove that you are indeed their client. In this way, they can claim that you have invested all your money voluntarily and make it impossible for you to demand a chargeback later on.


You should contact your bank or credit/debit card provider right away and ask for assistance. If you have used a credit/debit card to deposit, you could file for chargeback within 540 days. In case you were using a cryptocurrency, there is virtually no way to get your money back. If you have given scammers access to your computer or your banking details, you should make sure to change any passwords right away. You can also contact authorities and try to inform as many people as possible about the scheme you fell victim to.

Finally, you should never trust any companies that promise you a quick way to get your money back. Such “recovery agents” might ask you for a fee to retrieve your investment and run off as soon as they have received that fee. Often enough, they are the same people that scammed you in the first place.

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  1. I invested 500 USD at oceanmarkets. org.,only last Jan. 24,2022,as a new trader to this broker, mentor is given to train their investor regarding bitcom, currency and commodities, my son who is at least some knowledge in trading and been trading barely for about a week have increased our trading to 740 USD, but when he check last Saturday, Feb. 05,2022 our balance become negative 1.95 since he didn’t trade Saturday and Sunday and the closing date is Feb. 05, 2022 as he check. What were thinking is somebody is manipulating our account. My question is how are we going to return our initial investment. Please give some advise.

    1. they will not care anymore, they have no conscience,they live in a life of fooling people

  2. this Ocean Markets is really a scam, they will get your money and they will offer you again a good profit and if you have no money to send anymore, they will not call you anymore and will not reply to your email, that names of James Ramos, Emma Suarez and their supervisor name Maxene Mercado, i dont know if that is their real name… they will let your money trade out.. anyway, i have already filed a case to NBI..

    1. Got scammed too, I believe that Maxene Mercado is not her real name and the photo she was using on her skype wasn’t her as well, imagine a very beautiful woman who sounds like Laila De Lima? they already blocked my account worth 1000$ and my credit card (BPI) dispute team didn’t do anything the fact they knew I was scammed. Please also help me where to report this Ocean Markets so that their operation would stop immediately and save newbie traders.

      1. I have a kind of problem my account it turns out to negative zero balance.

    2. OMG, my financial expert is James Ramos too.

      1. Does anyone knows here Terrence Arevalo?

        1. Hi Tonix,

          Currently, he was recently discussed ocean markets to me. He directed me to the website and was asking to start immediately due to limited offer with 50% additional starting money upon deposit of $500 or 26,230php.
          Luckily I don’t have yet the exact amount. And I was transferred to Ms. Lea and after talking for some time, she was asking for my documents and she wanted to give me a slot (reservation).
          I told them that I will only send the documents once I already decided .

          What happened with you and Mr. Terrence?

          1. thanks to all people shared their experience about ocean market…ill just to start and preparing my $500 inistial fund..bec.of you not continuing to invest…

        2. Terrence Arevalo called me last week and also this late afternoon,he asked me to log in to ocean market using my email and he will provide a password but I didn’t agree that’s why I made a research and now with these negative comments and reviews I can conclude that this company is not legit.

      2. Hi Kram,

        do you still in contact with James Ramos?

    3. I am currently trading with them and already paid the US500 until i came across with this comment. I am dealing with Maxibe Mercado. Now i am afraid that i will not be able to withdraw my profit.

      1. Hi Ian, do you still in contact with Ms Maxine?

        1. Yes but unfortunately she is not very optimistic to help bec i have a little investment. She said she is handling VIP accounts

        2. Yes but i think she is no longer interested
          because she is asking me a huge amount
          and told me that she will trade for me. I did not agree i told her i will just trade whatever in my account. I wrote a complain in their site to surprise that Maxine is the one reading it.

        3. Yes still but i think he is not interested with me

    4. I also invested in Ocean Markets. My mentor is Dave Duque but it’s just like an alias. Seemed his real name is James Ramos.
      Right now he is not answering emails or calling.
      I requested a 1000 usd transfer fund to my account out of my 4109 usd balance for trading. I noticed that there is a reduction of 58 usd in my balance.
      I emailed Ocean markets support to follow up on my transfer of funds request this morning but I have not received a reply yet.
      Nag invest rin ako sa Ocean Markets. My mentor is Dave Duque pero parang alias lng yon. Seemed ang tunay n pangalan ay James Ramos.
      Sa ngayon d na sya dumasagot sa email o tumatawag.
      Nagrequest ako ng 1000 usd transfer fund to my account out of the 4109 usd balance ko sa pag trade. Napansin ko n may bawas ng 58 usd ang aking balance.
      Nag email ako sa Ocean markets support para follow up sa aking transfer of funds request ngayong umaga pero wala p akong natatangap na reply.

  3. This is Micky also been recruited to join, I have made my 500 USD grow to 600 USD and I was thinking if they really will release me money when Ill be withdrawing….That lady Mrs Rachel Gomez wont show her face in our sessions, just telling that their video is not working….Im thankful of this review.

    1. I have also a problem with Rachel Gomez and my account is Zero balance. I invest $800 and she blocked me. My trade account cannot open. How to report them.

      Joprince Bugarin

      1. How can we talk???We have to report them. I am also scammed.

  4. They are REALLY SCAMMER. JAMES RAMOS AND DAVID GARCIA ARE MY FINANCIAL EXPERTS. They will let you deposit but will give a hard time to withdraw.Here how the scam work, they will let you deposit on your account and trade using their xcritical where they aso have access. They will offer you auctions and give bonus once you buy lot size or deposit on your accnt. They will let you deposit example 500k the you will give a bonus where you are not sure if the USD is real. I started wirh them last dec 28 2021 and deposited 500k to their crypto safe investment and 25k for their trader account where later on I was offered auction that’s why my accnt almost reached 200k usd almost 10M in peso. I was able to withdraw 3k 5k and 15k. The reason I was able to withdraw becuase I promised them that I will deposit again 650k pesos fro my safe investment and 1M pesos for my trading acxount. When James Ramos knew that I will not deposit again, he opened trades to my accounts with big lot size so that it will be traded out. Luckily, I was able to open hedge and closed those trades. I was really depressed and sent al the converstion here with them but luckily I was able to think and fool them to deposit again thus I was able to withdraw 15k.Prior to that David said I have to give him 5k USD so he would approve my wirhdrawal. Imagine it’s your money and they are wanting to get commissions for something that they didn’t have my participation. Their xcritical trading platform looks dummy account whewr they are fooling people and transfering co funding that you have to work out in order for you to withdraw but it’s really unbelievable to work out. Aside from this, they will also ask you to deposit and they will have 200% profit out of your deposit. But soon, they will not let you withdraw. You can deposit but canot withdaw without their approval. No matter how good trader you are as long as you request for withdrawal they will find some tactics in order for you to have problems in wirhdrawal so it will not push through. I am very grateful that I was able to getbmy money back out of there greediness. Btw the phine that their using I thing is just here in PH and not in Singapore. They will show you the documents to look legit but they ae not even registered and no cridential in UK OR SINGAPORE. THAT JAMES RAMOS AD DAVID GARCIA ATE CALLING WITHOUT THEIR CAMERA ON MG USING PICS THAT THEIR NOT THEIR OWN IDENTITY. I WAS ABLE TO SAVE 1 TRADER WHO IS ABOUT TO DEPOSIT AGAIN BUT SHE AREADY LOST 200K AND ABOUT TO DEPOSIT AGAIN. I ALREADY FILED TO NBI BECUASE THEY ARE REALLY DEMONS. THEY DONT CARE ABOUT PEOPLE AND PLAYING WITH YOU, LIVING IN FOOLING PEOPLE. LET US JOIN TOGETHER SO THIS OCEAN MARKET CAN’T FOOL AND SCAM NEWBIES ANYMORE. THEY WILL ALSO MAKE A DEFENSE THAT IT’S THEIR RIVAL THA PAYING TO RUIN THEIR CREDIBILITY. I AM JUST A BUSINESSMAN WHO SEES OPPORTUNITIES IN TRADING BUT UNFORTUNATELY I GOT TO THE WRONG COMPANY. PRIOR JOINING OCEAN MARKET I DIDN’T SEE ANY REVIEWS THAT’S WHY I INVESTED, NOW THAT THEY HAVE REVIEWS, THIS CAN SAVE LOTS OF BUSINESSMAN AND NEW TRADERS. I AM JUST SO HAPPY THAT I WAS ABLE TO GET MY MONEY BACK FOR FOOLING DAVID. NOW THE FEELING IS MUTUAL OCEAN MARKET. PLEASE ALSO MAKE A NOISE IN SOCIAL MEDIA LIKE FACEBOOK AND TIKTOK SO THAT WE WILL SAVE PEOPLE. THIS IS HELL EXPERIENCE WITH OCEAN MARKET… I ALREADY REPORTED TO NBI.. It is just to sad that i cant leave a contact number to validate ecerything i commented here. But please mae anreview on FACEBOOK INSTAGRAM TIKTOK AND ALL SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORM. THEY ARE GREAT IN FOOLING PEOPLE.

    1. Thank you Sir. i also hope that these evil people be refrained on their wrong doings.

    2. I invested in their platform. I was talking with Maxine Mercado (i don’t know if this her real name. She said she is the boss) and offered me another platform which is Cryptocurrency which they need a huge amount. She said instead of me checking everyday my account, she will be the one to manage it. The reason i joined Ocean Market is to learn how to trade by myself. I was shocked when i read this negative articles. But i do hope they will be able to help us even just to return the investments we invested in their company.

    3. How’s the progress report of your NBI report about Oceanmarkets? I’ll like to file a case against Oceanmarkets also. Did anyone make a report at NBI?

  5. This is me again the same person. I just want to say that James Ramos completely took over my concern and escalated what happened. David Garcia who seems to be working at Ocean market was the one offered me that I can withdraw whatever profit we have under alibaba even I have lots of company funds to work out. I can say that James Ramos is complete ok because prior the withdrawal, David Garcia asked me 5k usd out of my 15k withdrawal, I know for some this is a small amount of money specially for traders but all money I invested here is a hard earned money. I gave them benefir of the doubt that Ocean market is legit but the people inside are doing something illegal. My account is completely fine now. Thanks to james ramos who’s always taking good care of me and I am so ashamed to put his name here but definitely he is a man with dignity and a man who really loves his work. Ocean market is really lucky to have this king of employee. He is really dedicated. When I had a chance to talk to him, I sent him all the conversation why I blocked them on skype because I got so nervous of them. I also talked to some people on facebook who were bad mouting to Ocean market. I can’t blame them because of the employees they work with. Now that this case is under investigation, I am waiting for someone from the head office to call me to verify everything even their license and regulations. I will be proactive telling everything because we all deserve peace and harmony. To Ocean market, like what I have said, I contacted support because you might be a legit company but your people are the once ruying your reputation. All I can say is, good thing James Ramos is there and I know how he completely took good care of my account ever since. I am always asking him if there’s any way for me to tell the company how good he is, and he’s just saying it’s his job. He is just happy to do his job. As a client of Ocean market, I know that I am a newbie and I have a small account, after all what happened, he deserves any type of application or even promotion. I completely apologize for my first review I just got so nervous of the people I talked with because if he is able to get 5k out of my withdrawal, next time it will be higher and will ask me all over again and again. To my fellow traders here at Ocean market, everything is ok. They actually transferred me the profit of 10k usd under our corporate trading. I will work hard to work out with my company funds so that I will be able to liquidate the money I have and the ones I have worked out with. To Ocean market, please let James Ramos to be my coach again and never change him. I am completely confident that we will be able to make my account big and with him, I will be a successful trader. Thanks everyone!!!!!

    1. So you’re able to withdraw your profits now?

    2. Roie Cel Mediavillo

      Are you still in contact with Sir James? he is my mentor before too.

      1. stop! they are scammers

      2. not anymore, they are scammers, they just tried to clean their shits

  6. I am a newbie regarding trading with forex, I have been studying it for a few weeks now. I was hooked to through their free ebook which is advertized in FB.
    Earlier this afternoon they contacted me someone named Michael Alvarez who says he is my account manager who seem very convincing, asked me to deposit USD500 so coaching with, allegedly another trading expert will begin then. I’m still thankful I did not have that USD500 to deposit. They are still expecting I would be depositing. I wonder if I could be of use to catch these perpetrators? Please message me if you know something we could do…report to authority perhaps?

  7. Hi Everyone,
    Thanks for your review guys.
    These are the numbers that bombarded me with calls:


    I can’t remember what site did I give my details to and got so scared with these non-stop calls. Since I didnt answered these calls, the next day I received a text like these:

    Sender: TopInfo

    Hello, There!

    I’ve made several unsuccessful attempts to contact you as there was no answer. Please let me know when it will be best time to reach you. You can reach me through [email protected]

    Best regards,

    Hope many people will saw these reviews too.

  8. Anyone knows Kathie Elliot? I think I got scammed also. Its been more than a month waiting for my withdrawal. But I passed my withdrawal forms already. Is there a way to withdraw all my balance? My available balance is 2,807.47$

    1. Shes my mentor.. we have conversation last week.. she is sick daw po..

      1. Be careful she’s not responding on my Skype. My new mentor told me that Kathie Elliot did an emergency resignation. How come Kathie Elliot is your mentor? Just be careful

    2. She is my mentor before, and my accounts got burned, she left without endorsing my account to another coach. whatever the personal reason she has, that is still very unprofessional. thats because I am not VIP ???. sad…


  9. Quezon City victim here

    SCAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They will not train you. They will drain your account until they trade you off. Goodbye 500USD investment. Kala yata pinupulot lang pera. Minamanipulate nila yung platform nila kahit good trending yung stock uubusin yung deposit mo. hindi nyo na sila ma cocontact sa cellphone number nila. I even ask my cousin living in London to call their London office daw pero walang sumasagot.

  10. Below is the one keep calling me to invest, Sabi ko nag iipon pa ako..iba in number.nya

    Charlee Revilla | OceanMarkets
    Senior Financial Officer | Financial Services Department
    Phone: +44 (12) 24085377
    Email: [email protected]

  11. Do you also know of Jenny Henson of Bitcoin/Gcash Trading Platform? Beware of these numbers:
    09159959501 angel d.
    09998433675 edgardo a.
    09564976322 habel
    09770050275 mia cyril b.
    09676219647 michel e.
    09554495759 realm jade l.
    09777328743 rodolfo d.
    0906364836 vince l.

    they all received money via gcash purportedly as payment for bitcoin trading withdrawal fee, network fee, tax fee, swapping fee, etc but they could not be contacted by phone, no answer accordingly, and only jenny henson kept messaging via telegram, can be contacted but answered after a too long wait only to ask more fees. Beware of them….my friend lost almost 50k…

  12. Does anyone here encountered Kenzo Perez already? I have read everyone’s testimonials here and this is what my mom totally experienced. We are hoping we will be able to withdraw our investment.

    1. Roie Cel Mediavillo

      Hi He is my new mentor now. Are you able to withdraw your investment?

    2. Were you able to withdraw your profit w/ Kenzo Perez?

    3. Hello sir.. Mentor ko po si Kenzo Perez as of now..beginner palang ako. So far wala naman hinihinging additional deposit maliban sa 450 na deposit ko to activate my account daw.

      1. sa una makaka widraw ka, pero sure maliit yan mas malaki sa dep mo.,plus may mga pa auction sila jn kuno, inuuto para maka deposit.

  13. Big scammer!! ! So good in convincing. Beware…

  14. My new mentor is Katrina Lopez anyone knows her?

    1. Yes.. shes my new mentor too.. replacement of katie elliot.. katrina lopez is based in singapore.. nwala siya ng 2 weeks kc ngkasakit daw.. now lng siya bumalik 9.5.2022.. hope maging okay siya

      1. Can you still contact miss katrina lopez?

  15. anyone knows Jesse Choi? he’s been talking with me for 2 weeks now.

    he just showed me yesterday their website with my account setup already and convinced me to start 500usd or better yet, bigger amount to make me a VIP with all the perks and 24/7 assistance from coaches. good thing i come across this page while he is talking with me 😀 i just told him i don’t have the amount yet but will try to come up with it so i can start. he even told me i only have until friday for the slot 😀 goodbye Jesse

  16. Does anyone know Dave Duque? i just invested in ocean markets. He is my ttainor. I forgot to look for reviews of if it is legal or not. Now i don’t know if I can withdraw my investment or not.

    1. Hindi na siya nagpaparamdam ngayon!
      He doesn’t feel now!

  17. I invest too and they offer me VIP account what should I do

  18. Who knows Karen Sanches?? sya coach ko

    1. didn’t even feel it anymore. tried to eke out additional investment plan but I don’t want it anymore
      di na rin nag paramdam. tried to eke out additional investment plan but ayaw ko na

  19. Sir how can i contact Mr James Ramos?

  20. For beginners, do not sign an agreement that they can trade using your account. Do not agree to their supposed cofunding because you are required to finish the lot size in order to withdraw. Anyone know KIM FLORES? He is not transparent to talk to!
    Sa mga baguhan, wag kayong pumirma ng agreement na pwede silang magtrade gamit ang account niyo. Wag na rin kayong pumayag sa cofunding kuno nila dahil require kayo na tapusin ang lot size para makapagwithdraw. Anyone knows KIM FLORES? Hindi siya transparent kausap!

  21. Buti nalang talaga GOD help me to know the truth…. Dahil kung Hindi I am one of the people get scammed by this heartless people.,… Magbabayad din silang LAHAT sa PANGINOON sa mga ginagawa nila….

  22. I am almost at the point of investing, thanks to your testimonies.

  23. Does anyone know who is Jessica Summers? Damn, she bombarded me with calls. Think about having that surname but accent/ pronunciation didn’t sound foreign lol. I suspected it and search for ocean markets reviews, grateful I’ve come across this post and thread. They should be raided. All of them are shiittts. Beware of scam guys.

  24. Thanks for this… They started calling me yesterday and try to convince me to invest at least 250$, that Mr. Mark and Ethan Hernandez are very convincing.

  25. Thanks for this post & thread… Mr. Nicholas Gutrierez, an SG-based, started calling me on Tuesday up to yesterday for a minimum investment @ 500$.

    1. Same here, I’ve been receiving calls from Nicholas for a couple of weeks now, offering this OM investment with USD500. Wondering he’s using different phone numbers everytime he makes a call. Good for me I see this trailing comments from people invested got hard times of withdrawing the money. It’s an alarming call to everyone to just be careful before make an investment to any brokers without valid documentation or proof of legalities.

  26. Thanks for the all the comment here i almost deposit too 500 usd, but im lucky because i just remember about the youtube review how to check their legal documents from cysec and they don’t have even one, i just told to the lady endorses but she still insist that OM is good and profitable. OM is a big Scam. Be careful of scammer guys before you deposit of your investment just do background check first don’t even listen to their sweet promise.
    Be careful w/ this name below they are in Singapore based as they said.
    Ms. Bernadette Santiago
    Ms. Fatima Andres

  27. Name Samantha Diaz also called me this afternoon and offering to have a 1 on 1 Mentoring in trading , But she ask me to deposit 500$ before we start , That is why i Search more info about their company , and this reviews save me. Thanks God They invite you for Zoom Meeting and google Meet but no open video that is why I am Doubt about it:)

  28. Ace Fernandez calling me also last night.He want me to deposit of 500$ inorder to start trading.He said they calling from Singapore but when i check his area code ita come from Uk.Im so preparing money this time but i doubt it because of this review i change my mind about it.

  29. ace Fernandez siya yung ng scam sa akin ng 458USD last september, of now did not answer my email.

  30. I want to save you all. Please stop dealing with anyone of them, James Ramos, David, Anna Dizon, Maxene, they are scammers. They will call you and will just ask for deposits and will give you platform which not even verified if live or dummy. These people will call you not having thier camera on. Shame on this people. I am so thankful that internet saved me. Their office is just in Makati and they are under investigation. Please don’t deposit and do not deal with them, you are all in danger

    1. they will never call you with their cam on hahahaha, ask for their ID believe me, they can’t show any

    2. Hi rank. Do you know the address office of this ocean market in makati? Any update of the investigation and what unit of nbi or pnp doing such investigation. I’m about to file complaint also.

  31. Hi! Does anybody heard of Bella Montejo? She said Oceans Market is based in Singapore and mentors are from Europe. They sent me an e-book via email and now they are asking for 2 valid IDs. How can I block them? Thank you everyone for sharing your experiences here.

  32. hi guys!
    Thanks to all the reviews!
    I was about to invest with them. but after reading these…..
    Guys you saved me!

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