Beware! is an offshore broker! Your investment may be at risk.


Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Open trading accounts with at least two brokers. is o another broker that clearly does not try to hide its true face. There is zero effort put into making the website, not to mention that no finger has been lifted to authenticate the broker’s shady and scammer services. This broker immediately fell into our unregulated pile, and it will remain there until it is shut down by the relevant authorities. The following review can be considered as a warning, and also as a guide to what many scammer brokers do. Read it carefully, and next time you will know what to look out for!

We registered in less than ten seconds, revealing just how little the broker cares for who enters its domain. This approach is favored by scammer entities since they reason that the more users enter the bigger the chance of investments there will be!

Entering the user area, we were immediately surrounded by reminders that we were dealing with a scammer broker. From the design of the menus to certain templates, everything was reminiscent of previous unregulated brokers.

From the familiar web trader, we read a EUR/USD spread of 0.6 pips, while the leverage given to us is capped at 1:200. The available trading assets are forex currency pairs, shares, indexes, cryptocurrencies, and commodities.

The website of the firm is available in English.


The first thing that we have to work with here is an address in the UK. This is a classic misleading tactic used by unregulated brokers to try and trick its users. There is no real proof that is registered in the UK, not to mention a UK-based license.

In fact, there are no real regulatory details to work with. There are only ambiguous details claiming the broker to be regulated in unmentioned jurisdictions while being unavailable to clients of other jurisdictions. Such uncertainties are typical of unlicensed brokers.

Moreover, we traced down an official FCA warning that concerns The warning not only blacklists the company, but it also proclaims that is a clone firm of 

Last but not least, comes with a very messy website and interface, toped with a ton of unreliable info, and a glitchy design.

This broker is completely unregulated and a risk to all traders. It is also a scam, and a clone firm, making it a waste of net space. Leave this site alone, for it will be gone sooner rather than later.

We challenge anyone to give us a reason to invest in an unregulated broker! Joke aside, there isn’t a bigger online investment risk than this. That is why it is crucial to always check the broker for a license, Make sure that the company appears in the regulator’s database, and if so, proceed. If not, make sure no move to the next broker.
Any UKEUUS, or Aussie regulated broker will do, and there are also a heap of offshore regulators as well as international ones that do a great job. The choices are limitless, and there is no reason to lose hope if you happen on an unlucky streak of unlicensed brokers. Regulated brokers keep their promises of safety and fairness without compromising on the excitement of trading. Furthermore, the FCA and CySEC are famous for including compensation schemes with all their regulated brokers, plans that aid users at times when their brokers cannot pay its users back.  The FCA guarantees up to £85 000, while CySEC guarantees up to €20 000 per person.


Does this web trader seem familiar? Because it does to us. We have reviewed dozens, perhaps hundreds, of unlicensed brokers that have used the exact same trading terminal. It’s the classic story of a web trader used only as bait.

Scammer brokers tend to use these trading softwares only because they seem visually pleasing, and for many novice traders the look of the web trader is where they buy into the whole scam!


According to the user area, clients can invest by means of credit cards and debit cards. The minimum deposit was €1, ar so we think. Once we completed the depositing procedure, the broker told us that it will contact us soon. It never did, but we wonder what happens when it does? Anyway, the broker is unregulated, and not trustworthy.

From the withdrawal section of the user area, we learn that clients can take out money by means of credit cards and a wire transfer. There is a €20 fee if users use a credit card to withdraw, and a €20 + 1% if withdrawing via a wire trasnfer.

Is there really a reason to invest in Absolutely not! This broker is a fake and a scam! Stay away!


Investments schemes rely heavily on online ads to help them progress and perpetuate their scams. Online ads allow for the creation of an illusory lifestyle that seems a few clicks away, whereas is reality such forged dreams are granted to a lucky few out there.

Entering the scammer brokerage website is like entering a candy store, where the candy actually tastes bad, and it leaves you with bad gums. These scammers will take all your money- as much as you give them. This happens by them contacting the user and soliciting him or her for deposits. The charming overtones are a must and the lies are endlessly delicious. They won’t let you put the phone down until an investment has been made, and they will go through their entire arsenal of lies and deceits to do so!

Investing for the first time is a thrill, and the broker will make sure that the feeling lasts so long as the user invests at least once more. The job of the retainers- those expert scammers- is to keep the client invested in the scam, financially, as long as possible. Again, the bag of tricks is full! They might even pay you back some just to create a false impression of a professional liaison. Scammers never lose sight of their goal- draining as much cash as possible from its invested users!

The point will come when the user will want to spend all that suspiciously easy-acquired money. Of course all withdrawal attempts will be futile, but there is nonetheless an ironic appeal to the ways in which scammer brokers lie their way through every canceled withdrawal request. Some brokers even might shut the entire website down, if they have felt that their financial goals are reached.


Chargebacks are technically the most secure way of retrieving your funds, although many scammer brokers take precautionary actions to prevent these. However, it does not hurt to try! MasterCard and VISA have a chargeback period of 540 days.

Bank transfer frauds are harder to get around, and the only advice we can give you is to contact your bank and talk to them. Oh, and don’t forget to change your bank account user name and password.

All investments made by a crypto wallet can only be recovered if the fraudsters feel generous, which has not been observed.

There are also these ambiguous figures that will promise to track and bring your money back using some undisclosed tricks and techniques. Many desperate users trust these recovery agents enough to pay them an advance fee. Then these agents dissaper with your money, leaving you even more financially hurt.

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  1. That’s exactly what happened to me and my friend, everything in this article step by step!!!
    Watch out guys!!! This must stop! They are monsters!!!

    1. Hey, I’m going to comment and I don’t believe it. Are you really looking? He has been cooperating with them for a month, I have paid 1,000 euros, I haven’t paid any cash yet, my expert is Konrad Fiałkowski, he pretends to be very polite, I see that he knows the market very well.
      Hej, patrzę na komentarze i aż nie wierzę. Naprawdę Was oszukali? Współpracuje z nimi od miesiąca, mam na koncie 1000 euro, jeszcze nie wypłacałam gotówki, moim expertem jest Konrad Fiałkowski, wydaje się być bardzo uczciwy, widać, ze bardzo dobrze zna rynek.

      1. witaj sprawdz ich i zapytaj o wyplate , mi kazali zalozyc skrytke bankowa ktora kosztuje 600E oczywiscie nic nie zakladalem to jebana ruska mafia oszusci i zlodzieje wszyscy tam rozmawiaja po polsku ale z ruskim akcentem , non stop pytaja jak sprawy u ciebie jak rodzina i takie tam i dzwonia codziennie kiedy doplacisz wiecej pieniedzy zeby wiecej zarabiac…wszystko klam i oszustwo …

      2. Hey, how are things going with an expert, did anyone get their money back?
        Hej, jak toczą się sprawy z expertem,czy komuś udało się odzyskać pieniądze?

      3. he is a thief and a fraud, collect money and run
        to zlodziej i oszust zabieraj kase i uciekaj

  2. Webtrader expert solution limited Ruthless fraudsters swindled 11,000 euros from me for two months what should I do the case went to the police where I can still go to get these scammers Emil Pancewicz and Miłosz Wiśniewski this is how the brokers introduced themselves
    Webtrader expert solution limited Oszuści bezwzględni przez dwa miesiące wyłudzili odemnie 11000 euro co mam zrobić sprawa poszła na policję gdzie mogę jeszcze się udać żeby dojechać tych oszustów Emil Pancewicz i Miłosz Wiśniewski tak przedstawili się brokerzy

    1. Have you had any contact with Monika or Albert? We’re in the same crap and need to be found, and I also reported the matter in England.
      Czy miała Pani kontakt z Moniką lub Albertem? Jesteśmy w tym samym syfie i trzeba ich znaleźć.Ja także zgłosiłem sprawę w Anglii.

      1. I did not pay much, generally 600 €, I hope that the food will come back cheated by some. And so my grandmother persuaded me to try to take a loan for 15,000 €, something was wrong and I did not take any loan.
        Ja nie wplacilam duzo ogulnie 600€ mam nadzieję że karma do nuch wróci oszusci jedni. A tak mnie babka namawiala zebym spróbowała kredyt wziac na 15000€ cos mi nie grało i nie brałam zadnego kredytu.

    2. I was looking for 6000 thousand, I opened the mailbox from which they were to send money, then they said that I should cancel the account. And now I do not agree.
      Mnie o szukali na 6000 tys otworzylem skrzynke z ktorej mieli przeslac pieniadze potem powiedzieli ze mam anulowac konto I teraz sie I. Nie zgadza w reportage I powinienem pr,earache 3000 zeby to wyrownac

  3. I would like to add that they are extorting personal data, e.g. they want a selfie when you hold the ID in your hands, it can be used to take a loan !!
    To withdraw money, they want to enter a credit card number, there should be a field for entering the bank account number and sort code only.

  4. I also track them all the injured, please contact me !!
    Ja też ich namierzam wszystkich poszkodowanych proszę o kontakt!!

    1. I am injured And I do not know how to recover the money And what steps should I do, what I did not do, I did not allow my account to be cleaned from my account on the stock exchange, it still exists there, please contact
      Ja jestem poszkodowana I nie wiem jak odzyskac pieniadze I jakie kroki powinnam zrobic,czego nie zrobilam to nie pozwolilam oczyscic I’m konta z mojego konta na gieldzie ,dalej tam istnieja,prosze o kontakt

    2. witam mnie zrobili na 840E

    3. hej,,,zrobili mnie na 840E

    4. Unfortunately, I deal with them, I cannot pay the money, I have 6000,000 there, I do not know what to do
      Niestety mam z nimi do czynienia nie moge wyplacic pieniedzy mam tam 6000tys nie wiem co robic

    5. Did you manage to get something done?
      Czy udało ci sie coś załatwić?

    6. Hi,

      Im one of many that have been involved with them.
      My very promising broker was named Emma Wang and guy how has deal with my withdraw payment was Ryszard Urban. He did asked me to pay deposit to open cell where my money will be transferred. Then algorithm has been broken for some strange reason and they asked for more money in order to get my money. Vicious circle and once I paid they stopped reply to my emails.
      I’ve lost all my life savings and I do need to help and sort of guidance how to get my money back !!!

    7. what have you tracked
      co namierzyłeś

    8. maybe someone has the address of their company where it is located, maybe someone will manage to get some data
      moze ktos ma adres ich spolki gdzie sie zanjduje moze komus sie udako zdobuc jakies dane

  5. Hello everyone.
    I have a problem with wanting to pay a penny, I got a call from a certain Ryszard Urban and they said I could pay a penny, but I would have to pay 17% of the money for money and money for 2 days. I return 17% of the work to the account and pay all the funds. I ask for advice and think about it, I will add that for a month I was paid € 60 for the needs of verification that everything is already legal and now there is no one who has not informed me about it until I pay it 17% more if necessary.
    Witam wszystkich.
    Mam ten sam problem chce przelać pieniądze dzwonil do mnie niejaki Ryszard Urban i mówił że mogę wypłacić pieniądze ale będzie do tego potrzebna opłata w wysokości 17% od zarobionych na syronie pieniedzy by otworzyc skrytke aby zweryfikowac po przez bank że pieniądze zarobiłem legalnie i do 2 dni roboczych te 17% zwracam na konto i wyplaca wszystkie środki. Proszę o radę i co o tym myślicie, dodam że miesiąc temu wypłacili mi 60€ na potrzeby sprawdzenia że wszystko jest legalne a teraz takie coś gdzie nikt nie informował mnie o tym że do wypłaty będą potrzebne jeszcze 17% wpłaty by wypłacić środki z gieldy.

  6. to zlodzieje i ruska swolocz oszusci nic im nie wplacaj mnie zrobili na 840E jak wygarnalem cala prawde usuneli mi konto

  7. hej mnie wodzili za nos miesiac to oszusci i zlodzieje , chcialem odzyskac wplacone pieniadze to zamkneli mi konto zrobili mnie na 840E

  8. Anna .. I was deceived too … how can you withdraw money … did someone succeed?
    Anna .. ja też zostałam oszukana …jak można wypłacić pieniądze …czy komuś się udało ?

  9. Well, it looks like they did 6,000,000 something to me, someone knows how to get it back
    No to wyglada na to ze mnie zrobili na 6000tys cos ktos wie jak to odzyskac

    1. Unfortunately, they will not give you this money back.
      I paid 100 euro with the revolut card and a week later I reported to revolut that I was cheated by ..pishing.
      I described the situation and they started the recovery process by the company that operated the “payment gateway”
      After 5 weeks, I received a message that I had managed to recover the entire 100 euro.
      A request to deposit some money (resulting from commission) is the last step on the cash register. ie, they already know that the client noticed that something is wrong and now they are trying to get some more money in the last “jump”.
      The next issue is personal data. Whoever sent them a selfi with an ID document may have potential problems in the future.
      Niestety , oni Ci tych pieniędzy nie oddadzą.
      Ja wpłaciłem 100 euro za pomocą karty revolut i już tydzień pużniej zgłosiłem do revoluta że zostałem oszukany metodą ..pishing.
      Opisałem sytuację i rozpoczeli procedurę odzyskiwania pieniędzy porzez firmę,która obsługiwała ” bramkę płatniczą”
      Po 5 tyg. dostałem wiadomość że udało się odzyskać całe 100 euro.
      Żądanie wpłacenia jakichś tam pieniędzy ( wynikających z prowizji) ,to ostatni skok na kasę. tzn , oni wiedzą już że klient się zorientował że coś jest nie tak i teraz próbują w ostatnim “skoku” wyrwać jeszcze jakieś pieniądze.
      Następna sprawa to dane personalne. Ten kto wysłał im selfi z dokumentem tożsamości może mieć potencjalne kłopoty w pszyszłości.

  10. Hello, I am reporting the matter to the bank and the police. Has anyone already done this and what measures have been taken
    Witam, ja zgłaszam sprawę do banku i na policję. Czy ktoś już to zrobił i jakie środki zostały podjete

  11. Hello all. This joyful company rolled me over to 6,000 euros, I still have an account and I’m just converting the number to a goal, I realize that the case is lost but I am not going to lay down my arms. money is gone but the company can be destroyed. use for credibility from reputable companies with impeccable opinion, such as Fejsbuk-advertisement, OKEX-transfers,
    HSBC-4 the largest bank in the world. We write complaints to these companies and notify them that their good reputation is being jeopardized by the Russian mafia. I have some other ideas but I will write these after they close my account. I greet everyone. For now anonymously
    Witam wszystkich. mnie ta radosna firma wyrolowała na 6 tysięcy euro nadal mam konto i właśnie przerabiam numer na bramkę, zdaję sobie sprawę że sprawa jest przegrana ale nie zamierzam składać broni. pieniądze przepadły ale firmę da się zniszczyć. korzystają dla uwiarygodnienia z renomowanych firm o nienagannej opini takich jak Fejsbuk-reklama, OKEX-przelewy,
    HSBC-4największy bank na świecie. Do tych firm piszmy skargi i powiadomieni że ich dobrą reputację narażana jest na szwank przez ruską mafie. Mam parę innych pomysłów ale te napiszę jak już zamkną mi konto. pozdrawiam wszystkich. Narazie anonimowo


    Na tej stronie pod zakładką przestępstwa gospodarcze. Kumulujmy doniesienia w jednym miejscu ,to morze ktoś się tym zajmie.
    On this page, under the tab economic crimes. Let’s accumulate reports in one place, the sea will take care of it.

  13. Hi, I was just about to withdraw for the first time. Accountant Amelia Ostrowska has called me, was telling me what to do and suddenly advised me there has been an error. Now is asking me to pay €2300 just so the Balance can match to what she has on a report.
    Agents name was Marek Wojtyla.

    Any chance of getting at least my deposit back?

  14. Ryszard Urban did the same to me
    Mnie tak samo zrobił Ryszard Urban

    1. Byłeś wstanie odzyskać depozyt?

  15. Today, when I wanted to make a payment, there was a big fight with an expert. That I am here to earn, not withdraw funds. He hangs up during a conversation, they challenge him. A bunch of crooks
    Dzisiaj jak chciałam zrobić wypłatę to wyszła wielka awantura z expertem. Ze jestem tu żeby zarabiać a nie wypłacać środki. Rozłącza się w trakcie rozmowy , wyzywają. Banda oszustów

  16. Hello, I was priced at £ 20k
    And as the others write, in order to pay, I have to open a mailbox after 3 days, still there is nothing on the account, some technical problems ordered to set up a crypto wallet and verification WAS NOT SUCCESSFUL, the next verification costs 2,500 €
    The first is EMIL PANCEWICZ
    is there any chance of recovery
    They were paid by REVOLUT
    Witam zostalem naciagniety na 20k £
    I tak jak pozostali pisza zeby wyplacic musze zalozyc skrzynke po 3 dniach nadal nic nie niema na koncie jakies problemy techniczne kazali zalozyc krypto portfel i weryfikacja NIE POWIODŁA SIE nastepna weryfikacja to koszt 2500€
    1szy to EMIL PANCEWICZ
    czy jest jaka kolwiek szansa na odzysk
    Placone bylo im przez REVOLUT

  17. ladies sebastians cheated me for 40,000 euro. borrowed. my name is iwona. please contact
    panie sebastianie mnie oszukali na 40000 euro.pozyczone. mam na imie iwona. prosze o kontakt

  18. Hello everyone. I am being deceived by them. I lost 3000 euros. I can’t even get to this page because the internet doesn’t handle it. Good luck getting your money back. Regards, Pelagia
    Witam was wszystkich. Tez jestem oszukana przez nich. Stracilam 3000euro. Nawet nie umie wez na ta strone bo internet nie pokozuje jej. Powodzenia w odzyzkaniu pieniedzy . Pozdrawiam Pelagia

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