Hui Deli Global Limited review – 5 things you should know about

Hui Deli Global Limited review – 5 things you should know about

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Beware! Hui Deli Global Limited is an offshore broker! Your investment may be at risk.


Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Open trading accounts with at least two brokers.


Hui Deli Global Limited presents itself as a broker with “good market reputation” who operates in Asia and Oceania. However, careful inspection shows that this is a very suspicious and unprofessional looking website that does not have the necessary credentials to provide brokerage services.

Hui Deli Global Limited shows many symptoms of a typical fraudulent scheme and should be avoided.


The default website is in Japanese, with versions in Korean, Russian and English. There is a disclaimer that Hui Deli Global Limited does not offer its services in China, North Korea and Cuba.

However, there is no address listed anywhere on the website. The only contact information provided is an email. Also missing is any legal documentation such as Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.

Only in the “About” menu of the Hui Deli Global Limited trading software can an address be seen – in London, United Kingdom:

In the general register of companies in the UK, there is indeed a company with that name – owned and managed by a Vietnamese. However, this company is not a broker.

In order to operate a brokerage business from within the UK, a company must be licensed by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). However, a check of the regulator’s register shows that Hui Deli Global Limited does not have such a licence:

On the website one can read claims that Hui Deli Global Limited ensures the safety of the clients funds through “Australian financial instrument market regulations”:

But for this to be true, Hui Deli Global Limited  must be licensed by the Australian Securities and Exchanges Commission  (ASIC). However, the company is not on the Australian regulator’s database.

Hui Deli Global Limited claims to work with the Australian Macquarie Bank and to ensure segregation of client funds into a separate account from company money. Another claim on the website is that Hui Deli Global Limited is  a member of an unspecified  investor compensation fund, thus clients are entitled to compensation in the event that the broker is unable or fails to meet its financial obligations.

However, Hui Deli Global Limited’s website and the records of the regulators provide no evidence that these claims are true.

If you have decided to start trading in the financial markets, you should avoid questionable sites like Hui Deli Global Limited. If you really want to benefit from such guarantees for your funds, you should turn to one of the brokers licensed and supervised by regulatory bodies such as Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC), Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) and Australian Securities and Exchanges Commission (ASIC).

In the EU and the UK, brokers are required to participate in guarantee schemes that cover a certain amount of the trader’s investment if the broker becomes insolvent. These guarantees amount to up to 20 000 EUR in the EU and 85 000 GBP in the UK. The likelihood of such a bankruptcy is low because regulators also have significant net capital requirements that companies must maintain – EUR 730 000 in UK and Cyprus, AUD 1000 000 in Australia and at least 20 million USD in the United States.

It should also be noted that when registering an account, Hui Deli Global Limited requires not only a copy of both sides of an ID, but even a copy of both sides of a bank card:

This is not a standard practice to say the least. This would give the people behind this dubious website access to even the security code of your bank card.


Despite its overall shadiness, Hui Deli Global Limited has actual trading software – MetaTrader 5 (MT5). Since Hui Deli Global Limited does not provide login credentials to a live trading server, we were able to test the functionality of the platform with a demo account only. Here’s what Hui Deli Global Limited’s MT5 looks like:

It is advisable to contact one of the many legitimate brokers that offer MT5 or the still very popular MT4. These platforms have established themselves as leaders because they offer a wide range of features, including a wide variety of options for customization, multiple account usage, designing and implementing custom scripts for automated trading and backtesting trade strategies.


Hui Deli Global Limited does not offer different account types, as is the standard practice among brokers. According to the information available on the website, the minimum deposit is 1,000 USD. In comparison, many licensed brokers offer starter accounts for novice traders with a minimum deposit of just 100 USD or even less.

The leverage levels specified are between 1:100 and 1:200. This is also evidence that Hui Deli Global Limited is not a broker licensed in Australia or the United Kingdom. High leverage creates the opportunity for more significant profit, but correspondingly increases the risk of sudden and excessive losses. All leading regulators therefore restrict leverage for retail traders. The FCA, like EU regulators, limits leverage to 1:30 for trading in major currency pairs and even lower levels for more volatile assets. The same rules currently apply to Australia.

Nowhere on the website is there information on other key trading metrics such as spreads and commissions. The MT5 platform shows a very low spread of 0.1 pip, but as noted, this only applies to a demo account.


There is no information on the Hui Deli Global Limited website about the payment methods available, nor about fees and conditions for depositing and withdrawing funds.

The deposit menu in the customer portal is not active if the customer’s identity is not verified – and as noted, the verification process requires excessive bank card information. Such a lack of clarity is also a signal that this is not a legitimate business, but some type of scam.


The online space is full of ads promising easy money. They sound too good to be true, because they are not – they are outright scams. Many of these fraudsters pose as brokers and take advantage of the general public’s ignorance of the capital markets.

If you give your contacts to one of these scammers, they will start convincing you that they will multiply your money, with nothing required of you but to sit back and take profits. If you agree to an initial investment of a few hundred dollars, they will start persuading you to invest more and more.

But you will never get the promised profits or the money you deposited. Scammers have many ways to ensure this. First of all, they are hidden behind offshore companies, not subject to controls and regulations. For the money transfers they use shady payment platforms, direct bank transfers or cryptocurrencies that make recovering money very difficult and often impossible. The terms and conditions are always riddled with traps that also block your ability to withdraw your money, such as prohibitively high minimum trading volume requirements or withdrawal fees amounting to tens of percentages of your funds.


Recovering money you have given to fraudsters is difficult and often impossible. Fraudsters always want you to provide them with documents such as a copy of your ID and proof of address so that they can claim that it is a legitimate transaction, agreed voluntarily between both parties. If the transaction is made by credit or debit card, you can request a cashback and hope for the best, but transactions via wire transfer or cryptocurrencies are not refundable.  It is important not to trust online offers from people who offer to recover your money in exchange for an upfront payment, because this is also a well-known scam.

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  1. HuiDeli Global limited

    I lost all my money including my profit i made, when i ask the coordinator that i need to withdraw money, he went in my account without my permission and transact a buy BTCUSD trade early morning LA time till lost every thing and the account shows negative, i do do have all proof, all communication was through WhatsApp
    very bad business they will steel your money

  2. HuiDeli Global limited

    The coordinator name under WhatsApp is MT4-118 MR Yang and WhatsApp contact no. 852 6039 1141
    off course number not register when you call regular line!! they located in HongKong and he has an associate female goes by Isabella and she is said she lives in China …i have her pictures
    both are involve in this scam… I have copies of all conversation, in the begging he hocked me with mt4 platform with company JCWHFX.Server1 and then he stated they upgrading the platform to mt5 using HuiDeli global limited.

    1. Please show her pictures

    2. Please post her pictures

  3. HuiDeli Global Limited
    Was contacted through Whats app By a Female that goes by Wang Yifei and started chatting on Whats App had me go to this Site In MT5 account to learn about the foreign exchange by using a Demo account. then she said I have a Broker by the Name of Mr Harley and wanted me to open a Real account. which I Did and started of with a 3,000 dollar wire transfer to the account. they would show profit in my account but I had no way of withdrawing
    then Mr Harley kept wanting me to invest more in the MT5 account which I did. because Wang Yifei which was a cute women from Hong Kong was patient and persisted that the more I invested the more I would make this was a scam from the start so beware Mr Harley # 852 9762 3646 and Wang Yifei 852 6593 5877 beware they are using WhatsApp I lost $25,000 in total so do not use HuiDeli Global limited it is a Scam.

    1. I have the same situation with the name of Jeffery Harley the supposed broker of the MT5 trader company and Wang Yi Fei the girl that work with Harley and send me her pictures and even the Hong Kong ID license,both of them stealing $6,000.00 in total

      1. Yes, I was scammed by the same person Jeffrey Halley or (Mr.Harley) also his partner in all these frauds Wang Jifey I have pictures of this lady.
        Hope someone can help us to put them on jail.

        1. I think , after to read all messages from every body, I realize they f#ck me too , I had many video call , one adress , in Thailand , and I will catch her , but I would like every body post the pics of their scammers,, why no one do ?? Or how can I catch the mail of someone to send me the pics of this woman ?? To see if she is your scammer too ? For me the money , I don’t care ,, my problem, I fall in love to her ,, and I need to have my answer face to face .

      2. Hi , I m French and I had a scam from a woman worked with huideli , I had this woman many time on video call , I even fall in love , she come from Thailand , I will go there to try to find her , I would like to u send me her pics , for to know if it s the same person


        1. Hello, is this person from Thailand was called Lynn or Evelynn ?? Is she said she had a restaurant called Seen bar ?

  4. Looks like they are still doing it and they need to br stopped. I don’t want them doing this to anyone else.
    They are both scammers and need to be stopped.

  5. Hi, it is still a current practice. I was contacted through whatsapp by a girl named Li PingPing (+852 5598 5438). She says she lives in Hong Kong, and she does invest in FOREX. She seems very friendly, she talks about her life and how she earns good money with FOREX, she does not hesitate even to mention large amounts (thousands of dollars) as profit of her investing. She can even send you some pictures and personal documents to gain your trusts, which is totally abnormal. Like all the comments here above, she invites you to install MT5 (MetaTrader5) app and open an account at Hui Deli Global Limited. She says she’s going to teach me how to invest. I haven’t lost any money in my case, but if you do some research on internet, you can easily find information that warns you that this is a total scam. You should be careful with this kind of people. Do not give money or your personal data. Stay away.

    1. Did you have pictures of this woman?

    2. Pascal,
      are you still in contact with her?

    3. Hello,
      I had to do with this monster, Li Ping Ping, I suspected that an angel does not fall from the sky, I played seduction for a week telling myself when she will try to trap me. She did it yesterday morning by offering me to start in Forex with a demo account. I refused, she flew into a rage and vaporized!
      I opened a report on signal arnaques.
      The worst thing about all of this is that she’s real, it’s really her photos, I saw her on cam.
      J’ai eu à faire à ce monstre, Li Ping Ping, je me suis douté qu’un ange ne tombe pas du ciel, j’ai joué la séduction durant une semaine en me disant quand va t’elle tenter de me piéger. Elle l’a fait hier matin en me proposant de démarrer dans le Forex avec un compte démo. J’ai refusé elle s’est mise dans une colère noire et s’est vaporisée !
      J’ai ouvert un signalement sur signal arnaques.
      Le pire dans tous ça c’est qu’elle est bien réelle, c’est vraiment ses photos, je l’ai vue en cam.

      1. stephane,
        did she use a broker named “Dave”?

        1. Yes she use Dave as a broker
          And she use another names like
          LI, Mengmeng

        2. Can you give me her phone number?

      2. if it’s her in the first video call but you’re not going to have other video calls because they’re going to send you to the monsters’ chat and there you’re going to see the real person you’re talking to Li, pinging is just the hook to grab alos men and then they send you to the chat of the monsters and they are not in honk kong they are in singapore

        1. wanderson duarte

          bonjour avez vous une photo?

      3. Hi there, I was a victim of these guys, can you share her photos please? Maybe she is the same lady

  6. It’s so frustrating when you have high hopes about your investment just to find out its all fake .

    1. Yes, that’s true but they gone with our money

  7. This a scam. I was contacted by a girl named Li Pingping (+852 5598 5438). She invited me to download MT5 (Metatrader app). Do not give any information to these people.

  8. Show her please

    1. Hello I was also contacted by the same person Li Pingping and the second person is called Sofia Goldman their contact number +447396493261
      Bonjour j’ai été aussi contacté par la même personne Li Pingping et la deuxième personne s’appelle Sofia Goldman leur numéro de contact +447396493261

  9. I was contacted too by Li Pingping

  10. I have been contacted by the same person, Li Ping ping, chatting with me since last year november…. initiatilly, she would try to be friendly… will seduce you with things like, going to shower, do you wanna join…. or You must be tired now,shall I give you massage…

    She will try to show how generous she is by telling you that I have donated 50000 USDs to orphanage this weekend. She would tell you that I earn atleast 100K USD every month, by running a company that sells sports equipments

    She wont hesitate showing her pictures roaming around grossary stores, night life….

    and ONE FINE DAY, she will introduce you to the MT5 trading platform for FX, where she will help you guiding opening a demo account….

    She keeps helping you earn money in your demo account also…. then will ask you to contact her broker DAVE… who will open an account and then FUN STARTS… you know what would it be at the end…

    Before investing my money, I was looking for the reviews, and then I ended up here on this page and it helped me.

    today she tried to video call me sensing that I am getting into their prey yet… I told them…that you guys are looting money,stop looting money of innocent people and fuck yourselves….

    I have not received a message since then.

    LI PING PING: +852 9544 8044
    DAVE: +852 6542 7886

    I wish there was a way to attach an innocent face of these looters.

  11. Yes we need to report this people to the FBI
    They making a lot of fraud to people all over the world

  12. I recog the very same method used with me. The approach is very soft and not really pushing to invest right away, but the broker is still under the name of Dave and he pushes to have just an ID and an email address. The HK lady talks a lot about her family and her forex experience.

  13. They all need to be stopped and they should all be arrested for fraud this is a major problem and all info should be handed over to the authorities.

  14. I have been contacted via Whatsapp by a (rich) lady living in HongKong – her assistant had given her the wrong number she said – After some time we friendly spoke on Whatsapp she shared that forex was a source of easy revenues for her, thanks to some analysts working with a relative of hers, previously in the banking business in China. She gave me the contact of a guy in HuiDeli apparently – expert of metatrader5: Dave (+852 5603 3231) who asked for an ID to start a real account. I did not start anything and was suspicious. I blocked those numbers on my Whatsapp. Shame on these people !

    1. wanderson duarte

      you have photo ?

  15. File FBI report and you can file a report to HK
    Police as well through their website
    Those people has to be behind Bars

  16. I was a victim of them Jeffrey Halley or also known as Mr.Harley, hi has a female partner committing fraud as well, her Name is Wang Jifey I do have pictures. I lost a huge amount of money hoping FBI can catch them soon. If someone knows where to report them, please let me know Thanks.

    1. If you are in the UK report it all to the FCA

  17. Look, she also stole a lot of money from me and what I’m going to do is create a Facebook page with an anonymous name and I’m going to publish this scammer and post all the photos I have of her and I’m going to put the name of the page here so that you also comment on your story and publish the photos you have of these people please share the page so that more people know about these scammers we have to stop these people and also unite and report them to the FBI

  18. Attention, now her name is Li WANLIN.
    Say from Hong Kong and who works in Shanghai in the sale of sporting goods…
    Same scenario: phishing by WhatsApp then proposal for Forex trading at Huu Deli Global Limited (broker) via the MetaTrade5 application
    Li WANLIN +852 5270 1312
    or +852 9614 7780
    Attention, maintenant elle s’appelle Li WANLIN.
    Sois disant de Hong-Kong et qui travaille à Shanghai dans la vente d’articles de sport…
    Même scénario : hameconnage par WhatsApp puis proposition de trading Forex chez Huu Deli Global Limited (broker) via l’application MetaTrade5
    Li WANLIN +852 5270 1312
    ou +852 9614 7780

  19. Personne - Nobody

    Je suis français, en lisant vos témoignages cela m’a fait froid dans le dos, j’ai vécu des histoires similaires avec une charmante jeune femme asiatique, et je me suis fais avoir avec un total de 20000€. Je lui faisais confiance et j’ai cru en chacune de ses paroles à cette peste, elle est douée pour ça.
    J’ai fini par détecter sa vraie nature et de ce qu’elle est capable de faire, quand il était trop tard malheureusement, mais ça aurait pu être pire, elle aurait pu me voler plus d’argent jusqu’à m’endetter le restant de mes jours, mais je ne lui en ai pas laissé l’occasion.
    Je suis sûr que la plupart d’entre nous ayons eu affaire à la même personne, je fais appel à vous pour porter plainte contre elle, je l’ai fais moi même, plus on sera nombreux à porter plainte contre ce monstre, plus elle sera recherchée, et plus il y aura de chance qu’elle finisse en prison, et on aura obtenu justice et vengeance, et plus jamais personne ne se fera avoir par elle.
    Peut être que d’autres ont eu affaire à d’autres femmes, si il faut je vous laisse mon numéro 06 52 53 86 94, je suis sur WhatsApp, je vous montrerai les photos de qui j’ai eu affaire. Si ce n’est pas la même femme dénoncez les quand même à la police, c’est tout un réseau, une bande organisé, il faut tous les retrouver, tous les faire tomber, il ne faut plus les laisser arnaquer d’autres victimes.
    Je vois qu’elle change de nom et de numéro régulièrement, et invente des histoires différentes. SI ça se trouve elle à plusieurs téléphones portables différents, et peut se débarrasser d’un de ses téléphone, et fera tout pour brouiller les pistes.
    Pour ma part (je sais que c’est des conneries) elle se serait trompée de contact mais a quand même sympathisé avec moi, s’est fait nommer Li Qingxue, 34 ans, à sa propre entreprise à Shenzen en Chine, vit avec ses parents, son courtier Dave présenté par sa tante, MT5, Hui Deli Global Limited, les captures d’écrans de ses gains sur MT5, son analyste qui lui donne tous les signaux.
    Et que des belles paroles pour me séduire, elle me disait tout ce que je voulais entendre, puis me tromper après en me volant le plus d’argent possible. Le pire c’est que je l’ai aimé, mais en fin de compte, j’ai juste aimé le personnage pour qui elle s’est fait passé, et m’a brisé le cœur lorsque sa vraie nature à été révélée. Le pire c’est qu’elle en est fière, sinon elle s’arrêterait, mais à priori, rien ne l’arrête, alors faisons lui barrage.
    Je vous en supplie, mobilisons nous tous ensemble pour les arrêter. Vous comme moi, on veut que le reste du monde les traque, vous n’êtes pas d’accord ?


    I’m French, reading your testimonials sent shivers down my spine, I had similar stories with a charming young Asian woman, and I got tricked with a total of €20,000. I trusted her and I believed in every word she said to that bitch, she’s good at it.
    I ended up detecting her true nature and what she is capable of doing, when it was too late unfortunately, but it could have been worse, she could have stolen more money from me until I was in debt the remaining of my life, but I did not give him the opportunity.
    I’m sure most of us have dealt with the same person, I’m appealing to you to file a complaint against her, I did it myself, the more of us who file a complaint against this monster, the more she will be wanted, and the more likely it will be that she will end up in prison, and we will have obtained justice and vengeance, and no one will ever be fooled by her again.
    Maybe others have dealt with other women, if necessary I leave you my number 06 52 53 86 94, I am on WhatsApp, I will show you the photos of who I have dealt with. If it’s not the same woman report them anyway to the police, it’s a whole network, an organized gang, we must find them all, bring them all down, we must no longer let them scam other victims .
    I see that she changes her name and number regularly, and invents different stories. IF it is, she has several different cell phones, and can get rid of one of her phones, and will do everything to cover her tracks.
    For my part (I know it’s bullshit) she would have made the wrong contact but still sympathized with me, was named Li Qingxue, 34, at her own company in Shenzen in China, lives with her parents, his broker Dave presented by his aunt, MT5, Hui Deli Global Limited, the screenshots of his earnings on MT5, his analyst who gives him all the signals.
    And only beautiful words to seduce me, she told me everything I wanted to hear, then tricked me afterwards by stealing as much money as possible. The worst part is that I loved her, but in the end, I just loved the character she pretended to be, and broke my heart when her true nature was revealed. The worst part is that she is proud of it, otherwise she would stop, but a priori, nothing stops her, so let’s stop her.
    I beg of you, let us all mobilize together to stop them. You like me, we want the rest of the world to hunt them down, don’t you agree?

    Li Qingxue +852 9133 5384 ou +84 33 731 5523
    Dave +852 6542 7886
    Jim +852 5273 6902 l’analyste qui m’a fait prendre de gros risques et tout perdre.
    The analyst who made me take big risks and lose everything.

    1. Are you ok? that’s not a small amount, do the police in France work with you?

      1. Personne - Nobody

        Unfortunately the police in France can’t do anything abroad, that’s why many of us would have to file a complaint against them, that’s how we could succeed in trapping them

  20. +1
    +852 9735 9728
    +852 52886783
    DAVE+852 9533 53 11

  21. Hi,

    I have also been scammed by the same broker. It is impossible to withdraw my money…

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