Beware! Capitalix is an offshore broker! Your investment may be at risk.


Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Open trading accounts with at least two brokers.


Capitalix is a scam company that, unlike many others we have reviewed, actually looks almost legit. Their website looks fine enough, their Terms and Conditions are extensive (107 pages) and they have provided a license number for some sort of regulator, be it a regulator at an offshore location. That impression of legitimacy is, however, quickly ruined by the abundance of ambiguous terms and fees and the discovery that the claims of a license are a blatant lie. This is a broker that will do anything in its power to rob you as much as possible – first through fees before straight-up disappearing with your money. Don’t trust such scam schemes if you don’t want trouble.


Capitalix has provided two addresses – one in Cyprus and one on Seychelles and claims to be regulated by the Seychelles Financial Services Authority (FSA). The logo of the regulator can be seen on the website and a license number is provided in the footer.

The Seychelles are offshore locations that still have some sort of regulations brokers must meet before obtaining a license – like maintaining a capital of at least $50 000 and having 2 shareholders and 2 directors. The same person can, however, act both as a shareholder and a director, that capital is not held separate and can be used for other financial activities of the broker and it is not mandatory for client money to be kept in segregated accounts. This is, so to say, the bare minimum of requirements considering how strict regulators in other countries can be. Capitalix did show up in the registers but does by itself does not mean a lot.

You should not assume all offshore brokers are scammers – some of them are just branches of established brokerages regulated elsewhere that have chosen to also register a company at a location where rules are less strict. This way, such brokers could offer better terms to clients and remain competitive. It is, however, highly likely for an unknown broker registered at such a location to be a scammer.

Be careful when you are picking who to do business with – the right choice could mean actually turning a profit and not simply being robbed blind.  UK, EU or Aussie brokers are all sound choices because they answer to reputable financial authorities and have to abide by many laws that are there for your protection. Brokers in the EU and the UK have to maintain a minimum capital of €730 000 for the EU and the UK and those in Australia have to hold at least A$1 million. That money is kept separate from the broker’s other funds and cannot be used for the company’s daily business operations. Client deposits must be kept in segregated accounts – this proves that the broker cannot reinvest your money because they have very limited access to it. All European brokers are obligated to participate in compensation schemes so if a broker does go bankrupt, their clients would be able to receive compensation of up to €20 000 in the EU and £85 000 in the UK. You could also benefit from negative balance protection – so you could never lose more money than you have invested with the broker. Such brokers are the safe, smart choice – they could still offer good conditions but would have to follow a lot of rules when conducting business and risk losing their license if they don’t.


Capitalix supposedly offers some sort of “simple but powerful” web trading platform. We could not see what that allegedly amazing platform has to offer because the broker would not under any circumstances give us access to a registration form for an account – they were not accepting clients from our country. This is a bit weird as we always have a VPN on and it is not possible for the broker to know exactly where we are located. This leads us to believe that Capitalix is not accepting clients at the moment but stay alert – they might start soon and then you should still stay as far away from them as possible.

The two most popular platforms in the industry – MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 – are more than decent choices for trading software and we would recommend that you check those out instead of dealing with scammers like Capitalix. MT offers many features that most primitive web platforms scammers tend to use simply lack  – from Expert Advisors and VPSs that keep EAs operating at all times to the possibility to backtest strategies and even a built-in economic calendar.


Without an account, we cannot be sure how much truth there is to the promises the broker has made on the website. The minimum deposit with Capitalix is supposed to be $100 – not bad but there are legitimate brokers that would set up an account for even less.

The spreads were supposed to be as low as 0.5 pips which is great but, again, cannot be confirmed,

The leverage promised was up to 1:200 – far higher than most regulators in the world allow. Trading with high leverage can lead both to big profits and to huge losses and that is why most financial authorities have some sort of leverage restrictions when it comes to what brokers can offer to retail clients – 1:50 in the US, 1:30 in the EU, and the UK, 1:25 in Japan and as low as 1:10 at some locations like Turkey.


On the website, the broker claims to accept payments via credit or debit card and bank transfer. Both of these payment methods are secure but the broker themselves is not – so refrain from transferring money to them.

Capitalix also offers bonuses that no legitimate European, Australian, or US broker could offer you – because they are banned. But to withdraw the bonus – or any profits made on account of it – you would have to reach a turnover of 200 lots for every $1000 you have received. This is a pretty high turnover but the main problem is that there is no way to know what profits have been made on account of the bonus and what as a result of your own funds.

Capitalix has what they call an inactivity fee – in reality, this is a fee imposed if you attempt to withdraw money before you have worked with the broker for 60 days. After those 60 days, if you have stopped using your account, you will be subject to an actual dormant account fee – and it is bigger than any legitimate broker would ever dare to charge.


Scams like the one Capitalix is running have become an industry and it is quite surprising how well they work. They rely on people’s psychology and the constant desire for a quick and easy profit.

It all starts with a seemingly harmless ad you see on the Internet – some brokers claiming they can make you rich in a matter of days or weeks. Sometimes such websites look far from legitimate and you would be able to detect the scam but sometimes the scammers put a lot of effort into presenting themselves as a trustworthy, reliable enterprise. So it is no wonder many people are quick to provide their contact details when faced with the promises of immense profits. Once you do that though, scammers would not leave you alone before you deposit. Such people are well-versed in the art of smooth-talking and deceptions and will demand bigger and bigger deposits of you.

Problems arise once you wish to withdraw whatever supposed profits you have turned. As soon as you want to get access to your money, reasons why that is impossible will show up – clauses related to bonuses, crazy withdrawal conditions, and fees. Sooner or later, the scammers will just stop answering your calls and emails and you will be left empty-handed.


Even though the chances of retrieving your deposits are not big, there are a few things you could do. Never deposit in cryptocurrencies if you are not sure the broker is reliable – such payments are irreversible. Opt for a card payment instead – with such transactions, you could file for chargeback within 540 days so ask your credit or credit card provider for help if you have established something is wrong. Notify the responsible financial authorities and share your story with others – this way, they would know to stay away from such tempting schemes. Never trust any so-called ‘recovery agents’ promising to retrieve your money for a small fee – this is just another type of scam meant to rob you additionally, sometimes even by the people that ran off with your money in the first place.

The best thing you could do is to not work with scammers in the first place. That is why you should turn to renowned brokers with a good reputation in the industry and check the register of the regulator in the country where the broker claims to be based – if such is available. Always read the Terms and Conditions carefully and if you spot promises too good to be true, know that they probably are.

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  1. I have a big story with Capitalix. They are the worst scammers. I don’t know how to recover my money. They gave information about me to other scammers who contacted me saying that they can recover my money and. Fake FCA contacted me saying that they froze my account and they wanted money to send me the cheque issued by HSBC. If you can help me with information that will be very nice from you.Is FCA looking into cases like this?

    1. file a complaint against them to the Regulation that licensing them FSA Seychelles i did that

  2. Capitalex, you stool my money, I have done everything you request me to do, but you make me loss money, I want my money back theif

  3. Capitalix scam me too with 30.000 dollars, they r the worst

    1. file a complaint against them to the Regulation that licensing them FSA Seychelles i did that

  4. شركه capitalix
    للتداول متخصصه بالنصب والاحتيال
    يستهدفون من ليس له خبره وهدفهم الاول والاخير استنزاف اموالك
    قدموا شكوى ضدهم للجهه الهيئه الماليه المرخصه لهم السيشيل لاتسكتون على حقكم
    كل التعليقات الايجابيه ليست صحيحه بل هي من الشركه نفسهم
    Fraud company
    Their goal is only to absorb and liquidate your money
    They target people who have no trading experience
    Please stay away from them
    And file a complaint against them to the Regulation that licensing them FSA Seychelles if you were defrauded by them

  5. They just called me spoke to a guy named Francis, thank God i came across this.
    almost sent money to them. Thanks guys

  6. I got a call today and the person was explaining me about the profits through their site taking me to the dashboard etc I almost got convinced and was about to transfer 16K suddenly my net banking password got locked (Almighty’s grace) and I could not transfer thereon I was getting so many calls from them giving various options to transfer the amount then a Senior Lady also came in talk to me then I started to search about the company and read the above comments, thanks much for making me aware of and saving me from becoming the victim.

  7. Thank you guys., because of the note that you people leave here based on your experiences is creating an awareness. Even I got so motivated by their website and their talk and offers and was about to transfer the amount then my partner refused to it then thought okay let me first check on this Capitalix and then invest and came across the above note and understood how much they have cheated on innocent hard working people’s money.

  8. Thanks. I almost made a huge mistake. Thanks for making me aware.

  9. I got a call from them today , they said they are otherwise called as Amazon Trading company.
    I asked them why i dont see any Amazon logo . She said she is from Amazon and she will be my account manager. Parallely i was browing and found this link. On the other hand i was continuing to have conversation to see what all she says. Later cut and blocked the call
    First call says from Switzerland and following that it was from offsite number.

    Sharing this so that you are aware !

  10. Capitalex is a Big Scam company,they are using Amazon Brand,how come Amazon didn’t take action against them,they called me from an indian Voip number stating that they are from Europe,These people are from chor baazar,I have evidence against these crooks.They are eating people’s hard earned money.

  11. Don’t trust them ever! They are a group of liars and thiefs either if they promise you that you will have a huge balance
    Be careful!!! And stay away from them

  12. Gabriel Axel Ríos Rodríguez Bueno

    They argue as if they were experts. A case in point is the mini Nasdaq index. The ignorant “advisor” said it will reach 13000 point level by Christmas time and refused to analyze things like pandemics and post-pandemicas, plus the Uk-Rus war and other context elements. Her beloved saying was something about patience (from Warren Buffet) and many other nonsense. I learned at a minimal cost that they are scam, making a living out of the commissions received by fooling people

  13. I was hired by Capitalix with very good conditions. Salary, rent, utilities and transportation allowance. The hiring was extremely quick with calls from different numbers.
    Then I go to work the 1st day…OMG…Such scammers. Pressure calls with up to 25 calls per prospect for the tiny amount of 250.
    It was so obvious to me, from day one, that that was a typical Ponzi scheme where small depositor money will serve to pay larger depositors. As for refunds, you might as well forget about it.
    I resigned the 2nd day.

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    شركة مكونة من مجموعة نصابين محترفين يستغلون الناس وأموالهم للسرقة

  15. This is a scam company, that defrauds people and steals their money

  16. شركة Capitalix شركة وهمية آكلين للمال الحرام ونصابين وسارقين لأموال الخلق بغير وجه حق
    Capitalix 4square is unprofessional
    Scam and fraud that breach all trade laws. Be aware, they are totally trained scammers

  17. Capital X Corporation
    They defrauded me through losing deals to make your account a loser and then you are forced to deposit more money under the pretext of protecting the account
    Professional methods of fraud, and there are many complaints about them
    We have to attack them to protect people from trading in this fraudulent company
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    قاموا بالاحتيال علي عن طريق صفقات خاسرة ليجعلوا حسابك خاسر ومن ثم تُجبر على ان تودع أموال اكثر بحجة ان تحمي الحساب
    طرق احترافية في النصب وهنالك العديد من الشكاوي عليهم
    علينا ان نهاجمهم لنحمي الناس من التداول في هذه الشركة المحتالة

  18. I ask everyone to stay away from this company, a scam company. They took all my money, and I did not win from them or lose anything. They only have high professionalism in fraud and fraud.

  19. I ask everyone to file a complaint against them with the FSA company licensed to them, and also to file a complaint with the Electronic Crimes Authority, and that we all cooperate to close this company
    Whoever wants any inquiries about this company should contact me via e-mail, and I have proof that it is a fraud company

  20. This page was created against Capital Company to expose the company’s lies and games
    I ask all the victims who have been defrauded to send pictures of evidence against Capital Company to be published on this account to educate people and stay away from this fraud company and expose the company

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